1367: Immunity Debt

Adam Curry & John C. Dvorak

3h 27m
July 25th, 2021
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Executive Producers: Anonymous, Dame Lydia, Dame Zephyr, Sir Robert Slaght, Roland Thatcher, Joel Nelson

Associate Executive Producers: Emma Vallette, Baron Sir Phenom of Iceland, SIR CAH, sara wood, Agnes Roman, Baron Chris of the Kawartha Highlands and Knight of the Rare Encounter, Sir Gavin

Cover Artist: Darren O'Neill


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Suggested chapter: Discussion: Australia and France Leading the Charge towards 'Freedom'
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Suggested chapter: Australia's 'Dictator Dan' Andrews: Doesn't know why People are Protesting but knows it's Illegal
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Suggested chapter: Australia's 'Dictator Dan' Andrews: Lockdown doesn't end until it's "Effective" and has "Worked"
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Suggested chapter: Australia's 'Dictator Dan' Andrews: "There is no vaccine solution", "The Lockdown must do its job"
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Suggested chapter: New South Wales: All 141 Patients in Hopstal with Covid had been Vaccinated (one only jabbed once)
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Suggested chapter: Note from (Dame) Producer: 9 of the People in ICU Ward with Covid are Vaccinated
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Suggested chapter: CBS Fearmongers Delta Variant while Blaming the Unvaccinated for Breakthrough Infections
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Suggested chapter: CDC Recalls Original RT PCR Assay Test for Covid in wake of Gates/Soros Testing Co. Purchase
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Suggested chapter: CBS runs Damage Control on Vaccine Breakthrough Infections
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Suggested chapter: Dr. Fauci: Vaccine Breakthrough Infections do not mean the Vaccines are Failing
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Suggested chapter: Dr. Fauci Off Script: No need to 'Top Off' J&J with Pfizer or Moderna
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Suggested chapter: The Telegraph: Covid can be spread through Flatulence
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Suggested chapter: Israel: Nearly 40% of New Covid Cases are amongst the Vaccinated
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Suggested chapter: Scott Gottlieb: CDC having difficulty 'Modelling' Infections and Breakthroughs
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Suggested chapter: Scott Gottleib: Elderly need another Jab / Israeli Breakthrough Data 'Unconfirmed' and Lacking 'Age-Stratification'
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Suggested chapter: DOJ Drops Investigations into MI, PA and NY Nursing Home Covid-19 Deaths
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Suggested chapter: Biden: "This is not a Pandemic"
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Suggested chapter: Pfizer Delivering 4 Billion Vaccines next year, 40 Million Boosters needed for Elderly
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Suggested chapter: Professor Drosten & Research Team Created Zika, MERS, SARS and Covid-19 Test Assays
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Suggested chapter: Good Morning America: 'Immunity Debt' a mark against Masking & Social Distancing
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Suggested chapter: Dr. Fauci: "I don't see a Lockdown in the Future", New Cases amongst Unvaccinated
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Suggested chapter: Biden gets Fact-Checked by NBC
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Suggested chapter: JCD Defends the American General Public from Accusations of Inaction in face of creeping Tyrrany
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Suggested chapter: Austin Public Health has an 'Important Message' for Adam Curry
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Suggested chapter: Alabama Gov. Ivey: Time to start Blaming the 'Unvaccinated Folks'
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Suggested chapter: Scott Gottleib: Mandates will be enforced by Businesses (NFL leading the way)
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Suggested chapter: NFL warns Teams to Vaccinate Players or Forefit the Game and the Team's Pay if Responsible for Game Cancellation
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Suggested chapter: Note from Producer: Clinic Warns to 'Continue Tactical Aversions of other Humanoids' after Covid Test
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Suggested chapter: A Prayer for Covid-19
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Suggested chapter: Novavax Vaccine UK Trial Participants will receive Vaccine Passport even if in Placebo Group
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Suggested chapter: Newsmax (Gaffe): Majority of People have had "One Shot of the Virus"
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Suggested chapter: Golfer John Rahm tests positive for Covid-19 Again
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Suggested chapter: Dr. Fauci backtracks on Wuhan Virus Research; "It's Complicated'
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Suggested chapter: Discussion: Olympic Games Disaster
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Suggested chapter: Olympic Laurel Awarded to Professor who believes "Credit is a Fundamental Human Right"
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Suggested chapter: Start of First Donation Segment
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Suggested chapter: Shut up slave!
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Suggested chapter: End of First Donation Segment
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Suggested chapter: Biden segment
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Suggested chapter: Biden claims more people lost to COVID in US than every major war fought
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Suggested chapter: Biden claims drugs to kill virus (the vaccine?) were developed over two decades
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Suggested chapter: Biden incoherent ramble with Don Lemon recovery
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Suggested chapter: Biden rambles about the Man on the Moon and Aliens
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Suggested chapter: John's analyzes Biden's use of phrases like 'all kidding aside', 'no joke', etc
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Suggested chapter: Biden claims he was criticized for wanting teachers to be vaccinated
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Suggested chapter: Another example of Biden's nervous tick
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Suggested chapter: Biden still definitely doesn't drink the blood of children
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Suggested chapter: Untitled
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Suggested chapter: Reporter ask Biden about child blood sucking
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Suggested chapter: The Biden Medley
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Suggested chapter: Clip of the day: KQED gushes over Yamiche Alcindor
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Suggested chapter: Biden's nutball nominee for Bureau of Land Management
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Suggested chapter: Senator Risch on Tree Spiking
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Suggested chapter: Senator Risch not happy with Biden's appointment of an Eco-terrorist
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Suggested chapter: NPR's misleading report on Biden's pick
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Suggested chapter: A Few Green Things
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Suggested chapter: AOC explains inflation to Don Lemon
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Suggested chapter: Blackouts might be coming back to Texas
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Suggested chapter: Isos
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Suggested chapter: Pentagon admits training seven of the assassins of the Haitian President
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Suggested chapter: Supply chain shortages of glassware and bottles
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Suggested chapter: Voting in Texas
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vaxpass/France - 70% less movie tickets
CDC PCR Test Change
"In preparation for this change, CDC recommends clinical laboratories and testing sites that have been using the CDC 2019-nCoV RT-PCR assay select and begin their transition to another FDA-authorized COVID-19 test. CDC encourages laboratories to consider adoption of a multiplexed method that can facilitate detection and differentiation of SARS-CoV-2 and influenza viruses. Such assays can facilitate continued testing for both influenza and SARS-CoV-2 and can save both time and resources as we head into influenza season. Laboratories and testing sites should validate and verify their selected assay within their facility before beginning clinical testing."
UK Vax lists being made
I emailed you last week to highlight that our local Council was trying to get a list of everyone who had not had the jab yet from the local doctors.
My wife has just told me that other regions are giving out these names already and our county has now agreed to give out the names too.
They are using the emergency powers the Government granted itself at the start of the pandemic as the unjabbed are deemed a health risk to the general public.
I am expecting someone to knock on my door in the near future and if I can't fight the urge to slam the door in their face I will try and get some information etc for you.
Thanks for everything.
Israel - Natural infection vs vaccination: Which gives more protection?
Nearly 40% of new COVID patients were vaccinated - compared to just 1% who had been infected previously.
By contrast, Israelis who were vaccinated were 6.72 times more likely to get infected after the shot than after natural infection, with over 3,000 of the 5,193,499, or 0.0578%, of Israelis who were vaccinated getting infected in the latest wave.
Solar Flares outages?
On 7/22 when the 30K sites went down, there was a planetary K-index of level 4 (I assume it was a big deal). He is also NOT a 'climate change guy'. He has said the solar flairs and the upcoming 'moon wobble' will play a huge part in flooding in the coming years.
Green New Deal
Germany Flooding - Political BOTG
I live near the area that the report from thursday's show mentioned. Of course this is being
politicized to the max, while people affected wait for actual help from politicians instead of
hearing the same old preachings about the effects of carbon dyoxide. This being an election year
makes it even worse.
The so called unprecented floods happened on the same scale in this region in 1804 and 1910. Seems
like it will take another 100 years for people to get complacent again. They will forget about not
settling in flooding areas.
And the state will likely not be setting up floodplains but instead be selling all the beautiful
but dangerous landscape.
Of course most people in Germany unaffected by this will eat up all the climate change rhetoric the
media feeds them. For the rest it sounds like an excuse for what could have been prevented.
Nils (actually a viscount)
Dr Drosten has all the discoveries!
The German researcher credited for the first COVID test assay has quite an impressive resumé.
"Previous successes recorded by Prof. Drosten and his research groups include the development of novel Zika virus tests and the development of a standard test for the MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) pathogen, which is now being used worldwide. A BIH Professor and one the co-discoverers of the SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) virus in 2003, Prof. Drosten was also responsible for developing and making available the first diagnostic test for SARS. The next few years will see members of the DZIF’s ‘Virus detection and preparedness’ group at Charité continue their efforts to increase our preparedness for the emergence of new viruses."
Long Covid vs General Anxiety Disorder
Pfizer Marketing
The Hospitalist's record
The hospitalist Brytney Cobia appeared in a separate news story just before her recent social media post about vaccines. This one was about masks.
July 21: https://www.medpagetoday.com/infectiousdisease/covid19/87676
July 23: https://www.advisory.com/daily-briefing/2020/07/23/covid-doctors
More scandalously, Brytney's husband, Miles (@neurooruen on Twitter), in a now-deleted tweet, wrote:
"I can't believe we may have a vaccine released before phase 3 testing in the US. I really can't believe it. Regardless of all the crazy things that have happened, mass vaccine distribution BEFORE PHASE 3 TESTING, is insane to me. We have had one of the most stringent Approval policies of any country in the world... and yet we may be the first to release a vaccine in spite of a lack of phase 3 (not to mention
Phase 4) testing. It's unlike anything I've ever seen in medicine".
Archive link for tweet, as it's quite long. It may take some time to load, but it will get there:
Maybe he changed his mind on the vaccine once Orange Man left office.
A Hospitalist is a hospital based doctor that oversees patient care while admitted. They are similar to a Family Medicine doctor, and will work with your Primary Care Physician and any specialists needed (i.e. cardiologist, neurologist). If you get admitted from the Emergency Room, the first Doctor you meet after being moved upstairs will most likely be a Hospitalist.
Most likely, your Primary Care Physician (the Doctor that gives you your annual Finger of Doom) will never go on rounds and visit you during your stay.
If someone claiming to be a Hospitalist tells you about trends they are seeing in hospital care, they would be a credible source.
I don’t work in health care, I’ve just made a lot of trips to the hospital with my parents lately.
Producer Paul
Even made NL news
During the period she was there as reported, max 3 deaths
Credit Karma
Credit Karma example
Hey there and ITM. One of my co-workers has the credit carma pay app. She bought food for us at work as she is the manager and is reimbursed through the company when she does. Her order for breakfast was picked at random as Credit Karma does, to be completly reimbursed. I think she paid about $60 dollars and Credit Karma sent her a message saying "we paid for your purchase". She got the entire amount refunded to her. They do this at random and from what I hear no one knows if there is a limit on how much a charge will be covered. I'm sure there is. .. but, Heck, I may just download it and go buy a car and cross my fingers. Just kidding. I'd never let that crap on my phone.
Freedom Pass
Covid test recommendation Texas Urgent Care: continuing tactical aversion of other humanoids
Prayers for covid-19
A Prayer for Receiving the COVID Vaccine
I have been praying for this day and now it is here!
With great excitement, a touch of trepidation
And with deep gratitude
I give thanks
To all the scientists who toiled day and night
So that I might receive this tiny vaccination
That will protect me and all souls around this world.
With the pandemic still raging
I am blessed to do my part to defeat it.
Let this be the beginning of a new day,
A new time of hope, of joy, of freedom
And most of all, of health.
I thank You, God, for blessing me with life
For sustaining my life
And for enabling me to reach this awe-filled moment.
Kirby Haiti Q&A
Q: Hi. Thank you.
My question has to do with the assassination in Haiti and the DOD's statement that some of the suspected people involved had received training from the U.S. military. Has there been anything in addition that the Defense Department has learned about potentially how many people, what -- what kind of training, things like that? And also, are those -- is that discovery and what happened in Haiti prompting the DOD to perhaps reevaluate or reconsider how it trains foreign militaries, or how it vets those who participate?
MR. KIRBY: So I think what we can confirm is thus far, we've identified seven individuals who were former members of the Colombian military that had received some sort of training and education, U.S.-funded and provided education and training. Some of it was under State Department funding and authorities, and some of -- some of the training was under DOD, Department of Defense-funded training.
But to you give an example of some of them that we've identified -- and -- and this isn't by individual. I'm not going to get into speaking to individuals, but cadet leadership development, counter-drug operations, noncommissioned officer professional development, small-unit leadership training, human rights training, emergency medical training, some helicopter maintenance training and those kinds of things -- all things that are very common. We train thousands of individuals, particularly from militaries in the Western hemisphere over the -- over the course of a given year, all training that is basic military and leadership training, as I just cited. And those examples I gave are actual examples of training we know that these seven individuals got -- nothing, certainly, related at all -- or -- or that one could extrapolate, you know, as leading to or encouraging of what happened in -- in Haiti. And I know of no plans right now, as a result of what happened in Haiti, for us to reconsider or to change this very valuable, ethical leadership training that we continue to provide to -- to partners in the Western hemisphere and to partners around the world.
Q: Is it correct that some of them were -- were trained at Fort Polk, or were some people trained elsewhere, or --
MR. KIRBY: I don't have the details of exactly where all this training went. You're talking about seven individuals over the course of their time in the -- in the Colombian military, and I just, I don't have the details of every base at which every training seminar was held, and frankly, I'm not really sure the relevance of that level of detail anyway.
Q: But no changes in the works.
MR. KIRBY: Sylvie?
CNN Biden town hall loses out to Fox News, MSNBC in ratings
Deadline, citing Nielsen ratings, reported that CNN pulled in an average of 1.46 million viewers between 8 p.m. and 9:15 p.m., when the president was on stage in Cincinnati. That’s a 58 percent drop in viewership from the previous CNN town hall with Biden this past February, which drew 3.5 million viewers.
Over the same 75-minute period Wednesday, Fox drew an average of 2.76 million viewers for “Tucker Carlson Tonight” and the first part of “Hannity.” The latter program featured a town hall with Florida Republicans, including Gov. Ron DeSantis, Sen. Marco Rubio, Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar, and Miami Mayor Francis Suarez discussing the ongoing pro-freedom protests in Cuba.
Noodle Gun
Supply Chains
Restaurant Supply Chain issues
Hey Adam. Just wanted to give you a quick heads up about things going on in the supply chain in the bar industry. I'm being told by my liquor reps that a particular brand of alcohol is not able to send out any of their product because they have no bottles to put it in.
I noticed that another similar brand that provides similar products, puckers and flavored cordials, is now also not delivering product though I haven't gotten confirmation that THAT company is in the same boat.
It's interesting to note that 2 months ago I couldn't get any of a particular popular beer delivered for a week because they also had a bottle shortage. No, it was not Pabst Blue Ribbon. Other items in the restaurant industry like glasses,
silverware, and large pieces of equipment are also damn near impossible to find.
Jerks in Space
Cash Will Soon Be Obsolete. Will America Be Ready? - The New York Times
A central-bank digital currency can also be a useful policy tool. Typically, if the Federal Reserve wants to stimulate consumption and investment, it can cut interest rates and make cheap credit available. But if the economy is cratering and the Fed has already cut the short-term interest rate it controls to near zero, its options are limited. If cash were replaced with a digital dollar, however, the Fed could impose a negative interest rate by gradually shrinking the electronic balances in everyone’s digital currency accounts, creating an incentive for consumers to spend and for companies to invest.
Real News


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BBC Olympic Laurel CREDIT is a human right.mp3
ABC America This Morning - anchor Andrea Fujii - internet outages blamed on bug (1min39sec).mp3
City of Austin robocall regarding Covid.mp3
CNBC Squawk Box - anchor Becky Quick - Dr Scott Gottlieb CDC modeling is off (52sec).mp3
CNBC Squawk Box - anchor Ross Sorkin - Dr Scott Gottlieb (1) are boosters just a way for pfizer to make money (56sec).mp3
CNBC Squawk Box - anchor Ross Sorkin - Dr Scott Gottlieb (3) israeli study show pfizer vaccine is 39% effective against delta (1min23sec).mp3
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Olsterholm says there are one hundred people without immunity.mp3
Yale doctor says Delta Variant is mostly like a cold or flu after vaccine.mp3
ABC GMA - anchor George Stephanopolus - Dr Jen Ashton rise of other respiratory illnesses - immunity debt (1min16sec).mp3
  • 0:00
    John: Oh my god. Adam Curry, John Dvorak,
  • 0:03
    Adam: Sunday, July 25 2021. That's your award winning gitmo-nation Media assassination Episode 1367. This is no agenda celebrating our credit broadcasting live from the heart of Texas Hill Country. We're in FEMA Region number 68 in the morning, everybody.
  • 0:21
    John: I'm Adam Curry and from Northern Silicon Valley where we better mask up and this effort just went by we missed it is a cars I'm John Dvorak we
  • 0:32
    Adam: win a car Zephyr that's it for the economic record everybody Bitcoin currently at 34,160 64. Oh my god.
  • 0:46
    I don't know why I did that. And
  • 0:51
    John: you're just it's in your nature.
  • 0:53
    Adam: Yeah, I am. I am a top 40 puking DJ after all.
  • 0:58
    John: That is true. That is true. It boils down to that. Yeah.
  • 1:02
    Adam: Man, I don't know exactly where to start today because the airwaves are just inundated with stuff. But hello to Australia and France.
  • 1:14
    John: France is the word
  • 1:16
    Adam: France is the best.
  • 1:18
    John: Are they trying to they don't want to risk money. They just given up on their whole night life and the whole culture. Well, they,
  • 1:26
    Adam: they they want freedom. This is about the vaccine passports of freedom, liberty, liberty,
  • 1:33
    John: rights going. I was watching the CBS report this morning on it. And they were talking about Well, yeah, they've did rise and show a bunch of riots. And then people thrown tear gas every which way. And then it's a bad nobody knows really not that bad. They really soft peddled it and they went to the ivory towers and people are happy to go into the Eiffel Tower and show their phone barcode. I guess he had a bar that
  • 1:54
    Adam: was the report that they ran. They ran that report.
  • 1:57
    John: Yes. I'm telling ya, like within the next year, I'll bring it out. Go record it. JOHN Dickerson's show is gone downhill. It's like it's been taken over. They have they had that guy that FDA guy got Libra is the fight even the
  • 2:11
    Adam: Pfizer guy got Lipa Pfizer
  • 2:13
    John: guy. What do you think? Why does anybody book this guy I've got
  • 2:17
    Adam: because he has the truth. He has the truth. He's
  • 2:21
    John: a Pfizer shill. f yo k we use one's head of the FDA got into a revolving door and ended up on the board of Pfizer. And how does that make him credible? Listen,
  • 2:32
    Adam: we missed an enormous gaff by this by this jabroni. This Gottlieb fellow and producer Brittany, she caught it. And even it's only 18 seconds. But even after she said, Oh, you missed a huge, a huge gap that Godley made. I didn't hear it again. I had listened two times check it out.
  • 2:53
    Unknown: That might be the case that after a third boost, you get a much more durable immunity. It might be the case that this becomes an annual vaccine. And the length of protection is only about six months to a year from from infection. You get residual protection against hospitals. See it.
  • 3:08
    John: I got it right away. Yeah.
  • 3:10
    Adam: Oh my god. from infection by the vaccine. Yes, exactly. Exactly. You know, in France, okay. In Montel. Montelimar Montelimar. I know where that is. Oh, drone. The French department of drone. Wow. This sounds like a driver Space Place. An entire hospital has gone on strike. Because of the mandate. The whole hospital. The whole house. The whole hospital
  • 3:38
    John: is done Mercy Hospital down in Houston. Half the people in left.
  • 3:42
    Adam: Yeah. But then they all got only 200. But now they've they've effectively shut the hospital down. Now I'm seeing reports. I'm not sure exactly how credible This is. That the Republican Guard, which is a it's the President's macrons security detail have resigned I
  • 4:03
    John: was Saddam Hussein's operation.
  • 4:05
    Adam: They've all resigned. And here's the best one. movie theaters in France. Yeah, ticket sales down by 70%. The French are not standing for it. They will not they will not accept this. And the big thing is that this is not just a vaccine passport. It's no chance of a negative PCR test explicitly said no, no, no. This is not you can't get in with a negative test you have to show proof of vaccination.
  • 4:33
    John: Well, that's may not be true because even in the CBS report was promoting the whole thing they did. They then slipped it in very slyly that when if you can't get into the Eiffel Tower because you don't have your vaccine, you can take a test on the spot and the negative piece really you in real
  • 4:52
    Adam: because these are my corones own words. I mean it translated Of course, in subtitles, but these are his own words. That's what I said. And all I'm telling
  • 5:02
    John: you is that the report which seemed to be already slanted? Yeah, you've noticed that we noticed that in Genesis autonomous knows knows this is that the test will bypass the this. Oh yeah.
  • 5:16
    Adam: So here is the NBC report on both countries new COVID restrictions across parts of Europe and in Australia ignited mass protests today in France crowds clashed with police angry over the government's upcoming mandate requiring vaccinations or a negative COVID says to access most public venues, and in Australia, 1000s marched for freedom from the country's strict lockdown rules and made a resurgence of the virus there. Now, I was getting, you know, several reports per per half hour from a lot of our producers in Australia as Chris Wilson, of course also on the ball. This was very interesting. The Australians The first thing I noticed about the Australians when they're in a crowd and slash Riot situation, they don't care about the police horses. This is contrary to every other crowd I've ever seen. They were they were guys kicking the horses. That's not typical.
  • 6:11
    John: That's nothing you see around here.
  • 6:13
    Adam: No, that's not in Austin. The children were crying. Or sees the horsey horsey horsey. Now, this is very different than I think 50 or 60 people were arrested. But the police put out a statement the Sydney Let me see I'm bringing it up here. Yes, this is this. Police have established check it out Strike Force seasoned following a police operation in response to unauthorized protests activity in Sydney's CDB today. It's called strike for seasoned. I'm not sure why. But they
  • 6:53
    John: will have been in a situation before there seems like force Strike Force more than once. Well, the
  • 6:58
    Adam: main point of the release is you put the police officers at risk. So he really messed it up people and we're going to check all CCTV when it come knocking on doors. Sound familiar?
  • 7:12
    John: It sounds familiar. But the problem is still if you if the guys want to get away with it, just wear a black mask and you have to wear the mask anyway. So wear a mask and then cause trouble. Are you going to be identified? I know there's some software to suppose they will identify a matte person wearing a mask no one was wearing a mask. This was a really that's where I've been thinking you should probably wear the mask for that a different reason where what kind of what
  • 7:34
    Adam: kind of capitulate, are you
  • 7:36
    John: and that it capitulated this is a way to avoid getting detected and thrown in the slammer. It's an old trick. bank robbers have been using this trick for decades.
  • 7:48
    Adam: Let's listen to the dictator Damn, frankly, I
  • 7:50
    John: don't even seriously I'm making a serious point.
  • 7:53
    Adam: I don't know what half of them were protesting against. Except it's illegal. He didn't even know what they were protesting against. He had no idea it was a mystery. What an idiot. Oh, it gets worse. Let's listen to a dictator Dan. The lockdowns how much
  • 8:17
    Unknown: worse to things need to get in Sydney before you're willing to say we need to rush vaccines there.
  • 8:23
    Adam: Well, there's a presumption in the question and that is about how this lockdown comes to an end. The lockdown comes to an end by the lockdown effectively working. There is not an easy way to bring those cases down. And it's the lockdown that does that work. The vaccines can provide some assistance, but they are not going to end this lockdown. What's going to end this lockdown? Is it being effective and it being effectively put in place and complied with? How about that?
  • 8:52
    John: doesn't make any sense. They already put the lockdown in place. It didn't do jack that had a harder harshest lockdowns ever in Australia but didn't do anything. So excuse me talking excuse me,
  • 9:03
    Adam: they're still locked down.
  • 9:05
    John: Within a Denny's full of shit this guy?
  • 9:07
    Adam: No, this is the word of an authority, an authoritarian dictatorship. dictator who says vaccines not going to get you out the lockdown being effective IE shut up and stay in your home all these people broke the lockdown for this protest. I mean they do you remember I said Australia your shit is coming. I said it. I said you're six months behind but here it is during full on lockdown in New South Wales.
  • 9:36
    John: And now and out they enjoy themselves.
  • 9:39
    Unknown: Don't the way the numbers are unfolding suggests that the lockdown isn't being effective. Does it need to be harder does the government in New South Wales have to rethink things it does basically
  • 9:48
    Adam: you with an Australian accent.
  • 9:49
    Unknown: And if we've got this situation where there's an expectation that Victoria in South Australia could come out of the lockdown, but we're looking at months in New South Wales once we're clear on those other states The federal government will actually have to provide something more than just emergency measures.
  • 10:04
    Adam: That is principally a matter for the New South Wales Government. But there isn't an alternative to the lockdown in New South Wales to get this under control. There is no other magic bullet that is going to do that. There is no vaccine solution that's going to do that. The lockdown is what is going to do it, it can be assisted by the vaccines, but the lockdown must be effective. And so it's essential that every effort is focused on making sure that lockdown does its job.
  • 10:35
    John: Psycho
  • 10:37
    Adam: usara sorry, they gave up their guns raise your hand without talking. But he's not lying about the vaccine. Listen to this about the this is the New South Wales COVID update about cases and hospitalizations.
  • 10:55
    Unknown: There are a number of people in hospital 141 people are in hospital with COVID At present, and 43 are in intensive care 18 of whom require ventilation. So this is a very serious disease. Of those 141 60 are under the age of 55 and 28, under the age of 35. And of the 43 people in intensive care.
  • 11:20
    One is in their teens, the seven are in their 20s, three are in their 30s 14 are in their 50s and 12 are in their 60s and 670. So this is affecting people of all ages with very serious disease.
  • 11:37
    Pull that one. They vaccinated one person has received one dose of vaccine.
  • 11:44
    Adam: But every single person in the hospital 141 has been vaccinated. 140 of them double vaccinated one of them only one jab. This thing is not working.
  • 11:59
    John: That's terrible. Yeah. Well, I have a one of our dames, who did the one who did the note to I don't have I have the note but I'm like it's too long to read. But her husband ended up in the hospital. She's the one that wants to meet up with the doctor. Yes. And that. And when her husband had to go to the hospital, she's got COVID too, but she's recovering using some therapeutic. And she said that the doctor says, Well, you know, nine of the people that are in the ICU Ward are all vaccinated. Yeah. This is really contradictory to what the official government line is that one out of two, and I extrapolated this. I don't have a clip. Yeah, I do. Exactly what what they're trying to say is that everybody who gets hospitalized or gets the disease now is unvaccinated. But some people have been vaccinated and got the disease and the way I have extrapolated it. According to the government, the numbers, one out of 10 people who have the disease have been vaccinated is one out of 10. The numbers that are the real world numbers don't seem to be one out of 10 It seems to be a lot. Yes.
  • 13:09
    Adam: Now, these are what they call the breakthrough cases. So So now everyone is starting, you know, like,
  • 13:15
    John: but I should mention this, you don't develop a term for something. Unless there's lots of them. Yeah. Well, they had this breakthrough is the term we referring to
  • 13:25
    Adam: breakthrough correct.
  • 13:27
    John: Why was this term developed because there's too many guy call it something
  • 13:31
    Adam: long haulers was already taken. They use that one breakthrough. I mean, pretty soon, they can just call it what it is. Republicans cbse fest where people were close and hugging and Jeff Friedman
  • 13:49
    Unknown: and Julie greenhouse were among the fans at the crowded peach festival in Scranton, Pennsylvania. 16,000 faces and that a mask insight
  • 13:58
    didn't really occur to us that we were putting ourselves at risk. It was we were outside. We're all vaccinated,
  • 14:04
    but vaccinations were not required 48 hours after that last curtain call greenhouse, develop symptoms and tested positive for COVID with a breakthrough infection. So did her boyfriend Jeff and 13 other festival friends, all with mild symptoms.
  • 14:20
    I think if I had thought it through that I could have gotten COVID from someone unvaccinated. I would have been smarter.
  • 14:27
    Dr. Paul Duprey is a vaccine researcher. He says it's crucial for people to get vaccinated, so there's less virus to mutate into a more infectious version like the Delta variant, which has literally been causing the increased reports of breakthrough cases, compared with previous versions of the virus like there's evidence Delta may attach to cells more efficiently. And a recent study found the Delta variant produced about 1000 times more virus in the nose than the original strain.
  • 14:54
    It's not just the Bible, this thing out of hospital and staying out of a coffin.
  • 15:00
    It's about
  • 15:00
    stopping the likelihood that that virus will change. And I'm
  • 15:05
    Adam: still awaiting the proof that these tests are testing for the Delta variant. I didn't
  • 15:14
    John: anyway, I like to see the paper that says you get 1000 times more. Well, this is this is not a minute conversation.
  • 15:20
    Adam: Yeah, it's part of the talking. But it's all this lab stuff they don't they don't have any proof of it in the field is all done in the lab. But what we did here and read is that the CDC has recalled the original RT PCR essay selected the one that they used for the initial testing. And it turns out, well, they're not saying it's no good. It was a class one failure of its emergency use authorization. We just talked about that, that these tests are also under emergency use authorization. So now they're recalling that and they are in the CDC is encouraging laboratories to consider adoption of mult of a multiplex method that can facilitate detection and differentiation of SARS cov to an influenza viruses. Now, this doesn't mean that they have, they're admitting that PCR is invalid for diagnostics, which the inventor of PCR himself said. But it does show that something was not right with that initial test and might have taken us into through the initial lockdown. And I find it extremely coincidental that this happens when Bill Gates is with George Soros just bought the testing company. Coincidence is just odd. Just just a very strange coincidence. Let's go back a couple of short clips here from the same CBS Evening News report.
  • 16:54
    Unknown: So far, the COVID vaccines have been highly effective at preventing serious illness, even from Delta, but they're not perfect. According to the CDC, millions of vaccinated people will be at risk of a breakthrough infection if exposed. But so far, most have had mild or no symptoms, out of more than 160 million fully vaccinated people in the US, the CDC says 5500, mostly the elderly or people with underlying health conditions have been hospitalized or died.
  • 17:23
    Adam: We kind of have completely contrary evidence about this. They keep repeating Oh, you're not going to get to be not going to get you know, if we had an MMR vaccine and kids were getting measles, we'd question the vaccine. By force I know, I
  • 17:42
    John: know, it's Mona. But
  • 17:43
    Adam: I know it's repetitive. I know. But we have to stick with the there is a a web of lies being created. And there's very few people saying anything. You know, to really combat it, certainly in the in the M five M. But they
  • 17:58
    John: will have to we have obviously have to repeat ourselves otherwise, it just gets we get it's it's like it's like going against the mob. You got like two people saying one thing and then everyone else yelling at you.
  • 18:13
    Adam: I don't like going again, I don't like that idea. either go and go against the medical establishment and the mob, quite frankly. So here, here's the question. Here's the question about these. Wait, do I have it here? Yes, we want to know, is this? Does this mean that the vaccine is failing?
  • 18:32
    Unknown: Did these breakthrough cases mean the vaccine is failing? No, not at all. The efficacy as is the case here is really based on whether you prevent clinically recognizable disease. Most of the time, you hear
  • 18:47
    Adam: this all of a sudden, it's really only if you can, if you can prevent clinically recognized disease, we've never recognized a positive case clinically, it's always been by PCR, switching it up
  • 19:00
    Unknown: recognizable disease, most of the time, you're dealing with either asymptomatic infection or mildly symptomatic the vaccine is still very protective against severe disease leading to hospitalization and death.
  • 19:15
    Adam: Ah, it's just I'm flabbergasted sometimes, how this can continue. let's let's let's circle back with
  • 19:25
    John: you know, if they just stopped bringing on Fauci that will, this will rebuild the thing would be more reasonable. She's the problem. He is a big part
  • 19:35
    Adam: of Gottlieb too. But Fauci is a big part of the problem. And so everywhere in the world and now talking about top it off, top off top off your j&j with a Pfizer or moderna except Fauci
  • 19:47
    Unknown: turn, someone who got the Johnson and Johnson shot, go and get a dose of Pfizer, or Madonna, would you at this time, there's
  • 19:55
    no indication at all that a person who's received a single day The standard dose of j&j needs to go out and get a booster shot.
  • 20:07
    Adam: He's got, who is he working for?
  • 20:11
    John: He's not working for Pfizer.
  • 20:14
    Adam: I think they distance themselves from him. And this and that's part of the big breakthrough.
  • 20:18
    John: Well, there was also did you have to remember that a couple of weeks ago when it when they first Pfizer first started talking about the third shot the booster, they shut them down? So there's, there's a little warring factions here between Pfizer marketing and the powers that be Yes, in fact,
  • 20:36
    Adam: the wall, here's an anti Pfizer, they remember the smear campaign that was immediately blamed on a Russian troll factory. And now it's now it's fact now we know that this was actually the Russians trying to target the potential export market for the Sputnik vaccine. So that's why they were discrediting Pfizer. Like I'm gonna have to, I'm gonna have to believe that, yeah, let's
  • 21:04
    John: go track down that split and get a shot.
  • 21:09
    Adam: So there's a couple of really interesting stories. And this came out of the UK COVID can in fact, be spread through flatulence.
  • 21:22
    John: But this is not the first time this appeared. This was discussed about four months ago, as I recall. And it was the idea that farts caused that you can get a COVID from somebody flash flash. I don't know if you remember, I remember it. But we passed it was laughed off very quickly on the show.
  • 21:45
    Adam: Sure, but this is now at the telegraph is reporting this. So we should laugh even harder.
  • 21:53
    John: The Telegraph,
  • 21:54
    Adam: but they they have some well documented cases, but the science is not definitive. And this is ministers talking to each other in the minister to members of parliament, I guess. I would just minister told the telegraph that as COVID is a respiratory disease transmission. And shedding is mostly taking place to the mouth and actually many through the nose. But there is some stuff it literally says stuff. credible looking stuff from other countries, including Australia. Now, this does beg the question, I have a feeling Australian farts are much more severe than UK farts.
  • 22:33
    John: kangaroo meat?
  • 22:34
    Adam: Exactly. But this is the level of EDC we've gone to we've gotten to in the UK, local councils are calling up practice general practitioners and doctors and saying, Hey, we would like to have the list of everybody who has not yet had the vaccine that is on your list. And the general practitioners appear to be giving it to them, according to one of our producers over there. It's possible not making lists, very good. But the big breakthrough noise really came from Israel. And that's why you know, this is back in the news as Israel is pretty much I think it's must be 90% maybe 95% vaccinated as a complete Pfizer job, a job job. And now nearly 40% of all new COVID patients were those who were previously vaccinated. That's so you know, I
  • 23:38
    John: don't know what Pfizer was a great test case because everybody who gets COVID has 95% it's probably a low number. They because anyone who gets COVID there has to have been vaccinated, just pretty much. I think it's like was a giant test.
  • 23:55
    Adam: Yeah, totally. Well, let's let's get it from straight from the horse's mouth. Let's go to the former FDA commissioner and current board member of Pfizer, Dr. Scott Gottlieb. He's always on CNBC, my favorite show. And let's see what he has to say, Hey, hey, Scott. I saw the before though. I love how friendly they are. Guys, Scott. Hey, good to see you come in this podcast. This is serious financial news.
  • 24:22
    Unknown: Hey, hey, Scott. I saw the forecast from the CDC yesterday that said, as of the week of august 14, they anticipate for that for that week, we'll have anywhere from 92,000 cases of COVID to 803 cases of COVID. That makes me feel like the CDC doesn't have any idea where we're headed or what's happening here. We've lost track of this.
  • 24:44
    I think that having a very hard time modeling this and they don't know where we are in the in this wave of infection. And I think it also reflects the fact that we're having a difficult time, doing ascertainment, figuring out how much infection in fact, is underway. And I think we're vastly under measuring how much it infection is already underway in the US and where we are in this in this epidemic wave. I think we're probably further into it than we're measuring right now. I think they're also having a hard time measuring what the components of immunity are and how durable the immunity is. And that's why you're seeing a very wide variance in the estimates.
  • 25:15
    Adam: Bla bla bla bla bla bla bla in the modeling, but they've never spoken about modeling the vaccination. They've never seen the chart, but Okay, let's ask him about Israel.
  • 25:26
    Unknown: Dr. euro, of course, on the board of Pfizer, one of the the original creators of this, this vaccine study in
  • 25:35
    John: Israel was sorry, I thought Madonna was.
  • 25:40
    Adam: Yeah, you're absolutely right. I think Pfizer Well, they licensed it from bio and tech.
  • 25:45
    John: Yeah. But I still think that Madonna, I agree three migrates Pfizer Listen, making shows differently.
  • 25:51
    Adam: Yeah. Well, it doesn't matter. This is obviously the Pfizer segment. So we all know what's supposed to be said vaccine study in Israel effectively suggests that they
  • 26:01
    Unknown: drop in vaccine protection. And there seems to be a major debate about that. Where do you stand?
  • 26:09
    Well, look, it's consistent with what we've been seeing for a prolonged period of time right now, which There seems to be a decline in efficacy, particularly around an older population vaccinated A while ago. And that's that's what's renewed this debate around providing boosters, particularly to the to the frail elderly people in nursing homes, for example. And there's been some reported data that doesn't look that discouraging, it showed us pretty good overall against domestic disease, but a decline in effectiveness against any infection. But then there's been some leaks on top of that. Some unsubstantiated leaks right now from the Israeli data set showing Oh, unsubstantiated against severe disease in the cohort. That was vaccinate in January. So what the reports say, and these are unconfirmed reports, is that there's about 80% effectiveness against us symptomatic of severe disease in the cohort that was vaccinated in January, but when you age, stratify it, you see as the population so remember, in Israel, they vaccinated in January, their health care workers and their frail elderly. And so in the older population, you see a more pronounced decline.
  • 27:14
    John: Right, six, so this stuff doesn't even last six months, yet natural infection, right, which is a lifetime of protection, I usually get the shot anyway.
  • 27:25
    Adam: Well, yeah, and I've done a lot of and we've got some, we've got some pretty good producer notes about the immune system and how the auto auto immune if you have, if you're an IV, an auto immune disease, how that works, and then how you actually lose, lose a lot of your natural immunity you when you when you get this spike protein from the vaccine, it almost seems like putting another booster on top of that is insane. To release,
  • 27:58
    John: they couldn't kill off enough people with the first round. And so again, I need a booster to get rid of the other old people out there. And you know that these old people in these old folks homes and everyone is just useless eaters the way these people see it. They should be done away with and this is a really good way to do it. Because it looks like you're doing everyone a favor.
  • 28:17
    Adam: Coincidentally, the Department of Justice has dropped investigations into Michigan, Pennsylvania and New York nursing home COVID-19 deaths.
  • 28:27
    John: Oh, that was common that COVID-19 murders in the nursing homes. Pretty much. Yeah, yeah, that's good. That's the garland guy. That's the guy. They wanted to make a Supreme Court justice. He's the one that has the Justice Department.
  • 28:41
    Adam: Pretty, pretty good. And
  • 28:43
    John: yeah, well, they got to get there, man. He got there, man. I have like a billion Biden clips that we'll get to later. Yeah.
  • 28:51
    Adam: I'm glad you you went through those. Remember how disappointed I
  • 28:54
    John: was on the line show very disappointed. So I said, Okay. Okay. Now I is ridiculous. I only did and by the way. You see all these clips. There's like 1000 of them. Half the show.
  • 29:07
    Adam: Oh, yeah, just half of the town hall. Which when I go
  • 29:12
    John: to the second half, I'll put some put some more up next Sunday. But since we're on the topic, I just want to play this clip. Yeah. You bite that just so we all know where we stand. Because you're talking about this. This all going on? I want you to play Biden WTF pandemic
  • 29:30
    Adam: Biden.
  • 29:33
    Unknown: Okay, here we go.
  • 29:35
    To get there's legitimate questions people can ask that they worry about getting vaccinated, but the question is should be asked, answered and people should get vaccinated. But this is not a pandemics. We've made sure that since I got an office, we've we've inoculated over 160 million people.
  • 29:56
    John: It's not a pandemic. No, that's I just wanted to make Through all his harem scarem clips, you're playing the live down. Not all the rest of it. It's not
  • 30:06
    Adam: not a pandemic people, not a pandemic.
  • 30:08
    John: So why why what's the fuss?
  • 30:10
    Adam: Well, could it be just to sell more Pfizer? Could it be just to sell some boosters make some more money for Pfizer? Doctor?
  • 30:17
    Unknown: I want to go back though to this idea of the booster shot. Why do you think the CDC thus far has been as resistant as it appears that they are to the suggestion that a booster could even be necessary? I mean, you're you're getting even the sort of ideas promulgated that Pfizer's pushing this because they they want to do this for profit as opposed to appears what you're saying. And maybe some of these studies are saying that that they actually may be needed. Well, look, if if in fact, we require boosters in us, it'd be among an older population. By and large, anyone who is vaccinated now wouldn't need a booster anyone who is vaccinated during the summer is younger, healthier, would need a boost to go into the fall. So we're probably talking about 30 to 40 million injections out of 4 billion vaccines that are going to be delivered by Pfizer next year. So this is not a big
  • 31:05
    Adam: 4 billion that are going to be delivered injections out of 4 billion vaccines that are going to be delivered by multiply that
  • 31:12
    John: by 20 bucks in a shot
  • 31:14
    Adam: for next year, 4 billion
  • 31:18
    Unknown: injections out of 4 billion vaccines that are gonna be delivered by Pfizer next year. So this is not a big component of what Pfizer is going to be delivering to the world. So I sort of reject the notion that this is somehow, you know, an effort to try to get more vaccine out there. You know,
  • 31:34
    Adam: it's actually it's actually brilliant. Now that I think about it, because what is this, ultimately about, and we saw a lot of the money that went from COVID relief into hospital systems who immediately gobbled up other hospitals, a smaller hospital chains. We saw the incredible I mean, ventilators who needs ventilators anymore. That's that's, I mean, I'm not trying to trivialize it, but view we made so many ventilators and so much money was made, there was money made on the refrigeration for the vaccine, that buildings still galling you very much, it was $2 billion for refrigeration that turned out Schrader wasn't need or they act like it wasn't needed. Now, we know what are we and what have we, in effect created? And then I don't want to scare people because I think it's it's certainly not everybody who has issues after receiving the vaccination. It's it's a percentage. But it seems like it's groovy, you know, just more and more patients more intake, more new customers, with with with auto immune issues that pop up because of the weakened resistance. This is why people we have examples of diabetes, and shingles. And these are all autoimmune things, whose great, it's more money. So they don't actually have to get more money from the vaccination. Although it seems clear that by next year, they will have developed a COVID and flu vaccination in one, hence the call maybe for the testing machines to do both. Actually.
  • 33:07
    John: I want to stop you. That's a red book item. Because that's what they did with the with the swine flu, if you recall,
  • 33:14
    Adam: yeah, I think I think you probably call this red book A long time ago,
  • 33:18
    John: is that they decided at some point, okay, well, we've we've made we've spent a shot our wide. So let's come up, that's what we're gonna do. Well, let's we can do a value add instead, because there's money to be made with value, add value adds, everybody loves the term. And we can just incorporate it into flu shot. So you may actually may even be an alternative flu plus COVID, or just flu shot. But everyone will opt out for the flu plus COVID because there'll be promoted and so the next thing you know, all flu shots will be flu plus COVID. And for an extra probably five bucks, or
  • 33:56
    Adam: here's something really interesting winner. It's a winner. There's been something interesting, this Professor drosten DRS T and he's the German researcher cited for the first COVID test essay. So that's what goes into the into the test. I am going to read this verbatim I did not know this previous successes recorded by Dr. Professor drosten. And his research group includes the development of novel Zika virus test the development of a standard test for MERS and the CO discoverers of the SARS virus in 2003. An interesting one guy, one guy with his team discovers all these things and as all the tests for him and everything, I'm unbelievable. That guy's a genius. He must be must be. See, what do I have here? A couple other things. Yeah, this was this was on. Good Morning America. Just talking about other diseases that have resulted from some of the measures taken
  • 34:59
    Unknown: CDC is reporting Taken respiratory viruses many are saying there's summer cold systems are more severe this time around. This story was first on the new york times its break it down with dr. john Nash and didn't only read about in the New York Times ran through all my girls last month, and they did say it was more severe than they felt in the past. So
  • 35:15
    why is this happening?
  • 35:16
    Well, it happened to me also last month, so they're not alone. It's happening to a lot of people. And there are a lot of theories involved. First of all, you know, we've been in a lockdown period wearing masks separated for a long time. So as we unmask, as we get closer together, that obviously increases exposure to these other pathogens. Also, our immune system needs constant stimulation. Now, that doesn't mean it's had some permanent damage with the masks and the distancing, but that also can kind of delay the onset and make it more severe. And then this phenomenon known as immunity dead again, we need to be exposed to pathogens in order to keep our immune system well. But George a year and a half ago, people hadn't really heard of Coronavirus now it's not just Coronavirus, it's rhinovirus add no virus, RSV para influenza, there's a slew of respiratory pathogens that can give us these and COVID Well, you know what I'm gonna say it's not your job to be your own doctor, even if you are a doctor. So try not to, you know, make that diagnosis yourself.
  • 36:16
    Adam: Oh, gee. So because we had silly masks, which seems pretty clear. They don't work Serge, lots of surgeons, no, you're not even wearing them in the theater anymore. Now we have all kinds of other respiratory illnesses because of immunity debt. I mean, this is it's really and just the the ease which has this off now the ease with which people pass this off. All right. Well, we might as well get to some of the meat and potatoes. Let's just ask Fauci, are we going for another lockdown,
  • 36:50
    Unknown: given that new cases have tripled over the last month? Is it possible we're heading towards a new lockdown?
  • 36:58
    I don't see a lockdown in the future. Nor I remember, when you're dealing with the shopping decline in cases you were talking about. Overwhelmingly that among unvaccinated people.
  • 37:14
    Adam: Such a lie. So many lies. We have that we have the Look around you. Just talk to anybody? Oh, yeah, yeah, you got it. Okay, got it. 100 vaccinated Royal Navy crew members infected with COVID onboard the HMS Queen Elizabeth Warcraft, it's getting embarrassing.
  • 37:35
    John: Well, I said this before, and I didn't happen the way I thought it would, which is the backing off. But this news phenomenon, which you've highlighted in this particular, though, is a segment of vaccinated people getting sick to an extreme In other words, and getting dying?
  • 37:54
    Adam: Yes.
  • 37:55
    John: They do. These reports have got to end.
  • 37:59
    Adam: journalistically. They're really scratching the edge. They're, they're punching the
  • 38:04
    John: envelope. They're having trouble. Yes. Well, so but this debate and and by the way, the Biden Town Hall was just laced with Biden lying about Oh, if you get the shot, you're never gonna get in the hospital. Oh, gee, they
  • 38:20
    Adam: there was a they did a fact check on that NBC fact check the president while urging more Americans to get the shots. Last night, President Biden made this claim, you're not going to you're not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations, but that's not true. But that's not true. No, it's not true. All right, let's go to the to the to the end game here. Let's go to the possible mandates, vaccine passports. This is what's being protested around the world except the United States, which I find phenomenal, that we're that we're the country that where the citizenry is armed. We're completely compliant.
  • 38:59
    John: Well, hold on a second. I'm going to defend the American public here. Okay. First of all, and you
  • 39:06
    Adam: don't include new york city doesn't include New York City and Austin, where you're not defending them.
  • 39:11
    John: I'm not defending anybody from New York City. I'm defending the general public that would be protesting this. You're in Austin and where you left Austin, you went to an area where they don't even wear masks. You went to you said you're so relaxed. You don't have to wear masks every but nobody cares. The other people have moved into areas where there's no we're scofflaws at a certain level in this in this country and they have never put the clamp down in California during this whole beginning. When it last year. I'm talking about March, April May when when the traffic was empty. You could go out and drive around it was fantastic. Um, you could I could I would left I wasn't here I was driving around and I just looked into I read the regulations or regulations were rather loose. I was a member of the media, I had media exemption, I could do whatever I wanted. And everybody else, you know, and if you didn't want a member, the me and nobody was getting pulled over by the police, no one was getting cited. There was none of that going on. So we didn't have any reason to if you put the clamps down, this is what happens. The American Revolution A lot of people don't realize part of it was because of the because of the taxation without representations because it wasn't if you look into it from a lot of perspectives, it will tell you the same story. It wasn't that we rebelled because of the taxation. It we rebelled, because they enforced the taxation at some point,
  • 40:43
    King, George and George the Third, they actually lowered the taxes on tea and all these things that they were bitching about, but they put an enforcement mechanism and and on this show, I'm always talking about enforcement mechanisms, because I worked for an enforcement agency, we understand the difference. You start so they weren't clamping down on the American public. They weren't making a big fuss like they do in France or Australia. And checking knocking on doors, making sure you're inside. So we could do what we wanted. I mean, a lot of people yeah, it was all voluntary, voluntary, and we said that so there's I don't believe that we would we were put into position to riot.
  • 41:24
    Adam: Good. Well, I I yes, I think you're right.
  • 41:29
    John: And I think it's still true.
  • 41:30
    Adam: I sure. I hope I believe it as well. I hope it but you know the people out here in Austin, we distill connections to Austin, so we're still concerned.
  • 41:41
    John: Yeah, your your your little sojourn in Austin after living in San Francisco, in LA. is skewed your perspectives following
  • 41:50
    Adam: me? That's the problem. It's like the rain stick rain. It's following me. Okay, so yes, indeed. We do not have blocked downs. But you know what's happening. I'll just give you an example. Even though I'm out of Austin. I'm still getting these calls and texts.
  • 42:11
    Unknown: This is an important message as demand second set of data is often public health has an important message for you. COVID-19 is spreading rapidly and often. Often public health is recommending people regardless of vaccination status, where math indoors and outdoors when you can socially distance. For those who are partially or unvaccinated, we need to ask more from you. We strongly encourage you to stay home at separate central trips. And please consider getting vaccinated now. getting vaccinated is the best way to stop the spread of covid 19. This is bad vaccines.gov to find where you can get your free vaccine.
  • 42:48
    Adam: Showing the vaccine Yes, phase four in Austin. Yeah, I have not received any reports but mandated now mass indoors outdoors. If you haven't been vaccinated, hang yourself, do anything but don't don't be a free human. So I'm waiting to see what comes from that. Now before I get into what actually is just play the you probably saw this but this was this was big news because it's one of those pockets of variants with a variant factories live. It's the South it's the red state up it's the conservatives up it's Alabama but Mima all the governor, she had this to say
  • 43:29
    Unknown: back here at home cases are surging. And it doesn't get much clearer than this. This What is it going to take to get people to get shots? And I don't know You tell me. Both supposed to have common sense.
  • 43:45
    But it's time for to start blaming the unvaccinated folks, not the regular folks, the unvaccinated folks that let them stay. But as a leader of the state, don't you think it's your responsibility to try and help get this situation under control?
  • 43:59
    I've done all I know how to do. I can encourage you to do something, but I can't make you take care of yourself.
  • 44:05
    Wow, that is remarkable. governors are furious. Hospitals are overwhelmed. The economy is shaky and yet Americans are still refusing a life saving tool that the rest of the world desperately wants.
  • 44:21
    John: Oh, who is this breathless reporter? That's Mika.
  • 44:24
    Adam: That's Mika Brzezinski from morning, Joe.
  • 44:27
    John: Oh, she's doing
  • 44:31
    Adam: now let's go back to Dr. Scott Gottlieb. And let's talk to him about mandates because you know, everything is kind of flowing into each other mandates, vaccine passports, it's two sides of the same coin. You know, you can have a mandate from your government, which we don't have and I doubt will happen, although there's a lot of people calling for it. And in France, in fact, there is a form of a mandate you can, from what we've heard from the President may not be true. So How about here? what's what's going to happen in America? I think we already know how it's going to go. Can
  • 45:05
    Unknown: you weigh in on what we're hearing from the NFL overnight about their plans, effectively to try to incentivize or de incentivize people who don't take the vaccine and to get the entire team's the club's data to all be vaccinated? effectively, they're saying, look, if you're not vaccinated, and something happens, and you have to forfeit, it's gonna cost you it's gonna cost you money. It will certainly looks like a way to mandate vaccination without mandating vaccination. I think as we head into the, into the fall in the winter, hopefully the vaccines achieved full approval, I think you're going to see more businesses do this, I think you're going to see more mandates get put in place, certainly in a healthcare setting and starting to see that become more commonplace. business wants to restart people want to restart activities, and to the extent that the vaccines are going to provide an added measure, to be able to do that safely and protect venues where you're bringing people together. I think you're going to see more sports teams, more business venues start to mandate vaccination. Oh,
  • 46:03
    Adam: he's such a clairvoyant. Of course, the sports teams, that's where you're really going to show your muscle that's an easy one. Yeah, you can't come to your work if you're not vaccinated, or you just won't get paid for your work.
  • 46:13
    John: This was get millions, this was the get millions from home. To put those sports guys get millions. If not like you or me or somebody worked at, you know, a $15 an hour job. This is I'm not gonna take the vaccine. Those guys make millions, like 1020 $40 million dollars a year, some of them.
  • 46:31
    Adam: Oh, the I got the impression that maybe that's from some of the lower ranked players, that if the team doesn't make money because we had to cancel or forfeit, then you're not going to get paid either. Don't they have paid docking? I thought they had that in the NFL.
  • 46:45
    John: They have it's usually fight called fines, fines. Okay, they had this latest rule, which is not going to hold up. Oh, by the way, the No one's going to forfeit. forfeit for fitting means that you get so many people testing positive. You can't field a team. Hold on hold on 44. I've been following No, I know. That's
  • 47:05
    Adam: why I want to play the report for myself. And then then I want you to deliver this commentary
  • 47:10
    John: tonight a warning from the NFL to its teams. If there's a COVID outbreak and players are not vaccinated, prepare to forfeit and lose the game. The League has tried to get players immunized. 78% have gotten at least one dose. The NFL commissioner sent out a memo saying that any team which causes the game to be canceled, will be responsible for financial losses and players on both teams won't get paid. They're
  • 47:36
    Unknown: hoping as players begin to report to training camp this week into next week that they'll start getting vaccinated so that they can meet that sort of threshold that they've all said
  • 47:47
    John: for one another around 85 or so percent for all teams DeAndre Hopkins, one of the players who says he won't get vaccinated tweeted this being in a position to hurt my team because I don't want to partake in the vaccine is making me question my future in the NFL.
  • 48:03
    Adam: All right now, I'd love to hear it since you've been following it.
  • 48:06
    John: Alright, they already have enough people vaccinated in the NFL. That the idea of a forfeiture which, which specifically says you can't field a team is nonsense. It's not going to happen. There's going to be no forfeits. They just threw this in this kind of scare people.
  • 48:23
    Adam: What you're saying is there's they got enough guys on every team that they can always play the game
  • 48:28
    John: and they can feel the team. Because only 11 people out there and in fact your day I think there's a for say you have a 44 man roster. You got you know, you can play and a lot of guys can go play two way they can play the offensive defense if you really had to, but that's not going to happen because everyone's got vaccinations. except a few holdouts like DeAndre Hopkins, who is such a valuable player. He's like maybe the best wide receiver in the league. That he's just not going to get the shot and is nothing's gonna come of it. He's just gonna coach through it or just test them a lot. I gotta be tough. It's gonna get on his nerves. Right?
  • 49:05
    Adam: So this is more this is more marketing than actual threat to the to the guy beliefs. I
  • 49:09
    John: believe it's all marketing. Well, here's how it works. And let me just continue because they've also introduced something else, which is, this is a marketing and a distraction. Oh, the distraction is the NFL is all as glamorous wisdom, has decided that at least for the first few games of the year until people get pissed off about this, that they're not only going to play the national anthem at the beginning of the games, they're going to play the black national anthem. Now, I didn't know there was a black national anthem. Yeah, but yes, I did. Actually it seems that there's a black national I know there's a black name is this a different nation, different country different? What I would get started, is there a black nation that's that's different than the American nation? I don't know. But this was becoming an issue right away. Boom, all of a sudden this shows up this bullcrap.
  • 50:05
    Adam: Excellent I'd like that analysis that makes total sense however it has ever had as active is worked very poorly. The mo when this came out mo who's a huge now he already gave up on basketball. He gave up on basketball with the whole King James China thing. Now that that I think is more
  • 50:25
    John: myself on that
  • 50:26
    Adam: No, no, but this the NFL this with the with the with the basically mandating vaccines for the players the way it's marketed. He says he's out. He's like a fantasy game league player. He's totally into it. And he said no, I'm gonna learn how to play the mandolin I made that up but would it be funny use of his time.
  • 50:51
    John: Amanda like just a musical instrument, three hour football.
  • 50:57
    Adam: The world would be much better off. That is a good analysis. They really needed something to distract from that is Yeah, I saw that getting legs and then just kind of disappeared. That's a very good catch.
  • 51:12
    John: So you'll be seeing DeAndre Hopkins play next season. Some fans of the team now that's good for you fans left? And of course if yes, hit or left
  • 51:22
    Adam: if you really look at the numbers 48 if we're going to call it by color, as the media likes to do white Americans 48% vaccinated black Americans is I think it's 32% but really it's the brown Americans they are very wary of, of the vaccine. And even around here if I go to hcb most brown Americans, you know, I don't know where they're from, but I'm just gonna call them brown like the media does. They're all wearing masks. So I'm presuming that they're not taking the vaccine and that they're just very careful. It's and it's very obvious. Italy also protesting against passports, no green pass. They're against the actual green pass. And and I just want to remind us of that red book entry. The reason why the COVID pass in the European Union is called the green passes it will Annette unavoidably be used for some green passage if your carbon rating is correct, or something. Yeah, green no doubt about it. Agree the creek is not a coincidence. And this is interesting, one of our producers, and I went to a critical care facility to get his vaccination. I'm sorry, he got to egg test. No, he got a vaccine. He had Oh, he got a vaccination earlier and he thought he had it he went back to get a COVID-19 test. Then he sent first he sent me a little snippet, which I've put in the show notes. I said, Dude, this could have been from the telegram group and he sent me the full document with his name redacted, but I'm putting this part in his little warning from the, from
  • 53:10
    the from the clinic where he got his test, your rapid COVID-19 test was negative. Please still use caution and wear a mask to protect yourself and others while continuing tactical versions of other humanoids. But that's exactly what I say this is bogus. That's why I told him I said, Dude, you got to send the full thing which he did. It's really
  • 53:37
    John: don't believe
  • 53:39
    Adam: it's a critical care. So it could have been just them having a joke. I mean, that's possible that they just put it on.
  • 53:45
    John: Okay, I'm working. Let's say I'm working there. If I was working at a place where there was requires john get could get to work, go. Can you write this memo up? We got a post this. I don't have time to post it. I've got other things to do. Just do it. Just do it. Okay, okay, I'll do it. And I would put that in. I would put that in and maybe one other gag.
  • 54:06
    Adam: About there's only one, five, but I thought that was I mean, there's got to be a reference to some game or something where that's tactical is
  • 54:14
    John: somebody I know, I know, these kinds of I'm one of them. I'm one of these guys. All right. Let's do stuff like this. Less jokey is, you know,
  • 54:25
    Adam: whenever you want to propagate something in the United States, and certainly if you want to do something to, to communicate to our black and black American brothers and sisters, again, the media uses colors. You always go through the ministers and the reference. That's why we have Reverend Al Sharpton, the Reverend Jesse Jackson, you know, this is not a mistake. These are communicators for the Boulay or for the elites, the Illuminati or for just the pharmaceutical industry, whoever's got the money. So I am in possession of prayers for COVID which is a huge PDF Then there's and then there's attribution, which Reverend or minister and several rabbis, and they have prayers, and I'd like to share one. Eye prayer for COVID-19. Would you like to? Would you like to hear this prayer? Yeah. A prayer for receiving the COVID vaccine. I've been praying for this day. And now it is here. With great excitement, a touch of trepidation and with deep gratitude. I give thanks to all the scientists who toiled day and night, so that I might receive this tiny vaccination that will protect me and all souls around this world. With a pandemic still raging. I am blessed to do my part to defeated Let this be the beginning of a new day, a new time of hope, of joy of freedom and most of all of health. I thank you God for blessing me with life for sustaining my life, and for enabling me to reach this all filled moment. Amen. And a woman
  • 55:56
    John: does it say a woman Oh, I
  • 55:57
    Adam: made that up. But this is they're praying to science.
  • 56:06
    John: There's an element of blasphemy in that
  • 56:09
    Adam: no shit. Yeah, it's one after another in the way I see it. Like, okay. Here's something that is very, very suspicious. There's been an I know if it's an actual lawsuit or an ongoing campaign for the participants in the novo Vax vaccine trial in the United Kingdom. at issue is that the people who everyone who was involved in this now as far as I know, the people who had placebo administered to them were later Pfizer certainly did it were later given the actual vaccine, but I do not know that for sure about Novavax. But the the motion that made it all the way into the into the house of the parliament was you know, even if we got the placebo, we should get a vaccine passport. So said so done. On grateful for the younger members question was speaker on the Novak's trial participants? They will have their vaccine pass in the United Kingdom. And of course we're working with other countries to make sure that that is recognized. But as far as the UK is concerned, they will be considered as fully vaccinated whether they've had the placebo or the vaccine. Really?
  • 57:41
    John: Really no. I find this interesting I find this
  • 57:47
    Adam: rather disturbing. If I were a believer in the that I could get sick from an unvaccinated person despite my double jabbed and then j&j top ups and everything. It would be very disturbing, but no. We're gonna have a gaffe, I got another gaff. I love these gaffes. This time, it's Newsmax. And Newsmax is talking to Senator Dr. Ron, Rand Paul, and see if you can spot the gas.
  • 58:20
    Unknown: For children, the bar is going to be much greater because children get almost no COVID symptoms. They rarely die from it. It's about one in a million. And so we're gonna have to be even more stringent with proving the safety of the vaccine. If you're over 65 you know, it's about 2000 people out of every million died instead of one.
  • 58:39
    Yeah. And this vaccine. This vaccine is not FDA approved for senior citizens center, you said 100 million people have had Coronavirus in this country. I know that 200 million have had at least one shot of the virus. That's 300 million. That's that's the majority of the country right
  • 58:55
  • 58:55
    Why didn't somebody tell that to Dr. Fauci?
  • 58:58
    John: Well, some have had both some of both have the disease and the vaccine, but we should study that also. Because we would want to know, is the vaccine more dangerous? Are you more likely to have serious side effects? So there are rare side effects? thrombocytopenia is one lower,
  • 59:13
    Adam: you didn't hear a digit?
  • 59:14
    John: Nope. Okay. It's in the beginning, listening carefully.
  • 59:18
    Adam: I know it's so To be honest, I almost missed it again, myself.
  • 59:23
    Unknown: For children, the bar is going to be much greater because children get almost no COVID symptoms. They rarely die from it. It's about one in a million. And so we're gonna have to be even more stringent with proving the safety of the vaccine. If you're over 65. You know, it's about 2000 people out of every million died. One
  • 59:42
    Yeah. And this vaccine. This vaccine is not FDA approved for senior citizens center. You said 100 million people have had Coronavirus in this country. I know that 200 million have had at least one shot of the virus. That's 300 million. That's
  • 1:00:00
    John: Yep, you know, I listened for it to the first time I know, you can sing a little bit helped with noticing a bit. So it was one of our switcheroos. Yep. Where they say viruses that a vaccine or vaccine instead of virus and yeah, that's a good one. a hard one for some reason very hard to hear. Yeah, there's something hypnotic about. I think it's the boredom factor. This is so boring. To me, like we have people that write us knows stop talking about this. And it's, it is a boring boredom element and you get load. Yeah, okay.
  • 1:00:40
    Adam: Yeah, you can over taken over over promote this stuff. You know, they really can people just withdraw and witness the, the ratings, even the even the President had with last of all three news networks. It was on CNN, his town hall. Oh, that had
  • 1:00:56
    John: was the worst hit less
  • 1:00:57
    Adam: than MSM last to msnbc. Just regular programming. I mean, that that tells you something right there. They're not interested in COVID not interested in the president and doing other things. They don't care.
  • 1:01:12
    John: Yeah, they can't keep the public jacked up this long. Now, I will mention something I noticed that, and I am gonna have to put this in an SMS to do something to get this information as part of the as the part of the litany, which is that in the original pandemic, the Spanish flu pandemic, yeah, late 1980s. Era era, it did have it did, it had a big effect the first year, and it actually had a secondary effect a second year. In other words, this we're seeing, which is people getting COVID, whether it's the Delta variant, or whether it's just COVID is nonsense about the variance. That would happen in the in the, because I looked at the charts for the Spanish flu, and it had a big bump, very similar to the one we had with COVID. And then the next year, there was another big, it wasn't a big, big bump, it was about a 50% or 30% of the original bump, and then it disappeared completely in the third year. So we're stuck with this thing. For the whole two years. It didn't it wasn't like SARS, which they really got rid of really fast because they really clamped down on it. This thing got in got into the wild to an extreme. And it and this is pretty just to me, I think they're just patterning their, their pitches after what happened in the 1918 episode. Okay, why is this gonna happen? You know, what can we do to sell more vaccines.
  • 1:02:40
    Adam: It reminds me of my day trading days, when I look at some of these charts of infections and hospitalizations, we'd be looking at this rise, like holics is going up, and it really is going up. And then you forget, you have to zoom out to see the whole year of trading. And it turns out way down at the bottom with a little blip that you're looking at. These are all these these beautiful tricks that that can be played that just you know, everyone falls, it's easy to fall for that. Although you remember the golfer john? JOHN ROM? Yeah, he is now tested positive for COVID. A second time in two months.
  • 1:03:17
    John: Really? Yeah. This poor guy, what do they got against him?
  • 1:03:20
    Adam: I don't know. They don't like him for sure. This is something very weird. Some people, you know, test positive on these, not for not for diagnostics, intended PCR, quote tests for months.
  • 1:03:33
    John: For months. Yes, this is true.