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Adam Curry & John C. Dvorak

3h 42m
July 29th, 2021
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Breakthrough New Science!
'Fully Vaccinated' - What does it mean with Boosters?
There is NO variant test BOTG Report
I recently heard a claim on some media outlet that 71% of all Covid cases in that area were the Delta variant and another outlet claimed 40% in a different area. Of course no details about how testing for variants are completed or who can do them, just the usual parroting of information from some government PR person.
I am one one of the boards for a multi-hospital regional healthcare system on the east coast. We recently had a board meeting with a Covid update as part of our agenda. One of the executives suggested that the Delta variant was a major factor for all the cases. Naturally I put on my on No Agenda Hat and asked some questions after the meeting with this person.
It turns out in the hospitals in our system are not testing for variants, because they can't. Only two highly recognized learning hospitals can provide those tests regionally and even then they can only test for general variants not the Delta. Only the feds or maybe the state has the ability to test specific variants. But the hospitals in our system are not even sending samples to the learning hospitals let alone the feds for testing. Not sure how the CDC or any organization can accurately suggest statistics about the variants.
Also an additional fact discussed on the show and I can verify. The healthcare database systems that feed into state and then CDC have no way of knowing how many times a person has been tested. Meaning if a person has been tested three times positive for Covid that is three new cases of the Covid not three tests for for one person. Most people are getting multiple tests in our system once they test positive.
Subject: Peer review
The phrase ‘high score’ connected some dots for my on this for me that could make it even more
damning or fauci as the bureaucrat who likely sets the framework under which the paper was “rated”.
This goes back directly to climate change and more broadly the shaping of US thought at the top
levels of government in broad areas by a few people (if not one individual entirely).
Unfortunately I’m sleep deprived and can’t trust myself to provide detail id stand by at the
moment, but I’ll follow up today or tomorrow. The broad view is that the federal government is
targeted for litigation endlessly, and the whole role of government (in my mind) has now been
shaped towards minimizing the exposure to the risk of litigation on every level, both direct
consequences of funding mistakes, as well as potential lawsuits to accuse them of
bias/favoritism/cronyism. As a result, weve reached a point (pun intended) where any open
government funded project for research is awarded based on a score, with broad categories being
reviewed and assigned point values for funding that provides the appearance of being unbiased.
But they aren’t unbiased in reality because in the effort to avoid litigation the scoring mechanism
becomes so clearly laid out that the only thing separating one possibility from another would be
how that scoring criteria was shaped. Think all federal money to California on a open application
state-wide grant project going to one neighborhood with the exact balance of racial composition and
household income that scored perfectly. Think how the government can finds only climate change
research again and again so the media can point to that 97% number and not be sued, despite the
actual impact being debatable.
I have never applied for a grant through NIH, but you can be assured they have a similar system in
place to review grant proposals before awarding money. It was not controversial or debatable in my
field of study that NIS money goes reliably to those who can read the weather best and year after
year write applications that are awarded the highest grants to fund large projects. This is not
based on pure research genius, it’s entirely favoring those who can interpret the federal releases
correctly and craft applications for the project the federal agency has shaped the grant process to
fund, and typically they couldn’t care less on a personal level about whatever the large project
If Fauci said it scored well it was without question his intent to fund gain of function research,
as he almost certainly shapes the broad agenda of the NIH in his role if nothing else. That also
means these application savants for the NIH (if they weren’t so scared of fauci) could point you to
the material which shows this
Vaccinated vs Vacuous
I'm standing up and risking my job BOTG
Gradually, my company has imposed more and more restrictions on non-vaccinated employees and most recently they sent out a survey which requires self-identifying vaccination status.
This survey is stated to be a mandatory and all employees must participate. It may seem an arbitrary line to many, especially given that you can choose to answer "not willing to share," but everyone needs to pick their line before it is too late, and this is mine. I refuse to be participant to the cataloging of people across metrics which can be used to discriminate, or to coerce them against their own bodily autonomy. My participation would be validation of this act and I think we can all see where this is likely headed.
I have a great job with a great salary. I have worked incredibly hard for my career and my family depends on my income. Despite this, my wife and I are in agreement that if we don't take a stand and voluntarily risk these things today, then one day they will be forced from us, or similar things would be forced from others. I cannot abide by that.
I will provide an update once everything shakes out.
To all the Dames and Knights, I hope I can encourage them that the value of holding true to your morals far exceeds the value any douchebag corporation can send you in rapidly depreciating fiat.
Don't lie, don't pull cute tricks and word play, just stand up and declare what you know is right, it is the only way we can hold back this coming wave of tyranny. We can resist the tyrants and we can support each other.
Thank you for your courage,
Sir Ten Cryptids, Keeper of Lore
New Test requires SEPARATION of covid and flu
Most people know that when a drug dealer gives you the first sample free, that shit is going to be addictive.
French Millennial Producer (FMP) BOTG Report
hi adam and john! I’m American but I’ve been travelling around France for the last 10 months. Here’s what’s going on:
- unfortunately the “pass sanitaire” (health pass) is definitely being enforced. as of last week, a bunch of places have booths set up outside of them where you have to show a QR code or a paper that proves you have either been vaccinated (at least 4 weeks ago) or have a negative test result (48 hrs ago). places include museums, galleries, concerts, public pools, some libraries and more. People I live with have told me that they have been denied access to the pool with their 4 yo daughter because they didn’t have their ID to match with their vaccination papers (they didn’t think to take their passport to the pool with them).
- On August 1 “controle pass sanitaire” is supposed to be extended to restaurants, cafes, and “long-distance” public transportation. I don’t know if this will include regional commuter trains, personally I can’t imagine controlling the volume of people who take trains every day to get to work.
- There are protests all the time but they seem to be going through with it. Unfortunately most of the people I know are saying “if you just get vaccinated it won’t be a problem.”
- During the November lockdown, I was “not allowed” to go more than 1km away from my home. However, I took buses all over to explore the region as if nothing had changed and I never once got controlled.
- Masks were “mandated” outdoors for the majority of my time here and I never once wore a mask outdoors and I never got fined or even approached by any control officer. Sometimes a police officer rolls by and says “masks are necessary” and drives off. however the population is extremely obedient because they are afraid of getting fined.
- When I was in Paris in June one day I just stopped wearing a mask on the metro and although I was the only unmasked person, no one blinked an eye. I did this for three weeks.
- However you cannot get into a store without a mask on. I have tried the Adam Curry Whole Foods trick all over the place and have never been able to walk into a store without a mask. especially at a whole foods-sized place there is ALWAYS a security guard at the door making sure you’re wearing a mask and in many cases not letting you pass until you use hand sanitizer. (my trick is to stand with my body in between the guard and the sanitizer disposer for one second and then turn around and rub my dry hands together)
For context i’m a 27 y.o. girl, I lived in Marin County (18 yrs), Boston (4 yrs), and Nashville(4yrs) before selling everything I own to travel around Europe in August 2020. awkward timing with covid but I went anyway. I’ve been in France since October 2020. started listening to the show shortly after adam’s first JRE appearance. I have 0 people in my life who are not completely bought into the mainstream media narrative so I’m super grateful for No Agenda and I wish I could go to a meet up!!!!! I will host one if I ever know in advance that I will be in one place for more than 3 weeks.
i’m escaping to Spain next week, wish me luck that I can sneakily get there without being controlled for a test.
thanks love you guys here’s karma for YOU ding ding ding dinnnng <3 mel
ps on the millennial/genZ topic its true that pretty much everyone i know my age is depressed and anxious and at this point its definitely cool to be anxious and complain about everything. people get very suspicious if you say you are happy and life is going great. they are suspicious and do not encourage you if you decide to do something with your life other than sit at home and complain. which is why I left them to travel around alone. BYE!!
Down Under
Sir Chris Wilson NSW/Sydney BTOG
It’s official
Troops are on the streets to “assist” the New South Wales State Police. I haven’t heard back about the scope of the services...yet. I will let you know once I have more info (clip provided)
Alleged Horse punch bloke is in solitary “for Covid safety reasons” and refuses to get a Covid test. They won’t let anyone see him including his lawyer. This is a stalemate, and won’t progress easily....a bit like Julian Assange, but without pissing off the Clintons, though PETA has plans for him I am sure
At the protest, there is multiple videos of a dude in a Red white and blue hoodie, seen in a number of incidents starting things but never getting busted. Cops ignore him.
Please tell everybody that the rally for Saturday 31st at Hyde Park is a fake. It’s a setup and the Police will be there as a “show of force”. False flag, set up, whatever. Just don’t go, it won’t end well
Brad Hazzard, our state health minister is a see you next Tuesday, with his attitude for those who choose not to have the vaccine. (Clip provided)
Earlier in the week, Our Dear Premier, Gladys described the protesters as disgusting and the police commissioner Michael Fuller used the word filthy. Sounds like words used to describe a class of people identified in Germany during the mid 1930s...
Things are ratcheting up on the Genocide Meter...
Federal Govt bailout money has increased to $750 dollaridoos a week
Spent close to 4 hours on the phone today on hold to the state services hotline for the 5 minutes it took to find out about work restrictions for some dude named Ben work in the really locked up regions in Sydney, and about the proof of masklessness requirements...the bloke was as helpful as he could be, but the legislation and guidelines they are given are vague. But 4 hours for 5 minutes on the phone....is that a record ??
It has been revealed that the Covid sign in is a mandate, but not a law. Moreover, to quote the documentation from the NSW government, it collects data that it may share with third parties. In other words, it’s selling our data !!!! (I forwarded the video on Telegram. 2:22 to 3:10 covers this)
And to add insult to injury, while we are not allowed outside except for walkies, and certainly not allowed into restaurants, shops and hotels, someone well meaning, has suggested that dogs should be allowed in restaurants, shops and hotels. (Clip provided)
Dogs are people too, but filthy and disgusting Sydney siders are not
Shout out to Erin Semmler at ABC Rockhampton for being kind enough to share the audio for the doggie clip with me.
Climate Change
Media SHAMEFULLY Ignores Historic Coal Miner Strike For 4 MONTHS
Coal miners strike outside Blackrock
Subject: Striking Coal Miners “Follow the Money” to BlackRock HQ
Cultivating a high profile as an ESG proponent is causing a headache for BlackRock’s Larry Fink.
Coal miners striking against Warrior Met Coal (which mines metallurgical coal used in steel making) descended on BlackRock’s headquarters today to try to get the firm to help settle the strike.
BlackRock, through its Indexing arm— which passively invests the proper, proportional amount in companies to match the performance of an underlying Stock index— is the largest institutional stock holder of Warrior Met Coal.
With BlackRock recently posing as an activist firm to take advantage of the ESG craze, the firm gets dinged two ways:
(1) not pressuring their investee companies to act in the interests of certain “stakeholders”.
(2) owning companies that mine “dirty coal”- which is not ESG-friendly.
Going “woke” has its drawbacks— if you don’t act woke enough for some people.
Dell won't ship energy-hungry PCs to California and five other US states due to power regulations
Old Folks Homes
Pharma=Insurance=Expensive old people
Happenings at a nursing home in North Carolina BOTG
Well, they've stepped it up a bit here at the nursing home. They have been 'suggesting' that people get vaccines by saying that if your gone for more than four hours or overnight for whatever reason that you have to get moved to the quarantine hall for two weeks.
Well this past week an employee here was 'tested positive' and everyone had to get a covid test. This happened over the weekend. Then today they started going around and giving the residents who haven't had the covid shot the first vaccine shot. I've overheard a few of the nurses explanations to the residents and they are being very evasive about what the shot is for. They are basically saying that they have to get this shot to prevent 'covid' and they aren't explaining it very well, or even telling them which shot they are getting. I know it's not the 'one shot wonder' because they say they'll be back in 28 days to give them the second shot.
I'm coherent enough that I would be able to question it, but a lot of these residents just take whatever they are given or told to take. There's huge problems with the residents that are diabetic being given high sugar foods, I know not to eat it and a lot of times order my food on my own so I can make sure I'm getting the high protein low sugar food I should be getting.
I can't help but think that they are just trying to get rid of the older people in our society. A lot of these residents here have existing problems that could really be exacerbated by the 'experimental' vaccine.
Thank you for your courage!!!
If you accepted mRNA vaccine, you may be owned like Monsanto seeds - SCOTUS
In the US, the Supreme Court has ruled that vaccinated people worldwide are products, patented goods, according to US law, no longer human.
Through a modified DNA or RNA vaccination, the mRNA vaccination, the person ceases to be human and becomes the OWNER of the holder of the modified GEN vaccination patent, because they have their own genome and are no longer "human" (without natural people), but "trans-human", so a category that does not exist in Human Rights.
The quality of a natural person and all related rights are lost.
This applies worldwide and patents are subject to US law.
Since 2013, all people vaccinated with GM-modified mRNAs are legally trans-human and legally identified as trans-human and do not enjoy any human or other rights of a state, and this applies worldwide, because GEN-POINT technology patents are under US jurisdiction and law, where they were registered.
SOURCE of the decision of the US SUPREME COURT
Pfizer Marketing
The Purge
Capitol Attacks in Hisory
Jan 6th was the worst attack on the Capitol since 1812? Odd because in 1954, five congressmen were wounded on the floor when 4 terrorists opened fire from the visitor area. (Prez Carter later commuted/reduced the sentences.)
March 1, 1971 NYT: “A bomb, apparently planted by a group or person protesting against the Vietnam war, exploded early this morning in the Senate wing of the Capitol, causing extensive damage but no injuries.”
How many bombs went off Jan 6th?
Nov 7, 1983: At 10:58 p.m. a thunderous explosion tore through the second floor of the Capitol’s north wing... The force of the device blew off the door to the office of Democratic Leader Robert C. Byrd.
How many bombs went off in the Capitol on Jan 6?
“Shortly before midnight on Friday, July 2, 1915, police responded to the U.S. Capitol where an explosion had just rocked the Senate wing.”
Haven’t seen anything close to this damage from Jan 6th.
Oct 2018: Hundreds storm a US Senate building during the sacred work of confirming a Supreme Court Justice for a position that holds longer than a presidential term. 302 were arrested by Cap Hill Police; none by the Feds. https://thehill.com/homenews/senate/409999-scores-of-kavanaugh-protesters-arrested-after-descending-on-senate-building
Cyber Pandemic
THE TIMES AND THE SUNDAY TIMES: Private equity power couple behind NSO spyware scandal
Private equity power couple behind NSO spyware scandal
When Stephen Peel and Stefan Kowski flew to Oregon in November 2017 to reel in investors for their new private equity fund, they did not hide their intentions. “We have to find deals that other people don’t see or don’t want to do for various reasons,” Peel told the Oregon Investment Council in a slick pitch for cash from its state pension fund. He wasn’t exaggerating. In February 2019, after a successful funding round, their new firm, Novalpina Capital, bought a majority stake in NSO Group. The
Read in The Times and The Sunday Times: https://apple.news/AEIB7PXghSGuzbBhocgh0vw
Supply Chains
Chlorine and Chemical Supply Shortage
The State Water Resources Control Board Division of Drinking Water has heard from several operators that chlorine and other chemicals are in short supply. We have also been made aware of supply chain and transportation problems that prevent chlorine/chemicals from getting to manufacturers, suppliers, and retailers. Manufacturers have declared force majeure for chemicals affected by this chlorine shortage.
If you are at risk of running out of chlorine or other chemicals without a solution to this problem, fill out the SDWA Section 1441 Application for Certification of Need from the EPA here:
War on Guns
Afghanistan Poppies
Fentanyl to replace heroin?
Wow, just read this article that’s promoting the replacement of heroin with fentanyl because it’s easier and cheaper to produce. It looks like that’s already happening in North America but now they are wanting to replace it in Asia and Europe as well where fentanyl doesn’t have the same hold as here.
Foam finger number one for American pharmaceutical companies saving us from the taliban!!!! All the while killing more people with a more addictive drug.
Noodle Gun
Vape Wars


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  • 0:00
    John: Did test after you're dead?
  • 0:01
    Adam: Adam Curry Jhansi devora July 29 2021. This is your award winning give one nation media assassination Episode 1368. This is no agenda, firing up the heat map and broadcasting live from the heart of Texas Hill Country or region number six in the morning, everybody. I'm Adam Curry
  • 0:21
    John: from Northern Silicon Valley where we've got an Olympic fever. I'm John Dvorak buzzkill
  • 0:32
    Adam: who has an Olympic fever.
  • 0:34
    John: Nobody
  • 0:36
    Adam: has an Olympic fever, and we had a fever. And then our athlete quit. Yeah, that was weird.
  • 0:47
    John: Well, you can see her she did I sorry, do one thing you did at the vault, I think. Yeah. We're jumping spin in bland, and she can see she she has lost her Mojo. Now if she tried to explain I think the other people would come in try to explain it. They just call it a bunch of there is no more than choking. is a they call it the yips gifts.
  • 1:13
    Adam: Yeah. The hips Of course. It's psychological. It's a psychological
  • 1:18
    John: barrier to the to the end, I'm reminded of an old Star Trek episode. Where Here we go. Yeah.
  • 1:26
    Adam: All right, Boomer time
  • 1:28
    John: where we're Spock had his brain removed to become this the center of a ship. And then bones had to put the brain back into Spock. And he put on this this helmet that gave him all this extra brain power. And he started putting the brain back and say this is as easy as anything. I can't believe this is ridiculously easy. And he's doing it and then the thing wears off. And and then he starts to go into Oh my god, how am I even doing this? This is not possible. I can't do this is I there's too many connections and he freaks out. And that kind of thing that happened her when she did her vault, you could tell she she didn't even do it. Right. And she landed poorly. She is law. She lost something. Yes, very strange to see. But it's like you had this highly tuned person. And it's a dangerous sport.
  • 2:19
    Adam: Let's face Oh, yes. Well, it to me it was you know, I understood the obvious when you say Oh, MT mental health problems. A lot of people see that as a snowflake move. When you know, in general, even if you get the yips great golfers don't necessarily quit. They continue, and I understand is dangerous. What I personally thought was, Oh, hell yeah. These these athletes are slaves, this slaves to the International Olympic Committee. They've been made to sleep on foldout cardboard beds. Keep your mask on, they can't move three meters without a an escort anywhere in the village. I bet it's not fun.
  • 2:58
    John: Well, whatever it did it cause I think she's sincere that she lost whatever she needed to have to do these flips. Yeah, without killing herself, and she just bails. But I think you're and other people attributed to COVID and all the other things that made their lives miserable for a year and this is the Olympics was supposed to be last year anyway. And I think combined with what you just said. And the slavery issue.
  • 3:29
    Adam: I might add this is not a small issue when it comes to these Olympics. You completely owned.
  • 3:36
    John: Yeah, it's not good. So she's debts. You know,
  • 3:39
    Adam: I mean, I've known some Olympic athletes in the Netherlands. And I've met them in context with the the Dutch chapter of the IOC. Oh, so in public, they get all this fawning and it's you know, beautiful, and let's have a great lunch. But after that, you know, there'll be quick to die like, Man, this is crap. I'm being lived.
  • 4:03
    John: Yeah, yeah. I'm reminded of TED Talks. Okay. TED talks are the same way.
  • 4:09
    Adam: Oh, you remember that guy who ratted on the TED talks? He wrote, did he write a whole blog about it? I can't remember
  • 4:16
    John: what he did. But he was bitching and moaning about and I believe it's all true. Yeah, he was a TED
  • 4:21
    Adam: fellow. He was a TED fellow, which is basically you're in a cult. Yeah. Yeah. I'm gonna remember who that guy was. Well, while we're thinking about that, john, is here. We all need to pay attention to it the infection heat map. The most viral image of the past week, everywhere, the heat map.
  • 4:47
    Unknown: He says it's making this guidance for areas with substantial or high transmission of take a look at this map. That's all the counties in red and orange altogether, it's almost two thirds of all counties in the US It states, it's a metric based both on the spread of COVID. And how many people have the virus, as well as whether counties are able to do enough testing to stay on top of it.
  • 5:10
    Adam: Now, what does that mean to you? I couldn't find this statistic anywhere else.
  • 5:16
    John: I thought I heard 1/3 1.2.
  • 5:20
    Adam: No, but there's no the The point is what what the heat map is based on? Is these two parameters
  • 5:27
    Unknown: metric based both on the spread of COVID, how many people have the virus, as well as whether counties are able to do enough testing to stay on top of it?
  • 5:37
    Adam: So you get an introductory? Well, it sounds to me, like somehow they have a metric which is not published. Do you have enough testing capabilities and that combined with cases cases is your color score on the heat map?
  • 5:58
    John: Which is ludicrous. contradictory?
  • 6:03
    Adam: Yes.
  • 6:04
    John: And in other words, you've had no testing whatsoever and no cases you'd be high in Banja Yes, you'd
  • 6:11
    Adam: be blood orange, you'd be just burned it up. So this is this is being used to show everybody and we'll we'll get to that of course that this is the the the southern states must be Republicans. Or as Chris Cuomo calls them the VAC the vacuous which I thought was kind of good. I tried to get his opening monologue from yesterday. And I thought it would be online but no, he said it's the vaccinators the
  • 6:39
    John: a fine guy. Believe me. I've heard Chris Cole, most stuff is not online. Isn't that odd? You had to find it on YouTube.
  • 6:47
    Adam: Well, I was looking on YouTube. And
  • 6:50
    John: you have to if it's there, it's on YouTube, but they don't put it up on CNN. And no spotty on YouTube. He has it because it's embarrassing.
  • 7:00
    Adam: That could be one of the reasons. When I was watching it. I thought, Wow, man, I'm glad no one watches this because it's pretty in cities what that guy's doing. Anyway, this this all came on some new science. We have an update. Now the CDC has flipped on a dime within 24 hours. We are now supposed to mask up everywhere. Now. We can't mandate it can't mandate it. But we can do lots of things.
  • 7:27
    Unknown: We are going to begin tonight with breaking news in the COVID pandemic. The CDC has changed its guidance when it comes to mask wearing for the vaccinated citing the highly contagious Delta variant. The agency now says people who live in areas where the spread of COVID is high or substantial. Even those who received their vaccine should wear masks indoors. So tonight look at this map. That means that new mask guidance covers more than 60% of the country. And we have just learned of this big step from the White House. The administration emailing staff tonight saying they must wear masks regardless of their vaccination status. And with the new school year around the corner, the CDC is recommending all students, teachers and staff wear masks. And there is a word tonight about a man who was arrested for allegedly sending death threats to Dr. Anthony Fauci. In one email authorities say the suspect threatened to drag Dr. Fauci and his family into the street, beat them to death and set them on fire. Yeah.
  • 8:25
    Adam: Oh, man. That's quite the threat. I'll set you on fire, your whole family will burn. So people aren't very happy about this. No, yeah. And nobody's happy about any of it. And And the thing is, it's this, it's this science all of a sudden, which I thought the science was always in, follow the science do what the science says. But science, data science screwed us on this deal. You know, there are several things that were all happening at exactly the same time, which is the director of the CDC Wollensky, which I
  • 9:01
    Unknown: think really motivated us to move forward. The first is, over the last two weeks, our case rates in this country have come down by about a third, likely very much due to the scale up of vaccinations that we've been able to do. Second is that, you know, we have new science now shows that the vaccine is shortening its effectiveness in real world settings outside of the trial outside of our trials, has demonstrated that just as well as Yeah,
  • 9:30
    Adam: I'd like to slips that in. Isn't that cool? It was something new science outside of our trials. We don't you may not have tested any of this
  • 9:36
    Unknown: shows that the vaccine is working. It's working this in real world setting. Listen, gentlemen,
  • 9:41
    Adam: it's working. So well put your mask on now
  • 9:43
    Unknown: that basically shows that the vaccine is working its effectiveness in real world settings outside of the trial outside of our trials, has demonstrated by
  • 9:53
    John: the way stuff, she tried to correct the mistakes she made. Yep, indicating that the whole thing's big giant trial. And she, she blows, she blows the correction,
  • 10:05
    Unknown: working its effectiveness in real world settings outside of the trial outside of our trials. loops has demonstrated that it works just as well as it did in the trials that these vaccines are working against the variants. And then if you are vaccinated, you're very unlikely to be able to get asymptomatic disease and therefore transmitted to other people. Oh, this
  • 10:30
    John: is like the, you know, one person says yes to that one person is no, this is a fiasco.
  • 10:35
    Adam: Yes. Yeah, they really screwed this one up. And well, I have some ideas about what's happening. But the new science thing is what really is perfect. You just say science here and the only PR and by the way, the Wall Street Journal said, hey, that's great. Can we see the data to your science? Which has not been published yet? Well, you know, it's, it hasn't be peer reviewed or so early. But for some reason, it was enough to turn everything around on a dime. One day after they they reiterated their old, the CDC reiterated their old math guideline, which was Yeah, that's all good. And so this got to a head in the in the House of Representatives. And it wound up I guess, with some wood republican was saying no, I'm not gonna wear a mask. This is stupid. And then Nancy Pelosi, McCarthy has his neck, then Nancy Pelosi called him a moron, moron. And then she explained why he's a moron.
  • 11:38
    Unknown: is Kevin Murphy a moron? And if so why? I said earlier in my comment, science, science, science and science, on almost every subject that you can name. Science is the answer. Whether it's the climate crisis, whether it's a health crisis, whether it whether it's our preeminence in the world and technology, science, science, science science, to say that wearing a mask is not based on science, I think it's is not wise. And that was my comment,
  • 12:12
    Adam: science, science science. And I agree it's a mistake for her to do for sciences in a row I think that might break the three repetition rule.
  • 12:22
    John: She there's a root there is a lot of classes on exposition, writing classes at a higher level. There's, there's there's three things you do when you trying to make a point, if you want to. If I say I'm trying to think how this actually goes, if you want to make an emotional attachment, or you want to drive home a point you do to really, if you want to bring in the like jobs and jobs, yeah, if you want to bring the balanced Trinity, which is three, threes, always the best. And then there is for is allowed for for being I think that's the emotional outlet where you're, you're, you're, you've lost it.
  • 13:12
    Adam: You're out of control, I fixed it for her no problem, science, a science, science, science, science. Science or by science, science, science, science and science. Woke it up in science. Just a little extra time this morning,
  • 13:30
    John: apparently.
  • 13:33
    Adam: Okay, boots on the ground report regarding regarding the testing for these variants, which I think we talked about a show or two ago. And this is from one of our producers. I recently heard a claim on some media outlet that 71% of all COVID cases in the area where the Delta variant, another outlet claimed 40%, and then a different area. Of course, no details about how testing for variants are completed or who can do them just the usual parroting of information from some government PR person. Well, I am the one of the boards for a multi hospital regional health care system on the East Coast, we have the best producers in the universe. We recently had a board meeting with the COVID update as part of our agenda. I think one of our executives suggested that the Delta varied was a major factor for all the cases naturally, I put on my no agenda hat and ask some questions after the meeting with this person. Turns out in the hospitals in our system, they're not testing for variants because they can't only two highly recognized learning hospitals can provide those tests regionally. And even they can only test for general variants, not the Delta, only the feds or maybe the state has the ability to test specific variants. But the hospitals in our system are not even sending samples to the learning hospitals, let alone the feds for testing. Not sure how the CDC or any organization can accurately suggest statistics about the variance. Needless to say I was kicked off the
  • 14:54
    board didn't say that. Also an additional fact discussed on the show I can verify the healthcare database systems that feed into the state and the CDC have no way of knowing how many times a person has been tested. He's not interested as a good point, he's not interesting. Meaning if a person has been tested three times positive for COVID, that is three new cases of the COVID. Not three tests for one person, most people are getting multiple tests in our system, once they test positive. Yeah, that makes total sense. total sense?
  • 15:26
    John: Well, I have another letter. You there's another producer, female. You, you mentioned about the COVID variant and how they are testing it, which is always been bothering me as well. I am a clinical laboratory tech, for a hospital just outside the Queens, New York. In the routine micro lab, the PCR testing does not differentiate between any strains. And I believe there is no FDA approved test that does. I've also been, I've also been asking around some of my colleagues at work if they send out any positive covid 19 swabs to the CDC or if or of our reference labs do, there seems to be no set algorithm algorithm or if someone is positive. Now where they are further tested, or strains, No, none. This Delta Varian has no concrete evidence in my clinical lab opinion, and is just about control. It's a shame that this is being exploited. Also a little tidbit. In the in the fluid seems that people think that the flu disappeared in 2020. False, nobody was testing for it. And when someone died in the hospital, they just only swab for COVID-19.
  • 17:03
    Adam: And this is this is the problem I have with this recent change of the peat, or at least this announcement that testing companies should use different assez. No longer we're going to use the PCR for the RT PCR test, which shouldn't be a test in the first place. I think that going to the lateral flow system, which is I believe, that's what gates and Soros bought for $41 million, they bought a company. I mean, how about that, huh? Boy, those guys have timing. Just a week before all this stuff happens, you know, just just a week before the CDC says these tests may be no good, because the new test that they're looking for, and that they want you to use if available, is able to distinguish between COVID and influenza. And the more I hear this, the more I'm thinking dude, was this just flew that people were dying from and just because genetic code was uploaded to Illumina Illumina, which is another godly board company. And they're the ones that handed out to all the all the PCR testers. I mean, if you're just looking for some generic material, or some material that may be specific to 1%, of, of the people, like your 1% Ashkenazi Jew based upon your DNA, maybe, you know, they're just getting tests off of something that they were told to look for. And yeah, you know, because of all the angst and the way the hospitals were sending people home. And of course, most people having completely separate underlying issues where they The reason they entered the hospital in
  • 18:48
    the first place. I'm not even sure any of this is real anymore. Especially with the exosome story that that we talked about. We love the exos. I do I do. And I have some thoughts on it. But first, we need to have at least two short clips from the pope himself, Fauci and he really looks By the way, doesn't he look younger?
  • 19:14
    John: Ted work done.
  • 19:15
    Adam: Yeah, Biden also looks younger Pelosi never seems to age. These are 80 year olds.
  • 19:21
    John: adrenochrome.
  • 19:24
    Adam: Well, I didn't want to say it. But yeah,
  • 19:26
    Unknown: maybe if you drink the blood out of babies, we've learned clearly now without a doubt that people who have vaccinated get a breakthrough infection actually have enough virus in their nasal pharynx that they can actually transmit it to other people and have said,
  • 19:42
    John: you mentioned to what we just the clips you just played, of course, I'm sorry. This is in contradiction to the clips you just played about how you don't have this issue?
  • 19:51
    Adam: Yes. Well, this is this is why I sequence them that way
  • 19:54
    Unknown: that they can actually transmit it to other people and have documented trends. Admit it to other people. So because of that, the virus has really changed. And that has really triggered the change in the CDC guidelines. So right now I incorrectly said that even if you are vaccinated, you need to wear a mask in indoor public settings in the areas that have a high degree of transmissibility, namely the orange and red areas.
  • 20:25
    Adam: In the red area, oh, no, I gotta be careful. Let's continue. Now, I guess the data is just different with Delta. But do you understand why people might feel a little whipsawed between the last one and this one?
  • 20:39
    Unknown: Yeah, it's thoroughly understandable, but there really is a pretty clear explanation of it. And here are the data. When you go back 60 days of the two months ago, when you look at the level of virus in the nasal pharynx, of a person who's vaccinated and gets a breakthrough infection, it was considerably less than the level of virus in the nasal pharynx of an unvaccinated person, the data will clear now that we have a Delta variant that has changed the entire landscape. Because when you look at the level of virus in the nasal pharynx, of a vaccinated person who gets a breakthrough infection with Delta, it is exactly the same as the level of virus in a unvaccinated person. Good.
  • 21:27
    Adam: Says Chris Hayes. And this really bothered me. I've never heard about the measurement of the amount of virus in the note in the nasal cavity. Have you do you recall this? Ever? The
  • 21:38
    John: this guy is like a pathological liar. I've come to this conclusion. But and by the way, if there's so much in it, where's the fairness that he keeps talking about? nasal fair, fair next?
  • 21:51
    Adam: Where is this fair? I think it's just fairings.
  • 21:54
    John: No, no fair. Next is if PME RNYX. That's what he's saying. Is that's what I mean. That's what he's talking about.
  • 22:02
    Adam: And what is that? Well, I
  • 22:04
    John: don't know. I can't I'm looking for a picture of it to where that is in the nose. Because I'm wondering if it's forward in the nose. Yeah, I
  • 22:12
    Adam: got it here. It's spelled with Ph. AR n y, y and x is part of the throat behind the mouth and nasal cavity above the esophagus and trachea. Okay, it is found in vertebrates, invertebrates blah, blah, blah. So that's deep then. That's not where they had been testing. But I don't I don't see a nasal Fenix. Thank you. That's interesting.
  • 22:38
    John: I'm looking at ISO nasal
  • 22:40
    Adam: alliinase. Oh, geez. So what is nays? Oh,
  • 22:46
    John: that means nasal system. Okay, nasal. Okay.
  • 22:50
    Adam: All right. Well, it bothered me because I've never heard this metric being used. And it didn't make sense to me. Like, I don't know, just felt like if your walk if two people walk into a room, and it's just filled with COVID dust, wouldn't you both have the same amount of virus in your nasal pharynx? It's just a defects one person differently than the other?
  • 23:17
    John: I don't know. I'd like you said this is the first time this has come up in the conversation.
  • 23:20
    Adam: Well, I have one answer.
  • 23:22
    John: Why there and why is it up further in the nose? Yeah. And why is it in the spirit? Well, you think that Chris Hayes would ask those follow up questions, didn't he? Or she must have said Why isn't further up the nose or in the spin dispute and sneeze you heard the lungs? Is it anyplace else? But there's one little area?
  • 23:40
    Adam: You heard him? His follow up? Question is right here right near the end of the clip here it is person
  • 23:45
    Unknown: who gets a breakthrough infection with Delta. It is exactly the same as the level of virus in a unvaccinated person.
  • 23:55
    Adam: He's convinced Oh, no further questions, Your Honor.
  • 24:02
    John: He's the worst dead guy.
  • 24:03
    Adam: Yeah, he's pretty bad. So here is the and I think this gives us one answer. And this is this is one answer from Dr. Robert Malone. You've probably heard of him. He's doing the rounds. And he is the patent holder. And they credited as the inventor things, one of the CO inventors of mRNA technology as a vaccine. Yeah, he's he's said a lot of things in the past few weeks, which has gotten I think d platformed. At least from Twitter. So he could just go on on all the alternative shows. And he showed up on banyans a war room but I've thought what he had to say was very interesting. And this brings in the the Tigers, which we mistakenly, I think we're calling the titters on the show.
  • 24:50
    John: We were never calling it to titters
  • 24:52
    Adam: I thought we did. Well, mistakenly I thought we did. The tighter you wished we did. The titers, and he says that what is happening right now, this this new science, this change is exactly what he's been predicting, and is exactly what he was been saying, and probably why it was kicked off social media, we've seen
  • 25:16
    Unknown: a progression of increasing increasingly desperate and abrupt rollouts of information, beginning with Pfizer's alert a couple of weeks ago, that they think we were going to need to have a booster after six months and Fauci reprimanding them. And then the government flip flopping and saying that we were going to have to have boosters for Pfizer recipients, after six months and elderly and immunocompromised and and then the bomb dropped last night. And I'm afraid that it's it's precisely what I have been concerned about, and what I had spoken about on two different podcasts yesterday. So it's pretty ironic. And
  • 26:05
    Adam: what it is, and we've talked about it, although never understood, it might get more clear today, antibody dependent enhancement,
  • 26:14
    Unknown: what is antibody dependent enhancement briefly, it's that the vaccine causes the virus to become more infectious than would happen in the absence of vaccination would cause the virus to replicate at higher levels. Then in the absence of infection. This is this is the vaccine ologists worst nightmare. It happened with the respiratory syncytial virus and in the 60s and caused more child deaths and vaccine recipients than unvaccinated. It happened with dengvaxia, the dengie vaccine. And it's happened with virtually every other Coronavirus vaccine development program, certainly in humans known in history. And it's what the vaccine ologists, like myself have been warning about, since the outset is the risk of antibody dependent enhancement. Yeah, I
  • 27:11
    Adam: think the warning that we that we've played several clips from in the past is you don't mass vaccinate while the pandemic is still going on. Do you recall this children dying in the 60s from some vaccine? Do you remember that it's a little too young for that.
  • 27:27
    John: That had to be the swine flu vaccine.
  • 27:29
    Adam: He said the 60s though, that wasn't the 60s was it? That was an early 70s?
  • 27:34
    John: Well, the 60s is also polio vaccines. Okay.
  • 27:38
    Adam: Well, he continues and explains to us why this is pretty much happening with Pfizer, which could be a reason for some of the hasty changes, we can have Pfizer looking bad. In fact, you don't hear anyone say it's vice Pfizer, mainly that is causing this except for the inventor of the technology.
  • 27:58
    Unknown: Why would it first show up in Pfizer, Pfizer actually, probably we don't actually have the data. But from first principles. The Pfizer dose is about a third of the Madonna dose. And it's likely as an RNA vaccine to express much less spike.
  • 28:15
    Adam: I didn't know that.
  • 28:17
    John: That doesn't make sense to me. The Madonna dose cost almost 30% more.
  • 28:23
    Adam: Well, he says there's a third only a third of what Madonna has. Which is interesting. I
  • 28:28
    John: heard two which would make sense. That's true. I think he's wrong.
  • 28:33
    Adam: But it would make sense if if it's if you need three shots to equal the same efficaciousness of one j&j. I mean, yeah. I gave you three Pfizer
  • 28:47
    Unknown: for one. j&j, the Pfizer dose is about a third of the Madonna dose. And it's likely as an RNA vaccine to express must much less spike for a shorter period of time. Then you see with a recombinant adeno viral vector vaccine, like Johnson and Johnson. So we now know that the Pfizer protection is waning at six months. And what the data seem to suggest is those have received Pfizer which is the probably the least immunogenic of the three in terms of durability linked to people that are now in the waning phase of the immune response to the Pfizer vaccine are seem to be getting infected, notice they keep talking about Pfizer and not about the other two. So, this, this suggests, this is exactly what you would anticipate is the the window of greatest susceptibility to antibody dependent enhancement is in this long tapering phase as the vaccine response declines,
  • 29:56
    Adam: okay, so it was more or less expected except from the Iser guys, any winds it up with taking it back to Fauci and his nasal phallus
  • 30:08
    Unknown: and I think Dr. Fauci is being very disingenuous. I don't know what else to say. I mean, genuis Yeah, I'd say he's lying, whatever. There's, there's, there's Miss, you know, I'm accused of being now an anti vaxxer and promoting disinformation. But to my eyes, the government is obfuscating what's happening here. And I, I don't mean to sound alarmist, but what that seems to be rolling out is the worst case scenario where the vaccine in the waning phase is causing virus to replicate more efficiently than it would otherwise. Which is what is we call antibody dependent enhancement is what the word is. And people have been warning about this since the outset of this rush vaccine campaign.
  • 31:05
    Adam: So the whole thing has failed the way I hear it from him it just you can't do it. You got to stop.
  • 31:10
    John: Well, I don't know. You know, if you listen to NPR
  • 31:17
    Adam: Yes. Do they have different thoughts about this by any chance? Yeah, I
  • 31:21
    John: do have a third dose a series of clips just go with COVID third dose NPR. This is a short opening and I had to stop it right away because there's something they said that was worthy.
  • 31:32
    Unknown: Today Pfizer released preliminary data showing that a third dose of its COVID-19 vaccine does boost a person's immunity at least as far as can be measured in the lab.
  • 31:47
    Adam: Wow. It's a disclaimer in the announcement.
  • 31:54
    John: Well, the way they did it because I put the bark in there if you listen to it all connected, you wouldn't have noticed it. But it this is lab as it shows in the hours they don't know what the hell's going on. Now they put a third dose in a petri dish. I mean, this is unbelievable to me. Is this how hard update this guy that got the clip you just played? That guy might be onto something they are in panic mode. Let's continue with this with this with part two.
  • 32:26
    Unknown: as employers do Palka reports this news comes as evidence begins to show that the efficacy of the vaccine may be waning over time.
  • 32:34
    The preliminary data come from a small group of subjects who had already received two doses of the Pfizer biontech vaccine. Michael Dalston is Pfizer's Chief Scientific Officer, he gave the news in a conference call with investors, we observed a significant boost in neutralizing antibodies following a third dose of the current vaccine for both one type and the beta barium. The wild type is the strain of the virus that originated in China. The beta variant first showed up in South Africa and has been Of particular concern because it's the variant the vaccines are least effective against. Dolson also said another laboratory study shows that a third shot boosted immunity to the Delta variant these preliminary data are very encouraging as delta continues to spread. These results come from using a boost with the original Pfizer biontech vaccine. The company said it will also start testing a modified vaccine specifically targeting the Delta variant. The unanswered question is when or whether to give a booster. Both laboratory studies and data from vaccinated people show the vaccines efficacy appears to be waning over time. But federal health officials say the current vaccines still work well enough, although they have begun to say certain populations such as those with weakened immune systems may need a third dose of the vaccine boost.
  • 33:58
    John: So you'll notice that this is most of the stenography there's no reporting whatsoever. They don't ask the simplest of questions they just read from the press release and take a clip from the guy at his investors conference.
  • 34:12
    Unknown: And then let's go to clip three. Pfizer CEO Albert Borla said on the investor call that Pfizer believes the need is broader than that what we have said is not new I four months I'm saying that we believe based on the data that we've seen holistically, we will need a booster eight to 12 months and from from the second dose. But we haven't submitted the data yet. It's still an open question about how good a vaccine will be for people. It's bound to be good for Pfizer's bottom line Borla told investors the company had second quarter revenue of nearly $8 billion from the vaccine.
  • 34:51
    John: Yeah. Did. Did you hear there's no reporting whatsoever from NPR?
  • 34:58
    Adam: I have a question.
  • 35:00
    John: No questions asked if
  • 35:03
    Adam: if you need a boost a boost to survive. What does the term fully vaccinated mean? But does that now have to be three?
  • 35:15
    John: That's the question that should have asked. The NPR would have the I have the other way for you to ask such a simple question. A question.
  • 35:25
    Adam: If you need a boosters, what is fully vaccinated mean for the passport? And this is going to be the question. Are you fully vaccinated? I know at least one friend of mine who has had two shots of Pfizer. Will you take the boost? My friend says No way.
  • 35:43
    John: The same? I have a friend. It's probably the same friend.
  • 35:51
    Adam: Yeah, hey, we both how many friends you got? He's got we got one friend each same guy, but we have a friend. Yeah.
  • 36:00
    John: No, he went through such misery for the from the first two shots. He doesn't want to get a third. But I in light of these, this idea of what is that term, again, the guy kept putting out there.
  • 36:11
    Adam: Oh, antibody dependent enhancement, ad II, II II.
  • 36:17
    John: In light of antibody dependent enhancement, you have to get a third shot or you're going to get sick as a dog.
  • 36:24
    Adam: And this is exactly the problem. And, and even if you take it in the crackpot way, I mean, I haven't recommended this to my friend yet. But my thinking is, bro, you know, you might just they might be like an upgrade, like an iOS upgrade, just do the update. You might as well because they're not telling you what they're doing. Not telling you if it's going to be the same substance is booth they're lying about Delta various
  • 36:52
    John: say I listened that carefully. They did say that the first booster they're talking about is the same as regular shot. Okay. All right. But in the NPR report, they indicated that they may change the shot in the sky, yes, target Delta better to target the the variant as we got from our people under our boots on the ground. Nobody knows how many Delta people there are. And I've seen no documentation or evidence of doing this statistical analysis. I mean, I can see where things go, well, we're going to take these, these control groups, we're going to test them for all these different things, we're gonna put them in through the ringer for the variance. And then we're going to extrapolate that for the whole country, I have not seen any evidence that this has been done. So they're just making it up a bunch.
  • 37:40
    Adam: Let's just go back to the basics. They have no idea who has this variant, there's no test, there's no data flowing, that's a lie. It's just a lie. They can presume it or they can take a sample.
  • 37:51
    John: That's what they're doing. They're presuming it. And they're not even doing it based on that I can tell they're not doing it based on statistical analysis. I mean, you can extrapolate the total number of delta variants, if you took a sample from here to there, and the other one, and you ran it through the real tests, but now there's no evidence or doing any of that. It's crazy. It's crazy. This is just a pack of lies that I don't and people who are reluctant to get the vaccine, and now they have to because of their job. I don't understand how they the pack of lies these this contradictory information to lying, the deep platforming and all the other freaky stuff they're doing to promote Pfizer of all of all the solutions.
  • 38:35
    Adam: And demeaning the other products AstraZeneca in particular, because it didn't go along with what Bill Gates told him to do. Seems to me, if you take 30% of your gross margin, you're you're you're I think you're talking about they say $8 billion for Pfizer, I'm gonna say that's profit, maybe you just say that it couldn't be less to take revenue. Even better. Let's just take 30% from for marketing and advertising. Hulu. I'm not gonna say anything. If Pfizer was gonna give me a billion in advertising for a year, I would have to I'd have needles poking out of my eyes on this show. You would you too, and rightfully so we'd be jabbing each other here. Take this. Take a fourth.
  • 39:18
    John: Pick a fourth? Pick another one, Alison. Okay, okay. Okay. Okay.
  • 39:24
    Adam: Alison Camerata, from CNN. She summed it up. I
  • 39:27
    Unknown: mean, one silver lining if that's the right word of the Delta Baron is that we have seen vaccination rates tick up a little bit this week. People are scared. People are scared. They are getting the word that the Delta variant is super serious. And we are seeing a bit of a tick up in vaccination rate again.
  • 39:42
    Adam: Yeah, this is the vacuous stuff. Now we're seeing an uptick because the problem is you. The problem is you haven't had your vaccine and I think it's fair to say that we are now officially the problem, john, although I live in the red zone on the heatmap You are just a yellow just you
  • 40:01
    John: I in our area, we get so many people back stop.
  • 40:06
    Unknown: Back stop.
  • 40:08
    Adam: Yeah, well, you also don't have a job that is requiring it. And we have these damn anti vaxxers. And if you want to talk about a real problem, how about The Breakfast Club? Charlemagne, the God has 7 million listeners. This is the black American morning radio show, coast to coast. And this is the kind of stuff that's going on.
  • 40:32
    Unknown: If you don't take the vaccines, they don't allow you to register your child in school. That's not true. It's a law. You just got to know the law. You can get an exemption in almost every state except for California because the vaccine industry or the farmers check this out. When people tell me vaccines are safe. Do you know in 1986, the Vaccine Injury Act, the pharmaceutical industry was so strong, they got our Congress to indemnify them, you can't even brother sue them. If your child die, if your child go blind. If your child go crazy, they cannot be
  • 41:08
  • 41:09
    That's when you saw all these vaccines come when that act was passed. And that's when we saw autism skyrocket, ADHD skyrocket. You got black boys in class zombies. So when people when people say they are safe, I swear they're so safe. Why won't the pharmaceutical industry stand behind a product? Because they make trillions of dollars. So our congress sold us out. Guess who pays for Vaccine Injury?
  • 41:36
    The tax?
  • 41:38
    You mean to tell me I got to pay for Pfizer Kaiser. I got to pay for the MSA. I got to pay for mercs mistake. That's criminal.
  • 41:47
    Adam: So this is this is a problem. And you can't cancel Charlemagne over this. They can't do that. Because you know, Charlemagne, He's the God. And when it comes to the guy who talks to the actual
  • 42:00
    John: guy to be the great irony to the canceled culture, oh, yeah, this
  • 42:03
    Adam: is beautiful.
  • 42:05
    John: Well, that guy. What are we gonna do? What are we gonna do? We can't do anything.
  • 42:09
    Adam: Cancer. Well, they did cancel that other black guy, Elijah Muhammad, he gave a rabble rousing speech, which must be heard, say to the African presidents
  • 42:22
    Unknown: do not take their medications. I say to those of us in America, we need to call a meeting of our skilled viral ologists. epidemiologists, students have biology and chemistry. And we need to look at not only what they give us, we need to give ourselves something better. So my teacher told me, don't speak for some speak for the whole. And now I'm speaking for black America, for Hispanic America, for the Native American, and for those who are desirous of life, they're making money now planning to give 7,500,000,000 people a vaccination. Dr. Fauci. Bill Gates and Melinda. You want to depopulate there to hell gives you that right. Who are you to sit down with your billions and talk about who can live and who should die, right. That's why your world is coming to an end. Quickly, because you have sentenced billions to death. But God is now sentencing you to the death that you are sentencing to others. Okay, problem for the marketing team.
  • 44:08
    Adam: This guy was off Twitter real quick.
  • 44:11
    John: Oh, he would be nice.
  • 44:13
    Adam: Yeah, I'm surprised I could still get the clip to be to be honest.
  • 44:18
    John: Now let's get to clip.
  • 44:21
    Adam: He was on rumble.
  • 44:23
    John: rumble
  • 44:26
    Unknown: to the rescue. Well, this is dissemble that's the worst. This is the decentralization of by the
  • 44:32
    John: way. What's interesting I design rumble the other day cuz I got a clip from rumble. Yeah,
  • 44:36
    Adam: we all know what rumble
  • 44:39
    John: rumble rumble plays clip after clip a different things and you can't get off of it because it's all good stuff is what YouTube used to be. Yeah, exactly.
  • 44:53
    Adam: Now, just so we understand that this is you know, there's no good guys in the media. No good guys in the Am 5am and as much as Fox News and the fox at five blocks likes to talk about the woke media, they themselves are under control by the same pharmaceutical giants. The guy who I've met who I've, I think I work with him once on something nice guy. But come on Geraldo.
  • 45:18
    Unknown: I know that some people will think less of me when I say we're about to say, I think less of people who are not vaccinated. I think that it is an arrogant, selfish, reckless act. And I have five grandchildren, all under the age of 12, who are susceptible to someone sneezing on them. I think it is absolutely so selfish, that it is appalling. Sometimes government has the towel, not ask. The government has to tell right now. I want people to have to show when I
  • 45:51
    Adam: go to the bar, I want to know everybody's vaccinated or, or, or, or or that sounds like a threat.
  • 45:59
    Unknown: But that's why don't you come into my grandchildren's house and you're not vaccinated? I'm going to kick you in the nose.
  • 46:09
    Adam: Of course, immediately to violence and violence. Yeah.
  • 46:13
    John: So how is an act not doing something an act? Yeah,
  • 46:18
    Adam: yeah. Well,
  • 46:19
    John: there's a lot of it's a cowardly act. What did I do? You didn't do anything? That's what's the cowardly act? Well, it's
  • 46:26
    Adam: a rejection. I people say did you take the vaccine? Now I reject that I did not accepted as being forced on us. Even though it was promised that would never happen. None of this should be happening. None of it. We voted for this as in Biden, tomorrow's expected
  • 46:39
    Unknown: to mandate all civilian federal employees be vaccinated or submit to strict COVID protocols. Dramatic reversal for the president who was asked just months ago, if he supports a vaccine mandate? No, I don't think it should be mandatory. I just like I don't think masks have to be made mandatory nationwide.
  • 46:56
    Adam: And just like that, today, the Department of Veterans Affairs became the first federal agency to require vaccinations for medical staff Veteran Affairs is going to fact require that all Doc's working in AI and facilities are going to have to be vaccinated. The State of California
  • 47:14
    Unknown: and New York City, also announcing public employees will soon be required to show proof of vaccination or face weekly testing. Individuals choice not to get vaccinated
  • 47:26
    John: is now impacting the rest of us.
  • 47:30
    Adam: So that's how you do it. You mandate it amongst government agencies, which the government can do as an employer, although it's extremely sketchy to do this for something under an emergency use authorization. But that's been debated on the M five M. ad nauseum. But where this is really going is towards this just tonight,
  • 47:49
    Unknown: the Justice Department has issued an opinion that says federal law does not prohibit businesses or agencies from imposing COVID vaccine mandates. This may encourage more businesses across the country to issue these requirements, get the shot, or don't come to work.
  • 48:07
    Adam: Yeah, and that is really happening. I'm getting email after email now from people saying, what should I do? There's a someone who works at the hill country hospital. She says they're going to mandate it and they give me some bogus form to sign where I can say, Oh, I have religious objection, but to the way the form reads, it looks like that will take me out right away. What should I do to you? She's helped she to help, what do I do helpless? And what do you do? You can do what Sir Ken cryptids is doing he sent a note. Gradually, my company has imposed more and more restrictions on non vaccinated employees and most recently, they sent out a survey which requires self identify identifying vaccination status. The survey is stated to be a man is slated to be mandatory and all employees must participate. It may seem an arbitrary line to many, especially given that you can choose to answer quote, not willing to share, but everyone needs to pick their line before it's too late. And this is mine. I refuse to participate to the cataloguing of people across metrics which can be used to discriminate or to coerce them against their own bodily autonomy. My participation would be validation of this act, and I think we can all see where this is likely headed. I have a great job with a great salary. I've worked incredibly hard for my career and my family depends on my income. Despite this, my wife and I are in agreement that if we don't take a stand and voluntarily risk
  • 49:34
    these things today, that one day will be fought they will be forced upon us or similar things to be forced from others I cannot abide by that. I will provide an update once everything shakes out to all the night days and nights. I hope we can encourage them that the value of holding true to your morals far exceeds the value any douchebag corporation can send you in rapidly depreciating Fiat, Don't lie. Don't pull cute tricks and wordplay. Just stand and declare what you know is right. It's the only way we can hold back this coming wave of tyranny. We can resist the tyrants and we can support each other. Brave. Yeah, that takes guts. That's that. Yeah, that to me is a very patriotic move. very patriotic move.
  • 50:19
    John: Go on, let's play. Well, since we talked about California, what's going on here in LA County of courses, ground zero, hard Central. And let's play a couple of clips about the Delta down there, even though again, they're testing for nobody knows anything. But hey, you know, delta is causing all these issues. Delta in the LA County one
  • 50:40
    Unknown: decided to take a deeper look at that pandemic. And one of the places around the country where COVID cases have been on the rise lately, Los Angeles County, the average daily case count in the county is nine times higher now than it was only four weeks ago. And that's despite the fact that 62% of residents, they're over the age of 16 are fully vaccinated. To learn more about how the county is responding we call Dr. Barbara Ferreira, she is the public health director for LA County. And she's with us now. Dr. Ferrara, thank you so much for being with us. Once again, thank you so much, Michelle, for having me. So what's your take, first of all, and why,
  • 51:12
    why this is happening is it is that this new variant, we know certainly in LA County, really most of our increases attributed to a Delta variant that's highly infectious opportunities to infect those people that are unvaccinated. And even though as you noted, you know, we have a large number of people fully vaccinated, and were extraordinarily grateful to everybody who's come in to get vaccinated. We still have about 4 million people here in LA county that are not vaccinated, including 1.3 million children under the age of 12.
  • 51:49
    Adam: If you watch your show, like this week in tech, just, you know what everyone has an opinion. I mean, well, I think I mean, I think I think I think the stuff that they spout off just as truth is so rampant and so based on PR, releases, etc. People like this woman who's calling just to for her to blatantly lie without any knowledge of except just it's a talking point, or it's on a memo. Oh, yeah. Most of the cases we're seeing here totally, totally Delta. How do you know that, ma'am?
  • 52:26
    John: Oh, NPR should ask that question. But again, like I pointed out earlier, this is NPR. Why
  • 52:31
    Adam: do people give them money?
  • 52:33
    John: Screw no idea why anybody gives them money? If they can't ask the simpler question, and that would be one of them. And I think do I think the editors would take it like disco? Well.
  • 52:46
    Unknown: We know.
  • 52:48
    John: That is delta. Did listeners know that? It's Delta?
  • 52:51
    Adam: Yeah. Oh, come on, man. is science, new science?
  • 52:54
    John: What are you talking maybe maybe misperceived. If we? Oh, I
  • 52:59
    Adam: don't know. I don't even think they say that. No. If you would, it would just be like, excuse me. Are you anti science, all of a sudden? I think we're at that level within the news organizations. Oh, okay. You can be Mr. Anti science, everybody. Pretty Republican.
  • 53:16
    John: But that would be that right there.
  • 53:18
    Adam: That's the true answer.
  • 53:19
    John: That's the real What do you republican
  • 53:21
    Adam: and let's let's just be honest, and be straight for one second here, because we lie all the time ourselves. That's what this is about. No. This is political. 100% political. It has nothing to do. Pfizer. Yeah. I mean, they they have their own motives. But the way this is being spun way us me. Yes.
  • 53:43
    John: Delta starts with a D. D stands for Democrat.
  • 53:48
    Adam: All right, I'm liking it. Clip two.
  • 53:56
    John: Yes, please
  • 53:57
    Unknown: couple this with the fact that we have fully reopened, meaning that there's a lot more intermingling. You can see how easy it is for there to be a lot of spread. And that's one reason why you reimpose the mandate for everybody to wear masks, masks indoors, regardless of vaccination status. I think that mandate went into effect just a week ago. What is your sense about whether it's his inhaler, we won't know if it's helped for a few weeks, because remember, we have a 14 day incubation period here. So we'll need to wait a while to see how effective it is on really getting us back to slowing transmission. There is the possibility even for people fully vaccinated for them to become infected for them to pass on that infection to others. And although that's very small, when you have a lot of community transmission, we all should do everything we can to reduce those risks. And that means putting on a mask when you're indoors.
  • 54:54
    Adam: I have no words. I have no words for this.
  • 54:58
    John: Yeah, this is just a it's a it's a Unbelievable. Can I ask you a quick question? This is different that's off. Before we play the last part of it. Did you get a spreadsheet from Eric? Yeah,
  • 55:06
    Adam: I did. It went to went to spam for some reason.
  • 55:11
    John: Oh, I didn't get it at all.
  • 55:13
    Adam: Have you checked your spam folder?
  • 55:15
    John: I'm looking right now.
  • 55:19
    Adam: Second, I can afford Oh, let's play this third clip
  • 55:22
    John: in the new guy, by the way. He's, yeah, okay. Yep, play that play the thing.
  • 55:29
    Unknown: I want to pivot to two other public health issues before we let you go. And the first is gun violence. I'm just checking the numbers, just from the latest I have is from June. And
  • 55:41
    John: I said this clip, she switches from talking about various jumps to gun violence. And I'm surprised she didn't jump to global warming. Do you think the Delta variant has anything to do with global warming it because there's a lot of people that now suppose as global warming that's causing the Delta variant to be so popular? I'm sure she did. It went to the gun gun thing. instead.
  • 56:06
    Unknown: I'm just checking the numbers, just from the latest I have is from June, in Los Angeles City in the city. A total of 651 people were shot by mid June in Los Angeles compared to 434. Last year, the city is averaging about 27 shooting victims per week. And there have already been about 162 homicides compared to 129 during the same period and 2020. I mean, that's just up to mid June. What do you think is going on here? And as a public health official, how do you respond to this?
  • 56:36
    We agree that it's noticeable and alarming. And that, in fact, it requires, you know, immediate action across many different fronts, including the work that we've been doing, you know, over the last few years around, really having what we call violence interventionists that are out and about in the communities, building peace amongst warring factions, and creating opportunities for people to be able to gather with safety. I do think that the alarming
  • 57:06
    Adam: what, what what kind of country do they live in, where they have warring factions? And just and just, it's just like,
  • 57:12
    John: wow, yeah, no, the thing is, I heard that I know, it kind of caught my attention when she said it. And I kind of let it slide. But now that you bring it up in with that question, let's
  • 57:22
    Adam: just like them off the cuff. You know, while you're in the hill country, and we got two warring factions, we got deals
  • 57:32
    John: that live here, and they're out there shooting at each other, we can't do anything about it. So we got some people out there looking for warring factions, to tell him to stop
  • 57:42
    Unknown: paying, you know, over the last few years around, really having what we call violence interventionists that are out and about in the communities, building peace amongst warring factions, and creating opportunities for safety. I do think that the alarming increase in gun violence, in fact, maybe related to many of the stressors that were exacerbated by COVID. But I also want to note that while there have been a lot of stressors associated with the pandemic, gun violence also really depends on sort of easy access to guns.
  • 58:21
    Adam: Oh, yes, of course.
  • 58:25
    Unknown: And that's an issue that we also have to address through to policy measures and working again, with law enforcement.
  • 58:34
    Adam: Oh, my goodness.
  • 58:37
    John: I got a couple more COVID clips, but since we're just switched, because they switched it to guns,
  • 58:42
    Adam: what can I can I do just before after I have 26 seconds of climate and COVID whenever you're ready
  • 58:49
    John: after this, because this is also about guns. Okay. Your buddy Adler on guns in Austin.
  • 58:59
    Unknown: Adler joined four other mayors and calling for the Biden administration to make gun violence prevention, a top national priority. And Mayor Adler is with us now. Welcome. Thank you so much for talking with us. Michelle, thanks for the invitation to join. So let me just be clear that Austin is by no means a leader in homicides nationwide. But the city reflects a broader pattern around the country. You've had more than 40 homicides this year alone. That's almost at last year's total of 48, which itself was the most in decades. But the number of gun violence offenses is what like almost double what it was just years ago. What do you think is going on?
  • 59:34
    Well, I wish we knew exactly what was going on so we could better. One thing is for clear, though, is that it's just not happening to us. It's happening all around the countries. I talked to mayors and it almost feels like everybody
  • 59:48
    John: is dealing with the Samak crash that's going on that cuts across local policy decisions
  • 59:56
    Adam: because it's Democrats were alright let me answer this I will take the floor. I Talking.
  • 1:00:01
    John: Again I want you to answer but first I want to say he this segment which I cut short, went on for about a half hour with Adler moaning and groaning about one thing or another never mentioning the homeless situation or the out of control city counseling in cities like Seattle and Austin it elsewhere where they have this problem.
  • 1:00:23
    Adam: Okay, the problem is twofold. I've lived in Austin, I lived in Austin for 11 years, I'd never seen it get as dirty and violent and crappy as the past two, which started with the lifting of the camping ban. One of the reasons Tina and I left now in we were in southeast Austin, there was off you'd have five days of the week there'd be a murder. And just two days ago, right there on the median of East Riverside, right by Pleasant Valley. This is the one that you want to take pictures. I got to I learned by listening to the clips you send me Okay.
  • 1:01:04
    John: Go on. Well, it's broad daylight.
  • 1:01:08
    Adam: No, it was at night just killed him. There's that problem, and then they defunded the Austin police department to the tune of $100 million. Took away some of the responsibilities. I think the 911 system of course, that can't be cops can't run and has to be social workers. And now no one wants to be a cop in Austin. They're still looking for their new police chief. And they don't have enough cops when we had six people shot on Sixth Street couple weeks ago, he did not have enough cops. You can look at there's a I think there's a Twitter account before Austin 911. And it tells you what the response is from 911. And most of it is no officers available. We don't have the manpower. No one wants to work for this shitty city anymore. There's one good council person, Mackenzie Kelly, and she's the north northwest district I think. And she's pushing really hard, but she's just one amongst just an array of very unimpressive decks. And definitely part of the reason we left for sure. And yeah, he talks to the mayors of San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, New York. I don't understand. They have all the same problem. God, oh, yeah. I'm sorry, that made me up Talk. Thanks for catching me on that. That's that's bad habit.
  • 1:02:34
    John: Going into it. It was extreme.
  • 1:02:36
    Adam: I could get a Spotify deal. If I keep talking like that. If you get in on the action, we could be millionaires.
  • 1:02:41
    John: I could try to talk like I could. My version would be a little Canadian. Okay.
  • 1:02:46
    Adam: I mean, this is really crazy. Know what I mean?
  • 1:02:49
    John: So he can't do it. Now. I can't I
  • 1:02:52
    Adam: can't it was it was real. That's what I'm most afraid of. Yeah, I want to go back. Because we've been waiting for the COVID climate climate. Yeah, we've COVID the climate. We've been waiting for the connection. The brand new IPCC session just kicked off the interplanetary COVID community, or the interplanetary climate change committee. What is this 2627 I think on the 26th, or 27th meeting they've had, and this is not only the I think she's the chair of this, of this whole shebang. She's also the Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations. And here is her
  • 1:03:30
    Unknown: opening statement why the climate crisis, together with biodiversity loss and pollution has indeed been underway for decades. The covid 19 pandemic has brought this triple planetary crisis into sharp focus. The pandemic is a warning from the planet that much worse lies in store unless we change our ways. Is that scientific?
  • 1:04:00
    Adam: I asked you what she said she she said, this is a warning from the planet COVID is a warning from the planet it's worth listening to that
  • 1:04:11
    Unknown: triple planetary crisis into sharp focus. The pandemic is a warning from the planet that much more in store science.
  • 1:04:24
    John: mumbo jumbo
  • 1:04:26
    Adam: that's my point. This has nothing it's a science community that talks like this the planet it's a warning from the planet.
  • 1:04:36
    John: Yeah, these people are our screwballs so I just said not to interrupt again. But can you send me that spreadsheet to Google maybe there's something in there that is blocking it you
  • 1:04:47
    Adam: know that's my that's maybe why went to spam for me.
  • 1:04:52
    John: Sadly, one of the notes
  • 1:04:57
    Adam: Where's your Gmail? Okay. Got it? Yeah, must be something. This is something that if it sends it to my spam, there's no wonder that you didn't receive it. You got the tightest filters in the biz. Yep. You sure it's tight man,
  • 1:05:14
    John: that I should have him on the whitelist? I
  • 1:05:16
    Adam: don't know why I don't Yeah, I have them on the whitelist to so I don't understand. Alright. Let me just wrap this up a couple more things that are important. So we have now now it's over. Now the gloves are off. In fact, President Biden had did some kind of weird recall. I don't think he intended it. Maybe it just watched the Charlemagne the god clip or heard about it. And you remember what he said to Charlemagne the god during the election?
  • 1:05:48
    John: Yeah, you're a black.
  • 1:05:49
    Adam: Yeah. If you don't vote for me, you ain't black. Today, President Biden weighing in on mandating vaccines for all federal employees. That's under consideration right now. But if you're not vaccinated, you're not nearly as smart as I thought you knew. I'd say yeah, if you're not vaccinated, you're not as smart as I thought you would. Were. And then the Mayor de Blasio of New York, he just laid it out there the way totally thanks.
  • 1:06:12
    Unknown: So last week, I announced for our frontline health care workers in the public sector Health and Hospitals do H. The COVID safety requirement simply show proof of vaccination or get tested every single week. And I said last week, this was only the beginning and we would be climbing up the ladder more mandates to come. Well, today. Is that day,
  • 1:06:37
    Adam: more mandates to come. Yeah, fantastic New York City, the New Yorkers have got to be so pissed that Christina was texting me about how Allah in fact, I got even some some of our Dutch producers who said who have companies who say that 70% of their friends Christina's case, or employees are vaccinated, you know why they got into vaccination, because they want it to go to the festivals, the big music festivals this summer, which have now all been canceled. So this is not the way that you endear people to your whole idea and then forcing this stuff on you. And this leads to what we're seeing around the world, which is a version of a vaccination pass, which is not being accepted very well.
  • 1:07:28
    Unknown: The CDC is calling this a pandemic of the unvaccinated but it's also true that vaccinated people are able to pass along the vaccine. We all just be
  • 1:07:39
    Adam: just had to throw in a gaffe there. Just see if you're paying attention. Yes, exosomes. Here's the actual This is France, of course, government of France
  • 1:07:50
    Unknown: is taking a new step to fight COVID, which is triggered protests in the streets. It's requiring a so called health pass to enter any restaurant or travel domestically. So that means proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test. French government is also requiring health workers to get vaccinated.
  • 1:08:08
    Adam: Now, I should say first that Mayor Adler probably in that same interview, said he wanted to require vaccination proof of vaccination for employees. And the city council said you can't do that because the government or indeed said you can't mandate that. So that's not happening. But now about France. We got a great boots on the ground report from an FMP a French millennial producer.
  • 1:08:33
    John: Who is this is a great Yes, this is a it's long.
  • 1:08:36
    Adam: I think it's worth it because she's 27. She lived in Marin County for 18 years American Boston for four years in Nashville for four years before selling everything she owned to travel around Europe in August of 2020. Awkward timing with COVID but I went Anyway, I've been in France is October 2020. started listening to the show shortly after Adams first Jr.
  • 1:08:58
    John: appearance. I had every donation yes
  • 1:09:01
    Adam: was not a donation.
  • 1:09:02
    John: I have a donation of fact.
  • 1:09:05
    Adam: It sure is. It is. Yeah. I'm sorry. Time talent, treasure. Absolutely right. I have zero people in my life who are not completely bought into the mainstream media narrative. So I'm super grateful for no agenda and wish I could go to a meetup. I will host one if I ever know in advance that I will be in one place for more than three weeks and she's escaping to Spain next week. And she's
  • 1:09:27
    John: escaping. She's got that she's got the itch.
  • 1:09:30
    Adam: Yeah, I like this. I like this a lot. But here's what she said. Unfortunately, that boss sanitaire, which is kind of cool. I like that name. sanitary pass. That's better than freedom pass. Like a sanitary napkin. Yeah, same thing. Yeah, pass. sanitaire is definitely being enforced. As of last week. A bunch of places have booths set up outside of them where you have to show a QR code or a paper that proves you have either been vaccinated at least four weeks ago or have a negative test. Result within 48 hours ago. Places include museums, galleries, concerts, public schools, some libraries and more people I live with have told me that they've been denied access to the pool with their four year old daughter because they didn't have their ID to match with their vaccination papers. But you should know better than I should always take your passport to the pool.