1375: At This Hour

Adam Curry & John C. Dvorak

3h 11m
August 22nd, 2021
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Suggested chapter: JCD Biden was set up re Afganistan
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Suggested chapter: Airport Chaos. "Bogus" Special Immigration Visa documents. Brainworms.
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Suggested chapter: AC Civil reserve airfleet not being utilised
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Suggested chapter: clip: Hillary Clinton flying girls out of afganistan on private jets
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Suggested chapter: The new 'Isis-K'
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Suggested chapter: Haiti - pres assassinated - earthquake, hurricane, not reported in m5m
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Suggested chapter: JCD 169 ppl were rescued from the airport hotel
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Suggested chapter: JCD clip re helicopter pilot 200 blackhawk pilots left.
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Suggested chapter: Covid. Trudeau clip - unvaxed cant get on planes and put others at risk
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Suggested chapter: NSW health minister clip
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Suggested chapter: Trump rally concert in central park. had to cancel the event
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Suggested chapter: Trump recommends to take the vaccines, gets boo'ed. Woke turns to s***
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Suggested chapter: Trump says booster is a money making operation for Pfizer
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Suggested chapter: Gov of Massachusetts on NPR
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Suggested chapter: CDC Director Wallensky tells truth. Dvorak Clarifies and predicts new variant.
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Suggested chapter: CDC Wellensky clip rush boosters out UK is 'waning infection against more severe outcomes'
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Suggested chapter: Faucis Boss talks about Omega variant
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Suggested chapter: What's Up Texas? Austin and surrounding area a "Bunch of 'Tards"
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Suggested chapter: UK Cases Waning - Vaccinated showing up more often in Hospital
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Kamala in by 25th, but military before sworn in
Trump is riling up the Patriots -> Kamala China
Civil Reserve Air Fleet (CRAF)
The US military is carrying people out of Kabul to nearby locations like Bahrain, but then they are being put on U.S. government charter flights. Pretty much always, U.S. government charters are done with U.S. airlines as a result of Buy American policies, but not this time despite U.S. carriers having hundreds of barely used widebody aircraft as a result of the Administration's COVID entrance restrictions. The charters are being done at least partially on foreign airlines like Gulf Air.
There is also a program called the Civil Reserve Air Fleet (CRAF) which exists for this exact situation whereby U.S. airlines are paid a large annual stipend to be prepared at all times for civilian evacuations in emergencies. Attached is the waiver of restrictions from DOT on operation of foreign carriers in and out of the United States as a result of the evacuation. It makes you wonder if anybody in the Administration even knows the CRAF program exists, but another example of Administration ineptness.
We Love NYC Concert rained out on Barry Manilow
FSIS to deny inspection to meat processors who refuse to wear masks while inspectors are present
McDonald's Requires all Corp Staff to be vaccinated
NYC Papers Please BOTG
Hi Adam,
Just wanted to give you a quick update about my experience thus far with vaxx cards and indoor dining in NYC. My wife and I have our cards just saved as a photo on our phone. Last night, we went out with our friend in lower manhattan near stone street. We went to three bars. The first bar denied us entry because our friend had forgotten her vaccine card at home and didn’t have a photo. I left the bar in disgust and did not hide it. After getting her card, we tried a second bar. They also asked to show proof of vaccination, but like the first bar, they only required a photo of it and didn’t bother to match it with our ID. The third bar we went to didn’t ask at all.
I find the whole thing disgusting and nearly went home after the first place denied us entry. If there’s one silver lining, it’s that it seems that bars are very lazy or perhaps reluctant to actually verify the cards. We were never asked to match our card with our photo ID, and it doesn’t even seem like they read the cards at all, just a quick glance.
FDA Approval Pfizer Marketing
Exponential increase in abnormal deaths after FDA EUA of mRNA vaccines
The Y axis is weekly sum of US deaths with cause categorized as: Symptoms, signs and abnormal clinical and laboratory findings, not elsewhere classified R00-R99 https://www.icd10data.com/ICD10CM/Codes/R00-R99
It would be a good idea to ask a nurse about these R00-R99 codes. Happen to know one?
note where the data overlaps temporally between the sources, there is match.
Vaccine Expirations
I wanted to dispel a rumor that the boosters are being pushed due to expiring vaccine.
There has been a lot of vaccine that has expired prior to being administered. In our health
district (7 counties) we had hundreds of doses expire. But that was back in July. The doses being
sent out now don’t expire till the last day of October. These are the ones being sent out in
response to the increase in demand because of the booster news.
In my opinion based on my observations I don’t see any correlation between the booster
authorization and the expiring shots. It would be about 2 months too late.
Other Boosters
I think you asked on the last show if there were any vaccines that took more than one shot.
When I was still in (the US army) back in 2013, the Anthrax vaccine totaled six shots. (I don't remember the time period between each)
But it's not like the military gets to question what or how often something is used on them.
Sir Anthrax
Dying Newborns
My friend works at womens hospital in downtown Houston. She has been there for 18 years and is a
charge nurse within the nursery and postpartum. She has confided in me about the most amount of
newborn still births with no genetic deformities that are noticable by sight and she told me she
will walk to the morgue with the baby wrapped in the plastic containers/wraps and the
freezer/fridge will be full of other babies and in one case there was no more room. She told me
this is the first time in her 18 years she has seen this amount of deaths at birth. She told me she
would inquire with other staff concerning testing the dead infant for why and they dont do it or
seem to concern themselves with it. Some of the mothers she is aware are vaccinated; however
because she is a charge nurse sometimes its not her patient and she wasnt aware if they were and is
to busy to have checked. Also she is disheartened and not really like me or you guys about this
situation. Im trying to get more infor but she got mad when i suggested i give her a key logger and
malware to insert on their machines. If i find out more ill make you all aware.
The Purge
FBI report absolves Trump And Pelosi etc
FBI No Trump Connection Matt Gaetz
The game you’re watching isn’t the game being played.
FBI doesn’t exonerate people - especially Stone/Jones types.
Today’s narrative change is ALL about protecting FBI assets in militia groups who animated the acuity of criminality on J6.
How many, Dir. Wray?
Fully vaccinated people account for 20% of deaths between 8/1-8/5 in Louisiana
Pandemic of the Vaccinated in UK
thought you might be interested in some graphs I've been doing to see how the UK's vaccination roll out has worked out with the Delta Scariant.
The data isn't very granular but they are currently publishing numbers for two cohorts, under and over 50 years of age.
The take home messages from where i'm looking is:
The Absolute Risk Reduction for over 50's is a crappy 4.5% so far having risen from an initial 2.5% 10 weeks ago.
The unvaccinated over 50's are only accounting for 10% of 'cases' and have been doing so consistently over the same 10 week period.
The double jabbed are now close to 70% of all cases and 60% of deaths.
The real biggie however is when you look at the under 50's. Although deaths in this cohort are low in comparison to over 50's, the ARR for this cohort has been negative for the past 4 weeks and the Relative Risk Reduction negative for the past 8 weeks !!!! Whilst these numbers are big, the spread is increasing every new data sheet.
If you're curious to see the numbers for yourself, the data sheets I've worked from (17 to 21) are available here:
British Medical Journal Not Happy With Pfizer COVID Approval
Short article worth reading the whole thing. Summation is BMJ thinks the approval process for Pfizer is being rushed with no transparency.
They point out that there is no control group for Pfizer.
Dying Newborns
My friend works at womens hospital in downtown Houston. She has been there for 18 years and is a
charge nurse within the nursery and postpartum. She has confided in me about the most amount of
newborn still births with no genetic deformities that are noticable by sight and she told me she
will walk to the morgue with the baby wrapped in the plastic containers/wraps and the
freezer/fridge will be full of other babies and in one case there was no more room. She told me
this is the first time in her 18 years she has seen this amount of deaths at birth. She told me she
would inquire with other staff concerning testing the dead infant for why and they dont do it or
seem to concern themselves with it. Some of the mothers she is aware are vaccinated; however
because she is a charge nurse sometimes its not her patient and she wasnt aware if they were and is
to busy to have checked. Also she is disheartened and not really like me or you guys about this
situation. Im trying to get more infor but she got mad when i suggested i give her a key logger and
malware to insert on their machines. If i find out more ill make you all aware.
Who is Dr Sean Brooks
Great Reset
Unemployment ends September 4th
PA, nurses quitting BOTG
Daughter a nurse for several years. Both my new neighbors, too. St Luke's University Hospital network pay raise last year was a 20.00 Wawa gift card. I. Shit you not. Claimed no revenues due to covid. They did lose income due to total cancelation of elective surgery for months. Many staff, including nurses furloughed. Daughter was not but close. Now.... Quitting in droves. Pay way too low, huge mandatory on call burden due to short staff. Two quick pay raises (not stopping the exodus) and a 5k one year 10k two year contract bonus if you dont quit.
More Covid now than prior peak but still have space. Bethlehem PA... In the highest covid County in the entire region. Story not adding up.
Notes with docs explaining science are now frequent. People getting the info from various sources
Supply Chains
North East Supply Chains
We are having supply chain issues with various foods and food related items in the North East.
Major Items of Note:
For nearly a month prepared frozen Fried Chicken was nearly impossible to get.
Two weeks ago it was potatoes.
And last week it was bread.
Local suppliers as well as large country wide ones like Sysco seem to all be having the same problem, no workers. Lack of labor is effecting the supply chain and it is only getting worse. No truck drivers, no warehouse workers, not enough people to package the food.
Nitrogen for Oxygen
Dear Adam,
Please keep this confidential.
Within my group we use nitrogen to calibrate and purge our pressure data acquisition systems. The supplier informed us on Friday that they were halting nitrogen production to ramp up for oxygen production. I'm not sure how lucrative oxygen production was on the 1st go around of covid. This might be a cash grab for the covid delta.
Heard you and John talking about cataracts. While working in a health food store a customer told me about N-acetylcarnosine to treat cataracts. The product she was using is called Can-C. She first successfully used it on her dog. Then when she started to develop cataracts she treated herself. I researched it for a friend and found some good science and a lot of personal success stories. It's probably worth a look.
Thanks for No Agenda. It's helped keep my family safe and sane.
War on Cash
Las Vegas recently built a new football stadium called Allegiant Stadium. The Oakland Raiders moved there last year. It is 100% cashless.
Tonight there is a nationwide credit card processing issue. At the stadium is a major WWE event called "Summerslam." Depending on where you are in the stadium, either you get free food, the food has run out or the concessions immediately closed down once the credit cards stopped working.


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Trump everything woke turns to shit.mp3
  • 0:00
    Adam: Oh you're reka Adam Curry Jhansi devora Sunday August 22 2021. This is your award winning gitmo-nation Media assassination Episode 1375 is counting to 25 and broadcasting live from the heart of Texas Hill Country. We're here in SEMA region number six in the morning, everybody. I'm Adam Curry and from Northern Silicon Valley
  • 0:24
    John: where I can now say that the best breakfast cereal is blueberry Cheerios. I'm Jhansi devorah
  • 0:33
    Unknown: buzzkill.
  • 0:36
    Adam: And I hear it's great for a healthy immune system. My be fat I'm so happy to hear this. Oh,
  • 0:46
    John: no, I bought this as an experiment. One of those things. They have a grocery outlet. Yes. Which is always test marketing stuff, short films, you know, Miss packaging, bad printing. There's a million reasons to sell stuff there. But there's a lot of these experimental things of market research. Blueberry Cheerios are unbelievable. I just hope they go ahead and produce them. I don't know if they can make as many blueberries are needed to fulfil the needs of the public.
  • 1:14
    Adam: Well, according to the troll rooms a blueberry Cheerios experiment did not work because it gave children green poop. And that freaked out some moms. I don't know what it is. Hmm.
  • 1:31
    John: Well, I better good to have any leftover picks him up. For one thing when you it besides the fact that is delicious. When you open the package, the stench of blueberries is so intense. It's like wow.
  • 1:44
    Adam: And it's real blueberries?
  • 1:46
    John: Well, I'll tell you.
  • 1:49
    Adam: Yeah, I'm sure it is, huh, yummy. So tomorrow, I'm off to the Netherlands for a week, finally going to see my daughter after going on 18 months now. And of course, lots of stress. Because you know, you need to a PCR test. There's no older than 48 hours. But with all the testing everybody's doing it takes between quote one to two days to get your results. So I did one yesterday, which would be enough, should they ask to see mine going to the Netherlands and I'm doing one at 330 today, so I don't know how we're going to I'm gonna have to bolt at some point. In case when I arrive, which will be a whole day later. They don't say well, this is now 72 hours. This is the stress man stress. Crazy. Crazy, but I learned something very important. I went I went to the I made appointment made with the CVS went to the CVS drive thru. So do you know how this testing procedure works at the CVS drive thru? I can't imagine they take your insurance card, which and by the way, we have like this disaster insurance only deductible i think is $8,000 or something like that. So nothing is ever paid for by our insurance. But I know the PCR tests, no problem that was paid for. You get your little your little baggie, wait, wait, wait,
  • 3:22
    John: stop and ask questions along the way. please
  • 3:25
    Adam: do feel free.
  • 3:27
    John: I guess the PCR test is free because the government's picking up the tab and all these
  • 3:31
    Adam: course Of course, there was not even Why
  • 3:33
    John: do they need to see any card or ID or anything else. Oh,
  • 3:39
    Adam: for the same reason, when you sign up for your test. There's a Government Information section in which you can choose two options one, I have not had COVID in or have not had a vaccine in the past nine months. Or you can say yes, have had a vaccine and they ask you all kinds of questions about when and what dose etc. And that is sent to the government. I mean, it's either do that or don't so it's not even about the test, I don't think and No, actually I can prove that it's not about the test. Because they give you a baggie in the baggie is a test tube and a swab and a piece of like butt wipe, but they just pulled out everything oh here here's some sterile shit. And they say okay, go Park over there, swab the inside of your nose drive back through and drop it in the in the box. So I could be swab in my window. What there's no one there's no no supervision. I can bring someone else with me stick it in their nose. I could I could do anything I wanted.
  • 4:43
    John: Oh, they're just collecting DNA.
  • 4:46
    Adam: Whatever they whatever it is. It's it's clearly not for the security of knowing if you're sick or you know being able to prove that your health is theatre total theatre. So yeah, one is the scam of may come on by test because you know, we're making money off of it.
  • 5:05
    John: Wow, interesting. Continue, please.
  • 5:08
    Adam: Well, no, that's and so now I'm just waiting. Now I'm just waiting for them to say oh yes. Here's the result of your test. And I presume I have to have that by tomorrow when I fly.
  • 5:19
    John: Try to find out what Yeah.
  • 5:23
    Adam: stresses me out. I hate this at this hour. It stresses me out at this hour. Have you noticed this whenever whenever it's Afghanistan reporting at this hour we can report in Kabul airport at this hour. Who started that? Was that like a Dan Rather thing? Or?
  • 5:39
    John: I don't know is it started out of the blue. My favourite one is Tell me what you know. Yeah. Well,
  • 5:45
    Adam: what are you learning? is is is what are you learning?
  • 5:50
    John: What you know, to judge what are you learning
  • 5:52
    Adam: but the at this hour is always went into serious, serious war type of no or serious disaster at this hour? Here's what we know. Wow, all of this all of this Afghanistan. Wow, man, I didn't think that they would go this far to get rid of Joe Biden, but they're doing it. I really think this is what this is about.
  • 6:16
    John: Well, I have a very interesting, this party. I've been listening to the Sky News guys. And there's not just one of them bitching about Biden, the ones that are out of Australia. It's just they can't seem to complain about their own screw ups in their own country
  • 6:29
    Adam: as the country's locked down like dogs but okay.
  • 6:34
    John: But the Do I have this clip here? I can't
  • 6:37
    Adam: find was in Biden, good Sky News analysis. Is
  • 6:39
    John: that all? Yes. So I just want this one of the many guys that are just come bitching and moaning about by. And this one was just another typical example. And it was like a couple of random clips and they go on and on. But at the end of this one, it actually was something new. And, and a little bit, maybe some news items, because this is not discussed in this way. On our media, that's for sure. Here we go.
  • 7:04
    Unknown: You get the idea. Where is the guy at what is going on with him? It's no wonder that in Washington, rumours are beginning to churn about Biden's mental capacity, and even using the 25th amendment of the constitution to remove him from office. But there's only one problem who would take his place? If he thought the obvious answer was Kamala Harris. Well, that's fast. Yes, the word around Washington's that she has been sniffing around to see whether she could whip the support she needs among the cabinet. But if democrats think that if there's a less appealing prospect than sticking with Joe Biden for three more years, it's putting Kamala Harris, a woman whose ambition exists in direct opposition to our ability in his place. clusters this in the last election, the US Senate went 5050. Harris in a role not just as Vice President, but President of the Senate is the deciding vote in that body, if she becomes president, that not only the democrats lose control of the upper house, but they also lose their 51st vote to confirm a new Vice President, as required by the Constitution. So unless Biden's decline becomes even more dramatic and harder to hide, and let's not count that out. The Democrats are stalemated on this one.
  • 8:15
    Adam: Yes, this is there's two versions of the story but this one I like except I don't understand how how do I know that the vice president has the deciding vote in the Senate? I'm not sure is if she's acting president before she sworn in and has a vice president she can no longer function as the as the deciding vote in decision candidate she
  • 8:36
    John: becomes president she's no longer the deciding vote name
  • 8:39
    Adam: right but there's you become acting president and then you also there's you have to be sworn in to become president so I just wonder if you can moonlight as the thing so come on. And then how do you how do the democrats lose the lose their power in the in the house?
  • 8:55
    John: Because they right now they have 51 votes
  • 9:00
    Adam: in the House, but the guys just said it. He said that he said not only will the senate? No, no, no, no, listen to what he said when I said it right here. lose control of the upper house. Lose Control here is the deciding vote in that body. If she becomes president, upper house. Okay, the upper house I got it. Okay. So that's the dilemma in which means they would have to really rammed through get a friendly VP in there as a FP they can't, why not
  • 9:27
    John: did this? Because they won't have they don't have the 51st deciding vote, which has to be confirmed by the Senate. They're screwed
  • 9:34
    Adam: to Vice President. The vice president has to be confirmed. I don't understand
  • 9:38
    John: that. That That seems to be the case. Yes. So you vice presidents to be chosen and
  • 9:46
    Adam: so you want to hear the version that's going around hill country? Yeah, sure. Okay. And these are people who take this very seriously. I don't know if they really want 100% believe it but the story kind of goes as follows. Well, you know, obviously Trump is just just to say that Trump is making hay of all of this stuff. He's out there. He's doing his. He's doing his speeches, he's rallies, he's railing against everybody comment. And
  • 10:15
    John: let me mention something. According to some buddies, I don't have this confirmed, but somebody said he's done 96 rallies already.
  • 10:22
    Adam: I got that too. Yeah, I haven't counted him. But
  • 10:24
    John: I don't know if it's true. I mean, that's outrageous.
  • 10:28
    Adam: But is that of all time? Or is that just seals? I
  • 10:31
    John: think since the election? I think he's
  • 10:33
    Adam: just That's a lot. That's
  • 10:35
    John: not covering him anymore.
  • 10:37
    Adam: No, no, no, no, of course not. So then we also have Camila, the Vice President suddenly reappearing behind the president when he's bumbling through his Afghanistan more through the answers than his than his speech about it. The idea is, this is this is played up by the media as the worst disaster, the buck stops here. He's the guy that did it. Holy crap. We're seeing that, you know, you're seeing headlines here and there, people are starting to talk about cognitive decline. I have a couple clips to back that up when you're when we're done here. So that means that he's going to get the 25th amendment. Now, when Kamala Harris is acting Vice President, this is the story, then the military steps in this is what you mean when she's acting. She's acting president, I'm sorry, acting president. So before she's in a confer inaugurated as President, there would be no official, you're gonna love this. There would be no commander in chief because that's only the president, not the acting president. So then the military steps in and says, Okay, we're going to show you all the corruption is tonight, like magic how this happened. I think Michael Sandel comes out. He shows the videos. And then we are and and and it goes to the extent of and this is part of the Arizona audit and what's going on in Georgia with the audit. Wednesday, I think the everything of the audit is being shown the Arizona auditor, go ahead, Hold on, wait for it. They're going to show that there
  • 12:10
    was influenced by foreign actors that will be shown to be China through ownership and access of the machines. And therefore the conclusion will be drawn if you see that they in essence during the lockdown and the ballot voting and the Dominion machines that they placed this Joe Biden in the presidency so the military has to step in. And then Donald Trump falls out of the sky on his white horse and retakes the White House.
  • 12:40
    John: And it is that theme keep cropping up
  • 12:43
    Adam: while the mainstream is even keep saying it themselves in there. They've heard it more often than we have. And I know a lot of people really, really hope this I think quite actually the the simple version, which is, you know, they lose the Senate is much more appealing. I think that's a lot more fun. But I do want to remind us of one thing. It was I think late last year, the House of Representatives put together a special bill. Here's Nancy Pelosi talking about it,
  • 13:16
    Unknown: not about President Trump. He will face the judgement of the voters. But he shows the need for us to create a process for future presidents. Throughout America's history. Our leaders have created and strengthened guardrails in the constitution to ensure stability and continuity of government. In times of crisis. The 25th amendment creates a path for reserving stability if a president suffers a crippling physical or mental problem and is on quote in the amendment on able to discharge the powers and duties of his office and transfers his powers specifically, Section four of the amendment empowers Congress to set up an independent body to confront such a crisis. Congress has a constitutional duty to lay out the process by which a president is president in capacity, and the President of any party is determined. This bill honours the duty by strictest creating a standing commission of top former executive officials and medical experts selected in a bipartisan, bicameral way. A president's fitness for office must be determined by science and facts.
  • 14:39
    Adam: Didn't really register the medical experts on this condition to me when this first came out, but there it is. I think Trump even at one point said Joe, this is not for him. For me. This is for you. And here it is.
  • 14:53
    John: But let's back up. What did you just play?
  • 14:56
    Adam: That was Nancy Pelosi? Yeah,
  • 14:58
    John: it was but what what Did you just play?
  • 15:02
    Adam: I played a clip of Nancy Pelosi saying of last year. This is okay. So
  • 15:09
    John: this was a okay. It's a throwback date.
  • 15:11
    Adam: No, I said last year this is when they put together the commission the 25th amendment commission which is which includes Medical Doctors and executives and they're the ones that are going to help determine when a president is nuts.
  • 15:29
    John: I you know, I understand what Trump said when he was said this for you, Joe. I honestly don't believe that Pelosi thinks like that she's too dumb. This is really just another smokescreen just to humiliate.
  • 15:42
    Adam: Interesting gi to get
  • 15:44
    John: him just to make him look bad.
  • 15:46
    Adam: I think aren't we're doing because the guy's an idiot. If you do if you do reelect him, he's gonna get this committee. We you also had a different opinion. When this came down this bill, I remember was talking about it.
  • 15:58
    John: I was wrong. If I had a deputy, they want to know what I'm currently expressing, which is I think it was sincere.
  • 16:06
    Adam: Okay, well, let's see if they play any role in a forthcoming 2015
  • 16:11
    John: I that clip.
  • 16:14
    Adam: But but you can tell that what they're doing now and when I say they is the media isn't? I mean, it's so obvious. This is not the typical way they would handle this for a for someone they are trying to protect ie the president. In fact, the President himself came out and said the buck stops here. I'm the one take me down. You know, basically, here's Chuck Todd, most fan friendly to the to the Biden White House of all NBC shills and listen to how he's promoting, you know, the whatever his next MTP show,
  • 16:49
    John: and I will mention that I've noticed this too. And you can look on YouTube, you start seeing these clips are coming up all over the place. And it's as though someone, someone or some entity has sent the word down there. Okay, we're, we've got to make a move on this guy. I don't know. They can't. But again, like the Sky News guy said, You can't put in Kamla are they just trying to get Joe to stay at home more or I mean, this this is very strange to watch. It
  • 17:18
    Adam: may it may be it may be a case of they're really, really worried Biden is no longer controllable. You don't know what he's gonna say. You know why else is?
  • 17:30
    John: Now you can Okay, I would count I'm gonna counter all these arguments. Okay, because I think they're picking on bite. But they try and they're trying to do something to loosen him up or make him if you sit, what you just said, is contradicted by the fact that his last two press conferences, he stormed off the stage as fast as he could. He followed orders to get off the stage. Oh, yeah,
  • 17:50
    Adam: sure. But you don't know what he's doing. If he's, he's flipping out. Look, you can only shoot the guy up so many times, it's gonna
  • 17:58
    John: wear out at some point they gotta rest him
  • 18:01
    Adam: on let's listen to some of the way that reporting looks and the type of words that are being used. And this is a takedown of Biden. That's my opinion, Chuck. Good morning. It's
  • 18:10
    John: good to watch that Wait, stop. I don't want to belabour this. But I am in agreement that there's they're trying to do some sort of takedown. I'm not sure what else what form it's taking. But I agree with that. Or I don't I just think
  • 18:24
    Adam: I don't know what's going to happen with Camila becoming VP or not. But I think Joe Biden's Minh is VP. She's vice president. I'm sorry. I keep doing that.
  • 18:34
    John: Now, I want to mention one last thing. I think Biden was set up in this whole Afghanistan thing just as a preface. Yes. Totally agree. Military that set him up.
  • 18:43
    Adam: Yes. Well, CIA set him up.
  • 18:46
    John: He had the CIA it was right. Because he you know, whatever the reason, we can go back to the poppy fields if you want, but he was set up to look bad. He wasn't the one that the told the military what to do. And they screwed it up. And then everyone blames him Come
  • 19:00
    Adam: on, and I think the screw up was intentional.
  • 19:04
    John: Yes, right. Just like Watergate. Or
  • 19:07
    Adam: it can. There's also a level of you know, what kind of propaganda. There's flights every single night from the US base. I mean, there's all kinds of things happening that are not being reported this way. But it really doesn't matter. Because we've got everybody out. We've got everyone talking about the women, the children of the travesty. We've got, you know, we've got refugees coming in on Special Immigrant Visas. I got some information on that this is pissing people off. And all the loyalists are now pointing to Joe Biden. So the only thing we differ in opinion, I think is I believe it's meant to take him out and you're not quite sure yet. You disagree. In fact, you say it's just to just to Pep him up or something. I don't know.
  • 19:52
    John: I think it's the good to get him to go back to Delaware's stay there. Right. Come on, Joe. What
  • 19:59
    Adam: do you think? Joe actually has a voice in this.
  • 20:03
    John: No, he's got no voice. And if I said the idea is to get him to go to Delaware and stay there,
  • 20:08
    Adam: yeah. Okay. All right. Well, let's listen to a couple of examples of the Biden hate shot. Good morning. It's good to see you. So
  • 20:17
    Unknown: the President has stood firmly by his decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. The administration, in fact, saying, look, this was going to happen whenever we got out. This was inevitable in some ways. But he's been criticised not just by Republicans, but by Democrats and a lot of people in this country. Where is he in this decision? Right now, as you suspect we may have to stay longer than that deadline of late August here. Well, that's the question I'm going to have this morning for Jake Sullivan when he's on on this programme, which is, you know, I you've pledged to get every American out. It's pretty clear. Many Americans are stuck can't even get to Cabo, let alone to the airport. If you can't accomplish it by the 31st. Is it time to surge more troops in are they going to have to actually surge more troops help with this evacuation? But ultimately, Willie, you know, this keeps coming back to sort of the same in a book but rather than debate that should have we had stay or go, why did we evac Why did we pull out the military before the civilians right ultimately that decision in April and May of doing that shutting down backroom doing all shutting down the military aspect of this before we got our allies out before we got civilians? That just looks like a catastrophic decision now in hindsight,
  • 21:33
    Adam: okay, so the catastrophic decision, so it's all about the decision. Now we go to the BBC, who I'm sure we can agree are all in on any kind of propaganda they can do for their EMI six buddies, their bosses, and my buddies, Colonel Richard camp, and he has a few words to say about what happened. I mean, I've been watching the videos today from Kabul, and this is by the way, this is the guy who's interviewing him goes into this whole I've been watching this throwing babies over the over the barbed wire fence Bay, by the way, go look around for it. You see one person handing a baby and handing handing handing that's throwing them over the fence. And you know, who knows that maybe might not even be cobble that could
  • 22:22
    John: have been staged anywhere.
  • 22:23
    Adam: But that's the kind of messaging you want to put out when it's really horrible what Joe did.
  • 22:28
    John: I mean, I'll be watching the videos today from COBOL. And they are unspeakable I mean, are unspeakable babies literally been flung in the air to try and
  • 22:40
    Adam: he did not see. The guy did not see that he's lying so much
  • 22:45
    John: lying. By the way before I hate to keep I'm gonna interrupt a lot. Because this is irksome. This whole thing. If you think these guys are bad, we should start playing some sean hannity clips. I mean, this guy's off the rails with the baby tossing.
  • 23:00
    Adam: Right? Isn't that interesting?
  • 23:03
    John: Yeah, yeah. Very interesting. Back to baby tossing,
  • 23:07
    Adam: just tossing him over, show me the video of that, please, literally been flung in the air to try to get them over barbed wire, because parents are just so dead. It's so not true. But this visual is great. Just
  • 23:28
    John: baby and to try and get them over barbed wire, because parents are just so desperate for their child to avoid growing up under Taliban rule. So obviously, the big question today, from my point of view, is how the hell did this go so badly wrong? Well,
  • 23:45
    Unknown: it went so badly wrong, due to the decision of one man, President Joe Biden. From the moment he made that decision back in May, I
  • 23:54
    think it was to withdraw all US forces from Afghanistan by a random date of September 11. This year without Wait, wait, wait,
  • 24:03
    any condition?
  • 24:04
    John: How wait? How is September 11? a random
  • 24:11
    Adam: date? Of course, of course, it's
  • 24:12
    John: not talking about by a random date. This is
  • 24:16
    Adam: this guy is ready. And he's on the inside. He's saying I don't know why he puts it that way. Also, it's five, you know, seven, seven for the UK. 911 means
  • 24:27
    John: makes no difference. But if you have a specific date, and you'd mentioned the date, that's not random. It's very specific. Yes.
  • 24:36
    Adam: Yeah. So why does he say random? He's trying to send us messages? No. Is
  • 24:41
    John: this some sort of propagandists? Yes,
  • 24:43
    Adam: it's NLP. Sure.
  • 24:45
    Unknown: Sure it is to withdraw all US forces from Afghanistan by a random date of September 11. This year, without any conditions being placed on the Taliban without any regard for the security situation in Afghanistan without any regard for the political situation, just pull out. And from that moment on was this situation has been absolutely inevitable, he did make it worse by his execution of the of the withdraw. In other words, he did it very quickly, he withdrew the troops, without giving time to the Afghan army or the Afghan government to plan and prepare for a totally changed situation they now faced without the American and the international forces that back them up for 20 years, this huge change. And in addition, he did at the height of the fighting season, when the Taliban are the most powerful. When had he waited until October or November or beyond, and had a proper transition, and done it during the season, when the Taliban tend to hibernate, there would have been resistance, it would not have been like this. So we've got the worst of all worlds now.
  • 25:51
    Adam: So Joe Biden really, really, really did a bad thing here.
  • 25:55
    John: But by the way, this just mean keeps cropping up. I've heard it two or three times the height of the Taliban's power.
  • 26:04
    Adam: Yes, it was. It's the fighting season, which you know, we've
  • 26:06
    John: figured out just to see I comes in and out of the fighting season,
  • 26:10
    Adam: you're there fighting power is stronger when when the whole place isn't covered in snow and ice.
  • 26:17
    John: Yeah, but is it? Don't you think that'd be like early, late spring would be the time would be the most powerful moment would be May when Trump wanted to get out? I don't know. He said bullcrap is what it is. I don't know
  • 26:32
    Adam: what the fighting season cycle is no
  • 26:34
    John: such thing as just making this crap up. And the other end The other thing this nonsense that Biden put it, do you think Biden's diner with a megaphone going? Hey, okay, we're gonna delay their women and children be?
  • 26:48
    Adam: Well, hold on. Very interesting. If you wanted to create chaos at this airport, you'd want a lot of people come in there Why? or Why did all these people bum rush the airport? Why? Why were they hanging off of aeroplanes? What would that mean? What is? That means?
  • 27:06
    John: Somebody told him to Nah, bomb right, by the way, bum rush. Great word. Thank
  • 27:11
    Adam: you. ABC News prime, which I think is an app. Or is it maybe it's a is it also online, just online stream. This is a reporter boots on the ground and listen to what his complaint is about how the Biden State Department handled some issues.
  • 27:29
    Unknown: So this morning, at around 9am, I received an email from the the the US Embassy consular services department. And they said,
  • 27:41
    We have created a document to help you know American citizens, and like eligible Siv recipients and applicants get to the airport. And it is this document I printed it just for you guys. Okay, this looks like a US visa. Okay. So
  • 27:58
    for those of you who aren't, aren't familiar, if you get a US visa and immigrant visa and your password, this is what it looks like. But this document has no name. It's not addressed to anyone, there's no there's no serial number. Okay, at the bottom, there's no barcode. So 1000s of Afghans received this, basically everyone who had applied for Siv, these Special Immigrant Visas for the African translators and other people, they received this email. And what do you think happened when these people received an email like this, a document like this, if it has no name, of course, they printed out 100 copies, even the Taliban can control, you know, two or 3000 people at the capsule of engaging when you have 10s of 1000s of Afghans who now have this kind of ridiculous, bogus document that the State Department created. I mean, I don't know how else to explain something like this. And I need like this except for brain worms.
  • 28:53
    Adam: Brain worms. But there you go. If you want to create some confusion, just give everybody unnumbered Special Immigrant Visas vaccine. Yeah, exactly. And just let them run. We'll see what happens. Let's see. Let's see if people get a copy and are running on the way to the airport. So that's in either incredibly short sighted and very and so much fired over that or should step down or
  • 29:18
    John: intentional. Yes,
  • 29:21
    Adam: exactly. intentional. And there's all kinds of weird things happening. So when it comes to flights, you know, there is something called the civil reserved air fleet. So, the United States government pays a large annual stipend to civilian airlines to be at the ready for this civil reserve air fleet for missions. That's, that's what we're paying them for. But they're not being utilised. They're not using it. So that's that's very strange that you Either no one knows about this thing within the Biden administration or God knows what. But then this comes through. This is Debbie Dingell. I think she's representative for Michigan. And she's a Clinton Easter. She's always been in the Clinton camp. Listen to what she's, you know, she's on the oath, save the girl, save the women. Oh, it's such a travesty. Listen to what she says about Hillary,
  • 30:24
    Unknown: first ladies have taken this honest and issues when they became presidents. They do care. Hillary Clinton, quite frankly, has been Arabia. I don't know that people know this, but has been arranging private charters probably should have just said that. Because I don't want anybody in danger in what is happening to try to get people safely out of there.
  • 30:45
    Adam: So Hillary Clinton is flying girls out on private jets of Afghanistan. We can't get people out of the airport, this stinks is something very wrong with this story. And why did she drop that purposely?
  • 31:01
    John: Yeah. Well, and what was the what was the clip we had about Hillary in the last show? Somebody was there was Trudeau talking to Hillary? Yes.
  • 31:11
    Adam: Yes, yes. Yes, yes. It's going on? Well, because, you know, if it's Hillary, someone's going to die. Come on. If Hillary's involved Watch out, and she's flying
  • 31:25
    John: Hillary doing any of this stuff? Isn't that a violation of some the Logan act or something?
  • 31:31
    Adam: I don't know.
  • 31:32
    John: Remember that? They got Flynn on because, yes. Five minutes before he's gonna go into office.
  • 31:39
    Adam: So we've we've been talking about Trump with his Afghanistan. We've been there for 21 years. No, no, it's 21 and a half years. So can you remember the first time you? I remember? It was I think it was like, only a couple weeks in maybe after 911. We started hearing about Osama bin Laden. More is the first time you ever heard about Osama bin Laden?
  • 32:09
    John: I first heard about Osama bin Laden back years earlier with the when Clinton had him in his in the had him in the gun sites. Just like they had moolah, Omar and they somebody did a stand down order they were going to kill because he was responsible for they think that the sum of those towers and I don't know what what can't remember that kind of in this. I can't remember where the Marines were all killed during that Reagan Administration.
  • 32:36
    Adam: Oh, that was Somalia
  • 32:38
    John: was no, no, no, not kind of somebody in the in the troll room. If they're any good. They would know that give us the answer to that. And it was always the Osama bin Laden seem to be behind it all. And, and they were chasing him around. And then when they finally had a shot at him, Clinton or somebody in the Clinton administration did a stand down. Let him get away.
  • 33:02
    Adam: This is August stress when I first heard it. Yeah. Well, I did not I did not remember any of that. In 1998, I was running a public company. I have no idea. I'm watching any of the news had no idea what was happening. But when Trump keeps saying 21 years ago, 21 and a half years ago, this is indeed longer. August 20 1998.
  • 33:24
    Unknown: Good afternoon. Today I ordered our armed forces to strike at terrorist related facilities in Afghanistan and Sudan. Because of the imminent threat they presented to our national security, I want to speak with you about the objective of this action and why it was necessary. Our target was terror. Our mission was clear to strike it the network of radical groups affiliated with and funded by you sama bin Laden.
  • 33:53
    Adam: This is back when they're still saying Osama bin Laden, remember what before he got rebranded. They had to rebrand had to rebrand Osama Bin Ladin, perhaps the preeminent organiser and financier
  • 34:05
    Unknown: of international terrorism in the world today. The groups associated with him come from diverse places but share a hatred for democracy, a fanatical glorification of violence, and the horrible distortion of their religion to justify the murder of innocence. They have made the United States their adversary precisely because of what we stand for, and what we stand against.
  • 34:31
    A few months ago and again this week, Ben loddon, publicly vowed the wait a terrorist war against America saying and I quote, we do not differentiate between those dressed in military uniforms and civilians. They're all targets.
  • 34:50
    Adam: Their mission is murder. And their history
  • 34:53
    John: is bloody.
  • 34:54
    Adam: Yeah, Billy Boy. So we've really just been doing you know been through the bush, the clinton bush through Obama. You can kind of make all the connections we know exactly what's going on there. This is this is made to look made to look one person stupid and that's Joe Biden. But they got it. I think they gotta hustle though they got to you know, he has to have if they're going to do this now he has to have a big booboo but not something that uncovers too much.
  • 35:27
    John: That's the big fear.
  • 35:30
    Adam: Couldn't be just maybe a collapse would be easy. Even pass out. Like a, like a Bush Senior when he puked in the Prime Minister's lap in Japan.
  • 35:42
    John: Yeah, that was a classic. It was great. Wow, they arranged that
  • 35:45
    Adam: every job of it. He never really came back from that
  • 35:47
    John: day. He never lost the election that he must have known better because he was head of the CIA at one time but this pulled that stunt on him. Yeah.
  • 36:02
    Adam: And then we have ISIS K. I don't recall ISIS K.
  • 36:09
    John: I never remember Baghdad Bob
  • 36:13
    Adam: PS. Now but this is the new This is the new ISIS that we remember ISIS, john. jihadi john, is what you're saying. Yeah. Heidi john.
  • 36:24
    John: Yeah, whatever.
  • 36:24
    Adam: The US military is establishing alternative routes to Kabul airport because of a threat. The terror group ISIS k ISIS dash K. poses to the airport and its surroundings. ISIS Kaboul.
  • 36:38
    John: I guess. By the way, I heard this ISIS thing too. I was almost getting a clip of it where they said, and I said, oh, there this is NPR screwing up these said ISIS instead of Taliban. But then now I realised that they're trying to reintroduce ISIS. ISIS is the creation of the Obama administration that went astray. But it was his I see that Israel Israel, Israel lights these these Israelis are probably partly responsible. There's because they were never attacked Israel, which made no sense. If you think about it. This whole thing stinks. Well, yeah, it's an out of control scenario. They got to bring it to earth. And they're not going to do it by getting just getting rid of Joe right now and then put in Kamla. And she's like, she's a bash fiend. No, no, no
  • 37:31
    Adam: nose if we get Joe out. And then we create some other distractions. Squirrel over here. What? Yeah, come on, you know how that, hey, look at the things that have just come What happened to Haiti? Haiti, the President was assassinated, there was an earthquake, there was a Trump hurricane, not in the news. All we need to do is just focus it over there and people will watch that. Today, control although I I personally think that the the mainstream is just not carrying the message anymore. People are sick of it. There's so many people who don't watch anything. They don't even know that Trump is doing rallies even though they're big Trump heads because you know, you would know about it. You would know about a couple of big ones if you watch the mainstream, you know, what was Trump he's not showing, but you don't even watch it anymore.
  • 38:30
    John: So let me play the the new Tang dynasties Afghan run down I think maybe there's something in here. All right. All right, is in TDF can run down one
  • 38:40
    Unknown: the Afghanistan evacuations still underway. 13,000 Americans and Afghans have been flown out of the country since last week. But it's unclear how many Americans are still awaiting rescue. President Biden said today his administration is now working to verify this. And today's Molina Weiss cop has the latest on the US evacuation mission.
  • 39:03
    President Biden today assuring Americans in Afghanistan and their families that his administration will do whatever it takes to get them out. And he says he's committing the same promise to Afghan allies who have helped the US over the years. Make
  • 39:16
    John: no mistake this evacuation mission is dangerous and involves risks to our armed forces and has been conducted under difficult circumstances. I cannot promise what the final outcome will be or what it will be that it will be without risk of loss. But as commander in chief, I can assure you that I will mobilise every resource necessary.
  • 39:40
    Unknown: US forces are still not making trips into the countryside to pick up those who may not be able to get to the airport. And the President says they cannot extend security to cover more areas around the airport and secure more lands for people to access flights because there are risks to doing so. Biden did explain there was a situation earlier this week. week were a small number of troops did help around 169 Americans get to the airport,
  • 40:06
    Adam: a small number of of people that that our troops that were very close to the perimeter, the the perimeter of the airport very close and in a short amount of time with a short amount of distance are some of our troops were able to go out there and retrieve them and bring them in? Man, this makes me want to know about the Hillary flights even more now.
  • 40:32
    John: Well, before we go into that, no, no, I'm just saying that I want to talk about that. 169 people that were rescued. Mm hmm. You know, where they were?
  • 40:44
    Adam: who they were. who they were where they were where they were no. Airport hotel. Wow. Yeah, enjoying room service? No doubt.
  • 40:58
    John: Well, the joke is, I mean, it's a funny inside joke between you and I, cuz we've all both subscribe to
  • 41:06
    Adam: the best place to be in any city airport hotel. Yeah. Yeah, this has sounds they're making it sound like it's impossible to get out of military could barely Oh, they rescue them. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton just flying in and out with a jet. Yeah, he says I said only for privileged people. Is that only for the 1%?
  • 41:26
    John: It's that we did. I think we're missing information. That's what I think. No kidding. Let's go to part two of this. He acknowledged
  • 41:34
    Unknown: some instances where people have been beaten or blocked from entering. But he and President Biden are emphasising that they're not aware of any situations where Americans and credentialed Afghans have faced this pushback from the Taliban
  • 41:46
    fatale bond checkpoints they are letting through people showing American passports. Now that's a different question when they get into the rush and crowd of all the folks just outside the wall near the airport.
  • 42:01
    But it also says his administration is looking at working with other countries around the world to help with food and medical supplies and getting the supplies to those neighbouring countries where Afghan refugees may have fled to. And just this morning, President Biden met with NATO allies so they can touch base on how to move forward in regards to Afghanistan, preventing them from becoming a base for terrorist attacks that could threaten the United States and NATO allies. Right now, the administration says they're laser focused on getting this evacuation Mission completed, which is set to end at the end of this month. And President Biden says if they can't meet that deadline that then he'll consider whether or not to extend this evacuation mission stuff.
  • 42:45
    Adam: Now that leaves everything kinda so they're gonna keep doing this for a couple more weeks.
  • 42:49
    John: I'm pretty sure let's finish this off with 23.
  • 42:53
    Adam: Okay, hold on a second.
  • 42:56
    John: Three,
  • 42:57
    Unknown: has more Afghans evacuated from Taliban held areas, some are describing their arduous journeys to the casual airport, they had to flee not only from the Taliban, but also from stun grenades and gunfire near the airport.
  • 43:13
    1000s of Afghans are still swarming the Kabul airport, five days after the Taliban took over troops used stun grenades and fire into the air to hold back the crowds.
  • 43:27
    Some Afghan evacuees who recently reached Italy are telling their stories, some of them used to work for the Italian forces or the Italian embassy in Afghanistan, everybody.
  • 43:37
    From what we've seen in the first three or four days, the Taliban unfortunately have not changed, coward, the population out the women, our children and schools, nothing has changed. They're trying to so they changed. But unfortunately, from what I've seen, they did not
  • 43:53
    demand was a police officer and worked for the Afghan interior ministry. And because of that, the Taliban went looking for him.
  • 44:02
    We stayed in Kabul for 72 hours. These 72 hours were very difficult. It was a nightmare for myself and my family. The Taliban arrived in Kabul and then next morning at eight o'clock, the first armed group of the Taliban arrived behind my house asking for me, they were searching for me. They had photographs in their hands and they were showing them to my neighbours.
  • 44:24
    Another evacuee belongs to an ethnic minority group that the Taliban have targeted for decades. He heard rumours that the Taliban were going into people's homes and looking for those who are in the previous government.
  • 44:38
    Adam: Trauma base whose last
  • 44:40
    John: one last one of these this is the one about the choppers Oh,
  • 44:45
    Adam: I love the pictures of these choppers.
  • 44:48
    John: Well, there are some Do we have chapters that work too? I mean, some of them are a joke, but
  • 44:54
    Adam: Well, okay, well, I will say one
  • 44:56
    John: yeah, you tell us about chapters after they play this clip Americans
  • 44:59
    Unknown: who trained after pilots and ground crews are now raising the alarm about their safety. Those some flew out of the country. Others are still in Afghanistan hiding from the Taliban, and they are desperate to get out, fearing the Taliban may learn their identities and retaliate. And Parris Martin Castillo has more.
  • 45:17
    Jeremiah Harrington is a former Army helicopter pilot who now works for government contractors. And he'd worked in Afghanistan training pilots to fly the UAE h 60. Blackhawk soon as they left us, they were out flying missions.
  • 45:29
    He says these were our friends, not just our students. So as cobble fell his phone lit up.
  • 45:35
    John: I was getting messages all night long all day long from my former students in my interpreters, and they were you know, just begging for help.
  • 45:43
    Unknown: rough estimates are that there are about 200 pilots ground crew and their families still in Afghanistan, and that's just in relation to the Blackhawk programme. This is one of them whom we spoke to just this morning. And when someone knock waiting like that the Taliban's are here. This young pilot is in Kabul. We're not using his name because he's afraid of being found by the Taliban. He does not believe their recent promise of amnesty because
  • 46:07
    we saw their behaviour face to face when he and his family tried to get to the airport. He says the Taliban outside the gates were brutal. One of them just came in. He was slipping me he was beating the men and women
  • 46:21
    and the crush of people at
  • 46:22
    the gates was so bad. He says one of his children almost suffocated. For now they've given up on that escape route, and I returned back home and started to move from one to my relatives homes in other's homes
  • 46:37
    should not be in one place. As he and his family stay on the move, he stays in touch with other pilots by phone. While many are there some did get out a few simply flew their own helicopters across the border, six Blackhawks they flew out. That's Afghan Air Force Colonel saline for carry a Blackhawk commander, those six of the aircraft got out he thinks about 25 to 30 of them are still in the country, the Taliban like the training and maintenance systems to fly them, but there is a concern that they might try to force trained personnel to get them airborne.
  • 47:11
    Adam: Okay. helicopters are reasonably sensitive aircraft, if you can, so if these guys flew once, and they're landing and then they're I guess they're going to be very near towards gas to fill up again. They're only going to fly three or four more times before something goes horribly wrong is a very hostile environment to helicopters. If they don't have if they don't have the complete maintenance from beginning to end, which is after every flight up until before every flight it's it's useless.
  • 47:44
    John: Useless. Yeah. Obviously, useless. But I would say that if you were one of the chopper pilots and you had Cad a clue, you would have been at your facility and could take your wife and kids put them in one of the one of the helicopters and then fly out of the country to edge Tajikistan or someplace nearby and just landed the thing.
  • 48:05
    Adam: I don't know what the ranges and how far that would be. But flying helicopters over over these areas, you're you're pretty much just a sitting duck. If you don't if you don't know, you don't have ground intelligence. Yeah, you're doing 100 130 knots. Maybe you're great for an RPG. So I don't think I would put my family in there just to flee. The whole thing is stupid. This, this is political. And they don't care about people. Whoever is pulling whatever strings they don't care. They just don't care. How many don't give a shit. Let's just embarrass one guy, whatever the whatever the agenda is. And it's the same with COVID. Do you see Trudeau with his his Redux is doubled down?
  • 48:57
    John: what's the latest? Okay, here he changes daily.
  • 49:00
    Adam: Yeah, well listen to even though he's, in essence, telling a large or a portion of the Canadian public, you know, go pound sand. It's really only about the election is all the words everything he says is he's that's all he's thinking of right now. Gotta get reelected now that I've got the upper hand, you deserve better. You deserve a government that's
  • 49:22
    Unknown: going to continue to say get vaccinated. And you know what? If you don't want to get vaccinated, that's your choice. But don't think you can get on a plane or a train beside vaccinated
  • 49:34
    people and put them at risk.
  • 49:37
    Adam: Do you think you are a candidate? Yes, we need to be
  • 49:40
    Unknown: strong in the decisions we're taking going forward. And we need to put people first which we have always done. And I'll be honest, you know,
  • 49:50
    like I do, there's lots of people out there who don't agree with that. And the reality is, that's okay. We're in a democracy, people can make themselves was heard. And that's part of why we need to have this moment for people to make that choice for
  • 50:05
    Adam: the future. For me, the counter to tyranny is democracy. Is that true is the counter to tyranny? democracy?
  • 50:16
    John: I don't know if the counter counter to tyranny was debt to Thailand,
  • 50:20
    Adam: that's what I was thinking. But okay, the counter to tyranny is democracy is elections. And that's exactly what we're putting forward. Because we have put Canadians at the forefront of everything we've done. And we know that's what we're going to continue to do. So what he kind of said there is, hey, look at me, I'm not gonna let these horrible anti government seizing infected human resources on any of your trains or planes vote for me. Isn't that kind of what he said?
  • 50:52
    John: Yeah, which sounds like tyranny if he asked me haha,
  • 50:55
    Adam: projection. This is the New South Wales health minister. He really has votes on his mind. But I also want to thank though the residents who are in the 12 local government areas of concern. They have actually increased their percentage vote percentage, vaccine vaccinations, my nearly 8 million they increase their percentage so they're thinking they're talking about voting districts behind the scenes. That's why this this, this happens. Vote voting vive.
  • 51:31
    John: I mean, these clips are available so openly. It's just astonishing.
  • 51:37
    Adam: Trump did his rally yesterday, which was, it was really interesting. I was watching the I listen to it, I guess some of it sure. But I also I tuned in early for the I Love New York, homecoming concert in Central Park, which I have to say. Now I was programmed, the whole thing was produced by Clive Davis. You know, this was really, I mean, most of the acts Barry Manilow, I mean, there's a lot of people who are on stage, if they had journey with some young Asian kid who's now taken over Paris singing, it's the whole thing is was kind of surreal, but they had the big Paul Simon. You know, it's like, Okay, how many people really care about this, like, I know they've performed. But they had to, they had to cancel the event because Barry Manilow had to run off stage because lightning and it was you know, the there's a tropical
  • 52:33
    John: storm wrath of God.
  • 52:35
    Adam: Yeah. So you know, the whole homecoming was kind of ruined, I have to say they start off with the Philharmonic Orchestra. And there was a real audience and it was people mainly without masks, because it was a pro vaccine. Deal. You know, it's like, Hey, you know, you can only be here if your backstop vaccine tested, which,
  • 52:53
    John: which brings us to a note that I totally got you to respond to.
  • 52:57
    Adam: No, hold on, hold on to that for one second. I know which note it is. Let me give you what Trump was doing. Because he was very political, of course, at his rally, you think? But this is what he
  • 53:08
    John: did three days, less than nine months. And it's great. And you know what I believe totally in your freedoms, I do free you got to do what you have to do. But I recommend taking the vaccines. I did it. It's good. Take the vaccines, but you got down. That's okay. That's alright. You got your freedoms. But I happen to take the vaccine. If it doesn't work, you'll be the first to know. Okay. I'll call up Alibaba say, Hey, you know what? But it is working.
  • 53:39
    Adam: So he got booed. But luckily, we had a couple of good one liners or good zingers everything well.
  • 53:50
    John: It's true. Everything woke, turns to share.
  • 53:58
    Adam: He did. He did a whole tour around the podium on that one. People going nuts.
  • 54:11
    A big crowd to the crowd not to be underestimated. He's still out there making trouble.
  • 54:17
    John: Alright, this is the 96 of these things that we only hear about one or two
  • 54:20
    Adam: of them. Alright, didn't know.
  • 54:23
    John: You got it?
  • 54:24
    Adam: Oh, no. I thought no, I don't know. I thought you had it. But you had it nearby.
  • 54:29
    John: No, I don't. I had to go. I'd have to go to the email and Okay. All right. Well,
  • 54:34
    Adam: well, while you were looking for that I can tell you about some things that are going on now. There's a couple places we can go. I would say the Pfizer marketing is the most important. This is you know, we're starting off with it's no longer the third dose. It has been rebranded as a booster which was what it was initially. And there's there's contract See, but I'm just gonna stick with Trump. He was on with the money, honey, and listen to her shill for It's good. It's good. Get the booster get the vaccine. Yeah, it's good. But he was barely even listening to what Trump was saying.
  • 55:12
    Unknown: I still come back to the idea of a booster shot. I mean, yes, you're right. That's down. You know what that sounds to me like a money making operation for Pfizer. Okay, think of the money involved.
  • 55:27
    10s of billions as how good a business is that? If you're a pure businessman, you say, you know what, let's give him another shot. That's another $10 billion of money coming in. The whole thing is just crazy. It doesn't, you wouldn't think you would need a booster. You know, when these first came out, they were good for life. Then they were good for a year or two. And I could see the writing on the wall. I could see the dollar signs in their eyes of that guy that runs Pfizer. You know, the guy that announced the day after the election that he had the vaccine, but we knew that. Yeah. November 9, you're right.
  • 56:07
    Adam: So this is a money making operation for Pfizer got a note. And that just kind of fits in we were talking about expiration dates. One of our producers in the Big Pharma field wanted to spell that the boosters are being pushed due to expiring vaccine. There have been a lot of vaccine that has expired prior to being administered. In our Health District, which is seven counties. We had hundreds of doses expired, but that was back in July. The doses being sent out now don't expire until the last day of October. These are the new ones being sent out in response to the increased demand because of the booster news. So it isn't it is not to save or create the expired vaccines. It's to sell new ones.
  • 56:47
    John: Yeah, good. Great. I think Trump's right there just money making white why not do it before they don't get their approval? Which is coming on Monday, by the way?
  • 56:58
    Adam: Yeah, that's what that that's what they say. In
  • 57:00
    John: fact, if we don't see it on Monday, what do you think?
  • 57:02
    Adam: Well, I got to tell him I got two more booster shot things two more because it's kind of important not one and done or two and done. But on a second. This is Hotez on msnbc Meet the Press. They're not even bothering talking about low tie
  • 57:17
    John: douchebag not one and done or two and number three and done. What he hasn't he sounds like he was something's been up as those for some reason. I don't know what it where it got that way. But he sounds funny.
  • 57:31
    Adam: Probably that bow tie. He's so he's bringing us the new marketing,
  • 57:35
    John: not one and done or two and number three and done, at least for a while. And all of those points need to be a little bit better communicated to the American people. Yeah,
  • 57:44
    Adam: they didn't even they don't even communicate to the American governors. You know, I think Trump instituted this maybe was a daily call or a regular phone call with all the governors. And of course that continues. This is the governor of massachusetts on NPR, I got a phone call with the White House and a whole bunch of governors. It's it was the, you know, bi weekly, Tuesday call with the Biden administration on all things, vaccines, and all things COVID. And, and we have lots of conversations about how much all of us want to move forward with, with boosters for especially the folks who got the earliest shots because they were the ones most at risk. And they're the ones who've gotten the longest here without getting a booster. You know, the folks over the age of 65, the folks over the age of 75, folks in long term care, cargo care and all the rest. And we had a very robust conversation about all that and no one said anything about announcing a programme for boosters. First time I heard about it was I got home last night and saw the news. So I have no guidance. All right, even though we spent an hour on the phone yesterday with all of the people who probably knew something about what this is all about, which really bums me out. Really bums me out. Do that keep me out. So here is the CDC director will Lenski. This is the most bizarre clip I don't understand, other than she is telling us the Absolute Truth about why they need to rush these boosters out so
  • 59:16
    fast that they do was within 48 hours. They couldn't even tell the governor's that this was coming. Here's her explanation. NBC today show
  • 59:24
    Unknown: if the two vaccine dosage is still working to prevent severe disease, hospitalisation and death, why is this third booster shot necessary?
  • 59:34
    We're starting to see in other countries that they're starting to see waning infection against more severe outcomes, and we're planning for it so we can be ahead of this virus.
  • 59:45
    Adam: What did she just say?
  • 59:47
    John: She said I can tell you what she said. She said that in Israel, which is fully vaccinated. The number of infected people who are vaccinated in the hospital is out of control. role and they're dying.
  • 1:00:04
    Adam: This was the year. Yeah, gee, I must have heard something completely different. She's talking about the UK to me. She's talking about the UK. And they're saying, well, infections are waning. So they have no third third shot, no booster shot, the infections are waning, so they need to get out ahead of it to get people more infections.
  • 1:00:29
    John: Yeah, I can read between the lines. Let me hear it again.
  • 1:00:32
    Unknown: severe disease, hospitalisation, and death. Why is this third booster shot necessary, are starting to see in other countries that they're starting to see waning and
  • 1:00:43
    Adam: quiet. I want to hear what she's saying.
  • 1:00:44
    Unknown: We're starting to see in other countries that they're starting to see waning infection against more severe outcomes. And we're planning for it so we can be ahead of this virus waning infections against more severe outcomes.
  • 1:00:57
    Adam: Do I not understand this?
  • 1:00:59
    John: Yeah, apparently the Yeah, you don't you have no idea. You just don't get it. But can you tell me apparently you're waiting infections with people not vaccinated. But it's the people who are are vaccinated. hospitals in Israel, they're freaked out about it. They gotta get another booster. booster time.
  • 1:01:19
    Adam: That's basically what it is source to CBS. Wait, I have the bad luck of the Battle of the boosters here. I think Let me see what this is. With 155 million Americans set to qualify for a booster over the next eight months. Tonight some leading experts are not yet convinced a third dose is actually needed. Citing multiple studies, the White House Task Force laid out a case of waning protection from infection and the Delta variant Oh waning protections, as she said waning infection.
  • 1:01:52
    John: Oh, yes. Yeah, yeah. Well, that's because she's thinking about Israel now. I have I thought about
  • 1:01:59
    Adam: God. All right. And we won't finish the clip. Fine. Go ahead.
  • 1:02:01
    John: No, you Okay, well, they'll finish the clip.
  • 1:02:05
    Adam: No, because it's a long clip. So it might suck now. Yeah. Tell me what you might say.
  • 1:02:10
    John: They've got they only have a little time to do this. But they're going to be doing an AI predicting it. There's going to be a new variant announced shortly. It will of course be found in Malaysia or northern India, Pakistan someplace. And it'll get over here and they're gonna find a couple of cases. All looks like it showed up in Texas. It'd be Texas or Florida.
  • 1:02:35
    Adam: Yeah, no, no, even less. Alabama, Alabama, Alabama.
  • 1:02:40
    John: Now I don't I'm still for desert desantis with his latest thing. Yeah,
  • 1:02:47
    Adam: we got to do we got to do Florida
  • 1:02:48
    John: Scott to play we got to play. So they're gonna do Florida. And it'll come
  • 1:02:52
    Adam: from some exotic exotic
  • 1:02:54
    John: animal. It may be already because they've already mentioned the lambda variant. Oh,
  • 1:02:59
    Adam: no, no, no, that's
  • 1:03:01
    John: epsilon, by the way, but that's okay. The lambda because they've mentioned it before. So it's already in the public mind, lambda or lambda. And it also sounds kind of dangerous. Or they're come up with something else. And they and this got to be rolled out soon. And that's going to be the one that is unstoppable.
  • 1:03:18
    Adam: Now, can I give you a different name? Instead of the lambda? I think the land the lambda cropped up as a joke. Someone inside of CDC is like, Hey, we got delta delta delta. Now we got lambda, lambda lambda for anyone who's old enough to remember the Revenge of the Nerds. Then that's the inside joke. Okay. But France, I get it, but Francis Collins, Fauci, his boss was on the Hugh Hewitt show, and they're talking about a different type of variant. What about an Omega variant?
  • 1:03:50
    John: Is there any evidence of another variant
  • 1:03:53
    Adam: that is, in fact, by data proven to be significantly deadlier than anything we've seen yet? Not yet. We're certainly watching this across the world. NIH has a vigorous effort actually in partnership with industry called trace where every new variant gets
  • 1:04:09
    Unknown: quickly looked at to see what its effect would be on vaccines and on monoclonal antibody so far we're looking okay but I worry about the Omega strain as you're calling it also, especially with so many people being infected right now that's where
  • 1:04:25
    Adam: those mutations arise. So why do you say that I to worry about the Omega strain the way that's the way you're calling it? What does that mean? There's some insider stuff that we were not privy to
  • 1:04:37
    John: know I think he was being sincere he says he's worried about the end he had for want of a better term he used the be pulled if you use the omega which is what the guy did use just as a you know, grab bag later
  • 1:04:51
    Adam: it's cute just grab just just gala
  • 1:04:54
    John: just grab one. And I guess my predictions already in place. Yeah, nevermind. Yeah, but This would he did say something that was kind of interesting there he mentioned the mano clonal antibodies whatever it is, which is what? They have a clip of this regeneron a mini What regeneron? Yeah regeneron Yeah, this is Oh yeah, the rejet we should play these, this regeneron one into this. This again from New Tang Dynasty. He hasn't got as much play in the mainstream because obviously as Rhonda Santas who everyone you know, it's worried sick that he's gonna become president because he's such a lovable governor. This is new this
  • 1:05:39
    Unknown: Florida is opening more antibody treatment sites looking to have 21 by early next week. The governor says this effective COVID treatment isn't getting a lot of attention. And TDs Miguel Marino has that story.
  • 1:05:53
    Adam: This is again, really effective when it's done. Hurley,
  • 1:05:58
    Unknown: Governor Rhonda Santas is opening more sites for monoclonal antibody treatment, a treatment he says many people haven't heard of officials expect to have at least 15 sites open by this weekend shooting for 21 by early next week.
  • 1:06:12
    Adam: This is free of charge to the patient. When you see we live in a world in which there's there's a lot of misinformation put out there. A lot of it is intentional on the part of people that have partisan agendas. The fact of the matter is regeneron was purchased by the federal government lock stock and barrel last year they bought the whole supply out.
  • 1:06:35
    John: Ah
  • 1:06:38
    Adam: Oh, and so that's why no one's getting it administered.
  • 1:06:41
    John: Did you know that? No. People aren't getting admission but that may be explained why that guy the clip you just played Yeah. specifically mentioned a new variant that might come out that will bypass the this this type of treatment. Nice. Did you hear that? Yeah,
  • 1:06:58
    Adam: I heard it. I heard it. It's not.
  • 1:07:00
    Unknown: It has a lot to do is what de Santos is trying to pull off your listeners in the part to this antibody treatment produced by regeneron is meant to alleviate hospitals of some pressure. According to the company, it reduced the risk of COVID hospitalisation or death by 70%. This kind of treatment is administered to COVID positive patients with mild to moderate symptoms and those in high risk categories through injections or an IV. The governor says you don't need a doctor referral to get this treatment overseas. AstraZeneca says they finished a study on a long acting antibody cocktail provent. According to their statement, it successfully reduced symptomatic infection by nearly 80%. This means the company is on track to offer an alternative to vaccines. Miguel Moreno NTD news.
  • 1:07:48
    John: Huh? That's another thing we haven't heard of, and it would be AstraZeneca is revenge.
  • 1:07:55
    Adam: Yes, it would be. Well, that
  • 1:07:57
    John: is they got so screwed over because it didn't go sign up with Bill Gates. Yeah.
  • 1:08:02
    Adam: If you follow the whole story, they did not know that the controversy about about the boosters is that, you know, we're greedy. Americans are taking another shot at all hoarding it for ourselves, not giving it to them. By the way.
  • 1:08:21
    John: I love this. This is great. It really puts you in a bind. If you're trying to get two boosters out there to make some extra money.
  • 1:08:29
    Adam: That's fantastic.
  • 1:08:31
    John: Now you look like a douche bag for helping people.
  • 1:08:35
    Adam: Here's CBS Evening News real quick. Source tells CBS News The FDA could give full approval to the Pfizer vaccine by early next week. Monday. Yeah, yeah. Scientists.
  • 1:08:49
    John: Another report. Yeah, no,
  • 1:08:50
    Adam: I heard I heard Monday as well. Now the BBC had an article a piece on an Indian vaccine. And that and this being billed as a d N a vaccine, not an mRNA but a DNA vaccine and it's not even a shot.
  • 1:09:12
    Unknown: Then here's, here's the blurb scientists in India are celebrating what they say could be a game changing vaccine in the fight against the COVID-19. The drug regulator has approved the world's first DNA vaccines for Coronavirus. It's from a company called Padilla healthcare and requires three doses no needles, though, are involved. Crucially, the product can be stored at higher temperatures than most of the existing jobs that have received approval. Dr. Chris Smith is a consultant virologist at Cambridge University in the UK. He's been telling me what a DNA vaccine is. These vaccines work by delivering to the body the genetic instructions that the virus would deliver were read in your body for real for some parts of the virus, and cells can read those genetic and instructions and make the very same thing that they would make where the whole virus there. And because you've only got to adjust the instructions for just part of the virus, you only make that bit of it not the whole virus. So there's no threat like a protein exactly, you do show the immune system, what certain key components of the virus look like when a cell makes them and that makes the immune system make the very same response it would make where the virus there for real. And that way you can produce antibodies are waiting and waiting, should you encounter the virus for real down the track real with all this vaccine is needle free. So how do you get it into your body, what you do is
  • 1:10:37
    use a powerful spring that puts the material under pressure, hold it against the skin and it then dispenses a fine jet of material into the skin and it's going sufficiently fast and it's a sufficiently small jet that it can penetrate the outer layers of the skin and become what's good intradermal material that's deposited there is then collected by the immune system taken off to your local lymph glands and then used to educate the immune system.
  • 1:11:03
    Adam: So I left that all in there because Holy crap, you could use this to do anything to anybody just walk by and boiling. Shoot them up with some DNA that tells your body to do stuff
  • 1:11:16
    John: like this. pricker
  • 1:11:18
    Adam: Yes, it's an it's a new version of the printer but now about done by your friendly doctor, not your local KGB agent.
  • 1:11:24
    John: Yeah, well. All right, I got to note. I don't have the I mean, I don't know how to end that is changing the subject. All right, go ahead. Sorry. You have the notes in the morning. I could not but notice to separate now this is a note and so I'm doing the observations after recent move from new york new jersey area to Texas by a producer Doosan I couldn't put notice to seven peculiar issues observed upon my recent move from the New York area to the Williamson County area just north of Austin
  • 1:12:01
    Adam: always in Georgetown.
  • 1:12:04
    John: One start with the good there are no there are children on the streets in Texas. No not that there are no children in New York or New Jersey but it's striking how many more there are in public places, supermarkets, stores, streets, parks, etc. In Texas, an order of magnitude more vitality here good Yes. To now man who went to bed in New Jersey, as soon as the state lifted the mask mandates masks all but vanished from the public places. Yes, you can see occasional mask elderly, but you could see them with masks even before COVID-19 very very few people could be seen mass in the stores and next to none in the open. As I frequent in New York in particular Long Island in Westchester. There a mask uses by ordinary people remained at some level, you can see significant numbers of ordinary people mass in stores and in the open. Coming to Texas. I expected to see more of the New Jersey picture than New York. Sadly, what I have observed matches New York much more in Williamson County and in the Austin in Austin itself. It is worse. Furthermore, as government seized massed orders in New Jersey, all my doctors seized master weak requirements in the offices. All three of my Texas doctors and their institutions require masks. In Texas, they still require masks. Ordinary barber shop requires masks. What's up Texas? Please tell me that it's the shadow of Travis County and that the rest of Texas behaves more sanely Well, this is nice. And I can answer yesterday some Leander
  • 1:13:50
    Adam: Oh, well, it's still Williamson County. That's all under the under the auspices of Austin and Patel. They did all the very good fearmongering sending out text messages, sending out phone calls to everybody. Oh my god, we're stage five we are out of hospital beds mask up mask up the mayor's out on the news every single day saying it with total lies. Well, I mean, yeah, we may be out of ICU beds, but that's because of staffing get to that in a minute. The problem is specifically barbers because there is no mandate. They can be no mandate because of the governor's law, but the there's pressure from the from the hairdressers. I think it's Association. You know that you have to get a licence to be to be a barber or a hairdresser in the state of Texas. And so your licence will come under review or is implied. If you don't make everybody mask up in your salon or your barber shop. So it's just Typical economic pressure being applied. And all of Austin in the greater area a bunch of tardes man Where can I tell you to go to San Antonio or the hill country head for the hills. Now regarding the reports of ICU beds being out, which was it's been pushed very very heavily here in the Austin area. This is NBC today show that's what we're worried about right now. Oh crap. was supposed to. It's supposed to be a whole piece about that. Okay. I clicked that wrong. Do that. Yeah, I hate it when that happens. That was about the it's an staffing issue. We have staffing issues and
  • 1:15:40
    then there's this week.
  • 1:15:42
    John: I'm saying you fire all the nurses and I'll let you know and then you bitch. Unbelievable.
  • 1:15:48
    Adam: Like this the Pennsylvania my daughters have been a nurse for several years both my new neighbours to st Luke's University Hospital network pay raise last year was a $20 gift card I shit you're not claimed no revenues due to COVID. They did lose some income due to cancellation of elective surgery for months. Many staff including nurses furloughed daughter wasn't but close. Now. They're quitting in droves in droves. The pay is too low, huge mandatory on call burden due to short staff. They had to quick pay raises $5 a year then $10 for two year contracts bonus of $5 a year of 5000. I'm sorry, five 5000 a
  • 1:16:31
    John: year getting
  • 1:16:34
    Adam: nervous. I was 5000 for one year 10,000 for two year contract bonus if you don't quit, but they're just there. They're tired of it. And then there's the mandates on vaccination. And it's it's a we'll listen to this with hospitals near capacity, patients have to decide what operations take the highest priority, Dylan's eurocity with kmG Insurance Solutions
  • 1:16:57
    John: sees patients with issues all the time this virus spiking in different areas in an unpredictable manner. It's kind of overwhelming health care systems.
  • 1:17:06
    Adam: Some groups have delayed elective procedures entirely, while others like Lee health are only offering a small limited amount. If your elective procedure is still available, experts recommend making the decision carefully
  • 1:17:19
    Unknown: it really comes down to a individual's level of pain is their quality of life really being affected by the level of pain during Can you not, you know live the quality life you want to live. And that's it. So you would want to try to get that procedure done.
  • 1:17:33
    Adam: This delay in procedures could cause cost of care to skyrocket. Some patients strategically planned operations and the expenses attached first spending their medical deductible before going under the knife john has with Athos health says if patients are forced to wait until after their benefits reset, it could end up costing 10s of 1000s of dollars, depending on how long this goes. Right and how long it takes to reschedule some of these procedures, you might have a year where you're gonna have to pay your deductible again next year, you might have some extra costs that you weren't planning on. I mean, this is so so cynical. So because they furloughed a lot of people, and now they're pushing away because they just don't have the staff they're turning away elective surgeries. You know, you may be scheduled for next year and then you and your premier your your copay or deductible, reset. So
  • 1:18:29
    John: you'd be out a crock that is by the way.
  • 1:18:32
    Adam: Well, of course it could that's that's all the operation or whatever the procedure is, it really costs you know, your $8,000 All the rest is gravy. That's just people just lifted up. So I think this, this collapse of the healthcare system is imminent. And it's and it's like everything else. It's turning out to be true. Kids with no experience can get a $75,000 a year job in New York off the bat people are starving. Our dishwasher has been out for a week. It's a sensor or something. I don't know. I've had three people say, you know, maybe in April, I'll have some time for you that to know shows who you know, and even these are companies that are in the Better Business Bureau listing. This everyone's the same story can't get anybody can't get anybody. No one wants to work. That's that's that's
  • 1:19:35
    John: done a great job of it. socialism one.