1376: Dead Puppies

Adam Curry & John C. Dvorak

3h 24m
August 26th, 2021
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Executive Producers: Sir Earthbound Astronaut of the Agarthic Realm, Sir Walk-Man, Duke of the Buckeye!, Sir Boseman of Cape Fear, Sir Dirt Farmer, Sir Goodbook of the Escarpment, Nina Jurewicz, Katie Olson, Sir Kit Bored, Bored Stupid, Andrew, Sir Render, Kamra Dopps, patrick watson, Borislav Marinov, Mike Keeler, Christin Tsutsui

Associate Executive Producers: Sir Patrick Coble, The Duke of The South and Dame Sarah, Larusso, Colin Preston's Wife's Hood to Coast Running Team, Charles VandeSande, Sir Davey of the Sooner State, Darius Gandhi, Dan Scalese

Cover Artist: Koob the Boob


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Suggested chapter: EU m5m are collectively 'taking a break' from covid news
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Suggested chapter: Dr Christina Parks Testifies in Michigan against Mandates. get more severe symptoms when you're vaccinated
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Suggested chapter: FT many shipping companies took ships out of service bc 2023 energy efficiency rules require liquefied natural gas powered ships
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Suggested chapter: Australian energy market commission wants to start charging solar panel owners bc its hurting electricity company income
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The Testing Scam
2 tests cvs
1 scheduled at DFW rapid 1 hour ($250)
Got it Monday AM
Asked for at check in test and declaration
Empty at DFW
Upon arrival
In hotel 2 tests
10 minute antigen 54 euros
1 hour PCR 250 euros
EU Report
Complete media silence on vaccines, masks and lockdowns
6 months no government
Brinks truck 67 million
BBC stones back to back
Charlie Watts unique jazz style and rhythm
New DJ's afraid of social media slams
AFG is BIG News
FDA Approval
Core FDA approval issue
It seems the “approval” is just for them to use a new brand name, and to get a boost in sales by saying the vaccine is approved.
But they won’t use the brand name until the CDC’s ACIP committee places the vaccine on the official schedule - which is the trigger to ensure the pharmaceutical company isn’t liable for any damages for the rest of time (under the NCVIA act of 1986). Until that point (which won’t happen until the “emergency” is over, or the vaccine is FDA approved for children and babies, they will continue to inject the “Pfizer” version of the same vaccine. The Pfizer version is covered by the Emergency Use Authorization and therefore is protected from liability by the PREP act.
The Best Quote:
"FDA did not refer this application to the Vaccines and Related Biological Products Committee (VRBPAC) because our review of the information submitted to this BLA did not raise concerns or controversial issues that would have benefited from an advisory committee discussion."
"Based on these data, and review of manufacturing information regarding product quality and consistency, FDA concluded that it is reasonable to believe that Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine may be effective. "
Does the FDA think these data justify the first full approval of a covid-19 vaccine?
August 23, 2021
The FDA should demand adequate, controlled studies with long term follow up, and make data publicly available, before granting full approval to covid-19 vaccines, says Peter Doshi
On 28 July 2021, Pfizer and BioNTech posted updated results for their ongoing phase 3 covid-19 vaccine trial. The preprint came almost a year to the day after the historical trial commenced, and nearly four months since the companies announced vaccine efficacy estimates “up to six months.”
But you won’t find 10 month follow-up data here. While the preprint is new, the results it contains aren’t particularly up to date. In fact, the paper is based on the same data cut-off date (13 March 2021) as the 1 April press release, and its topline efficacy result is identical: 91.3% (95% CI 89.0 to 93.2) vaccine efficacy against symptomatic covid-19 through “up to six months of follow-up.”
The 20 page preprint matters because it represents the most detailed public account of the pivotal trial data Pfizer submitted in pursuit of the world’s first “full approval” of a coronavirus vaccine from the Food and Drug Administration. It deserves careful scrutiny.
ADE and the Israel Problem
Original Antigenic Sin” first appear in a major elite media outlet
Alex Berenson on Israel numbers
New Israeli preprint shows natural immunity to #SARSCoV2 is FAR superior to the artificial kind - vaccinated people were 13x as likely to be infected and 27x to have symptomatic infections as a matched cohort that was previously infected. And this is with Delta dominant.
Meat Processors no longer USDA Stamped
As of 330p today we can no longer apply the mark of inspection to our product. We’re putting the usda and FSIS on blast for this coercion and could use some help. We’ve got some studies questioning the efficacy of masks but would like to add to the stack of info we can throw at them. Can you throw me any links to stuff you’ve found? Headed to no agenda social later to blast it out.
Stay Dangerous!
Alex Berenson on Israel numbers
New Israeli preprint shows natural immunity to #SARSCoV2 is FAR superior to the artificial kind - vaccinated people were 13x as likely to be infected and 27x to have symptomatic infections as a matched cohort that was previously infected. And this is with Delta dominant.
Illinois Hospital shot required
Biggest thing: now that Pfizer is FDA approved any patients who are admitted for any medical reason (even just for overnight monitoring) and is undiagnosed will be given the first Pfizer shot and make an appointment for the second.
15 rescue dogs, including 10 puppies, killed by council in Australia over COVID-19 concerns
A local government in the state of New South Wales in Australia faced criticism after reports surfaced they ordered 15 dogs killed to prevent the spread of COVID-19 among shelter workers.
On Sunday, The Sydney Morning Herald reported the Bourke Shire Council, located in the northern part of New South Wales, shot and killed 15 impounded dogs so volunteers at another shelter wouldn't travel to pick up the animals. Of the 15 dogs, 10 were puppies, and one had just given birth to a litter.
"This is just absolutely heartbreaking – to think of these lost or abandoned animals not even having a chance to find a loving forever home,” said Emma Hurst, a state lawmaker from the Animal Justice Party.
The council said that the pound with the animals was at capacity, and two of the dogs were aggressive toward each other and staff. They added that the person that rehomes dogs wasn't available before they decided to euthanize the dogs.
Dallas Cowboys Camera Man Ivermectin BOTG
This is Sir Doghouse Reiley of the Big Sleep
I work as a camera operator, mostly sports. I am scheduled to work the Dallas Cowboys Houston Texans game as a camera operator on Saturday. Since I am not vaccinated I had to show a negative covid test. I was scheduled to work on the sidelines but since I am not vaccinated I was moved to a hard camera. Then I was informed wednesday I would need to show a negative covid test by thursday 9 am. I went to a drive through covid testing site, once a corner gas station that is now shuttered. Two weeks ago the place was always empty when I drove by now the line is an one and half hour wait
The guy came around to about 5 cars at a time and took your paper and a sample then went into a metal trailer. About 11 he came to my car and gave me a piece of paper with a big check by the Positive sign. He said "You are positive, Stay Safe"
Being Covid positive I went to the FLCCC.net website. Front Line Covid Care site
On their website is a list of doctors who will prescribe Ivermectin and a list of pharmacies that will fill it. I called my local Kroger Pharmacy and they said they would not fill it
I called a local doctor about 11:15. Got a 2 Pm Phone appointment ($200) and by 4pm I had my Ivermectin ($50)
Alas I got yanked from the Cowboys game which is depressing in light of the fact that CBS will no longer employ unvaccinated gig workers starting august 28 and Fox sports will not hire unvaccinated gig workers starting in sept. They used to pay for Covid Testing before games. CBS would hire a full time nurse to travel to gigs to test workers.
Healthcare take-down
Healthcare staff being rile dup against unvaccinated
I work for the university of Pittsburgh medical center. We received this email last week, which I consider to be thinly-veiled attack on the unvaccinated. The leadership here gives the appearance of green-lighting staff anger towards patients. In all my career, it has never been tolerated to treat a patient differently if their disease process is a result of lifestyle choices. We don’t do this to drug addicts, smokers, gangbangers, seatbelt refuseniks, even cop-shooters. Yet a system with 20,000 unvaccinated employees (many of whom are nurses and doctors) feels entitled to send such a gaslighting email.
This is a prelude to vigilantism. Beware of the coming war on the unvaxxed.
NHS wards 'full because:
I also asked why the wards are so overrun especially as numbers are dropping.
Covid wards have half the beds taken out and are staffed by half the usual numbers of nurses. This is to adhere to social distancing measures.
Everyone who goes into hospital is tested for Covid regardless of why they are admitted. If they test positive, they go into the Covid ward.
This leads to overcrowding as there are not enough beds and they are sticking people in them who don't need to be in there.
Its a situation they have created themselves.
Mass Formation
Bat vs Lab
Supply Chains
A message from the spook community on fighting season
Adam, John,
ITM from a member of the Gitmo Nation Spook Community. First a little credentialism: I am currently a DIA officer working somewhere in the national capital region. I hold a Masters of Science in strategic intelligence from the National Intelligence University and over the course of my 25+ year career I've worked at FBI, NGA, overseas combatant command J2s, and various other military and intelligence elements.
"Fighting Season" is very much real, and the various tribal entities in that part of the world have been practicing this for - well, basically forever. The regional climate and significant snowfall during winter months, combined with rugged mountainous terrain, make many areas impassable and therefore conflict and warfare are put "on hold" until spring time. Concerning the statement on Sunday's show about the Taliban being at "the height of their power", I'd say this is accurate with respect the apex of this year's season.
Thank you both for your courage,
Joe and Kamala
Flat Earth
Ball Believers
Big Tech
YouTube COVID-19 medical misinformation policy
The safety of our creators, viewers, and partners is our highest priority. We look to each of you to help us protect this unique and vibrant community. It’s important you understand our Community Guidelines, and the role they play in our shared responsibility to keep YouTube safe. Take the time to carefully read the policy below. You can also check out this page for a full list of our guidelines.
YouTube doesn't allow content about COVID-19 that poses a serious risk of egregious harm.
YouTube doesn't allow content that spreads medical misinformation that contradicts local health authorities’ or the World Health Organization’s (WHO) medical information about COVID-19. This is limited to content that contradicts WHO or local health authorities’ guidance on:
Social distancing and self isolation guidelines
The existence of COVID-19
Build the wall!
Climate Change
TN Flooding from David
Afternoon Gents,
Blame it on Global Warming, etc. The cause of the deadly flooding in Waverly, TN was man-made and mother nature. I am the same guy that told you about the ABC control state contracts. Before that I was in the fire service for 25 years. Here's what happened:
The one bridge under the railroad tracks became filled with debris.
The water was trapped on the north side of the tracks, creating a moderate sized lake.
The levee(railroad tracks) washed out and released the water.
The rest is on CNN, Fox and others.
Brief history:
Certain neighborhoods in Waverly are regularly flooded every 3-5 years.
The residents are trained what to do when the water rises above a certain level. Raise furniture, appliances, etc. They all have Go Bags.
Because of this training, many waited too long to get out and we had many losses of life. Some of my friends are gone.
I was out at 5am helping get people ready to move. I heard the roaring of the water before we saw it. Everyone I helped got out safe, but they lost everything. Houses, boats, cars, medicine, etc.
I worked a little of New Orleans during Katrina. Waverly reminds me of Katrina.
17 inches of rain in 6 hours.
Love and light.
Taliban vow to tackle CLIMATE CHANGE
Taliban spokesman Abdul Qahar Balkhi says they want to play a global role
The terror group wants to help tackle climate change and security, he claims
The Taliban is trying to project a more modern and 'inclusive' image
But executions and rights crackdowns have already been reported in regime


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Industial Hygenist says masks are bullcrap and watch Petty videos.mp3
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Obama’s assistant secretary for homeland security -1- Kahijim says vaxx for flights.mp3
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UK Morning show - Red flags for incel movement could be violent.mp3
ABC America This Morning - anchor Mona Kosar Abdi - california man had 300 recall ballots in his car (13sec).mp3
Delta recall Newsome.mp3
  • 0:00
    Adam: Oh wow. Adam Curry Jhansi devora Thursday August 26 2021. This is your award winning gitmo-nation Media assassination Episode 1376. This is no agenda back in the old country again and broadcasting live from the heart of the crime ridden state, Mo lowlands, Amsterdam, the Netherlands in the morning, everybody. I'm Adam Curry,
  • 0:23
    John: and from Northern Silicon Valley where I didn't know the crime ridden when people poop in the streets. I'm Jhansi Dvorak
  • 0:33
    Adam: skills. It's a different kind of crime. It's of course it's crime is screaming now.
  • 0:41
    John: You know, when you go onto the freeway in Berkeley, yeah, off a University Avenue, there's all these homeless in the round the loop you around, you know, it's like a cloverleaf is all the whole cloverleaf the whole area is filled with with tansen garbage and just debris is never really I don't see anybody there but there's just a lot of stuff. Yeah, and it always starts to in cringe and go further and further toward the actual entrance to the entrance dry you know, you drive onto the freeway down almost onto the freeway itself. It's it just keeps wanting to encroach and be on the freeway. It seems idiotic that you want to be right as cars you're just hitting it in other going 5560 and yes, and
  • 1:27
    Adam: that's where they're hanging out. Yeah, I was gonna play a song for you and then there's nothing here around the streets Yeah, baby that goes back. From our greatest hits volume to pooping in the streets.
  • 1:46
    John: A curse effort just went by holy crap.
  • 1:49
    Adam: Ladies and gentlemen, please alert CNBC. We've got an eight cars Zephyr that means the economy is kind of stable. We've got a kaboom and cabal Bitcoin 47,892. Oh my god. Good news, but cabul man, you've been following this
  • 2:11
    John: nightmare. Oh, my last I heard was that they told everyone to get out of the air. No, no,
  • 2:16
    Adam: there was a there was a suicide bomber this morning.
  • 2:20
    John: Oh, finally. Okay.
  • 2:22
    Adam: Well, I was looking at the news. 39 minutes ISIS was the ISIS k Yes, of course this ISIS K. Hello. We've rebranded and what's interesting is you get you don't they? Don't they talk about ISIS k here on
  • 2:35
    John: Wait, wait, how come there was never any ISIS anything during the Trump administration or any of this stuff. But now Biden's back and now we have ISIS, Kay.
  • 2:44
    Adam: Interesting in it for years of nothing. And so there's nothing quite luxurious to have eight channels of news, which is all from different countries, which makes it kind of fun to flip around in the hotel room.
  • 2:58
    John: So I'm getting messages by changing channels. You do that to
  • 3:02
    Adam: me. I know. I just flipped around. I don't change the channels. I also don't try to catch myself on bullshit word things when I'm alone. And what? Nothing. But I got a text message. I said there's been an explosion in the airport, and probably about 10 minutes later it hit the news. And they just hit the hotel as well. So there's a second one now.
  • 3:30
    John: Airport hotel? Yes,
  • 3:32
    yes, no.
  • 3:34
    Adam: And well, that includes American GI as I think, because that's where the Taliban said they would be safe. I'm just repeating what I'm hearing from boots on the ground there. And a little bit of what I'm seeing, but this bad news bad. And I will be talking about some of that in my EU report so that you know what's happening. But before we do anything, ladies and gentlemen, before sorting through one of these days, I'll get the right one off the bat.
  • 4:03
    John: Yeah, that was Tara. Jc comparing story from ABC, CBS and NBC.
  • 4:16
    Adam: Ladies, Gentlemen, John Dvorak checks out all of the different news cast morning shows on television, ABC, CBS, NBC, actually it's not ever new, just the morning shoes shows and he tells us exactly what he is learning. JOHN, what are you learning? Well, well, Welp, well,
  • 4:35
    John: CBS it was just a boring report today. I had to I want to apologize in advance. CBS, they were just sitting around lamenting about Anthony Mason's new position. He's, he's kind of going to be a correspondent now. He's not going to be at the table. Women so this was this was their own guy
  • 4:52
    Adam: they were talking about their own guy was
  • 4:55
    John: sitting there. This is why I'm glaces. I've been working and he says I've been working for CBS for 40 years anthem they give you it's always been a guy they put him into the evening news when they got nobody else he's like a spot guys like how
  • 5:09
    Adam: many years? How many years? How many years? 40
  • 5:13
    John: holy crap CBS
  • 5:14
    Adam: don't you get like a golden something
  • 5:17
    John: as you get nothing. And so I think you're bumping him from the morning show because the guys getting old and they want to put young people in even though they don't quite realize that the generation see the Zoomers kind of like an old perspective at least being there. Is this what we call this what we call putting out to pasture
  • 5:40
    so he's being put out to pasture to do special reports mostly on music and concerts to submit you know,
  • 5:48
    Adam: to go to the Met Okay, cool. That's nice. CBS does a good job.
  • 5:52
    John: It's gonna be better for him because he doesn't have to get up at five in the morning. But before and Okay, so let's take a take a yak yak yak a good there was nothing else voice I moved on. ABC holy crap.
  • 6:03
    Adam: That was Morning America nine GMA.
  • 6:07
    John: All they were doing was they had a bunch of gay hairstylist mostly black Incidentally, that were going on and on and on and on about the modern styles and especially curtain bangs.
  • 6:21
    Adam: Oh yes, curtain bangs are back. That's true curtain bangs. This
  • 6:25
    John: is the thing. So that was boring.
  • 6:31
    Adam: Now we're talking about all hair or also specifically about black hair, which is the third
  • 6:36
    John: third right here. It was just a bunch of bunches multi culti hair
  • 6:40
    Adam: well that by itself is a problem they should have addressed specifically the elephant in the room.
  • 6:45
    John: I don't understand how they got well black person would get curtain bangs but Okay, so let's go on to the illustrious NBC NBC. Now this is the one that has used the you know shopping or something. Oh no, they usually what do they usually don't know they're doing a lot of celebrity stuff. So they had a celebrity chef on and they were cooking a stupid yellow tomato pasta sauce and and does a funny thing they were just going on I got a quote here somebody says there's no there's no dairy in there. woman says pasta sauce. There's no dairy in there and in the background one of the women goes
  • 7:28
    Adam: oh wow this is some scientific breakthrough. Yeah. Wow,
  • 7:38
    John: there's no dairy in the pasta sauce. Wow, they're morons on NBC. Oh, man. There's a big black guy who's like the main host now is kind of like this guy whose is this guy? He's just he's not he's not even all there. But he is so tall. I think they booked me already put him in this spot because boy you know Michael stray hand over there's a big guy. Let's get it you know who's I think strand six five or so is huge. But he's big big football player. And so we I think they do and they got something they got they figured something out. We didn't figure out so let's get this tall guy does he
  • 8:15
    Adam: have does he have a big head?
  • 8:18
    John: He's DB is a pretty big hit is bigger than brokers. But broker comes up to his nipples. Where did they find this big dude? So he's there and he doesn't know anything. Hilarious to show is down the tubes. These networks are dumb.
  • 8:40
    Adam: Now do they have any talk about vaccines about man? Oh, nothing? No.
  • 8:45
    John: This random walk so you never know what I'm gonna run into? There was nothing nothing about the bomb. Nothing about nothing. Ah, just all Wow, there's no dairy and pasta sauce. Wow.
  • 9:00
    Adam: Ah, you know, and we wonder why we're stupid. I hope not too many people watch that. What are the ratings of those shows that what
  • 9:10
    John: are they pulling out as bad as you'd like to hope?
  • 9:12
    Adam: And I really did like 5 million, maybe 6 million not more than this in that neighborhood. That's pretty bad. It's pretty bad. This 5 million people being indoctrinated by that. But you know what I learned?
  • 9:26
    John: All this five times three is yes.
  • 9:28
    Adam: You know what I learned? There's an atom. There's no dairy and pasta sauce, john. Yeah. Oh, wow. All right, let me quickly do this. This is the gaff of the week. I have to get it out of the way because everybody's been sending it to me and know that all just waiting. It's the weirdest thing. Like I'm gonna send this to Adam. I've seen it a million times myself, but I can't wait to hear it on the show. I just sent it. Jen Psaki. She said it. She dealt it.
  • 9:58
    Unknown: I will say that the President's looking forward. To welcoming the prime minister who is already in town, as you know, having a variety of meetings today, I would expect we expect their conversation to be wide ranging to cover a range of topics of mutual interest, everything from COVID-19 and our efforts to address the global pandemic to regional security issues, which could include a range of topics.
  • 10:20
    Adam: Now I played this back several times. She really did say it.
  • 10:24
    John: planned me She sure did.
  • 10:27
    Adam: She sure did. Listen again.
  • 10:30
    Unknown: mutual interest everything from COVID-19 and our efforts to address the global pandemic to regional she says,
  • 10:39
    John: a clan demmick but I
  • 10:41
    Adam: think it's because the word global was before pandemic and she just got tied up in it. The global pandemic with global sampling the clam demmick maybe it's the club maybe she wants a clam demmick I don't know. Could have been that. But anyway, people that's
  • 10:57
    John: the gaffer though he gave the gaff OF THE WEEK probably coming up. If you want I mean, is the questions, q&a. The fact that let me just get out. Let's
  • 11:07
    Adam: do it. Let's do it.
  • 11:09
    John: This is how you find it. Oh, what was the age? Oh, here it is. This is I have a bunch of Biden clips today. And I will mention I don't have as many clips as I'd like, because my machine blew up. Yeah. Yeah. I do have this. And this is an ask Adam. Oh, that was that you don't need a jingle, jingle if you want. But this is Biden. What did he say? I want you to tell me and you can say that planned me think was good. This is a little better? A lot better. But I want you to tell me what he said.
  • 11:42
    Unknown: The most significant recession we've had since the depression, or at least is Johnson. Okay.
  • 11:51
    Adam: I gotta hear it again, just to make sure I did not see this yet.
  • 11:54
    Unknown: The most significant recession we've had since the depression, or at least is Johnson.
  • 12:00
    Adam: So I think he was talking about 2008 2009 because I did see some of this. So in 2008, we had the most significant recession since the depression, but certainly since Jackson, which is the one that throws me for a loop. Was it something around Johnson's time that I don't know what happened? That did I
  • 12:19
    John: know. Yeah. And what who's ever mentioned Johnson? is the most significant something since Johnson. Maybe he's thinking about Kennedy. I think in camela is Johnson. I am telling you, I have no idea what he's talking about. He never explained it. He went
  • 12:43
    Adam: wasn't that wasn't the better gaff. It was. Right? Just Joe doesn't count. Do you want to want a little trip report?
  • 12:57
    John: In fact, yes, you have just you've jumped on the plane. You got a bunch of vaccines. You're all freaked out after the last show. You had to get out of there. Oh, I'm gonna die. And you got on the plane. You got to have darlin. And now we need a complete report because you're the one doing international traveling with all these restrictions and you haven't gotten the vaccine? That's correct.
  • 13:17
    Adam: That is correct. So as I told you on Sunday, I was somewhat concerned because I found out actually, I don't think you know, after the show, Alright, let me back up. You need to have a test that is no older than 72 hours when you arrive in the Netherlands. So I in order to make sure I had a test because according to the website, it takes one to two days. I went Saturday and and had a test on Drive Thru. We talked about that the test where they say, here's your kid go over there and in the in the parking lot, and yeah, I wish I could have swallowed my armpit your dog doesn't Well, the dog probably has. I could have done any of that. So that was pretty stupid. First off, and I booked one for Sunday after the show. Knowing that by the time I got to the Netherlands on Tuesday, the Saturday test would probably be too old. I might be able to dance around it, but I didn't want to take any risk. So I go there Sunday, right after the show. I mean, I got the show done almost in record time. I think it was what 40 seconds short of the all time record a
  • 14:22
    John: second show. Yeah. 40 seconds short
  • 14:24
    Adam: of the all time record. It was dynamite. Dynamite. We were so slick. So I Buzz off, you know, it's a half hour drive to the to the town where they've got a CVS drive thru. And I say, so this was one to two days. She says, Oh, no, the website's wrong. It's really more like three days.
  • 14:43
    John: I must have made your heart sing.
  • 14:47
    Adam: I'm traveling tomorrow. Well, I'll put priority on this one. What does that mean? Oh, maybe less than three days. I'm flipping out. Like, oh my god. You're not going to tell me get an ulcer. Oh, So I'm, and I'm tired, you know, because we did the show and I'm driving home. I'm talking to Tina and I tell her the story. She's like, oh, man, maybe you can move your flight one day. Anyway, I get home. I'm looking at all this, see if I can move my flight. Yeah, for $4,000. You know, everything's messed up with the airline. So I left that for what it was. I don't know what to do. Maybe I'll just just hope just get on the plane. Hope that it arrives by the time I arrive. And then Tina found at Dallas Fort Worth. There's actually a rapid one hour test you can take at gate D nine at the International Terminal. So not far from where I would be because I was going from San Antonio to Dallas from Dallas to Amsterdam. And so we booked that $250 like, Okay, alright, feel it. Oh, yeah. Oh, this story gets better. Because, you know, at least I had something. So go to San Antonio, which is my new favorite airport. It's closer to us than than Austin was. And it's smaller. It's great, great little airport. And at the check in, right away. She says, you go into the Netherlands? Yep. Do you have your health declaration and your negative COVID test? Well, luckily, I did. Because Monday morning, the Saturday tests came through. So I was so happy at this point on our way to the
  • 16:19
    airport that I get this test, but she asked me for it and she put something in the computer. So at that point, I knew while I'm kind of lucky because it can imagine the dance I'd have to do say oh well, I'm going to get the test to Dallas and you know, I had the appointment and everything so I was feeling much better about it. Arrive at Dallas Fort Worth, you know, go to board and I actually walked by said hey, can I get a refund? No. Okay, thanks. There was no one there. No one at the testing center. Now, getting ready to board
  • 16:52
    John: on a Wait, wait, wait, wait. You paid in advance for that? Yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. So you got gouged for 250 bucks and there was nobody there just the beginning of the fun stuff.
  • 17:03
    Adam: And and this was American Airlines. And so I bored and I have my passport. I've got my health certificate. I've got my my COVID negative COVID tests I've gotten my boarding pass and they say oh no, you just have to look in this box. I look in this box and it takes a picture of me and it says Welcome aboard Mr. Curry your seat number is so the they don't even look at this I have not witnessed yet this kind of check in
  • 17:30
    John: I know about this I've heard about it I haven't
  • 17:32
    Adam: and I'm just curious where what picture did they get because the one on my on my driver's license has hair from 12 years ago. Is it my passport picture I don't know where they got this
  • 17:42
    John: using they're using your eyeball distance knows they don't care about your hair and it
  • 17:47
    Adam: went fast and didn't you didn't have to take my mask down? How about that?
  • 17:52
    John: Yes. I realized suppose they're testing this this is the reason is there. This was doing there's a system we talked about on the show assistant is supposed to do a facial recognition without with masks and it's basically just eyeballs ear you know, facial shapes. I
  • 18:13
    Adam: think I even had my hands. I think
  • 18:16
    John: you're being Yeah, you were part of a test. This
  • 18:18
    Adam: is all crap beta. beta beta test. Yeah. guinea pig in the beta test.
  • 18:24
    John: Well
  • 18:24
    Adam: okay, so on the plane flying Actually, I take I pop a 50 milligram edible oh man I slept for about three hours perfect. woken up All right everybody. Make sure you have your health declaration your negative COVID 730 something like that. We arrived go down stand in line. The only thing they want to see from anybody is the passport. That's it. There's no one asked for any of this crap that I went through all of this to get there not asking for it. There's no exit the airport there's no masks anywhere. Everyone's completely chill. In this whole being scammed, yes, of course. I'm being scammed. This is horrible.
  • 19:09
    John: And you got you know, you get being scammed. But you got suckered for a $250 test you never got to take But wait, there's more.
  • 19:19
    Adam: being received some good advice from sir from Sir-onimous of dogpatch and lower slobbovia. The minute I check into the hotel, I immediately say can you please schedule a test for me for my return? Absolutely have a one hour test right here in the hotel, PCR or a 10 minute antigen test. Now, knowing the travel rules, the antigen test is not as far as I understand it, not the correct one to re enter the United States. You don't care about the truth. That's why that one costs 54 euros, but the one hour PCR test so I can do that Sunday. 250 euros it's like price fixing
  • 20:05
    John: no no it's gouging
  • 20:06
    Adam: Yeah. What but it's the same price that's what's interesting. More or less $250 250 euros
  • 20:14
    John: well it's a nice round number but I
  • 20:15
    Adam: think the only reason these papers are being requested or demanded is for the airline I think it's them they just want to make sure that they have you doing all that they need to do to cover their ass and they can't be sued because the government didn't care there was no they don't need to look me up in the in the in the machine it's like okay how long you're staying where you're doing it Welcome Welcome to Holland Yeah, so it's it's truly has nothing to do with the health of the people of the crime ridden country of the Netherlands or the European Union because they didn't check me and they don't think they have any way of knowing if I was legit
  • 21:00
    John: Yes, not real the airlines covered covered the basis they must know that's going on and maybe not
  • 21:08
    Adam: I don't know. I don't know. It just seems like an incredible scam. And here's what's even more interesting to me being here for so I got it in you I went straight to Rotterdam 50
  • 21:19
    John: bucks. I mean, give me a break
  • 21:21
    Adam: for a piece of plastic and a swab and a little bit of goop. So I go to see Christina straight down to Rotterdam great time everything school. And what I noticed rain, no taxi. Erica, he hadn't seen her. You know, Eric had a horrible accident. January a year ago. Yes. gusta.
  • 21:40
    John: Yeah, yeah, he
  • 21:41
    Adam: broke both his ankles. his elbow is back. He's driving again. This is a medical miracle. And what I noticed is because I was in the hotel a little bit, there's nothing about Coronavirus on television. There's nothing they don't called COVID. They called Coronavirus here. There's nothing
  • 21:59
    John: about the Delta variant enough to be talking about the Delta variant and they'll know everything crazy. Everyone's getting the Delta variant.
  • 22:05
    Adam: Nothing about the Delta variant. Nothing about lockdowns, nothing about mask is also as far as I can tell. There's no mass mandate, except in the airport and the airport hotel itself. I kind of understand that but and I'm missing this. It's like, I feel almost disoriented as I land in a whole nother country. Because when I left wall to wall, big firearms, you know, this meant million people vaccinated. This many unvaccinated. Here's your cases. It's a pandemic. It's the Florida it's Texas. It's the republicans is Trump all day long on every single channel non stop nothing here. And so yesterday, I was having lunch with my old radio, buddy, you don't funding cool. And I said, Hey, man, what? What's going on? How come? No one's talking about this? Oh, and he works for it. Right. And that and currently he works for government, licensed broadcast organization that broadcasts on NPR radio to so he's in the government vibe, you know, either in the government buildings. And he knows, he knows everybody who'd like me. It's been around for a long time. I said what is going nice as well, all the producers and program makers and everyone who was involved in television and radio all decided like a week or so ago that we just were so tired of it. the audience's are tired of it. We're not just we're just not going to talk about it for a little bit. And I said, So you're telling me that the government controlled airwaves just all of a sudden said you know what, we're tired,
  • 23:37
    not going to talk about I said, Yeah, that's really it. But it wasn't the government. He said it was the people that don't believe that. I do not believe that. But there's nothing. It's the most bizarre thing. Now there's some other stuff. Because of course, the crime ridden country of the Netherlands has not had a government for six months. They had the election six months ago and they still haven't figured out that you know that they're no coalition, they haven't figured out what to do. So they have a decommissioned government, as they call it, who is still making decisions. And just to add two more non COVID talk. Someone did a while we're all doing ransomware and Bitcoin theft and crypto theft. Not a big one, but crypto theft. Someone hit one of those security trucks with 67 million euros of gold and diamonds cash. And they actually got off with quite a bit of it. But some of these guys in the cops wound up chasing there was a shootout for this is truly a crime ridden country. This is unbelievable. How When is the last time you saw one of these like guys going after a cache truck?
  • 24:52
    John: or school match? It was old school. Yes old school and then yesterday
  • 24:56
    Adam: Um, so Okay, um, I'm hoping I'm gonna see this got to be something on TV. about what's happening put Charlie Watts died. Oh my god wall to wall run at Rolling Stones BBC, which was nice to see. In fact, they had all of the old Top of the Pops, recordings, some crazy stuff from the 60s where they can attend to at the end of the song, it fills up with foam and just, you know, the weirdest psychedelic type of video direction. So everyone's you know, talking about Charlie Watts. And then and then Afghanistan, and that is really the topic of every single country since I have, you know, eight or nine channels. Interestingly, no cnn in the hotel, I don't know what they did. They did something bad
  • 25:42
    John: to somebody. Somebody.
  • 25:44
    Adam: I'm sorry.
  • 25:46
    John: It's a good for somebody in New York to cut that feed off.
  • 25:49
    Adam: Yeah. So you know, I've got the typical Deutsche Avella friends 24, I've got TRT from Turkey. I've got Al Jazeera, BBC. So there's all of that, and it's all Afghanistan. And man, are they pissed? A Joe Biden pist pist? pissed off?
  • 26:09
    John: Who Who's they? In networks,
  • 26:13
    Adam: everything on the networks. So the BBC is the best. The BBC has just, you know, person after person showing up saying job. This is blood on joe biden's hands and he screwed it up. And because they all have troops there, the Dutch are all day what they went, Oh, wait
  • 26:31
    John: a minute. All right. Like what are we doing scramble to get him out? Yeah.
  • 26:35
    Adam: So when you have and the Netherlands is small. So you know, everyone knows someone who's connected to this to the military in some way? Probably. Or it's always a topic about our boys and Afghanistan. Imagine that the Dutch What are they doing there? Well, it's part of the the NATO agreement, so you got to do it. But to everyone's very confused, and not happy about this. Well, how come my kids are there and Joe Biden pulls all the Americans out. And then I'll just give you a quick exam. I should think we should do the FDA approval first. But I just want to give you a quick example of what came over this morning. This is the former UK f Gani come commander in Afghanistan, we crank this up a little bit more and more power. And he was very clear. But what do you think should happen with Joe Biden because of this action,
  • 27:21
    Unknown: so the whole world just became vastly more dangerous. The US government, the US government prep, President Biden humiliated the United States, he humiliated the United States Army, in my opinion. And I don't say this lightly. And I've never said it about anybody else. Any other leader in this position. People have been talking about impeaching President Biden, I don't believe President Biden should be impeached. He's the commander in chief of the US Armed Forces, who's just essentially surrendered to the Taliban. He shouldn't be impeached. He should be court martialed for betraying the United States of America and the United States Armed Forces.
  • 28:03
    John: Now, my understanding this guy is not in NATO at the moment he know.
  • 28:08
    Adam: He's retired. Yeah, but he's not a really old guy. You find these guys complaining? It's the BBC. JOHN. That's the point. It's not about these guys.
  • 28:16
    John: Yeah. Why am I six pissed off at this is the question you're really asking. Why is the intelligence Oh,
  • 28:23
    Adam: no, no, I'm not saying that. In fact, I'm not so sure. The EMI six doesn't know what's going on.
  • 28:30
    John: I'm still but why are they having BBC do this signaling? I'd like to know. Is this non traditional?
  • 28:38
    Adam: Correct. That's the whole point. But this is the same everywhere. They're pulling all kinds of people out. So yes, it's it's an anti Joe Biden or anti America or something that they're doing. And maybe they're just all helping to get Joe out. I don't know if this seems counterintuitive, but
  • 28:57
    John: here's my latest. Joe Biden is going to resign.
  • 29:05
    Adam: Yeah. Well, if you if you go back to 1989. When did President Ford in in office?
  • 29:22
    John: It was the end of the Nixon administration probably. Was it 70 something or 7374 75? I Carter got into 76. So it's probably 74.
  • 29:33
    Adam: Well, he, he said something 20 years after that, and 24 years after that, which turns out to be kind of a futuristic statement. I can tell you how I think it will happen. He's talking about having a female president because
  • 29:47
    Unknown: it won't happen in the normal course of events, either the republican or democrat political party. will nominate a man for president and a woman for vice press and the woman and man will win. So you'll end up with a president, a male and a vice president a female. And in that term of office of the President, the President will die.
  • 30:23
    Adam: He predicted a little differently.
  • 30:27
    John: I'm going with resign but die is possible.
  • 30:30
    Adam: And you gotta you gotta wonder, you know, with with the vice president back on the scene, all of a sudden she's showing up, she's doing stuff. She's getting ready. She's gonna go fly to Vietnam. And then oh,
  • 30:41
    Unknown: we're back now with a surprising hours long delay of vice president Kamala Harris's flight to Vietnam, as the US Embassy dealt with two new cases of that mystery illness known as Havana syndrome. Andrea Mitchell joins us now, Andrew.
  • 30:57
    That's right, Lester. It was a last minute delay on the Vice President's high profile trip to Vietnam. After embassy staffers reported acoustic symptoms similar to the so called Havana syndrome over the weekend, at least one is to be medivac for treatment, security officials decided there was no threat to the Vice President, since the embassy staff had been working from home because of COVID. NBC is reported as many as 200 reported cases at posts all over the world of this still mysterious element. Three hours late vice president Harris arrived in Hanoi, where we are told she will be carrying out her full schedule.
  • 31:31
    Adam: Now, what's the bullshit part of this story? But but they say there was another one of those Havana attacks at the embassy in Vietnam. But that's okay. Because the embassy staff was working from home. Well, then what? How did that how did they get attacked at home?
  • 31:50
    John: Well, that destroys very incomplete if what you what you analyze is accurate.
  • 31:55
    Adam: So the question is, is there something else going on with the vice president? Could this be a who gets taken out first thing, it's very possible that the team camela is not in sync with Team Joe and they may be battling internally? Regardless, they set her up for another. I don't know if that made the news or not. But she got up the ante did a whole you know we're gonna give you a million shots, a million COVID vaccines, except one hour before that the Chinese donated 2 million vaccines to
  • 32:31
    John: Yeah, but everybody in the world would rather take our shots. Sure,
  • 32:36
    Adam: if given a choice, you're but it just kind of shows
  • 32:39
    John: even the Chinese themselves. I mean,
  • 32:42
    Adam: I just got a wonder I don't think it's a good look. delay in her
  • 32:47
    John: is still cackling. Somebody asked her something, some little minor little sub clips somebody picked up and they asked her about Afghanistan or something. And she started cackling right away. It's just she's, this is going to be the work. This is going to be the most interesting part of American history or she becomes president. Well, one thing No, nobody, especially Hillary, no woman politician likes the idea of this interloper coming in and getting this job. They all wanted to be the first.
  • 33:25
    Adam: Yeah, that's the problem. You're absolutely right. That is the problem. So I'm sure there's all kinds of forces at work. We're just seeing the tip. And the tip, you gotta admit that it's funny because the people I spoke to here, they don't actually know Joe Biden is, is about his mental incapacitation.
  • 33:48
    John: Oh, they've done a great job. media has done a great job. Yeah, I mean, we play all these crazy clips of him. But the media doesn't play those clips. The general public doesn't know half this stuff.
  • 33:59
    Adam: It's really interest. So happy I
  • 34:03
    John: came. It's only Republicans.
  • 34:07
    Adam: But But here, people don't even know this at all. Like I say, no president has has dementia or something to say, really? To see. Have you ever looked at him Really? Well, you know, yeah, people don't care is obvious. I mean, why would they care about that guy? They're over here. They care about soccer and their festivals and their ecstasy, soccer, soccer. Soccer number one? Yes, exactly. And the crappy team who did so poorly? Alright, so the big, big thing that everyone's confused about which appears to be maybe somewhat too purposeful is the so called FDA approval of the so called Pfizer vaccine. Yeah,
  • 34:49
    John: I have a number of clips on this. And the one clip I didn't get because my machine crap failed. I had a bark machine so I didn't get a bunch of clips and one of them was the There was the I was saving to catch at the end. It was the clip that triggered a lot of this, which was that idiot Bannon. I have. I have the clip. Oh, good. I'm glad you got to clip because this is the formative clip. This is the clip.
  • 35:14
    Adam: But who do you think this guy is? Who do you think? Who's talking
  • 35:18
    John: to Dr. Yeah. The guy who looks like Sean Connery. And I'm talking about Sean Connery today. Dead. Doc, that guy,
  • 35:33
    Adam: Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA.
  • 35:38
    John: Oh, is that Malone the inventor of mRNA? Well, Malone is okay. Malone goes off the deep end he I'm
  • 35:43
    Adam: not so sure he does. But do you want to? I,
  • 35:46
    John: I would like if you let if you play that clip, let me play my clips. Because Absolutely, I have been in contact with the PR people that the FDA.
  • 35:56
    Adam: And if you missed them, doesn't go like this. Hello, Pfizer. What?
  • 36:01
    John: Yeah, does. And, okay, play this guy. And we'll go from there.
  • 36:11
    Unknown: So the little trick that they've done here is they have issued two separate letters for two separate vaccines. The Pfizer vaccine, which is what is currently available, is still under emergency use authorization. And it still has the liability shield. That the the once again, the mainstream media has lied to you. I'm sorry to say that I know it's a shock to this. But the the product that's licensed is the bio in tech product, which is substantially similar but not necessarily identical. It's called cold modernity. I think that's how it's pronounced. And it's not yet available, they haven't started manufacturing it or labeling it. And that's the one that the liability waiver will no longer apply to. So the one that's actually licensed is not yet available. And when it does become available, it will no longer have the liability shield in the interim. The one that does have the liability shield is the Pfizer product. And that's what's currently available and it's still under emergency use authorization. So that's no change.
  • 37:19
    Adam: That's the one you met. Right that clip.
  • 37:20
    John: Yep, yep. Okay. All right. Well, this is all nonsense.
  • 37:25
    Adam: Can I just give you one one piece of incorrect information that may affect your analysis? In Italy, in Germany, in the Netherlands, everyone who got what they thought is the Pfizer moderna, in fact, got common commonality. I've seen the I've seen the stickers. I've seen it. That is what they were giving here.
  • 37:53
    John: I agree.
  • 37:54
    Adam: Okay. Because he said that, he said it hasn't been manufactured. That's just
  • 37:58
    John: Yes, this is the problem. Yeah, that's that's not the guy's full of crap that Solomon
  • 38:03
    Adam: doesn't correct. Yeah, go
  • 38:04
    John: ahead. That's totally incorrect. That commodity was already in production. And it's been distributed. We I got a note from a guy in Germany because of my what I mentioned in my newsletter, which was wrong. And I believe the FDA is partly responsible for some of these mistakes. But if you read the documents from the FDA, and if you read the q&a, and if you read the fac, which I was sent, it clearly says that the Pfizer, the Pfizer by untag blah, blah, blah vaccine is identical does to the commodity. And the FDA makes that very clear. I think that confused so and the other thing is we've talked about this on the show is that there's a new fund for the vaccines that was set up specifically for these EU a vaccines that had even more money in it, but the vaccines are still good, old fashioned vaccines are still covered by an indemnity, pot of money. And the way I understand
  • 39:08
    Adam: it, the indemnification remains for if you still get a third shot, that is Pfizer moderna and is branded as such. It that is still under the EU a so no liability. There's a small window between being approved, which commodity which to me is just a different label on the same stuff that they got an approval to market. And that's the way it is it reads in Europe as well. I looked at their approval documentation. There's a small window Intel it is put on the schedule by the I think it's something you know, it's like some vaccine advisory panel who by the way, was not consulted for this decision. When they say okay, it goes on the schedule. That's when the the regular vaccination biologic immunity indemnification kicks in so there's a little time lag there. Between when it's on the schedule as the rebranded stuff. And so I think they won't do that at all. They'll continue to use the the UA branded. So they it's all about the liability until it's put on the schedule. That's the next next thing that has to happen, then they'll flip over. I
  • 40:16
    John: don't think they'll do anything with keeping thing. It's no big deal. Here's the FDA approval announcement that started it all off. And this is a, you know, the media course doesn't ask the questions you think they'd asked, which is was it any peer review? Was there any public discussion is that never comes up in the conversation. But here's the FDA approval announcement.
  • 40:41
    Unknown: Today is really an important day as the FDA has approved the first COVID-19 vaccine. And as you heard, the vaccine has been known as the Pfizer bio and tech COVID-19 vaccine, and will now be marketed as community for the prevention of COVID-19 disease an individual 16 years of age and older. This is a pivotal moment for our country in the fight against the pandemic. While this and other vaccines have met, the FDA has rigorous scientific standards for emergency use authorization. As the first FDA approved COVID-19 vaccine, the public can be confident that this vaccine meets the FDA gold standards for safety, effectiveness and manufacturing quality that we require for an approved product. As we continue to battle the covid 19 pandemic, we're acutely aware that vaccines are one of our greatest weapons against the virus. And we know the vaccine approval holds the promise of altering the course of the pandemic in the United States. And that for some an FDA approved COVID vaccine may instill in them the confidence to go and get vaccinated.
  • 41:59
    Adam: I have a question for you. When you spoke with the FDA PR agency, did you suggest to them that the curry devora Consulting Group could do a better job of this announcement? On a blue mic on a snowball microphone, and what the hell was that snowball? I did, by the way from the announcement, I did pick up this line. FDA did not refer this application to the vaccines and related biological products committee, because our review of the information submitted to this biologic License Agreement did not raise concerns or controversial controversial issues that would have benefited from an advisory committee discussion. I mean, I think if it was the most rigorous ever, you probably should have taken that step. Otherwise, it's not the most rigorous.
  • 42:48
    John: So here we go with I think, I think the confusion Yes, I'm not going to nobody's going to argue with any of this. The this Woodcock woman, she's a substitute teacher. Let's start with that premise. who's running the FDA?
  • 43:03
    Adam: Yeah, she and she's also a temporary person in that role. Correct.
  • 43:07
    John: substitute teacher.
  • 43:10
    Adam: Okay, I thought she was an actual substitute teacher and didn't bat an eye thinking. Yeah, that makes sense. Yes, she's the substitute.
  • 43:18
    John: I was just being facetious.
  • 43:20
    Adam: I know, but it fits so perfectly with
  • 43:23
    John: it seems like a real substitute teacher. Okay. So here's where I think that confusion began because as her This is the her again, FDA had confusing comment. And if you parse this like any normal person would do. In fact, this is I think, you know, even the guy that was on banyans show. If you parse this carefully, and you listen carefully, you could see where people go, what, here we go.
  • 43:49
    Unknown: The FDA approved vaccine and the EU a authorize vaccine have the same formulation and can be used interchangeably to provide the COVID-19 vaccine series.
  • 44:03
    Adam: Okay, so I know what she's what she's saying is you can use either brand in for your first and said she didn't
  • 44:09
    John: say that. She said she made it. She says the EU a vaccine and the approved vaccine, as though there are
  • 44:16
    Adam: two separate things, but she's just reading so she's she's not the idiot. It's the whole
  • 44:23
    John: these PR people, they have like 20 of them by the
  • 44:27
    Adam: Korean devora Consulting Group get on the government.
  • 44:30
    John: Government one Harris, the FDA had they're just confusing comment number two.
  • 44:35
    Adam: I'm sorry. No, that was actually confusing. Comment number two. I'm sorry, this is
  • 44:40
    Unknown: I didn't need to do it. Now. Today's approval includes people ages 16 and older. The vaccine continues to be available under emergency use authorization for individuals 12 through 15 years of age, and to provide a third dose for certain immunocompromised individuals. healthcare providers can continue to use the vaccine on their shelves. It was provided under UAE. While production of the approved vaccine is under product is underway,
  • 45:13
    Adam: the whole rollout was a total botch. I agree with you 100%. Instead of two, I
  • 45:18
    John: think they confuse people. But then, and then we had this guy, the this guy was head of virology, I can't remember his name wall or something. He was with her. And he said the following thing, which just was, are these people. This is like, I thought this was agreed just this is the FDA saying that nobody has died.
  • 45:41
    Unknown: I'd like to take this opportunity to comment on one of the biggest challenges that we still face in getting the public vaccinated. And that's the overwhelming amount of information that's been circulating about COVID 19 vaccines, we've heard false claims that COVID-19 vaccines cause infertility contained microchips and caused COVID-19. And worse, we've heard false claims that 1000s of people have died from the vaccine. Let me be clear, these claims are simply not true.
  • 46:11
    Adam: Okay, talking point talking point, who said this very same thing. On I want to say, I think I remember what show he was on. Listen to this osterholm. Our guy, Dr. Death himself, the devil comes in. But let me just remind you of this. 185 million people in this country have received one of the mRNA vaccines, either the Pfizer, or the maternal vaccines. And if you look at the only side effects that those vaccines have had has been a type of inflammation around the heart called myocarditis. It's very, very rare, and is typically very mild. Now one person, this is an important number, not one person in this country has died as a result of the 180 5 million people have received the vaccine. I wish aspirin had a safety profile that good. If he he adds a little bit on top. He is he is freewheeling though. So this is a talk. Why it's a talking point. It's a talking lie.
  • 47:11
    John: Talking Points a lie. Yeah. divaris database indicates that people just take the shot and drop dead on the spot. Notice this not being not dead?
  • 47:21
    Adam: Oh, because that was Johnson and Johnson.
  • 47:24
    John: No. No. That's like, listen to this at least 4000 depending on how you look at these numbers that have died from the shot.
  • 47:35
    Adam: Yeah, I know, depending on what the point is.
  • 47:38
    John: Yeah. But you're gonna get this from any vaccine, people die from vaccine shots. That's why they have the liability thing. That's where they go, but not at that
  • 47:47
    Adam: level. Not at that level.
  • 47:49
    John: Well, no, but there's very few vaccines have gone out to 180 million people either. So let's just say this, the level that I'm gonna just say the levels fairly normal. Okay, maybe it's higher than usual. But I'm because if it is, even normal, people die from vaccine shots, they have reactions, they have, like I get shot,
  • 48:07
    Adam: I get your point saying that no one died from it is just a lie.
  • 48:11
    John: It has to be alive, by definition. Because there's no vaccine in the world that hasn't killed somebody. So what is the point of the lie? That's the question I have to ask.
  • 48:26
    Adam: Well, I would say to simply said, These people are dumb. Hey, you know what? People are still hesitant. Let's tell them no one died. Man. That's that sounds like this PR agency is
  • 48:41
    John: shitting the public like this, and they're gonna give you more he has a What are they hiding?
  • 48:46
    Adam: Well, it's a talking point, because osterholm as we know, is an agent of some sorts for someone. And he wouldn't be and he was very clear, like, Oh, yes. Let me be clear. Let me remind everybody, like, like it was a thing before. Yeah.
  • 49:01
    John: Well, within his lie was another lie, which he says the only side effect has been a little micro carditis or whether it is hard to illness. That's not true. People have had headaches for days. That's not a side effect. People have had arms, they couldn't move. We got a letter today from someone who you know, they couldn't move their arm for a month. That's not a side effect. You can't move your arm for a month. Are you kidding me? Know that or somebody has a baseball sized lump on their arm. That's not a side effect. Is that normal?
  • 49:34
    Adam: Yeah. Didn't you listen to Dr. Bill?
  • 49:38
    John: Is hurts a lot?
  • 49:39
    Adam: Yeah. That's a sign of severe pain. I think he said severe
  • 49:43
    John: pain is a side effect. He said there's no side effects.
  • 49:50
    Adam: Okay, so I'm looking at the Europe This is a European kumaran come are coming rt carminati What a stupid name by By the way, the same people who did that this is who does this who comes up with these dumb names.
  • 50:06
    John: Notice that within the name is our I mean, mRNA
  • 50:12
    Adam: Yeah, well, that's they actually have given the etymology themselves. It's COVID mRNA. And the t and y is for something else. It's like It's like a stupid tiny, again, curry Dvorak Consulting Group. We want to become a better job Horace, we come up with our freedom shot,
  • 50:31
    John: freedom shot six, Pentium six
  • 50:35
    Adam: is Pfizer. Now with Intel Inside, we could have done a lot of things to people, people really trust that sound that Intel saw from the European authorization, the most common side effects with community community just gonna call Pfizer we usually mild or moderate and got better within a few days after vaccination. These included pain and swelling at the injection site tiredness, headache, muscle and joint pain, chills. Diarrhea the effect more than one in 10 people redness at the
  • 51:04
    John: end I said there's no side effect. Nausea and
  • 51:07
    Adam: vomiting occurred in less than one in 10 people still 10% a lot. Itching at the injection site pain in the arm with a vaccine was injected in large lymph nodes difficulty sleeping feeling unwell allergic reactions such as rash HGH rash, rapid swelling under the skin were uncommon side effects less than one in 100 people, weakness and muscles on one side of face. Acute peripheral facial paralysis or palsy occurred rarely in less than one in 1000 people
  • 51:37
    John: that your likelihood of getting COVID is that number. Thank you. A very
  • 51:41
    Adam: small number of cases of myocardial carditis inflammation of the heart muscle and pericarditis inflammation of the membrane around the heart have occurred in with combinatie communality. allergic reactions have also recurred with community community, including a very small number of cases of severe allergic reactions anaphylaxis. As for all vaccines, community should be given under close supervision with appropriate medical treatment available.
  • 52:07
    John: Okay, hold on. So they had that idiot friend of yours poster home,
  • 52:12
    Adam: would you stop calling him my friend?
  • 52:15
    John: Your friend?
  • 52:17
    Adam: Yeah, he's the same friend level as yo.
  • 52:21
    John: So the this guy, this also home guy says all this bullcrap, what you just read is what the reporters should have read to him, I would have read that exact same list to him and said, so you're saying there's no side effects? But yet I'm reading this? How do you explain that, sir?
  • 52:42
    Adam: But are you vying for a mainstream news gig? Because there's no way you're going to get to ask these questions? Of course not. I have a better idea. Let's talk to the CEO of Pfizer. Let's ask him what's going on? And the guy to do it, john C. Dvorak. Oh, no. They went for the equity hire. Lester Holt.
  • 53:04
    Unknown: You recall the speed was one of the things that worried some people who were cautious and hesitant. They thought this process is moving way too fast. What do you say to those folks? Now, I think that for those people that that they were a little bit reluctant because they wanted to see a full approval. Now they have the full confirmation of one of the most respected agencies in the world the FDA, the product that the vaccine is effective and safe talk if you can for a moment about the safety What have you
  • 53:33
    Adam: learned about oh, by the way, listen to how this is chopped together. I mean, it's not that apparent on video but an audio you can just hear every question jacked right into the conversation by the
  • 53:43
    John: way this CEO of Pfizer sounds just like the nut ball translator that was on the movie Woody Allen movie bananas, who greeted woody when he came down to it way people who seen that movie remember this and the guy was chased off by a couple of guys in white coats and and a butterfly net? Exactly what he sounds like
  • 54:06
    Adam: it's made could be the same guy. I mean, this could be an actor for all we know. I've never seen the CEO of Pfizer
  • 54:12
    Unknown: to the vaccine is effective and safe talk if you can for a moment about the safety. What have you learned about side effects in this vaccine. There are very rare side effects and some of them serious, but that are very, very rare. And working in this
  • 54:31
    John: one in 100 is not that rare one in 1000 and there's all these other ones are cumulative. It has to be a pretty high number and everybody gets a sore arm except one person I've known who I think may have gotten a say lean shot has gotten you know, immovable arm for a while was a side effect, but
  • 54:48
    Adam: at least he said some are serious. At least he was a little more honest than osterholm the spokes hole and the FDA spokes hole. So at least he's saying something honest semi
  • 55:00
    Unknown: packets and some of them serious, but that are very, very low and working at tell us about the effectiveness of the drug. We know it was 95% against guarding against infection back in those initial trials. Now down to 91%. Is this a one way trip downward for this vaccine? Well, we realize that through the real world data, that after several months, there is a need for a booster, because the VOD will continue to provide the efficacy that you observe after immediately after the second dose. As you know, we're seeing a lot of companies and institutions right now moving toward mandating that their employees or their students get the vaccine does Pfizer expect to require and mandates employees become fully vaccinated?
  • 55:48
    John: Hold on. You back that up again. I want to just because the way he phrased that he says a lot of companies have mandated their employees or their students. Nothing What does he think? Are they considering nowadays the universities and educational systems to be companies?
  • 56:07
    Adam: Are you considering Lester hold to be an intelligent individual
  • 56:13
    Unknown: need for a booster because the Bible isn't going to provide you the high level of efficacy that you observe after immediately after the second dose. As you know, we're seeing a lot of companies and institutions right now moving towards mandating that their employees or their students get the vaccine, just Pfizer expect to require and mandate its employees become fully vaccinated. Now, we have asked our employees that they should be fully vaccinated for taking twice a week that test. But you know, we have approximately 90% of our people already vaccinated fully vaccinated. Do you anticipate or maybe stay up at night thinking about the possibility you're gonna have to go back in the lab at some point and come up with something better?
  • 56:59
    Oh, yes. We are making right now. Specialized vaccine for delta, I'm almost certain that we will not exceed is very, very, very effective against them. But we cannot take that chance. Alright,
  • 57:17
    Adam: so Yeah, I know. That's what this is about. But we've had this issue between Is it a third dose? Is it a booster, they've not figured out this marketing, because this guy calls it a booster. It was supposed to be a third dose. We went back to booster. And here's osterholm. Again,
  • 57:38
    Unknown: and Dr. Oklahoma. On the heels of this news we're getting today about the j&j shot and possibly an extra shot, you actually take issue with the word booster. Explain why we're getting that language wrong in your opinion. Well, because
  • 57:53
    Adam: well, a booster infers that I want at one time had full protection from the virus and kind here with the vaccine. But when you think about childhood vaccines, for example, some of them we actually get three or four doses before we actually get to the basic level of protection. And so we have to distinguish here I you know, I heard this I'm like really a witch. I think there's a booster for one shot that I can think of, although a lot has changed since
  • 58:19
    John: I was reading three or four getting three or four shots before you get to anything. What's he talking about? This
  • 58:25
    Adam: guy is insane. And yeah, he's on ABC GMA, our three sample some of them, we actually give three or four doses before we actually get to the basic level of protection. And so what we have to distinguish here, I think I know what it is now. Okay, we'll let him talk for the immune compromised, for example, where they never did accomplish getting to that level of protection with their first two doses. So giving them a third dose is not really a booster is what I call part of the prime series. Now for those that did get adequate immune protection at one point in a wanes, that then becomes a booster kind of idea, meaning that okay, you you did get protection, but starting to not look so good. Let's boost it up. And I think distinguish those are important because we don't want to use boosters if we don't have to. To prevent serious illness and hospitalizations. We need the vaccines around the world. But if we need them for a prime series to say, you got to have three doses before you're protected, then I think that's a very different situation. Okay, so, um, this thing that we're starting to talk about the j&j vaccine, because turns out, you need two shots of that now that's going to be recommended. And I think what he was saying is, well, you know, Pfizer, yeah, that's a booster. But j&j that was just inadequate to start with. You really need to listen to this short clip,
  • 59:45
    Unknown: Johnson and Johnson said a booster shot if it's COVID-19 vaccine provided a rapid and strong increase in antibody supporting use of a second shot among people who previously received its single dose immunization. The number of antibodies jumped nine After a second dose of j&j, which has been linked to an extremely rare number of blood clot issues.
  • 1:00:06
    Adam: So when you do a report about a booster and then say, oh, by the way, it has some issues. That's Pfizer marketing.
  • 1:00:15
    John: Yeah, there's a couple of things. But there's also Johnson and Johnson is flat footed. There's a thing that you have to imagine Johnson and Johnson, originally, and their original marketing as this is this begins and they say, I've got it. We've got a cheaper solution, which was cheaper. It's like half the price of Johnson and Johnson at third the price of Madonna. And we only have one shot one and done baby who will flock they'll flock to our shot, because it's cheaper, and it's only one shot. Meanwhile, these other guys are putting in two three shots are adding and is taking maybe as a fourth coming down the road to Johnson and Johnson people must be saying to themselves, what did we do wrong? We're one shot, it's cheaper. But everyone's going they want the extra shots. They're nuts. And so they came up with a, maybe we should ask him to undo a second shot. I mean, it's got it. They've got to be beside themselves in the marketing department.
  • 1:01:18
    Adam: This is all either politics or marketing. I don't think it has much to do with medicine or science anymore.
  • 1:01:24
    John: Oh, no, it's no, no, no, no. That's in depth loss that's been ditched in the in the years ago. Now. This is all marketing,
  • 1:01:33
    Adam: everyone who I talked to because they're already talking about and I think Somewhere I read that the Israeli vaccine freedom passport is what they call it, the freedom passport is being updated so that you don't have full freedom until you have your third shot. Yeah, I
  • 1:01:52
    John: can't believe that Israelis are this weenie ish, that they've bought into this whole thing. This is for all practical purposes. The shots are mandated by the government in Israel.
  • 1:02:07
    Adam: Well, there's some real problems in Israel, and it's not being talked about. They have people in hospitals and 84% of them are vaccinated, some are very, very sick. That's why you know, a lot of these people, they want to give them a third dose. And then the CDC director Wollensky had this egg she dropped.
  • 1:02:28
    Unknown: Additionally, reports from our international colleagues, including Israel suggests increased risk of severe disease amongst those vaccinated early.
  • 1:02:40
    Adam: So those who were vaccinated early, they now have increase of severe disease from COVID.
  • 1:02:46
    John: Yeah, nice, nice move will insky I mean, that's,
  • 1:02:50
    Adam: that's really, that's really an issue.
  • 1:02:54
    John: Well, if somebody had to be the test market, and the Israelis are so stupid, that they're going to go along with this to begin with the flying and they can be the test market and we can just see what happens there.
  • 1:03:07
    Adam: But no one's saying hey, this is a problem. This is failing. You're not hearing that.
  • 1:03:12
    John: I am. Let's fly here
  • 1:03:14
    Adam: while on the news. Do you have clips
  • 1:03:16
    John: because I'm not I hear it when I hear Lynskey I hear Oh yeah, exactly. See the analysis of the what's going on in Israel. I hear it when they talk about the third dose. I hear it when Johnson and Johnson panics for when because they're not making enough money. Nobody's flocking to their one shot cheap vaccine solution which is as good as anything to any
  • 1:03:35
    Adam: anybody I asked. I said, you know, this is coming down. You're going to take a third you're going to accept the third vaccination into your life most people like none and I did my thing now. I did my thing in fact, that bill maher on HBO made himself even less popular with with his audience. And I think this this is a representative from his rows is his last name. Is that from a California representative? I don't know bro. He's a douche. But here's here's Bill Maher on the boosters. Because like now they want us to do all boost these boosters we were talking about with Andrew. I mean, I don't want to booster it. Look, I never wanted the vaccine. I took one for the team. And that's and by the way, you know, doesn't get a lot of vaccines. The millennials I know a lot of millennials, especially the 2020 old they don't want it they don't want it. They don't think they need it. They're probably right. But I tell them I didn't want it either. I took one for the team. But a boost every eight months. You're gonna put the shit in. I don't know about that. Maybe I don't need one. I don't want a one size fits all. My body may be different than your body.
  • 1:04:42
    Unknown: Yeah, I lost you man. That's, that's crazy. I look my body isn't different. Everybody's body is somewhat different. I just read the statistics but who dies. You're trying to be cute and you're rolling stone I know I'm in your house. I don't want to I don't want to step over the line here. But But genuinely, genuinely people's lives are on the line. And just as significantly, just as significantly, our very way of life is on the line here. It's important that people get vaccinated. It's very important that we express the genes right. But if there if there's a need for boosters particularly particularly absolutely as the as the evidence is showing, amongst those who have underlying conditions amongst the the elderly, so on and so forth, it's important that they, for those who are urging them to do
  • 1:05:30
    Adam: it, okay, but you just said underlying conditions in the elderly I don't count myself either. So is my body different? What can I make? Can I have some medical autonomy?
  • 1:05:41
    John: No, no, no.
  • 1:05:45
    Adam: The you hear the hypnosis that guys he's even said now you lost me there, man. You lost me. You're totally crazy. But you're thinking man, the team needs you to take more
  • 1:05:56
    John: Yeah, yeah, guys, that's a sick I wouldn't have that guy represent me in a million years. I will. I have to just as an aside, so I'm watching one of the channels on the otaa system is the forever channel or something got all these different different networks now, they have old Carson shows on bill Maher's first stand up ever on TV on the Carson show. Was it good? I had other things to do. But I said, Oh, I'm gonna watch this. Well, he's, you know, he's pretty much the same way he presents himself now, except for one thing. He talks about his background. He says, Well, my parents were immigrants. And I, you know, Father, I think is this father's Jewish, his mom's a Catholic. And he says, I'm raised. I was raised a Catholic and I still go to church a lot when I have, you know, certain kinds of needs, and he just some Catholic jokes. He still goes to church. Okay, Alex,
  • 1:06:57
    Adam: what happened bill, Alex Berenson tweeted, he says new Israeli preprint. He has a little image of it shows Nacho from Israel. preprint means study that has not been published yet. Let's preprint Alright, FDA uses that to whenever it suits them, shows natural immunity to SARS. cov. Two is far superior to the he says the artificial kind, vaccinated people were 13 times as likely to be infected and 27 times to have symptomatic infections as a matched cohort that was previously infected. And this is and this is with Delta dominant. So these numbers show that this is probably antibody dependence and
  • 1:07:47
    John: the President has to prove that blah, blah, blah, I have lost it. Why don't know I forgot what it's called.
  • 1:07:52
    Adam: It's antibody dependent enhancement. I think, well, there's a new term. There's a new term. It's called original antigenic sin. And it's a real thing, original antigenic sin. And this means that whatever you infected with first, so let's say your first infection was Delta, your antibodies will always win no matter what version of what strain they see of Coronavirus. They will produce that response, not probably what you need for the next variant. And that's what the original ageia antigenic sin is. Yes. And as a part of that we've antigenic drift. I mean, this is just great. I think you're going to be hearing more about this. The antigenic drift
  • 1:08:46
    John: and had to be hearing about this is this is getting on my nerves to smart money in Holland did the right thing. pull the plug on the narrative?
  • 1:08:56
    Adam: It may be coming back though I'm not sure that I'm not
  • 1:08:59
    John: back because there's too much money in the form of pharma money's got to be they
  • 1:09:03
    Adam: got to form a government first. And then I think that's what they got to do. Now there was this one doctor, we've had a lot of doctors on. And she was in she testified in I want to say Illinois, Michigan, I'm sorry. Against mandates. Her name is Dr. Christina parks. I pulled a minute and a half from her testimony.
  • 1:09:22
    Unknown: What about the flu vaccine? Well, they have shown that basically it there's no difference. There's no statistical difference if you're vaccinated are unvaccinated whether you get the flu or not. But it's even worse because although that first year, it is somewhat effective. It's about 65% effective at preventing symptoms in you after that it actually has negative efficacy. And I want to address this because it's very important. Vaccines are made to a specific variant. And when that variant mutates the vaccine no longer recognizes it. And so it's like you're seeing a completely new virus and because that So you actually get more severe symptoms when you're vaccinated against one variant. And then it mutates and then your body sees the other variants. So there's the potential. And the science shows that in fact, with the flu, if you get vaccinated in multiple years, you are more likely to get severe disease, you are more likely have more viral replication, and you are more likely to be hospitalized both in adults. And in children, we are seeing the same thing and COVID with the Delta variant. And so we are mandating that people get a vaccine that could actually make them more sick when they're exposed to the virus. In fact, this week, a paper came out. And what it showed is that with this delta variant, when you're vaccinated, your body makes antibodies. They're supposed to neutralize the virus, but they were supposed to neutralize the old
  • 1:10:46
    variant. When they see this new variant, what they're doing is they're actually the antibodies are taking the virus and helping it infect the cells. Alright, that science was just published this week, we need to be looking at the science and we need our policy to reflect the science and we also need it to refract our right.
  • 1:11:05
    Adam: You heard it here first, you'll never hear it again. Dr.
  • 1:11:09
    John: Christina Archer, but but there's this missing element to this. And there's been a missing element to all of our clips in the last probably month, which is and it's an element of what she doesn't bring up which is the two words spike protein. Now, the way it works, supposedly is that the Coronavirus is no matter what variant they all have these spike proteins. And the point is is that the Pfizer, Madonna, Madonna by intag, commonalty, whatever you want to call it, it's when you say that it really doesn't sound right. is supposedly creates the spike proteins and that's what the body reacts to when it sees the spike protein, and all Coronavirus does have the spike protein. And so when the variant doesn't matter, the spike proteins are going to be the same is there this that's the on them is mais Coronavirus, what it is. So that kind of flies in the face of that, that idea
  • 1:12:14
    Adam: of what idea,
  • 1:12:15
    John: the idea that you get a shot and then your body goes oh, this is only for this certain variant. It's not as for the spike protein. And all the variants have spike proteins. So this is just like she's mixing the ideas behind flu, which is true because every flu, you know, they try to figure out what the three strains or four strains are going to be and they put it in the shot. And then supposedly you get lucky. And you say
  • 1:12:42
    Adam: this with such authority. I'm just going to
  • 1:12:44
    John: think I'm saying with what we know already. And what we've been talking about, which is spike protein spike protein spike protein. And for some reason to hold the two those two words have been dropped from all these clips in the last month. I haven't heard the word spike protein in any clip.
  • 1:13:01
    Adam: Maybe we're not we're gonna
  • 1:13:03
    John: spike protein and the whole theory, putting what's theory, the theory that the mRNA vaccine creates spike proteins and your body reacts to the spike protein, and Coronavirus has all have spike proteins. So it shouldn't make any difference what the variant is. Well, at this point, since we've never seen said spike proteins it may all be bullcrap it may be but no, it's always possible. It's all bull crap. But I'm just saying what they're what the litany? I gotcha spike proteins. I
  • 1:13:33
    Adam: heard it. Now, well, of course, because whatever that idea was, it's not working. So how about this, the spike proteins aren't working? Well, the 10 second clip. Now what this led to immediately was mandates. And I have just a couple of examples of some crazy people. And so mandates around the world enough to stick too long with each one. But first, let us listen to the president united states who I feel just put it out there like Okay, everybody I want to come he should mandate he should enslave your people forced them to take the shot. And This to me is really horrible to hear any president say this in any country.
  • 1:14:15
    Unknown: Today I'm calling on more country, more companies, I should say in the private sector to step up with vaccine requirements that will reach millions more people. If you're a business leader, a nonprofit leader, the state of local labor, who has been waiting for full FDA approval to require vaccinations, I call on you now to do that require it. Do what I did last month require your employees to get vaccinated or face strict requirements.
  • 1:14:45
    Adam: So he did let's do what Joe did was his employees. I think he means the US military. For one who will be coerced, what is the
  • 1:14:55
    John: policy? Stop, stop, stop that clip. And go back to the Biden Clip, because I didn't notice this before, but play the very end of it. He says face strict requirements.
  • 1:15:07
    Adam: They say requirements or restrictions.
  • 1:15:10
    John: Play the end of it again,
  • 1:15:12
    Unknown: bring it up. Today I'm calling on more. Do what I did last month require your employees to get vaccinated or face strict requirements
  • 1:15:23
    Adam: and requirements.
  • 1:15:25
    John: What does that mean?
  • 1:15:27
    Adam: Again, you're asking me if the president united states can get a coherent sentence out of his face.
  • 1:15:33
    John: Now, by the way, I agree with you 100%. It's frightening that a president would tell companies what to do. So Kirby, the spokes hole for defense was asked this question like, oh, okay, so
  • 1:15:44
    Adam: how's this gonna work?
  • 1:15:45
    Unknown: What is the the Secretary's policy or decision on any troops who refuse to get the vaccine?
  • 1:15:52
    Great question. communicated to the military departments is to execute this mandatory vaccination program with obviously skill and professionalism, which we always do, but also with a measure of compassion. And so for a member who still objects Now, obviously, there's you can, you can ask for an exemption on religious grounds. And you certainly can be exempt if you have a pre existing condition that your doctor advises you not to get it, obviously. But if it's an objection outside those two frameworks, the individual will be offered a chance to sit down with a physician, and have that physician communicate to them, the risks that they're taking by continuing to not want to take the vaccine, they will also be offered a chance to sit down with their chain of command and their leadership to talk about the risks that their objection will impose on the unit and on the force and on their teammates. And the point is court that the commanders have a wide range of tools available to them, to help their teammates make the right decision for themselves for their families, and for their units. And we expect and Secretary expects that the commander's will use those tools short of having to use the ucmj Okay,
  • 1:17:17
    Adam: so first of all, I just team business stop. Okay, we have battalions platoons, we have all kinds of words, but
  • 1:17:27
    John: his team, that's everything team know. Agree.
  • 1:17:34
    Adam: Second, what tools do we have nipple clamps, finger drills? I mean, what kind of tools do we have? I didn't get an answer that of course. But this is how a lot of these people think I will just course everybody. And the answer and the people who are really running the show, which I'm still convinced to some of the old Obama people, Valerie Jarrett is way too involved. I see Clinton Eustace popping up on the news. And this is Susan Rice is one. This is the Obama's Assistant Secretary for Homeland Security. Kagan, I forget her name. Here's what she thinks about mandates.
  • 1:18:10
    Unknown: There is a large group that says I am an American with a valid ID, I have a credit card. I can afford a flight to Los Angeles to go see my family for the holidays. The government telling me what I have to do with my body before I can get on a flight that
  • 1:18:26
    Adam: by my choice, listen, but you have to listen to this woman who's already laughing when this person is is getting the question ready,
  • 1:18:33
    Unknown: telling me what I have to do with my body. Before I can get on a flight that I can pay for is big government at its worst.
  • 1:18:41
    Yeah. Yeah. Well, welcome to Reality. Yeah, the other times that you went on an airplane, I mean, come on. I mean, you given up your name, your number, I mean, you're giving up your your birth date, you're having x rays go through your system, you can drink your water, you can smoke if you if you're still doing that. The government sets all sorts of regulations for safety and security. We already live in that world. And this is just an additional requirement. Think of what the government can do is simply setting the floor for appropriate conduct. You can do whatever you want, you cannot get the vaccine, you can choose to go over the speed limit. But there will be consequences for that. And putting a requirement for vaccination for the privilege because that's what it is. Flying or getting from point A to point B is consistent with all sorts of other safety floors that the federal government has done across almost every aspect of your life.
  • 1:19:36
    Adam: I have no words for this. It's a privilege By the way, it's a privilege. And you already give up all your information. So yeah, well you know, what can I put my finger up your butt blades just for security. I mean, why not? We can should make that legal. shed a little bit more to say when it comes to vaccine passports
  • 1:19:58
    Unknown: and I gather you'd make that same argument to someone He says, I don't want to have to carry a vaccine passport, for example. It's my personal medical history.
  • 1:20:06
    I think there's this notion of freedom that is animated the unvaccinated or at least the defense of the unvaccinated. So I want to be clear, people are still free to say no, this is not someone grabbing you on the corner and sticking a needle in your arm, you can still have those freedoms that people are talking about. But the unvaccinated now must know there is a cost a cost that can't just be borne by the vaccinated and maybe it's good that I'm not a doctor, right? I mean, in the sense that, you know, we've been hearing for for months and months, you'll follow the science follow the science and I get that and I follow the science but, you know, at some stage we just have to look at and go look, we're sort of done with pretty pleased and people's feelings and how they feel about freedom and how they feel about liberties and, you know, the vaccinated have feelings to this woman should be run