1378: Yer Boy Amy

Adam Curry & John C. Dvorak

3h 39m
September 2nd, 2021
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Louisiana no workers 21 days to restore some services
Louisiana help from Jeremy Allen
Supply drops are 8am to 6pm.
Houma-Terrebonne Civic Center, 346 Civic Center Blvd., Houma.
Teche Action Clinic, 189 Mozart Drive, Houma.
Ward 7 Community Center, 5006 La. 56, Chauvin.
Montegut Recreation Center, 107 Recreation Drive, Montegut.
Thibodaux Family Church 785 North Canal Blvd. Thibodaux.‍
Raceland Ag Center 100 Texas St., Raceland.
Lockport Central Station 806 Crescent Ave., Lockport.
Our Lady of Prompt Succor Church 723 North Bayou Drive, Golden Meadow.
The Hospitality Hub website, lafayettetravel.com/hospitality-hub, has launched to connect those displaced by Hurricane Ida with hotels, disaster relief and things to do while in Lafayette.
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is reviving its Operation Blue Roof program to get as many houses into livable condition as possible during Hurricane Ida recovery.
Residents can sign up for the program at blueroof.us. Call 1-888-ROOF-BLU (1-888-766-3258) for information about the program.
I don't see FEMA yet, but they claim people can start registration for snap benefits and disaster assistance.
Again thank you. Today is my wife and I 21st wedding anniversary. Even eating potted meat by the generator smoke, we never had a fight...
God Bless you and our people.
The Vax is a Dud
Pfizer Marketing
The Big Pharma Swamp
1. the case of Fred Hahn:
He authorized Moderna's vaccine 6 months ago. Now, ex-FDA chief Hahn joins biotech's backer
"But now, Hahn will head for another high pressure environment: biotech investing. He is now joining Flagship, the venture fund that birthed Moderna, the very company that earned Hahn's nod six months ago.
Under Hahn's watch, the FDA granted emergency use authorization to the company's COVID-19 vaccine just behind a similar OK for Pfizer and BioNTech's jab. Tens of millions of Americans have now received a Moderna shot."
2. the case of Emer Cooke, a long time lobbyist of the pharmaceutical industry:
"Starting in 1985, she held various positions in the pharmaceutical industry and from 1991 to 1998 she was a board member of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA), a lobbying organisation of the largest European pharmaceutical companies.[4][5] There she spent eight years lobbying for the "Big 30" of the European pharmaceutical industry, including Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Novartis, and Johnson & Johnson.[6]
She was appointed as Head of Regulation of Medicines and other Health Technologies with the World Health Organization (WHO) in 2016,[3]. In November 2020 she was appointed Executive Director of the EMA,[1] also taking the position of chairperson at the International Coalition of Medicines Regulatory Authorities (ICMRA) at the same time.[2] "
Joe Rogan Says He Has COVID-19 And Is Taking Unproven Drug Ivermectin : NPR
In an Instagram video, the 54-year-old host of the Joe Rogan Experience, said he felt "very weary" on Saturday and got tested for COVID-19 the following day.
"Throughout the night I got fevers, sweats, and I knew what was going on," Rogan told his 13.1 million followers.
After the diagnosis, he said he "immediately threw the kitchen sink at it."
Rogan says he took a drug the FDA urges people not to use
That included taking ivermectin, a deworming veterinary drug that is formulated for use in cows and horses. While a version of the drug is sometimes prescribed to people for head lice or skin conditions, the formula for animal use is much more concentrated. The Food and Drug administration is urging people to stop ingesting the animal version of the drug to fight COVID-19, warning it can cause nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, neurologic disorders and potentially severe hepatitis requiring hospitalization.
FDA omitted the advisory board
The refusal of the FDA and its Acting Director, Janet Woodcock, to convene its Drugs Advisory Committee for discussion of the Pfizer and BioNTech decisions is even more shocking as in June three members of that same panel resigned in protest for being disregarded in another drug approval. NPR network reported, “Three experts have now resigned from a Food and Drug Administration advisory committee after the agency approved an Alzheimer’s drug called Aduhelm against the wishes of nearly every member on the panel.” One of the three, Dr. Aaron Kesselheim, in his resignation letter from the FDA Advisory Committee (June 10, 2021), wrote: “For both eteplirsen and aducanumab, the decisions by FDA administrators to ignore the Advisory Committee’s clear recommendations led to their approval of two highly problematic drugs that offered little evidence that they would meaningfully benefit patients…With eteplirsen, the AdComm (Advisory Committee) and FDA’s own scientific staff reported that there was no convincing evidence that the drug worked; both groups were overruled by FDA leadership… “
Booster Schedules
In a previous job I had to keep track of immunizations in a school, and if there was an outbreak of some disease then notify parents of unvaccinated children that they'd need to stay home until the outbreak was over. I never had to do this, but in my son's school there was an outbreak (3 students) of whooping cough (pertussis) and he was supposed to stay home (my boys had waivers - I'm pretty much a no-vaxer). And, as it turns out, my other son had whooping cough that he got, likely from school, but it appeared the day before Christmas break started, so he only was out of school (because he was sick and I didn't think he'd be any good at school that day) for a half day.
But these are the shots and number of shots/doses (both terms are used on the paperwork.
Hepatitis B [Hep B] --- 4 or waiver
Hepatitis B - 2 dose [Hep B - 2 dose] ---2 or waiver on each of the following.
Diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis, combined [DTaP, DTP] --- 5 with a booster at age 13
Hemophilus Influenza, type B [Hib] --- 5
Polio [IPV, OPV] --- 5
Varicella (chicken pox) --- 2
Measles-Mumps Rubella [MMR] --- 2
This was until the year about 2010.
There are other recommended vaccines, like flu, HPV, Meningococcal etc, but they're not required.
Top FDA vaccine regulators rush for the exits, resign posts as Biden jumps the gun on booster jabs
While there was no official reason given for their departure, a former FDA bigwig told biotech outlet Endpoints that the pair complained that the CDC, and specifically its Advisory Committee on Immunization (ACIP), had seized the right to make decisions that had previously been left up to the FDA. The researchers were also supposedly upset with Marks for not standing up for them against the CDC. The Biden administration’s decision to announce a third round of mRNA “booster” shots without consulting them was merely the last straw.
After finally supplying its approval for the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine eight months after they were authorized on an emergency-use basis, the FDA hinted last week that it would be making a booster shot of the mRNA-based drugs available on September 20th to those who’d received their second doses eight months prior.
Enamel pin with yellow star BOTG
ITM, Adam,
Today, September 1st, is Day #1 of the COVID Clampdown, a hospital-wide initiative to try to force doctors and nurses who refuse the “vaccine” to either take it or quit. We were all given an enamel pin on which is emblazoned, “All in This Together! Doing My Part at Meritus,” Meritus Medical Center, that is, otherwise known as “Meritless” or “Murderous,” depending on the unit you’re on and what kind of a day you had there. The hospital suits are not quite mandating the “stab,” but if you refuse it, you must consent to nasopharyngeal swabbing for a PCR test every week, a process that cannot be done on site but at some remote location with inconvenient hours which force people to test on Saturdays. I am, of course, refusing the needle, and I’m celebrating my new marginalized status by wearing my commemorative pin over a paper yellow 6-point star.
Fortunately I am not alone, and I am enjoying the company of a few other doctors and a bevy of truly woke nurses, ward clerks, lab technicians, and medical assistants. The fight is afoot!
An anonymous MD
Paying kids to get tested at school
Black Balls
So one of my employee tells me over the weekend , his friend went and got his vaccine , and within 2 days he was "feeling off" and decided to go to the hospital after having chest pains . He wound up spending 3 days hospitalized , he said his balls turned black , and was hemorrhaging in different parts of his body , had to be resuscitated once .
he had received the J & J Vaccine
thought you'd like to know
Sir Dodger
WHO covid app - Blockchain
The World Health Organization has just released a guiding document for a digital vaccine certificate that will be blockchain based. This will be used to implement a vaccine passport in every country. It’s funded by the Bill & Melinda Gate’s Foundation & Rockefeller Foundation.
New Victoria restrictions
However, from 11.59pm on Thursday 2 September, playgrounds will re-open – with strict rules to keep everyone
safe. Playgrounds will be for children under 12 with only one parent or carer, and adults should not remove their
masks to eat or drink. Playgrounds will also have QR codes for checking in.
In-home care – like babysitters – will also be expanded to school aged children but only if both parents are
authorised workers.
When 70 per cent of Victorians have had at least one vaccine dose we will look to ease restrictions a little further.
At that point, the 5km radius will expand to 10km – so exercise and shopping can take place up to 10km from your
home. If there’s no shops in your 10km radius, you’ll be able to travel to the ones closest to you.
WHO covid app - Blockchain
The World Health Organization has just released a guiding document for a digital vaccine certificate that will be blockchain based. This will be used to implement a vaccine passport in every country. It’s funded by the Bill & Melinda Gate’s Foundation & Rockefeller Foundation.
Vaxx Pass Fuckup
This just happened to me yesterday and I had to share. I made an appointment for the j & j jab at a Kaiser Permanente in Southern California. Showed up for my appointment, checked in, filled out paperwork and was told to wait. Behind the sneeze guard I watched the nurse fill out my vax freedom passport in front of my very eyes, stickers and all. I asked how long the wait was and she said over an hour… I told her I would need to leave then because I had to get back to work and was under the impression this was a 10 minute appointment, not an hours long ordeal. What happened next stunned me. Not sure if I gave her the secret nod or what happened but she handed me my fully filled out vaccine card and told me to be sure to come back later. I walked out of there so fast before she could realize what she had just done. Hello fweedom!
Delta Lambda Mu
Healthcare Collapse
Nurses leave shoes at hospital door as they lose jobs
Big Pharma
If you want to know who's running Biden, clue may be found in who is targeting them by leaking Biden's calls with foreign leaders.
TAPI pipeline is back in play
In March, the Taliban were surprise guests of honor at a US-brokered meeting in Ashgabat, between representatives of Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and India – the four participating members of the long-awaited TAPI pipeline. The group assured attendees that they weren’t merely committed to not attacking the project’s infrastructure, but would actively ensure its safety and that of any and all other “developmental projects” in the country.
Reuters: Excerpts of call between Joe Biden and Ashraf Ghani July 23
BIDEN: You know, I am a moment late. But I mean it sincerely. Hey look, I want to make it clear that I am not a military man any more than you are, but I have been meeting with our Pentagon folks, and our national security people, as you have with ours and yours, and as you know and I need not tell you the perception around the world and in parts of Afghanistan, I believe, is that things aren’t going well in terms of the fight against the Taliban.
And there’s a need, whether it is true or not, there is a need to project a different picture.
BLM Noodle Gun
Jeopardy Exec is proof of how they talk AND that podcasting weeds out the douchebags
Be Better Producers!
The screen shot no link phenomenon
The Purge
DHS Warning
Summary: The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) assess that Homegrown Violent Extremists (HVEs) are unlikely to initiate or accelerate attack plotting solely in response to the upcoming 20th anniversary of 9/11. However, the HVE threat remains difficult to predict and media produced by Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTOs) referencing 9/11 attacks is likely to reinforce HVEs’ anti-US sentiments.
Tech News
New Headphones
Audio Technica M50x
Tascam mixcast 4


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  • 0:00
    Unknown: Adam Curry heins firesafe after Adam Curry, John Dvorak, Thursday, September 2 2021, this is your award winning gitmo-nation Media assassination Episode 1378. This is no agenda warming.
  • 0:16
    My inner horse and broadcasting live from the heart of Texas Hill. No countries Sima region number six in the morning, everybody come Adam Curry and for Northern Silicon Valley where we all say happy birthday to Adam and thank God you weren't stranded on Jhansi Dvorak and buzzkill. It could happen, it could happen. I'm back. The reason I The reason I use the term strand. That's the term. That's the term of the day now and I've got a big brouhaha over the term. Always there. No. So I have a clip here from just play. This is American stranded in Afghanistan. This is the this is a combination cook this is Jen Misaki moaning and groaning about people using the term stranded. cut right to a back and forth with the general Kirby. Is he a generally a general Izzy I'm sorry, Add Row Kirby. That's better. Admiral Kirby using the terms? Oh, I've heard this is good. Yeah.
  • 1:24
    First of all, I think it's irresponsible to say Americans are stranded. They are not how does diplomacy get those people out of the Taliban controlled Afghanistan?
  • 1:32
    It's not completely unlike the way we do it elsewhere around the world. I mean, we have Americans that get stranded in countries all the time. And we do everything we can to try to facilitate safe passage. Yeah, well, there there are 1000s of Americans stranded. And I know of one group here right here in the hill country who was working pretty much 24 seven on getting people out on civilian flights. I think the Turkish air is flying again. This this 1000s of people they're still working on green card holders, even where they should be contacting Hillary. Yeah, cuz she's got the private flights all set up. I know. Do I can get people out? I know. Fantastic. Before we go into any of this, I would like to
  • 2:20
    Adam: including Joe Rogan getting COVID Yes, I have spoken with Joe's I'm ready to discuss. Oh, good. Well, before we do any of that, let's just talk about your trip back. How was it? Well, my trip back, thank you for asking. Um, first thing that happened after the show and I when we end the show, when I'm over there, it's 1030. Well, by the time we're done with everything and posting the show and getting a night yeah, at night 1030. So I know I had a sandwich, oh, my God, just as chill here in the room. Because sometimes I go down to the bar, you know, get a grab a glass of wine or something I just watched on TV. And you remember Pater are defries, the crime journalist who was murdered in cold blood outside the television studio. Now he was providing advice and assistance to a state's witness. And what that case is about is drugs and murder. And it proven as with most of these cases in the crime ridden Kingdom of the Netherlands, the government's involved one way the certainly the police has been involved in these things going back to the 90s. The IRT scandal, if anyone wants to look it up, where they were, you know, we're, we're dealing to cops, we're dealing drugs, trying to set up sting operations, but a lot of them like kind of like the whole money flow and the cash and just kept things were few and far between, for themselves. Exactly. So that so there was one of the big talk shows in the evening in the talking about him. And I find out something I didn't know that there are two other murders in connection to this to the state's witness. One is one of his lawyers, who was shot and killed. And the third is a judge. And so these guys are heavy hitters. And so they're talking about it, and they all agreed unanimously, this is why I bring it up. Because you know, I say it jokingly but they unanimously unanimously agreed the Netherlands is a narco state.
  • 4:21
    Unknown: Just like Colombia was then I got a fantastic promo on a tip. And this is a travel tip from your no agenda show. Don't spend money on private planes. Don't spend money on first class. Spend your money on the sippel VIP center. Oh my goodness. I did not know this because you're in there. Well, I've been in years ago. And this VIP center was typically only for royalty and dignitaries. And it's you know, I think it was run by the cut by the KLM Back in the day and you know it's a private use private security places for you to sit, have some coffee, you know, etc.
  • 5:08
    John: So now that thing is gone commercial and now it's not cheap. But for $200 you can go to here's here's the process because it was given to me and so I tried it out and holy crap. Here's the process. I walk from my hotel at the airport to the to the VA or as they say this is given to you by these these, you get some some spooks or something dragging you around. This will show you can get on the plane easier. Yeah. But anyone can buy it. That's the thing.
  • 5:40
    Adam: Okay. So, hey, you jealous of my spook friends? Oh, I think they're fine. Yeah, they do good stuff. Did the ones who are definitely the ones that said Trump is gonna stay in office. So you can book this online. And they'll be ready for you walk up, or you can be driven up, of course, the doors open immediately. They whisk you in, they take right there. It's like, give me your bag. It's you checking this in, okay. Give me that. Give me your passport. And I'll take your hand luggage is two people there. They take you upstairs. They put you in a nice beautiful room. there's a there's a home barista and breakfast and you want to anomala Mr. Curry, you get your own private room to sit with the TV and couches. And then then the customs guy actually comes in to the room and you give him your passport and he stamps the passport on the spot. Oh, that's cool. And then it's time to go. A dapper young man comes to pick you up. He takes you to the private security, which is I mean, it's just like, it's the same as anywhere else with a body scanner. But they don't open your suitcases you don't have to, you know, don't have to take off your shoes don't have to take off your belt because the I don't know it said they don't see anything ever I guess. Then they put you in an Audi eight and drive you to the airplane. And then you go up the stairs and step right into the airplane. Right the front and you're seated before anybody else.
  • 7:11
    Unknown: So this would be perfect for anyone who especially if you get to the airport way too early. Yep, you can just chill now you do have to make the reservation to get to the airport the last minute is not going to be worth it. Now I don't I don't think you can do that last minute. It's I think you have to book it ahead of time. All the checking everything called the VIP center.
  • 7:37
    Where do you book it? schipol.nl slash VIP. Or as they say in Holland descriptions or come to the fib center we take care of you. So
  • 7:51
    I urge the customs guy I said do you want to see my test my COVID test did Oh yeah, okay sure. He didn't care and to the flight was uneventful landed in Dallas had a transfer in Dallas.
  • 8:08
    Adam: Go to you know, go to customs. There's sufficient lanes open my my Global Entry has long since expired and I didn't do that anymore. But here's the process. Now this is a new process. I have not done this yet coming from Europe. You stand in your little line and you are called up to the customs agent. And you hand in the passport. He says okay, step over in this box takes a picture. Where you coming from Amsterdam Yeah, how long were you there one week? Did you bring anything back? No. Welcome home. No question about my COVID test anything like that pick up my bag. There's not even a dog anymore at customs. He just walked right out with your bag. They don't care. It's all theater the whole COVID thing all the testing. It's moneygrab for some and theater for the government complete course crap.
  • 9:03
    Unknown: To they've gotten they've got the face ID going it's beautiful. That's a disappointing report. I can't help but the only other thing that's crazy. Let's just pretend he got patted down or something. I'm not gonna lie to you. were yelling at you. Where's your COVID gray Guy COVID desperate. Okay, laugh but I do have a little bit of that for you because you have to transfer in Dallas to get on the domestic flight to San Antonio. And there was a Nazi at TSA there he was just an overseeing Nazi is just standing there and you know, and and the lady behind me I put all my stuff into the bins and put my boots in. And I said you can just put your your boots on the on the conveyor belts. Yeah, but they're nice boots. I don't want them to get scuffed up so I put them in the bin and the guy like stops it stop put them on the belt rather than the bad guy. About the band. Okay. And then as I'm doing this my mask slips down, put your nose up, I put your mask up over your nose.
  • 10:11
    Now you're talking about this the kind of report we're looking for. We're back, and we're back safe and sound 4331 of these days I'll get it right. Which one is it? It's Brian's anyway. Now we
  • 10:33
    are well, time. But JC D. Comparing story from ABC, CBS and NBC.
  • 10:43
    every single Thursday morning, John Dvorak takes a look at the three major networks NBC, CBS and NBC and checks it out tells us what the News is. And john today, what are you learning? Well? Well, GMA had a very interesting report because there was a golfer who was on the I think GMA or one of the shows a few days ago. And he was, it was controversial golfer, a college guy think and he was controversial because he put his milk in the cereal bowl before he put the cereal in. Wow, this was a whole topic of discussion, including a survey GMA took of the public aha where it turns out that 23% of the of the poorly does this. So this was a scandal on the show. And it was the only discussion so this was sponsored by General Mills I'm presuming that's a native ad for cereal that's done. It's like what's what cereals were they highlighted? Do you recall any brand names? No, but they but there were little O's Cheerios that they showed Yes. Sure. General Mills There you go. Okay, great. So we had a promotion for cardboard and sugar right? Yep. All right. CBS meanwhile oh this woman this woman I can't remember her name loose Lois Laurie soquel or something like that and she she's a corresponded like a millennial or even maybe a Gen Z nervous you know grasping here's like the library and kind of grasping or at her beads you know kind of discussing q anon and the Q anon casualties and the report is going to be on CBS CBS 60 minutes but wait a minute, it's gonna be the 60 minutes on Paramount plus is street streaming. But that's okay. So that's what she's doing this report she's all all giddy about all this Q anon casualties in it. It looks as though is forming a community and is in his in his is causing all kinds of issues. And there's lots of self radicalizing going on on q anon. And it turns out, it's going to be a pot. It's a public health crisis, something has to be done. There was a
  • 13:03
    Adam: you know, I get that I get copied on all those Department of Homeland Security warnings that you probably get it from time to time to this, you know, there's all kinds of law enforcement officers who listen and they'll send on a copy. So here's the here's the summary. The FBI Department of Homeland Security and National Counterterrorism Center assess the homegrown violent extremists are unlikely to initiate or accelerate attack plotting solely in response to the upcoming 20th anniversary of 911. However, the homegrown violent extremist threat remains difficult to predict, and media produced by foreign terrorist organizations, referencing 911 attacks is likely to reinforce homegrown violent extremist, anti us sentiments.
  • 13:51
    John: We hear this every single year the 10th anniversary the 15th anniversary, every time 911 comes along, we hear this this every year. What's interesting here is they say that they're unlikely to do anything but the propaganda from foreign terrorist organizations will build up their anti government sentiment, okay, which is kind of like editorializing to their crew in close contact with Rita cats is what there is Yes, exactly. Have they ever not been in close contact with reader cats? So we go back to NBC now I first I turn on NBC and looking for the shopping thing but they didn't have but they did talk about a new two CD set. Oh, of the reprise spice a girl songs by baby spice. Wow. A bunch of kids that live like 10 of them is not even for whatever we're in Spice Girls. Wait, wait. There's now 10 Spice Girls, like baby spice.
  • 14:53
    Unknown: These are millennials kids or teens. But baby spice there was a baby spice who was new. I know They said baby spice, they showed a bunch of tweens jumping around and dancing and singing songs. So I don't know what they're talking about. I hear you. I couldn't keep up with Spice Girls. 2.0. And that stopped depresses because oh, this is an important announcement dad Carson Daly had to discuss this. They knew new 180 episodes of Seinfeld are going to be released on Netflix.
  • 15:28
    John: Stop the presses, because we've never seen any the site. Remember that show? Because I don't know that it's ever been on TV ever since its first ran? The these are such Oh, okay. Yeah. But you know, this is what the conundrum of Netflix is, is they you know, they spend a lot of money on top notch stuff, and they have to fill up the rest to keep people satisfied. And that's why they had the friends. For a year they spent $100 million on that, even though everyone in the world has seen a million on this one. Oh, that's, that's interesting.
  • 16:02
    Unknown: For what do you know, the period? The whole show? No, I mean, for how long do they get it? No, they didn't say, I wonder if that's just one year. But they have to do that, because that's the only way they can justify the ever increasing monthly fees.
  • 16:18
    John: It's going to get now it works. People watch it. I don't. So I did. Well, hold on hold on a second. While we're talking ratings, you do now agree with me. I hope that Greg gutfeld has indeed beaten the the main network nighttime ratings for that. Look, I don't have that didn't get the data because I just watched this. I'm looking at my schedule. Greg gut fall Feld is not opposite those shows up. He is only opposite those shows on the east coast. And opposite is normally in West Coast primetime. I do not compare a primetime rating. I don't care where it is to one of those shows that's 1130 at night. So that's bullshit. Well, there's a deconstruction of it. That's that is that counters what you're saying? But it's not important? Because you've made your mind up.
  • 17:10
    Unknown: I've made my mind up because I'm seeing gret Greg gutfeld on the west coast, which is a large market. We got three major markets back here. We got Seattle, we got LA, which is the biggest city in the country. And San Francisco, it runs at eight o'clock. Yes.
  • 17:26
    John: Currently, you're taking those ratings and compare them to the 1130 Cobell show. It doesn't it's not a comparison. He also does not run in the in the he does not run at all in the 1130. slot. And, and you should look at the competition in that primetime slot it regardless, it's an it's an amazing change in the landscape coming from cable from the days when it was no, I agree with that. 1,000%. Okay. It's just that it's not a, it's not a show at the same time at the same place. There's just not. It's like, it's just doesn't, it doesn't, I'm not buying it. As you know, I made a note to myself, that I mentioned to you that you're saying I'm not buying it a lot. And and if you want me to talk about what you're buying, okay, I'm not okay. I'm not buying the fact that I'm saying I'm not buying it a lot.
  • 18:21
    Unknown: Alright, continue with your NBC. Finish up. So I get sick a day NBC thing is so bad, I switch to them. And then I went back to NBC. And there was this horrible is a very heartwarming report about a woman who had I guess, I'd never caught the beginning of a slide, but I think was bone marrow transplant to save her life. And they brought in the guy who had who gave the bone marrow transplant. Oh, he was always I was one of those things. And so they're they're all dude, they're gushing over it. And this woman giving the the NBC woman she's going on and on it goes, it goes something like this. Oh, and I think the guy's name is gates. Oh, and Mr. Gates, you you had is a big, burly guy, the big red beard. Oh, and you had now I understand you had anxiety and and you overcome the anxiety and the anxiety that you had made it seem pretty hard for you to do but you overcome the anxiety and the anxiety and anxiety and then the anxiety. How did you feel afterwards with the anxiety and the anxiety and anxiety? She seemed a little preoccupied with this anxiety thing. And the report continued about how he brought his daughter to some of the procedures. And when she did suffer anxiety because there was any anxiety in her prep, you're teaching her so you can show her that she won't have anxiety when she when she has anything like this is you won't have anxiety, too. This goes on. And as they're gonna wrap it the woman who's there who had the transplant says Can I say something? I just want to point out you're saying the word anxiety a lot. Yeah. So so the word Ahmed says, Can I sit now she was a professional broadcaster the way you get you when you get stuck in anyone out there as you get stuck on a situation where you didn't get the talk. You mean strange say, Well, I like to say something. Or you say I'd like to say something, you can just jump in and say that most people notice a cue. Yeah, but can I say something was kind of is so sad. And I loved
  • 20:21
    it. I wonder what the anxiety question was all about? Were they Was there some drug for pre? Was the woman the guy never seen this interviewer before? She was just a, she was anxiety prone. And she was preoccupied with anxiety. anxiety, oh, maybe she had to maybe she's thinking of being a donor for a family member? No, no, no, no, she's just an anxious woman. Okay, poor woman. So that so that woman, that woman who got the transplant got to say something fine. And you get the anxious woman got very spooked by this, of course, because she's anxious. And she then she got to she actually got to do what she wanted to say what she wanted to thank the guy. They never allowed her to do that. And then they're going to have like some online event form or something like that. And then it ended, but it was actually a segue for the interviewer because NBC is full of incompetent boobs. Except for her was it was a good idea. Well, the reunion show like that is fantastic. But you got to do it like Elon does it you know, not not about bitching about anxiety. He's like, you got to make you feel Yes, I feel him. I think I feel some of his personality in me. I mean, those are the things you want, right? Like, you want nuts about this anxiety to kick the topper would be if we were producing it, because obviously we know how to do these things. This guy, this big burly guy with a red beard. We put them in a magga hat. for the introduction. Yeah, yeah. I know how to do these things. We both know this is this is just how it goes. Yeah, I would do the trick.
  • 22:05
    Adam: So I chatted with Joe. Who indeed di had got COVID. Over the weekend, Joe Rogan, Joe Rogan, he had COVID he got he got a comedy show. And I was Wait, you just go back to he got he did he? Was he vaccinated? Well, this is so this is the this is what's making the media crazy. And it's fantastic. And I think this will be I told him I said you watch this is going to be really, really big. Because he has never explicitly said to my knowledge that he has been vaccinated. I think he once mentioned that he was going to get it but then you know, they had to cancel the appointment. I am 99 point 99% sure he's vaccinated. I wouldn't ask him. He wouldn't ask me either. To I just, I just refuse to do that. But that's but that's kind pressure that he would get back. Oh, yeah. But that's that's kind of the beauty of Rogan is there's so many things are mysterious, you just don't know, because he really doesn't communicate generally interact with people, he posts stuff, you know, so and he doesn't really talk about himself that way in his shows it just people don't know it. So we've had a number of these reports. And you know, let me see, I think I have a, an example. It's like
  • 23:25
    Unknown: radio show host anti vaxxer radio here, conservative radio host who called himself Mr. Anti Vax dies after COVID-19 battle. So they're looking, they're looking for this, you know, and there's been three, there's been two or three of these, either podcaster, or radio hosts who have been, you know, immediately qualifies antivax. And, and then when they get sick and die, it's of course, it's all of COVID not with COVID. You just did. So with Joe, they don't really know. So what they focused in on is the ivermectin then so he posted a video. And what did you bring it? Yeah, well, I'm gonna I'm gonna play all of that. I got I got the clips. Okay. So in our private conversation, he did say to me, obviously, we don't need vaccines. And I took that to mean, he's a breakthrough case. And he was able to solve it in a couple of days exactly what that would mean. So that's, that's how I took it, as well. That's the way anyone would take it. So instead of but he might as well say, Well, I guess the vaccines don't work. Pretty much. Pretty much that. So what's cool about this is the media is flipping out. I mean, they're just they are beside themselves because they don't know what to do. I mean, Joe Rogan. And now it's all focused on ivermectin because he made that very clear that that was not really the monoclonal was how to pronounce that monticola monoclonal the monoclonal colonic, the mana colonic Teresa's, that's really what it is. He said that kills the virus. That's it right away that that does it. And then the ivermectin is, you know, important for all the obvious reasons that we know about ivermectin, but that's what we cannot have. And by the way that monoclonal treatment is also not FDA approved as far as I know, at this at this time, the experimental use only. So the media is focusing on the ivermectin and I'll give you a quick example of this is NPR. Joe Rogan says he has COVID-19 and is taking unproven drug ivermectin in the story. This is
  • 25:48
    unbelievable report. There's hundreds of ribault just wait for it. Rogan says he took a drug the FDA or just people not to use this is NPR that included taking ivermectin a de worming veterinary drug that is formulated for use in cows and horses. While a version of the drug is sometimes prescribed to people for head lice or skin conditions. The formula for animal use is much more concentrated. The Food and Drug Administration is urging people to stop ingesting the animal version of the drug to fight COVID-19 warning it can cause nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, neurologic disorders, and potentially severe hepatitis requiring hospitalization. Now of course, hepatitis, I'm sorry, how do you get hepatitis from ivermectin doesn't make any sense when I read it. So the what the what's interesting here is they can't really say you know, ivermectin is dangerous so they can they make it look as if Joe to a coarse paste on a rich cracker. You know, that's basically Well, you're down in Texas, you bunch of dumb she is what do you expect to happen? Exactly. So when this hits CNN, das when shit got real, that's when it got really funny. We'll start with anderson cooper with the intro. or breaking news this evening. Joe breaking knows Rogen podcaster announced on social media today that he has COVID Rogen that said young healthy people don't need to get vaccinated. In his statement on social media. Rogen said he has taken several therapeutics to recover, see what they'd like to do with it like to nail them on the bow. You shouldn't take a vaccine if you're young and healthy, but they know that he got the vaccine to turns out I got COVID so we immediately threw the kitchen sink at all kinds of meds, monoclonal antibodies, ivermectin, z Pak, prednisone, prednisone, the cancer drug. It's about steroids used for all kinds of things. Okay.
  • 27:52
    prednisone, everything. One of those drugs he mentioned ivermectin is something more often used to deworm horses. CDC says there's no evidence that works on COVID. Its increased usage has only led to a substantial increase in overdoses after pushed by some on the far right. ceding vaccine misinformation. Yes, as the far right. Once again, it's it's completely non political story. But we've got to make it political. And when you want to do a medical story about a medicine, that there's dispute over, its obvious who you call in for this. on CNN, there's only one person and that is Brian seltzer water. Yeah. And he is one of the most influential figures in all of media, especially among young men. He has a podcast and deal with Spotify worth $100 million $100 million is
  • 28:42
    a podcasting deal with Spotify worth $100 million. But in the past, he has downplayed the vaccine. And in this case, he seems to have admitted he has COVID because it's hurting him in the pocketbook. He had to Can't he had to postpone or reschedule one of his upcoming stage shows. So you think the economic consequences might get people's attention and make people think maybe make his fans think differently about the threat of but he is trying to portray this as if he is feeling better now. He's doing better now, because of this cocktail of drugs and medications that he has taken. Of course, these are some of these are under emergency youth authorizations. Others have been, you know, discouraged by the CDC and the FDA. But when you have a horse deworming medication that's discouraged by the government that actually causes some people in this crazy environment we're in to actually want to try it. That's the upside down where we're in with figures like Joe Rogan.
  • 29:36
    Adam: Okay, well, this is obviously very bad for people because they're gonna all listen to Joe Rogan do what Joe says, and he's trying to kill you with this horse pace. And when you have it Brian seltzer water you might as well bring in the other comedian. Lena, when formerly CEO or Executive Director of Planned Parenthood kicked out, and now the CNN medical spokes whole
  • 29:59
    Unknown: Well, I think there are Some people who want to believe that there is a magic pill for COVID, which of course we would all want. But this is the main issue. So with ivermectin, not only is it that we know what not only are we saying that there's no evidence it works. It goes beyond that we actually know that it doesn't work. There was a systematic review of looking at 10 randomized controlled trials that have been done, that were done in different countries looking at different doses of ivermectin. And they found that there was no benefit for ivermectin in reducing mortality, death to COVID-19. no reduction in symptoms or duration of symptoms for COVID-19. So it does not work. When there is risk, and there is no benefit, then this is not something that should be done. And I think the greater harm here is that it provides this false reassurance. People are now going about not getting vaccinated, saying that they can do whatever they want with the understanding that there is this magic pill to save them at the end of the day, except that it's not a magic pill that actually works. And in this case, especially because people are using doses that are totally inappropriate. I mean, ivermectin is used in humans for things like parasites and scabies, but those are at low doses, when people are taking them at a very high doses as given for livestock for horses, for example. Then they could go nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, severe skin rash, extremely low blood pressure and permanent liver damage. You could also die from overdoses of ivermectin. And I hope that people realize this and heed the advice of public health experts rather than Joe Rogan.
  • 31:29
    Oh my god, okay, well now this is this is interesting. You have ice cubes I have one clip. But this is so important, I guess that we get this message out. Oh, this is gonna go on for national clip. It's gonna go on for days, john, you can just feel it. What's the name is yesterday. This is yesterday on France. 24. kidspeace
  • 31:52
    have been a lot of talk in the papers. Allison still about the pandemic and in particular, the latest false miracle drug for COVID-19.
  • 31:59
    That's right false miracle drugs. So to be clear, doctors say that this does not protect or help work against COVID-19. This drug is called ivermectin. If you've never heard of it. That's because it's mostly for animals. It's used to fight against parasites and horses and other livestock. The FDA warns that taking large doses can cause serious harm to humans. Still, though, Jeannie, it's become a real problem in the US. We see in this Guardian article. A judge in Ohio recently ordered a hospital to give ivermectin to a COVID patient whose family was demanding it despite the doctors at the hospital advising against it. We've also seen people buying out the pills and the drug that is intended for animals. So big problem in the US. Meanwhile, at French paper, the Figaro has some positive news today about real treatments for COVID-19. One of them is a French drug xa v 19. That is almost done with its phase two trials. The paper says it could be available in France, at least by the end of the year. The paper also mentions a drug called Actemra that is already being used in the US successfully and is currently being evaluated by Europe's medical agency. So if some 70% of adults here in Europe are now vaccinated, but with all of those breakthrough cases, it is always good to know that there are new treatments on the way.
  • 33:22
    Yeah, yeah, we got to get this this is very, very annoying, because not only are there things like this Actemra treatment, but Pfizer is now developing a twice a day COVID pill. They're so confident the pill will be approved and likely mandated. This is according to some piece of shit, that it has started production before the end of the clinical trials. And here's the kicker, here's the kicker, you take it along with the vaccines. I think it's going to be different, more like it's going to be mandated because if you if you accepted the vaccine into your life, you really need these pills to stay alive. That's probably true. But I will say this. Do you think it's a coincidence? That this ivermectin treatment, which has been studied to death? Yeah. And I have a link if you go to my divorce does substack.com columns and go back about a year to the the science comments about the belief in science I have links to the research about ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. It's and that link those links are ongoing. So if you go click on that those pages, there's hundreds of studies. But do you think it's possible that because ivermectin cost about a nickel a pill for humans for human use, as opposed to 10 bucks a pill, there may be a difference in new way people want to approach these things in the news media, which is dominated by payments from the pharmaceutical companies to get nickel appeal might be just have something to do with this. Now, of course, are the fact that we're even given that ivermectin out in Goa, we have the picture of the the blister pack. Yeah. Well, I think that it's such a mess at the FDA in particular. Now, just just to, you can go to Bing a.io and search for ivermectin study as well, you find a lot of these a lot of these studies. I mean, if you were to only go by the studies that were sanctioned by the CDC, were the ones that were giving ivermectin to late stage COVID people to a person on his deathbed. You know, yeah, that's not when it's
  • 35:39
    going to work very well. But the amount of studies that show that it does, and what's interesting is hydroxychloroquine is kind of fallen by the wayside.
  • 35:50
    There's so much that's largely Pixar, I think that's largely because ivermectin works better. Right?
  • 35:59
    You take them together.
  • 36:03
    You can take them together. It's not a problem. I'm a doctor, nobody can trust me. So the FDA is a mess. And so to top FDA regulators resigned.
  • 36:17
    Adam: Let me see I have a little blurb here. Former FDA bigwig told biotech outlet endpoints that the pair complained that the CDC and specifically its Advisory Committee on Immunization, had seized the right to make decisions that had previously been left up to the FDA. The researchers were supposedly upset with the with marks I'm not sure who that is in the story for not standing up against them against the CDC, the Biden's administration to announce a third round of MMR mRNA booster shots without consulting them was the last straw. And the reason why it's the last straw is because eight months ago, there was a what was the head the Alzheimer drug that also was just approved recently. Yeah, the one that doesn't work at all. Yeah, and yeah, it was like all this all these people like Now this doesn't work. And there is a you know, going back to the the FDA approval of the common rd.
  • 37:20
    Unknown: The advisory board was not consulted on this. The refusal of the FDA and its Acting Director Janet Woodcock to convenience drug drugs Advisory Committee for discussion of the Pfizer and biotech decisions is quite shocking. That's, according to NPR, three experts have now resigned from the advisory committee after the agency approved an Alzheimer's drug called adju. Helm against the wishes of nearly every member on the panel. I mean, it's so obvious that this is just a bad actor. She's Yeah, she is. Oh big time, big time. So then that this is just one of the thing about the about the big this is someone one of our producers sent this to me. There's two people in the FDA and just kind of shows you how swampy it is. So Fred Hahn, h a h n he authorized modernise vaccine six months ago. Now, he is former FDA chief Han. He has joined a biotech venture firm. You gotta love that. So he'll be he'll be investing. And then Mr. Cook, longtime lobbyist. Email, I think her name is starting at five she held various positions in the pharmaceutical industry from 91 to 98. She was Board Member of the European Federation of pharmaceutical industries and associations, which is a lobbying firm spent eight years lobbying for the big 30 and European pharmaceutical industry including fiver, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Novartis, Johnson and Johnson she was appointed as the head of regular regulation of medicines other health technologies with the World Health Organization. In November she was appointed executive director of the AMA the European medical agency also took the position of chair person at the international coalition of medicines regulatory authorization these it's it's one big cesspool one big and no one ever reports on it because it's being fed by them I guess.
  • 39:30
    So here's here's chris hayes on msnbc making sure that you know that these anti vaxxers like Joe Rogan, you know cannot be trusted and your your your you will probably meet your mate like me, listen to me instead. 17 of the nearly 600 people arrested in connection with the January 6 insurrection have this guy as their lawyer. His name is john Pierce. He's an anti vaccine conservative lawyer recently tweeted quote the entire 82nd airborne couldn't make me get experimental government vaccines stuck in my arm. Well now it seems like those 17 people he represents are without representation and that is because he is reportedly sick with COVID and on a ventilator. Prosecutors this week of conservative talk show host named Mark Bernier, the guy who spoke out against the vaccine died of COVID at the age of 65. He's the third conservative radio host who publicly rejected vaccines to die the virus. A Texas man named Caleb Wallace, who led anti mask rally last year in his state and protested Coronavirus mitigation efforts as recently as June died this week of virus of the virus who's only 30 years old. He leaves behind a pregnant wife and three children. What a horribly because it's just a just egotistical man.
  • 40:48
    By the way this that, that that reporting is sick. Yes, plenty of people that died who had the vaccine. There's plenty of people who died from the vaccine. It's funny people who die. And the fact that Chris Hayes would do this shows you what a sleazebag douchebag sleazeball douchebag this guy is. I mean, he is the worst This is unconscionable. But thinking about all these people, I can go on Yeah, these people yakking about Joe Rogan. None of them says hey, I hope he's okay. Hope he feels better. No one ever says that. Yes. Why would you do this? Here's a pair. Dr. Fauci with a top Meister talking about eating horse paste. poison control centers are reporting that their calls are spiking in places like Mississippi and Oklahoma, because some Americans are trying to use an anti parasite horse drug called ivermectin to treat Coronavirus to prevent contracting Coronavirus. What would you tell someone who is considering taking that drug? Don't do it. There's no evidence whatsoever that that works. And it could potentially have toxicity, as you just mentioned, with people who have gone to poison control centers because they've taken the drug at a ridiculous dose and wind up getting sick. There's no clinical evidence that indicates that this works. And what's so cool about this is they're not lying here. absolutely spot on. There is no clinical evidence that eating horse paste works. The way they're representing it is not a lie. It's a lie by omission. Yeah, it's these. Yeah, he said it from this, these dose, but they're all talking about high super high doses of horse paste, horse paint horse paste.
  • 42:37
    John: Yeah, that's true. See it, just do that over and over and over again. But there's all kinds of I've ever written, every one of the clips you've played has always had the same thing about the hide. There's no proof that this super high dose that will kill you is going to help. I mean, is what they're essentially saying, Yes, not what you're supposed to be used. Yes. What are you going to do? Well, the problem is, it's all politicized. And Anthony Fauci is in the middle of it and you know, the we've all seen the great Heil Fauci remixes. This even National Geographic is doing a documentary about the good doctor.
  • 43:14
    Unknown: I'll spare you the trailer. It really doesn't work without the without the visuals, but it's really all about Fauci being attacked, that's edited him at home with his wife and, you know, just the attacks and the death threats. And and, of course, this, this documentary drops on September 11. Dropped Well, they should pick it up. It drops on September 11th. Yeah, probably to make Fauci look like even more of a of a hero, and he was moaning about it with tapper. Six weeks ago, Florida Governor Ron de Santos, his reelection campaign committee, started selling shirts and more that say don't Fauci, my Florida and attacking what he called foul Chisholm. Now, just in the six weeks since the governor's re election campaign launched those products, more than 5000 Floridians have died of Coronavirus. What do you make of the way some of these governors and politicians are attacking you?
  • 44:09
    Well, I mean, whoever is attacking me and attacking me just the reflection of the politicization of what should be a purely public health issue. And it's really unfortunate, you know, they're attacking personally me, because I'm a visible person, but I'm merely articulating the proper public health practices that are recommended strongly by an organization and that organization is the CDC. So they like to pick out a certain person because they could make that person, you know, the personification of political divides, which is so unfortunate, Jake, we put all of that aside. We have an extraordinary problem that's killing people in the United States, killing us killing putting us in the hospital. So that kind of politicization that you just mentioned, there's no place for that when You're dealing with a public health crisis. And
  • 45:05
    this is just a fun little 20 seconds just being reported seconds ago Gene Simmons is now COVID positive following in the steps of Paul Stanley being COVID. Positive, extraordinarily concerning given that they were both extremely vaccinate fully stated. And they live by every measure very, very serious precautions when they resume their tour.
  • 45:30
    I was so proud yesterday, I got a text from the from the millennial. And she says, Hey, this vaccine doesn't work. I was like, Oh, that's good. Second text. You know, this is crazy. Why are they forcing people to do this? Oh, my Oh my gosh, if if the millennial is seeing it. We're on the brink. on the brink of a real Yeah, a real breakthrough. There's some weird news about heared about Madonna. Once again, this is not the second time this has happened in Japan.
  • 46:07
    Authorities in Japan have reported another suspected case of contamination in McDonald's Coronavirus vaccines, the fourth such incident in less than a week. The health ministry said on Wednesday that contaminants in at least one of the incidents were found to be particles of stainless steel added that it did not expect the incident would pose an additional health risk. The findings were the result of an investigation by domestic distributor to Qaeda pharmaceutical cicadas that the most probable cause of the contamination was related to friction between two pieces of metal in the machinery that put stoppers on the vials. The company was citing a joint investigation with Madonna and Ravi which bottles Madonna vaccines, the country suspended the use of over 1.6 million doses of Madonna shots last week after being notified of contamination in some of the supply. The latest incident comes from Kanagawa Prefecture where almost 3800 people had already received shots from the contaminated lot but the rest is put on hold. The Japanese government said earlier that the particles in some incidents may be pieces of rubber cause from needles that were incorrectly inserted into vials breaking off bits of the rubber stopper.
  • 47:22
    This is not good. And this could be industrial sabotage. But yeah, I mean stainless steel, like something's up with this. This is like this. These guys are out of control. And I'm again looking at Pfizer and then the by the way the website people should go to his IV M. Meta IV meta, well one word IV m meta calm. And there you'll see the peer reviewed studies about ivermectin back to Medina, for a second there was a truck filled with modern a vaccine that overturned in West Virginia 1.3 million doses of the vaccine. And they they called out the hazmat they closed the airspace. Why did they cook on hazmat? That is that stuff well, that's what I'm that's the, the closing the airspace.
  • 48:25
    Close the airspace.
  • 48:29
    You gotta you gotta know again, let's let's take a look at it from the perspective of marketing. Let's say you're the guy you're the you're the dirty trickster working at let's say, I'm just guessing Pfizer and you wanted to make us make a fuss to have somebody knock the truck over. Some boys have some boys do a thing for you. No problem. I'm as you're gonna get. So you do the truck. And then you call the different authorities and saying oh my god, this is a knife from I'm representing murderer. You gotta close the airspace you've got to get bring hazmat out or you bring your own hazmat guys out that are phoneys. Yeah. Well, that you do that may not have even been necessarily the case because if you are the Madonna guy and you knew about the Pfizer guy, but you're the Madonna guy. And you knew that these 1.3 million doses were headed to Ghana, you might have known was really in him. Well, I'm gonna stick with my thesis. Noise crackpot close the airspace. In the meantime, though, it's this is the New England Journal of Medicine came across the transom yesterday. resurgence of SARS, cov, two infection in the highly vaccinated health system workforce. And it's reporting on all of these workforces that have been be vaccinated up to 76% but that the infections within that group had risen 83%. And it's a very it's a tech it's an interesting it's a technical article, but they but he wants to talk about this stuff. It's good stuff. I mean, if we're running a newsroom, we'd be sleepy. The good stuff you want to run, but you can't do it because the damn pharma companies are paying the bills. I actually have a great example of that with our buddy here. Thought I had got rid of that. I thought I had a Greg gutfeld clip. He was just he was oh my goodness, it was what was her name now? We find it kimkins No, no, no. Lisa Booth was on. No. No, shoot. I guess I don't have I guess I didn't clip it for some reason. Something went wrong there. But she was just going on
  • 50:53
    about it. He should have you no choice at setting Goodfellas. Just like well, but all the document yard really does show that it is working in Iraq. like holy crap, man. What's wrong with you? So the guy he sent me. He works there. If you work there, you do the same thing. I'm sure for the kind of money he's making. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Okay. No, you would that's what you do. Yeah, how many people say you make out a few million a year? I don't know what gut Phil makes, but he probably makes five. Yeah, that would say and I'm guessing at least and then what are you gonna do? I'm going to stand up for my rice. I'm going to tell it like it is. And I'm going to go to work with a local station for $100,000 that's not gonna happen. Now you probably right, you probably right. Or you could just come out and just be honest about it. Like former NBA star hula hoops Australian, was this guy's name? He played for the Warriors actually.
  • 51:56
    Andrew Bogut bought it. Here's what he had to say. Last year, about three or four months into this pandemic. I got a I got a message from somebody. I'm not gonna name who it was, or where it came from. A lot of money to put out a public service announcement for you everyday pledge to stay home. Or something like this. Hi, I'm Andrew Bogut, former NBA washed up athlete, former Olympian, whatever you call it, it's your duty to stay home. Do the right thing for the community. I've got money in my bank account. I'm good. I'm fine. I can fill up my fridge with food cause I can even somewhat get to different parts of the world if I really wanted to. But you stay home do the right thing for the community. We are all in this together our fees do that shit. And I was often always offered money for I don't need the money. You're right. I was offered money for it rfqs do that shit. Now that's a personal choice I made because I knew that I was I was that person that I'd be getting the message to and I was a kid. I was once that person was told you're not essential to communities they own How come
  • 53:01
    a former as he says washed up NBA player. How come he can get money offered but a washed up VGA Can't I mean I got some props don't I mean why? Why are they not approaching me?
  • 53:15
    John: They listen to the show once. He's beyond help was since you're on the topic of the all this stuff. I want you to read the letter. Yes. On Deck so we can balance our coverage a bit. This is from sir Dodger. And sir Dodger writes. So one of my employees tells me over the weekend his friend went and got his vaccine, and within two days he was quote feeling off and decided to go to the hospital after having chest pains. he wound up spending three days hospitalized. He says his balls turned black and was hemorrhaging in different parts of his body and had to be resuscitated once he had received the j&j vaccine. Just thought you'd like to know what's with the black balls? Never heard this. This isn't black balls. Good people are reluctant to talk about it. Is that like the same version of heavy flow? Is that a joestars? Women complain about this? Yes, well No. Is it more like the black guy? Isn't that old? The black guy Yes. Like the black guy. The black guy the black balls. I don't know what that means comic strip blogger will be doing an artwork based on this. If you see a guy with black balls and a black eye he should be avoided. Back to Back to mandates mass shots and freedom passports, my brothers and sister in Australia. I am watching you that feel horrible What's going on? It is it is it is unbelievable. How the prison colony of Australia is treating its citizens The new restrictions as of well, it's already taken place because now it's September 3 their playgrounds will reopen with strict rules keep everyone safe playgrounds for children under 12. Only one parent or caregiver, adult should not remove their ass to eat or drink playgrounds like QR codes for checking in. So now when 70% of Victorians have at least one vaccine dose, we will look to ease restrictions a little further. At that point the five kilometer radius will expand to 10 to exercise and shopping can take place up to 10 kilometers from your home.
  • 55:36
    Unknown: The day you control freak state government has to be filled with so they have extended the government has extended their COVID-19 emergency powers to mid December and that has resulted in the following of which I have a report
  • 55:52
    that the new laws the Morison government claims will help authorities defeat the most depraved criminals operating in the darkest underbelly of cyberspace passed by the Senate yesterday. The identity and disrupt bill gives federal police agencies the power to spy on suspects, and even takeover their online to Thanos. This is a pretty extraordinary power, that these police are going to be able to have to really crack down on some pretty serious offenses, whether it's child sex exploitation, whether it's drugs, whether it's it's weapons, the bill was passed with bipartisan support. Well, ladies vital we continue to work constructively in the interest of national security. But the new powers prompted concern from the minor parties. The two major parties are in complete lockstep with each other, and they are leading us down the road to a surveillance state. The Federal Police will now have three new types of warrants at its disposal data disruption warrants, allowing them to change the data belonging to those suspected of criminal activity and disrupt offenses such as the distribution of child abuse material, network activity warrants, enabling them to collect evidence on the dark web and anonymizing technologies and account takeover powers, allowing police to take control of a person's online account. Previously, law enforcement needed someone's consent in order to take over their online account. But now Australian Federal Police will be able to do so without that person necessarily realizing that's pretty interesting. They can just assume your account. I'm sorry. We're from we're from the from the government. We're here to take over your account, Mr. Curry.
  • 57:39
    And it wouldn't be so concerning if you don't think about them being a member of Five Eyes. And this is how it works. You know, so now they can spy all they want. I don't know if how it works with Oh, that's a great Yes, yes. Yes, you get you're nailing it. Yeah. So this is what? With GC HQ, and that's the spying on Trump was all done in the UK as far as I know. Yes. So now they can spy. So just because it's Australia doesn't mean we had we shouldn't be thinking about it. Then the very good bit, maybe this whole thing's a scheme, so they just take over our accounts. In the US. Yeah, I was seem a stretch, but Well, why not? I like the five I brought it up. I think I'm in agreement. I'd like to take and do network. snooping to anonymizing technologies, which to me means they're going to mess around with cryptography, cryptography and encryption. And New South Wales the premier
  • 58:43
    said something really funny. I'm not funny, but I don't know if it was intentional or a gaffe. Or if he really meant it. It was hard to parse VCs have said a couple of times really a pandemic an epidemic of the unvaccinated. When we do see people who are fully vaccinated, hospitalized or, or horribly die often there are other conditions associated with that. So let's be very clear.
  • 59:09
    Now, why is she saying it's a pandemic of the unvaccinated and then subsequently says, you know, we're seeing people fully vaccinated horribly die. Is this is this a gaffe? Or is she she blaming people dying horribly on the unvaccinated? You're blaming them vaccinate or blame for everything.
  • 59:32
    I've said a couple of times, really a pandemic and epidemic of the unvaccinated when we do see people who are fully vaccinated, hospitalized or or horribly die often there are other conditions associated with that. So let's be very clear. The evidence is quite stark. And I said to the other states, don't assume because you don't have cases today you want tomorrow, the day after Get ready.
  • 59:56
    Get ready. I heard I heard what your what she said was When the vaccinated horribly die, there's other circumstances not they're not dying from COVID they're dying from something else. Ah, she took it. Gotcha. Very good. Um, what failed in the United States appears to be working. They it looks like they're blocking off all of the entrances into New South Wales. It's the truckies to the rescue down under great to have you with us. We
  • 1:00:24
    begin with breaking news from Queensland where truck drivers are right now protesting over mandatory vaccination on the Gold Coast. Today Queensland reported yes you know what it is at Reedy Creek and Jess Good morning to you what's the scene like there now?
  • 1:00:38
    It's complete and utter chaos Alex let me show you these two trucks are pulled up here on the M one southbound at Reedy Creek and you can see that the traffic stretch back for kilometres one of the truckies is joining me now Brock Why have you guys done this today
  • 1:00:53
    my no lock downs people go back to work and kids go back to school that's what we want out of it we've had enough of it we we even had a lot of support people driving past a lot of support my the people that live is amazing so we appreciate everyone that's come down and these guys in blue my they've been very
  • 1:01:12
    fit my cameraman to show you how Alex because there are police here and they just came up to your Brock Brock and said that if you don't move your truck, you're going to be towed. So
  • 1:01:21
    that's unfortunately that's the society's there's risk and everything. But these bikes have been pretty lenient, it's not it's not fun to hide against them. They do a great job. We respect everything they do. But it's all about choice at the end of the day. You know, if you don't want to get the vaccine, I get the Vax if you do want to get it and get it on ik but just I keep looking at people like
  • 1:01:43
    so their blood, they've backed up the traffic and they're doing something novel your backup, what are truckers? Yeah, it was not well organized that and also, they've been locked down for almost six months now. There's it really sick of it. And they've really been locked down not just not what we've been through. So these guys, they're they're parking their trucks, you know, side by side, there's kilometers or kilometers. As she said, I've traffic backed up. But what they're doing is they're taking out there's these bolts is long bolts that are part of the air compressor for the air brakes, you remove that bolt,
  • 1:02:23
    Adam: and the air brake is locked tight. You can't tow the truck. And unless you have enough air bolts to put back on every single trucker who's done that they could stay there for a while this is I'm looking at maps here that people are sending me it's every single road is just backed up and blocked. And no reporting except for this local report. No other reporting anywhere they do not want this is not the idea that you should be looking at this and thinking things so thank you news media for letting us know what's going on in the world. They don't care. They don't care.
  • 1:02:56
    Unknown: One of our own, made some some news waves. And that is a dame Lindsey. Now Dame Lindsey, we've been talking or I've been talking about her should be the senate keeping me up to speed. They have a knowledge check meats, they're a small meat processor. In Wisconsin, they've got nine people, it's a family business. And some of the best brands in the world. They sure do. And the the FDA said, Look, you have to have your people wearing masks when our inspectors come by,
  • 1:03:30
    Adam: by itself. Not a huge problem. Because it's just the mask. To which Dame Lindsay said, Yeah, exactly. It's just a mask. I don't want to do it. I don't want to subject my people to it. When the CDC change their recommendations, we said, okay, if you want to wear a mask, it's you know, everyone has to act responsibly. Do whatever you feel is right for you. And just to have the FDA throw some kind of requirement on top of it under the penalty of not getting their USDA stamp of approval, which means they can't sell to wholesale. They refused. And they went back and forth. And she was I went on a local radio show. And she pled her case. And it was really I was really proud to hear what she had to say. It's nothing that we haven't discussed on the show already. And she is standing up for for her right. She's very brave. The whole the whole company and family are very brave. But what I thought was extra special is how she gave the show a couple of nods along the way.
  • 1:04:35
    Unknown: It's not like we don't believe in the fact that this was serious. And this is something to pay attention to. But it comes a point where the personal responsibility and accountability is is needs to Trump the shut up sleeve and put a mask on and do what we say because it's not going to end unless we say that.
  • 1:04:53
    Right. And I mean, you know the question, here's, here's actually how the interview started on He's a little low in volume. Just jacked it up a little bit. Yeah. So here's how the interview started. As I'm babbling along, I've got a guest in house. Welcome, Lindsay to the program. Hey, in the morning, Meg, thank you so much for having me. Oh. And the host never never, never blinked for a second. And then finally knowing if this is an interesting phenomenon, because other people have done this. Nobody seems to blink from in the morning. If you just say in the morning. Yeah. Because it's like, it's like it may be it gives you a beat of what does that mean? But generally speaking, it just sounds like in the more in the morning. Yeah, in the morning. Okay, I guess I guess people say that. I don't know in the morning. And then of course, the classic staple all kinds of great places. It's really fun to come over to Thorpe so thank you so much for having me, Meg. Thank you for your courage. God bless you. Thank God. Nailed it for your courage. Nailed it. Yeah, she nailed the big three shut up slave in the in the morning and thank you for your courage. That's probably the the trifecta for our show. Very, very impressive. Very, very impressive. As opposed to Oh, by the way, listen to www no agenda. Calm, right. No, look, check your heart. You're just sneaking Nola, check n o l e ch e ck meets.com Nola check meats calm, they of course can still sell to you and support them. I think that's a good idea. Especially the smaller companies who really can't stand up against the Tyson's and they're, you know, they're they're being stretched. Sucks no good. Two quick emails on the mandates. This was actually very interesting. One of our producers sent this came from from school for his kids, the Caddo parish schools.
  • 1:06:56
    Adam: Health will be conducting voluntary COVID-19 testing in the schools after Labor Day. This is a non invasive test and will be administered under the direction of the LSU health
  • 1:07:11
    Unknown: option slash LSU. Health students must have the permission of a parent and will be paid $25 for the first test and $10 for each test thereafter. My man, me too. Great. What is what is what is a non invasive invasive COVID test? It's not possible. Well, if it's a swab in your nose is anything but it's very invasive. variant swabbing Your mouth is invasive. Maybe they just scan you with some like spit, spit in a jar. Maybe it's a tricorder trike or
  • 1:07:50
    Adam: anonymous doctor writes in the morning, today's September 1 day one of the COVID clamp down hospital wide initiative to try to force doctors and nurses who refuse the quote vaccine to either take it or quit. We were all given an enamel pin, which is emblazoned all in this together doing my part at meritus. That's the meritus Medical Center, otherwise known as merit lists or murderous depending on the unit you're on risk and what kind of day you've had there. The hospital suits are not quite mandating the stab but if you refuse it, you must consent to nasal pharyngeal swabbing for a PCR test every week, a process that cannot be done on site but at some remote location with inconvenient hours, which forced people to test on Saturdays. I am of course refusing the needle and I am celebrating my new marginalized status by wearing my commemorative pin over a paper yellow six point star and he sent a picture. Fortunately, I'm not alone. I'm enjoying the company of a few other doctors in a bevy of truly woke nurses, Ward clerks, lab technicians and medical assessed assistance. The fight is afoot and this is what is collapsing the health care system this is why there's no more beds for a relatively small amount of people who need to be in the in the COVID wards. This it's just it's just done there people man there was this beautiful thing that's going on now with the with the nurses.
  • 1:09:24
    Unknown: So nurses are quitting because they don't want to accept the vaccine into their life. You see where this was from? And there's even though the big this is still the big scandal that is not this just under reported by the mainstream media is why do so many health care workers refuse to take this shit this vaccination? So they are the ones who are knowledgeable about things. As opposed to us that the general public the plebes, what they're doing is they're leaving their shoes, like the medical clogs and stuff they were they're leaving them by the door They leave. And there's a picture of one in the show notes. There's two of these to kind of like, know, what's what nurse Helga would wear is not the most trendy looking shoes. Never trendy, not very trendy, not very trendy look, and she doesn't give you the hot nurse vibe at all. And it's, in the end, the shoes are on top of a piece of paper, which quotes Mark 611. And I quote, and if any place will not welcome you, or listen to you leave that place and shake the dust off your feet as a testimony against them. And you will know how powerful we know how powerful empty shoes are. Especially if it's just one. Now we saw a couple of those shots after the company airport ographers know Yes, photographers, now they'll place a shoe if they have shoes are extremely powerful, very, very powerful stuff is nothing like a little kid shoe just on just on the middle of the road. Nothing like a little empty kid shoe. And then we finally have a new name. We've got the new name, we've got the new
  • 1:11:09
    variant. Julia, there are now two new variants that are really these ones of interest, the ones to watch. Tell us about those. So the first one is dubbed mu after the Greek letter in there it was first detected in Colombia back back is it? Is it mu or mu? baggy trousers?
  • 1:11:29
    It's mu i think but I precisely I say mu because this solidifies The Revenge of the Nerds vibe we've been we've been tracking, wasn't it lambda, lambda delta delta and also lambda mu. In the movie. Remember, I don't remember that movie. I'm telling you there's naming these things to just to mess with us. It could be but they do have one in France one see what are the one out of South Africa is the winner was worked up. Because you can do whatever you want, let's see 12345 or what's in the report in the report,
  • 1:11:58
    January 2021. And it has since been spotted in South American countries but also in Europe. For now this variant is only considered as being a variant of interest. So it's not the highest category, because one it has a very low prevalence around the world. But it has an increasing prevalence in Colombia and Ecuador. There's also mutations that could indicate that it could evade vaccines. Now you have another variant that you've been hearing about, especially today is the see one or two because in the media, we've been hearing that it is mutating twice as fast as other variants. Now, in reality, we should not be as alarmed it has indeed mutated a lot in a very short period of time. But as has other variants such as delta, it doesn't mean it's going to continue to mutate at that same pace. And also we don't have evidence today that those mutations are changing the behavior of the virus. So we have a graph here It appears that you're going to see it appear in red is at the same level as delta.
  • 1:13:00
    Yeah, I had this I almost clipped this but I thought it was a little slow moving. But yeah, the cues that she kept throwing cues out to the staff and they never did anything. You see by the graph, then the RAF never shows as she can then she looks at it two or three times like where's my graph? So yeah, it was to see what you got this off spreads 24 Yeah. Ever since I've been in in in the hotel in Amsterdam, like France 24 is good. I can't get TRT I want the Turkish TV. That's pretty good. Oh, you should get a skip and go to TYT. Hey, oh, no, it's Armenian. Not Turkish is exactly wrong. It's Armenian. Okay, let's do boosters real quick. As we already discussed, there's been resignations at the FDA over this. They don't like that these boosters have been approved that quickly. The CDC and the White House appear to be clashing over the timeline for COVID vaccine boosters.
  • 1:14:02
    The Biden administration wants Americans to start getting the extra shots next month. But a CDC panel still is unclear when initial vaccine effectiveness begins to diminish. Meanwhile, new figures show a surge in COVID infections among children, a troubling trend just as schools reopen.
  • 1:14:20
    Thankfully, a lot of these children weren't hospitalized. But nonetheless, the medical community is concerned about the long term effects for children, you know, affecting their brains, their heart and their lungs.
  • 1:14:30
    John: The federal government is now launching a civil rights investigation into five states that ban masked mandates in schools claiming the ban violates laws that protect students rights. That's a really interesting case. I love it. I love that they're going to switch your rule of the highest orders antastic gonna sue the state's over bans on mandatory masking because it violates their rights. where's where's in Texas Do you want if you want to wear a trash bag on your head to school that's fine. It's really nice. Now. Our Surgeon General This is my last clip unless you have anything else we can get to. Okay, good. That Surgeon General vivec Murti you know this guy, this vivec Murti. You've seen his face. Yeah, he's just he says silly looking guy. doesn't even look like eyes. He looks alien to me. He's got a big nose and two big balls. And he's just a scary looking guy. Don't you think he should be the CEO of a tech company? Like a Silicon Valley? He's totally he looks like he should be the next CEO of Google. No, no, no, he should be have a dating app like vaxxer Oh, even better. I just came up with an exit strategy facts match.
  • 1:15:44
    Unknown: We are announcing our plan to stay ahead of this virus by being prepared to offer COVID-19 booster shots to fully vaccinated adults 18 years and older they would be eligible for their booster shot eight months after receiving their second dose of the Pfizer or Madonna mRNA vaccines. We plan to start this program the week of September 20 2021. Even though this new data affirms that vaccine protection remains high against the worst outcomes of COVID no we are concerned that this pattern of decline we are seeing will continue in the months ahead which could lead to reduce protection against severe disease
  • 1:16:29
    hospitalization and death
  • 1:16:32
    John: there are so few people yes so few people yes they always throw in death around but they said there's not going to be any hospitalization and death if you took the two shots no well first of all it's three now the World Health Organization does not want the United States to to give out any boosters until at least after September because you know all the poor people oh yeah well this is this reports I have Okay, this is a democracy now. She always has to have the little thing in there the little the little needle at the end of her reports this is your friend your friend your friend Your boy Amy
  • 1:17:09
    Unknown: Cote COVID Vax hold on hold on. Warning. Amy Goodman clip in bound.
  • 1:17:17
    Beside me that for so long I want to use it a lot more clips. That clip I like never did forget, but it's appreciated. COVID Vax in Israel. Here we go.
  • 1:17:32
    Israel's now offering booster shots to all vaccinated people, which includes children aged 12 and older. The World Health Organization has repeatedly called on wealthy nations to hold off on booster shots until poorer countries receive their fair share of vaccine. Meanwhile, less than 10% of Palestinians in the Israeli occupied territories are fully vaccinated. According to one tracker,
  • 1:17:53
    did you say your boy Amy, Israel is sorry. Went down the wrong pipe. Israel is such an interesting case. Because it was the petri dish. It was the it was the model country and it's gone so out of control. I have a lot of Israelis that I'm working with and talk with on a regular basis like this, because they have the green passport because they're double Vax, because you can't do anything. And now Oh, yeah. Officially, they've changed the passport app, you now have to have three and these people are like no, no, I don't want it. But they also yet you know they have Well, let's go back to I think this is Amy again and this is the COVID II this may not be I don't know who didn't put it moniker, right. That label on this one but COVID eu This is the EU vaccine report
  • 1:18:51
    and international Coronavirus News The European Union said Tuesday it's fully vaccinated. 70% of all adults, European Commission President Ursula von der Laden, unvaccinated people to get their shots as soon as possible to avoid a new wave in cases and stop the emergence of new variants. Despite the EU milestone, vaccination rates remain low and infections are increasing in poorer Eastern European nations.
  • 1:19:23
    John: So she's blaming the unvaccinated for the variance when it's fairly well known fact that shooting up everybody with the vaccines and then having during a pandemic during a pandemic during a pandemic and they get your breakthrough cases and then that's where the two variants come from. So they're just lying to us lying about that. How many times have you have you heard them saying that the only way to herd immunity is vaccination? I mean, this. This is like I keep having to remind myself when one of our producers sends me like Israel, Israel's a good example. Cases skyrocketing as cases managed cases is PCR not intended as a test. It could just be that people freak more people are going to get tested. It's meaningless in it after two years, I know I'm tired of remembering stuff, don't they track cases based on PCR with actual in the actual case of COVID
  • 1:20:27
    Unknown: comm again, if they're just gonna call these cases infections, which they also do could you say that you Oh, I got tested positive on the PCR test. That means I've got COVID that means now I'm going to be a I'm going to be a COVID survivor, so I don't need the vaccine. I mean, they don't track any of this stuff. They just throw raw numbers at us and percentages or went up 40% and now people are catching on they're just catching on when the when they're not without the millennials catching on. Yes, I think they are. I think I think people are catching on. You're an optimist. You the optimist got to be the optimist. I have much longer to live theoretically. Yeah, well, happy birthday old man. And with that, I'd like to thank you for your courage and say in the morning to you the man who put the sea in the collapsing healthcare system ladies and gentlemen john C.
  • 1:21:20
    In the morning near miss Adam Curry Olson in the morning our ships to see boots on the ground feet near subs in the water and all the dames and knights out there
  • 1:21:28
    Adam: big in the morning to all our trolls in our troll room who hang out there on a 24 hour basis trolling with each other and also just to be honest connecting just hanging out it's a place you can go anytime of the day there's always someone there to give you a hefty and friendly in the morning and we love having my around on show days we do this show live we stream it on no agenda stream comm that's 24 seven if you go to troll room.io that's where you can join the trolls. Troll them troll us troll whatever you want to shut up the be passive sit under the bridge eat a sandwich. Let's count them all trolls. How many do we have come on trolls? scurrying away. Damn not good today. 1994 anything over 18 is good for Thursday. Oh, I thought Oh, okay. Well I like seeing over 2k personally personally
  • 1:22:22
    Unknown: did you get your reset email for no agenda social calm? I didn't care because they got my old machine back up and running which has it all built in the past when I saw it I did I just ignored it. I just password changed we able to log in on your old machine. Yeah, of course because it's all built in there I get it all I get all saved passwords and everything you might notice the real problem what because I went looked at my preferences. I'm using I'm using the Dvorak at John Dvorak dot Oregon said John dvorak.org and I think that's probably one of the problems because I I looked at the past I just want to pay something password I use it's an old one. So it's beside the point I got back on your machine running plainly what well this is important. What would How did you get the old machine running that was like a hardware error was a fan that blew up or something weird Yeah. Now what it was was the the aces z 97 motherboard. Oh, hold on a second. I really get me hot and bothered now motherboard talk is a beauty by the way it's a gem it's a wonderful looking product. And but what happens I'm told after this when it happened to me there's got one of those little batteries in it that keep up the date and time thing so if you leave the machine off for a long time the writing remains intact right keeps the state and saves machines the ROM ROM state or something it does some some cool things when that battery goes dead and you reboot under some circumstance it flips some triggers that tell you that the fan and the CPU is overheating and the fans not working when the fans working fine. And so you go so I'm told by the guys I used these custom built machines from NPC noise as site and silent PC comm you should people should if you've got the money to spend these machines are beautiful. So what's what's the website again?
  • 1:24:28
    John: silent pc.com and the thing about these machines I can build machines and I've done them by notes while you do your spirit. differences with these guys. Dude, like Dude, you have a blurb on this website. I do. Holy crap right on the front. Jhansi divorce. Can I read it? Sure. Jhansi Dvorak in PC Magazine. How old is this blurb? It's pretty old. I now consider this NPC noise calm computer, the greatest machine I've ever owned. I usually like to buy My own machines, but these guys do a much better job in every way. See, I'm reading it for you. If you're thinking of getting a new machine from any brand name company think seriously about NPC noise.com I'm Jhansi. Dora. Wow, it sounds just like an ad. Yeah, kinda. So anyway, so the difference between my building a machine and these guys building machine besides the fact that they use better components, and they use like, you know, cooling systems for their CPU, yeah, is every wire and every little connection is all bundled.
  • 1:25:33
    Unknown: tied together, and then it runs along the edge where it belongs. If you look at my bills, it's just a bunch of wires. If you stick your hand in there, you'll get an electric us Spaghetti Factory and the factory. And that's the difference between Spaghetti Factory and some and a pro. And it's like, there's no comparison. Beautiful, they got some great looking machines here. And yeah, yes. And they're all quiet. They're dead bone quiet. So here's what happens. So when that happens, I can't get this thing or just go in and change a couple things in the BIOS, it'll reboot. No, no, over and over again, about a month to get back up. And so so they finally the guy finds the manual for this old motherboard. His machine is about four years old, maybe five. And he says, yo, you got to go into this section and just turn everything off. So I did that. And it booted
  • 1:26:31
    John: back. Yeah. I turned all the sensors off. And so all right, it was the temperature sensor. The fan sensor was thinking was going crap, who knows? So it booted and now should be fine. I got a new battery I put a new battery and by the way, here's another little gift grouse if people are interested in me complaining, why not? So I got a battery, that battery and the thing is I got the numbers at 2532 something like that. So it's a very specific Duracell battery that everybody carries. I go to CVS, they got all these batteries, you know, they got all these little, these little round batteries. No, they don't have any of those. Oh, there's another CVS down the street because that's all there is now in the world of CVS. There's no Payless. There's no long stretch. There's nothing to CVS. I go the other CVS they haven't got it either. So I have to order it on Amazon. Oh, the whole you wonder why Amazon's doing so well. And these other stores Oh, we have nothing we can can stay in business. Try stocking your shelves with what you're supposed to have in there. I would have bought it from you dummies. Anyway, so that's another complaint. Phones a landline and the phone should be made out of Bakelite. That's right everybody you heard him right here the tech crowds resurrected. Thank you I'm better than I'm glad that you're back up. And now people can follow you at John Dvorak had no agenda social calm and when you're over there or if you're following then you'll get all these great things john has to say and then you'll automatically get flow from everybody else you can follow me Adam at no agenda social calm and be on Look at this. There's many many different mastodon servers you could sign up to you can it works everywhere. It's the new federated universe. It's the only way forward in my opinion. Now, I'd like to thank the artist for episodes 1377 we titled that one the R 9x. Which is the the model number of the rocket that was shot off at the ISIS k which
  • 1:28:31
    doesn't explode the chopper sends out sharp knives in cluster formation. Shawn Regalado brought us the artwork, and we had a lot of discussion about it, but we wound up choosing for ISIS K Street, the street side it was it was the first one that I actually liked when I first saw it and you really liked it. Yeah, but then I found something i thought was better. Because I didn't like this piece because of the devorah curry thing being on the very small unreadable Mm hmm. Now you liked but also like, Mike Riley's no agenda case flag which I didn't quite get it first. Yeah, well, if you don't get it then it's not good. I mean, I saw it immediately as ISIS k but if you don't get it immediately, then we can't do it. And then I also like to CIA check. No, we will. No, we I look, we both like the CIA chick. But it was it was impossible to read. But do you remember what you really wanted? What we had the conversation? Yes. The one we really want was from correct. The record is the one I really wanted and you were the one you this was your reaction. I really liked this is your reaction.
  • 1:29:53
    Unknown: I said What's the matter?
  • 1:29:56
    I just want everyone to know this is a complete accurate reenact One of the events of last Sunday. Yes.
  • 1:30:04
    And you said,
  • 1:30:07
  • 1:30:10
    it's a little too much like the podcasting. 2.0 logo. No, it is the podcasting 2.0 logo except instead of podcasting. 2.0 it says terrorism 2.0 and instead of a little antenna with beams coming off of it, the little antenna stick isn't is an ak 47 Yeah. There's a lot of people who work in podcasting 2.0 I can't like just have this terrorism's should flow. So I vetoed it. Yeah, put my foot down. You made it very clear that this was not acceptable to you? No, because and I said, why is this very funny? It's a it's a parody. It's fantastic. And then you went against?
  • 1:30:54
    John: There's a lot of people working on 2.0 and is going to offend someone, if it offend anybody. We have people from all across the spectrum working on this, and it's not just me. I don't own podcasting. 2.0 It's all the developers and there's lots of people who have different political viewpoints, believe it or not, and we still have we still all get along, because we have the same thing. I could do it, but you weren't going to have any of it. No. And so I gave up and then I tried to find something, you know, I say, well, this might work that might work. And I because I was trying to get away from this sign. And I and then it there was not a lot of really compelling art. And so I gave it I gave up and gave in. Well, and that's how it works. I would like to out Yes, I would like to correct the record. I mean, the sound you made is clearly not the sound I was making. You may have heard it that way. But it was this is what the sound that was making.
  • 1:31:53
    Unknown: at the ready says you as you Alright, let me just see Was there anything else that we we discussed? We did talk about the pulp boosterism just because it looked kind of cool. Thank you comic strip blogger for the
  • 1:32:13
    for the insult.
  • 1:32:16
    He loves he loves doing that is hilarious.
  • 1:32:21
    Oh, yeah, no, you'd like the barrel? Bottom quote. You actually pushed for that. I did work? Which one? It's the season 137 the bottom of the barrel with her on it?
  • 1:32:32
    John: I don't remember this. No, of course not. I do. Thank you. I just if I see that piece, but I can't find it. Where is it? It's on page one, page two. Now it's on page one. And it's about halfway down. You see the comic strip blogger I'm a dick. And then you see the ankle bracelet Nike and then it's hot. People you can follow along by the way if you're listening live you can do that at no agenda art generator comm if you're using a podcasting 2.0 app, then it where is it in? Where is in relation to the CIA check.
  • 1:33:11
    Unknown: We're CIA chick. Oh, 123 up four. So people have a barrel playing along at home. Or the woman says ha, yes. Hmm. Yeah, I did. Say I You're right. You're right. I said something about that a piece being kind of interesting. And then you said, I don't get it. And I said, That's the point. Yeah, so and I didn't get it either. But I did say something I just something about the piece I liked. I don't know why.
  • 1:33:50
    John: That's it. I think that's our summary. Yes, that is the summary and people listening along in a podcasting 2.0 app have been able to see all of this artwork fly by Dred Scott doing a great job on the chapters. You know, of course, it always takes him a couple hours to mark them all after republish. So if you really want the full effect, then just wait a few hours before you before we start listening to the show. It updates automatically new podcast apps calm. And let us thank our executive producers and associate executive producers for today in the no agenda, original value for value model where we ask you to support the show. So we don't have to talk to advertisers take creepy money and censor ourselves. And just think of all the interesting advice you get in terms of our taste in art. Not only that, but now you know how to travel like a billionaire by going to the fifth center. You might you might do a deal in there. You never know it could happen. You get to see other people It sounds like you're in a locked room notes. There's probably 10 rooms and they're really big and spacious and beautiful and each one has its own interior design. I was in the canal house room.
  • 1:35:00
    Unknown: Anybody else in there with you know just your own rooms your private room is no good all right let's start with anonymous alrighty who's in the hot The Hague Netherlands 90364 which is nice ITM please keep me anonymous okay we just did that this donation which will bring me to knighthood accounting below please note me as sir manila envelope only request is an F cancer earlier donation and he goes on and on. All right thank you very much anonymous. You've got karma name Jennifer weed of the Gypsy nation 570 from Lagrange Georgia fantastic shows as always, gentlemen, Adam Happy birthday. I Yes. That's why the 570 Thank you. Beautiful birthday gift. Regards, Dave. Jennifer, we have the Gypsy nation. That's very, very nice. Thank you. That's cool. I shall share with my friend. I could have pushed the 570 donation but I thought it'd be just my first 500 bucks on was this good? jingles wjc seven? won't go away shut up slave pigs inhuman clothing to to the head. Dear Ottoman john, this donation brings me to Baron. Please change my title to Baron. The Baron dude named Ben defender of mega watts defender of the electric bridge protector of civilization for my protectorate I'd like to claim the North American electric grids I will get there's a debt to seems I sense a theme. Yes. In my last donation I asked for jobs Carmen called my CEO a globalist cuck for his policy of segregating vaccinated and unvaccinated is now pushing harder than ever and mandates are on the way however immune in however in a mu high in immune to this because I however am immune to this because job karma game however immune to this because job karma works. JOHN scoffed at my recommendation of my snow real reclamation recrimination though I'm sorry, recrimination in my CEO. Well, john, you are wrong. As a way to get a job note, not only to land a new gig, but I got a damn near six figure raise. Oh, six figure raise. Yeah. And my new CEO believes vaccines are personal choice
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    and promises not to mandate them. No, when you got a good CEO for a change. Again, I encourage everyone to stand up looking for a job now and don't let them push you into something you don't want to do. Resist we much. That is our dude named Ben named Ben protective megawatts. You're on deck for the title change. Thank you for your courage.
  • 1:38:02
    Fear is freedom. subjugation is liberation. contradiction is true. Those are the facts of this world. And you will render to them. I have surfers note here.
  • 1:38:24
    surfer comes as a trainer 40 from Orlando, Florida and he wrote a note. It's an actual note you can hear it is proof. And closed is the next installment on the wealth transfer from my children's inheritance. Yay. Taking the kids money. You guys are great comedians, for your comedy. You're welcome. Thank you for recognizing it. Karma for all know jingles. Love is lit and all that shit. Serve for the Londo? Yes sir. You've got karma.
  • 1:39:08
    Adam: Then we have Dame Jennifer checking in from Charleston, South Carolina where she is 333 dot 90 393. I've had multiple very generous donors to animated no agenda over the past month and no new episode to show for it yet. And I'm getting back into a more normal rhythm after a crazy couple of months workwise so stay tuned for the next episode very soon. I'm finally about to cut a time sucking and not at all lucrative chord with a client a bit terrifying, but I know I will be much better off is that an Amstel light
  • 1:39:43
    Unknown: What did Yeah, yeah, that's what it is. That was that I knew was getting some under the table for that. Light Amstel light. I would love a heaping dose of new client job karma for myself and anyone else who needs it especially for everyone who has to seek new opportunities given the Vax mandates. But also sprinkled with fabulous new boyfriend karma It is so much more enjoyable to date within the no agenda producer family that's right No Yes. All right, I'm gonna give you the mega jobs. I think this really calls for it jobs jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs jobs.
  • 1:40:20
    John: So karma guys know some jokes out there man get the job that job. You know, during the early days of the computer game, people will say Steve Job's I remember that. And oh yeah, I got a copy of the new DOS, dos. Dos. It's a new dos operating system. But my my Guy Kawasaki interview came out and he did not put the Vax thing in at the end. He took it out, he left it out. But first of all, I thought he does a very good job editing. He does interludes and does a voiceover and it goes back to the interview. But then at the very end after he's already say goodbye to me, then he does sign off with it. Be care Be careful, stay safe, wear a mask and vaccinated do it for the children and it was a great meme fest. Oh my god. Yeah. Anyway, it's remarkable people podcast. Yeah, a lot of these guys who overproduced their podcast don't kind of understand the mechanism. What a podcast is it really I like what it's not overproduced. It's not bad. No, no, it's not bad. And I talked about you a lot so Oh, well it's probably pretty decent. Board stupid is next on the list and these employ webelo Pueblo, Colorado at 333 47. Dave recursive jobs calm I requested a show 1376 was sufficient to get me into the Final Four. Oh, stakes are high. Yeah, and I don't want to leave anything to chance I'm donating again and requesting another shot of Job's karma. This donation also marks my knighthood accounting below. So even if I fail to get the job, I'll accomplish at least one important goal this week, which is being knighted. I like to become known simply as sir board stupid. To help me prepare for the final interview. I kindly request bubblegum, and we'll pass at the roundtable. Does he want to candidate or think he wants to Canada will? Good. Please note, it's okay. If you're all out of the bubble gum, thank you for not finding an exit strategy and continuing to deliver the best podcast in the universe or regard sports stupid. All right, we'll final for it. I think we got to
  • 1:42:32
    roll out the job's again. jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs.
  • 1:42:41
    Unknown: That doesn't work.
  • 1:42:46
    Always works for some reason it does. I think in 14 years, maybe two or three people say it didn't work. Well, a couple of people one guy we had the one guy who I met up with in in Seattle, I one of the meetups who said that he worked just the opposite. He was out of work for nine months after we played the Trump only jobs con which we then banned. Oh yeah, cuz it failed. Massive. Massive CJ nuts 333 33. The perfect executive producer donation amount in the morning gentlemen, been a listener since your first appearance on the Joe Rogan show. The first mentioned donation thank you both and all of gitmo-nation for what you do and represent Please accept my first donation and please de-douche me love y'all CJ nuts. You've been de deuced I like the way the Joe Rogan donors are now you know we first we had a blast of them right at the beginning when you did that first show. And they're all generous. And now they're still generous, but they're dribbling in still from the first show. Yeah, yeah. Fascinating, did fantastic and they are marketing good people to could peep Donald Francis is next on the list from Chandler Arizona. 333 33. And he says, I'd like to thank you, john and Adam for tires tirelessly, and intelligent Lee doing the work and keeping us all informed and entertained. I'd also like to say in the morning and wish a very Happy Birthday to my buddy Bob Crosby. nine three Lastly, a shed he's on the list. Lastly, a shout out to my smokin hot wife, Stephanie, who recently started listening to the pod was too bad. She should be listening to our show. Yeah, not the pod. Now the pod. Now she never misses an episode, I guess, or something. And usually here's it before me. Our relationship has never been stronger and is truly a blessing to have our amygdala shrunk. While we experienced and discussed the bed pot best podcast in the universe together. Oh, jingle request a biscuit from my birthday for Baba Boogie. For Stephanie, a health karma from my father in law
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    Steve's they save by, they always give me a biscuit on my birthday. Drive is karma
  • 1:45:20
    Adam: Serato from auto land surveying in berrien Springs, Michigan 333 33 in the morning, Adam, could you please send some newborn karma? You bet my wife just burst. Darcy. You mean your birthing person just released your second human resource. Her name is Olive. They're both doing great. I'll send a longer note with the juicy COVID details next time. All the best Serato from auto land surveying. Well, congratulations and welcome to Gitmo Nation all of new human resource you've got karma.
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    Unknown: Emily highster in Frederick, Maryland 333 33 I'm donating for my husband Joseph highster in honor of our anniversary on nine one he's been a longtime listener and gets a lot of value out of the show. He always stops what he's doing to listen to listen live or he listens live Can we get a karma for many more happy years together and they never had a fight course we never left for you never had a fight. You've got karma that you have these notes there. I do. In fact, I have the notes that I can prove it. Right. I can tell I can hear it. Kim keeper of the of the nutty fluffers is from Hubbard or again, Kim. Okay.
  • 1:46:49
    He writes, I have to actually switch glasses because she's printed out six point type.
  • 1:46:57
    I decided it was finally time to donate after being a douchebag for three months. Please de douche me. You've been de deuced this is to get a kick out of this. I was hit in the mouth by my local vape shop guy will. Of course of course. The vape Crusader I have my my army everywhere. Hey, man, you should listen to this show. It's really cool. vapors. thank you guys enough for helping keep me in my human resources saying my five year old calls you the funny guys. And I think you're actually getting through to my 16 year old. Oh, wow. I'm guessing that's a girl. Let him know those guys. JOHN. Thank God. Okay, Boma. JOHN, thank you so much for talking about your cataract. I have cataract surgery coming up after a week face down for macular surgery. It was held up you know this is the talk that really reveals the 16 year olds in that you know, the detached retina macula surgery requires you to have your face down for I don't know weeks which means you have to get a special bed with a hole in it so you get the whole thing. to bed was horrible. It's not the same cataract surgery is like it's I don't I don't want to minimize but it's like outpatient. You get the surgery you're out to your home. Anyway, it was helpful hearing you describe it is easy. Adam you will know it is Adam you will know if a cataract if you are trying to look through a fogged up windshield all the time. Actually, I think the best indicator is at night. When a bright light hits your two eyes. One of them it did cataract to flex all the light and it blows across the back of the retina and it just can't see anything. Oh, I hope I kept it short enough yet you kept it pretty short. I'm the one rambling to keep up the amazing work and hope you guys never find an exit strategy. Kim keeper of the nutty fluffers and Hubbard or again jingles. Oh I'm sorry. I should have read that. I got him. Karma cackling bah bah bah after your freedom in our 2d to karma. Through your freedom. You've got karma
  • 1:49:46
    Adam: through your themes. I read this one. I got it here. Yeah. Why don't you read this one? This is was this from Ian. Ian. Does he have a last name? Ian rush 333 33 Hello to crackpot and buzzkill This is Ian from Southern California. Please accept this donation after hearing on Rogen early March 2020. That's That's right. First time was on my girlfriend amber and I have not missed an episode. This is my first donation please. de-douche
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    John: de duced The hardest thing I've done was starting a pool business in Southern California over a decade ago. The American Dream is real, but it's never easy to the suffering and chaos of owning your own business. I've learned my freedom from the word boss. Amber unfortunately is still in the system. She works in an elementary school and will soon have to start taking the nose job weekly or possibly lose her job now that they've approved the Pfizer. I've expressed my support for her choice but losing an income would kids rely on us is stressful to say the least and you are not alone. We believe freedom is essential freedom is choice freedom it is not force. Thanks to you guys and others we've been red pilling our friends and family for the better part of the last year. We have decidedly we have recently decided to step things up a notch and start doing as bond Gino would say Oh, here we go free America dot online is our new baby free America dot online. A platform in store in which we exercise our first amendment rights against critical race theory masks vaccines and lockdowns. In the tube you'll find the prototype of a first product the ready made activist sticker is large and in charge, ready to be stuck on a poster for peaceful protesting or what have you. We've also included sneak peeks of our upcoming products most of our designs are hand drawn by amber and we plan to have new designs released every Saturday. donations for expansion can be made today to their value for value free American online. Stickers of stickers. Big Hit as you check this place out. Yeah, well I got the stickers he sent me this you got the stickers. Oh, how are they? They're big. Yes, that's what they said in the note. Okay, do they need any? Any special consideration was that with no jingles no karma. Thank you very much for your for your value your value suppuration. Worked on word with Kelly sponsor Kelly Spong, Berg and Dame Andrea garni A Spangenberg and they're in
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    Mountain House Alberta, Canada. 330. Rocky Mountain House. 333 jobs karma for sure. Dallas, bong Berg. Very proud of him being a single dad that he now is.
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    Unknown: Alright. jobs, jobs, jobs and jobs for jobs. Well, now I think we have a switcheroo. Okay. Jill siano from Wayne New Jersey would donate 333 says please make this donation to my smokin hot boyfriend on his birthday Bob. Oh, Bringer. Nine Eight. He needs a good d de-douching. d duced. And a biscuit on his birthday jingle on a jobs karma thanks to him hitting me in the mouth. Not even a year ago. Love Yeah, they always give me a biscuit on my birthday jobs, jobs, jobs and jobs. for jobs.
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    Adam: We get Sofia from the Bay Area, California at 333 when other people claim the date encountered the number 33 and all kinds of magical ways is assigned for donation. I thought now that's bullshit. But when my fire alarm started blowing blaring at 3:33am a week ago for absolutely no reason. I thought Damn, I really do need to donate. Did I donate then? Nope. I didn't. weakest pass would be feeling mildly guilty. But when my daughter came home from school, and proudly informed me that it took her three
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    Unknown: three minutes and 3333 minutes to run a half mile in PE class. I finally realized I can wait no longer would love some karma and the noodle boy jingle also please call alien. Alien alien alien or alien alien who punched me in the mouth three years ago but hasn't donated yet as a douchebag Yes, and Sophia from the Bay Area Yeah, I got your noodle gun jingle with you racist. I got the my pasta Glock locked and loaded. Onward with Eric Leonard 29357 becomes associate executive producer for the show. I wanted to wish you a very happy birthday Adam and I'm glad you made it back to the Hill Country. I'm an O g Ron Namo. producer. He would that means Oh gee Oh Jesus. Original Rogen. No agenda mo facts ah That's a good one named Lenny. And I also have a love for dh unplugged. plugs going all around. Tomorrow I will be taking the ship down to Knoxville trying to discover if Tennessee will be my new home. A lot of people love Tennessee. Yeah, so I'm calling in on all producers in the area to go to no agenda meetups to meet up and help me to experience all of the best spots in the area. I'm a 26 year old Liberty minded millennial living and is one of your examples. Liberty minded millennial living in South Jersey, coming to the realization that dictator Murphy is going to drain all of my freedoms away based on a personal medical decision. I am leaving behind friends and family and search for a place where I can share where I can actually live my life. I must thank you too. For all your courage, wisdom and all your analysis of the core issues in America. Your short show taught me to filter through the distractions and isolate the root of the problem. I wanted to ask you both about your feelings on or if you are aware of the Libertarian Party. Are we aware? Yeah, I'm particular. Will you want to stop and mention this right here? Sure. We both I was always claiming to be a libertarian, and I think that Libertarian Party is a is a lost cause. I think I think
  • 1:56:26
    it's a cop out for people who
  • 1:56:29
    John: don't want to be Republicans, and I'm not affiliated with any group. And the reason I say that, not necessarily that they're thinking that but whenever someone says, oh, you're conservative, you're republican said no, all Yeah, you're a libertarian, right? Because that would be Yeah, that's kind of the way let's say the following. I was raised the Democrat, I was a democrat most of my life. Then I became a Republican, Reagan Republican, and then I gave up in the republican party and became an independent, and then I gave up on that idea, and B and now I'm officially registered as unaffiliated. I've gone through everything. And in the process, I did say I was libertarian back in the day when I was an independent, but that gave up on that too. Anyway, he goes on to write in particular the Mrs. caucus, whose goal is to restart the ron paul revolution.
  • 1:57:21
    Unknown: I wasn't big ron paul at the Fed. I was a big ron paul supporter. You were he was a huge ron paul support endorsed him and everything. Finally, if I could please get some job promotion karma, aka Trump Pelosi job Joe Job's was the was the big one, the joe joe joe job yet for me and all of the producers out there that would be greatly appreciate. Thank you for your entertainment, and the work that you do. Lenny from South Jersey jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, you've got karma. We have Van Damme Astrid, Duchess of Japan and all the disputed islands in the Japan sea with $257 she of course is in Tokyo, and she sent me a personal note with a copy to Sir Mark congratulating me on my 57th birthday and always love hearing from Dame Astrid and sir mark
  • 1:58:19
    Adam: that she slipped at 57 in the donation she did. She did what Yeah, stay mastered. I you know, I'm really even though we had a good time in Mexico. I'm really sad. We didn't get to do our big Japan trip this year. We were really excited about and we were going to hang out with them and just there was going to be cool. Damn, Rona. Thank you very much de mastered David Vinton from Clarkson, Washington $250 associate executive producer first time done. I learned I can't sit and post shit on face bag or trigger to make change decided to inspire and become political start local YouTube inspired me retired vet douchebag out thank you.
  • 1:59:01
    Unknown: Gotcha.
  • 1:59:03
    So I go to this total wines and more. And I don't know if this guy watches NCIS too much right but I had to open up a cognac case they would get like to meet you know the mid price cognacs have no idea why they push the button guy comes he says I need the cognac case open he says I copy that. And so I said I'd like to what do you want to copy that? Hardee's copy that up it's a copy that he just kept saying this he would instead of saying yes or no copy that who says this? pilots military cops Yeah, nerds. And and guys who have big key chains with the with the key to the cognac chest apparently I guess that would be it.
  • 1:59:51
    John: marinas Next on the list from Eden Prairie. We have Oh did I miss Yeah, Spencer Mac, I think Hey Spencer McAdoo Spencer Mackey's in San Francisco. Local $200.25. We're almost done. Happy birthday, Aurora. Tomorrow, September 3. She's on the list. a fun way to say boobs. As a and I got a bunch of characters here. It looks more like boobs. I guess he says $200.25 I guess PayPal messed up the characters again. Yeah, thank you both for keeping that's when you use quotes or something. It doesn't work. Thanks for keeping me sane. What is it? I don't think it's PayPal. I think it is the Excel Microsoft. Thank you for keeping me sane over these last 18 months as I live in work in San Francisco. Yes. San Francisco. You need you can't go anywhere. Please play Pelosi these jobs and jobs and job karma. Spencer Mack to be our popular karma nowadays. It's crazy. jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs. You've got karma. Now we've got Marina from Eden Prairie Minnesota. $200. Last Sunday, my incredibly thoughtful friend Ashley Slater called me out as a douchebag. So I took that as my cue from the universe to donate to the best podcast in the universe. pod father, make me clean.
  • 2:01:23
    Unknown: d deuced. very disturbing. to hear that. Please give a shout out to my brother.
  • 2:01:34
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  • 2:08:28
    Unknown: before you launch into anything, one of our producers noticed something that bears mentioning. The simulation as we know it in the world seems to be on repeat of 2005. And I will give you the points that the producer noticed in 2005. But before we even do that, I should mention it that Horowitz on dh unplugged, discuss this exact same thing. He did. Yeah, he says that in the market right now. We're seeing a lot of repeats from something that happened before and it's just like there's like a restart of a bunch of crazy ideas, processes, just starting new new computer processes. It's probably a giant Python program. 2005 we got Katrina hit in Louisiana, Kanye dropped a new album. The White Sox were in first place. And Afghanistan was all over the news. August 29th hurricane hits Louisiana Kanye drops new album White Sox in first place, and of honey Stein all over the news. So what can we expect what is next? I'd have to go back and look at the timeline. We already figured it out. Kanye will go on TV and say Joe Biden doesn't care about black people. I wouldn't be crazy if that wouldn't be crazy. If that happened. I don't think it'd be crazy. I think it's gonna happen. It would be the best, the best. So I have a series of clips I want to run through because they bring out some new information we haven't heard and no one's talking about. Oh, they come on this show. Second Hold on, I've got information man, new shit has come to light. Alright, what do we got? So he brought on this woman Mary Beth long who is an ex assistant defense secretary during the Bush administration. Okay, and she brings out a few facts that I haven't heard I know about a lot of this stuff. But more important is Shep Smith show on CNBC is really a well produced news show it's not quite as slick as when he was on Fox and they had these big giant the all these people in the background these big giant computers if you remember that five foot size greens Yeah. But it's still he
  • 2:11:00
    really is a he's good and he should be the guy that takes over from Lester hold, but it's never going to happen as you'll see when you listen to this because he's a little bit harsh because he's gay. And actually, they might have gotten to work with they're going to do with it. But would you listen to these clips you're gonna hear a certain kind of harshness that might not be acceptable to the powers that be he's a little bit she's a little bitchy. way he is a little bit you but let's go with let's go with this series of clips. Does four of them here with an optional one? A Shep Smith, Mary Beth long clip one. I want to bring in Mary Beth long now Assistant Secretary of Defense under for International Security Affairs under President George W. Bush. Mary Beth, thanks so much for your time. I appreciate it.
  • 2:11:45
    Thank you. The Pentagon said today the vast majority of those who wanted to get out did get out. That's not our promise. Our promises not about vast majority. Was that a failure?
  • 2:11:56
    It was a failure. And it was also a misstatement. Last night, dozens and dozens of US citizens went to the airport, they were called to go there. And the gates never opened. Those US citizens were left hanging this morning, circling the gates circling the airport unable to do much of anything. That isn't the promise that Americans expect. We also have an even gun to talk about the green card holders. These are American citizens who some of them put in their paperwork during COVID. But don't have the official paperwork back. There are probably by our estimates 5000, US citizen green Hartle, green card holders excuse me, and special immigration visa holders did that did not get out. And this idea that they were given every opportunity or somehow a large number of them voted to stay is just not the case.
  • 2:12:49
    Yeah, that's what I'm hearing too. So there's a bunch of people circling the gates and they kept him locked out. That's just peachy. Yeah. So okay, well, let's listen to some more here. And this is gets funnier as we continue.
  • 2:13:03
    It's undermined by the fact that they were circling the airport last night. So So you're saying they were lying to us? And I asked him so bluntly, because we now know, this administration, the last administration, the one before that, and the George W. Bush administration, all lied to us about this war all along the way, correct?
  • 2:13:23
    Yes. And they did lie to us. Not only that, but the State Department has been unwilling to work reach out to the independent groups, there are many of them to take in names that they did not have, somehow relying on a database that they have somehow scraped and clean for that be the list of the of the individuals that needed to call me and it just wasn't the case.
  • 2:13:47
    How long have we known? Has it been a decade, a decade and a half or longer? That what are our goals in Afghanistan were unreachable, and that we were losing lives? And, I mean, where are we losing lives in vain? I know they were lying to us about what we were accomplishing. And about we were actually trying to accomplish. I just wonder the level to which we were lied about everything, you know. Wow. For an NBC product. This is quite interesting. I know. That's what I thought when I'm listening to it. In fact, I had to go through a rigmarole to make sure I got a copy of this. This has to be it has to be big forces. pressuring Biden for for Shep Smith to be doing this and talking like that. We don't really think he has full autonomy. Do you know on CNBC, it's a possibility that he does.
  • 2:14:41
    John: It's a possibility because CNBC is like doesn't have a big audience. Generally, it's mainly free insiders, the stock market people How about this? Stop? How about Shep Smith is just smart. I know it sounds crazy, but he's like, Okay, look, I'm over here on CNBC. I'm in the Shark Tank time. SWOT. What am I going to do? Well, why don't I go against the a little bit against the narrative? Why did I kind of scape, you know, across into the kind of Fox, Fox territory and try to be really middle of the road? Well, he's actually gonna be a fight won't do this now. Precisely. So he's doing stuff that neither a typical NBC product would do, or, or a fox product. Yeah, nobody does this, and I was really happy to hear it because it's actually in our turf, get the hell out of here. So, stop, stop. We're still gonna bigger up, believe me, we got a bigger audio. Yes, I know. So let's go to clip three, where he's asked about the lies, lies lies,
  • 2:15:42
    Unknown: I think at the end of the Bush administration that we realized that we were overreaching, and there were adjustments in our policies afterward. I quibble with, we haven't lost lives and Afghanistan, frankly, for some months now. So the dangerous situation that was 13 of them? Yes, because we created I was about to say, we created this dangerous situation by not having a perimeter around the airport, so much of what you see to be the chaos and the danger right now, frankly, we created by moving military before citizens, and then not securing a perimeter around the airport that allowed bombs to go in, right, where our Marines were standing.
  • 2:16:25
    Two questions in one. Why should the United States people, trust leaders, civilian leaders in either party, when civilian leaders in either in both parties have been lying to us about this war for 20 years? And why should anyone who is helping the united states around the world in any conflict or diplomatic mission? Why should any of them trust us when we just broke our biggest promise about not leaving anyone left behind?
  • 2:16:54
    I mean, I have thoughts but I'll wait until we've done the series. Okay, hit didn't hear your answer. That's a real question. And I don't have an answer for that. And I can tell you, even though they shouldn't know, they absolutely should ask that question.
  • 2:17:08
    I think what I mean, is there a reason for them to trust us, given that we just lied about no man left behind, and we just lied about the war for four administrations? Why would anybody trust us?
  • 2:17:20
    They shouldn't the people that we promised that we would try to get out, we didn't even bother calling to the airport in those cases.
  • 2:17:28
    I wonder what that does to our credibility in the short term and the medium term and in the long term around the world. We saw what happened to the Soviets after they left that threw out the Khyber Pass with their tails between the between their legs. Two years later, they didn't have a country. I mean, no one trusted him ever. And I don't know who trusts us now.
  • 2:17:47
    Our credibility is rock bottom. And it's one thing to leave. But we did worse than that. We left American citizens green card holders and people that risked their lives for us behind. That's nothing short of shameful. I wouldn't trust this. Excuse me, I wouldn't trust us. If I were in their position.
  • 2:18:05
    Secretary Blinken says we're just going on to the next phase, that we're still going to work on that. Of course, we don't have diplomats on the ground. We don't have soldiers on the ground. We don't have anything on the ground. And there may be CIA in there. But we're not allowed to know that. Yeah.
  • 2:18:22
    John: You better believe a chip. Here's a question that I would like. So there are 1000s of people again, I know, a group here who was actively working on bringing people back 24 hours a day. But the bigger question is, okay, who are these people? I mean, I've got Connie Stan, has been a theater of war for us for 20 years. There's a lot of infrastructure, a lot of people went over there to start businesses, either the businesses working in and around the base, but there's families of I mean, it's it's it's contractors, 1000s of contractors who, you know, who interact with the responsible party for the contractors, and their families who move there is that the US government, I mean, I would like to know a little bit more about all these people who are left behind, so we can say, Okay, we got the terps we got people who worked for the, you know, as translators or worked in around the embassy. Sure, part of the deal. Their families, I guess, is minor compared to the contractors, correct. And so they built these airports, they built these bases, they built these roads, they built these gas stations, they they game over their professors to teach gender studies. Yes. I bet they were the first ones out. Oh, yeah, they were they were they were riding shotgun on the way out. I don't know. I'm like getting out.
  • 2:19:49
    Unknown: So he said something there at the end about the CIA and the New York Times had an interesting article about how they apparently you know, how they left their base and just, it's all shady and I think you and I agree that CIA is very deeply involved in the in the trade and they're deeply involved in all of this. But there was something
  • 2:20:10
    Adam: actually, one of our producers reminded me of this. So if you want to know what happened here, and you know, I think we have our thoughts, but this, to me clearly seems to be actually let me take it back one step. What does the rest of the world think of us? They think we're a bag of dicks. I speak to Dutch military intelligence. I mean, they're all they think we're just super dicks, but it's not the American people. It's specifically Joe Biden, and specifically the pencil pushers, as they're called. You know, the the joint chiefs and the guys who really have not been any wars to everyone except Miley, Millie Miley Milly. They just think they're douchebags in the US Armed Forces, the the true Armed Forces, but I would say also Those were the contractors. They got ditched. But you know, you're you're in the contracting business, you make the big money, because it's very dangerous, and you don't have the full support. So that's risky take, but the military men and women they, you know, they just like this is crazy. This what happened here something very off, and it came from way up the up the food chain. And a couple months ago, maybe or maybe six weeks ago. This is when Biden first said, Oh, you know, the Wasn't there a statement that came out that the intelligence community had said, Oh, yeah, this is collapsing. And Biden said, No, that's bullcrap. You remember that? Remember that moment? vaguely? Yeah. We was crapping all over the intelligence services for their phony baloney report that things were collapsing. And this is the clip we played at the time. Dana Perino on Fox, the five
  • 2:21:53
    Unknown: stories coming out from the intelligence community saying that's not true. And that has happened. And NBC News had one earlier today from the CIA, again, anonymous sources, we'll see if there are hearings on Capitol Hill, like this is obviously going to be one of the questions. What very dangerous thing for any president is to get in a fight with the intelligence community, or to call them liars? Or to question their work. Because any any president really needs the intelligence community to be on their side and to be working for them. Not against that work, they screwed up.
  • 2:22:25
    But they screwed up. I mean, well, then, again, it's the battle, right? But The Empire Strikes Back. And they do it anonymously, and the media will take it in every single time. The other thing I was going to mention,
  • 2:22:35
    there you go, the Empire always Strikes Back. We could be looking at a version of the tail wagging the dog.
  • 2:22:43
    Well, that's what the course that's what exactly what when Trump before he got into office, almost I mean, just as soon as he got in, Chuck Schumer came out and said, you know, you can't criticize the intelligence community because they'll they can screw you seven ways to heaven or whatever. It was some phrase six ways to Sunday, something like
  • 2:23:05
    seven ways to heaven.
  • 2:23:09
    This is a phrase, this is very good. And I thought that that was that was pretty concrete. That was that was not something anyone should say. No, no, that was that was me. It shouldn't be. I mean, it's, even if the intelligence community does stuff like that, and you have to assume any bureaucrat does. If you're in a bureaucracy, and you're protecting your turf, and you're being you know, I mean, that's what happened to Nixon. If you read the book, family of whatever family of secrets, Russ Baker family of secrets, there's a long exposition in there about how the CIA may have set up the entire Watergate bit and it's very entertaining to read because it was like Nixon was going on and on and Kennedy was to about you now this agency is a little bit out of control. I think we should take a look at it. Maybe we should, you know, cut their funding or do something this CIA is boom, Watergate happened. Yep. Kennedy did something similar. Well, he Kennedy also got made the made the big statement about the you know, a society that no one talks about, but everybody knows about.
  • 2:24:23
    John: So these guys get into trouble and and Trump Of course, started off that way and he ended up with four years of misery. There's just one time after another they just didn't get it Stooges like Adam Schiff is obviously got some weird connection. And so you hear it now. Okay, well, what are you gonna do about this? I'm not sure. Well, but Well, there's a full on attack on Biden, from all sides and, and I would like to remind, remind all of us as you're looking at certainly social media, I only really look at twitter. I don't really do anything else. And then even barely, that Everyone's gleefully jumping up and down. You know, if you want to stop division in in the country stop doing that. Now you're acting like a lib tard Stop it. Stop.
  • 2:25:13
    Unknown: But but it's so this is an example of something that kind of everybody can get behind. This old senile man just doesn't give a crap. And I think this this report really spanned across the universe or across the spectrum of you know, right left, as did the responses. It's this little thing yesterday. Tremendous disrespect. I'm sorry, it was Trump's answer to it. This is what the sorry, this is the Biden looking at his watch. During the transfer. Yeah, this wash thing is quite cool. thing. Yeah. I mean, and and well, so here's Trump. Biden brought this on himself if he's looking at his watch. Well, and his thing with him falling asleep with that whole room, by the way, he fell asleep. was he looking at his watch? This is from Fox News. cache, forget who the guy's name will hear his voice. No, he is. And he has an alibi for Joe. Imagine that. It's going to Trey Yang stayed in Doha Qatar, betrayed just before we do, I just want to pick up john roberts. I think it's a little bit of what we're talking to Ari Fleischer about, and that is President Biden lifting up his wrist like this is the dignified transfer was happening. The President is known to wear a rosary on his left wrist that belonged to his late son beau. And it's possible that that may have been what the President was looking at, again, we haven't heard an explanation from the White House. Well, he's running interference for Joe, that's kind of interesting. Well, generally speaking, if you had a rosary, you you would be you'd be holding it and then you would be going from bead to bead counting. And you wouldn't be looking at it right. Yes, thank you. In fact, you don't look at the rosary when you're fondling it. But it's a bead bead, the bead, you know, you do what you do with the rosary one Catholic thing. So here he was, I believe he could add a rosary, but I don't think he'd be looking at like he's looking at his watch.
  • 2:27:17
    That's a good bit. I like it. So here's Trump on in the old rush limbaugh time slot with was clay and book yesterday, tremendous disrespect, was made by Biden, when he kept looking at his watch over and over again, I understand every time every time a coffin came off the plane, he was looking at his watch and the people that the parents and the relatives are just angry as they should be.
  • 2:27:47
    Trump totally capitalizing on it. And this is this was the bit from this interview we did with these guys that I really liked. But I'll be honest with you, I am thinking about play doing something early because this is ridiculous, what's happening. They're destroying our country, these people are destroying they using prosecutors to their own benefit. That's all they know how to do is cheat and use prosecutors to their own benefit. They have prosecutors all over the place, going after Republicans, IRS going after Republicans. And we don't play that game. The Republicans haven't played that game was our guys. That's for sure. I may have to do something early. Did you hear that? Did you catch that? Yeah, I did I just the first thing. He said, I have to do something right. I may have to do something early. You know how that's being interpreted. It's coming back. Well, I know how I was going to be if I was a talking head on one of the shows, I know how I interpret it, and it's going to be different or better than what you're going to tell me. Yes. The the the true believers think he's coming back. So okay. Wasn't August, maybe September? Yeah, they're, they're nuts. what it might mean, and this has been done. There's some historical precedent I can't name the president who ended up running for congress some time after he was elected as president. Yes. And then and this is one of the strategies mentioned. He could run for House of Representatives and then would be made speaker of the house and then you only have to kill two people and he's president again. I didn't go that far. I didn't think that far ahead. Gee, baby, that's how it works. You can put you can bite and goes up by the 25th amendment and then you get rid of you then you can impeach Campbell tamela just just for being out and you're out and boom and yes, that's a beauty Well, that's that reminds me of the maniacs did q anon report that I mentioned three by three this morning. Let me play a couple
  • 2:29:49
    clips for that. Sure. Kind of not in the news and I think maybe part of this process of like this merging the the divide divide administration and also Yeah, used Two examples. And these are not real. These are reported in the international news. And not real, but it's lurking. And it's like stuff that well, where did this information come from? And who knew this? Remember Biden's drone strike to get rid of a couple of? of the guys from ultra K or ISIS case? Special? k? Yeah. Is K is? Yeah, here's this. I haven't heard this drone strike details. This was on new Tang Dynasty.
  • 2:30:29
    They say the country also has to take responsibility for its actions, beginning with the recent US drone strike that killed 10 civilians, including six children.
  • 2:30:40
    Oh, gee, Shep Smith didn't mentioned that to me. No, maybe he will. But I mean, that was where did that come from? That the other one, which I thought was the most interesting clip that one of the most interesting clips they have because they showed video. And this is the one this is on France 24. This is the Afghan parades and just play. I'll tell you what I saw. That's that's awesome are those again
  • 2:31:06
    in Afghanistan where the country's new leaders have staged a military parade outside the city of Kandahar comprised almost exclusively of looted US Army equipment. That as a team of technical experts arrived in Kabul from Qatar at the request of the Taliban, with the aim of getting the city's airport back up and running for desperately needed aid deliveries.
  • 2:31:30
    So they showed this video of the cutter thing is another story that's not being told in this country where they're brain cutter people in to set up the airport. Yeah. And of course, you got it all there. I thought they disabled all this equipment they left behind. They had a parade of tanks and and Humvees and all kinds of crazy looking. Vehicles. They were driving down in this huge parade, will all the Taliban were dressed in American gear. Yeah. And I keep seeing article after article about how everything was smashed. There was actually a Qatari a report, man, I should have clipped that it was just so boring. There was a Qatari report. Oh, go away. What is that?
  • 2:32:15
    John: Qatari report and lady was walking through the hangar showing these trashed aircraft and saying that really nothing had been left over. But it looks so much like a propaganda piece. And yeah, you saw the the the military version of Mt. 500. Helicopters buzzing the crowd. Do you see that? You see the Black Hawk that was had a piece of rope and a guy hanging by his neck that they were flying around? No. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Putting them to good use. Yeah, slinging them around. Got hanging only with helicopter. Wow. Yeah. Which is just, I mean, that's, that's really taken. reading any of that by our great mainstream media. We're getting none of it to nothing. No, of course not. me if I have to see stuff like that on France. 24. I mean, that's really pathetic. Because it's about us. Yeah. I mean, I expect France 24 to have you know, stuff about the yellow jackets and the different things. No, no, they were they don't have any of that. They don't have anything about their backs. No, they don't show that you have to get down on Deutsche Avella and then Deutsche availa. You know, they don't show anything about the immigrants. No, yeah, that's so that's why that's why I enjoyed that hotel TV so much. Just flipping around, like boom, boo, boom, boo, boom, boo, boom.
  • 2:33:34
    Unknown: Now, along with this, yeah, let's now let's just think CIA is is, is, is actively and it would make sense. I mean, the CIA. I'm sure they they're run Tisch, let's just presume just for this show. CIA runs all of it. They really control. If you really want to know who's controlling a guy. Maybe it's the people who released this report who leaked the transcript of Biden with with the the Afghani president, if you've been following this,
  • 2:34:09
    John: maybe, Okay, so here's the transcript. I'll just read the piece that is, Oh, yes. No, I have it. Yes. I know what you're gonna do. Okay. This is the piece that everyone and this is a leaked transcript. It's like what happened to Trump? Yeah. Oh, yeah. They do. Same thing to Trump. Yes. And the media lapse it up here to never do that. Lee, I don't mind the media lapping up this stuff, because it's something you're supposed to do. But how bad given some, you know, pointing the finger at who's doing this exact news to you know, so here's the transcript Biden, you know, I'm a moment a moment late, but I mean it sincerely Hey, look, I want to make it clear that I'm not a military man any more than you are. But I have been meeting with our Pentagon folks, and our national security people and you have with ours and yours. And as you know, I need not tell you the perception around the world and in parts of Afghanistan, I believe is that the aren't going well in the terms of the fight against the Taliban. And there's a need whether it's true or not, there's a need to project a different picture. And so the whole call is, is our president telling the guy Hey, you know, we need to you need to look like you're winning douche. Do you remember that Trump winning attitude? Because you're making us look bad over here? Go ahead and lie whether it's true or not. So for this to get out? And yes, the media laughs it up. This is this is this is the intelligence agencies messing with Biden.
  • 2:35:36
    Unknown: Who else could do Who else has these transcripts? How did they leak from Trump the same people? It was the NSA. Yes, it was never, it was never really anti Trump. It's like, hey, it's got to be pro us. us the deep state or what do you want to call it? The guys on the inside? There's got to be NSA and CIA and FBI. These people are out of control, they are out of control. What do we can we just abolish them all for like a timeout? Just for a year, just everyone out of a job, go to a jewelry moment learn to code is never gonna happen. And I think it's just important that you notice that that this is going this fine. I mean, they do what they I mean, I don't think they'd what they did with that leak diagram is a bad thing. And I probably would take Lee. I mean, it's good to know what's going on, I think is a bit there. People talk a big game about transparency. Well, this is an interesting point. Okay. Where everybody will blood red blood transparency. So okay, you're talking about transparency, you're lying to the public, if you don't really if you're not really transparent. So will, your big pro transparency here, we're going to leak this. And so Oh, now I'm stuck with the facts. Well, I guess I wasn't as transparent as they could have been. If I'm not completely against. I'm buying it. But I I am against the idea that we don't know where this is coming from, or it's a leak that was just a quarter anonymous brick in the, you know, with a note tied to it through the winter, not the way it works through the wind and that the other thing that bothers me is all and I think this bothers you when you read Glenn Greenwald or hear him he's really annoyed by this and so is Taibi. Both lefties both strong lefties. They're irked by the fact that these news organizations are just riddled with ex CIA people who are still working there. Well, so Okay. So yeah, the transparencies is good, but it's not good when the transparency is selective. That's the
  • 2:37:44
    promise of the transparency should go all the way to the end. And let's reveal the fact that maybe Richard Ingles, getting two checks, right, maybe some of these guys that were for msnbc. I mean, they come to an ex CIA operative now. For Special Forces FBI. Yes, yes. These people they shouldn't be telling us their opinions. Yeah, I agree. But transparency has to go via there, you know, all the way or not at all. NBC decided to err to have Joe's speech flubs back to back in 1/32 report. And I think there's an illness. You know, I've been tracking these flubs where he takes a letter from the first word and inserts it into the second word. It happens with ELLs, like, well, this, you pointed this out with Jen Psaki. Yeah, she had the plan that the global pandemic, there's something going on in the White House, the President touting the safe evacuation of more than 124,000 people as a quote, extraordinary success. extraordinary success of this mission was due to the incredible skill bravely,
  • 2:38:54
    John: bravely, not bravery, but bravely and selfless courage the United States military and I see what it is it's he had he knew the word selfless was coming up. Which you have to be careful if you're a public speaker, you never want to confuse selfless with with selfish. Everybody does this and everyone does it. So I think this feeble minded man was thinking ahead and then of course the L slept into slept here. Now I'm doing it. Well, here's the thing. You but you're not doing it from a prompter. Now, it takes a long time for it. I've seen this with people and I've seen the more typical example. Most people can't read from a prompter and sound natural. Yeah. Now there's two reasons for that one, they said prompter copies not written for them with their voice and they have no
  • 2:39:46
    Unknown: big deal. The second reason is they got no talent again, and there are some people that never seen a prompter in their life. No matter how bad the copy is. Read it like a breeze you and I can do that. We can do that in and I really don't like just junk proper prompter Copy To be honest about it. But I've seen people that I've never seen and I've read read from a prompter for like four years and so I could you get a little better. But I've seen people that just wrapped a bat boom.
  • 2:40:23
    John: Biden and these politicians most of them did that it didn't run for higher office rarely read from a prompter I know Trump never did when I was a when I was 19. And I just started doing television in the Netherlands. teleprompters called auto cue in the Netherlands. It's a brand name, and it was considered from cue cards, it was considered not done with the government facilities would not allow it. You were not allowed to read from prompter, you were expected as a professional to know what to say. And either you memorized it or you just were able to talk but but the autocue was for boton. Nice. Yeah. Is that still true? No, no, no. But so it gave me chops. You know, I did that for three, four years on live tell it live television shows where I was the only host anchor center doing all this stuff. And it really gave me chops and once I got the prompter over to MTV and like,
  • 2:41:25
    Unknown: because there would be someone some cue card might be held up with three things I had to hit, you know, for a certain segment just to make sure I had him. So I could This is my in and out. I could glance Oh yeah, I know what's going on. I remember what to say. It's called talent. JOHN, you and I have it. Let's go back to the talent was president was due to the incredible skill, bravely and selfless courage of the United States military and our diplomats. While insisting despite the frantic final days and the loss of 13 us service members. There was no way to carry out America's exit without chaos. There is no evacuation evacuation. From the end of the war. No evacuation no have no real conflict. No real evacuation. Hey, yeah, yeah, we're doing the same that we did to Trump. We're just laughing about the president. Yeah. Everyone else did the Trump stuff we that was no fun. We couldn't find anything novel. It was already done. 24 hours a day. Yeah. Now, this is true. I mean, we tried to get some Trump stuff that was not already beaten to death. I mean, coffee, I mean, how much going on coffee was magical. That was really really good stuff still going on. I love coffee. And really good went by and they're just like, they don't know what they're beside themselves on on what to do. You know, this guy's screwing us over because it's making us look like a bunch of dummies. Making the mainstream media look like the lamestream media that it is. It's embarrassing. Let's talk about this case, now that I have a clip for it. Because now it's gone one step further. We've been following this real news story, but it's, it's it's cool. Because
  • 2:43:15
    Adam: most of when we're commenting on things. When we're deconstructing media, we approach it from an executive standpoint, like an executive producer would or a media executive. And so you know, it's it sounds crazy, but yeah, media executives talk like that about women and about sex appeal of people on TV, etc. That's, that's the business. So now we have a real live example of this coming back to hit one of these douchebags in the face this morning.
  • 2:43:44
    Unknown: Mike Richards is out as executive producer of Jeopardy and wheel of fortune. Thank you very much welcome to Jeopardy comes just days after he stepped down as the new host of the quiz show, amid backlash over derogatory comments and sexist remarks, including this interview on a podcast several years ago. Let me ask you a question. Okay. Have you ever taken a nude picture? I'm not answering that question. Do you like Richard's answer right now to your fans, have you?
  • 2:44:14
    Sony Pictures which produces both says it was unaware of Richard's previous comments. And now in a new memo at top executive writing. We had hoped that when Mike stepped down from the host position at Jeopardy, it would have minimized the disruption and internal difficulties we have all experienced these last few weeks. That clearly has not happened. I think
  • 2:44:35
    at this point Sony had no choice but to let Mike Richards go This has gone too far it tainted the brand it threatened to overshadow the new season of jeopardy.
  • 2:44:45
    I love it. Another Hollywood exact taken down by podcasting kichi that example was a piss poor reason to get rid of the guy a of course, but you You made a comment in one of your emails which I thought was just the choices one which is the blossom brigade got him they finally got the guy yeah, of course as blossom is who the what's her name is Maya bialik Mayan bialik Yes, she used to be the you know that little girl blossom on this TV she's also on she's the nerdy dog is one of the big bang theory that shows she's loaded and made her work on Big Bang Theory probably brings her in $100,000 a month in residuals for the rest of her life and I may be way low on that you Oh yeah, that was such a huge show. Yeah
  • 2:45:41
    John: it's still going on in syndication every which way and awesome brigade I'd forgotten even said that. I got to write that down. It was very funny when you say lots of brigade Got him. Because the whole because she is like part of this whole thing. And she's the woman and she wants to be the host and she they're going to give her some guest hosting but they she wants to be the host but also here was pushing for Jordi and they were pushing back so the blossom brigade. They got this guy out. But then the I don't know if the Ken Jennings has a brigade. I'm actually I've liked I know him. He's pretty he's pretty interesting guy. But Jordy laforge yeah LeVar Burton, I think his brigade are the ones that dug up the as the anti Vax statements from me on my end bialik but that could be but that there is a bunch of politicking going on by these these Hollywood douchebags and they're all Hollywood douchebag and they don't have it under control. That's the beauty of it. They they are not in control of their destiny because this is all being done with with the mechanism of social media it's beautiful to see it's something to see there's no doubt about that but I will say I will get my opinion I've seen all three of these people as substitute hosts Jennings is not good No, he knows a lot he's stiff. I By the way, this is our executive producers talking to each other. Jennings is no good. Jordi is no good
  • 2:47:20
    Unknown: Hey, get that Jordy out of my face the guy is no good. Yeah no Jordy is he should stick to the the singing alphabet what are the Reading Rainbow is that his show? Who I don't know what it is but he's no good. Married Wait wait. I have I have a thought I have a thought I have a thought what if we let Jordy do the show his host but we make him wear the visor?
  • 2:47:46
    John: Yeah, well that won't work because he can't see can't just make your visor make aware the rise it would be cute. It's a cute idea but but let's just come into producer mode man Come on. We got to explore the area and by the way, Aaron Rodgers was on the thing. No good. Aaron Rodgers stunk. He wanted to be that big or I'm gonna quit being a football player. I'm gonna be this. Yeah, sure. Mary who is the consummate professional who can do anything and she's smart. She is smarter than all of them. Maybe not as smart as Jennings, but she's you know, she's got a degree in neurosciences. I don't know what it is. She's already slowed, slated to do the specials. I mean, she's already hired for that. She is and I will say this. She's good. I watched her. I liked her. I think she was the best and you get a woman in there. She's sharp. She's woman. Comedian. She's a woman of color is perfect. woman of color yet, but she's getting her a nice tan. Get her in there. She's gave her some straight line. She's funny. She's quick witted. I go with her. But Dave, Dave, this is a battle. Now. Dude, he's jordiz. He's got a, you know, he's a bigger question. Because this Oh, good. This is something you know, succession planning is very important. succession planning. You know, Steve Jobs wrote years before he you know, not me, but quite a while before he died. He said, Hey, man, I want to recommend to the board. Tom Collins should be the CEO of Apple and Tim Cook. And so they really didn't have any succession planning or they just decided to turn it into a reality show for this staple that is jeopardy. I think the question should be true to show like that.
  • 2:49:40
    Unknown: to just be retired to just go away and end makes money you can't do that makes money. Well, how about this show? So if one of us comes to pass, I mean, we can't just have another host. And I mean, this show should just go in. No shouldn't just end. I mean, I can always do a show with Moe you know or you can do the show or you Hey, guess what you already do a show with Moe but but um this is presuming you die first let's just die first but I know I know that's one of us dies first then what do we do wife and get the wife in Korean the keeper I like it Korean the right name for a show it's got TV written all over it okay all right. Anyway back so back to that and we don't want to belabor this but yes we do. But But I think the irony the whole thing is just jerk off Richards gives himself the job yeah draws so much attention to himself that he ends up getting fired from both his job his executive producer ship and the exact up job that he had over at Wheel of Fortune. He's out. I guarantee you there's something else something else is happening with this guy to watch. Something was gonna come out well, podcast he's gonna do a podcast. Well of course. It'd be happening inside Hollywood.
  • 2:51:06
    Inside Hollywood.
  • 2:51:09
    Adam: We did we have another interesting me to moment. This is a doozy. I just love how this is how this is coming together. We take another look at the theranos scandal with Elizabeth Holmes. Now going to trial This is the for those who forget. She was the Steve Jobs the females Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs who and she dug deeper than Steve and she played that shit to the max. Anyone who says that she didn't that she wasn't just acting this up and getting all those old doofus guys all hot and bothered to invest and I'm talking big names big names like Was it the George show Kissinger, Kissinger? They were all like
  • 2:51:59
    John: these guys invention or does she really played it? Well, because they were defending her to the very end to this day. Tim Draper at the venture capitalist I think still thinks she's innocent is you know just she's innocent as a drift of white snow would it be fair to say that she used her feminine features as power the way men use their masculine features as power in in the business world and in
  • 2:52:30
    Unknown: the Veritas say, that's exactly what she did. She used your feminine wiles, the word Wiles Ooh, do you is that with WYL he is wi le s it could and what are feminine wiles? That what she used? Hey, baby, I like your Wiles. All right, listen to this report from ABC
  • 2:52:51
    and surprising development as Elizabeth Holmes the founder of the blood testing company, theranos prepares to go on trial for fraud. Her lawyers are now claiming the former billionaire was the victim of an abusive relationship with theranos CEO Sonny bhawani. was also her ex boyfriend court filings claim but one he controlled what Holmes ate, how she dress and how much money she could spend. By wanting to deny the allegations. The two are accused of misleading patients and investors with their blood testing technology the prosecution is going to try to do to poke holes in this defense, they're allowed to have their expert interview Elizabeth Holmes and likely that expert is going to say that she did not suffer from this type of abuse or this syndrome. Holmes is also expected to claim that she suffered from PTSD following that relationship. If convicted, she could face decades in prison.
  • 2:53:43
    Let's just call it what it is. What a hypocrite. Now she's in trouble now. Oh, now it was all me too. Yeah, I read all great. You start with your guy. This your theme you start with the feminine wiles exploit man making fools use everything you can is a girl to take advantage of the man. Yeah. And then when it turns on you You got Oh, no, yeah, exactly. Exactly. Yeah, well, she's not gonna work. Oh, she's gonna get that big, you know, three years in jail. If she gets five years in jail, that's gonna be enough to straighten her out. depends on which jail it could go the other way. There's a lot of these jails man like going on there. All right. I think we should take another break. Before we do. Let's lighten the mood just a little bit. If you want to hear two grown men giggle with glee. Then you will like this clip from the Henrico board of education, public commenting moments. We've seen a lot of these in the past few months with the angry parents, whether it's about critical race theory or Whether it's about mask mandates and you know they get called on they go up they get to speak there they're two minutes I guess you book you book The way you look Why? Why are Why are laughing is because it's reminds me of every doofus that goes up there and goes into a rant. Exactly like the hail Fauci guy. So you submit your name ahead of time and and then you know when it's
  • 2:55:28
    Adam: they just go down the list and they call each person and these days just cut the mic off after your allotted time. So at this particular Board of Education meeting, someone to fill prefilled out a whole bunch of cool names. These people unfortunately weren't there, but the names got red
  • 2:55:42
    Unknown: that you do not pass this policy in Virginia. We do appreciate you Phil McCracken. Phil McCracken. Soak soak my headache. I got done to get one of The Simpsons writers that went in there. It gets better. Oh Phil the macaque. I feel the MC Hawk. I leaned over Don keitech God kick Wayne Kerr Wayne occur dark Kinnick
  • 2:56:37
    goodness. Ah, we need more of this in our world. Like crack.
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    Unknown: Hang out with all the nights and you won't be triggered. You want to be where everybody feels like a party. Alright, I suppose I got none. Oh, okay. I have a couple then. I'll just play them in order. No agenda. One.
  • 3:12:20
    I have don't do it to foul Chisholm. Huh. What's this? Our country is being destroyed. I don't like I think that one, maybe this Corolla? One. No agenda is weird.
  • 3:12:38
    John: Have any other ones? I don't like any of those. I mean, I will. I think that Trump wins. Okay, that's its bottom of the barrel though. Yeah, it's totally bottom of the barrel. But it's okay. I mean, this Yeah, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I didn't get any I was looking at my list is where I don't have any ISOs on here. I gotta. Myself I suppose I was thinking going to listen to Sophia with a F. Oh, I want to little tech news real quick. tech news break tech news tech news. tech news break? Yeah. I have new a new headphones. I want to alert every you know, people like to know what gear we're using. And these are spectacular. Can you not tell how happy I am today. Do you think there was a little extra spring in my step?
  • 3:13:22
    Unknown: Yeah, you seem kind of Jedi. Yeah, I'm gt with it. My buddy you rune in in Holland. Yeah, whenever you see your old radio guys I did have a chance to have lunch with him. Can you always talk about stuff like Hey, what are you doing about radio but yeah, but processing
  • 3:13:39
    John: this we get a new that yeah, it's like what do you use? Nice. I like the Optima. He said I gotta try this new headphones. Audio Technica m 50x about 140 bucks and they're over the years they ate and what you're not hearing you don't hear the feedback anymore. These really clamped down yet they're not uncomfortable so they're actually ceiling like they shouldn't really be yelling at my speakers. Exactly. Very happy with that. And then a new box came onto the market it's not it hasn't been it's not shipping yet but of course there's all these influencers on YouTube who get who get one to then promote and I'm just flabbergasted because I really am interested in this is to task cam mix cast for and they did this basically like that. Okay, my my original design with sir Jean, the podcaster pro that was pretty much emulated by Rhoda with their with their road caster. Yeah, he never sent you one Well, no, but they also have not, they're still missing bits and bobs that make it impossible to really use properly even for our show. And mix cast has all of what they have and then some ns task cap. I like to ask him of own many tasks. devices Yes, I'm not a bit okay a couple of things about the brands. First of all, Audio Technica makes great stuff. They make great mics. They make great headphones, they make great lavell ears. Everything they make is great. So that I like them cast gam, I've always had trouble with them in a PC environment, because the drivers are never working right? Right It never sees is not plugged in play, I have all these issues in a PC environment using their gear.
  • 3:15:33
    Adam: Well, I've always liked task cam going back to you should take a look at this picture search for this the task cam studio eight. And it was the precursor to a home digital audio workstation, except it had this big, you know, latch on the top and you open up and there's a reel to reel in there. So it would write eight tracks to a quarter inch tape. You can bounce stuff back and forth. And I really liked that console. So I can't speak about the connections to computers. But this so basically, they have all this, you know, the compressor limiter, the noise gate, all of that stuff in the mix minus is all in there. And I can't wait to the name of this new product. It's the task cam mix cast for. And, you know, I think I will buy one. Because it's you know, it's low enough risk is 599, which is a great price. But just the price on the on the I think it's 699. But I mean when we were making the I mean you you really you got to know what you're doing to make it at that price. It's a hard price to get to. There's no way that the podcaster pro could ever get to that price without big big scale manufacturing. But I would just like to say that a lot of sliders on it on her list lighters for I would like to say to anyone who works at task cam anymore,
  • 3:17:02
    John: because I will send me one. She has sent us both one because I will give you feedback that will make this even better. He will make it even better. I'm the pod father dammit. Robins up. So you got one two, yeah, like four channels. Not it's it's the whole phone screen, it takes a phone, it'll take a phone call. Well, you'll take USB, you don't need to go that guy blackens The main thing, the main thing if a button The main thing it has is it also has a noise gate that you can configure on the USB channel on the Bluetooth channel. And on the lining channel. That was the problem because I need to be able to noise gate you over clean feed. And they weren't they weren't making that possible only on the mics which is how Rhoda does it which shows you they don't know shit. Because they're not real studio people they wouldn't know would never do that the task cam people they make odd devices. I agree they make everything. Yeah, they're full pros. So I'm very excited and and i think it could actually tell I am but you know I want one I want one now. I'll give it back to you. But just let me test it I think don't start making these offers the return stuff is a pain in the ass. Besides that, now it's used you know that what are they gonna do with Apple used to have the program, they gave me an apple two. When I was at MTV, early, early days, Daniel Paul was the guy's name. He was in charge of this program. And you signed a piece of paper with Apple that said it was on loan, but he just kept it. And I had this thing for eight years. And then one day they say we needed back.
  • 3:18:41
    Unknown: Oh yeah, you still have that. And they were way into the bag, bean counter. And all of a sudden they need it back. That's the reason I was crazy. And then what do they do when they get it back? They just throw it out. Of course. What else you got to do is I see you. Oh, good. I did send it back. Well, this task cam thing does look interesting. Yeah. It looks like a nice PC. I am surprised at some other, you know where all these other guys. I mean, Samson, for example, where are these? These Chinese companies? podcasting is a big deal. There. Last time I looked, I'm going to you're going to tell me the real number. But last time I looked, there were four and a half million podcasts. That means even if these things don't hang in there, that means four and a half million or 9 million because there's two people usually have to you know, just yakking by yourself, yeah, that's 5 million to 10 million microphones that need to be sold. And then this could be a million or 2 million or 4 million of these councils that could be sold. This could be a billion dollar industry but do you have what but road and these guys want you guys to come up with it come up with a product, neither of whom are talking to the cash cow. I could bring it for them. I don't get it. In the last 90 days, they paltry. 588,000 have updated of those four and a half million. Yeah, so there's a half a million active users, active podcasts. And that's a half a million a year, if they sold a million. I mean, you Everyone who does the podcast, you got to buy this thing. So you talking about $599 million by selling a million of them. The point of the segment really was just to get a free device, but you're taking it quite quite far. You got to know how to do this, right?
  • 3:20:36
    Adam: I totally suck John's able to get cars, you know, whatever you want out. Take care of that. I'll get that voice showing and try to give you some. Yes, I really appreciate that. Appreciate it. I do want to put everybody on notice the 10 days of darkness could be coming. I've been tracking as a good ham does the solar storms, the CMEs it's very possible we're gonna see some outages internet specifically. Nice. Yeah. I remember what it must have been 2000 no 1997 or 98. And you could that's when we first get the satellite dishes with a small dish. There was a direct tv I think.
  • 3:21:22
    Unknown: And, and, and you know, with your watch CNBC and all this stuff on the satellite, and there was a period of I think, at least 14 days when the satellites got knocked out because of a solar storm. Do you remember that? I vaguely remember because I had a dish that era. I don't remember been knocked off that long, but it could have been my look, you know? I don't know. Yeah, I know. There's been knocked out before.
  • 3:21:49
    This is important important. So everyone knows back now that the return of Americans hoarding toilet paper consumers emptied the shelves at the store to go rancid.
  • 3:21:57
    And now Procter and Gamble the nation's largest toilet paper maker is ramping up production once again, the company says demand is rising, do the surgeon COVID cases
  • 3:22:07
    this by the way is shameless. Shameful, and very lame of ABC. It is obviously a sales tactic. Oh, let's call over to ABC. Oh, you know, we're ramping up production because COVID variants Okay. And then they report and people go Oh shoot, we better get some more toilet paper. This is the this is that company should be boycotted for doing that. They should always network should be boycotted Don't you think? Yeah it's pretty bad but the problem is the public goes they see there's no shortage they don't panic when they go in there's no toilet paper then they panic and go driving around from place to place and they can find some that's what they should do is plant some shortages that's the way to go. But they can do that they can just not deliver to one or two places or deliver little late Sure. Anyway very easy to do. The other big story and then I think that's all I got the other big story is local to us Texas. The new abortion law went into place I have a clip the heartbeat law Oh good. Good. This I think came from Amy if I'm lucky. I don't know why did didn't designate but this is the abortions in Texas clip.
  • 3:23:31
    And texas a near total ban on abortions went into effect. Last midnight after the US Supreme Court failed to rule on an emergency petition filed by abortion providers seeking to block the measure the law of bars abortions just six weeks into a pregnancy before many people even know they're pregnant. There's no
  • 3:23:55
    law all also the meme was before they even know they're pregnant. I have heard that exact same phrase on every single report about this abortion bill. The exact same phrase everybody uses it it's like this I got a memo went out here you go. Alright, play it out.
  • 3:24:19
    Sorry. Some portions just six weeks into a pregnancy before many people even know they're pregnant. There's no exception for rape or incest. The law also allows anyone in Texas to sue patients, medical workers or even a patient's family or friends who quote, aid an event and abortion. This includes a cab driver who might take a woman to a clinic. Until now no other six week abortion ban has been allowed to go into effect in the United States reproductive justice advocates have vowed to keep fighting the American Civil Liberties Union tweeted quote, this is a racial and economic catastrophe, a full scale assault on patients or health care providers and our support systems.
  • 3:25:02
    Yeah, Texas is getting a lot of hate for this. This was this was actually my favorite Joe Biden took an oath to defend the constitution from all enemies foreign and Texan. And the time that he does it
  • 3:25:16
    that we're really the most hated of the states right now. I am thinking that there's something fishy about this whole thing to either that, by the way, I want to mention to the you Texans, this is what happened in California when the extreme right became the Republican Party. And that ever since and by the way, the Denver wants the democrats took over California they could rig the elections ever since. It's been a one party state when it never used to be it used to be not a one party state but now it is detections are being set up. They're being set up for this to happen to them. Texas is going to become a one party democrat state, because of stuff like this shouldn't have even been employed. What was the point? What was the point? I'm in agreement with you on this? So there's so there's two polarizing issues right now. One is our new voting regulations for which we're being called a bunch of racist dicks. Got a clip for that too. Same from Amy that followed this clip. Okay, hold on. Let's play this voting and then I can give you my boots on the ground report.
  • 3:26:21
    In other news from Texas, the republican controlled legislature has passed a sweeping voter restriction bill. The measure bars drive through and 24 hour voting sites adds new identification requirements for absentee ballots bans unsolicited mail in ballot applications, and gives new authority to partisan poll watcher State Department. State democrats had successfully stalled the bill for several months by first staging the walkout then fleeing Texas to deny the house voting quorum. Texas Governor Greg Abbott is expected to sign the bill quickly.
  • 3:26:55
    Adam: Alright, so here's what's interesting. Actually, we have three major pieces of legislation. One is as of now crap, as of as of September 1, we now have constitutional carry. You want to put your ak 47 and your Glock on your forehead and have them dangling, no problem that's completely legal now in the state of Texas. And I believe, I think concealed as well. But I've got to double check on that. But it's really constitutional carries like you can you can wear your guns anywhere you want to is the voting rules. And, of course, I've read through all of this legislation myself, it's not even that voluminous To be quite honest. The voting stuff is very simple. Democrats don't get a chance to cheat like they did in the last session, particularly with mail drop boxes. This is send out a million ballot, this is bullcrap the voting thing is hardly restrictive, or you can't do drive. Drive Thru voting. And again, it really comes back to that. And in the identification, voter ID, which is, you know, Sharpton is the guy saying, Oh, it's gonna hurt black people were, as I think we even talked about on the last show or one before that that's a total distraction. This is to get all kinds of brown people who have just walked into the country to get them to vote and make it easy for the fraud. That's just it's plain and simple. So these are fraud. Of course. Yeah. So these Texas law, you can look at him. It's not crazy. It's not out of the ordinary. It's certainly not Jim Crow. And it's not racist. Now. The heartbeat abortion law. I hate this. I'm not a fan of this thing at all. I think it's very cut and dry. This is not a loophole. This is really very, very strict. I've never seen like this in Texas.
  • 3:28:52
    Unknown: I don't like abortions at all. I am pro life. But I also adhere to whatever you want to do with your body up to a certain extent, which I think is beyond six weeks. And we've had some well established science on first trimester. You know, the problem is not really that it's more about the facilities because if it's legal than hospitals have to allow that we have many hospital systems in Texas that are faith based or faith backed maybe. That's really it's a it's more of a PR issue. But I don't think the government should be mucking about in any of this at all. And I think you're absolutely right, it is so stringent that even most
  • 3:29:39
    Adam: level headed real Texans will say that's kind of That's crazy. You know, you got it, you get this too. This is way too tight. So I always thought it would be my initial thinking was, you do what you swing it all the way over here. So it's crazy. And then you get some other people in in the midterm where you have, you have you know, you bring it back And then you bring it to a more reasonable level that most people can agree on. But I think your idea of this being a way to flip a democrat is spot on. Because I know a lot of conservative people who were like, No, no, this is not okay.
  • 3:30:15
    Unknown: This is a scam. Yeah. And whoever got suckered into putting this bill through, I'd like to do some research. And there's something that Democrats had something to do with it. Yeah, this whole thing is just stinks of California. And once you guys lose, to the Democrats, especially the corrupt ones that are bitching about the voting rights, you're going to be a democrat state forever, and you're going to get sick, you're going to you lose your lack of personal income tax there, you're going to get ripped off by these people. That's what happened in California. We can't get rid of these people can't even do I'm sure the governor Newsom won't get recalled. If he does, it'd be a miracle. And I mean, I just these ads are coming out now. And it's just unbelievable. But this is the you these guys get in there and you can't get rid of them. Yeah. All right. I have one funny clip or anything left, and I have a bunch of clips left. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Let's just play this. And that'll be done. I mean, there's a lot of clips left over. I have a lot of stuff, too. You get this one's another little news story. This was again on Democracy Now with with Amy, and this is a new bogus environmental bureau that dreamed up. Yes, I heard about this,
  • 3:31:36
    the Biden administration announced it was creating a new office of climate change and health equity, which will deal with the health impacts of the climate crisis and its disproportionate effects on poor communities. Assistant health Secretary Rachel Levine laid out the office his main goals as building community resistance, resilience, reducing carbon emissions and health care and recovery and infrastructure funding.
  • 3:31:59
    Yes, I'm glad you brought this up. I too, have a short clip, which I should play. And I know exactly what's going on here.
  • 3:32:05
    And administration created a new federal office to address the health consequences of climate change and their disproportionate effects on poor and minority communities. The Department of Health and Human Services will oversee the Office of climate change and health equity, which will treat climate change as a public health issue.
  • 3:32:21
    Official say one of the first tasks will be to take accounting of greenhouse gas emissions from various parts of the healthcare sector. This is a I have to hand it to him genius move because it is the NIH and its subsidiary sister cancerous attachment to CDC who can by law shut people down and lock them in their homes.
  • 3:32:47
    So if you have climate change under the health people, and they say Oh, it's so bad, we all have to stay home to save the world because climate change could affect your health they can legally do it. And I like the way they couch it with fruit to advantage the minority community quality minority communities not to one affected by the rise in climate change is racist. Come on, you know it is it's a bunch of bowl of crap. Climate change is racist. And I'm it changes right Anyway, here's race. Here's how the here's how these douchebags are going to do it. They're going to connect it all and Mrs. Trudeau gave it away just the other day in Canada navia what we learned from this climate, this COVID crisis.
  • 3:33:44
    What we learned from this climate, this COVID crisis, we will be applying to the climate crisis, to the housing crisis, to reconciliation to making sure that everyone has good jobs and careers that carry them through and create opportunities for their kids. Get this prick out of office. Canadians. Hey, come on connects Get your shit together.
  • 3:34:14
    Now All righty then. This wraps up your mainstream media deconstruction
  • 3:34:21
    Adam: for for today, we return on Sunday bringing you more of the good stuff. Please remember us at divorce act.org slash na. Coming up after this particular program if you're listening live on no agenda stream.com we've got planet rage. A new show with Darrin O'Neill and Larry from that Larry show. Oh, you got spin offs? to slay Harry. Yeah. Larry. And that Larry show now that Larry says pretty good. Interesting. new show. new show new shop and your show mixes sir Chris Wilson with a birthday greeting good. See dragons and got a little classic in there from epee. Coming to you from the heart of Texas Hill Country, FEMA Region number six on the governmental maps in the morning, everybody. I'm Adam Curry, and I'm from Northern Silicon Valley. Where I remain I'm Jhansi devorah. We return on Sunday right here on no agenda. We'll see you then. Until then stay safe. And adios mofos
  • 3:35:26
    Unknown: on such Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday. Master pod father. Happy birthday. Happy birthday. Hey guys, so I'm just checking in luck. I've been kind of on the fence about this for a while. That's why I've never spoke on it. But with the amount of people that I know recently that have gotten COVID and with like the numbers rising I think it's important for me to say like, I got the vaccine. I think everybody should I think it's really important like that we all do this just as like citizens as Americans. We have to look out for each other and get the show under control guys. So like, I suggest to all my followers you guys make set an appointment and get the vaccine first thing sign. Bitch. If you're sick, stay inside. Get over it. If you're sick, stay inside. Get over it. It's the mother Zephyr coming. If I can turn that into a song. I hear this for coming. It's coming. It's coming. It's coming. It's coming. It's coming. It's coming. It's coming. It's coming. It's coming. Get some cooks by the way is called popping bottles. bottles in the club. bring you some cookies. audios mopho John dvorak.org slash in my country is being destroyed.
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