1379: Afghaniscam

Adam Curry & John C. Dvorak

3h 12m
September 5th, 2021
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Executive Producers: Sir Emiloseph, Anonymous, Sir Kevin of the Burning River, Nessworks, William Ackermann, Alexa Delgado, Lee North, Grand Duke Thomas Nussbaum, Tylan Selby, Isaac Barnes, Alex McIntyre

Associate Executive Producers: jacob long, Sir Otaku, Duke of NE Texas and the Red River Valley K5VZ, Terry Niebeling, Sir Ever of the What, Kevin Matz, Sir C A H, Alex Salahshour, Bill Walsh

Cover Artist: Darren O'Neill


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Suggested chapter: Clip of the day. Gaffe re abortion rights 'for the good of the unborn child'
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Suggested chapter: Booster shots. us and uk Government are overriding Advisory panels re kids. JCVI
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Suggested chapter: Prices of shots. J&J one shot = $10. Pfizer = $19 each. Moderna = $30 each
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Suggested chapter: Immunity as a service. Bypass your Dr.. keep give you boosters. 4 in Israel so far
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Suggested chapter: Switch brands for booster? Fauci no answer just yet
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Suggested chapter: Big problem for Big Pharma with advisory boards
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Suggested chapter: Joe Rogan - discrediting Ivermectin
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Suggested chapter: They Key is to get information from a trusted medical advisor not social media
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Suggested chapter: m5m failed to discredit Ivermectin
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Suggested chapter: m5m pushing Monoclonal antibodies - Big pharma involvement bc it is expensive product line
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Suggested chapter: Dr Jason explains what he saw while not there
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Suggested chapter: Dr Jason clip fear mongering re Ivermectin.. 'filling the hospitals'
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Suggested chapter: No one take Ivermectin! Unless your a new immigrant from Afganistan.
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Suggested chapter: Alex Jones: Nobel Prize winner for humans!
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Suggested chapter: West Virginia Governor says Covid cases and deaths over the last 8 weeks are up in the FULLY VACCINATED.
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Suggested chapter: I got two trans kids
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Suggested chapter: ITM...
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Suggested chapter: Troll record? 2368
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Suggested chapter: No Agenda Social
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Suggested chapter: Art: Nessworks
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Suggested chapter: Start of first donation segment
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Suggested chapter: End of first donation segment (shut up slave)
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Suggested chapter: Meghan Kelly show booking Adam on her new show on serious xm
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Suggested chapter: Pete domains forwarding ppl to the no agenda page
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Suggested chapter: Firmament first theory (Flat earth). Alpha rocket exploded
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Suggested chapter: BLM. NFL messages allowed on helmets
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Suggested chapter: Jamacia. Pride flag not allowed on us embassy
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Suggested chapter: Apple Noodle gun. Note from employees compensation gender bs bias wage gaps
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Suggested chapter: Afganistan JCD. usa left armaments for Taliban to fight chinese re Belton road
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Suggested chapter: JCD what was left behind = *33* black helicopters
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Suggested chapter: BBC clip armed taliban tasering women protesters
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Suggested chapter: JCD afganiscam set up by Trump?
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Suggested chapter: note from Sir-onimous of dogpatch, and lower slobbovia, about Afghanis
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Suggested chapter: Pompei, Brzezinski with the Mujahideen. Was it the CIA
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Suggested chapter: China will be our main partner says the Taliban
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Suggested chapter: Taliban 2.0 Mercenaries
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Suggested chapter: Strategic removal of weaponry. eg No stinger missiles left behind
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Suggested chapter: Anyone who needs to get out from Afganistan, will get out.
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Suggested chapter: What if Trump was behind the Afghanistan psyop
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Suggested chapter: JCD Biden will resign before 25th
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Suggested chapter: Start of second donation segment
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Suggested chapter: Birthdays
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Suggested chapter: It's your birthday, Birthday!
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Suggested chapter: Title changes
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Suggested chapter: Meetups
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Suggested chapter: Isos
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Suggested chapter: Chinese report U18yo limited to 3hrs of gaming per week during weekends
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Suggested chapter: Massive Instagram account purge of natural functional doctors / medicine
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Suggested chapter: china clip: overwork- legal work 8hr per day, bc suicide due to overwork
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Suggested chapter: Tucker Carlson clip with Blackwater founder rescued Biden Kerry from Afghanistan
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Suggested chapter: Banyon podcast re audit ballot traffickers in Georgia 44 drop boxes each on video
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Suggested chapter: End of show. conspiracy therapist session
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Suggested chapter: End of show mixes
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Party with the School Teacher
My New Rain Stick Black Rain Ordinance AR15
SB8 and SB3
The bounties are horseshit. Must SUE
Supreme court did not TAKE the case
A Closer Look at the Text of the Texas Abortion Prohibition and Its Unusual Provisions
Abortion ok if executions broadcast on TV
Occult Fan's Analysis of my birthday
Hey Adam ~
I just realized your birthday takes place during the auspices of the 33rd Angel in the Shem HaMephorash. This Angel reigns over Virgo 10° to 14°, where, at least this year, your birthday will be taking place.
This Angel is known as Iehuiah or alternately Yehuiah. They are associated with "Submission to a higher order. Identifies traitors and destroys their plans."
Seems fitting to say the least.
Hence a great show today!
Warmest showday wishes,
Angelic Sir Nathan Lee
My Plan:
We hay have to call on The Dudes named Ben and Bernadette
Take down media websites and transmissions, including satellite
Take over Hospital management and start treating
Take over School Boards
Saturn Lizards BOTG Homeless in Austin
Happy birthday Adam Curry! (Belated) I hope you had a good time and got (are you high?)
I still laugh about that. When you asked me if I was high. That cracked me up! I was in Austin for few weeks. I flew back to Jersey to spend time with my daughter, then I'm going to Colorado to camp and get high Rocky mountain high. And possibly crash my airplane into the ocean. I'm meeting up with a friend I made in Austin and he's going to travel thru Colorado with me. This dude looks like Tommy Chong but with a lazy eye. He even sounds like him. People we're even calling us Cheech and Chong. Too funny! I didn't like Austin. I slept in the streets. That's no big deal because I'm used to it. But I didn't feel safe. I was hanging out with this other dude named Izzy and he told me he kept getting mugged and jumped when he first got there. It seems like the homeless don't mess around with the tech fake liberals with money but they have no problem fucking with new homeless people. Or robbing them. I saw no interaction between the two. It's two separate worlds. I noticed those phoney liberals will walk right past you and make comments. But they won't look at you when they do. These two guys walked past me and one of them said "everyone is pissed off they're turning that hotel into a place for the homeless" He looked pissed off about it himself. Austin's has the worst homeless situation I've ever seen in all of my travels. I'm sure you know. I noticed a lot of them were high and psychotic. I only see that from time to time in other places. They watch you to see what you got. Good weed in Austin though! I bought some from the brothers off of 6th Street because they had the good shit! Of course I went back to them. (I was high) I'm never going back to Austin.
Pfftt... Phoney liberals... They even pretend to like gay cigarettes in Austin... Picture of an ashtray at Austin international airport included...
Mu Variant name
Fun fact from crackpot to crackpot: A Mu is a measurement of surface area equaling 666 2/3 meters. 2/3 also=.666.
New Domains
Pete Kokkinis
Immunity as a Service (new business model)
Pharma wants to Bypass doctors all together
Pfizer FDA approval signed by Mary A. Malarkey Director
CDC/FDA smoking gun of smoking guns
They confess: they had no virus when they concocted the test for the virus; they “contrived” a model by pretending to find what they wanted to find; it’s called a self-fulfilling prophecy
This is the con and the crime that drove millions of lives, and economies, into ruin
Biden's high-stakes booster tension with Moderna
A disagreement between the Biden administration and Moderna over booster shot details has thrown a wrench in the administration's plans, and may result in the booster effort beginning with only some Pfizer recipients later this month.
Why it matters: How the dispute shakes out could have implications for the global vaccine supply chain — as well as for Moderna's bottom line.
State of play: Moderna completed its booster dose submission with the FDA yesterday, asking the agency to evaluate the authorization of a third shot of the vaccine.
But the company's submission was for a 50-microgram dose, or half of the dose included in the first two shots.
The Biden administration wants to see data for boosting with 100 micrograms as well. The FDA needs both datasets to evaluate what elicits a more durable immune response, a senior Biden administration official told Axios.
The big picture: The Biden administration's booster effort is already under fire for getting ahead of the data and for poor messaging.
The administration argues that it doesn't have any time to lose when it comes to staying ahead of the virus.
Between the lines: If Moderna booster shots are a half-dose of the original level, that vastly expands the company's global supply overnight.
That means more shots would be available around the world. But it also means Moderna could make a lot more money.
“FDA has requested Moderna to submit both. Moderna’s focused only on its 50. Yes, that increases supply, but it’s also in its economic interests," the senior administration official said.
3 vaccine for nursing homes in Denmark
From next week (week 36) old people in nursing homes in Denmark will start getting the 3 vaccine. And as I understand the workers at the nursing homes will soon after be offered the same. It is the union FOA that fought for it, so they could get it.
Ivermectin etc
Ivermectin for Prevention and Treatment of COVID-19 Infection: A Systematic Review, Meta-analysis,
and Trial Sequential Analysis to Inform Clinical Guidelines
Instagram massive purge of functional medicine accounts including vaccine insert shots
Ivermectin for COVID-19: real-time analysis of all 113 studies
Google contractors vaxx mandate
Long story short, Google/YT and contractor Accenture have mandated the vax to work in office by the 7th. For people seeking exemption, including myself, they have asked to fill out a leave of absence request with no further explanation describing what that entails.
They mentioned accommodations for medical and/or religious reasons but have not said what that would mean. I will keep you posted as this continues to unfold. I have also gotten word that Apple and FB in Austin are mandating the vax as well.
Mandates are easy way to trim staffing
Sports Rona Report from Prof JJ
Surprise, news report makes NO mention of his MIE (mRNA injection experience).
But ... we can presume double-jabbed on this:
NSW BOTG Rona app check-ins
Report #1
Hey Adam,
Quick update from the prison state. From my perspective the governments authoritarian 1984 police state has over estimated its ability to track people with covid. My son was identified as a close contact to someone with covid from his day care. The QR code’s we sign in everywhere with haven’t done shit. It took nsw health 4 days to contact me from the “exposure”. They didn’t know his name, my name, what time we were at the day care, where we live, they knew nothing. The integration between nsw health and service nsw who do the tech side of things is very broken from what I can tell. They keep sending me the attached text (with the wrong name in it) for me to click on some link. I’m ignoring to see if they send the fuzz round to check on me.
At the moment we can’t leave our house for any reason. Not even exercise or groceries. This state is fucked and as soon as this is over we’ll be looking to move somewhere that’s isn’t shit.
Love your work on the show.
Report #2
Update: the police came around yesterday to check we are isolating. The cop called me from the car while I was doing a dump. He was not interested in eye balling me to check I was home. He was in uniform but not in a police car, he was being driven around in a Sydney trains vehicle for some reason. The impression I got was he was ticking the box to say that he checked on me but really didn’t give a shit. Again, he knew nothing only my phone number and the incorrect name they had for my son. More theatre. So the limit is 3 ignored texts from NSW Heath.
Sweden bans travelers from Israel, one of the most vaccinated countries in the world, into the country from September 6 due to the record-breaking rise in #COVID19 cases.
Supply Chains and Human Resources
45 minute wait at Whataburger - no people!
Tim Cook gets letter from Apple employees demanding changes
The 6 Pre-approved Social Justice Messages the NFL Will Allow on Helmets This Season
Players will be able to choose from the following messages for their helmet decal: "End Racism,'' "Stop Hate,'' "It Takes All of Us,'' "Black Lives Matter,'' "Inspire Change'' and "Say Their Stories.''
Louisiana resources outside New Orleans. No.workers
Sir Onymous explains Afghanis
Some time ago, about October 2001, I shared how a CNN translation of an Afghani man who said "I will follow the Taliban" actually said "everything I have is in these bags, I will follow whomever feeds me". Most still only have two bags and will follow whomever feeds them. Funny, when we invaded the US military had ZERO Pashto speakers.
These tribes have provided a "buffer" between empires for generations and completely left alone. The Duran Line even went through individual tribes to make it chaotic. This is not a graveyard of empires but a group of people that remain after each empire departs and know by resisting change, they will outlast every invader.
So much of this area is tribal, completely isolated, uneducated, illiterate, and practice customs passed down for generations. They have tribal wars, true blood feuds, kill over land disputes and family insults and protect their lifestyle at all costs.
Most are honorable in their own sense of honor (killing over insults), but certainly some tribal leaders have become enriched beyond measure from Intelligence Agencies. Baluchistan (India), the K in ISIS (Iran), TTP (US to keep the roads open), are not big secrets, and they recruit the poor boys to do their bidding.
An 18-year old with a wife and child that are literally starving is promised they will be taken care of if he puts on a suicide vest - what are his choices? Cost, about $1,000 - the price of a Kalashnikov.
Training these men is extremely difficult. They cannot read - so how do you use a "training manual" or have them watch and record license plates or even vehicles? Some could better identify by horse than car. They are raised to be fearless "warriors" in their tribes, yet are mostly young, have never seen a movie, eaten at a restaurant or been with a woman except sisters and mothers.
We focused on educating the girls and women, yet they marry uneducated men such as these and the next generation returns to these standards.
It is far more complex that these simple lines, but some things I do know and the western, educated, industrialized, rich and democratic (WEIRD) people do NOT understand.
White House proposes removing penalties for fentanyl trafficking-related offenses
The White House on Thursday proposed removing certain penalties associated with trafficking of fentanyl-related substances (FRS), prompting criticism that it would weaken illicit drug enforcement.
President Biden and former President Trump temporarily placed FRS under schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act. Thursday's proposal would make that change permanent while removing certain quantity-based mandatory minimums.
In a letter to Senate leaders reviewed by Fox News, the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) described the plan as the result of collaboration with the Justice Department (DOJ) and Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).
"We are pleased to present to Congress a long-term, consensus approach that advances efforts to reduce the supply and availability of illicitly manufactured FRS, while protecting civil rights, and reducing barriers to scientific research for all schedule I substances," said ONDCP acting Director Regina LaBelle.
The Purge
Instagram massive purge of functional medicine accounts including vaccine insert shots
Build Back Better
Long Island company shifts COVID-19 vaccine trial focus from cats to mink


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  • 0:00
    John: Don't take horse medicine, Adam Curry, John Dvorak,
  • 0:03
    Adam: Thursday, September 5 2021. This is your hoard when he came on nation media assassination Episode 1379. This is no agenda flattening the SIR shed broadcasting live from the heart of Texas Hill Country here in orange at number six in the morning, everybody.
  • 0:21
    John: I'm Adam Curry, and I'm from Northern Silicon Valley where they're going after Roe versus Wade. That's what they're doing vote Democrat. i'm john C. Dvorak. It's crackpot and buzzkill.
  • 0:33
    Adam: Oh, my goodness, I got a story to tell about that.
  • 0:37
    John: is all there is it's all there is. Thank you, Texas for starting this little bullshit. Well, let
  • 0:43
    Adam: me tell you what happened. So we had a little party yesterday, keeper invited some of our friends over, you know, the rejects of society as usual. Pastor Mark, sir gene, we had Dale, our buddy from Houston, who lost his bar during co Dale. Dale, you know, you don't know Do not do this. No. It's okay. Dale was the one who lost his bar in the COVID Houston. Okay, now, in the end, the school teacher came, and I have to give her a lot of props. Matt is a public school teacher in Austin, Texas. And she she's gonna sit with us, and I really appreciate that. But she came in hot came in. I can't wait till I can get out of this horrible grabby style. She was completely beside herself. And it didn't take long because remember, now we have Serge gene. We got marks mark, who's also a lawyer, you got me? You got the keeper. I mean, so we're all like more. Okay, let's see what's got me first of all, have a drink, but Calm down. Calm down. So the way it came out was I can't believe that they're, they're not allowed to stop, you know that there's no abortions allowed, at the same time, the same time that anyone can have a gun anywhere they want. And they know the racist voting rights. And it's just one and talking points. Wait, but wait, and the CRT theory bill. So we're like, hold on a second. Hold on. So the first so sad to say and this and she keeps saying Well, there's no teachers union in Texas, but they do have an association. And this association is completely abusing these these teachers. So they've put in her head that
  • 2:35
    John: by the way, as we continue the Teachers Association, all these to just unions with a name Association
  • 2:43
    Adam: course, and no dues, but they get you in other ways. But they're political. They're completely political. So now if you also listen to the talking points on the tape on the TV, the talking points are, first of all, the heartbeat bill, processor mark, he immediately showed everybody the the loophole in the bill, which is an exception for medical emergency at the doctor's discretion. So that's something that is not really discussed on television, but there's a huge gaping loophole for this, which I didn't know either. I still don't like the bill. But everybody agrees This is just a ploy that somehow I don't know how the legislature fell into this because this is now the this talking point is bigger than Afghanistan. If you ask her what you think of Afghanistan, I don't know. I haven't had time to focus on it. Okay, gotcha.
  • 3:34
    John: Well, diggin to interrupt. I was watching the I turned on I didn't do a three by three but I watched the three by three and it was all you know, Meet the Press Face the Nation Stephanopoulos and that's all they were talking about. They had Donna Brazil on they had that cutie little Kristen psaltis Anderson whatever name is is a was a dog mom. And she's on there worried sick that she won't be able to have an abortion because she hates kids. And she and they're all going on about the bounty, which is the one that they really like to pound that one home. That's a beauty.
  • 4:12
    Adam: Let me explain this one. And by the way, for those of you wondering, yes, it is Thursday, the second Thursday of the week. I guess I opened with Thursday, Sunday. Well, you did. Yeah. No one caught it. Usually
  • 4:26
    John: I catch that's Monday.
  • 4:28
    Adam: So we so mark right there, you know, he looked at this section 171 dot tos one zero. So the way it's being presented is and now people can rag on each other. If you see someone who's helping someone get an abortion, you can get $10,000 bounty, yes or no.
  • 4:48
    John: By the way, that's a pretty good deal.
  • 4:52
    Adam: Yeah, no, it's not true. It's simply not true.
  • 4:56
    John: Oh, wait a minute. That can't whatever you said, telling me Adam can't pass. be the case because the news media, I watched it three by three because it's a phony Thursday today. And they all went on about it. So they would have explained it to say if what you're saying is true.
  • 5:11
    Adam: Now, the only thing that's in there is that anyone can sue someone else. And if you're successful at suing, then you're then you would be, you can get an award, which actually starts at $10,000. But I mean, it's like it's like such a non starter it's a joke according to
  • 5:31
    John: good lawyer than
  • 5:32
    Adam: $10,000 Yeah, it starts at 10 actually can be higher. So it's, it's total bullshit. You have to Mount $100,000 lawsuit to get your $10,000 it was stuck in there and it was on purpose to get this talking point. It's completely unrealistic. It is this it
  • 5:53
    John: was stuck in there on purpose. I'm telling you the democrats are behind Yes. Well, you know, the only republicans in Texas are so dumb that they got suckered.
  • 6:02
    Adam: Now, isn't that or there's one other thing I was considering maybe and they still got suckered maybe came up with an idea well, let's do all this. And then we can be the heroes and come out and say well, you know, as Republicans we need to temper this a little bit and then bring the people in the middle more towards the Republican Party. I mean, either way, it's the stupidest thing because you're right the airwaves are plastered wall to wall. Enya and here's a story anti abortion whistleblowing site gets a new home with provider for known for hosting right wing extremists see another ratcheting up white ring white ring right wing extremists are going to be tracking you as you're trying to help your friends get abortions and they're gonna report you it's just the whole thing. It's pitting people against each other and abusing the teachers. So the next one was SB three which is not even a bill which one of these things these these these idiots throw up you know, like to just yeah, trial balloon anywhere and never goes anywhere. And this whole thing of you cannot teach about Frederick Douglass in school. You may not teach that white supremacists are are bad. Anyways, this whole red line thing and she's flipping out about I will go to jail. I'm going to I will teach my children that white supremacists are bad people. And it was so obvious what was going on. It's like, Oh my god, she's been completely abused. It is disgusting to see bring her down from her ledge. Oh, yeah, no, we got some alcohol in her. He got better. You got better but I Jean was actually saying to Dina, I'm gonna report her. I felt so bad about what had happened to this poor school teacher is really really sucks. It's really not okay, that that's happening. These people should be ashamed of themselves, ashamed of themselves.
  • 8:09
    John: Anyway, I'd like to reiterate my stance on the shame to themselves that they're worried sick that the 2022
  • 8:15
    Adam: Yeah, it's all about it's all about it. In listening, listen, how it's being helped. But listen, I got two quick clips on this just so you can see Yeah, but two clips. Oh, good. Oh, good. I'll play the play these first. So this is corporate america jumping on the bandwagon to help with this democrat 2022 talking point which is unrealistic and full of crap. Even though I completely am against this bill. What they're doing with it is is it's it's politicking. That's all that it is
  • 8:46
    Unknown: so well. This is from Logan green. He of course is lifts co founder CEO weighing in here about Texas SB eight the state's controversial new abortion law. tweeting here, Texas SB eight Logan green says threatens to punish drivers for getting people where they need to go, especially women exercising their right to choose he says Lyft has created a driver Legal Defense Fund to cover 100% of legal fees for drivers sued under SBA law driving on our platform so
  • 9:16
    Adam: here's these virtue signaling Cox on something that can never happens like oh yeah, well, we'll take care of it because you know, those texts, those crazy republicans and right wingers and textures trumping. That'd be reporting on women going to eat go ahead and ask anybody on the street in Texas, you'll find majorities like this bill is stupid. And one other point the Supreme Court did not reject it. They just said we won't. We're not going to hear it. Because that's another thing that's out there. Oh, they didn't overturn it. They didn't but they didn't know they said we're not going to hear this because you have no case. This is just legislation. You don't have a case where anyone is harmed yet yes, just amazing. emit screw the mainstream
  • 9:59
    John: said It's a beautiful job to Democrats freak that is maybe overdue maybe shooting their gun too soon possibly because this is a little early. It's not 12 months away it's
  • 10:12
    Adam: because they could have done a lot with a constitutional carry.
  • 10:16
    John: And well they got their second round ready which is Mississippi which may have a case and they think and that's the one that everyone's teasing is gonna overthrow row and it keeps calling it Row Row, Row Row.
  • 10:31
    Adam: It's not even Roe v Wade anymore. It's just roses row overthrown. It'll just go there overthrow Rhino so just overthrow first row.
  • 10:42
    John: overthrow they got they got the Mississippi thing in there. And so so you have your your they didn't have Brooks Shakil Brooks on there. They had she had this guy they had now they have on the PBS NewsHour. And now they have two people from the Washington Post. Oh, way to go is to make it so you really have some
  • 11:03
    Adam: diversity, some diversity in there.
  • 11:05
    John: So we had a talk about it. And there's one of them I have to say Michael Gershon. And before we play, Michael, who is the take it over from Brooks, at least temporarily. Michael Gershon actually made a point as absolutely dead. As soon as he said it. Oh, yeah, yeah, he's absolutely completely right in his buddy, the black gay guy agrees. 100% but I do have to play this one little pre clip which is Judy. Calling Michael Gershon Michael more of
  • 11:37
    Adam: more political Captain Michael haft at this point. How does how does she correct that?
  • 11:47
    John: She never did.
  • 11:49
    Adam: Did he say excuse me? Excuse me? No.
  • 11:53
    John: Wow, he didn't know what to do. He's like a part timer right now and if he he's afraid of offending me off the rails for all we know could be. So let's listen to Cape Horn on row. The pbn he goes on about this and let's listen to him first capehart row and health now who's capehart is that black?
  • 12:15
    Adam: Oh, yeah. I know.
  • 12:18
    John: Oh, also got his own show now on msnbc.
  • 12:21
    Adam: Oh, I get it so they'd have two people from the Washington Post but one is black one is white therefore it's a diverse opinion. The balance got it That
  • 12:29
    Unknown: is why there is so much fear in the country about what this means for Roe because they grow Texas and the idea of pitting neighbors against each other colleagues snitching on each other because someone is desperately trying to potentially desperately trying to safeguard their health in the end maybe perhaps the health of their their unborn child. This is just it's beyond Handmaid's Tale.
  • 12:55
    Adam: Oh my goodness is so good. Because they actually believe there's gonna be a number you can call like a like a lion. You can call her Hey, man, I think I was taking a dude good to know you either. Yes.
  • 13:08
    John: There's actually something in that little commentary besides Handmaid's Tale is another another dog whistle that's
  • 13:17
    Unknown: a good one.
  • 13:19
    John: There's something in there he said. That is just be on believe it is one of the finest stupidities I've ever heard.
  • 13:27
    Adam: Don't Don't give it away. Can we listen again to see if we can kill? Yes. All right. All right. It's stupid. It's fine. It's great of all time. Here we go. And focus hands on the buzzers candidates.
  • 13:37
    Unknown: That is why there is so much fear in the country about what this means for ro because they didn't stop Texas and the idea of pitting neighbors against each other colleagues snitching on each other because someone is desperately trying to potentially desperately trying to safeguard their health in the name perhaps the health of their their unborn child This is just
  • 14:07
    John: You got it.
  • 14:09
    Adam: All right. All right. All right. You need to you need to bend over because this is well deserved. That was a great clip. Clip damn Skippy,
  • 14:19
    John: and you're trying to protect the health of the unborn by killing it.
  • 14:27
    Adam: Wow, I would like to reiterate this point that I am completely okay with abortions as long as we are also and we get the television rights, able to show a capital punishment executions live on television. I think that is a fair trade off death for death. We want the rights to produce.
  • 14:46
    John: Yeah, that's the exit strategy that make us multimillionaires, but unfortunately, it's never gonna happen. Now. So Gershon comes on and this guy capehart has to agree with what he's about to say. And I agree with it too. And I think This is one of the reasons that the democrats could pull a stunt they pulled in Texas. And by the way, if you look back on it when did to draw attention to this stunt? This is why the Texas Legislature flew on their private jet all the way to Washington, DC to avoid a quorum in it, the State House, and they all got COVID. And they got all kinds of publicity from flying in a private jet to Washington. And it got in the news, it was in the news cycles, Washington around quite a bit. So when this whole thing came to a head, it was like cut everyone flat footed in Texas, it seems to me, but I think this discussion guy really nails it. And this is his commentary. And I think it's something we have to consider. You know,
  • 15:48
    Unknown: I think people don't quite understand that the republican party or the social conservatives in the party. Abortion is not the central issue right now, for a lot of them. It's, you know, critical race theory and immigration and a lot of other hot button, you know, cultural issues. So I don't, I'm not sure that it rallies republicans in a certain way. I think it does rally Democrats. I think there's a broad concern over the fate of roe. I think it's going to bring people out in the 2022 midterm elections. And that's, you know, the I think they're going to benefit more from this argument going forward. How do you say the political,
  • 16:35
    I agree with Michael, this is as horrendous as it is. This is something that will fire up an already fired up and restive and angry Democratic Party and Democratic Party base. The question, though, is in a midterm election, is that enough fire to go from being angry at what's happening to going into the voting booth because Democrats and Republicans vote in fewer numbers than in presidential elections? But in the midterms, Democrats vote even less. Hmm.
  • 17:10
    Adam: Yeah, I think you're right about them firing this off way too early. To me, but they tried to stall it anything
  • 17:19
    John: yet. But the Mississippi is the booster that's the booster shot. And the Mississippi thing will come in much closer to the election and a reignite the this fire. Huh? Huh? So this is a this is all electioneering? Oh, nothing more,
  • 17:38
    Adam: but we have to.
  • 17:40
    John: And it's a shame, by the way that people like the teacher are so caught up in this sort of thing, which is nothing more than politics. It's hard and they can't see the politics. No,
  • 17:50
    Adam: no, not at all. And then, and when I said, Okay, well, how about you know, about Afghanistan? I haven't had time to look at that. One of the most significant, which is exactly what,
  • 18:01
    John: what they've said on it. When these two were going back and forth. Nobody cares about a Stan. Yeah. It's like, it becomes a distraction of the week because of Ganesan. Nobody needs to deal with that, right? Because you know, that makes Biden look bad. And Heaven forbid we do that lol Biden, you know, I went to all of his speeches his little did jerking him up with some dish shooting him up with something because he's Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. But this, this doesn't last forever. And then it will make him angry. Because no matter what you do, I mean, these are all the kinds of drugs that would get you fired up and focused, will also make you depressed and creepy.
  • 18:41
    Adam: Alright, let's just there's a couple of things we need to that we really need to talk about. And that's what's going on you already use the word booster. I'm starting to see started to see a real power of a real pattern here with the with the booster shots in and what we're seeing is that the advisory panels here also in the United Kingdom, are saying, you know, we really should go easy on the booster shots. Let's, let's, let's take it easy. And the government's are overriding those advisory boards. And that's why you know, people at the FDA Are you know, they're they're resigning from these boards, but also the same and what do they call it in the UK jcvi. That's there, and that's for immunization for 12 to 15 year old kids so that they're really pushing that but the booster. We have a problem in the United States which is is really interesting. And it's a rivalry between moderna and Pfizer. This is just a short CBS report President
  • 19:49
    Unknown: Biden's plan to start delivering COVID booster shots later this month may have to be scaled back. CBS News has learned that top health officials have told the administration that regulators need more data on Madonna's booster before signing off on it. booster shots may be limited initially to those who've received a Pfizer vaccine. A key FDA panel meets in two weeks to review, Pfizer's booster.
  • 20:12
    Adam: So what's going on behind the scenes and I think they got a lot of this from axios who would probably know because now they report democrat more than anything is that Madonna also wants the approval for this. It shouldn't be the same thing as far as I know, but okay, it's for some reason it's not. And they want to do a 50 microgram dose, which is half the 100 micrograms of there first of the first two moderna doses. And the problem is if if the FDA gives booster approval to Pfizer and Madonna at the same time, Madonna would be able to sell twice as many shots because they still have the supply so there they want to cut their supply in half give everybody 50 micrograms
  • 21:06
    John: their stuff by the way, we should note I've never remind everyone the prices of these shots. Johnson and Johnson then this is the the government pays this. Johnson Johnson shot one shot one one shot is 10 bucks. And Pfizer shots are $19 in something each. And Madonna is 30 bucks each.
  • 21:25
    Unknown: Yeah
  • 21:27
    Adam: Yeah, yeah. So this is really this is about money. And when you look at what the data and everything coming out of Israel in particular this Israel is fantastic. Yeah, the the Israeli health minister said well get used to it four shots are coming and the Israeli you know, the green passports now they've been reissued people know they have the extra slots, not just an extra slot. six, eight expires every six months.
  • 21:57
    John: Yes, better. Yes. This this is this is this is really put up with this. They really push they get pushed somebody about to get pushed around. I don't know how the hell they do it. Okay, so
  • 22:07
    Adam: So what we see here is the pharmaceutical, okay, I'm going to give it a name immunity as a service. That's what we have here. immunity as sir Big Pharma wants to fly down. That's a good one. Big Pharma wants to bypass your doctor and give you stuff. You're not sick of the United States. You don't need anything. They'll keep giving you vaccines and boosters. And I have a feeling john to up to four now in Israel, where they where they really have all of the data. So
  • 22:42
    John: bad. So I should mention that Fauci was on the face the nation nation this morning, I didn't clip it, but I watched it. And it was a very scripted thing with some, I don't know, Asian woman that was the host for some reason. And she was just reading from a script and it was just, it was bad with a bad script. Yeah. And she the question that was asked was, is it okay, I had just she says as if I had the maternal shot. Is it okay if I have my booster be the Pfizer shot? And you're right breeding it? And then Fauci says, Well, well, you know, he goes, he says, we're studying it, they wouldn't come out and say it, but you can see that they'd like to pull that stunt baiser would and Fauci is all in on it, but no, they do right now. No, just wait to eat. All right.
  • 23:35
    Adam: So we had so we have a very big problem in Big Pharma and one is we're having trouble getting these advise these damn advisory boards filled with doctors and shit with morals stupid, okay? They don't like this idea. They see what's coming. I truly believe these these advisory boards see something nasty, and immunity as a service, the new business model on the scene, this is your build back better business model. And they want no part of it. The mainstream media is completely on board, of course, and they've been giving the marching orders. And I truly attribute this to Joe Rogan. That we need to step it up on discrediting ivermectin, Joe and I were exchanging memes of him for the past couple of days of how the mainstream portrays him as the guy who ate the horse paste. I mean, it's crazy. He can't he's like I'm the poster child for this. Then here's a syndicated piece that is sent around to stations will probably have one of those, you know, 18,000 boxes where everyone's saying, repeating the same script, because this came from K h, o, u and Houston. Now this is a little segment called the y and the Why is why ivermectin is not the way to go take
  • 24:52
    Unknown: it away. Let is as the Delta variant spreads. Why are some patients turning to unproven treatments like hydroxychloroquine ivermectin researchers can tell you a lot of drugs show promise in a petri dish or lab animals than failed to work in human. Think of all the times we hear about possible cures for cancers that worked on lab rats, but don't show the same promise for people without reality of medical researchers that 31% of drugs fail in phase two clinical trials and more than 50% fail in phase three. Both hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin showed some promise in the petri dish. ivermectin, which is an anti parasitic drug and hydrochloric when and anti malaria and autoimmune disease drug appeared to prevent COVID-19 from replicating in cell cultures. But when it came to clinical trials, the results weren't as good. hydroxychloroquine showed no benefit in large trials. While ivermectin trials have been so problematic, it's hard to figure out whether it works or not. Meanwhile, there is a treatment for COVID-19 that is performed well in clinical trials, monoclonal antibodies, in tests, antibody is reduced hospitalization by 70%, in high risk patients, and when someone was exposed, the treatment reduced risk of infection by 80%. The key is to get medical advice from a trusted professional, not social media. With why I'm brandy Smith.
  • 26:15
    Adam: So this is so first of all, you heard them say they didn't discredit the many surveys that say ivermectin is very effective, or with moderate confidence. No, they said, Oh, it was so messed up. We couldn't. Who knows how to figure it out. There was too much it was too crazy. We couldn't do this.
  • 26:35
    John: It's so confusing.
  • 26:36
    Adam: We couldn't do it for this apart. I'm sorry. It just didn't work out that way. Now, they are pushing the monoclonal antibodies, which leads me to believe that's on deck for some big pharma
  • 26:48
    John: push. Well, I mean, that's been on that's been going on for a while. It's been the government branded doses. It's expensive. Yes, it's expensive about price. Thank
  • 26:59
    Adam: you. It's about price. Well, but we still need to tell the stupid slaves that they're stupid Dr. Jason
  • 27:05
    Unknown: magalia, saying patients are packing southeastern Oklahoma emergency rooms, taking ivermectin doses mid for a full sized horse to leaving false claims it could fight COVID-19
  • 27:17
    are so backed up that gunshot victims were having hard times getting to facilities where they could get definitive care retreated. Something Miguel yay says is now backing up small town ambulance systems to
  • 27:30
    all of their ambulances are stuck at the hospital, waiting for a bed to open so that they can take the patient in and they don't have any other lines. But if there's no ambulance to come to the call,
  • 27:42
    Adam: there's no ambulance to come with a call.
  • 27:44
    Unknown: Miguel yay says many of his patients aren't even afraid of ivermectin using it on their livestock. Now they're going to their local ag stores, ignoring the warning signs and figuring out a dosage themselves.
  • 27:56
    So some people taking inappropriate doses just have actually put themselves in worse conditions than if they've caught COVID
  • 28:04
    suffering, nausea, vomiting, muscle aches, cramping, and that's only in minor cases. The scariest one that I've heard and seen is people coming in with vision loss, even the manufacturer saying there's no scientific or meaningful evidence that ivermectin is effective against the virus, but many store shelves still empty,
  • 28:23
    you have to ask yourself, if I take this medicine, what am I going to do if something bad happens? What's your next step? What's your backup plan?
  • 28:31
    Adam: So there's a number of studies that come from the National Institutes of Health.
  • 28:37
    John: Well, before you go on to that, this guy, and this is Bill that he cited it on no agenda social, one of our people posted the press release that the hospital had to release saying this is bold. Dr. hasn't been there for a month, two months, no one was turned away.
  • 28:57
    Adam: We have perfect capacity. Now it's a lie. It is a complete and utter
  • 29:02
    John: lie. And it's been such an extent that the hospital had to send out a press release, saying no. And this is the case with all this stuff. And we'll go right back to I'm sorry to interrupt her to go ahead. Go ahead. But we have to go right back to January, February, March of 2020. When that news report showed up the hot dog all the ambulances lined up in front of all those New York hospitals. And the next the very next day a bunch of YouTube vlogs vloggers went to those same hospitals and filmed them showing there was nobody there. Those videos were all taken down. They even interviewed the hot dog vendor guy in front of the hospital who said Nah, Nah, man. Exactly that right. They went to
  • 29:47
    Adam: be fair, he he also brought out Illuminati and lizard people. So yeah, it was it wasn't well rounded down a
  • 29:53
    John: little bit. But besides that.
  • 29:57
    Adam: So here's just here's a couple of reports. They're all in the show notes. This is July June 21 2021. It's right there on the National Institutes of health.gov. website. ivermectin for prevention and treatment of covid 19 infection systematic review meta analysis trial sequential analysis to inform clinical guidelines. I'll skip to the good stuff conclusions. Moderate certainty evidence finds at large, large reductions in COVID-19 deaths are possible using ivermectin using ivermectin early in the clinical course may reduce numbers progressing to severe disease. The apparent safety and low cost suggested ivermectin is likely to have a significant impact on the SARS cov. Two pandemic globally. That's just one. The one that I found rather interesting goes back to 2005. Again, from this is from the British metal BMC. What is that? I can't remember what this is now. Well, here's the study. And this was from 2005 clora. Quinn as a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus, infection and spread conclusion. chloroquine, which is a big brother of hydroxychloroquine is effective in preventing the spread of SARS cov. To win cell culture favorable inhibition of virus spread was observed when the cells were either treated with chloroquine prior to or after SARS cov to infection. In addition, the indirect immunofluorescence assay described herein represents a simple and rapid method for screening SARS cuff to antiviral compounds. So there's a lot of information that was out there. And here's the kicker, because the FDA and the CDC, of course, don't communicate, but right here on cdc.gov, presumptive treatment and screening for newly arrived refugees. And what do they suggest in their very own documentation? They suggest taking ivermectin
  • 32:00
    John: Yeah, this is the bro This is scandalous. It's truly scandalous. I know they do that end, and I will mention that again. I would recommend people going to iv MMET a.com. There's 66 studies 44. Peer Reviewed of ivermectin but then again, you go back to the CDC site where they which has been cited where after the CDC put a link to it when they did a tweet saying don't take horse medicine. And on the CDC site, they have the horse guy, you know somebody with a horse and then some patient and so it's the same thing very, very offensive. But on that page, if you go to it, there's a link to 75 more studies about ivermectin and on that page, if you read it carefully. They never say that it's no good No,
  • 32:49
    Adam: no, of course not. They just know it's cheap and they don't want to promote it. The Indian Bar Association is suing the World Health Organization chief scientist Dr. Soumya Swaminathan 71 point brief accusation causing the deaths of Indian citizens by misleading them about ivermectin. They say because they misled over ivermectin that some of the core regions of India withdrew the free handouts of ivermectin and people died. Of course they did.
  • 33:22
    John: So at least this was scandalous to this the they have in fact, Katherine Sutton in Bangkok sent me a really clear picture of the of the blister pack.
  • 33:34
    Adam: Yeah. Oh, the like the 50 cent pack that has everything in it. Yeah. Which could save lives right now. In case you were you you're questioning what the nutjobs are doing with their horse paste. And are they really dying? And what are they doing? Let's go to the numero uno had not head not nut job. Who lives in Austin, Texas, just 80 miles down the road. My friend in yours friend of the show, Alex Jones. As he opens up a bag of prescription. ivermectin Live on the Air and eats the ivermectin like a good horse should Oh, what's what's all this going on here?
  • 34:18
    Unknown: Here. Let's just open it up for you didn't get tested a Tractor Supply since I've been like Santa Claus taking care of her body.
  • 34:27
    hours a day for months. Take care of people. overhead shot please. You know what this is? This is ivermectin for humans who won a Nobel Prize is an antiviral,
  • 34:39
    Adam: and this is inhalable,
  • 34:41
    Unknown: or these are the tablets steroids. So let me show you. I was gonna do this anyways, earlier.
  • 34:46
    She this she this Fauci. You see this bill gates, I'm gonna kill those prions You bastard murderers and hidden with a bio weapon you monster. You want to suppress me you want to kill me You son of a bitch.
  • 34:57
    You got them demon. You think me Easy to kill think I'm gonna roll over to your crap
  • 35:03
    Adam: no just to be clear he's he's showing prescription ivermectin in tablets okay and he's eating them and Joe Rogan kicks your murder and as to you'd love to bury him to you little monster magnet.
  • 35:13
    John: He's in this National Geographic piece about oh, I don't usually deal with my enemies right away I get them later. Yeah you creep up on with a poison injection dressed up in a lab coat little Joseph Mengele Nuremberg Code violating monster yet damn monster see animal cancer proteins like that
  • 35:32
    Unknown: Nobel Prize winning for humans Nobel Prize winning for humans Nobel Prize winning for humans Nobel Prize winning for humans Nobel Prize winning for humans what 2005 Nobel Prize winning for humans. Oh Joe Rogan, Joe Rogan.
  • 35:49
    Adam: The great the horse pay his stupid from Alex Jones. They're both so dumb turbos can be Jad.
  • 35:59
    John: Yes,
  • 36:00
    Adam: very funny. Very good. Alex, that was a good one. Yeah. Yeah. And he does make the point that ivermectin receives a Nobel Peace Prize in Medicine.
  • 36:10
    John: No, it was. It was a Nobel Prize for medicine. There's no such thing as a Nobel Peace Prize for a
  • 36:14
    Adam: Nobel Prize for medicine. I'm sorry. Yeah. Nobel medicine prize. Yeah. For humans. So you know, there's there's some truth Faria. But in the meantime, I guess we might as well just roll down all the all the mandates everything that's that's being implemented, where the United States is pretty bad second only to Australia. Just a quick little thing here from Gottlieb, the FDA, former FDA Commissioner, Dr. Scott Gottlieb, who is representing Pfizer everywhere on television, particularly CNBC,
  • 36:50
    Unknown: as a board member. Now in terms of that September deadline to reporting today, it's unclear really, to me what that reporting saying whether or not this is going to be a delay in terms of the authorization of some of the boosters, some of the company's products or all of the boosters, the way I interpreted some of the reporting is that some of the manufacturers materna, in particular, could be delayed because the FDA may ask for more information. That's how I read the New York Times report.
  • 37:15
    Adam: And the New York Times is actually they pretty much went into this materna thing, not quite the way axio state but it's out there that this is more possibly more about the company's health and their stock price, etc. than the actual medical benefit of it. But that hasn't gotten through to your neck of the woods. JOHN Berkeley is on watch. I don't know. Have you gotten the notices yet about Berkeley? No, whoa, man. Oh, let me bring you up to speed. Starting today. Most indoor businesses
  • 37:46
    Unknown: in the city of Berkeley are required to ask for proof of full vaccination against COVID. But as Kron four is believed to call reports the city is allowing a grace period before enforcement in order to allow businesses to prepare.
  • 37:59
    The Berkeley health department is giving businesses a one week grace period before enforcing its new health order, requiring most indoor businesses to have customers provide proof of flu vaccination against COVID-19. Hopefully we'll be able to start before the deadline on the 10th ameesha. Madison is general manager of ziet on fourth and says he is using this time to prepare staff for what's to come. Madison says the restaurant will not turn on vaccinated people away or vaccinated patrons that are unable to provide proof we have our parklet and our patio space 100% available to the unvaccinated
  • 38:36
    until October 15 is to collect the vaccination status of all employees in Burj Khalifa from
  • 38:44
    Adam: there you go
  • 38:46
    John: by this has been going on in San Francisco and it's a little more strict there. The This is these businesses have enough trouble staying alive, let alone having this restriction put on No, I totally understand that. But they may be forced to to enforce. Yeah, no doubt about that. Well, I Canada's on the way. I mean, I've got a couple of Canada. I want you to play this clip here. This is a Canadian TV to figure out the non sequitur in this COVID Canada clip. It's been a vaccination summer for most Canadians. But as the pace has slowed down, the Delta variant has kept COVID-19 raging on and in some regions, it's hit hospitals hard. You're in a province like Alberta and Saskatchewan we don't have ICU capacity. You know, if you get
  • 39:32
    Unknown: into a severe car accident or something like that, that literally means that you might not get the critical care support you need in order to in order to have your life safe. So that is the kind of desperation we're at. Wow.
  • 39:45
    Adam: That went from something to something else pretty quick.
  • 39:50
    John: where COVID is a disaster and if you get into a car wreck, you're not going to find an ICU because we haven't got ICU.
  • 39:57
    Adam: Yeah because of the cold. Got to do with anything. It's more of the horse paced eating people are filling up ICU beds which of course is complete Porsche shit course paced course crap. Let's go to West Virginia. The governor there I'm sorry,
  • 40:17
    John: I'm sorry I'm dead get this is gonna be the whole show I'm gonna be interrupting I boot the horse I gotta bring in horse pace for a second because Mimi uses it
  • 40:25
    Adam: for for her own consumption
  • 40:29
    John: on rosacea is a very well known and it's in voices in the documentation. That stuff the goo that you buy the ointment is called ivermectin ointment and it's it's no horse paces that murmur for the horses is oral. It's not some of the wipe on a horse. What do you do? How do you does that worm a horse? But root ivermectin ointment is the number one cure for rosacea in women and men. Wow. And she's been using it for 10 years. She used to have the horrible rosacea she was taking drugs for it and then cropped up women it happens to women just out of the blue and cropped up the drugs kinda helped a little bit but then she found out through the underground about this ivermectin as a as a as a as a saw that you were just rub it on your face before you go to bed. cleared it right out.
  • 41:26
    Adam: I bet. Also, we I think that the mainstream media has an extra step they could go, in my humble opinion if they really want to go over the top. Because, you know, ivermectin pace is a pace for a reason. I mean, you don't just feed it to the horse. Don't you put it up the horses but
  • 41:46
    John: I don't know what you do with the horse paste? Well, I
  • 41:48
    Adam: think we should tell people that they should put ivermectin up there. But instead of eating. That's the new, no agenda way
  • 41:57
    John: to start working on a Rogen meme here.
  • 42:01
    Adam: Here's the governor of West Virginia. He's gonna lay some facts on you people. And we'll give you a few stats now about this guy's got some important information. This guy can't
  • 42:13
    John: talk. Talk at all. I'm telling
  • 42:15
    Adam: you Motown has an interview going on in West Virginia. But
  • 42:20
    Unknown: West Virginia is seeing a 26% increase in positive cases of people that are fully vaccinated over the last eight weeks.
  • 42:29
    Adam: Wait, was that a gaffe? Was that a gaffe? read that one more time.
  • 42:33
    Unknown: West Virginia is seeing a 26% increase in positive cases, in people that are fully vaccinated
  • 42:45
    and a 21% increase in breakthrough cases requiring hospitalization for people that are fully vaccinated. We have also seen a 25% increase in deaths of people that are fully vaccinated over the last eight weeks.
  • 43:05
    That's not a 25% increase of of the total numbers or whatever it is a 25% increase of deaths of people that are fully vaccinated over the last eight weeks. Oh,
  • 43:22
    Adam: we got to get rid of that guy. Work. Well,
  • 43:25
    John: we got a buddy go talk to that guy.
  • 43:27
    Adam: Right after they talked to the to the Patriots coach.
  • 43:32
    Unknown: And just a quick follow up. Did cams vaccination status have anything to do with him being
  • 43:38
    John: released? No. No. I mean, you guys keep talking about that. And, you know, I
  • 43:45
    Unknown: would just point out that I don't know what the number is. I mean, you guys can look it up. You have the access to a lot of information, but the number of players and coaches and staff members that have
  • 43:58
    you know, been infected by COVID in this training camp who have been vaccinated is a pretty high number. So I wouldn't lose sight of that. Yeah,
  • 44:12
    John: well, a friend of Jay, my daughter kind of her and her boyfriend a couple of slightly freaky they never come over here because they you know, it's kind of colored cousin.
  • 44:26
    Adam: J because your dad j which we really keep freaks us out, man. We can't we can't be
  • 44:32
    John: around him. So big vaxxers you know, they get backs and she's got COVID
  • 44:40
    Adam: and, and how does she feel about it? It just it was the unvaccinated that gave it to her is that is that how it goes? Because that's what I don't know.
  • 44:47
    John: I can tell that's the teachings now that's the TV Yes, you've probably wringing her hands she's self quarantine his word sick. Oh, he's worried sick these people. It's really bad.
  • 44:59
    Adam: So the hears Here's what you should not do, as this was just a funny story.
  • 45:03
    Unknown: Meanwhile, a new vaccination card fraud scheme has been busted. More than a dozen people are charged with forging vaccine cards. The Manhattan da says the suspects include hospital and nursing home workers and in Hawaii a separate incident. 24 year old Chloe Mrozek busted at the airport where police say she showed a fake vaccine card authorities tipped off by the Misspelling of Madonna on her card. Hashtag Madonna with two A's was later trending on Twitter. And now there's a new variant of the Coronavirus. The World Health Organization is monitoring the mu Varian. more research is needed to determine if it's any more contagious.
  • 45:42
    Adam: Yeah, so that's feel so planted to me that someone had this fake VAT and so they they busted a ring. And so this this vaccine ring of which they have one lady who had a misspelled Madonna vaccination card cards work. I mean what it's Yeah, of course, in some states like Florida, that's not going to happen at
  • 46:04
    John: all Florida as governor, meanwhile, continues to vow to fight school mascot mandates and more in two weeks, the state plans to begin issuing $5,000 fines to schools, businesses that are government entities that require proof of COVID-19 vaccination
  • 46:21
    Adam: to these but in the rest of the world. These mandates are going to be a becoming a real problem. Google mandating contractors belongs to one of our producers long story short, Google YouTube, and contractor Accenture have mandated the backs to work in the office by the seventh for people seeking exemption including myself. They've asked to fill out a leave of absence request with no further explanation describing what that entails. You can only guess they mentioned accommodations for medical and or religious reasons but have not said what that would mean. I'll keep you posted as this continues to unfold have also gotten word that Apple and Facebook in Austin are mandating the Vax as well. Oh, yeah. I think that this is also a very good way for companies who have business has changed, and they may need less employees. I think it's a great way to trim employees without having to pay unemployment tax because you can just say vaccinated or terminated and several of my friends now have termination slash vaccination deadlines looming in October and November. And it's there's no no exceptions. No exemptions. Good way to do it. You're
  • 47:25
    John: right. This is a very because it this is what the new year the new normal is less people work. That's what these stock markets so high because they cut their turns out that a lot of Deadwood in their company, work other people to death, since you bring up the new normal mean,
  • 47:39
    Adam: I have a mini cut reminding us it's never coming back,
  • 47:43
    Unknown: I want to be straight with you. There will be no return to the old normal for the foreseeable future. I repeat, there will be no return to the old normal for the foreseeable future.
  • 47:55
    Adam: So people assume we are just going back to the good old world which we had. And everything will be normal again, in how we are used to normal in the old fashion. This is, let's say fiction. It will not happen. A vaccine on its own will not end the pandemic. Just a reminder, reminder, that's what the the elites are saying.
  • 48:23
    John: And while those are the elites, is this play my COVID in Canada clip which is a rundown I got from the CBC,
  • 48:30
    Unknown: Canadians have long masked up and sacrificed. We've bought time for one of the most successful vaccination rollouts in the world. But still, according to the latest pandemic modeling from the Public Health Agency of Canada, it's not enough. The bottom line is that millions of people across Canada remain unvaccinated. The trends are in the wrong direction, cases going up hospitalizations and so on. We've seen this movie before. Average Daily new cases surging now to about 3500 a day COVID hospitalizations rising to about 1400 overwhelmingly patients who aren't fully vaccinated, the number of Canadians who still don't have that protection, about 12 million, including 4 million children who aren't eligible, they're gonna die. But the modeling isn't about where we are. It's about where we're going. And Vic and opia shows us if health officials are right, it may come down to this either more vaccinations or more restrictions.
  • 49:34
    Adam: is these any country related to the to the to the Royal fan British Crown there? They've gone off the rails. Australia as well. Yeah, Australia. This is the premier of New South Wales
  • 49:50
    Unknown: we have to do things differently. Managing a pandemic, we can't pretend that the rules that exist for our health system are going to be the same. We're in the middle of the worst bit of a major outbreak. In a pandemic, so we just want to make clear what people can and should expect over the next few weeks. So there's no surprises. And also the confidence that if you do the right thing, there's no reason why you'll end up in hospital. I shouldn't say that. Because sometimes obviously, delta delta doesn't provide the symptoms and people don't even know they have the disease until it's until it's the symptoms are made available. But I say this that if you stay home and your chances are you won't need hospitalizations. This is
  • 50:29
    Adam: so reassuring. If you stay at home and you're
  • 50:32
    Unknown: vaccinated, the symptoms are made available, but I say this that if you stay home and you're vaccinated, chances are you won't need hospitalization. So just ask people to consider those thing and to feel confident that the health system is there to take care of you.
  • 50:47
    Adam: I don't even think that's a gap. I think she means exactly that. Because she knows the vaccinated unvaccinated. It's just as contagious for both however, again, and I even push back on one of our producers as it show me the data of severity of sickness, because that's one data point I can't find it keeps getting Well, you may you may get it, you may transmit it. I mean, you may get, you may get a sniffer you won't, it won't be as bad, you won't have to go to the hospital unless you live in West Virginia, you have to go to the hospital. What's wrong with them, you might have died if you're in West Virginia, so it must be something with them in particular. And so now in New South Wales, they've implemented the tracking app, and it's a contact and tracing application. And if you have been pinged in another ping demick down under then you have 15 minutes to take a selfie show where you are your geolocation so your GPS coordinates are sent along with it so that they know that you are following the rules and doing what you should be doing. And you recall one of our producers son's got a he got a the father got a contact alert on the app four days after his son apparently was exposed to something in daycare and but but what the app did is it was sending messages to him with the wrong first name. So he said okay, I'm just going to ignore it. See what happens. Well, we know what happens update. And I have it here. He shows these these messages. This is an NSW health reminder that according to our records, you should be at home and in isolation. You are required to respond by visiting and there's a link to let us know how you are. Thank you. nsw health. So update. The police came around yesterday to check if we were isolating. The cop called me from the car while I was taking a dump. He was not interested in eyeballing me to check I was home he was in uniform, but not in a police car. He was being driven around in Sydney in a Sydney trains vehicle for
  • 52:55
    some reason. The impression I got was he was just ticking the box to say that he checked on me, but he really didn't care. Again, he knew nothing only my phone number and had the incorrect name that they had for my son more theater. So he says as we've discovered, the limit is three texts ignored because he shows the three texts on the screen. Then they come and check it but they don't even come to check. They just give him a call. So again, it's like no consistency. It's bull crap. It's not it's not really theater, it's theater.
  • 53:29
    John: Well you know the thing that if you are mainstream media and editor you wanted to get your reporters to do something interesting. And it all reflects everything we've talked about. Find out why so many doctors and nurses in particular nurses in particular aren't getting the shot we talked about on the show all the time they're walking off the job
  • 53:51
    Adam: yeah. Getting and with with no no unemployment benefits, just no
  • 53:57
    John: benefits, no food safety net nothing and they're not getting the shot. Why? Why so many in health care, these aren't the boneheads that eat you know that ivermectin crackers, these are people that are trained in health care. Why are they not getting this shot specifically? Let's find out let's interview a few. Nope. I love that.
  • 54:19
    Adam: Sweden has banned travelers from Israel.
  • 54:26
    John: Notice this
  • 54:28
    Adam: Yeah, the Israel the most vaccinated country in the world not working on for shots with boosters. No longer welcome in Sweden starting September 6 due to the record breaking rise in COVID-19. case so so. Yeah. There was one other I had here that Oh, yes. So I can't find any real confirmation on this. But you know, the truckies as they call them, and that's what is the truck drivers have have closed off the entrances into new Sydney, certainly but New South Wales in general. All over the roads leads, they just blocked it. That's still going on. From everything I can see on telegram groups. You're not seeing it in the mainstream. And so the reporting I'm getting I'm not sure if it's complete is that New South Wales is considering different vaccination rules for truckers. So they may not have to get vaccinated so they think that they will get the truckies to open up the roads by saying well you guys won't have to be vaccinated you're not in danger you'll be exempt.
  • 55:38
    John: I think they got another truck all day. I
  • 55:40
    Adam: mean, how much damage can you do and I think they got another thing coming if they think that's gonna happen.
  • 55:45
    John: Well, what happened to our truckers, they didn't do anything. They didn't make it happen on the 30 or if they did it was unreported completely and I you I think I would have seen I can see a freeway from here.
  • 55:55
    Adam: What needs to happen is we need to there needs to be more visuals of this happening in Australia. No, but it was online. It needs to be pushed more I think the truck driver The biggest problem with the truck drivers right now in the United States, they are making out like bandits they are making so much money. The ones that are driving Yeah, it's just insane. So they really don't feel like doing that. In France though people are pushing back on the vaccine you know the, the the sanitary passports as they call it, passport sanitaire today tear, and they're just storming into malls without showing faces, they literally are just walking in a huge crowd of people might have been 500 that I saw, maybe a little less. And they just walk in the cops are standing there in front of the shopping mall escalator. And the people just move forward and the cops just back up the escalator. People just move forward numbered, completely out numbered and done. And that's probably where we're gonna have to take it everywhere in order to Well,
  • 57:01
    John: we're dead. We're not France, and it's not going out yet.
  • 57:05
    Adam: But you said to me that the American people when it comes to their their business of America being business, and now they're taking away people's business, by mandating them out of jobs, something's going to have to give this is not happening in every country the way it is in the United States. Now, so no, I
  • 57:26
    John: agree. Some might give it but the thing is that I don't know I have different. I know, I'm not complete.
  • 57:34
    Adam: Okay. I mean, the The only thing we're supposedly good at, is boycotting with our dollars and our feet. And I'm not seeing it. I'm not seeing it, you know, so I look at I won't fly with airlines that are mandating vaccines for their employees. I like, I'm not going to use financial aid. I don't want financial institution anymore, really. But I'm not going to use financial institutions that mandate vaccinations, or the platform people financially. I mean, we have to at a certain point, we got to start doing that, or these they'll just take over our lives. I mean, it's making people go crazy. Listen, this is a Dallas city council meeting where they get three minutes and I have all three minutes you can stop whenever you want. This is someone who called in during they did a guest he could do it in person and also on zoom,
  • 58:26
    Unknown: Fender Stein. My name is Alexander Stein, and I'm calling from Highland Park and the reason I'm here today is we need to take a page Mayor Johnson out of New York's book and we got to mandate vaccines because right now, I am losing housekeepers left and right because listen, every time the service sends a housekeeper to my house, and they test positive for Coronavirus, I can't have them work around my kids. I have two trans kids in my house, both on puberty blockers and you realize they are vulnerable. They're immunocompromised, we need more people vaccinated. I voted for Joe Biden's I'm happy that we're getting more migration to Dallas but until we mandate these vaccines
  • 59:02
    Adam: this guy's so good is the best troll I've ever heard. phony. No, he's the troll. He's trolling.
  • 59:08
    John: Listen to him. He is doing a good job of it gets better to trans.
  • 59:15
    Unknown: To get creative in the New York, they're giving $100 plus a free hamburger here in Dallas. Don't be nervous to get free KFC. We give free tacos in the Latin markets because the Latin markets I'm telling you I've had multiple housekeepers die from the Delta barrier. And that is so hard on my children, deca and Galaxy because what a nine year old when they lose their favorite housekeeper and they lose that pusa recipe when the service since the next worker, that housekeeper doesn't make the same recipe so my kids are going through a just a total turmoils. We have to be creative. We had to go into the gay community like a creative idea. Since you're the first openly gay mayor of Dallas we had to do Mayor Johnson's free Johnson and Johnson days the gay community with Like to double entendre. And then we can also do like a drag queen storytime where we can have, you know, free vaccines, we can have drag queens reading to children. And then we could just have this, you know, open air market of, you know, cleanliness and not a bunch of people with germs. Because what, what's happening now is you have governor Abbott's, who is gonna make it that everybody's gonna get sick and die of delta, and let's get these vaccines and my vaccine will work unless you are vaccinated. So we need to stick needles and arms, we need vaccine mandates, you shouldn't be able to shop you shouldn't be able to work. And you shouldn't be able to go to any of these sports games, especially Texas, high school football, without your vaccination and we need you being a gay icon like yourself in the gay community, we need you married. Because we cannot protect these people without the vaccine. Not enough people are getting it. And now everybody that doesn't have the vaccine is making me sick. I don't deserve to be sick. I follow the rules. I'm doing everything right. And until you make vaccines, now he's
  • 1:00:55
    Adam: just stretching this he can't believe he hasn't been cut off yet. He just goes and I think this we need more of this. Show the mirror
  • 1:01:04
    John: because this is exactly possible that that guy is talented. He's He's not a comic, he might as well be he was a class clown at his office. And he's just snide. He's so prick and something. So the snide son of a bitch love it. But so you can't have more of that. There's just not that many people that are capable of doing what that guy did. Right? Well, I don't think I could handle it.
  • 1:01:31
    Adam: He kept going, man.
  • 1:01:34
    John: He was dressed by people like that mark, you know, our official nogen a joke writer, Marty Higgins can do that.
  • 1:01:42
    Adam: But it doesn't have 45 seconds, just let the guy round out. It's so good,
  • 1:01:46
    Unknown: mandatory. I'm going to keep on losing housekeepers left and right. And I just can't do that. Because that is so hard on my family. It's not fair to my family. So until vaccines are mandated, we're gonna keep on having people get sick, we're gonna keep on having people die. And I'm telling you, I can't I can get it's easier to get my nine and 11 year old on puberty blockers than it is to give them a COVID-19 vaccine. We have to make it okay for five year olds to 12 year olds to get vaccinated. We need more vaccines. Now vaccines are the way out of this. And until you make it so we can't live in this society without a vaccine. You're gonna have all these people with their fake vaccine cards and their anti masters like governor Abbott ruining everything for us. And let me tell you something, I'm not going to stand here and just let everybody live their life. Well, I got my vaccine, and I was sick for two weeks after my vaccine. And I did it because that's for the greater good. And sadly, we have a bunch of people that aren't willing to mandate these vaccines. So we have a bunch of Cheers. So please, Mayor Johnson and Johnson's from Johnson and Johnson in Cedar Springs. Thank you, Karen Hughes. Thank you, Karen heels.
  • 1:02:54
    Adam: Meanwhile, and this last I got I'm sure you have one more to come now.
  • 1:02:59
    John: Let's stop for a second. We got to go back to this guy. What do you do you? Do City Council's meetings are everywhere. And they do this they give you it usually is two minutes. I'm
  • 1:03:09
    Adam: sorry. I'm surprised it was three inches. Well, Dallas is everything's bigger in Texas. Yeah. Yeah,
  • 1:03:14
    John: I guess. So. What do you do to? What do you do? You know, the thing is the problem I think you have I think the liberal mind has this problem. And it's worth discussing. Do you as the guy really just a troll just playing with you? Because it's like, What if he is? What if he does have two trans kids that are on puberty blockers and you kick him off? Isn't that
  • 1:03:40
    Adam: what makes it so good? Isn't that what makes it so good?
  • 1:03:43
    John: Yeah, that you're gonna be between a rock and a hard place. You don't know? Because the guy played his straight? Yeah. I mean, everything he said is true. I got a I got the vaccine shot. I was sick for two weeks. But everyone should you know, and he's just
  • 1:03:57
    Adam: it's really, it's everything that we've heard in this political cycle of COVID. Let's be clear with that is from people, this is the school teacher. This is the school teacher, she could have had a ramp like this. And that's what makes it so genius is you when you put all the things together, you just listen to it like, oh my god. This is This is crazy.
  • 1:04:25
    John: But to how many? And then let's bring up one additional small point, which is how many people do you think listen to that? Seriously.
  • 1:04:34
    Adam: I was looking at what I was looking at the troll room and there were a couple of people who still thought it was serious, like a minute and a half in.
  • 1:04:43
    John: Oh, that poor man who can't keep a housekeeper. They didn't say that.
  • 1:04:48
    Adam: He sounds like he series which is what makes it good. So there are two things to wrap it up for me. The blood donor study Estimates now that so this is let me see who did this make sure. In Journal of American medicine Jama published on Thursday that according to their blood donor estimates, over 80% of American adults now have Coronavirus antibodies. Typically in the medical community of your have lor, we would be celebrating what we call herd immunity. 80% I mean, that's that we are there ever.
  • 1:05:37
    John: I think we I think we've been there for a while.
  • 1:05:39
    Adam: Yeah.
  • 1:05:40
    John: There'll be some more pockets. I think coming up, they're going to stretch this thing, I'm convinced of it. My thinking is they're going to still take it to April of next year. And in but in the meantime, they're going to come up with therapeutics and Pfizer is one of them up, they
  • 1:05:54
    Adam: got the pill, they got the prep pill,
  • 1:05:56
    John: the COVID pill and Merck is going to be the other way because Merck is the guys I think are partly responsible for the development of ivermectin. So they're gonna come up with something which will just be ivermectin and sink.
  • 1:06:08
    Adam: It is. It'll be zinc maxon.
  • 1:06:13
    John: Don't come up with better than this mechanism. But they'll all come out and then the transition will take place and then because of the therapeutics, they'll they'll back off on everything and we'll get back to to to build back better normal, awesome time next year. Thank
  • 1:06:30
    Adam: you. And thank you note, they're popping that early to john, I'm telling you, you are right. They're doing it too early that they are forced to do it because of honey Stan, and it started this I think it was Thursday or Friday. The cryptkeeper herself. Nancy Pelosi was in Austin, Texas. Why was she in Austin, Texas.
  • 1:06:51
    Unknown: Good afternoon, everyone. And thanks so much for joining us here I'm will do pre k x A and in Austin. We're going to go live now to a news conference happening here in the capital city where House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is joining Austin US Congressman Lloyd Doggett to discuss health care legislation related to the build back better act behind more information about those proposals. And just a moment, we'll also come back in a little while with reaction from Republicans. life beyond your freedom back
  • 1:07:23
    Adam: for someone so this is super interesting. The build back better plan, which was being muttered over a year ago, which I think this show identified was one of the first in the world that this was a global meme. And it took quite a while half a year at least for people to kind of catch on that this was not just the USA. But now we find out that the three and a half is the sorts of brand is a branding exercise the three and a half trillion dollar bill, the reconciliation bill which shall not be named of what's really in it, that's now being called the build back better act. And I have three quick clips of the president explaining it, folks, Hurricane it
  • 1:08:10
    Unknown: is another reminder that we need to be prepared for the next hurricane. And super storms are going to come and they're going to come more frequently and more ferociously. I've been working closely with the governor and our colleagues in Congress in both parties on my bill back better plans that will modernize our roads, our bridges, our sewers and drainage systems in power grids and transmission lines to make sure they're more resilient. I walked through the backyards here, so many telephone lines are down so many telephone poles are down. So many of the of the way in which we transmit energy is lost, because all wooden telephone poles, we know for a fact underground are secure, cost more money, we got to not just build back to what it was put the same old poles up. We got to build back better. Back more resiliently and we got to make sure we do the same thing across the board.
  • 1:09:05
    Adam: Now noticed Nancy Pelosi is in Austin talking about the health care aspect of the build back better plant that's their bailout, they are going to bail out these hospital systems which fired everybody in round one because there was nothing to do they furloughed them. And now the hospital systems are collapsing. collapsing onto themselves. with with with the with no people to work and people who don't want to work. Not just people who don't want the who don't want to adhere to mandates. People who are tired of it. They're tired of the whole ends mainly, I would say nurses, the most important factor in in a hospital system is the nurses here full and nmi operation from a nurse how they keep you alive. And one of our producers, and I have two more of those bill back better clips, but it's all about infrastructure. We can laugh about it, but I want To play this, do you remember the HR lady we had this was back in June. And she was doing succession succession planning for oil and gas companies. But here's remember, here's the clip. And just think that she may not only be working for oil and gas companies
  • 1:10:22
    Unknown: to this day, I am running a global gas and oil recruitment firm. And the reason that this is important is because of what I am seeing, as an executive in this industry happening right now as a result of the COVID vaccines. And it's something called succession planning. Basically, what it is, is companies need to plan for what's going to happen as their staff move on Rather, they move up the line, they retire. And succession planning is something that I help companies with professionally by offer them recruitment services. So they'll come to me and say, Hey, we're going to need 100 guys to you know, staff, this rig, so on and so forth. And so we'll provide them that service. Well, what's really interesting what's happening right now, and it's actually mortifying, not just interesting. executives are having their HR staff and their managers, superintendents foremen go through and look at the staff that have received the vaccines. And they're planning to have to replace them all within the next three years.
  • 1:11:30
    Adam: Remember now?
  • 1:11:32
    John: No, I don't. Okay.
  • 1:11:34
    Adam: So imagine that's also taking place for hospitals and might have been taking place in June. Now, whether it was they were only looking for people who had the vaccine or not, I don't know that lady could be full of crap. I not I think at the time, I did look her up. And she is she does do what she claims to do. It seems to me like they may be all kinds of work behind the scenes, this, this is your great reset. And it's being done by the it's not just one global command is everyone taking advantage of the situation? These hospital guys, they're ready. They're ready to get bailed out. They want universal health care, except you get it from the private hospital system and the government pays them directly. And that's just to keep you after you've gotten your immunity as a service vaccine, in case it doesn't work. And then all the other stuff, gas and oil. Well, gee, yeah, maybe it's because of the build back better plan, which apparently means we're going to put the entire transmission grid everything in the world underground
  • 1:12:32
    Unknown: past few days of Hurricane Ida. And the wildfires in the West and the unprecedented flash floods in New York and New Jersey, unprecedented other reminder that these extreme storms
  • 1:12:45
    John: never happened, the
  • 1:12:46
    Adam: climate crisis crisis are here. Oh, he had another one of those el problems. He did it again, here comes these extreme storms
  • 1:12:55
    Unknown: in the climate crisis crisis are here. We need to do we must better prepared, we need to act on Congress returns this month. I'm going to press further action on my bill back better plan that's going to make historic investments in electrical infrastructure, modernizing our roads, bridges, our water systems, sewer, and drainage systems, electric grids and transmission lines and make them more resilient to these super storms and wildfires and floods that are going to happen with increasing frequency and ferocity. we're reminded that this isn't about politics. Hurricane, I don't care if you're a Democrat or Republican. These guys
  • 1:13:43
    Adam: have done so poorly on it. The only thing that's happened is we've got New Orleans on the news. And meanwhile, producers who are in Louisiana who have now had no food supplies, no electricity, probably no. potable water for at least four, four days. Now. I think. They say that they're not going to get any kind of service service restored for at least three weeks. Because there's no one working anymore. There's no one who can do anything. They're all sitting at home going Oh, not my problem.
  • 1:14:17
    John: Oh, they supposedly brought in a bunch of people from out of state.
  • 1:14:21
    Adam: Well, I'm getting very distressed emails from producers. And they say we don't know what there's nothing there's no news. No FEMA. No, it's only only New
  • 1:14:33
    John: Orleans. That's what they say. Who else sells generators I mean that seems to be the There's your investment for the future. Build back better put a generator new as you can't trust these people. I want to say a couple of things because it keeps cropping up about this idea of doing under ground everything
  • 1:14:51
    Adam: that one more about that when you're ready.
  • 1:14:53
    John: Play it first. We have
  • 1:14:55
    Unknown: a significant piece of legislation, both infrastructure bill A budget thing a reconciliation, that calls for significant investment, and being able to deal with what is about to come. In other words, for example, when you guys are putting back up those high tension wires again, and that's working, that could put up the same exact system you got is going to have to build a better, and it's resiliency. And so I just want you all focus in on it. And as you take a look, and I'm going to presume to send you copies of this stuff, take a look and see if what we're what we're suggesting makes enough sense to you. Not whether was enough money or not or too much. It doesn't make sense. Does it make sense, for example, coming in seeing all the polls down? Well, you know, I mean, we build back better I mean, you know, we know if it's underground and held cost held a lot more money, but guess what, it save a whole lot more money, oh, long term. Oh, we know that kind of stuff that goes across even he saw the high tension coming down across the Mississippi, like it did once in the Delaware River, which is a hell of a lot wider than the Mississippi River. It's, you know, and so we have to, it seems to me, we can save a whole lot of money, and a whole lot of pain, pain, pain, if we build back, rebuild it back in, in a better way better.
  • 1:16:24
    Adam: I love the part where he wants to put the actual high tension wires. The really big momma's, he wants to put that under the Mississippi River.
  • 1:16:35
    John: But is that 880? What is the voltage on that those things? It's unbelievable this,
  • 1:16:40
    Adam: sir, sir Ben protective of the megawatts who weigh in on that for sure give
  • 1:16:45
    John: us a much information, because you know the thing. But if you put it underground, besides one backhoe, just hitting it, and shorting out,
  • 1:16:56
    Adam: that will light up the backhoe. I'll tell you that melting
  • 1:16:59
    John: the guy boil the river. I mean, it's just stupid. But even the regular stuff that they put in the neighborhoods, which they do in brown, here we have half of the half of our towns in the East Bay are kept telephone poles. And then there's a lot of areas where there's all underground. And the underground ones always have internet issues. Because they put the internet cables under there and they it water seeps in. And it just screws up the internet in areas where they have the underground cables as opposed to the like in front of my house. I've telephone poles, which I don't mind. But Sonic comes in with with the gigabit line and they string it on the on the poles they pay a parity I talked about this, you pay a purple fee, and you hooked a thing on her hangs. And you know you get into maybe a bundle with somebody else's and it's just a I don't know it's easier to easy to repair, just throw them over.
  • 1:18:04
    Unknown: You can't repair something it's underground without digging up the road, which requires control and approval by the government.
  • 1:18:12
    John: Yes, that's true. You don't need
  • 1:18:14
    Unknown: to go to the pole. I
  • 1:18:15
    Adam: still just can't get over the actual high tension wire and I'm I'm hoping I'll get a number. That's got to be gigawatts of energy that's running on that ship or megawatts for sure. He just put that under water that I know of. I mean, I don't know much about it, but it seems like a very inefficient way of working. And that is an Ain't that the truth though. Man. In Amsterdam, you want anything done? You have to wait months for them to be able to get the permission to dig up the road. For anything additional You are so right. new services can't roll out quickly. Unless you know you have to release the fiber and now it's total locking. But it is here where we live. Everything's underground. Go figure. Stupid Hickson Hill Country. Buddha just took she's too stupid. And they want our power.
  • 1:19:10
    John: He can't put dues no Woods they can't make a wooden telephone pole. You can't stick in the ground because all sand in Texas is over.
  • 1:19:20
    Adam: Yeah, that's exactly what it's like out here. I'm glad I'm glad you know what you're talking about. As a just a cursory note we have the the unemployment benefits ending or they ended yesterday I think in the United States which means people will start to have less money at the end of the month where their unemployment they may want to go back to work as we drove back from Austin airport on Friday picking up the keeper sister staying through the weekend. We were hungry so we stopped first we stopped at a dairy queen. This was in Dripping Springs which is outside of Austin. Their ice cream machine was broke. wishes I thought that only happened to McDonald's. Which by the way, have you been following that McDonald's?
  • 1:20:06
    John: I'm gonna actually have something to say about that. Yes, please please I the McDonald's machines are breaking left there supposedly they have
  • 1:20:14
    Adam: been forever for years they've been breaking.
  • 1:20:17
    John: Well have they've really been breaking is the question that came up on of all the shows. I watched a complete episode of gut field. Yeah. Okay. So gut field had cat you know, the county's yellow Kemp's she's very funny. I don't think she cat and a couple of it turns out that almost everybody on that show had worked in the restaurant business or at a McDonald's Yeah, that's your that's Yes. And she points and she's the one who initially pointed out he says you know, when you work at McDonald's, I guess she worked there she says you have to clean do a bunch of cleanup afterwards. And the end these machines are such a pain in the ass to clean that no it's better that you clean in one night and then say Oh, it's broken and never use it for a week if you can so you don't want to clean it anymore really
  • 1:21:05
    Adam: into the whole thing is
  • 1:21:06
    John: an employee's scam
  • 1:21:08
    Adam: well you know that there's a lawsuit now pending and true legal law investigation. The company that makes them apparently they had rigged them so that they would break at regular intervals to keep the maintenance contract going.
  • 1:21:25
    John: Well, it's a double whammy then did can be anyway so that whatever the case
  • 1:21:30
    Adam: is dairy queens cares. Okay, but here's what I did care about. So then we went across the street
  • 1:21:36
    John: to go to water burger, but wastop Dairy Queen, that's all they do. I know that like McDyess
  • 1:21:42
    Adam: no bird now they sell burgers.
  • 1:21:45
    John: They do but it's not a burger place like
  • 1:21:47
    Adam: ice cream. Exactly. Yes. Ice cream. So
  • 1:21:49
    John: Dairy Queen,
  • 1:21:50
    Adam: so that was broken. And then we go across the street to water burger. And, and the lady said, well, and your there was a huge line at the drive thru. Like, you know, around around the building. And as long as we go into the dining room, and I say that burger, it'll be 45 minutes. We don't have enough people.
  • 1:22:12
    John: Oh, okay.
  • 1:22:14
    Adam: Water burger doesn't have enough people. That painting. Now it's, you know that out here? They're paying $22 an hour for waiting for waiting on tables plus tips.
  • 1:22:25
    John: Not at water burger.
  • 1:22:28
    Adam: I'm not sure. But they've all had to up their game. So, anyway, what were we talking about? That's, I guess there's we had ice cream machine. You
  • 1:22:37
    John: were pitching and moaning about your drive back. That's right. That's
  • 1:22:41
    Adam: all I was doing. Who cares? Here's my plan. And it's time to call on the dude's name Ben and Bernadette. Because you know, the dudes and dudettes we need to and I'm not advocating for anything. I'm just saying if I in a perfect world, I could envision making sure that I'm not instigating anything. I could envision people taking over hospital management. Just going in and saying sorry, we're taking over your hospital. I can see this happening with school boards there already is. I can also see the dude's name Ben and dudettes named Bernadette disrupting transmissions of mainstream media. I've said this is a tried a little bit with the with the ransomware. You know, we've got to stop this. That it's the messaging it has to stop. We need to take down satellites websites, we need to take roll rooms. It's not a lot of work. We're able to take everyone runs on Microsoft. Come on.
  • 1:23:40
    John: Well, that's that's an unfortunate fact. Well,
  • 1:23:43
    Adam: there's a lot of issues with Microsoft that can be Anyway, I've always said it's the dude's name Ben who's gonna save us and we'll see if they do because we're gonna need some help pretty soon you don't know what do you know that this is this is going off a cliff here Brock
  • 1:24:05
    John: debt teachers in fact, yes.
  • 1:24:08
    Adam: Except I'm infected in the opposite direction. Like we will have no one left to do anything normal. Yeah. Before we take a break. I want to read a note from our one of our homeless producers. This is from Saturn lizards. Remember Saturn lizards who did the crazy as video?
  • 1:24:24
    John: Yeah, vaguely.
  • 1:24:25
    Adam: Yeah. Here's a note. It's it's local. That's why I needed wishes me happy birthday. He said I was in Austin for you for a few weeks. I flew back to Jersey to spend time with my daughter. Then I'm going to Colorado to camp and get high Rocky Mountain High. That's what you do when you're homeless you say and possibly crash my airplane into the ocean. He's doing a job done vent dungeon, a john Denver joke. I'm meeting up with a friend I made in Austin. He's going to travel through Colorado with me. This dude looks like Tommy Chong, but with a lazy eye even sounds like him. People were even calling us Cheech and Chong. I didn't like Austin. I slept in the streets. That's no big deal because I'm used to it but it didn't feel safe. I was hanging out with this other dude named easy. He told me he kept getting mugged and jumped when he first got there. It seems the homeless don't mess around with the tech fake liberals with money, but they have no problem messing up the new homeless people or robbing them. I saw no interaction between the two. It's two separate worlds. You talk about the tech people. I noticed those phony liberals walk right past you and make comments, but they won't look at look at you when they do it. These two guys walked past me and one of them said everyone's pissed that they're turning that hotel into a place for the homeless. He look pissed off about it himself. Austin has the worst. Listen carefully. Austin has the worst homeless situation I've seen in all of my travels. And he's been East Coast West Coast the South everywhere. I'm sure you know I noticed a lot of them were high and psychotic by only see for that from time to time and other places. They want you to see what you got good weed in Austin though, bought some from the brothers off Sixth Street because they had the good shit. So can you believe that all of this virtue signaling and they still can't take care of their homeless in a proper way? The homeless are eating each other.
  • 1:26:12
    So yeah, I see problems. And I really do.
  • 1:26:17
    John: Yeah, and the word Yeah. And that guy himself said Austin's the worst case scenario and that's what's affecting your brain. Go No, it's not pooping in the streets in San Francisco and I'm not as down on it as you are
  • 1:26:28
    Adam: you don't get out of the house you're not allowed anywhere anymore. You got you got no card. Don't go pretend like you're going anywhere divorce. Don't give me that way. You're staying at home staying fit with no ham radio renewed license. And with that, I'd like to thank you for your courage to say in the morning to the man who put the sea in the climate license. Ladies and gentlemen john C.
  • 1:26:52
    John: Bell in the morning to you Mr. Adam Curry also in the morning to all ships at sea boots on the ground subsidy air and or subsidy water and dame's in the air on the seat there. And now the dames and knights out there
  • 1:27:07
    Adam: in the morning to all of the trolls in the troll room. Hello, trolls. How you doing that? We've talked about the trolls all morning. Let's see if there's enough of them to count on. All right, hands up trolls but scary. They're so hard to count. We let them scurry. Very difficult. We have 23 oh wait today, john. Yeah, good number. That may be close to the record.
  • 1:27:30
    John: Hold on.
  • 1:27:31
    Adam: Are you looking at the record?
  • 1:27:33
    John: Yeah. 2368 123 68
  • 1:27:36
    Adam: that's the troll room you can find it a troll room.io and that's where you can troll it's a chat room. Very basic. You can even use your own IRC client if you know what that is to connect to it. And there's always people in there well, they're not really people they're trolls and you can chat with them hang out troll and there's also a live stream which is courtesy of no agenda stream COMM And you can listen to the show live we re record it live straight to tape, no mess we do it live and you can do that for many other shows Dan O'Neill before it's the rock'n'roll pre stream that Nick the ride on Wednesday nights even Saturday night. Just go into the troll room got out you'll see it's great. If not well, you can always do is follow us on no agenda social calm if you just like a more social, social media type network experience only ours is special. Because we use the Federated network with mastodon servers, then anyone can connect to it and there's no algorithm and you can give complete control over your own experience. And you can follow me at Adam and nogen to social calm john C. Dvorak at no agenda, social calm, and you can sign up and follow us from pretty much any mastodon account anywhere in the world. It's a great system. It's what Twitter should have done years ago. And let us thank networks for the album art for Episode 1378. One of my favorite titles, your boy, Amy, is what we titled it if just, it just made me laugh, even seeing it now. And to have the network's Vax match, which was also a possible title candidate, as the art just kind of brought it all together.
  • 1:29:16
    John: Yes, we had some discussion about the art. I always do a call out for a Darren O'Neal's Happy 57. It was a good piece that I almost use in the newsletter too. But then again, I couldn't pass up. capitalist agendas girl writing a microphone
  • 1:29:35
    Adam: newsletter. Well, it's the newsletter. It's a little different than the album art.
  • 1:29:41
    John: And
  • 1:29:42
    Adam: there are a couple things that you like,
  • 1:29:45
    John: you didn't like this piece initially, because you thought it was too narrow because it was mocking a magazine or actually mocking a phone with the swiping back and forth. And you thought it didn't take up the page correctly.
  • 1:30:00
    Adam: Didn't really portray the phone right? But the idea maybe Yeah,
  • 1:30:04
    John: there was a I didn't have any argument but but the art was so good and that small touches like the black eye.
  • 1:30:11
    Adam: That was good. That was
  • 1:30:13
    John: the that was it. What is it called Vax I call
  • 1:30:16
    Adam: we're calling it backside backs
  • 1:30:18
    John: I and then it was other stuff.
  • 1:30:20
    Adam: Well I liked him I personally liked the black balls from corrector record I thought that was Yeah, but
  • 1:30:24
    John: that wasn't gonna fly under any circumstances. And
  • 1:30:30
    Adam: what else was there?
  • 1:30:33
    John: There was something you really liked that I didn't
  • 1:30:36
    Adam: well the highest, the highest 57 we talked about just as an option curry birthdays and special occasions we usually use that we didn't so it's okay. Extremely vaccinated kiss ma that who did that one that was tante Neel was okay. There was something I thought there was something else that we looked at. I see on page two here. Was there anything
  • 1:31:00
    John: on page two I just looked there was something I
  • 1:31:02
    Adam: thought that was well we thought the Joe Rogan experience was cute but only for us because we're not going to do that anymore as you know as you know with the horse
  • 1:31:11
    John: when it is our show not to Yeah, Joe Rogan too.
  • 1:31:14
    Adam: Yeah, I think that was there was a lot of art and just the this was the one it
  • 1:31:19
    John: was it was I wouldn't say it was all mediocre but it didn't have like normally we get to one of these is like oh there's four good pieces here we can choose from. It wasn't there wasn't four good pieces to choose from. I just I liked the girl on the microphone. I like it was from capitalist agenda and I like NES works piece. Ben networks one because it was more thematic. The cap the girl on the microphone is just pure cheesecake. It
  • 1:31:47
    Adam: wasn't was was good cheese cake though.
  • 1:31:52
    John: Yeah, he's very well done when it you know. Good I was I didn't think 50 times 57 was going to cut it because it just wasn't as I would my cow is it wasn't as pure are as the girl with the black guy.
  • 1:32:09
    Adam: Well, we are very pleased with the outcome. It's it works. Again, I got a lot of people saying Best Art ever. It happens all the time networks. Congratulations. Thank you so much for the artwork for Episode 1378. If you would like to see all of that you can go to nogen art generator, calm, you can contribute anyone can be an artist on the show, you got just as much chance. You'd be amazed how many first timers come in with something just boom, it's so good. It's keeping them going. That's really hard. That's what I think.
  • 1:32:36
    John: Even NES works in the heart is very hard to do guys won't be around in two months.
  • 1:32:42
    Adam: And that's just from Delta. And that's just from the Delta variant, let alone the artwork. If you're using a podcasting 2.0 app, which is saving and extending podcasting from the evil throes of big tech like they tried to do it but it's not they can't really pull it off by stealing it. Thanks the decentralized nature. Another one I think is in the App Store. And that is cast ematic and that is for iOS only for you. For you toy phone people. And I heard someone say that I thought was kind of cute. Cast ematic now also has streaming value for value and chapters and many other features. And it's in the App Store. A lot of people are always hesitant about stuff that's in them test flight but this is actually in their made it we congratulate them. Check out more apps at new podcast apps.com. Meantime, let's go to the one of the T's of our time, talent treasure where we thank our producers who are completely and solely responsible for producing every single episode of the podcast. We're going to thank some of our Executive Associate execs off the bat. And why don't I start with a saqa 666666 from Joseph highster. And Joseph says Joseph writes, while listening live on September 2, my dangerously delightful wife Emily made a donation of $333.33 in my name, she's the only person I've ever been able to successfully hit in the mouth and for that reason alone, why I married her. Just kidding. He says Emily is the amazing Mother of our two beautiful human resources Jacob and Jacqueline shackling. The nogen has been the grounding to an out of control electrified world we all live in now your show coupled with the no agenda network has provided us valuable resources of counter argument as well as mental health. We live within the blast radius of Washington DC. I'd like that as a term. I live within the blast radius of Austin. And we are inundated with fear politics since education and critical thinking are a scarce commodity. The deconstruction you provide
  • 1:34:49
    in the community you've built our breath of fresh air we cannot thank you enough. I've been meaning to donate for over 10 years finding finding every excuse to do Your sex
  • 1:35:00
    John: is the best you could do.
  • 1:35:03
    Adam: Then just not committing. After driving down the road and hearing my two year old mumbling Adam Curry jauncey door rack I realized what a douchebag I really am. Luckily, Emily helped push me over the edge. Please accept this donation of 666 66 if you could spare us a penny, we'd like to ascend to knighthood under the name of Sir Emile Joseph. I got the penny. Emile Joseph, please de-douche us Oh, wow, lots of stuff you didn't hear today. You've been de deuced sprinkle little karma. And if I may ask please play the long forgotten Oh bought dinner Gilligan's Island song. I've only ever heard it once on the show and never heard it again. And I am sad to report that I looked for this I remember the song kind of I was unable to find it. I don't know who did it. It's I think it sounds like I really don't know who did it. And I feel bad about it because holy crap was not a good one. boost it back down and into the two who bought I do have this one though. It's another installment of with the best I can do sorry. You've got karma. Maybe phone boy can find
  • 1:36:24
    John: it for me. Dinner with the Oh bots.
  • 1:36:27
    Adam: Yeah, it was the Gilligan's Island It was a I think was in the show. I can't I can't find it. I can't find it. Anything under dinner under Ireland under Gilligan under Oh bots.
  • 1:36:39
    John: Yeah. Next on that list is anonymous. 570 93 no jingles? No karma. That's the way we like it. Happy birthday, Adam. May this year of having a living under the firmament be the best one yet.
  • 1:36:54
    Adam: Thank you very much
  • 1:36:55
    John: to the firmament for Roman first.
  • 1:36:56
    Adam: Absolutely. We have. Once again proof the firmament exists. I'll get to it in second half.
  • 1:37:02
    John: I'll do another shorty. Sure. Kevin of the burning River. $570 and it's good. A Happy birthday, Adam. Thank you for your courage. No note no requests. I love that. All right, Harris. I'm sorry,
  • 1:37:19
    Adam: Sarah hammer. hamro
  • 1:37:22
    John: another short one. That you can read the long way. Thanks. 397 62. She's in Seattle. It MTU john and Adam just donations to acknowledge networks September 7 birthday network's September 7 birthday. Please credit him with the donations to switch your route.
  • 1:37:40
    Adam: Hold on a second. That's works okay. This works let's please credit
  • 1:37:46
    John: him with a donation got Happy Birthday nails, or nails, nails, nails, nails, nails. Not sure if his talent quote unquote, she has de-douche him so de-douche is him so? Oh, I'm sorry. Okay, let me read this correctly, because it's kind of awkward. Not sure if his talent de-douche is him. So please, manually de-douche him. You've been d deuced. Love from your biggest fans. Didi sh Yeah, I guess sub sex that sub segment of the show going very nice.
  • 1:38:26
    Adam: Very nice. William Ackerman. checks in with 333 69. Yeah, I'm a listener and a douche since early 2020s. So please, deep douche me. d deuced. My shop is called paradox and we sell glass CBD kratom and vape supplies at our three locations in the Greater Portland area. We do not follow fewer Browns illegal mandates. And we welcome naked nostrils in our shops. Oh, and individuals living outdoors are exempt anyway, so just identify as such. That's a good that's a good loophole.
  • 1:39:06
    John: And by the way, just just make make this up put this on the show because we don't talk about it enough. Mimi's always complaining
  • 1:39:16
    Adam: where's the dead homeless people?
  • 1:39:18
    John: Well, a where's the dead homeless people and B Why aren't they requiring the homeless people to get vaccinated? They're out and about.
  • 1:39:27
    Adam: It's because they don't want to lose them.
  • 1:39:30
    John: Where's the outreach?
  • 1:39:32
    Adam: Don't you guess the
  • 1:39:33
    John: outreach to the dead who mentioned the homeless?
  • 1:39:37
    Adam: Where's the outreach to the dead? Dead homeless? Yeah. These annoying things when the truth is right in front of your eyes yet cannot be spoken. Our business and industry as a whole is constantly under attack by the state and the feds and now the FDA is going after kratom yet again, pushing the World Health Organization and UN to schedule it internationally. Visit protect cradle.org to submit a public comment in opposition it means a lot to all the people who have found relief through this natural plan product in place of opioids, especially relevant with the Afghan debacle. I still have I've yet to try create them, but I do hear as we've moved, we talked about it in the past. A lot of people who no longer qualify for opioids or just wanted to not take opioids really found a lot of relief in them so that is you can make tea we should do
  • 1:40:30
    John: a special on it.
  • 1:40:30
    Adam: Yeah, well, we should try it Why don't you and I try it and then we'll say