1380: TransMoney

Adam Curry & John C. Dvorak

3h 24m
September 9th, 2021
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Executive Producers: Anonymous, Justin, Brandon Peters, Robert Rose, Sir Luca of Switzerland, Brian Skelton, Chris Breaux, Sir Kenneth, Knight of the Silent Planet, Rob Nunmaker, Mista Dobalina, Lucas Hoehn, Scott V, Jessie Hrynkiw

Associate Executive Producers: Sir NetNed, Alexander of Middle Cascadia, Sir Yodar of the Main Line, Dalton Varvell, Sir Sort It Out, Sir Howard Gutknecht, GummyNerds, Viscount of the Troll Room

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MP named Agent Z on Kanye's Donda Album
ITM Adam!
I need to start this note off by sharing that as a hyper-observant zoomer millennial, having the ability to write notes into the show is one of my greatest pleasures. I love trying to parse what I see, and I think on things at a very deep level. If the show ever is in need of an official zoomer, I'd like to throw my hat in the ring. Just call me Agent Z.
It needs to be shared (especially to our non-millennial producers) that Kanye West's new album, Donda (named after this late mother), represents a possible paradigm shift for people in my general age group. The album is a masterpiece with effortlessly cool sound and a very clear message. Listening to it on the first pass was the first time I've felt inspired by art in a long time, certainly in the past 2 years. I might sound like a fangirl (believe me, I'm not) or like I am over-reacting to hype, but I am being serious when I say that every single song out of the 27 tracks pack a gut-punch to sellout culture, censorship, the new wave of fascism, cancel culture, and the nihilism that has been instilled in the millennial generation and beyond. He is clear in his message that cancel culture is bullshit, and we need to treat it as such. Let me give you a few examples, though I urge everyone to open their minds, regardless of their music taste, and give it a thoughtful listen. Remember that Kanye preformed on SNL wearing a Make America Great Again hat, he's not afraid and he's not out to make friends.
The album has many religious references and undertones. I urge everyone, regardless of religious belief or lack thereof, to consider God and religious stories as METAPHORS rather than literal. Whether you believe in God or not, it is foolish to not consider that biblical stories and messages are some of the oldest stories of humankind; and are a culmination of principals and lessons to help people see and understand the fabric of reality. Good and evil exist in constant opposition. That is clear everywhere you look, across all spans of time. So I urge everyone to think of God and the devil as simply representations of good and evil for this purpose, as it will make the messages in the music much more clear.
I might start a Substack just so I can reflect on the message behind every song, but I'll keep it short and give just two highlights. Almost every lyric to the song very appropriately titled "Off the Grid," points to the fake, toxic, and censored society we're now living in. Some lyrical highlights being: "If you got a voice, then you gotta project it, If you got a wrong, then you gotta correct it, if you gotta name, you gotta protect it" and "I gotta make sure they know who they messin' with, I gotta tell 'em "sorry," they too delicate."
The song "Believe What I Say," uses a "vibe-worthy" melody, which is so genius because no one can deny the song is catchy...paired with these clear lyrics:
"You were too easily fooled, so easily deceived
By some dude who's more rather into greed
Played by your emotions, you were swamped by your needs
Told me, I didn't believe, you said I was out to deceive, ahaha
You said that I lie, how did I? I told you everything, didn't I?
But you just could not believe, man, I'm so peeved
Your friends all up in your head even when we're in bed
Your mind's elsewhere, and you say you care? Haha
I'm laughin' at you all, you think you got me? No, no
My back ain't against the wall (The wall, the wall, the wall, the wall, the wall)"
I mean...can it get any more blatant than that?! There is so much more that is notable, but I won't spoil it all. They try so hard to paint Kanye as crazy, but he knows exactly what he is doing. They're just afraid of him.
I know John says that he doesn't think millennials are waking up, but that has not been my experience. I have witnessed my friends become red-pilled over the past year at an unexpected rate. Kanye's new album is not to be ignored. Even if some sheep won't get the message, it broke Apple music records with 60 million streams in the first day. I have faith more artists will ride the wave, just like I have faith that my peers will rise above.
As always, thank you for your courage!! My spirits are high and my gratitude is abundant.
2017 Journal of Antibiotics: Ivermectin: enigmatic multifaceted ‘wonder’ drug continues to surprise and exceed expectations
NA Pharmacists BOTG
***if you use this content I need to be only referred to as the No Agenda Pharmacists***
I hope this email finds you well! It's been awhile since I've been able to contribute content for the show but I do have one thing for you today and am going to try and give it a go and write you a No Agenda White Paper on some sarscov2 stuff. It was a few weeks ago but I recall you reading a letter from either an NP or an MD talking about ivermectin and how they didn't know or understand how it could even help. I know they were being truthful and frustrated and confused, and their amygdalas are obviously normal sized if they are sending it notes and donations, and I feel an obligation to put something together. I can't promise it for the second Thursday show this week but I'm going to try.
Please see the attached image file of a screenshot of a thread on the ASHP (American Society of Health System Pharmacists) forums regarding vaccine mandates.
In it you have the President of APhA (American Pharmacist's Association) as well as the Director of ASHP speaking of how they are not interested in the topic of Informed Consent at all, and there's maybe 2 or 3 pharmacists in the whole thread who aren't all in with mandatory vaccinations.
This is a quote from one of them, named Jill:
"You have the right to refuse the vaccine. Your employer has the right to set the conditions for employment. If you don't meet those conditions you don't have a right to work for that employer."
I think it's important for the public to see how some pharmacists think about mandates and I would appreciate any amplification you could give on this issue.
WIRED: Better Data on Ivermectin Is Finally on Its Way
Studies have been small and often not great. The best info so far says don’t use it, get vaccinated, and hang in there for the more promising meds being tested.
EDWARD MILLS CAME to the meeting last month with very good data. A clinical trials expert at McMaster University, Mills was presenting new results from a trial that is looking at how well half a dozen different drugs treat Covid-19—not for the people so sick they’re in the emergency room or the hospital, but in people whose symptoms haven’t gotten that bad yet. People sick at home, in other words.
At his online talk, put on by the National Institutes of Health, Mills’ slides told the tale: A relatively safe, familiar, cheap drug reduced the relative risk of mild Covid getting worse by nearly 30 percent. The drug is fluvoxamine, a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor—an antidepressant. (It’s also an anti-inflammatory, and inflammation and an overreacting immune system are hallmarks of serious Covid infection, so that might be why it seems to help). Get a bunch of people with Covid and randomize them into two groups; 739 get fluvoxamine and 733 get a placebo. Only 77 of the fluvoxamine-takers end up in the hospital; 109 of the placebo group do. This is exciting.
Its time to thanks the vaccinated for their courage in this experiment and stop the vaccinations immediately
All three talk shows shilling vaccine last night
Boots on the ground in Manhattan — restaurant vaccine mandates
After NYC and mayor De Blasio made a huge deal out of requiring vaccinations to enter restaurants, I want to provide a boots on the ground report. As you'd expect, it's not exactly as revolutionary as they made it sound.
I've been to 3 restaurants and a bar in the last week. The 1st restaurant, a high-end place in Hudson Yards, didn't ask to see any vaccine verification. The bar nearby also did not; though it did have a bouncer checking IDs. At the 2nd restaurant, the hostess asked if we had vaccine proof, and said she'd check after we sat down. Unsurprisingly, she never did. At the 3rd, they were checking vaccine cards and comparing to your ID at the door. The people in front of us were actually turned away. (The irony here being that the restaurant is mostly an outdoor courtyard.)
Between my 3rd restaurant experience and what friends have told me, even the places that are strictly enforcing vaccines aren't actually requiring that you use your "Excelsior" pass. You can show a picture of a vaccine card on your phone -- which, of course, takes about 60 seconds to fake in a PDF editor.
Best of all of course is that there is still no vaccine requirement for outdoor seating sections, or for any other establishment where you'll spend time in close contact with people like a grocery store or any other retail environment. And because vaccines are now "mandatory" in restaurants, people feel safer and mask usage is even lower than before. Especially among staff.
So as usual, this was a lovely bit of PR for New York for one news cycle and it doesn't actually make any difference in the fight to "stop the spread." For all of the discussion of NYC being filled with woke drones following all of the rules, it's unsurprising that people are in general just getting on with their lives and not following the edict.
-Andrew in Manhattan
CDC Changes Definition Of "Vaccination" To No Longer Include "Immunity"
“Vaccination: The act of introducing a vaccine into the body to produce immunity to a specific disease.”Prior to September 1st, the orginial definiton of “vaccination” on the CDC’s website.
“Vaccination: The act of introducing a vaccine into the body to produce protection from a specific disease.”
Some healthcare employers deferring vaxx requirement for those who had covid - pending Israel outcome
BOTG Japan Corona and Immunizations
ITM again Adam.
I wanted to give you a quick BOTG report on what’s going on here in Japan at the moment.
Japan has had several deaths due to the Moderna vaccination.
But the government is trying to keep the internet at bay.
All the while the numbers are not so bad here, right?
With the Olympics now officially over (there was something going on in Tokyo??) Lol, and the numbers spiking all during the Olympics, they were all but ignored in order to continue the games and attempt to salvage every last yen out of them.
And with the PM set to resign because he says he doesn’t have the energy to tackle the Corona Virus problem.
All the best to you guys, keep up the great work.
I’m still working on something for you for a BOTG report for all of Asia. Due out soon after John’s book is released. :)
Crisis Standard of Care
Big Pharma
The flu has returned to India after an absence of ~18 months.
Mass Formation
Gen Z Is Developing Unexplained Tics After Going Online, And Doctors Are Concerned
The researchers describe "a parallel pandemic of young people aged 12 to 25 years (almost exclusively girls and women) presenting with the rapid onset of complex motor and vocal tic-like behaviors," and state "there have been striking commonalities in the phenomenology of these tic-like behaviors observed across our centers in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, and Australia."
Curiously, the researchers state that for the patients they studied, in addition to experiencing pandemic-related stressors, "all endorsed exposure to influencers on social media (mainly TikTok) with tics or [Tourette's Syndrome]." Indeed, there are thousands of videos, some with millions of views, in a corner of TikTok affectionately referred to as "Tic Tok." According to the researchers, "In some cases, the patients specifically identified an association between these media exposures and the onset of symptoms…. This exposure to tics or tic-like behaviors is a plausible trigger for the behaviors observed in at least some of these patients, based on a disease modeling mechanism."
AFG pull-out, increase in fentanyl reporting coincidence?
Build Back Better
Great Reset is our Mein Kampf
Climate Change
medical journals crying about climate
As, I am sure you have read, since the pandemic is done and all is well...
these 220 journals have had so much time, they were able to (single handedly obviously, each comming to their own conclusion) find a corolation between climate and.... *shuffles deck*...
(yes, wall street journal, so really sorry...)
The editorial will appear in The BMJ, The Lancet, the New England Journal of Medicine, the East African Medical Journal, the Chinese Science Bulletin, the National Medical Journal of India, the Medical Journal of Australia, and 50 BMJ specialist journals including BMJ Global Health and Thorax.
Is it an editorial, or an add? I LOVE THIS WORLD!
University of Texas at Austin students sue school because it refuses to cancel its 'racist' spirit song 'The Eyes of Texas'
The lawsuit was filed by the state and campus NAACP and anonymous students
It claims the school didn't defend black students who opposed the song
It also alleges that the school violated the Civil Rights Act of 1964 when it created a separate marching band for students who didn't want to play it
The song was first performed at a student-organized minstrel show in 1903
A recent committee found that the song itself had 'no racist intent'
In a report released in March, the committee found that the song debuted at a minstrel show but was written with no 'racist intent,' instead being meant 'to parody the famous phrases of the university president,' William L. Prather.
Students, including players, protested the song after the George Floyd protests
Wealthy donors have threatened to stop giving to UT-Austin over the protests
The school's football coach said: 'We're going to sing that proudly'
Bitcoin Price Struggles to Stabilize After Flash Crash
Dead or Alive
Lennon is Alive PDF
Probably cannot be said enough. Layered mitigation in school (swiss cheese/safety lasagna, etc).
-Vaccinate every eligible person
-testing in some form
In person school is so, so important. Let's make it possible.
Bat vs Lab
Silicon valley is a bug and the internet is starting to route around it


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    Adam: shreds man so dopey shreds on NPR, Adam Curry John C. Dvorak Thursday September 9 2021. This year award winning gitmo-nation Media assassination Episode 1380 This is No Agenda question in t e queue and broadcasting live from a bigoted racist birthing person hating hard enough. Texas Hill Country FEMA region number six. Good morning, everybody. I'm Adam Curry. And from Northern Silico Valley, where I've got a three by three By the way, just I mentioned that in advance. I'm John Dvorak, because the work I did on the opening look at all the work I did. And all you got is a lot o work and I ad lib my openings. Oh, this was ad libbed. It was just a lot of work to think of it. Think of it. In the morning to you in the morning in the morning to you and in the morning all ships t see boots on the ground, feet in the air and subs in the water. The dames and knights out there. I was so happy with my brand new audio technica headphones. What happened? Well, not nothing really I'm still extremely happy with their performance on the show. But after the show, I took them off. Oh my god, have you ever had that where your ear hurts so much? Because it's been pinned back and yo didn't know it? Oh, you mean the tightness of it? Oh, and that's what I want. But my ear hurt for at least an hour. So I have to make sure that nothing is I guess my ears are big. Yeah, actually, I d not I do not have enormous awareness by JCD. Comparing stories f
  • 1:49
    As a public service ladies gentlemen, John Dvorak checked out all the big three networks this morning and has a report for us in his three by three was a very interesting three by three today I will do tests of all ABC went I mean, I had to go back to them twice. So as I see twos, you know, three by four kinda big because they started off with Becky warli. Our friend Becky, and Becky has was out in Kansas. And they showed her stuff showed her in a in a giant sunflower field. And they had like a jib in a field. I don't know how they did this drone drone camera drone camera. It's all drones these days. Oh, yeah. had to be drones. What am I thinking? She's out there and then I didn't they had a second shot ever close up. And I think it was a green screen because there was no movement or one of those in a giant field of sunflowers. There was not a single movement but that's okay. You should call her call her about that and ask if it was any green scrambler. She's still around because I'm wondering what her status is over there. Oh, she may they may be priming her because she's kind of a perfect mix of victimhood. She's perfect. And she she was doing an interview of this basketball coach who was who was the guy that Ted lasso that a comedy shows on Apple that nobody watched, which which by the way, I watched two episodes on the airplane. It's actually kind of funny.
  • 3:20
    Unknown: I am in 100% agreement. Yeah.
  • 3:24
    Adam: It's a sports comedy, which is nothing for me. The key though, is something that that you said in that little comment. two episodes? Yeah. That's okay. Gotcha. That's all the all they had is a preview on the on American Airlines. So okay, go to two episodes. You watch two episodes. It is hilarious. And you are three episodes ago. For us, like, I think I've seen this story before. And it just doesn't go anywhere. It's like a it's just a day it's too narrow a model, we see that we see this in television all the time. And typically what will happen is the pilot will err. You know, it'll get it'll get picked up because everyone liked it. If it was on broadcast television as opposed to Apple plus streaming, then it would then we'd see the decline. They start messing with the script by Episode Four. And by six midseason midseason replacement, it would be gone. Come on, do we know Do we know our stuff or what we know how it works? That has happened numerous times now. So but so they're promoting Ted. Last one is ABC and Ted last was an Apple product. But then again, I'm thinking Oh, wait a minute. We got to remember that. What's her name? The the inheritance woman that did go Powell. Powell Laureen Poe and Powell Jobs is not only at Apple, she has a huge amount. She's on the board of Disney. She took the board seat of course. And so there's your tie. Here it is okay, good news and promoting other products that they own. Yeah. Well, that is a connection. Yeah. But I have to say this now, Becky Worley. I've known her since she was the producer on that msnbc show that Leo did where he played her robe or something. It was not even Leo is a cartoon character. And she would I think when first tech TV first started, she was producing him on a cartoon on a cartoon show. No, the site had a cartoon. Okay, on the show, I won an award. Oh, but you didn't win a Webby.
  • 5:35
    Unknown: No won an Emmy. Oh, crap. Okay. Becky was the producer, early Leo. And then she got out of that as fast as she could and did started doing other stuff on the other side of the camera, which is unusual, but she's got the look for it. She's got strong feature. She's really gorgeous on camera. She's fantastic. And they've been sure they gave me this good GMA years and years ago to just review stupid products that you buy off of the TV that infomercial Of course, it always comes back to shopping. But
  • 6:11
    Adam: yes, so then she stayed with it. And so and she was flying out there from the west coast. So now they gave her this interview job and she's really good at it. I think she's on her way to becoming an anchor. pianist. What is the longest route I've ever seen? Just because he's only five years. She's 25. She won't go away. She hasn't looked any different. She could easily be the next Diane Sawyer. I think so. I think she would she would fit well if she could even if she if I don't know her pack now. She couldn't become like, What's her name? The old bag. Bar. Barbara. Baba Wawa. Yeah, I like her. I've always liked barbara walters. But she Becky doesn't have the right personality for that. But for now she does. She's more bubbly. Yeah, but for she's also a jock. Becky's a jock. Yes, she is. And she's a birthing person. And she's a birthing person. Yeah, exactly. So anyway, for once they get rid of Becky they went right to Made in America new special 50% off on pillowcases with with a with a barcode on the screen. And they went to the different kinds of products, oh, qR QR code. Everyone's doing the QR codes. I think it's catching on Finally, after 20 years, forever. It's it's really interesting. And they finally figure it out. And I think also, cameras reading QR codes by default helps a lot. You don't need a special app. That you know, just make it big enough. And people just hold it at the TV and it works from your couch.
  • 7:46
    Unknown: So then I go to NBC and there's talking about Thursday Night Football because the first game is yes. So I skipped that and went back to someplace that came back like 10 minutes later, Thursday Night Football came back and five minutes later, Thursday Night Football they got on there. They're on some field are talking about the future of Thursday Night Football. Okay, that sucked. So then we go to CBS, and CBS really didn't have anything. They had some guy. It was more newsy. But they had the bald guy, the bald black guy who's on the skinny, bald black guy, as on one of the hosts, and he's out in the field. He's roaming around New York City going from restaurant to restaurant, telling everybody not mentioning that he has to show his vaccine card to get into any one of them. He might not have gone. He He's going from place to place he talks about Johnny's cheese cake, whatever it is, and the Mark goans they just want it's all in Time Square. And all these obscure restaurants were not obscured or anyone lives in New York, but they're obscured anyone else who doesn't care. And he just goes on and on from one place to another, and then they come back and kind of close out the segment. It was really kind of it was just a though they did mention this woman.
  • 9:07
    Adam: Oh yeah. Robin Roberts is going to interview Amanda Gorman. This is a big deal. Robin, Robin Roberts is the black news news. Yeah, and who is this person person? She's a young man a Gorman. Oh, yeah. Oh, no, please is this Wait, tell me who Amanda Gorman is. You know who it is as what you do? Tell me I won't I want to make First Nations poet. Ah, yeah. Now I remember Oh, she's 23 going on and on about a house. How how great it is and how great she is. And by the way, talk to me real in the business. I am I am going to reinstate the phrase Oh, goody goody for this one. So she's gonna be interviewed and they and they made a big fuss about you know, they've been offering her a lot of money. They've been Offering all kinds of money as she won't take it. Really I'm thinking bow crap. Bunch of ball. They're off her money. She's not I'm not taking that money because I'm not going to do a I clean x commercial, or whatever. I know what their own way with your dirty cash. Your dirty cash we don't want that will be a dud. And when is this great interview set to air tonight? No, they just plugged I was like rolling my eyes. Alright, that's it. That's your three by three? three by three? Well, it's a good one. It's good to know that absolutely nothing of importance is going on over ever. And oh, we actually had a little email back and forth. Just to stick with this for a second. You sent me a link that the ad industry is seeking alternatives. After Nielsen, who does the the ratings have lost their seal of approval? Yeah, this is this is big news. I'm surprised it's not a network news. Well, this. Well, I there's something going on because you sent me that I did not know this. And the reason why briefly is because they change the way they do their panels of, you know, sample of households. This should represent the country or whatever markets or demographics. And it did television, people never like this stuff. Anyway, building they hate ratings, unless
  • 11:24
    you're winning in the ratings. And the ratings are great. And it's like polls for politicians. They're the best. So I started looking around in February. It turns out that networks stopped reporting overnight ratings. And mainly because they weren't very good. In February. Certainly they weren't. But they've decided I think what's happening just, you know, a cursory glance, like 20 minutes researching last night, it looks like the ad industry feels that they're being cut short by Nielsen by, you know, six, nine, maybe 10%. But they don't like the counting at all. They like the counting that the internet does. Because the internet, after three seconds on Facebook, its view. You see, after three seconds on YouTube, if you this is what they want. They want the they want the ad money that Silicon Valley can command because of their bogus reporting. Yes, so the network's like if you're if channel surfing, say on YouTube TV, they can actually note that you've been out you went to channel five? Yeah. Yeah. You know, a minute. Yeah, they want to aggregate the information from Roku. stinks. Yeah, I'm gonna go to CHANNEL SEVEN in new or you keep going around and but they think it's like this is like a view. Oh, yeah. That view? Yeah, no, that's a pass through. It's the same thing with podcasts. Advertising was hilarious. Do podcast advertising is done by downloads, which doesn't mean anything was listened to it was just downloaded. And that's the end. Yeah. And it's attributed to IP addresses. So it's a very, very, very rudimentary crap system.
  • 13:07
    And when Apple released their new app, something broke and podcasts were no longer automatically downloading. And people saw their numbers drop. Now, you know, these numbers have been massaged a million times over, but the initial drop was 27%. And no one batted an eye. There was no headline like, hey, podcasting, advertising rates are a scam. Because 30% almost is not even listened to. There was no complaining by anybody online. Nothing because it's irrelevant these days, whether you can download it unless you're getting on a plane or something like that. So we've always known advertising is bullcrap. At least the way the numbers are counted, of course it works. But the numbers and the counting now they know advertising works. Yeah, but it's dishonest. Yes. Yes. Very dishonest. Yeah, anyway, not so with this model. Ladies and gentlemen. Ah ah You're the one that builds if you're dishonest then the show is dishonest. Luckily, we have only honest producers Do we have the most honest Adi in the business in the business in the business now m five m we're freaking out this week. And I would say that is 100% attributable to my good buddy Joe Rogan promoting the horse paste on on TV at a cracker on TV on his on a crack on his show, which then was aired everywhere on television. Everyone's all up in arms. Oh my gosh. And and he's loving it in the wrong way. I think it's really it's really great that he kicked that off. But yeah, he's like, oh, should I sue CNN, they're crazy over there, instead of showing was or at least talking about what's really happening and this is the the mainstream media who was Fed biopharmaceuticals to a great degree along with you know, all political advertising and all the other influences that they have trying to cover this up and discredited and it is wonderful to watch. It makes me happy to be a media deconstructionist. Let's just take a quick spin around and see see what people are saying. And we're gonna start with Silicon Valley
  • 15:23
    itself. Yahoo News, the bastion of journalism. Welcome back to Yahoo Finance live and today's hot takes and pressure potentially mounting for Spotify after Joe Rogan one of their podcast stars take some heat after he tested positive for COVID-19 and Akiko a lot of people taking issue with what he said about his treatment that was received after that saying in an Instagram post here that he had used ever machten that horse tranquilizer, that the US you talked over the best. Eva Moya, it's a Wait, it's, it's aver machten is not what you think it's not ivermectin is aver mechta about his treatment that was received after that, saying in an Instagram post here that he had used ever machten that horse tranquilizer drug us strangle tranquiliser? Holy moly, I'm telling you, man, they're, they're off their rocker and this is just a Silicon Valley guys. And, and that comes they, they're gonna go after podcasting. They're gonna do everything they can do every year. You know? I don't know if you know this. I'm, I don't know if you know this, but there's 4.2 million podcasts, there's no way they're going after anything like that. FDA, the FDA has come out and said don't use it because it doesn't help in treating COVID-19. We've seen a lot of people talking about that. But now raising new questions about whether Spotify should be included in this discussion around tech giants needing to police the content on their platform.
  • 16:56
    Unknown: Yet in many ways, Zack, Spotify has been able to escape the spotlight, if you will, around the content on their platform. Remember Twitter, for example, Ban former President Trump after the insurrection back in January. And this raises new questions for Spotify, which is should you allow a podcast host to be able to push some of these theories that the FDA has said is clearly not any kind of a solution for COVID-19
  • 17:27
    John: I like this I want to see what happens they can you know they could try and mount an SEC type of pressure campaign or something he had maybe ESG to to you know to go after companies that you shouldn't invest with Sony has a call it a horse triangle is how far you think they're gonna get that these guys not these guys aren't going to do anything. But they're gonna make the first thing let's face it. No, let's let's you gotta love it. Hi, Cassie. There's not they're not that tech. They liked the nutty podcast. Yes, no, I know what they like. Now, I want to mention something here. Before we continue. I went to the FDA had sent a tweet out and then they referred back to their FDA page on ivermectin. And on that page, they never dissuade anyone from using ever say is no good. But they just kind of just, they kind of let it dissuade but never say it's no good. But at the same time, they, they have a link in there, and that page has got a picture of the horse on it. I've said this, I've seen the horse birth picture with a horse picture. They have a link to 75 ongoing studies. And I have contacted one of the studies that shows most of them have already done but they say no results reported. And there's 75 of these you can go on the page and find it do this and do this research yourself. So I wrote to one of the guys who did have a report that did report Yes. You come to the ivermectin show some signs I said, I said copy to you. The guy says No comment. I can't comment on it. Yeah, no, he says I will not comment on this. Yeah, I won't comment. These guys won't comment, even though it's a positive thing. They're freaked is something freaky going on. And meanwhile, there's that other page, I ve m m eta.com, which has 66 studies, 44 peer reviewed, which is also very becoming very positive, and the whole thing and so I go to my pharmacy, and I'm grilling her about the ivermectin and all she says is typical. This is the way it works.
  • 19:32
    Adam: Oh, yeah. I ever met this no goods from horses. The FDA doesn't. The FDA doesn't approve it as a horse wormer. And I said Really? I said my wife uses it for rosacea. And she says, and then she starts looking it up. She says, Oh, yeah, I guess there's no anything. So allow me to read a note from the no agenda pharmacist who we haven't heard from in a while. I think more than more than Half a year, at least maybe more than that. And what he said since you talked about pharmacists said he sent me a screenshot and I put some of this in the, in the show notes, not the screenshot. He says it's a thread on the American Society of health system pharmacists forum regarding vaccine mandates. In it, you have the president of the APA, American Pharmacists Association, as well as the director of ashp. Speaking of how they are not interested in the topic of informed consent at all, and there are maybe only two or three pharmacists in the whole thread who aren't all in on mandatory vaccines and nothing else. Yeah, one of the here's one of the pharmacists named Jill, you have the right to refuse the vaccine, your employer has the right to set the conditions for employment if you don't meet those conditions, you don't have a right to work for that employer. So this is the and the only reason I bring it up is he said please let everyone know this is the mindset of the pharmacist, the pharmacist are all in all in at least in in public forum. But I also got a 2017 PDF from the Journal of antibiotics which I've put in the show notes. headline ivermectin enigmatic, multifaceted wonder drug continues to surprise and exceed expectations. And it has everything in here including all the things that it has effect on I'm just scrolling down this article. Here we go. Future new potentially a new target diseases or it's 2017 my ice my asis, trichinosis disease vector control malaria, leishmaniasis. Chagas disease, schizo Soma society says, bedbugs, rosacea. We knew that
  • 21:54
    asthma epilepsy neurological disease, antiviral Ha's, white one a Nobel Prize in HIV dang gay encephalitis. antibacterial tuberculosis is a great auto, anti cancer, anti cancer. I mean, it isn't a beautiful article. It's got footnotes, everything 2017 The Journal of the American Journal of antibiotics. So if you looked at the last newsletter, there's a good picture of the blister pack that is sold in India CAG Sutton in yeah Tina was looking at she says Holy crap, where can I get that and I say, India, India and so she sends me these pictures and ice I sell him I post these are posted by head to center to what are these What is his blister pack cost and it contained ivermectin doxycycline and zinc those are three pills they're all in a blister pack is a package that you that the Indians used to knock back COVID right. And she says $3 $3 so you've got all of this so in the under the ivermectin heading in the show notes you'll find the story of ivermectin which is like a 1520 minute video nicely put together shows you how it came to be and what it's been used for and continues to be used for but you would know that if you listen to so we've already heard this Silicon Valley version now let's go to the local station. And this is very well written very, very, very smart. Or at least it may not all be scripted but this seems to me like one of those packages that either someone produces for a lot of stations or just it seems way above and beyond the local reporting how well this is put together. This is Chicago w. w GN TV
  • 23:49
    Unknown: with a barrage of phone calls and emails. Followers of the conspiracy group q anon have been demanding a meter resurrection Medical Center treat a fellow supporter who's hospitalized with COVID-19. With ivermectin, animal formulations of the drug are approved to treat parasites in livestock. And ivermectin tablets at specific doses are used to treat parasitic worms in humans, but
  • 24:15
    Adam: you just heard what it does, right? No, no, it only it only helps worms in humans totally worms, parasitic worms in humans. This is this information. By the way, if you want to define the term this is it.
  • 24:28
    Unknown: But outside of clinical trials, federal regulators, the American Medical Association and the maker of the drug all agree people should not take the medication to fight COVID-19. During a Facebook q&a yesterday, Chicago's top doctor echoed their concerns.
  • 24:45
    First and foremost, do not ever please take any medicine that is formulated for animals. It's dangerous and it can really be a problem.
  • 24:58
    Adam: So I like This because what she's doing this good doctor, he's not saying anything about ivermectin guy. That's a guy. That's the Surgeon General. No, this is Chicago douche. He said America's top doctor. Well, oh, well, the Surgeon General might as well be a gal. You seen that guy? Go. Have you heard him? You're listening to him now. Okay. Well, that's him then. You know, there you go. He has that had on this too big first head. Yeah, so what you first you just say something that is true on his face. Hey, don't take anything that's dosed for animals.
  • 25:37
    Unknown: That's not good for you. Absolutely true. Has nothing to do with the issue at hand medicine that is formulated for animals. It's dangerous and it can really be a problem. So
  • 25:52
    there are
  • 25:53
    Adam: that is not the Surgeon General. Get out of here. Yeah, I'm telling ya. No, no,
  • 25:57
    Unknown: you laters the American introduction and the maker of the drug all agree, people should not take the medication to fight COVID-19. During a Facebook q&a yesterday, Chicago's top gas Chicago's top
  • 26:11
    Adam: doctor echoed their concerns.
  • 26:14
    Unknown: First and foremost, do not ever please. Any medicine guy is formulated for animals. It's dangerous and it can really be a problem.
  • 26:27
    Adam: So here comes
  • 26:29
    Unknown: there are some trials that are going on looking at ivermectin just as there have been trials of a lot of other medications. We don't have any evidence at this point. Certainly that it does anything to prevent. to be really clear about that you
  • 26:42
    Adam: stepped on it. But here we go again,
  • 26:45
    Unknown: are some trials that are going on looking at ivermectin just as there have been trials of a lot of other medications. We don't have any evidence at this point. Certainly that it does anything to prevent COVID just
  • 26:56
    Adam: prevent COVID she's not talking about treatment with COVID. She's talking about well, there's no there's nothing that shows that is that it prevents COVID. Although I think there are probably true there's lots of prophylactics studies but you and your roommate it shows it does prevent Yes. But you understand what she's doing here. She's avoiding the actual topic. It's a guy
  • 27:19
    Unknown: that are going on and looking at ivermectin just as there have been trials of a lot of other medications. We don't have any evidence at this point. Certainly that it does anything to prevent COVID. Just to be really clear about that.
  • 27:30
    across the country. Some people have sued hospitals to get ivermectin treatment, and after a judge ordered Edward Elmhurst hospital to allow a patient to receive the medication her family posted online that she improved. A spokesperson for a Mita says the health and safety of patients is their first priority. In an email statement saying quote, our physicians and clinicians follow the full guidance of the FDA and CDC in the treatment of COVID-19. And while resurrection Medical Center has received hundreds of phone calls and emails associated with one patient's care, we have simply and respectfully noted the concerns shared
  • 28:11
    I am a little surprised I guess that there are people who want to take a veterinary medicine approved but then you know don't want to take the vaccine that has had you know really wide talking point human trials and is approved.
  • 28:28
    The CDC is saying that across the country poison control centers have seen a sharp increase lies related to ivermectin exposure.
  • 28:40
    Adam: Yeah, so lie that's the big the poison control thing. There's no doubt that this report is before it was debunked. But wg and TV and Chicago I don't have a clip of this, unfortunately. But they posted a story with a picture of ivermectin paste with the horse. And here's the headline. ivermectin causes sterilization and 85% of men study finds, aha studies this researchers at three universities in Nigeria and I happen to know these researchers, at least their sister is she's a princess studied the effects of ivermectin which is used to treat river blindness letter from whatever I can make a lot of money and other medical conditions in humans on men sperm counts. According to this study. 85% of men who take ivermectin become sterilized, what does that mean? Well, actually, the dysfunctions are not that you're completely sterilized, and I didn't know this. All of this shit can go wrong with you. low sperm count. I've heard that poor Sperm morphology, okay. two heads, tiny heads, double tails, absence of tails, albino sperm cells as as you sperm iya or the absence of motile sperm, poor sperm motility and just a significant drop in sperm count overall after their after their treatment with ivermectin. So they're really pulling everything out, get the Nigerians on the phone. That could easily be some kind of script writing, Nigeria, hilarious to watch. Isn't that beautiful? And then Jimmy Kimmel is back from vacation. Jimmy Kimmel did something very odd. He was on hiatus and so he comes back and then makes a fool out of himself. Well, he did. I think most people were picking up on the on him saying, Hey, if you're unvaccinated, go go home and die. I'm paraphrasing. I think that's where that's true. That's all the right wingers did, right. But I thought his ivermectin bit was funnier and he played the exact same clip we did of Alex Jones was just blew me away. People are still taking this ivermectin this point, you know, the poison control centers
  • 30:54
    have seen as this spike in calls from people taking this livestock medicine to fight the Coronavirus but they won't take the vaccine which is crazy. Give it you're a vegan to us like No, I don't want a hamburger Give me that can of alpo instead. One of the reasons these sea biscuits are opting for ivermectin is because they don't trust Big Pharma. Which is fine, I guess except for the fact that ivermectin is made by Merck, which is the fourth largest pharmaceutical company in the world. And even Merck is telling people to cut it out. They released a statement saying ivermectin, it has no scientific basis for potential therapeutic effect against COVID. There's no meaningful evidence for clinical activity or clinical efficacy in patients with COVID-19 disease. And there's a concerning lack of safety data in the majority of studies. If a pharmaceutical company says please don't take the drug we're selling. He should probably listen to the word or you can just go with a tick tock posted by a disgraced veterinarian instead. Meanwhile, these poor horses are like hey, I have worms I need that stuck in my butt. ivermectin did get a big endorsement over the weekend from one of America's top medical minds. None other than Sandy Hook denier slash internet lunatic Alex Jones. You know, this is this is ivermectin for humans. You want to know, you want to hear that? I mean, I'll just skip this bit of the clip. Because we already have already heard that. My second son of a bitch, demon. He's like I'm easy to kill. I'm gonna roll over to your crap. No.
  • 32:29
    Unknown: I've never seen someone that mad drink a topo Chico before.
  • 32:36
    Adam: It kind of came out of nowhere. I guess he'd wash it down with that. I would have thought maybe some kind of Nacho flavored bang energy drink like no, give me a tobacco Chico? Yeah, but he showed Alex Jones with a pack shot overhead pack shot of the ivermectin clearly not horse paste. I found that an odd choice. It's like Wow, you really going to show all of that show. I mean, there was no horse but he actually Jones did a segment which we didn't have where he ate horse paste to the I know these guys are
  • 33:14
    Unknown: crazy. Now in Australia. I only got By the way, just to stay on that clip for a second. delays. Enos also goes right into Merck because Merck is stories hoadley Merck is dissuading him from using ivermectin because they got a COVID specific package they're going to put together they've already announced it. They hope to have approval for it before the end of the year. And it's going to be probably some ivermectin plus zinc. We already know what it's called. Merck. machten. We don't want you to know it.
  • 33:48
    Adam: It's gonna name cause Pfizer machten vs Merck meth metron mek metron mchem. mutton and Mead. Yeah. All right. Now Australia. First have a I have a clip. I have the clip. Well, I'm gonna do a different clip. I know which one you have. We'll do that clip in a moment. First we've got it. Listen to a little promo for a little show. They call question everything. And you understand that it's kind of the same narrative down under question everything. No, I was there. Remember this happens? either. lectin works as a cheap drug. It's a wonder drug. What works if you are using ivermectin for the thing that I've imagined is meant to be useful? What do you think ivermectin is actually full restaurant, victim related victim for your rectum? If you're a host, of course, remember like that. Tonight 830 on ABC TV and ABC. I view ivermectin for your rectum. There you go, Dave good. Yeah, that's creative. I think it's pretty good. Did a good job. Good job. Excellent. All right. Good. Terrific Java did to debunk this. The entire pack the whole blister pack of the all the average Mexican you'd ever need plus the doxycycline and zinc $3 No, no, no, no, we can't have that. $3 Are you kidding me? That's gonna screw us up. Big time. We can't do No, no, no, no, this is not gonna work just let's go after this. Go after it hard. Screw the fact screw the science screw. The research has been, like I said 66 studies here 75 studies under the ones done under the auspices of the FDA, their their studies are all over the place. And they all come back with with good results. But now, forget it. By the way, there's for people who want to get ivermectin from what I understand. Let me just see is I think it's free. doctors.com Let me see if that's it. Okay, we'll go because that's what that they will diagnose you through telemedicine. And, and, and, you know, they'll prescribe it for I think for free. Yeah, they'll prescribe it but the EU does mean you can get it. Right. The
  • 36:11
    other key we have to Well, here we have the call around HIV.
  • 36:15
    Unknown: American frontline doctors, you can go to their website, American frontline doctors and you can get a doctor and they'll do the same thing. It's LCCC FL CCC is the big operation as the umbrella.
  • 36:33
    Adam: Anyway, so you have the I think the Victoria health minister. Yeah, the health minister, and this is a mashup, everything she said about oh, this is someone else. Okay, I have something else. What is it about ivermectin? No, no. Oh, hold on a sec. It's about it. Australia shut down. Right. But before we do that, I thought you had this clip, which is the Acting Chief Medical Officer of Victoria, about ivermectin. He's asked a question.
  • 37:03
    Unknown: Earlier in the week that I understand was some sort of medical clinic that was offering ivermectin to its customers or clients. What would you say to anyone who thinks that ivermectin is the solution to COVID? And I guess, what response Do you have to the fact that medical professionals were reportedly offering this?
  • 37:26
    Adam: So I can't speak to particular cases. ivermectin, which is an anti parasitic drug, has no no role in the treatment of COVID-19. It has no evidence behind its use. And I would strongly encourage any person who's considering whether they might have COVID, get a test, and then let our healthcare system look after you. Because we have drugs that work for COVID. ivermectin is not one of them.
  • 38:01
    Unknown: Horse pace.
  • 38:04
    Adam: So what are the drugs that they use? The only one day, the only one that I'm aware of is regeneron, which is the monoclonal antibody treatment. But re that was, isn't it redundant? remdesivir disappears too bad. one rep disappears, kills, I think 56% of all people study. And by the way, by the way, I saw a video Yes, I just want to mention this, that when they so that was an emergency use authorization for remdesivir. And that's when when that kicked in, if you go back and look at the data, that's when people were dying of kidney failure. Remember that? I mean, oh my God, oh, this thing kills your kidneys. No, they were putting people on remdesivir remdesivir was killing people. Because that's exactly what it does to the kidneys. Yeah, this is the class how to control. It's a classic. It's a classic. And then for the guy to say there's absolutely no zero evidence. There's over 100 studies. Yeah, he's lying and why are they studying it? So when he said he went for it, he said, he said, ivermectin has no plays no role. This guy's gonna have blood on his hands or has blood on his hands. Yes, but all of them like crazy people. All right. All right. You're a hell your health minister mashup. It comes out in this mash up and this is the Health Minister she's telling it like it is. I'm
  • 39:32
    Unknown: a bit tired of hearing people saying I don't know how to do my job properly. And I think that's really mean I remember being criticized. Just remind everybody how criticized I was. That's not acceptable. I hope everybody likes staying at home because we are going to go into lockdown forever. Nobody from your cell phones is going anywhere. We will have 2 million police officers standing at the corner of every street to monitor every single citizen by really watching very closely. I hope this room would be devastating. We don't like to Be heavy handed. But what we need to say today now is that if you leave home, we will give you a death sentence, please know that you will be shot in the face and I face it's painful. You are required to buy that we say when we say it, and if you don't, you can prepare to die. I've said from the outset, I don't care about your life and the life of those around you, I don't really give a shit. The government is now about to announce what we call the final solution. We are inspired by history and realize we can very easily permanently get rid of anybody thinking illegal thoughts, we aim to have absolutely zero freedom, follow the rules, or else you'll never be seen again. If you think you can live freely under our very strict and harsh regime, I have news for you. If you even consider breaking the rules, I will personally stab you in the head.
  • 40:48
    We have 24 hour surveillance of every single person in the community, we want to cause anguish, and suffering to as many citizens as possible. Every day at 11 o'clock. Every citizen in the state must listen to me. This is the Fourth Reich and I will make sure that I never ever, ever give up power to the day I die.
  • 41:09
    Adam: just recognizing this. You could have made this super cut about Donald Trump and done it two years ago would have also been same thing. Same thing. Yeah, super cuts are great. They're great. Yeah, it's not it's not. I don't consider this a super cut. I consider some mashup Did you hear the premiere? premiere the premiere from premiere day, Dan, dictator, Dan, did you hear him? I did. As a matter of fact, you don't have a clip that I have. I have the clip. He's a maniac, this guy to protect the health system. We've got everybody locked down. We're going to move to a situation where to protect the health system, we're going to lock out people who are not vaccinated and can be if you're making the choice not to get vaccinated, then you're making the wrong choice. You're making the wrong choice and for safety sake. And for the back to that point about how much work our nurses have to do as this becomes absolutely a pandemic of the unvaccinated and we open everything up. It's not going to be safe for people who are not vaccinated to be roaming around the place spreading the virus. I'll be doing every reason, every reason to get vaccinated. And we're not going to have a situation on last night in Victoria, where we lock the whole place down to protect people who won't protect themselves. I mean, open it up dude. No, no, no, but you don't understand it's like if you're unvaccinated you're not allowed to participate you we have a economy of the vaccinated you cannot be a part of the economy you cannot get health care which I thought was a basic human right yes somehow does some basic human right thought that was the by these liberal basic human right and and now you can then in the end, I would like to point out that the nurses union is let me just see what they want to make sure I know. Yeah, I want to tell you which one that's why I was on a second tell you looking at story. Well, now of course I can't find it. I thought it was an indie story said we
  • 43:13
    had the biggest nurses union. Look it up but the point of the story is we treat COVID patients This is an open letter. They say here's why the pandemic of the VAC unvaccinated narrative is wrong and they take exception to that and I'm happy that someone spoke up about that and it's getting some legs because it's so evil to say this I mean you are you are literally calling people National Nurses united that's what it is largest organization of registered nurses in the United States that shits evil to call it that that is that is that is true 1984 level stuff. And that makes sense because that's their thinking here's the New South Wales chief health officer listen carefully
  • 43:58
    Unknown: put back in place especially with reopening and people going back the pumps and stuff good sorry exposures I'd still
  • 44:04
    well they'd be put back in place to be listed once we are reopening because they're not at the moment. We will be looking at what contact tracing looks like in the New World Order. Yes, it will be pubs and clubs and other things if we have a positive case there.
  • 44:18
    Adam: I mean to her she never never ever heard that this is kind of a weird thing to say. Does she not know this as a politician that people are looking out for these dog whistles? wasn't meant as a dog whistle I don't think so. These people are too stupid. That she's she's it's mask formation. She's completely narrowly focused and she's all in a new world or get with it lady build back better. Where you beat you miss the meeting. What's wrong with you? Great reset. That New World Order. Don't cough don't cough and now in Australia, they're building these well camps. Well camp is one word w e l l ca MP. And they sound groovy
  • 45:08
    Unknown: how it springs new Darwin is held up as the gold standard of quarantine, separate cabins on site testing, catering and so far no known breaches. But the Queensland Government reckons it can do better.
  • 45:23
    This is going to be a great boost for our defense against the Delta virus. State cabinet all signed off on the world care facility first
  • 45:34
    proposed seven months ago, businessman john Wagner will build us next door to his airport and we will have the first 500 beds operational before Christmas. The state government will lease it and run it the cost to taxpayers is being kept under wraps. What fantastic
  • 45:51
    Adam: value it will be if we can avoid just one lockdown.
  • 45:55
    Unknown: The Federal Government's previously rejected the plan on grounds it's too far from a tertiary hospital the premier says any COVID patients will be transported to Brisbane and so Queensland will have two purpose built quarantine facilities. The Commonwealth is backing one here on defense land and pink and bar near Brisbane Airport.
  • 46:15
    There'll be room for 1500 people by the middle of next year.
  • 46:19
    Adam: So we'll be still locking people up the middle of next year and will in the wellcamp Wow Australia is wild This is not cool man this is this No wonder they're talking to World Order down there. They're that they've arrived. They have arrived and you notice she said premier and not premier. She said premier premier or whatever. Some really scary way premier is what that's not what she said. She said premier premier premier
  • 46:52
    Unknown: listen. The Federal Government's previously rejected the plan on grounds it's too far from a tertiary hospital the premier says a premier
  • 47:02
    it's kind of in between. Anyway, she's talking she has an Australian or an Australian accent you don't
  • 47:12
  • 47:14
    Adam: I'm worried about Australia. Too late. No, nothing can be too late. Ultimately this would the people are going to this is going to blow up I see no evidence of the Australian people are you okay I'll put money on it that this is regarding this is blood on the moon we're going to have blood down under I can it's so easy to see you cannot keep people caged up like animals This is the wildest thing I've ever witnessed. This is FEMA all the all the crazies about the FEMA camps This is it. Chest these are actual FEMA camps. And they're talking New World Order and economy of the vaccinated. This is this is this is not just a TV show. This is not a true crime podcast. This is happening in our lifetime with people I know and I love Chris Wilson. Do you think this guy's gonna last he's gonna break. You see them yourself him I'm gonna put it I keep promising to put them in the news seen pictures of them, this guy is going to go postal is totally if he hasn't already. By the way, it's easy to predict in the United States, we're going to have workplace shootings. I don't want to manifest this. But people are having to resign left and right choosing conscience and what they feel is right for themselves and ultimately freedom over their jobs. 15 years now no gold watch for you. And what and it's crazy in the medical field. And nurses are getting ultimatum. Okay. You have to be vaccinated by December 5. Actually, I think I have a here. This is some YouTube video. There were some nurses who were being interviewed just it's just like a minute.
  • 49:10
    Unknown: I think just listening to people talk. How come nobody's asking the nurses why they don't want it.
  • 49:20
    Red flag that should be a huge flake. Why is nobody asking these questions? Because you have healthcare systems that have very minimal people vaccinated. They want to tell you that they're fully vaccinated. They are not. There is departments with 20% vaccinated. Er departments are very low. Why? Why people we are seeing it and they're not listening.
  • 49:42
    I think the last 18 months for a lot of us has been a blur. I mean, what's normal anymore? Nothing. To think that we were once hailed as heroes and people that other people looked up to because of what we were doing. into now. Suddenly, we're being referred to as ignorant on educated and that were directly responsible for spreading this virus around is absolutely absurd. And what's happened in the last three months even has perpetuated that absurdity to just downright insanity. I can't, it's disgusting that humanity has turned to this and all of this division amongst, you know, just good people and even co workers. You know, we're we're all experiencing bullying, coercion, name calling. Segregation is just unacceptable.
  • 50:35
    Adam: This is my point. Yes. Which I've been making for a month. Yeah. Yeah. Where's the news media, then, dude, this woman's just a hero. Of course she is. It's called it has a name. And this is the true crisis that is taking place almost in slow motion but accelerating before our very eyes, as hospital personnel who were either furloughed and decided never to go back to or just burned out by not being able to save people by being told what to do, which feels contradictory or just burned out, because they believe that everything is right. And people are idiots as possible, too. I think a lot of nurses who have that as well, and the vaccine mandate, and they've seen the people coming in, they see they don't need numbers to to feel and smell what's going on. This has a name and we're going to hear a lot of it. overfilled
  • 51:24
    Unknown: and understaffed hospitals have forced Idaho's panhandle to activate crisis standards of care. There you go under crisis standards, hospital beds, medicine and equipment like ventilators may be given to those considered most likely to survive, just not the most critical that's saving as many lives as possible. Care is not guaranteed for everyone. It is terrible. We do not want that to happen here. But in Washington hospitals are filling up as well.
  • 51:50
    So could patients from Idaho come to Washington for care even as hospitals near capacity? The short answer is yes. But our state is under no obligation to take them we have some special processes to the Washington medical Coordination Center. And those only apply to patients that reside that are in a Washington State Hospital. That we are not we have to get to that point. We as a state are ready
  • 52:14
    healthcare leaders are begging people to do what they can to prevent serious illness from COVID-19. I don't
  • 52:20
    know the words to be able to use to plead with people to please do the things that you can to prevent this from occurring, which is getting vaccinated wearing masks. It's really simple things. Crisis standard of care, death personnel, as they say love the death penalty. cabac I'm sorry, he ran off Australia because they had not yet I wanted to share. Let's go back to it. This was the this is another little little on New World Order thing. This is a good one. This is the AWS quarantine app. By the way, we'll talk about this a little bit. Yeah, this is the the elaborate rundown of it. It's got a Ruby
  • 53:00
    kids to ensure people are quarantining properly. The app is voluntary and it will use biometric data such as facial recognition and geolocation to pinpoint the user's whereabouts and TDs Jason Perry has the details. In August, South Australian premier Stephen Marshall said the app would make home based quarantine more cost effective. Currently, anyone arriving in Australia is required to quarantine for 14 days at designated facilities unless they have an exemption. And Robert Carlin, an economic senior fellow at the Center for Independent studies, told Fox News that those designated places for quarantining are guarded by police and people would much rather quarantine at home. So when people volunteer to use the new app, they are allowed to quarantine at home. The app allows the Australian Government to collect their facial recognition data and their geo location data to track the user's whereabouts. The app is called quarantine essay, and it prompts users to check in at random times throughout the day. To confirm if the individual is at an approved address and is complying with the home quarantine mandates. Users will have 15 minutes to respond to the check in. If they don't, they will receive a follow up phone call from the home quarantine essay team to find out why. And if the individual misses that phone call, a compliance officer may visit the approved address to check if they are there. The app is currently under a trial period but according to South Australian premier Stephen Marshall, it will be expanded to international travelers in the following weeks.
  • 54:33
    Adam: I'm not not gonna respond to you anymore. By the way, that's a lady Shut up. Good call back now.
  • 54:44
    Unknown: A couple of things about the about that lady's report.
  • 54:50
    Adam: It seems to be seems hackable. I think you can get a phone as you set up a farmer phone at your approved address. They have a foreword to you in the bar. Oh no this this can totally be hacked Of course. Yeah, of course. Yeah. But that's not the point. You know, because people then I increasingly feel Hey man working good if fakes back paper. I don't know, man once you stand up and just say no, I'm not going to do it. Because you think you're going to get away with it now? Sure. Next time probably. Eventually. No, that's that's a bad. Then they take over completely. boots on the ground in Manhattan, from Andrew in Manhattan restaurant vaccine mandates. And here's his report he filed with the with our news desk. After New York City Mayor de Blasio made a huge deal out of requiring vaccinations to enter restaurants I wanted to provide a boots on the ground report as you'd expect, it's not exactly as revolutionary as they made it sound. Here's his study into three restaurants in a bar in the last week, the first restaurant a high end place in Hudson Yards, didn't ask to see vaccine verification. The bar nearby also did not though it did have a bouncer checking IDs. At the second restaurant, the hostess asked if we had vaccine proof and said she check after we sat down. Unsurprisingly, she never did. At the third, they were checking vaccines cards and comparing to your ID at the door. The people in front of us were actually turned away. The irony here being that the restaurant is mostly an outdoor courtyard between my third restaurant experience of what friends have told me until my dad told me, even the places that are strictly enforcing vaccines aren't actually requiring that you use your Excelsior pass, you can show a picture of a vaccine card on your phone, which of course takes about 60 seconds to fake in a PDF editor. Best of all, of course, is that there's still no vaccine requirement for outdoor seating sections or for any other establishments where
  • 56:42
    you spend time in close contact with people like a grocery store or any other retail environment. And because vaccines are now mandatory in restaurants, people feel safer. And mass usage is even lower than before, especially among staff. So there you go. It's not being enforced, just like the bogus tests that I had to use flying. Oh, by the way, Denmark and Netherlands both have now impose travel ban on unvaccinated from the United States. I thought that Holland was doing a thing too. I said Denmark and the Netherlands. Oh, I'm sorry. I thought I heard something else. But the what's interesting, they're not just banning unvaccinated travel from the United States. They're also banning travel from Israel. But they're all vaccinated. Hmm. This makes no sense. gotta wonder. You just gotta wonder about this stuff. Luckily, in California, you don't really need nurses to save you. Your pot, your politicians are going to save you
  • 57:53
    Unknown: what that number 14 three call. It's a matter of life and death with Delta surging. Gavin Newsom is protecting California requiring vaccination for health workers and school employees. The top Republican candidate he peddled deadly conspiracy theories, and would eliminate vaccine mandates on day one, threatening school closures and our recovery. stop the spread return your ballot or vote in person by September 14. Protect California by voting no on the republican recall.
  • 58:23
    Adam: I but it's not a republican recall, is it? They just pull out our stops. That's really great. The Republican recall. This is anyone think we fall for this anymore. Okay, hello. We're in California. You're right. Now did you see the note from the American Civil Liberties Union who I used to support until they became radical? Oh, the the Yeah, I read the effect it was who was it was a tie AB or Greenwald, one of the two. They blasted the hell out of them for this? Yeah. This new? Well, it was Yeah. Glenn Greenwald did that. Yes. In the substack. Wall Street. It was at Wall Street Journal. New York Times, sorry. Well, New York, New York Times. We work at the ACLU. Here's what we think about vaccine mandates. I'll cut right to the chase. Fuck you. You're getting your vaccine. We're the ACLU. Unbelievable. Unbelievable. And they don't rush their way in the end, and they don't even hold liberties. Hello, what's the word? What does it mean? Yeah, I mean, it's really incredible. That it went to that level. And just, you know, I mean, I already knew they were crazy. But now it's like, wow, it's really when the woke take over your organization. That's why they have to be kept out. Yeah. We've talked about on the show all the time. What do you do about it? I mean, you get these guys, the noodle boys. There. There's not just one guy that we make fun of the whole movement of people when they get into these organizations. Wolk they got these preconceived, propagandistic notions that they were taught in college mostly. And they want waltz in and they changed the way they the way things are done there. We can't get rid of them because they hire their own. We have a massive, massive amygdala hijack taking place on people to really Everyone's so freaked out. You know, it depends on what you hear in before before breakfast, that's probably going to be your mindset or what you're thinking for this day. Let's see we have a couple new words matter. So as the CDC
  • 1:00:33
    has yet again changed the definition of vaccination. This is cool. CDC previously used the following definition of vaccination, the act of introducing a vaccine into the body to produce immunity to a specific disease. That was prior to September 1. Now the definition is the act of introducing a vaccine into the body to produce protection from a specific disease.
  • 1:01:12
    So what do you call a vaccine that gives you immunity? immunity vaccine. A real vaccine? A real Yeah, real one. There's another story on Yahoo Finance. That's interesting. There's a lot to be said for that little tidbit. He's trying to think what was in the story that I liked so much, it's him ivermectin, you made a horse sound well, as we're as expected, the financial experts are saying quote, according to Yahoo Finance, we know how great they are they called horse tranquilizer but this is a quote it's game over. It's mRNA or nothing. This is an expert on the future of vaccines. I believe it I think the flu Rona vaccine will be the next one up now Hey, get your flu shot cuz you have the flu is returned by the way. He's ever noted by news report. No, no, not here. Not here. Now to India. No, the flu. The flu was returned to India after an absence of 18 months. It's crazy. Crazy. I don't know. It's entirely insane. So your immunity? Yeah. Well, vaccine. Yeah, your vaccination is no longer the same thing as immunity. immunity is something you subscribe to from Big Pharma. That's it. immunity as a service? Yeah, that's exactly what it is. Throughout the week, all three talk shows Schilling vaccine, every single every everything is all vaccine vaccine vaccine vaccine. Even I see reports like this, from NPR, new study, find evidence of superhuman immunity to COVID-19 in some individuals, like this is great. You can read through it. It's like, okay, yeah, you can get immunity from previous exposure to some types of coronaviruses. But if you want the super immunity, you have to have had COVID and get a jab. Then you then you really have super immunity. They How many times do we have to show the studies that show that is not not the case. You it's it's like shoveling sand at the beach. It's just you might as well give up. I mean, if we were honest, everybody was honest about this. Here's what we do. We say we really thank the vaccinated for their
  • 1:03:40
    courage. They stood up, they took one for the team. The things that dud, thank you for your courage. Let's move on. Let's stop vaccinations. Yeah, stop. And these people in charge, we've put in charge our representatives with special powers now for COVID. They're all thinking that we have no herd immunity until everyone's vaccinated, and that it's the unvaccinated who are spoiled, spoiled spoiling it for the vaccinated because the thing doesn't work. I mean, it's this is this is what hypnosis does. You can you can hypnotize someone and say that's red when it's clearly yellow, or blue or green or black.
  • 1:04:28
    Unknown: Well, that's why they're always now saying this stop looking at Israel. Why would we do that? Hey, stop looking at that. They said it was like Okay, now we got to stop looking at Israel. Wait a minute. That's like your perfect test model. No, no, no, no, we got to stop looking at
  • 1:04:45
    Adam: too many weird things to me. We don't even let him fly to Holland. Yeah. All right. Well, that's a tit for tat thing. And I agree, because we still won't let anyone from the EU and so I agree. Like, screw you guys. And why wouldn't we let him in for that? The EU it's so lame. All right, the whole thing is lame. I think we'd beaten it. We got we got nothing else in COVID. Right. We're kind of done. I hope so let me look. I don't think I have the I guess we should just mention I put the documents and a couple of links in the show notes that, you know, it's pretty obvious Fauci. Bly really lied. There's so much gain of function research. I mean, people literally talking about this Coronavirus, and we're messing with it. From the lat Now, come on, it's like it's everywhere. And everyone was hurt yesterday. So you got to tell people what you're talking about. The Intercept, published 900 more emails from Fauci.
  • 1:05:46
    Unknown: And he's, he spills the beans on the gun, the fact that we did gain a function research in the Wuhan lab, or at least we paid for the American public paid for the research, which is what ron paul or Rand Paul knew all along, as he was grilled last time, he's before Congress to get him to admit to being a liar. And now there's more evidence and it's just this now it's out of control and not in the mainstream media won't touch it. No. I mean, the intercept was there boy for a while because they got rid of Greenwald and some of these other other, you know, truth seekers. And they were toeing the line for, you know, they were woke. So they run out for this thing. And now, which they're now I don't know, much. I don't know.
  • 1:06:34
    Adam: Yeah, no, no one no one asked him about yet. No one is asking him about it. It's like whoa. Big Pharma has taken over the country. See, and what I wanted to do was I wanted to see what chemos numbers were. So I could get a handle on how many people are, you know, in Tucker's numbers these days are about half a million. Now they're more No, no, I know, the last week Hey, it's summer. They are not over a million piece. It's half a million and the other primetime and new shows are at about a buck 50 to 100,000 it's right now it's dead. And that whether that's the summer ending or people are no longer interested and I really was interest that's why the no more overnight ratings is important. Important. I have no i don't i don't think that's that many people watching television. I think this if anything, we're helping them now. Of course, it's our job, but we're helping them. We're alternative media is bitching about all these things and keeping it going? alternative media, yes. Yeah, yeah. But the people have you seen this was a common meme. And I do have some, like a mash up. It's kind of weird to play the whole thing, but the people seem to be fed up and they they've just resorted to saying f Joe Biden at every sports game every concert Have you seen this trend? I have not seen or heard of this trend? I've Yeah, that eluded me It started college games. This was reported widely on Fox but it's also all over the web's but it's also happening at concerts in bars and it goes something like this
  • 1:08:19
    Unknown: joe joe joe joe joe biden Joe Biden
  • 1:08:30
    Adam: these are all different games
  • 1:08:37
    very variation
  • 1:08:43
    like the last one well there's more this is a pretty big crowd was doing this year not get a concert hall I think there's a bar that's a bunch of magga hat dude no doubt but now here's a concert that's an arena i mean it's it's a lot of it or at least it seems like a lot but there was there was mentioned it was because it's more than two it's a lot that's happening at football fact that he got on any media whatsoever. I guess you can get a lot of it online but I haven't heard this on the main streams Yeah. The main streams you said main streams like that. Yeah, it's the main streams everybody asks what's going on on the main streams? Yeah, you know, we probably should also be looking at like this. James O'Keefe says Project Veritas undercover army swells as fed up insiders come aboard. I totally believe that. Problem is, he has yet to make anything audible enough to play. geek hasn't. This means great things that too long. stop spinning down the voices if people either you come out and you You're You're a whistleblower or you're not, or they just read it now and just read it, you know, you don't need to say, which reminds me I got another I got a call the other day. Somebody's butt dialed, and I pick it up in some, you know, you know if anybody thinks that these phones can be used to spy on people, they're nuts. You can't hear and hear anything. Well, we have a we have discussed this. And the sound you're hearing from a telephone to leffen II call is not going to be the same as a microphone communicating through TCP IP. We've talked about this. No, I Well, we're two microphones, talking through TCP IP as we speak. That's why it sounds good and you can hear it but if you're on a cell phone or talking into an expensive microphone and going through some gear, it's not like it's not like I refuse to have the same argument again with you. I just refuse I refuse because people are going to email and that winds up you going okay.
  • 1:11:11
    Since we're talking about this two very short clips from Katherine Austin Fitz, who I just love her she's the former financial nerd turned conspiracy theorist who always pops up and she said something pretty interesting is
  • 1:11:25
    Unknown: absolutely important. Prime garish of UK calm calls it the old media in the new media. If so, so. So the corporate media is the old media. We must if we're going to navigate this period, we must have the new media and the only way we're gonna have the new media is if we find the new media.
  • 1:11:43
    Adam: Ah, yes. What did you say Katherine?
  • 1:11:46
    Unknown: So one of the most important things you can do after using cash, just give some of your cash to the new media. Every time you give money on your Patreon account. You're striking at the heart of the machinery. It's a blow to the machinery so they should give more money to you.
  • 1:12:04
    Adam: Striking is the machinery Hello? Yes, yeah, yeah, we don't need no stinking Patreon to Patreon. It's Dave Jones explain this, the value for value model differences if your users subscribe to something through Patreon that's like fast food, where you pay it in the window number one, here's my five bucks drive thru, and you get your burger. You know, just that fast food, value for value. You sit back, you're in a nice restaurant, you enjoy the Beyonds you enjoy the chatter the talk the service. And then even though you have a guideline on this thing called a menu, you may tip by 20 or 30%. Even though I don't like to call it tipping, but you are showing your value that you receive your reciprocating, and we also pay for the meal. Of course, and people laughter that's that's the value. Yes, where you get the value but the whole experience and I think we're delivering an experience experience which I'm not going to argue the point in fact I'm going to celebrate it okay. And with that I'd like to thank you for your courage and say in the morning to you the man who put the sea in the crisis standard of care. Ladies and gentlemen, please say hello to Mr. JOHN C.
  • 1:13:23
    Unknown: Well in the morning do Mr. Adam Curry also in the morning no ships at sea boots on the ground feet near subs in the water in all the names and I
  • 1:13:34
    Adam: am in the morning to our trolls and the troll room you can find them and join them at troll room.io they are there every single time during the show. When we do a live show it's live stream no agenda stream comm you can listen to it and troll along at the same time. Let me see I have the latest count here. Let's see how many trolls we've got in the troll room up there. Let's see we got 2055 for a 35 that is above average for a Thursday. I think over over 1800 on a Thursday, as far as I'm concerned is good. Yes. 1846. And I have the real numbers now our producer has sent scolded us for so funny.
  • 1:14:21
    Unknown: Nobody got caught up in it as usual.
  • 1:14:26
    Adam: The thing was, he wasn't scolding anybody. I saw his email. And I'm like, I just I didn't even do a reply. All I'm like, Okay, cool. Thanks. This is what I need. I can put it my show notes. I can refer to it. Not this whole you know, like a whole table of things. Just give me the top line. But you took it as an attack. And it was no attack and go reread it. He will just in I don't know what happened. Something it hit you at the wrong moment or something. I was chuckling like man is not an attack on you. The guy he came back funny though. He came back funny. So yeah. So it was Yes. The what was the record that he said is on this Sunday record the best Thursday was January 7 2602. The best Sunday was 2501 average Thursday 1846 so we're well above the average and average Sunday is 2138 and and I see Omar just left okay so now they're leaving us now they're trying to screw up the count the trolls are great they do a lot they help a lot troll power is on and you need to join him that's a troll room.io if you just want to join in the conversation we have one on no agenda social calm you can follow me out of it no agenda social calm john is Jhansi Dvorak at no agenda social calm you can get an account anywhere mastodon is available to you can also set up your own server.
  • 1:15:57
    Unknown: I want people to boost I need to get my Twitter number back up. The real devore I could Twitter go kid put me on your list.
  • 1:16:07
    Adam: Certified Boomer statement bra wants their Twitter num who cares about Twitter numbers anymore? I mean my number I have like 66,000 your way up twitter numbers but no one sees my tweets. You have to go and I'm completely shadow banned or was why your net was going up. Okay, thanks. That is no agenda social calm. Follow us there on the mat is federated. So this is the future of social media. A lot of people all the cool kids are doing it. All the cool kids are there. Come on over, follow us and have some fun in the Federation makes it all flow over to you. Now let us thank the artist for Episode 1379 of the best podcast in the universe. We titled that one Afghanis scam very, very cool. Cool title. I think I think we did a good job on that one. Darrin O'Neill brought us the artwork. With the horse paste, stay safe. And my design this right? This is the right one. I think it is. Yes, that's the one that we pick. Now. We had a news device we had a crisis of conscience. Well, the one that I think was better that we both thought was better. Was pro Mike Riley. Yeah, it was a very funny, because it was just silly and funny. And it was a nice cartoon that he specifically Drew. Yeah. And it was should have been picked. But we persuaded each other to go with Darren Why? Because Darren was more vanilla. It was it was a more classic style of no agenda art. It had two or three gags in there instead of the one sight gag. Yeah. It was less lewd. There's something about you. Versus but with the white spots everywhere that was
  • 1:18:14
    Unknown: and it was like I had a tube of horse stuff in his in his hand. It was gross. It was gross. So we picked a Darren's very, very pedestrian piece. Oh man. Good job is to trick him. That's what Darren does. Darren ke Darren. Darren is always the safe bet this is what when I when he was dating I'm sure is is the parents of the girls would say did Darren safe. He's a good boy. He's a good boy. And so it's reflected in everything he does. So this is there and that being the safe pay one he does what's there else to say you know he wins every so often because everybody has a shot at anybody can win anybody? Well, we both kind of liked it mean he also tried to do the bill the one next to it, which is build back better than him. Yeah. He tried. He's always trying to juice Okay, she's cake. Yeah, she's but he's always a little bit you know, too much of a good boy, too. To have the kind of edge you need for cheesecake to work but I admire this is one of his close. He's gotten close with this one. But
  • 1:19:30
    Adam: it was dissociated because what he's got, he's got built back batteries, get the girl some girls with a hard hat on. And then there's a telephone pole as though she's going to go up and down the pole in the short skirt. Now it's just not really By the way, the big in the morning to all of our Louisiana line men restoring service everywhere. true heroes out on the poles. Yeah, go go say hi to him. A lot of work getting over this double time. We'd like to I like to overthrow danger overthrow for Roe v Wade are you like that?
  • 1:20:08
    Unknown: It was a sign who did this cesium 137 ps cesium 137 is a really good except I didn't get it will overthrow what was this I can't read it to tell me what oh yeah overthrow the government or something I forgot what the roe v wade is now road overthrow right was going to be overthrow roe. And so it came as overthrow. Yeah didn't didn't work for me. No, I said that was clear.
  • 1:20:39
    Adam: I really liked mooses In fact, I use that for the pre stream mooses kind of radio antenna on the next page. Oh, yeah, no, that's a very nice piece of it. I thought that was artistic. Yeah, very nice and exact is one of those things that make it be nice on a mug. Nylander with 1379. But to no agenda version? Well, that's interesting. You say that because over no agenda shop.com this is exactly what they do. They work with the artists who of course have copyright over their work and they they split some money when they put stuff on mugs, t shirts, hats, hoodies, cozies. What else they have all kinds of gear over there. T shirts, t shirts for t shirts. And then from time to time they donate to the show was great. We have no contract, nothing to approve. We don't care. Everybody wins. Y'all got great, great merchant, merchant merchant merge supports the show. Yeah, well, I'm always curious to see what our artists come up with. really enjoy it. You can see all of the art that we discussed and even more as Dred Scott does his thing putting together the chapters that work with podcasting 2.0 compatible apps. Brees has just updated theirs, and you can now send booster grams, so check that out. available for iOS and Android new podcast. apps.com. And thank you very much. Darren O'Neill. Thank you to all the artists no agenda Art generator.com is where you can join the party. You just go look at the over. I think it's now 18,000 Let me see what do we have? No, I'm sorry. Over 22 and a half 1000 pieces of art. Yes, we made this doesn't even include the first couple years who is a different art generator member? Yeah, I didn't. We're just using dropped out IO and everything got lost. No, no, no. There was a there was a web page. Yeah, it was it was set up differently. And then it was then it was gone. Yeah. I don't remember. No agenda, our generator calm now, as part of our time, towns and treasure where we ask you to produce the show. Of course we
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    need finances as well. And we're always happy to celebrate the contributions from our executive producers and associate executive producers for Episode 1380. Yes, 1380 can have an off off show that we didn't have anything to celebrate. But we did get some donors celebrating. I'm celebrating our life together.
  • 1:23:11
    Unknown: Anonymous 570 says anonymous donation Happy birthday, Adam. There you go perfectly late, but worth it. Just too late but worth it. Justin's coming in next at 543 21. As someone who flirts with libertarian ideas, yet lives in San Francisco is plenty of people like that. You could describe me as confused on several levels. But I'm particularly confused by lockstep opposition to masks on the ground of freedom, ubiquitous, normalized. mask wearing especially when traveling strikes me as a positive development in this age of facial recognition technology. I brought it I've mentioned this on the show. And I will also mention on the show, I do it now. They've come up with facial recognition technology that uses masks. And Vegas doesn't tell who you are. Yeah, they did it. They did it to me when checking in at the airport. There you go. And you had a mask on. Hmm. Not so there. So that Forget it.
  • 1:24:18
    Adam: Now, a burka, yeah. Now your target now you're
  • 1:24:23
    Unknown: talking and an MD is like vitamin d3 for freedom. Thank you for thank you for that. Yes, thank you for the show f cancer for my father in law. You've got karma.
  • 1:24:42
    Adam: Brandon Peters parts on noon. 365 came across this podcast when I saw Adam on the first Rogan podcast. organ donation. This is by far the best podcast in the world. I would like to thank you both for keeping me sane over the last year and a half with all the CCP virus bullcrap going on. The media deconstruction you present has opened my eyes and mind to the messaging the media lays out. It's so easy these days by the way with ivermectin I mean, you don't have to be that skilled but you have to be not mind controlled in your amygdala has to be the right size. The 355 donation, he says 355 although I see 365 I thought it was 365 on his check. Yeah, he says, I must have made a mistake because it says it's $1 a day for your hard work. So that's the year 65 365 that's for the CCP virus. misinformation raged on last year, I decided to hit my wife in the mouth. Thank God for that decision. She loves the show and is often an episode ahead of me. Couples who no agenda together stay together. In honor of my beautiful wife Janine P of South Jersey, South Jersey girls at the best. I'd like to make this donation for a future Dame hood. So noted, man, you should note that as you as well. Thank you for your courage. Does this she spin her beads.
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    Unknown: Robert rose in Cedar City Utah's Next on the list of $364.57 I in the morning, get mo nation continuing my quest to become a knight two by the end of the year by becoming an executive producer for the first time. Nice. All the cool kids are doing it. Happy birthday, Adam. Thank you. As always, I'm very grateful for what you to do combining entertainment and a dose of critical thinking to my life bi weekly is worth more than what I am able to donate. So thank you very much. Add me to the birthday list this Saturday the 11th I'll be turning 24 I'll be flying to Boston that morning. So we'll see what kind of shenanigans are afoot but trying to fly on the 20th anniversary of 911 it'll be it'll be very calm. You'll breeze right through it's gonna be great. I bet you know that's probably exactly yeah. Oh, I'm sure of it. Maybe TSA will make me stripped to my birthday suit you'll have no problems. It depends on easygoing strip no jingles no karma just mad love for the entire no agenda nation Roberts, sir Luca of Switzerland 333 57.
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    Adam: And he's his he lives in Switzerland. Although the town is Pay Pal mind your business. Happy birthday to Adam and me 51 on September 11 since you complained about my boring long note last night last time no jingles just karma Keep up the great work and Thanks, sir Luca of Switzerland. Thank you very much. Switzerland. Happy birthday. You're on the list you've got let me go. I'm sorry. Once again, complaining works. Brian Skelton pay attention people for if you want to use the value for value model, we show you how to do it. Brian Skelton 333 33 in the morning. My roommate hit me in the mouth about a year ago but Clint Baker needs to be called out as a total douchebag. Take that Clint. I also need to call out my best friend. Austin City Council Member Mackenzie Kelly. Despite her best efforts to make the city a better place, that chick is still a major douche as well. I'm sure she appreciates being called the chick. I'd like my donation of 333 33 to be split between the three of us so we can all collectively be deduced. I'd like one jingle for each. In honor of Mackenzie's birthday. Let's get her a biscuit for Clint China's asshole. And for myself. I'm gonna need some goat karma cuz it has been said. That's how I sound when I sneeze. Thank you for the best podcast in the universe. Alright, three quick de-douche de duced All right, that one's for cleanse. You've been D do council member Mackenzie Kelly. And you've been D do what's for you, Brian, thank you very much for your courage. They always give me a biscuit on my birthday. You've got karma
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    Unknown: You thought karma Rob Nunn maker or noon mocker probably noon marker but none makers would not spelled in Missouri city Texas as a tech so we get Texas day 3333
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    Senate letter literally the best show in the universe I'm been listening from Texas since this COVID hell began thanks for the entertainment insanity. First time donors for please de-douche me yo you've been de deuced by human resources have been telling me that I need to donate for a long time so a big shout out to t and Parker from dad. Y'all do a fantastic job Keep up the great do the kids are as I think the kids know one of the two you all y'all know fantastic job. Keep up the great work and may you never find an exit strategy. Please give me the full donate. Donate. Default donate Trump No, I'm sorry Donald Trump don't like don't like China. Chinese asshole. Don't trust China. Yeah. And a dog karma and sincerely Rob none noon make up noon. mucker. And where's this Missouri City, Missouri cities outside of Houston. Oh, Donald Trump don't trust China China is karma.
  • 1:33:57
    Adam: checking in with 333 Mr. Da Ballina, Mr. Bob da Ballina, he says Mr. Da Ballina here, I will try to be brief. So the Taliban announced they were joining China's cpec. That means not only did the US pave the way for the Belt and Road initiative, we gave 90 billion in equipment to secure it. More on that later in the show. The person to listen to on the subject is Brendan O'Connell. You can find him on YouTube and brighty on no doubt. What's NASA bridey on the uncovering of the unholy alliance between Israel, China and Russia, a fun thing to look up his unit at 200 Yes, we're all aware of them Israel's version of the NSA and the talpiot project, a program that took 8200 cadets and train them specifically to hold the position of CEO talpiot has been around for decades. Anyway, that's it short and sweet. And then he he posts to what he posts to Batali bond express interest in cpec. should be should India be worried why China is reaching out and what Pakistan said? Yeah, I personally, I think at this point a lot. It's a big distraction, but You know that being a run partially from the hill country, I have been privy to some organization of the Pineapple Express Are you familiar with this john the Pineapple Express? Yeah, there's like the underground railway well what this is now sneak people out of some place yeah, the new meaning is this is veterans ex Special Forces x delta who were all going into Afghanistan, Afghanistan to help people get out they call it the Pineapple Express is quite an operation. Like going on with that very, very interesting you state depart for not helping anyone. Yeah. We'll talk about later Lucas hoan h o EHN hoan or hoan 333. from Sam down New Hampshire. In the morning showed a birthday please de-douche you you've been de duced been listening since Adams first JRE showing jingles and rev owl for all in a karma with goat for all. May I please have Adam say happy birthday in Dutch thanks for the podcast go gitmo-nation
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    baby. Okay Lucas? Lucas you my friend. heartless. Sad she teared ESP. You've got karma.
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  • 1:37:55
  • 1:37:59
    Adam: It goes this goes like this. It goes like
  • 1:38:03
    Unknown: dog
  • 1:38:09
    karma. It's like some house building house building karma. If you can get it then he continues. And if you're interested as a 30 year old and electrical lineman, I can't give you boots on the ground perspective on Biden's comments on the undergrounding and electrical grid. I've started I've worked in Southern California for the last 25 years averaging a little over 80 hours a week consistently getting some overtime. as do most of my co workers typical. Everyone gets overtime. The work is maintaining the power lines fixing trouble and providing power to new homes and businesses. There's a shortage of linemen and a lot of work just to keep things working properly. When you add the forest fires into the equation, we are stretched pretty thin. There are a lot of this way you can do work in 80 hours a week a lot of linemen that are retiring at the end of the next five years in sim simply not enough people interested in becoming linemen because the long hours No, it's because it's not promoted
  • 1:39:10
    Adam: the physical nature of the job at this this is as I'm not going to go into it now. You should you're absolutely right. They don't want the linemen anymore. They want it all underground. That's the whole point like get rid of linemen make it a problem, problem reaction solution. We have a lot of good young hands, but the workload in the future is going to be hard to keep up with. Yeah, I would say 80 hours a week is a little too much. With the ever decreasing number of workers will be likely we will be able to keep the lights on at all and most of the area. As far as Biden's comments. There's absolutely no way that any of that is possible from a manpower perspective on a financial or a financial perspective. As with all liberal ideas, there is no basis in reality. I'm sure there are a lot of other lines minion Gitmo Nation I'm interested if they've seen the same things. Hope that it wasn't too grim. My advice is to always have a backup generator. There you go. Yeah, I did get a note from the dude named Ben Ben protector of megawatts, and roughly to do high power transmission or any under any blind under the ground is about 15 times as expensive takes twice as long to implement also lasts half as long and is a nightmare to fix if something's broken. Yeah, yeah, you get all your shit. Oh, yeah, it's no good. Thank you, Scott. Then we go to zinco hearing cool. I got it. herring qu Harun que birmingham alabama 333 was cinco. Please wish my beautiful bride Jessie caring Who? They Happy 30th birthday on September 10. One day early. She wanted nothing but an executive producer for her birthday and her wishes my command. Thank you for your switcheroo. Yeah, definitely. We'll put Jesse in there or teen. Okay, congratulations. She's on the list and I'll take it right through to our first associate executive producer net Ned 257. In the morning Adam Johnson. She both seem to have a dislike of my art, but we'll pick a shitty facsimile of it The following
  • 1:41:24
    week. I figured I would just donate since the art doesn't seem to be a value. Happy belated birthday to Adam. Sir net net. What did we do? What did net net do that was no good. Well, I don't know. Since you both seem to have but here's the problem. When someone says since you both don't see as you both seem to have a dislike of my art Well first of all, that's just not true. We've picked Nick net Ned several times in the past so we have no dislike but we do look at people's we don't look at people's names. But we'll look at a shit but pick a shitty facsimile of it The following week. You know there's something about context context Yeah, context. So it may be just wasn't appropriate because of the title we had the opening clip we had. It just was the timing was wrong, but you know, and you're also calling someone else work shitty. Yeah. send it back to him. Just send it back.
  • 1:42:30
    Unknown: Yeah,
  • 1:42:33
    Adam: man, we're gonna give you a goat karma I'm sorry. Do you feel bad about karma? We love all art. We have no just like of any way. And by the way, we're also human beauties in the eye of the beholder. That doesn't mean to hold a grudge and keep digging. putting me into saying God do you mean keep digging? Keep digging. That's what that word is when you get somebody trying to get something through trying to get it through God keep digging. Keep digging is when you're digging a hole for yourself. Oh, when it when you're looking to produce stuff that you want somebody to accept? They tell you to keep digging. Oh, okay. Well, I feel bad about I don't want anyone feeling I want people to love us. I can't have this. No, you're gonna have to take this. Yeah, this is Alexandra of middle Cascadia in the morning. This is $244 associate Executive Producer 244 ai question mark. Some code I'm not understanding here 244 I don't know. But he's number corresponds to it. Then he wants our two D two health karma for all of gitmo-nation we got that lined up for you. You've got karma
  • 1:43:52
    Unknown: onward with
  • 1:43:55
    that was there was Alexander middle Cascadia. Yeah, yeah. Interesting. Andrew Conrad 201 and he comes in Hey guys, chipping in an associate executive producer donation of nine years of $4 a week donations for a couple of nice things and a birthday request. Oh, nice. Heads Up. Please night the smokin hot Dame boots of Brava lon and order her some stinky cheese and bubbly for the roundtable. I'd like a I'd like them. I'd like the moniker sir. Yoder of the mainline. Dude, they both listed on there. I let me check. Let me check in there's a birthday request from Dame boots a little older and wiser on 911. same birthday as your daughter. Ouch. And we got that one. Jingle request shut up at science. That's true. And thank you for your courage to stay safe. Dame boots and Andrea everybody's on the list. Everybody's good. Yoder Yes. Already. Science true. You've got karma.
  • 1:45:14
    Adam: Now we have our final associate executive producer Dalton varvel. From squid in Washington $200 in the morning, greetings from scrim Washington, where we're fighting the medical martial law of jailer Ainsley and our local health dictator, Dr. Allison Berry. On September 2, Dr. Berry posted an indoor dining Vax mandate for klallam and neighbouring Jefferson County. That evening, citizens formed a noncompliance caravan of 20 plus cars to visit her house here in swim. Oh, oh, this is always fun. Upon arrival, 50 people silently walk to her doorstep while caring scientists said where there is risk there must be consent and coercion is not consent. Her husband answered and said you have the wrong house. She no longer lives here. And then we aren't related anymore. Oh my. Oh my. Oh goodness. We then drove to Mayor William armacost salon salon. He declared his city council have drafted a petition to DC disassociate from the Kalam health department and nullify vaccine mandates within city limits. Friday morning. Let me I'm sorry. What is it klallam clown clown on Friday morning. 300 plus protesters stormed the courthouse and occupied the lawn will Alison zoomed in from an undisclosed location after 20 minutes Sheriff bill Benedick closed the meeting citing safety concerns refusing to answer questions. And then that afternoon Jay Inslee passed his updated Washington ready guidelines. I guess he wants me to read this to me as well. So to summarize here we go. Inslee says local governments can't resist vaccine mandates. This was in direct response to our mayor's refusal to obey in conclusion help. We need to know agenda produce on the Olympic Peninsula who can help with or with web development hosting, please email scrim Liberty tree at pride proton mail.com A sequin not swim? swim, but it's spelled he says he said it here s EQ Yeah, is that how you spell an Indian tribe is printed squid but that's how you spell it SEQU I M Yeah, okay, so swim Liberty
  • 1:47:25
    tree all written together at protonmail we're also hosting endogenous America do he lives in the area? Yeah. Boys Over in Port Townsend is a little ways now he's in he can go to the meetup. There's plenty of guys that can do web stuff. area we have a lot of listeners in it for some reason. Thank you very much. Dalton. Also in our final two associate executive producers sir sorted out with $200 he says this donation is recognition of serve Godman and his highly talented seafaring wife and for generously hosting a lovely and fun Saturday afternoon sailboat cruise on Lake Travis for for no agenda, devotees. We had a blast. Oh, that's nice. Sir, sorted out. And then finally sir Howard. Good connect from Seattle, Washington. And I have his note here. By the way, cool note, kind of yellowish paper at old school typewritten I can tell my grandfather had one of these looks just like it. I do. JOHN Adam asking for some jobs coming from my sweetie. Julie. I recently stumbled across a reference to the story of how George Washington died in December 1999. Washington must have been at 99 Washington was riding his property in Mount Vernon. On a chilly day, a light snow turned to rain. When he came back home to Washington age 67. neglected to immediately shed his wet clothes he had a sore throat the next day and had trouble breathing. His doctor gave him some mouthwash and bled him later on as the doctor came and again bled him a common medical practice at the time. Within 24 hours Washington died. The moral of this story is that your doctor following common agreed medical practices can still kill you. Nice holiday thoughts. Sure it has to be 1799 it might can't be a 979 I agree. But you know the problem is you do the typewriters no spellcheck you probably didn't have any white out. Yellow typically. That's it. These are our producers executive and associate executive for Episode 1380 of the no agenda show Thank you all so much for producing the show
  • 1:49:41
    for keeping it going for funding it so that we don't have to also we can do it at all. You hear what's going on this they're gonna push Joe Rogan and and he's got advertisers and there's all kinds of stuff happening but us we seem to be pretty safe knock on wood. If you want to help us for Episode 1381 go to two vo req.org slash and a thank you all once again for producing the best podcast in the universe. Our formula is this. We go out, we hit people in the mouth.
  • 1:50:28
    We can talk a little bit about Afghanistan. I know you've got some sort of report. I have three clips. I just want to say mentioned one thing to you about Megyn Kelly, and then we'll go to Afghanistan. Oh, yes, you're gonna do Megyn Kelly, there has to be priority. So what I was told, if you recall was Adam, but we're gonna book you for Tuesday, and you'll be on the new Sirius XM show for about 20 to 30 minutes. Now, the way I know the Megyn Kelly podcast, that's an hour, sometimes two hour with one person. And the way this the Booker's is, is speaking, it's like there's two separate shows. Everyone's telling me No, it's the same show. So anyway, she comes back on Fridays, sorry, to the last minute we really, we really want to do you in the fall, not just 2030 minutes, we're gonna have you for the full show. So I'll get back to you when we book you on the full show. But now if you listen to Megan, Megan Polly, Megan Polly pd pootie Your name is now Megan Polly for some reason, let me just write it down so I can remind them amazing me the amazing the amazing mech and Tali so Megan Polly will have me on for the for the regular show. But the the Megan pod the amazing Megan Polly podcast is now a show with three guests each about 20 to 30 minutes. I'm confused what I'm going to be on, if ever. Oh, they pivoted I don't know if they if they lie. I think I can tell you. I'm guessing they try to it's not me. Some people can hold a boring
  • 1:52:07
    Unknown: Sasquatch in the troll room says Dude, it's a trap. I'm probably right. It's a trap. So I'm thinking there's a that Megan could do. We're getting this is the problem with doing interviews shows. They were having people that were sold doll.
  • 1:52:24
    Adam: And they were on for a whole show, which was how long an hour, two hours. I don't know. Her regular was an hour, hour and a half, sometimes two an hour and a half a one guy who's dull. And so they say we can't keep doing this. We got to have shorter, you know, guess you can't take a chance. And even though you can talk for bad days, but they don't know you. And they probably never listened to this podcast, I think because we bitched about it. I think someone clued him in Hey, man, they don't like what you're doing. You got to put them on the Big Show. Oh, we did we beat you out. That was after the show. We bitch. No, that was quite on the show. Oh, okay. Well, it's who knows you probably screwed yourself. Forget. The thing is, I think the problem is if you're really going to do something with Sirius XM, now you've just introduced something that is very destructive for a podcast, you've introduced time limits. So now you're going to be at the mercy at the mercy we got a hard break. That's right at the mercy of the hard break for the commercial at the mercy of the top of the hour for the next show. It is dad God is Pat. We got to go it is podcast poison. We got to go. Alright, we got to go. Please wrap it up. Wrap It Up curry. right after this message. Yes. Okay. Could you imagine? Yeah, I can imagine I can very easy to imagine I can imagine doing it. I know how to do it. Now you do. You're gonna say we'll be right back after this message ready, and then I'll pick it up and go ahead. So we'll be right back after this message. gold, gold, gold is where it's at gold is what you want. Get it into your 401k your retirement fund can be gold. Let's talk a little bit about efficacy a little bit. Let's talk a little bit about gold. Let's talk a little bit about your health. Let's talk a little bit about your finances. That's how every podcaster starts when they lead into a host read ad.
  • 1:54:16
    Unknown: Let's start with chart. This is the NPR giving us a little background and I'm going to follow it up with with a couple of Fox reports which actually brought in a detail that I heard on a couple of times and this details important but NBR is not going to give it to you. This is the charter stuck in Afghanistan NPR report carteri of state Anthony Blinken is calling on the Taliban to allow charter flights to leave Afghanistan. He's also raising concerns about the new caretaker government announced in Kabul more from mprs Michele kelemen.
  • 1:54:49
    On a visit to Ramstein Air Base, Blinken co hosted a meeting with more than 20 other foreign ministers to talk about a way forward on Afghanistan. He says well, the Taliban claimed they would have an inclusive The government the one just announced isn't, and he says the US is concerned about the track record of some members who are on us sanctions list. The Taliban
  • 1:55:08
    Adam: seek international legitimacy and support any legitimacy. Any support will have to be earned.
  • 1:55:13
    Unknown: Germany's Foreign Minister is raising concerns about a humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan and says the Taliban's government leaves a little room for optimism. Michele kelemen NPR News, Ramstein Air Base.
  • 1:55:26
    Adam: A couple of things here one is this inclusive, inclusive, their definition of inclusive? I'm absolutely convinced of this. They put the head of the Haqqani Network a terrorist operation in the government. Yeah. And I am convinced that the Taliban said we have to be inclusive. Okay. Well, we got we got the Haqqani guy. Oh, let's put him in there. I think you're right. They didn't they didn't get the they understand the assignment. Yeah, so they put this kind of guy in. And it's like, No, that's not what we meant. We weren't mean women. Oh, these guys are Taliban. What are you kidding me if they kicked in they expect this. Let's listen to a different version of the same report which actually brings this out a little bit. This is stranded Fox report. Just today Secretary of State Anthony Blinken muttered his way through a press conference saying that the Taliban is not allowing charter flights to depart Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul. As of now, the Taliban are not permitting the charter flights to depart. They claim that some of the passengers do not have the required documentation. While there are limits to what we can do without personnel on the ground without an airport with normal security procedures in place. We are working to do everything in our power to support those flights and to get them off the ground. What Anthony blinkin didn't say is those flights include American citizens would blink it also didn't mention was that the Taliban aren't the only ones blocking flights from leaving Afghanistan. Fox News has obtained an exclusive email showing the State Department is blocking flights as well. The emails are from retired Marine named Eric Montalvo, who is operating his own private evacuation flight from Afghanistan flights I should say it's rural. According to those emails, the State Department is refusing to give charter flights approval to land in other countries. The State Department also told Montalvo that private flights
  • 1:57:18
    would not be allowed to land at the Department of Defense basis, even though they were transporting American citizens. And those are American basis, quote, you need to find another destination country. And it can't be the US either. You know, at this store, I saw this. Brian kilmeade. The problem I have is that it does not reflect what I'm what I'm actually hearing is happening. And there's flights going from what's the mutia Reef airport commercial flights, there are American contractors fighting against ISIS k in the north, the bombs. I mean, what something is going on that is that we're being distracted by the woke inclusivity talk. And I think the all the old 90 billion left behind it was 40. Then was 60 was 80. And now it's 90. And the outrage it's all distraction. There's something else happening and and there are contractors fighting and bombing in the north of Afghanistan. No one's reporting on it.
  • 1:58:26
    Unknown: Well, that's probably true. I'm just looking at this one topic. And I want to just mention that what did what he said about the State Department being a bear on a block? Yeah, a block. This is what glenn beck reported because he's doing some of this work. And he said the same thing. If the State Department won't let him do stuff, they won't let him come in. He will let him pick anyone up. They won't do this. They won't do that. Yeah, there is something going on. But besides the fact that we have mercenaries up in the north fighting ISIS, Kay, whatever that is, Iran
  • 1:59:00
    is Yeah, Iran, obviously
  • 1:59:05
    is kind of beside the point. What it did is that this whole thing is like ridiculous. This isn't the second part of this because it does have some humor in it.
  • 1:59:13
    Adam: A second What was it again? Forget what it was already dumped it. Oh, Fox stranded to Got it? Yeah, normally, all of this would be a crisis for the State Department, and they'd be focused on fixing it right. But officials at the department are a little busy with apparently more pressing matters. For example, the number of women in the Taliban's new government. Yesterday, a statement to the Hill, State Department spokesperson expressed concern about the lack of female leadership in Afghan Afghanistan's new interim government. Could it be the Taliban doesn't really like women too much doesn't give them jobs. But I digress. Quote, we have made clear our expectation that Afghan people deserve an inclusive government. Well, you talk about a strongly worded statement that will get everybody's attention. The Biden ministration is already free. with at least some of the new government senior leaders. Why? Because we already caught them on the battlefield and then released them. Remember this, the new Taliban senior officials were get mode detainees that former President Obama traded for a trader. There's about Bert Bowe Bergdahl and the four guys and when that happened, we already suspected they were going to put him in the government because they're all drug experts. Remember this? Yeah, I think for now, I think this is a Go ahead. This is a I think it's a distraction from what even fox is apparently in on this. What everyone's trying to figure out enough god how konstant is, was the suicide bomber at kabu. Airport, was that one of the 5000 let go out of Bagram Air Base jail. That's what everyone's trying to prove over it, or what journalists who are on the ground are trying to do there. And so Meanwhile, these the stories we get goes back to Bowe Bergdahl, which starts up a whole new thing. I just don't think it's relevant. I mean, not that it's relevant for us, but relevant that they're doing that it seems like they're just trying to make you look
  • 2:01:10
    everywhere else. But I don't think even if you looked at the bomber, what difference does it make if he was a release prisoner? And well, because if the order if the order to release those prisoners from Bagram resulted in the death of, you know, hundreds of people, including servicemen and women, yeah, then that that the that's I'm just telling, that's what people are going after and what they're going to do with that? I don't know.
  • 2:01:38
    Unknown: Well, I did pick up one little tidbit. This is because this is on that same report, but they did have a clip of Susan Rice going on about Bowe Bergdahl being such a great guy. He's still in the White House, she's the toward work, we've always condemns work. And I can't not want to play. She's just the reaches, we kind of listen to her. Of course, she's great.
  • 2:02:04
    He served the United States with honor and distinction. And we'll have the opportunity eventually to learn what has transpired and in the past two years, but what's most important now is his health and well being that he had the opportunity to recover and peace and security and be reunited with his family.
  • 2:02:22
    Oh, that's from back then when Bergdahl came out. Yeah, it's a babe in the good old days when she was on meet the press all the time. Ah, yeah.
  • 2:02:32
    Adam: So maybe, maybe, maybe you're right. But I still stick it to my theory, which is this whole thing is something of a smokescreen for the fact that we've armed the column mounted the T so they can fight out so they can make the Chinese miserable. Definitely a good benefit, but I don't know. I don't know. I do have two clips from CBS n. So that's their streaming thing, their online thing, they're more likely to listen to the hours and hours of material and get one clip. Thank you clip custodian
  • 2:03:09
    Unknown: it appears that we are talking about girls who claim that they were forced to marry right before they left the country. See, this
  • 2:03:18
    Adam: is the shit we're getting here at home. This is what you got to be worried about. Why were these girls forced into marriages and how were they identified?
  • 2:03:26
    Unknown: Yeah, this is really unfortunate events that have been taking place that we've learned cbs news was told that US officials are aware of at least several instances where young Afghan girls and young women were forced to enter into marriages outside that call the airport and that hurried evacuation in order to either help the young girl get into a family situation in order to board the US evacuation planes or in an effort to help Afghan man enter into a family as well. We have learned about this because through the vetting processes at foreign us bases. They have been asking these Afghan evacuees basic questions when it comes to vetting. And I was told this weekend that one of the things that is kind of raising the flags here is that there are age differences between some young Afghan women and the men who are they supposedly married to the the authorities over there US officials have said that they are going back and asking these questions. Obviously in the United States, young girls cannot be married to older men. So that is creating kind of a ripple over there and the Hollywood how to deal with this issue.
  • 2:04:42
    Adam: So this is considering its CBS This is your new CIA. That's what your new spook sounds like way way new. Yeah, the new CIA is all is all woke. This is this is the CIA. CIA. Yeah, this guy. Yeah, no, yeah, no, yeah, No, I'm kidding. The the gay affliction in the in the speech pattern which is I have no problem with although you know when you say I was alerted about this this weekend what you lounging at the pool you got an update from Afghanistan. I mean, I was alerted. I was alerted over the weekend while I was in the Hamptons, I don't know what you're doing. But this is it. This is how the spooks talk now, and it's in there so surprised what? child bride of Connie's what, yeah, you can be a young man in the United States. A young girl can't marry an older guy. She said that. And I'm thinking Have you been to Los Angeles? Let's continue with another minute.
  • 2:05:44
    Unknown: Okay, so Meanwhile, there are 10s of 1000s of Afghans are legitimately in this country and that other bases the Secretary of Homeland Security, Tomioka says over 50,000 Afghan evacuees are expected to resettle in the US. What more can you tell us about where these Afghan evacuees are now?
  • 2:06:03
    Adam: All right, here we go.
  • 2:06:04
    Unknown: Yeah, it's so good to keep the spotlight on this big evacuation process. Because even though these 10s of 1000s of Afghans made it out of that scare, why
  • 2:06:13
    does the journalist say it's so good to keep the spotlight on this? Is Easy working journalist doesn't say thank you
  • 2:06:23
    spook yet so good to keep the spotlight on this big evacuation process. Because even though these 10s of 1000s of Afghans made it out of that scary situation at the Kabul airport, there's still a long road ahead for them. Right now, according to federal data that was obtained here at CBS News. As of yesterday, there was about 41,000 Afghan evacuees currently in the United States. They are being temporarily housed in six different states at different military installations there. There's currently also about 22,000, Afghan evacuees still at overseas bases awaiting us vetting procedures in order to bring them over to this country. Where are these evacuees right now in the United States? The most of them are at Fort McCoy in Wisconsin. We also have evacuees at Fort Bliss in Texas, and also at bases and military sites in New Jersey, Virginia, Indiana, and New Mexico. The big question is how many of these Afghan evacuees will be allowed by the by the administration to resettle here in the country? That question is still up in the air?
  • 2:07:30
    Adam: Yeah. So any guy or a woman? This is spook? No, but was it a guy or a woman girl? I think it's man male yes well someone who identifies as male
  • 2:07:45
    Unknown: so you want idea of the woke CIA is disturbing while you're hearing it i mean that's that I think it's been coming on because there's been other member did they have some some public service announcements on site? Or genderless? By the way?
  • 2:08:04
    Adam: Just have a mound like Malibu can those on their website they had these you know, we're now inclusive and they show a black guy and I've been Muslim on the wheelchair, the dog the guy with the shot. Somebody dressed woman one legs. Unbelievable. Speaking of the CIA, it's hard to ignore the coincidence of the pullout from Afghanistan. And the immediate rise in fentanyl overdoses it's just hard to ignore.
  • 2:08:49
    Well, yeah, not only that there is it is in the news and we lost a good actor just the other day. Oh, my God play Omar in the wire. And he was I just was watching a video of him discussing his acting skills and techniques and some of the things he did and and then the next thing you know, the next day is dead. Right that disturbing. But you know, and here's the here's the part that I don't not Yes, everyone's Yes, fentanyl is to blame. Here's the part. Now the coke users are getting fed. Yes. In California, the college is New York except a little cocaine dead. So here's the here's my question. I I've known several drug dealers in my life. I've never known a drug dealer who would say you know what, I think I'm going to lace this with this lethal dosage of fentanyl so I can kill my customers. So either they don't know what they're getting. Or they don't know how to do it how to dose it which also makes no sense or it's something else why would you kill your customers with the you know in by cutting coke with fentanyl
  • 2:10:00
    Unknown: don't understand. That doesn't make sense. No, this is being done by some agency. Maybe.
  • 2:10:09
    Adam: Maybe a Chinese agency. I don't know why maybe China just wants to kill us all, you know? Well, their time, whatever works just takes longer when it comes to the Opium Wars. We're not it. By the way, it's our turn. They're mad about those Opium Wars. They're blaming us even though is the British Hello. Yep. very thoughtful note from our Duke of America's Heartland in the Arabian Peninsula. Sir, focus auto. And I think he gave us some good perspective on on the leave behind stuff. Which, if you want to talk about that, since you tease that in the newsletter, was also the column I just wrote for substack. Yeah, you're eating, aren't you? No, I'm not eating. What are you doing? I hear it. I can add a lozenge. I heard a little smack in between those lips. You can't You can't fool the pot father. He said that he just put it into a little of context. And I put some of this, none of this in the show notes. But it was it was good to see that there's so much that had been sold to the Afghan army. And this couple people who sent in I got another email here from somebody. This is not even from him. I don't think you saw aircrafts, and other things and vehicles with sludge painted on the side which means engines were run with sand mixture until seizure. There were a lot of things destroyed, but also a lot of that stuff we had just sold to the Afghans. And the presumption is that the the Blackhawks that were flying around that was former Afghan pilots who defected because hey, they need money and who's paying money? Oh, Taliban Okay, so just go over and fly for them. But that's that's not going to last our guy say three months I think it's going to be less and then none of that will be flying. So but the the the collision of costs and all that stuff, which we left behind and eight hours, that's good stuff as long as long as less ammo. I don't know how much ammo does only count of the ammo. Yeah, 10 million rounds. Now, man, that's not enough for the hill
  • 2:12:35
    country. won't be enough for Afghanistan.
  • 2:12:41
    Unknown: I have all the numbers in that substack article.
  • 2:12:47
    Adam: Subs divorce.substack.com. So what's your what's your final takeaway that this is to leave it to make it difficult for China that that was the grand strategy behind this. Yeah. That was really the strategy that was that was that was why that was the last bit was it was the strategy that was created by pompeyo at the last minute because we knew we had to get out eventually. So we knew that that China was impinging and they had this Belt and Road crap and they were going to come barreling through one way or the other. And we didn't want to have to be there to deal with it. So it's very interesting. If that were true, because something else happened that we caught a again on the spook network. So this is a clip custodian Neal Jones cbsn am I don't watch it. I guess he has he clearly has time. But listen to this Guinea
  • 2:13:38
    Unknown: is in a state of limbo after arm soldiers overthrow the country's government and detain its president. The group ousted the 83 year old leader dissolved his cabinet over the weekend. He was getting his first democratically elected leader since its independence, but he sparked protests when he amended the constitution to stay in power beyond the two year term. The Cuse leader promised a new corruption free government but offered no details nor a timeline. So this
  • 2:14:06
    Adam: was a coup in Guinea. Now why would we ever talk about beginning places? No, we have never talked about I will say this I'm pretty sure that in 14 years, we never talked about Guinea never. Today being the ninth on September 5 Guinea in Special Forces swarmed Conakry, the capital, the West Africans say blocking key roads and they basically went in and they got a president Conde. And for the first time, China actually said something about Guinea, which they typically don't do in countries that they own. China poses coup attempts to seize power and calls for the immediate release of President Conde see Conde went all in, in 2014, I think when he was elected, and he couldn't get the IMF or anyone else to put any money. into into Guinea. And so he went to China. And so this has got to be us. Yeah, it's got to be us. We are messing with China. But this makes no sense. No one wants that. But it's all it's all. Yes, but every we're messing with China. But as I pointed out in that column, it's all plausible deniability. Of course, gaze within in Afghanistan is, hey, the Taliban beat us and they took our weapons. Yeah. What are we supposed to do? We try we had the right you saw it. You saw that movie? era. We're running out of the air. We had to leave Americans behind. They're stranded. I don't know what to tell you. So how many if that's not deniable? I don't know what else is they can do a better job than that. Okay, pretty slick. Now you get into something that I kind of like so the CIA maybe they're running maybe the wall clearly they they ran whatever happened in in a Pawnee Stan maybe maybe they did it that way. Because Beijing Joe Beijing Biden is not trustworthy and the CIA really wants to cut down China.
  • 2:16:14
    Unknown: They will make China woke. Yeah.
  • 2:16:18
    Adam: Well, that's not happening. China is now banning men on television if they do not appear masculine enough. This is no this is great. This is new. Do you have a clip of fear of feet? If you're an effete male yellow Los Angeles Yeah. Goodbye. You're in a feat male Hello Hollywood. msnbc. Everybody there
  • 2:16:42
    Unknown: you'd be out
  • 2:16:45
    Adam: now No, you can't pronounce it that way. Can you bring your voice down a little bit so you don't sound like a woman who bc Yeah, and you know they're doing their it's like this China they were dragging us with the Scholastic system mainly but a lot of other institutions have and networks in the United States vicious Institute dragging us along into wokeness dragging us dragging just woke woke Whoa, whoa, whoa, and then they they with that that rope and they let go like alright, you go be woke and we're going to chop it down stop with the video games no more and no more non masculine male role models goodbye BTS BTS. That boy band got no future so now that now that we're in full on woke mode with esgs now coming for you know they was pretty funny or is it under climate change? They now have a hydro power ESG guidelines so you know show if you're woken off or say green the right way your investable So while we're doing that they're they're switching back is that possible that that's maybe a strategy this whole thing is it's beyond our capability to fully understand.
  • 2:18:13
    Unknown: But yeah, it's what it looks like the Chinese in this anti woke thing and anti I don't know anti defeat male anti role models they you know, they are concerned about role models. Yeah, there's some going on because they definitely pushed us in the other direction. I mean, all you have to do is watch network news or watching Miss NBC there's a good example. Yeah, they want to talk about the the racist, bigoted, misogynistic state of Texas. I have one Texas clip just specifically for this guy. Do you want to talk about typical all Texans they just say you're a true Texan now. That's right. Because Texas loves talking about Texas. That's right. Where is my Texas for slam Texas. here's here's a nice report from NPR, the Texas the number one Texas haters on the on the airwaves, NPR and slam in Texas, at least 53 workers in Texas have died from heat exposure in the past decade and many more have been hospitalized. Houston public media Sarah Willa earns reports on the findings of a recent probe of the issue by Columbia Journalism investigations NPR and the Texas newsroom
  • 2:19:31
    in Texas, the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA issues workplace safety violations. A review of OSHA data found that the agency often decides not to penalize companies for a workers death and routinely negotiates with employers to reduce violations and find Dean Wingo is a former OSHA official who worked in Dallas
  • 2:19:53
    Adam: and you got to remember the the fine is not based on the injury. It's based on the violation.
  • 2:19:57
    Unknown: The investigation also found that Texas comes beanies are on average initially find $11,600 by OSHA for violation after negotiating the average impose fine is 60 $200 I'm terrible at Ernst in Houston.
  • 2:20:13
    Adam: Well, Sara Walla earns I would love to hear her audition tape.
  • 2:20:18
    John: Now, this gratuitous report just a slam Texas for no good reason. If you listen to the premise 55 people have died from heat prostration whatever in 10 years in Texas 10 years in the decade, that's five a year in Texas which gets to 110 and higher we hate people we let them burn. This is this is a bull crap report if there ever was it say oh in Arizona, someone burn their hands on their automobile. You know, on the steering wheel. No kidding.
  • 2:20:59
    Adam: Well, anyway, that's my best tag. That's the best I can do. The University of Texas, Boston students are suing the school because the school is refusing to cancel it's racist spirit song. The eyes of Texas. This is the this is the for the team. Yeah, we're gonna sing the eyes of Texas is the kids for school spirit. Well, it's racist. How's it racist? I read you from the article. The lawsuit was filed by the state and campus NAACP and anonymous students. It claims the school didn't defend black students who opposed the song. So it also alleges that the school violated the Civil Rights Act of 1964 when it created a separate marching band for students who didn't want to play it. So let me just explain what happens because this is how noodle gun works. That black students went that's racist. And if you can't find any racism in the lyrics I'll tell you in a moment why is considered racist the school and said okay, everybody who thinks is racist, which would probably the be the black Americans over here. You can have your own band and you don't have to play it. Well, that segregation they say. A recent committee found that the song itself has no racist intent. But in a report released in March, it's really it's unbelievable. The committee found that the song debuted at a minstrel show in 1903 and that you see because the song debuted at a minstrel show that's why it's racist according to the committee there was no the The song was not written with racist intent instead it was a parody to the famous phrases of the university president at the time William L pray there so they even can tell you where it's coming from but no racist so now there's a lawsuit over it with a racist I got the my pasta Glock locked and loaded Nicholas we've been looking at the at the heartbeat bill the heartbeat law now that forbids abortions in the state of Texas if a heartbeat can be established typically around six weeks and both you and I feel that this is a setup is set up to
  • 2:23:47
    turn Texas blue it's making everybody crazy that you know How did this get in here there is one obvious loophole which is the emergency situation so it really kind of makes you know the whole thing moot because you can doctor can determine emergency whoever he or she wants and then they throw in the well you get a bounty if you if you if you're a rat somebody out which turns out to be completely bullcrap, you can file a lawsuit which would take significant resources and then you can start getting some renumeration, if you're lucky enough to have that to have a successful lawsuits, but that's been manipulated into you can just go on a website, click and people get arrested, which is not true. And this next minute and a half may give us a little bit of a clue of what the plan was because speaking of effeminate males, Rachel Maddow on MSNBC, I know we have a ban on Rachel, but I'm going to play this one. It took her nine minutes to get to the one minute that makes any difference. And what she showed is there was a lawsuit in 1982. And there was about a liquor license in Massachusetts. A church had a backdoor alley, which opened up to the alley across across the alley from the liquor from the from the bar. And by Massachusetts law at the time, a church could could stop a liquor license from being handed out if it was too close in their proximity, and that lawsuit was one. And but the lawsuit was not that the church had the right it was the exact opposite. That was not adhering to the constitutional separation of church and state. No way can you have a non governmental organization be making those decisions being judged jury and executioner of the liquor license? So that was a successful lawsuit. The same lawyer now is going to try to do this with the heartbeat bill. Rachel Maddow after nine minutes got to the point. In other words,
  • 2:25:53
    Unknown: nobody's got a right to have a liquor license. That was not what was an issue here. What was an issue here is that the government, the state, can't let some random entity at church or school some other private entity make that decision. It's a governmental decision, you cannot delegate it to a private entity to make that determination for its own purposes. That is standing Supreme Court precedent from 1982 against an eight to one decision. Today, the very accomplished very famous harvard law professor who took that Grendel's den case back in the day who took it all the way to the United States. Professor, his name is Lawrence tribe, has sort of set off a flare warning that the Texas abortion ban, which the US Supreme Court let pass into law last week. He says that's basically the Grendel's den case all over again, quote, as with the Massachusetts liquor law, the Texas abortion law delegates quintessentially government powers to private parties, except this time, it's not the state delegating authority to a church to decide who gets a liquor license. This time it's the state delegating authority to, as he puts it, quote, literally anyone on earth with an objection to abortion, giving that individual or organization the unilateral and unfettered power to inflict punishment on whoever assists woman in terminating a pregnancy. Or its tribe says that Supreme Court precedent that he pursued and won in 1982 the way he won that case for that bar in Cambridge can be the undoing of the Texas abortion ban as well.
  • 2:27:32
    Adam: So here's what I'm thinking if the democrats indeed did this, they slipped in this language, which says nothing about bounties and suing Uber drivers but they slipped in some language which of course we know politicians don't read the bills they sign and then once it was in law, they would all bounty but they knew fully well they could reverse it with something like this and embarrass everybody and grab the upper hand
  • 2:28:03
    Unknown: Yeah, could be a scheme like that. It makes sense to something up it's a crock of crap the whole thing the way it's been done and you know, it keeps it in the news and makes Texas look course of corn heads now. I mean, then you have these other like the stories we have the stories we did like the racist song and dying in the heat. A bunch of bone has done in Texas. funny to watch the media go after Texas. Oh, yeah, we really feel bad about it. No, well, well you feel bad just some Joe Biden clips. Well, Joe Biden makes me happy shooting fish in a barrel. These are all short and there's a couple though. I want to see if you can tell that he's here. He has all these themes he did where he speaks Yes. Tell me what the what the one phrase is that he's putting into his speeches with the first clip on the list, which is the biting guess what but Okay, let's see. What do you say? That labor would never help? Well, guess why? labor's reason this worker said the single most important magazine needed a better educated public I guess what? They weren't paying for it. And guess what? Does anybody think if we were starting off from scratch, setting up public education we say 12 years is enough for the 21st century Well guess what? Everybody's mad at me because now guess what? That did you edit that? Was not him that's not what was the one sentence it was I would I chop pulled out okay. Okay. What Guess what, guess what? Okay. He seems to say guess what a lot like when I hear people talk like that, by the way. It's what a 12 year old does where 12 year old talks. Yes. That and you know what, the other one. I'm always always stopping when a and the family says that in their speech. I was stopped a meal and say stop. Am I supposed to guess
  • 2:29:59
    Adam: and they Well, you're asking me to guess what? So am I supposed to stop you right now? And guess Am I supposed to guess? Right? Yes, that's what 14 year olds did to 12 year olds. Who would do guess what they say? What? What?
  • 2:30:15
    Unknown: You should do that john when someone says Guess what? Go What? Get right in their face and go What? What do you kid go right there? Watch face it. Yes. Here's my here's my Biden on labor a WTF clip for you. Match. The labor is all about.
  • 2:30:34
    Adam: Got to hear the beginning again. What matter the labor union is all about dignity, provides dignity for people who deserve to be treated differently. Okay, what is the blah, blah, to be treated differently? That's it. That's all doctor mentioned. The labor union is all about, okay. That's what the Libya is all about. What is he saying? No, no, no, that's not what he says. He's saying. He said, that's what the labor union Oh, I'm here to get matches. The labor union is all about dignity, provides dignity for people who deserve to be treated differently.
  • 2:31:21
    who deserve to be Oh, geez. What's he talking about? deserve to be treated differently? These these presidents ad libbing again, danger. Danger, danger. The President from an applet.
  • 2:31:35
    Unknown: Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo. I know that was my favorite clip. That's a good one. Another one. I just write a clip for the day was worth it. Thank you. Thank you very much. I think that is a good clip. It's deserve it. Here's another one. That's not a while. Let me go on down the list. You got two more from what I can see. Yes. Three more. There's one called iden without the B. Oh. Okay. You want me to play that one? Yeah, let's play that one. Get it out of here. So folks, you do it all. I'm sorry to go on so long, but I can't I can't thank you enough. Now, the reason I clipped This is because he's been doing this a lot. He apologizes for for sucking. He apologize for going on so long. And it's usually at like the 12 minute mark. There's a report out today.
  • 2:32:25
    Adam: I think it was from it might have been from Politico which would be surprising. I have to look for that said that the White House is most worried about one thing. Biden talking to the press. They don't want him talking to the press. They they didn't for some reason Biden thinks that's where his power is. He's He's so gone. He's like, Oh, this is what I do. This is the press always do they eat it up. This is what I do. Let me let me have Adam, but he's making all these mistakes. And that's why you hear him saying things like they told me stop and turn around and leave the room yet,
  • 2:32:59
    Unknown: but he's apologizing for being talking too much. Yeah. Here's the Biden on the tax cut tax cut through a talks about my child tax credit. Take care.
  • 2:33:14
    Adam: Wait a minute. He talks about my child tax credit. You know what I think here's what I think went wrong with that isn't it's not a child tax cut. That's why I think he wanted what he should have said was everyone's talking about my 300 bucks a kid I just sent them. Not a tax cut. It's cash. Yeah, you're right. Good point. And I think that seemed to say the word cut. No, because he realizes that he says tack is too late. He's already said the word tax. And so he wants to say check who he talks about my child tax credit. J credit, credit, credit, credit, idiot. The one thing you actually have going for you is that people love you for that. No, yeah, they do, of course. And here's the rest of my mic, the mic who's working, doing some building some stuff for us? Because I got $250 then you didn't get 300 said no. So you kids dumber. That's not the reason is Texas. We don't need that much. We have lower cost of the last another three second clip. And this is where again, this is one of my pet peeves with him. I got you. This is by unbinds on unions, and he's telling talking about something serious and he just gratuitously says not a joke. It was essential. Is you not a joke? Yeah, we need to just discuss this for a second because the same way he's saying guess what like a child is because he doesn't actually know what he's saying. And I think that was probably about his build back. Better plan, the reconciliation bill that particularly one way saying, you know the great thing about unions is you this one, yeah. A bunch of union guys are from I understand. I'm just saying we're sorry. But why would you say hey Adam, you've been doing a great job in the audio on the show not a joke, because that would be because you don't mean it. Because you're lying. That's why he says that's not hyperbole. Yes it is. Joe here have an example. You know the looks like a tornado column anymore that hit the crops in in wetlands in the middle of the country and in Iowa, Nevada.
  • 2:35:26
    I mean, it's just across the board. I'm sorry. That's not my hyperbole. I know this was even better. What's the one thing he says tornadoes? We don't call them that anymore. Yeah. What do we call them? I don't know. That's, that's why I had the clip. I was thinking of a different way. And the other thing is what tornadoes are hitting Nevada? None either you don't call them that anymore. Cool. What's hitting Nevada? I mean, talking about Listen again, you know, the looks like a tornado column anymore. That hit the crops in in wetlands in the middle of the country and in Iowa in Nevada, and I mean, it's just across the board. And I looked it up and this question after question on the interwebs about what what exactly what do we call tornadoes? I always call them tornadoes. And by the way, what crops are coming out of Nevada?
  • 2:36:28
    Unknown: Green sage,
  • 2:36:30
    Adam: green money. I don't know was he talking about the Iowa tornado cuz that was a tornado. We call that a tornado. But I joined NATO, but I think in his mind is because he was talking about climate change all weekend long, going into Manhattan going into Jersey, where they yelled at him by the way, in Jersey, talking about climate change. Oh, wait, I think I have it here. Check this out. This will explain so he has climate change on the mind. And and so we think oh, it's not it's it's not tornado, it's climate change, something like that. It's the guys feeble, underwater. Climate change lookout floods. Roads, underwater cars submerged flash floods, filling basements trapping and killing some unable to escape. The remnants of Hurricane Ida left a path of destruction across the Northeast last week. This Manville New Jersey home was at once underwater and engulfed by flames. A charred stove is the only thing recognizable in the rubble. The outcry in the affected communities is the same.
  • 2:37:35
    Unknown: They need help. These are just empty hopes. I need a mentee has lived in Manville for 30 years through three devastating floods and countless empty promises. Every time
  • 2:37:46
    we have been promised that we're going to have help that something's going to happen to prevent us from from being flooded, but nothing is being done.
  • 2:37:55
    Adam: Today, President Biden visited hard hit Elmhurst queens and Manville New Jersey to offer reassurance to families and to see itis Aftermath firsthand. And so folks, we got to listen to the scientist, and the economist and the national security experts. They all tell us this is code read. The nation and the world are in peril. That's not hyperbole. That is a fact. That means it's bullshit translation. That's hyperbole. Code, red hyperbole code, red code, red Code Red world, the world's in peril. That's not hyperbole, okay. Sure. So that's why he does this, because that's what you do is an old person, or some as a young person, as a child or someone who is old enough and is reverting to child them. Child the child dumb. Now I just make like a thank you. copywriting child dumb child, like him, meanwhile, that we've got the build back better is on. And so this is the three and a half trillion dollar reconciliation bill. I tried to get some information on this. And it's three and a half trillion dollars, is it? I guess it's technically the budget, and all the reporting about it. He said with an op talk all the reporting about it doesn't really add up to more than 1 trillion. So I'm kind of curious, maybe I'm missing something. But if you look at it, here's NPR 726 billion for health, labor, education, pensions. Basically universal pre K, which is locking your child up when they're three so that you can go work for the slave wages. Yeah, that's what that is. exactly what it is. I don't understand. I only think they can take a three year old and put him in these programs. You know, that's when they need, you know, some guidance or drop a mask on him. Shoot him up. Then we have 107 billion. So now we're at about 850 for the Judiciary Committee, including instructions to address lawful permanent status for qualified immigrants 107 billion to go figure that out. Hello. Then we have 135 billion. So now we're close to a trillion for the committee on
  • 2:40:19
    agriculture, nutrition and forestry, including instructions to address forest fires, reduce carbon emissions and drought concerns. So that's a bit of climate change. Then we're at 335 332 for the Banking Committee. The banking committee has instructions to invest in in public housing, it's not HUD buys the banking committee in charge of that. And then, so now we're, I think you're right, why didn't list they oversee HUD. So now we're at 1.2 trillion. And then the last thing NPR mentions is another 190 8 billion for the Energy and Natural Resources Committee, including instructions largely related to clean energy development. So as about, but half of that even there's $300 billion for climate change. But still, so I come to 1.5 trillion. What's with the other two? Is that what is that something that? I mean? Do you know? Do you have any ideas at funding? Pi? So for bribes? Okay, I'll just want to make sure in Let me see, what's the best way to get here. The there was a great video that I saw this one, I'm kind of struggling with Ernst Wolf, who is a German guys about a 15 minute video. And it's worth watching. It has subtitles, the one I linked to in the show notes. And he's a journalist, and I don't think I don't think he's a proud podcaster. Right now it comes across as a learned man. And he goes through something he calls the the technology financial complex. And his assertion is that everything that's happening right now, is because the global banking system was on its last legs, I think that's there's some you can argue that now the only thing that can be left to do now is print money, we didn't have a war to to have a reason for money. So we have the war on COVID. And, and that's why this was perpetuated, whether it was happenstance or planned. And he believes that the end game is the central bank, digital currency. And, and the final, you know, that will be the final frontier of control over the economy, not so much to spy on individuals, etc. But
  • 2:42:38
    to know Okay, people are spending money in housing, you know, that is all your money will be at the Federal Reserve Bank. That's the idea. I think there's something to that.
  • 2:42:48
    I think there's that could be true. Yeah, I'm not buying it. No, I know you don't buy it, but it's not for sale. It's just an opinion. This does happen at the same time and not by opinions. Yeah, but it's just like, it's you can't buy it, because I'm not selling it to you I will sell it to someone else but not to you. Treasury Secretary Yellen, this is always fun, warns that the tools for the debt limit will run out by October. They do this every single time they got to raise the debt limit. They make it off well, we're all gonna die if we don't why they even have a debt limit. This goes on every single year because we need more money and always raise it What's the point? Because they're afraid that if it was open ended, then the other guys would come in and they just print all of it just keep going. You need to limit to stop the printing that's why so now we're three and a half up and anything doesn't limit doesn't exist it's just boy it's just to make them feel good limit. No, I think there's a technical limit that they they always they always up that's the it's that's the whole point. And then you can do things like oh, I'm going to shut down the government you can do fun stuff like that. It's it's a little end of year goodie that everyone likes to play around with to the fund is shutting down the government's always fund
  • 2:44:14
    Unknown: anyways, that the government doesn't need to be there. It's almost like making the case for the anarchists. Yeah, but bad things have ever happened during the government shutdown name one.
  • 2:44:28
    Adam: Oh, well, we had to remember we had the Trump what was the big shutdown? Was it during Trump and then he got money to people? I can't remember. There was no nothing Bad's ever happened. It always works out. People get furloughed and they get called back and they get all their back pace. I get free. Yes, it's a worthless process that we always fold. It's a costly process because they, they're there then they get they're out of their job for a couple of days, a couple of weeks, and they get their full pay without doing any work. This is not a good thing. So now we have the transitionary inflation, which means, don't worry, it's gonna go back, it's rich, it's gonna go back down people. It's a classic. It's in transition. It's trans money. There you go, I can't believe it and come up with that earlier. It's money that identifies as trans trans trans money. So trans money. This inflation, Biden's National Economic Council, I guess chair, Brian DESE, had just had to speak yesterday. But he's made a fantastic discovery about this inflation. You're crazy. By the way, this inflation is only coming from one place. The context here is the focus, the appropriate focus on the question of grocery prices, and the increase in grocery prices that we have seen recently over the last couple of months. And if we if we unpack that unpack, one of the interesting findings of the report that we put out today, is that about half of the overall increase in grocery prices can be attributed to a significant increase in prices in free products, in beef, in pork, and in poultry. And in beef and pork, we've seen double digit increases in prices over the last couple of months. In fact, if you look at the category that is grocery prices, what economists call food at homes, a food that is being purchased, to eat at home, in a number of areas we've seen if you take out those three categories, we've actually seen in price increases that are more in line with historical
  • 2:46:40
    norms. Okay, this guy just lied. So what he and I think there's a reason for it. What he's trying to have us believe, is that these horrible proteins, meat, pork, beef, pork and poultry, look, they they those evil proteins, they're responsible for half the inflight this crazy, that's half of it right there. It's just those everything else is just normal normally expected. We expect a little bit more expense. I think it's it's more sinister than that. This is the great reset the mind comp of might of our time, is being played out before our very eyes. Here's CBS again, Max elder of the food futures lab in Palo Alto says the problems of the pandemic are not going to be solved by robots alone. For example, He is urging humans to decrease our demand for animal meat over 35,000 workers in meatpacking facilities have been infected with COVID-19. These are hotspots of this pandemic. It is incumbent upon us to appreciate that we play a role in those outbreaks. Okay, a couple things. One, CBS spooks to another gay afflicting voice another spook on the phone. What are we doing CBS to control so this is what is this the other night I woke at the CIA but they're vegan. Yeah. And if this is promote beyond meat or whatever this is I actually played it out of order because we're talking about robotics. That's the next piece of it. You want fries with that? A robot may soon have you covered. Same goes for your smoothie. You choose the ingredients the machine from blended blends it Rick Wilmer of Chow robotics, based in Hayward says right now, a lot of other human hands, Sally now makes custom made salad bowls for sale in nursing homes, military bases and grocery stores. I mean, the comfort level with getting food from a robot or a machine has clearly changed as a result of the pandemic where people are now looking for this. Restaurants are also looking to do better at social distancing employees, that's where flippy the White Castle robot could help
  • 2:48:52
    Unknown: admit a human will be operating the grill and not standing next to another human who might have been operating the fryer and so so it just allows more space in the kitchen.
  • 2:49:01
    Adam: Yeah, that's it. You're not gonna have a job. You're not gonna eat meat. You won't own a home
  • 2:49:09
    Unknown: you're gonna be effeminate.
  • 2:49:14
    Adam: I mean, no wonder we have black pillars out there. nihilists. No wonder the the Zoomers are just saying give up. They're being told there's no hope.
  • 2:49:28
    Unknown: From the read these reports, sadly, that's you woke CIA. I'm going to show my mood by donating to no agenda. Imagine all the people who could do that. Oh yeah, that'd be fun.
  • 2:49:47
    We do a few people to thank for show 1313 1318 Let's go run through I'm including gummy nors. The icon of the troll room from Green Bay, Wisconsin. Go pack