Cover for No Agenda Show 1423: Baby Stealers
February 6th • 3h 3m

1423: Baby Stealers



Adam Curry & John C. Dvorak

Executive Producers

Zack Welch, Knight of Mandalay, Baron of South East Asia, Justin Varner, Anonymous, The Baron of Old Bay, Shawna Benson, Black Dame Loca of the Lost Pines, Jodi Atkinson, Jennifer Schurter, Khalil Saman

Associate Executive Producers

Sir Twenty-Threes, Knight of the Electric Ocean, Richard Garrett, Miss Lee, Nancy Chardavoyne, Sir Christopher, Knight of the Sipsey Valley, Matthew Scarpati, Patrick Masterson

Cover Artist

Tante Neel


Episode "1423: Baby Stealers" was recorded on February 6th.

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