Cover for No Agenda Show 1422: Honk Honk
February 3rd, 2022 • 3h 0m

1422: Honk Honk



Adam Curry & John C. Dvorak

Executive Producers

Sir Sort It Out, Dame Jennifer, Chap Williams, Chris Keller

Associate Executive Producers

onno priester, Scott K, Jeremy Cartwright, Jenifer Rein, John Wynn, Barron Finch, Black Knight Sir Kelly Spongberg and Dame Andrea, Aaron Weisgerber, Lili -dame of the happy hummers, Sir Whisker Biscuit, Michael Bernstein, Anonymous, Darius Gandhi, Chuck and Inger Moe

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Episode "1422: Honk Honk" was recorded on February 3rd, 2022.

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