1432: Dry Holes

Adam Curry & John C. Dvorak

3h 33m
March 10th, 2022
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Timeline 1990 USSR - now
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Bio Labs in Ukraine
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“We dont have bio labs, but they are very secure”
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Counter narrative
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HAM Scam
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X22 Report
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2498 Trolls
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Putin and The Green New Deal
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Note From The Former New York Banker
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FDA approved ‘crispr cattle’ meat for consumption
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WEF global shapers community
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The Hill is suspended
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JCD calls for database
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Birthdays, Title Changes & Meetups
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  • 0:00
    Hey man, that guy's coked up. Adam curry
  • 0:04
    Jhansi Devorah there's a march 10 2022 This is your award
  • 0:07
    winning get our nation media assassination episode 1432.
  • 0:11
    This is no agenda, firing up
  • 0:15
    the gasifier and broadcasting live from the heart of the Texas
  • 0:18
    hill country here in FEMA reach number six in the morning,
  • 0:20
    everybody. I'm Adam curry,
  • 0:22
    and I'm from Northern Silicon Valley, where we are all
  • 0:26
    lamenting the explosion at the maternity hospital. I'm John C.
  • 0:30
  • 0:35
    Yeah, I'm surprised they didn't throw the kids out of the
  • 0:38
  • 0:40
    I was waiting for that, that I was waiting for something like
  • 0:43
  • 0:43
    I think this is close. It's close enough to work. We know
  • 0:46
    what won't work
  • 0:47
    every network and they die plated every play for more than
  • 0:51
    one day.
  • 0:52
    What I'm missing is dead baby bodies. They just haven't shown
  • 0:55
    any dead baby bodies that would clinch the deal. They have
  • 0:59
    again, a map here's where the baby bodies are. Look at this
  • 1:02
    little blip on the Google map that we're showing on the
  • 1:04
    screen. So what they don't show that bothers me the most and
  • 1:09
    whenever they do go live to Ukraine to KI KI KI Qi it's
  • 1:14
    peaceful. There's no one on the streets. No one there. And you
  • 1:16
    know, it's just it's like three in the morning and nothing's
  • 1:18
  • 1:19
    Well, if it was that, for one thing, it was that horrible a
  • 1:22
    situation. Why would Anderson poovar be in and also Lester
  • 1:27
    Holt. He's in he's in the fact. But let me just play the Lester
  • 1:32
    Holt. Intro. This is one of the you know, the NBC does their
  • 1:37
    opening. And they get to make clear that Lester's in loveth.
  • 1:41
    Olivia. Yes. Which is what? 5050 kilometers west of Ukraine, I
  • 1:45
  • 1:46
    No, no, not west of Ukraine North Kiev. No, it's what No,
  • 1:51
    it's more than that. It's way over on one by the border is
  • 1:54
    that far? It's pretty far over. Take a look at the map. It's
  • 1:57
  • 1:58
    much rolling. It's pretty much Poland basically.
  • 2:00
    Well, it's over there. But this
  • 2:06
    guy, the NBC opener. Yeah, let's
  • 2:09
    do the opener.
  • 2:10
    Tonight our special coverage inside Ukraine as Russian forces
  • 2:14
    appear to be stepping up attacks on civilians here. Ukrainian
  • 2:18
    officials saying a Russian airstrike destroyed this
  • 2:20
    children's and maternity hospital in the port city of
  • 2:23
    Mariupol. Victims limping away. Ukraine's president saying
  • 2:27
    children are trapped in the rubble. The stunning images
  • 2:30
    injured pregnant women evacuated oh the city. Hundreds of 1000s
  • 2:35
    of civilians cut off from food and clean water also new
  • 2:39
    concerns of the Chernobyl plant. The power cut off after Russians
  • 2:43
    took control and I go inside the resistance with civilians
  • 2:48
    bracing to defend their neighborhoods. Also domestic gas
  • 2:51
    prices hitting a new record high after President Biden banned
  • 2:55
    Russian oil Russia accusing the US of waging an economic war.
  • 3:00
    And inside Russia more US companies cutting ties the rush
  • 3:04
    to get the last big mac before McDonald's shutters nearly 850
  • 3:09
    restaurants in the country, but trial underway for four men
  • 3:12
    accused of plotting to kidnap Michigan's governor. And after
  • 3:16
    more than a century one of the great mysteries of the sea has
  • 3:20
    finally been solved. Wow. This is NBC Nightly News with Lester
  • 3:27
    Holt. Alright, reporting tonight. The V view crane couple
  • 3:31
    things. First of all, I think I would give my left nut for that
  • 3:34
    music bed that that they use for this tomb tomb tomb. Tomb tomb
  • 3:39
    tomb to do that. Is that that is that has every element that you
  • 3:43
    feel it in your bones. Yeah. Second.
  • 3:47
    It's just it's been amongst the best in history.
  • 3:51
    The second is That's it. Our show was over. He explained
  • 3:54
    everything. That's what's going on.
  • 3:57
    Give away the whole show. And
  • 3:59
    well, there's a little more Hold on. There's a little more. This
  • 4:02
    is from ABC.
  • 4:03
    Oh, we began with this situation on the ground right now. And
  • 4:06
    some new recruits possibly joining the fight for Russia
  • 4:09
    this morning. possible new evidence that Russia is
  • 4:12
    preparing to take its war deeper into Ukraine's inner cities. The
  • 4:15
    Wall Street Journal reports Russia is recruiting fighters
  • 4:18
    from Syria hoping their expertise in urban combat will
  • 4:21
    help take Kiev and some of those recruited Syrians are already in
  • 4:25
    Russia preparing to enter the conflict
  • 4:27
    how how what oh, yeah, that's that's the Oh yeah, that's gonna
  • 4:32
    be terrorists, you know ISIS or some shit like that. But wait,
  • 4:36
    you're telling me the Russians can't do urban combat they have
  • 4:39
    to bring in Syrians for that boneheads they didn't know good
  • 4:42
    at it.
  • 4:43
    They need to bring Syrians in
  • 4:45
    Yeah, whatever that means. And then this this morning this just
  • 4:49
    this just this is perfect. I mean, we're we're deep
  • 4:52
    platforming canceling. We are wiping Russia off the in fact,
  • 4:56
    I'm surprised when you go to Google Maps you can actually
  • 4:59
    still find Russia as they should just blurt out I mean this is
  • 5:02
    this is no longer part of the world
  • 5:04
    war in Ukraine rages Russia is apparently trying to drag the
  • 5:07
    internet base station into the fight over US sanctions. In just
  • 5:11
    three weeks American astronaut Mark Vandehei is scheduled to
  • 5:14
    hitch a ride back to Earth with the Russians. But the head of
  • 5:17
    the Russian Space Agency has been posting videos threatening
  • 5:20
    to leave in space. retired NASA astronaut Scott Kelly calls that
  • 5:25
    threat outrageous.
  • 5:28
    I think it's just a crazy threat. It you know, it's not
  • 5:34
    really based in reality, and we do have the ability to control
  • 5:37
    the orbit of the space station independent from the Russian
  • 5:40
    Space Agency. So I don't I don't see that happening.
  • 5:45
    Russian space chief also suggested they might break off
  • 5:48
    the Russian part of the space station.
  • 5:50
    All right now you're talking. Just break it off.
  • 5:54
    What? Making these stories up? Where's the Sungai goof ball
  • 5:58
    over there.
  • 6:00
    Now I think that's serious. This is this is how nuts they are. I
  • 6:04
    mean, it's really unbelievable what it's so bad. This this
  • 6:09
    cancel mania. I mean, this is really the culmination of it.
  • 6:12
    This has got to be Pete cancelation that people are even
  • 6:16
    incriminating themselves. Now the elites, and they're coming
  • 6:19
    out of everywhere. The Clinton Global Initiative is restarting
  • 6:22
    us. Oh, well, you know what that means? There's money flowing,
  • 6:25
    and Hillary's back in the flow of it. This is in what and who's
  • 6:29
    this Condoleezza Rice on cloaks? Well, and
  • 6:32
    I have argued that when you invade a sovereign nation that
  • 6:35
    is a war crime. I mean, I think we're at just a real basic,
  • 6:39
    basic point there. Well,
  • 6:41
    it is certainly against every principle of international law
  • 6:45
    and national order. And that's why throwing the book at them
  • 6:48
    now in terms of economic sanctions, and punishments, is
  • 6:52
    also a part of it. And I think the world is there. Certainly
  • 6:55
    NATO is there. He's he's managed to unite NATO in ways that I
  • 6:59
    didn't think I would ever see again after the end of the Cold
  • 7:01
    War. Really? Yeah.
  • 7:03
    Yeah. Really? Yeah. Really. So wait, wait, wait. Yeah. To
  • 7:07
    summarize, so what we did by marching into Iraq? Uh huh.
  • 7:12
    That's not anything like this and what we did by by actually
  • 7:17
    leading from behind in this case and finding ways to destroy
  • 7:23
    Libya, that's nothing like this. It's no no, no, you ruin the
  • 7:27
  • 7:27
    Well, and not and not to mention what they did to Gadhafi. That
  • 7:30
    was kind of rude.
  • 7:32
    Yeah, they might have a spider holes and strung him up.
  • 7:36
    Didn't they stick a blank Western outlaw and they stick a
  • 7:38
    broomstick up his butt first.
  • 7:40
    That was kudelski I'm sorry. I'm thinking I was thinking about
  • 7:42
    what I was referring to Saddam Hussein. Yeah. Qaddafi Yeah,
  • 7:45
    they Yeah, they raped Yeah, that's
  • 7:49
    yeah, dude. Yeah, no, that's okay. That's okay. That's it
  • 7:52
    because it's in the name of democracy
  • 7:54
    and by the way we're not we're not we don't like Putin either.
  • 7:58
    But the point is, is that you can't say one thing and then do
  • 8:03
    another How about this all we're pointing out to it
  • 8:06
    all of our so called and I use that specifically leaders but
  • 8:11
    especially in the US are gigantic dicks How about that
  • 8:17
    first starter How about nobody no human being on Earth except
  • 8:21
    for these dicks in their in their bodies in in in
  • 8:27
    Parliament's and Congress and whatever other structures they
  • 8:31
    have no human wants this we don't want we don't we're not
  • 8:34
    interested in this. There's no Russian really pissed that
  • 8:37
    Americans there's no Americans really well of course it's gonna
  • 8:40
    ratchet it up a little bit. This is dumb, it's dumb, and
  • 8:43
    everybody knows it but being played
  • 8:47
    appear to get played they get all jacked and by
  • 8:49
    the way, as a cut and we'll go through some of this as it comes
  • 8:52
    to what is happening with energy the complete transition to the
  • 8:55
    green agenda before our very eyes and then the the millions
  • 9:00
    of white only immigrants in Europe when Victoria Nuland said
  • 9:07
    Fuck the EU Europe should have taken her at her word. This is
  • 9:11
    also an attack on the EU it's not just you know Global Energy
  • 9:16
    etc The EU specifically is under attack. I don't I guess they
  • 9:20
    know it. Someone does. But you know it's not what they're
  • 9:25
    talking about on their media. It's Oh, let's get let's get
  • 9:29
    some money for Ukrainians is horrible. We need to help them
  • 9:32
  • 9:33
    Let's play this clip from this is again back to NVC, Ukraine,
  • 9:38
    as Ukraine NBC with our buddy, the inimitable Yes, the spook
  • 9:44
    Richard angle, angle. Yeah. And beautiful.
  • 9:47
    Also the US today closing the door on a transfer of fighter
  • 9:51
    jets to Ukraine. And there are new concerns about the condition
  • 9:54
    of the Chernobyl nuclear plant now in Russian hands. All this
  • 9:59
    is us. Officials tell NBC News they are concerned Russia could
  • 10:03
    potentially be preparing to use chemical or biological weapons
  • 10:07
    in Ukraine. Richard angle is far to the east, originating gold
  • 10:12
    stars coverage.
  • 10:14
    Vladimir Putin says Russians should be proud of what their
  • 10:18
    soldiers are doing in Ukraine. Where's the honor? bombing a
  • 10:22
    children's and maternity hospital? In a city that's
  • 10:26
  • 10:27
    Wow. Well, the editing was great on that. Yes, some woman cried
  • 10:31
    the whale in there. Now. Was this one of those? Do you think
  • 10:36
    it's real easy? It really happened I guess is my
  • 10:38
    is my first hit somewhere this show that crater? Or is this
  • 10:41
    like a white helmets type deal? Anybody? So
  • 10:43
    I didn't hit the building. So this is more White Helmets type
  • 10:47
    deal with people running around camera ready? Well,
  • 10:50
    they do have that one pregnant woman that keeps showing on all
  • 10:53
    the networks is the same one and she's wearing it. The problem is
  • 10:56
    they did they make them they do specific things as a colorful
  • 11:01
    culture. So they they had her on a on a kind of a blanket that
  • 11:04
    looks like a flag or something. And that's that was the most
  • 11:07
    noticeable thing is every time you saw it, you see that same
  • 11:10
    blanket. But I cut this off because I could have gotten this
  • 11:15
    goes on for a long time. But the way he finishes was just like,
  • 11:19
    Okay, this is another Richard Engel report that is just going
  • 11:22
    nowhere. And he's not even there. He's he's in Kiev, and
  • 11:27
    this is happening. And this marsupial or whatever the name
  • 11:31
    of that little town is. Mercer pole. Yeah. marsupial has same
  • 11:36
    thing. So it this reporting is they put these guys over there.
  • 11:42
    And except for angles, who knows the ropes and so he can go into
  • 11:45
    these, you know, into the ego closer to the main part of the
  • 11:49
  • 11:51
    Whatever action there is,
  • 11:52
    whatever I'm just not seeing adjusted, no one else will go
  • 11:55
    there. I mean, when you saw these other people reporting
  • 11:57
    from the border, you know, or, or that clip I played last time,
  • 12:01
    where Blinken was doing a toe tap in Ukraine, saying I'm in
  • 12:06
    Ukraine. Right behind him was the Polish border, like within
  • 12:10
    one, you know, 10 yard one step back. I
  • 12:13
    mean, Poland, and Ukraine and Poland up up. I want to just go
  • 12:18
    through a brief timeline for people because no one does that
  • 12:20
    in the mainstream. And you and I have both lived it. Literally
  • 12:24
    back to the 1990s. And several important points that this show
  • 12:28
    has been a part of just that we have some history. And of
  • 12:32
    course, even by reading this timeline, I've got a big bottle
  • 12:36
    of water on my back with Putin's name on it. 1990 was the
  • 12:40
    collapse of the Soviet Union. You and I both been to Soviet
  • 12:43
    Union before that. Yep. Was it pretty? Okay. I mean, it was
  • 12:47
    messed up. But I didn't feel hated.
  • 12:49
    It was depressing. I didn't feel you're walking. i You saw like
  • 12:53
    these hordes of old ladies in the Kremlin. And they were
  • 12:56
    sweeping back and forth and back and forth. And in a swamp that
  • 13:00
    just moves the dirt from site A to site B. I mean, there's a lot
  • 13:05
    of busy work that was going on one time I don't want to go on
  • 13:08
    with stories, but I could do them for a couple hours. But
  • 13:10
    I'll tell one, one my favorite. So I'm in the the Moscow
  • 13:15
    airport, and which is outside of Moscow. And is it so far, it's
  • 13:20
    outside far enough that people say why is it so far outside?
  • 13:23
    It's called the Moscow airport. Really, it had some, but it was
  • 13:27
    outside that was outside of Moscow and it was way outside.
  • 13:31
    And so I was told they moved it way out there so people can't
  • 13:34
    count airplanes coming and going because of a security breach.
  • 13:39
    And they also dimly lit this airport.
  • 13:41
    Do I do have 40 years to get through? So we're back. Okay,
  • 13:45
  • 13:46
    stop now.
  • 13:47
    You can take it can you finish the story? I want a story. I
  • 13:50
    like the story. I just want to know which one it is.
  • 13:52
    Okay, this story is I'm I'm in the airport in this dimly lit
  • 13:56
    airport. And there was a story behind that too. And there's
  • 14:01
    this this will old woman and she's got a stick with a nail on
  • 14:06
    it. And she's she sees one cigarette but then there's
  • 14:10
    plenty of them on this airport. she stabs it and then pushes it
  • 14:14
    all the way across the airport to this small two or three inch
  • 14:18
    high pile of butts. That's he comes wandering around, grabs
  • 14:21
    another one and did one of these butts one at a time. And so I
  • 14:26
    brought it up with the host and I said just terrible you know,
  • 14:29
    these rushes they can't even afford to give the woman a broom
  • 14:33
    to sweep up the bus. She's got this one nail and explained it
  • 14:36
    to me. So no, no, that's exactly her job. Right? That is her
  • 14:41
    tool. It keeps her busy.
  • 14:45
    So I was there with the Moscow music Peace Festival. Yes, CIA
  • 14:49
    operation. For another time. That story. However, the Soviet
  • 14:55
    Union collapsed, which was also with the help of George Soros
  • 14:58
    and it was a financial collapse. So we were in our banks were
  • 15:02
    involved in that. Then we had the the High Level Two Plus Four
  • 15:05
    treaty talks. And this was really to have Germany's
  • 15:09
    reunification. And it was James Baker, the third and Mikhail
  • 15:13
    Gorbachev along with France, the UK, the Western German
  • 15:16
    government. And during these talks, Baker, our Secretary of
  • 15:20
    State gave a verbal promise that NATO would not move one inch to
  • 15:24
    the east. And that was the, quote one inch to the east to
  • 15:27
    threaten former Soviet territories in return for the
  • 15:31
    USSR, which then became the Russian Federation to allow the
  • 15:35
    German reunification within NATO. Now we go to 2007. And I
  • 15:40
    think the show was on the air was because they're always
  • 15:43
    around the same time. I think we were, maybe not, but I know
  • 15:46
    we've we've made we did the 2008, the Munich Security
  • 15:50
    Conference. In 2007, the Bush Cheney administration announced
  • 15:55
    plans to install the US missile defense system in Poland,
  • 15:58
    Romania, Czech Republic, and this was all to guard against
  • 16:02
    the rogue states of North Korea and Iran. But it was pretty
  • 16:05
    obvious what was going on there. Russia delivered a critique of
  • 16:10
    this. But by 2007 10, former communist eastern states had
  • 16:16
    been had joined NATO, despite the one inch promise of 1990,
  • 16:22
    Ukraine and Georgia were candidates in 2007, to join NATO
  • 16:26
    following a couple of suspicious revolutions in both those
  • 16:30
    countries. Then we have the 2014 I'm skipping over a lot, but the
  • 16:35
    2014 My do my Don coup. And, and this kicked off, if you
  • 16:41
    remember, and this is important. The president of the time, you
  • 16:47
    know, KOVITCH, Yanukovych, announced, instead of accepting
  • 16:51
    a special association with the European Union, Ukraine was
  • 16:55
    going to opt for a much more generous offer from Moscow to
  • 16:58
    join the Eurasian Economic Union, which was led by Russia.
  • 17:02
    And in addition to that, remember this, Russia agreed to
  • 17:06
    cut the price of gas to Ukraine by 30%. And I think they bought
  • 17:10
    like 15 or $20 billion worth of bonds, because Kiev was in a
  • 17:14
    financial crisis. And they were the whole country was corrupt.
  • 17:17
    And that's when on was it November in November Yatseniuk,
  • 17:23
    yachts and yachts, the guy that started this, my Don Square
  • 17:29
    protest, and they had all of the US Non Governmental
  • 17:32
    Organizations. That's when Victoria Nuland was out there on
  • 17:35
    the square and handing out we don't know if it's brownies,
  • 17:38
    cookies or donuts.
  • 17:41
    And John Brennan was there jump? Oh, McCain
  • 17:44
    direct McCain. What's her face? Amy Klobuchar. Lady G, Lindsey
  • 17:53
    Graham. So then, then there was the coup, which included this
  • 17:59
    private army of Neo Nazis from the Right Sector, with the call
  • 18:04
    the Right Sector, and they were killing everybody. And then all
  • 18:09
    of a sudden, we have a new a new government. So what spurred this
  • 18:12
    most recent is if that wasn't enough, going back to the one
  • 18:16
    inch, but of course, it was never documented. So okay. The
  • 18:21
    most recent was documented
  • 18:23
    we had we had a clip of the other show that you're right,
  • 18:26
    you're right, right. But we don't have a document that is
  • 18:29
    signed, sealed, delivered with
  • 18:32
    commentary and the agreement was documented but never put into
  • 18:36
    some form that was you know, that was that we thought was
  • 18:40
    official so we could just violate our In other words, our
  • 18:43
    word was useless. Pretty much gave our word and we done it.
  • 18:48
    Yeah. We're Indian givers. Losers. No good. addicts, dicks.
  • 18:52
    I know. And racist.
  • 18:55
    Calcutta, India? Yes, of course.
  • 18:57
    So then this most recent Munich Conference, the 2022 conference
  • 19:02
    in February, February 19. Yeah. Are you seeing a pattern here?
  • 19:06
    Yeah. Now President Ukrainian president Solinsky made the
  • 19:10
    threat to deploy nuclear weapons on Ukrainian territory. And two
  • 19:18
    days later, Putin in his speech, said hold on a second, we're
  • 19:23
    going to recognize the independence of Donetsk and
  • 19:25
    Lugansk. And wait,
  • 19:26
    wait, how can Zelinsky say he's gonna use nuclear weapons when
  • 19:31
    he hasn't got any?
  • 19:34
    No, the way he said, Okay. I have I have the reason why I'll
  • 19:37
    have to read it verbatim. He expressed this as a as his union
  • 19:41
    unilateral revocation of the 1994 Budapest Memorandum.
  • 19:45
    Although Ukraine was not a signatory of the Ukraine was not
  • 19:47
    a signatory the agreement. So I guess he's saying we weren't a
  • 19:51
    signatory to the Budapest Memorandum so we can take
  • 19:55
    nuclear weapons and he was ready to deploy them. That not his of
  • 19:59
    course, but ours. Obviously, and then Putin said, This is not
  • 20:03
    empty bravado. And just looking at the history, I think he has
  • 20:08
    every reason now we go a little bit further. And this is this is
  • 20:14
    Russian reporting. So I don't know how true it is. But you
  • 20:18
    know, we heard about this dirty bomb. Well, this all supposedly
  • 20:21
    had to do with with Chernobyl, that the that the Ukrainians had
  • 20:28
    taken whatever they were trying to build some dirty bomb to
  • 20:32
    Chernobyl, in order to kind of disguise what they were doing,
  • 20:36
    if radiation would would leak. I'm not so sure that's true. But
  • 20:40
    that's the Russian side of it. And that's that was the report
  • 20:44
    we got of increased radiation level. So that's why the
  • 20:47
    Russians went in and grabbed Chernobyl. But now this latest
  • 20:50
    thing, which I certainly dismissed as bull crap thinking
  • 20:55
    it was related to COVID. And we still may learn that COVID-19
  • 20:59
    was Putin's doing now we have the Bio Labs. And, you know,
  • 21:05
    this is no secret. In the show notes, I have the original 2005
  • 21:09
    document between the Ukrainian Health Administration, and the
  • 21:14
    Department of Defense, the US Department of Defense where they
  • 21:16
    agree on where these Bio Labs will be, and how everyone will
  • 21:24
    handle them. And well, you can understand that when the
  • 21:29
    Russians got a hold of boards started looking at it, I'm not
  • 21:35
    sure. But they found out that Ukraine had been testing DNA of
  • 21:40
    Russian military volunteers. And they they moved into secure all
  • 21:46
    the evidence that might be in those Bio Labs. And that's when
  • 21:49
    the US Embassy deleted all mentions of the Bio Labs from
  • 21:53
    their embassy website. And I guess they started burning
  • 21:56
    documents and left. So and also, you know, this, this came, we
  • 22:03
    missed all this. We missed a lot of these. There's this Ukrainian
  • 22:08
    researcher, Juliana, Gaitan, Xia. And she actually confronted
  • 22:16
    the US and the EU, in Parliament, about these Bio
  • 22:20
    Labs. And it's probably worth listening to those wherever they
  • 22:25
    have here is listening to what she said and the response from
  • 22:29
    the US delegate. It was some kind of specials session, I'm
  • 22:33
    not sure what it was the US delegate, and then of course,
  • 22:36
    the the EU lady was going to cut it all off.
  • 22:40
    Operating Military Balance weren't racing.
  • 22:42
    It's a little hard to hear her but she's basically she's
  • 22:44
    basically asking why why are you operating these Bio Labs? Why
  • 22:48
    are they secret? Why can I get any details on them?
  • 22:50
    country's main rivals Russia, China and Iran. And why has the
  • 22:57
    deadly outbreaks in all those countries increased dramatically
  • 23:01
    since the start of the military program of the United States,
  • 23:04
  • 23:05
    also questioned some outbreaks.
  • 23:07
    I will just say unequivocally and undeniably, the US does not
  • 23:12
    have a military biological weapons program, period. And the
  • 23:15
  • 23:16
    whenever someone says that period, end of statement, you
  • 23:18
    know, it's gonna be a lie. We don't have any biological
  • 23:22
    facilities. Well, that is a lie, because we have undefeatable
  • 23:25
    proof that they signed deals. And, of course, they haven't
  • 23:28
    actually seen them haven't seen pictures
  • 23:30
    us does not have a military biological weapons program,
  • 23:34
    period. And statement. Number two, we have been working. And I
  • 23:39
    do know, for the Department of Defense, they've been working
  • 23:41
    with partners and parts of the world to ensure that those
  • 23:45
    laboratories and we trained them on how to do diagnostic tests on
  • 23:49
  • 23:49
    this guy.
  • 23:50
    That's, I don't know his name. He's the he's the US
  • 23:54
    Representative in this meeting at the EU
  • 23:57
    does it for Dietrick is well known for this.
  • 24:01
    He's lying. Yeah, of course, Plum Island, New York. I mean,
  • 24:04
    there's lots of places
  • 24:05
    to ensure that they can manage them and also safely secure
  • 24:09
    those pathogens. So they're not accessible by terrorists, or by
  • 24:13
    criminals who do deal with
  • 24:16
    these projects, classified information, all these
  • 24:20
  • 24:23
    We don't have any biological weapons or any biological
  • 24:26
    research being done, and we and they're very secure so no one
  • 24:29
    can steal. devices were developing exactly what he said
  • 24:35
    it's ludicrous.
  • 24:37
    By all these projects, classified information, all
  • 24:40
    these back orifice of the Pentagon in 25 countries across
  • 24:44
    the world, why are they classified information?
  • 24:48
    They're not classified. They're openly available to anyone who
  • 24:51
    wants to look at
  • 24:52
    now I try and this is an optional summation.
  • 24:58
    It's not an investigation. You're
  • 25:01
    talking about finance, but I
  • 25:03
    will not try to answer your questions, but that's not the
  • 25:11
    place the case goes.
  • 25:14
    That's not the case the Case Closed. Case closed. Case
  • 25:17
    closed. I know these types of women.
  • 25:20
    Ah, I have the clip of a Newland yesterday.
  • 25:27
    Yeah, yeah, this is good too. Because this crane, this to me
  • 25:31
    was ilogic. Yeah, I was just gonna say this to me was
  • 25:34
    rehearsed. And Rubio was not to be trusted.
  • 25:37
    No, I agree with that. If they have to reveal clips you want to
  • 25:40
    go into the other one, but the other one follows more on the
  • 25:42
    gas prices things so let's just play this as Ukraine. Niall
  • 25:46
    logical weapon? Yes.
  • 25:47
    Does Ukraine have chemical or biological weapons?
  • 25:50
    Ukraine has biological research facilities, which in fact, we
  • 25:58
    are now quite concerned Russian troops Russian forces may be
  • 26:02
    seeking to gain control of so we are working with the Ukrainians
  • 26:08
    on how they can prevent any of those research materials from
  • 26:14
    falling into the hands of Russian forces should they
  • 26:18
  • 26:19
    I'm sure you're aware that the Russian propaganda two groups
  • 26:22
    are already putting out there all kinds of information about
  • 26:24
    how they've uncovered a plot by the Ukrainians to release
  • 26:27
    biological weapons in the country and that would NATO's
  • 26:30
    coordination. If there's a biological or chemical weapon
  • 26:33
    incident or, or attack inside of Ukraine? Is there any doubt in
  • 26:37
    your mind that 100% It would be the Russians that would be
  • 26:39
    behind it?
  • 26:40
    There is no doubt in my mind it is leading the witness. Russian
  • 26:46
    technique. Oh, yes. Blame on the other guy what they're planning
  • 26:49
    to do themselves.
  • 26:50
    Classic. This is so meta.
  • 26:53
    It's very funny. I gotta get good.
  • 26:55
    It's super meta. i It's I mean, this was rehearsed. Your sounds
  • 27:02
    like you tell
  • 27:02
    the way that went down. In fact it but unfortunately the State
  • 27:06
    Department came back and had to do a correction the next day.
  • 27:10
    Oh, I didn't know this. What was the big deal? Tucker Carlson
  • 27:13
    played it to the hilt, which was what when we said biological
  • 27:18
    weapons, they really just changed the definition of what a
  • 27:22
    biological weapon is. Okay. Yeah. What what they're really
  • 27:25
    doing and what what is good to do today theatres for peace,
  • 27:28
    it's for peace. Jen
  • 27:29
    Psaki, Peppermint Patty pepper Misaki. She tweeted, now that,
  • 27:34
    and that, I guess, I don't know how to do a voice now that
  • 27:36
    Russia has made these false claims. And China has seemingly
  • 27:39
    endorsed this propaganda. We should all be on the lookout for
  • 27:42
    Russia to possibly use chemical or biological weapons in Ukraine
  • 27:46
    or to create a false flag operation using them. It's a
  • 27:49
    clear pattern. But you say then yourself multicopter to health.
  • 27:55
    Oh, my goodness, Peppermint Patty. And by the way, this is a
  • 28:00
    Lenski. First of all,
  • 28:02
    before we go into this Lensky I'm a little concerned about
  • 28:06
    these constant comments about biological weapons or something
  • 28:10
    being released. It's as though Can you I mean, can you be in a
  • 28:14
    meeting with a bunch of sickos they can do themselves? Look?
  • 28:17
    Let's pre blame the Russians. Let's