1433: Vodka and Diamonds

Adam Curry & John C. Dvorak

3h 18m
March 13th, 2022
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“Ukraine on Fire” a 2016 movie
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ABC, “Russian doubling down on fake claims about chemical weapons”
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“Bring in Gays"
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Scott Ritter: History of Neo-NAZI’s in Ukraine
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The Woke Media
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Journalism from trade to profession
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This is where people are mentally
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Schwab on Charlie Rose
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2940 Trolls
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Great Reset
Iran Iraq Base ICBM
The JCPOA is an agreement with the 5+1 coalition, including China and Russia
My guess, since it was aimed at an uninhabited new base, this was a friendly message.
"We have always been at war with Eurasia"
Cancelling Russia
Russia are the new unvaxxed
TikTok stars receive White House briefing on Ukraine - The Washington Post
Kamala Edibles BOTOG
Hey Mr. Curry, it’s been awhile since I emailed you last, so I hope all is well with you and yours.
Straight to the point, I’m a former drug addict and expert on identifying people on drugs, and I
believe you are mistaking people fucked up on coke for people fucked up on opiates (you and John
identifying drunks though I believe is on point).
My drugs of choice were mostly IV’ing heroin/painkillers and the occasional bag of payday coke, so
I’m well rounded. I think it’s safe to say Zelensky isn’t doing coke, and I don’t believe Pelosi or
the rando CNN anchor is either. It’s too 1980’s/1990’s to me (32 yr old millennial). Today it’s
much easier for the “powerful” to get a Percocet/adderall prescription from some known crooked
doctor; you know the milligrams and you lessen the chance of OD’ing on heroin/fentanyl that wasn’t
cut right. Also, in today’s world, knowing who to trust is hard and people will point the finger,
dime you out, or write a book in a second.
I think all of those people you call out are actually on opiates. There is this perception that you
do heroin and listen to Motown, and while that is a good time, a lot of people become, think late
80’s Red Hot Chili Peppers. Opiates made me feel warm, I could work out for hours without pain,
last longer in bed, be more attentive/caring, be more awake with less sleep, and it gave me CRAZY
amounts of energy. IT ALSO MAKES YOU ICHY AS HELL. My pinpoint eyes, voice raspy, and ITCHING THE
ABSOLUTE SHIT out of my NOSE were my tells (btw, by energy I mean I want to run a marathon and then
go flying elbow someone through a table at a party).
Zelensky to me sounds like an opiate user, but I’m not 100% cause it might be different in that
culture. However, the voice, the itching/fidgeting, and his eyes make me believe he is. I think
most people, especially in OUR country, that you call out as coke users are actually opiate users.
To me it makes perfect sense, and what person in this country over the age of 30 isn’t in a little
pain or couldn’t use a painkiller? Just take it into consideration. AnywayS, keep on keeping on.
Love you guys.
-Producer Glenn
(Opiate free for 10+ years…but still on a Suboxone recovery program)
EU abstains from UN vote on ‘Nazism’ – POLITICO
"In all, 155 countries backed the motion, which was presented by Russia on Friday (21 November)
under the title “Glorification of Nazism: inadmissibility of certain practices that contribute to
fuelling contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance".
"Three countries voted on Friday against the Russian resolution: Ukraine, Canada and the United
The dead bodies with masked reporter hoax
The Purge
Message from Secretary Alejandro N. Mayorkas on Domestic Violent Extremism Internal Review Recommendations
March 11, 2022
Message from Secretary Alejandro N. Mayorkas on Domestic Violent Extremism Internal Review Recommendations
Today, our Department’s Domestic Violent Extremism Internal Review Working Group is releasing a report following its comprehensive review of how we can best prevent, detect, and respond to potential threats related to domestic violent extremism within DHS. This Working Group was led by our Chief Security Officer and comprised of senior officials from across the Department.
Every day, you play a critical role in protecting the safety and security of communities across our country. You do so with honor, integrity, tireless dedication, extraordinary talent, and often at great personal sacrifice. It is my and every leader’s responsibility to ensure that each and every one of you feels safe and secure at work, and that you have the tools and support necessary to execute our Department’s critical mission.
Domestic violent extremism poses one of the most significant terrorism-related threats to the United States. To ensure we can continue executing our critical mission with honor and integrity, we will not tolerate hateful acts or violent extremist activity within our Department. The Working Group’s internal review highlights key steps that our Department should take to better prevent, detect, and respond to potential violent extremist activity, including developing guidance as to what constitutes violent extremist activity and how to address it, improved workforce training for how to identify and report this activity, and the development of a centralized, DHS-wide investigative case management system and information sharing mechanism for investigating related allegations. These recommendations will better enable the Department to continue executing its critical mission and ensure all of you are safe and secure at work.
Our Department will implement the report’s recommendations with urgency to include establishing baseline policies and guidance, promoting employee awareness, and enhancing methods to identify and address violent extremist activity while continuing to protect privacy, civil rights, and civil liberties. We have already begun addressing many of the gaps identified in the report, including by updating related employee training modules. Throughout this process, Department and Component leadership will continue to work closely with you on this critical and time-sensitive effort.
Thank you for everything you do in service to our Department and our nation.
Alejandro N. Mayorkas
Secretary of Homeland Security
North Carolina A&T is PART of the NA community PROF JJ in China is an Alum as is Moe Factz!
On the last show, 1433, you and John noted that Michael Regan, head of the EPA for Biden, graduated from North Carolina A&T State University.
well ....
Let me just summarize - Regan does not represent the foundation and legacy of A&T, but he might reflect its present and the realities about lowering quality of American universities in general, and HBCUs in particular.
(A) Political Activism:
A&T, a Historically Black College (now University), is central to significant aspects of the history of the United States; and particularly pivotal in my life as leading me to find No Agenda (back in March 2009).
Students at A&T lead the demonstrations and sit ins at the lunch counter at Woolworth's in Greensboro, North Carolina, starting in February 1960.
Tu141 Zagreb Croatia
One more thing … biggest issue with the drone is that it traveled few minutes over Romania, 40 min over Hungary and 8 minutes over Croatia and noone noticed or didn’t bother to notify. Nato’s fault?… defences not integrated enough? …
And the latest news: they found parts of the bomb inside the drone
And still no official info who sent the drone.
Pig Pharma
Dogs are People Too
DuckDuckGo CEO Announces Google-Style Censorship Scheme of Content Deemed 'Russian Disinformation' | Chris Menahan InformationLiberation DuckDuckGo CEO Gabriel Weinberg on Wednesday announced the rollout of a new Google-style censorship scheme to down
Sun, 13 Mar 2022 15:19
Chris MenahanInformationLiberation DuckDuckGo CEO Gabriel Weinberg on Wednesday announced the rollout of a new Google-style censorship scheme to down-rank websites he says are ''associated with Russian disinformation.'' ''Like so many others I am sickened by Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the gigantic humanitarian crisis it continues to create. #StandWithUkraine¸,'' Weinberg tweeted. ''At DuckDuckGo, we've been rolling out search updates that down-rank sites associated with Russian disinformation.''
''In addition to down-ranking sites associated with disinformation, we also often place news modules and information boxes at the top of DuckDuckGo search results (where they are seen and clicked the most) to highlight quality information for rapidly unfolding topics,'' he continued.
Like so many others I am sickened by Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the gigantic humanitarian crisis it continues to create. #StandWithUkraine¸
At DuckDuckGo, we've been rolling out search updates that down-rank sites associated with Russian disinformation.
'-- Gabriel Weinberg (@yegg) March 10, 2022
In addition to down-ranking sites associated with disinformation, we also often place news modules and information boxes at the top of DuckDuckGo search results (where they are seen and clicked the most) to highlight quality information for rapidly unfolding topics.
'-- Gabriel Weinberg (@yegg) March 10, 2022
DuckDuckGo's mission is to make simple privacy protection accessible to all. Privacy is a human right and transcends politics, which is why about 100 million people around the world use DuckDuckGo. (We don't have an exact count since we don't track people.)
'-- Gabriel Weinberg (@yegg) March 10, 2022
Weinberg arrogantly lectured users who voiced opposition to his new censorship scheme.
The whole point of DuckDuckGo is privacy. The whole point of the search engine is to show more relevant content over less relevant content, and that is what we continue to do.
'-- Gabriel Weinberg (@yegg) March 10, 2022
Search engines by definition try to put more relevant content higher and less relevant content lower '-- that's not censorship, it's search ranking relevancy.
'-- Gabriel Weinberg (@yegg) March 10, 2022
What exactly is ''as is''? Search results aren't a completely random list of web sites. They are created based on a complex set of algorithms weighing 100s of factors.
'-- Gabriel Weinberg (@yegg) March 10, 2022
full story at https://www.informationliberation.com/?id=62949The post DuckDuckGo CEO Announces Google-Style Censorship Scheme of Content Deemed 'Russian Disinformation' appeared first on Conservative News & Right Wing News | Gun Laws & Rights News Site.
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Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action - Wikipedia
Sun, 13 Mar 2022 15:19
International agreement on the nuclear program of Iran
The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA; Persian: برنامه جامع اقدام مشترÚ(C) , romanized: barnāmeye jāme'e eqdāme moshtarak (برجام , BARJAM)),[4][5] known commonly as the Iran nuclear deal or Iran deal, is an agreement on the Iranian nuclear program reached in Vienna on 14 July 2015, between Iran and the P5+1 (the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council'--China, France, Russia, United Kingdom, United States'--plus Germany)[a] together with the European Union.
Formal negotiations toward JCPOA began with the adoption of the Joint Plan of Action, an interim agreement signed between Iran and the P5+1 countries in November 2013. Iran and the P5+1 countries engaged in negotiations for the next 20 months and, in April 2015, agreed on a framework for the final agreement. In July 2015, Iran and the P5+1 confirmed agreement on the plan, along with the "Roadmap Agreement" between Iran and the IAEA.[8]
After the Trump administration twice certified Iran's compliance in 2017, in May 2018 the United States withdrew from JCPOA as Trump pledged he would negotiate a better deal. Trump left office without fulfilling that pledge and analysts determined Iran had moved closer to developing a nuclear weapon since the American withdrawal.[9]
Timeline [ edit ] Under the JCPOA, Iran agreed to eliminate its stockpile of medium-enriched uranium, cut its stockpile of low-enriched uranium by 98%, and reduce by about two-thirds the number of its gas centrifuges for 13 years. For the next 15 years, Iran will only enrich uranium up to 3.67%. Iran also agreed not to build any new heavy-water facilities for the same period of time. Uranium-enrichment activities will be limited to a single facility using first-generation centrifuges for 10 years. Other facilities will be converted to avoid proliferation risks. To monitor and verify Iran's compliance with the agreement, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) will have regular access to all Iranian nuclear facilities. The agreement provides that in return for verifiably abiding by its commitments, Iran will receive relief from the U.S., European Union, and United Nations Security Council nuclear-related sanctions.
On 12 October 2017, U.S. President Donald Trump announced that the United States would not make the certification provided for under U.S. domestic law, but stopped short of terminating the deal.[10]
In 2018, IAEA inspectors spent an aggregate of 3,000 calendar days in Iran, installing tamper-proof seals and collecting surveillance camera photos, measurement data, and documents for further analysis. IAEA Director Yukiya Amano stated (in March 2018) that the organization has verified that Iran is implementing its nuclear-related commitments.[11] On 30 April 2018 the United States and Israel said that Iran had not disclosed a past covert nuclear weapons program to the IAEA, as required by the 2015 deal.[12][13]
On 8 May 2018, Trump announced United States withdrawal from JCPOA.[14][15] Following the U.S. withdrawal, the EU enacted an updated blocking statute on 7 August 2018 to nullify U.S. sanctions on countries trading with Iran.[16] In November 2018 U.S. sanctions came back into effect intended to force Iran to dramatically alter its policies, including its support for militant groups in the region and its development of ballistic missiles.[17]
In May 2019, the IAEA certified that Iran was abiding by the deal's main terms, though questions were raised about how many advanced centrifuges Iran was allowed to have, as that was only loosely defined in the deal.[18]
On 1 July 2019, Iran announced that it had breached the limit set on its stockpile of low-enriched uranium,[19] which the IAEA confirmed.[20]
On 5 January 2020, in the aftermath of the Baghdad Airport Airstrike that targeted and killed Iranian general Qassem Soleimani, Iran declared that it would no longer abide by the deal's limitations but would continue to coordinate with the IAEA, leaving open the possibility of resuming compliance.[21] In December 2020, Iranian officials expressed further willingness to rejoin the deal, provided that U.S. officials make assurances regarding lifting sanctions and also rejoin the deal.[22][23]
Background [ edit ] Nuclear technology [ edit ] A nuclear weapon uses a fissile material to cause a nuclear chain reaction. The most commonly used materials have been uranium 235 (U-235) and plutonium 239 (Pu-239). Both uranium 233 (U-233) and reactor-grade plutonium have also been used.[24][25][26] The amount of uranium or plutonium needed depends on the sophistication of the design, with a simple design requiring approximately 15 kg of uranium or 6 kg of plutonium, and a sophisticated design requiring as little as 9 kg of uranium or 2 kg of plutonium.[27] Plutonium is almost nonexistent in nature, and natural uranium is about 99.3% uranium 238 (U-238) and 0.7% U-235. Therefore, to make a weapon, either uranium must be enriched, or plutonium must be produced. Uranium enrichment is also frequently necessary for nuclear power. For this reason, uranium enrichment is a dual-use technology, a technology that "can be used both for civilian and for military purposes".[28] Key strategies to prevent proliferation of nuclear arms include limiting the number of operating uranium enrichment plants and controlling the export of nuclear technology and fissile material.[26][28]
Iranian nuclear activity, conflict with IAEA and Western countries, 1970''2006 [ edit ] Iranian development of nuclear technology began in the 1970s, when the U.S. Atoms for Peace program began providing assistance to Iran, which was then led by the Shah.[29] Iran signed the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) in 1968 as a non-nuclear weapons state and ratified the NPT in 1970.[29]
In 1979 the Iranian Revolution took place, and Iran's nuclear program, which had developed some baseline capacity, fell into disarray as "much of Iran's nuclear talent fled the country in the wake of the Revolution."[29] Furthermore, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini initially opposed nuclear technology, and Iran engaged in a costly war with Iraq from 1980 to 1988.[29]
In the late 1980s Iran reinstated its nuclear program, with assistance from Pakistan (which entered into a bilateral agreement with Iran in 1992), China (which did the same in 1990), and Russia (which did the same in 1992 and 1995), and from the A.Q. Khan network.[29] Iran "began pursuing an indigenous nuclear fuel cycle capability by developing a uranium mining infrastructure and experimenting with uranium conversion and enrichment".[29]
In August 2002 the Paris-based National Council of Resistance of Iran, an Iranian dissident group, publicly revealed the existence of two undeclared nuclear facilities, the Arak heavy-water production facility and the Natanz enrichment facility.[29][30] In February 2003 Iranian President Mohammad Khatami acknowledged the existence of the facilities and asserted that Iran had undertaken "small-scale enrichment experiments" to produce low-enriched uranium for nuclear power plants.[29] In late February International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspectors visited Natanz.[30] In May 2003 Iran allowed IAEA inspectors to visit the Kalaye Electric Company but refused to allow them to take samples.[30]
In June 2003, an IAEA report concluded that Iran had failed to meet its obligations under the safeguards agreement,[30] and Iran, faced with the prospect of being referred to the UN Security Council, entered into diplomatic negotiations with France, Germany, and the United Kingdom (the EU 3).[29][30] The United States refused to be involved in these negotiations.[30] In October 2003 the Tehran Declaration was reached between Iran and the EU 3; under this declaration Iran agreed to cooperate fully with the IAEA, sign the Additional Protocol, and temporarily suspend all uranium enrichment.[29][30] In September and October 2003 the IAEA conducted several facility inspections.[29] This was followed by the Paris Agreement in November 2004, in which Iran agreed to temporarily suspend enrichment and conversion activities, "including the manufacture, installation, testing, and operation of centrifuges, and committed to working with the EU-3 to find a mutually beneficial long-term diplomatic solution".[29]
In August 2005, the newly elected president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, promptly accused Iranian negotiators who had negotiated the Paris Accords of treason.[30][31] Over the next two months, the EU 3 agreement fell apart as talks over the EU 3's proposed Long Term Agreement broke down; the Iranian government "felt that the proposal was heavy on demands, light on incentives, did not incorporate Iran's proposals, and violated the Paris Agreement".[29][30] Iran notified the IAEA that it would resume uranium conversion at Esfahan.[29][30]
In February 2006 Iran ended its voluntary implementation of the Additional Protocol and resumed enrichment at Natanz, prompting the IAEA Board of Governors to refer Iran to the UN Security Council.[29][30] After the vote, Iran announced it would resume enrichment of uranium.[30] In April 2006 Ahmadinejad announced that Iran had nuclear technology but said that it was purely for power generation, not weapons.[30] In June 2006 the EU 3 joined China, Russia, and the United States, to form the P5+1.[30] The following month, July 2006, the UN Security Council passed its first resolution (nr. 1696), demanding Iran stop uranium enrichment and processing, because of "serious concern" about "a number of outstanding issues and concerns on Iran's nuclear programme, including topics which could have a military nuclear dimension".[32][30] Another UN Security Council resolution followed in December 2006 (nr. 1737); others followed later.[33] The legal authority for the IAEA Board of Governors referral and the Security Council resolutions derived from the IAEA Statute and the United Nations Charter.[33] The resolutions demanded that Iran cease enrichment activities, and the second resolution (Dec. 2006) also imposed sanctions on Iran, including bans on the transfer of nuclear and missile technology to the country and freezes on the assets of certain Iranian individuals and entities, in order to pressure the country.[29][30]
In July 2006 Iran opened the Arak heavy water production plant, which led to one of the Security Council resolutions.[29]
Prolonged conflict of Iran with U.S. and European countries, 2007''2015 [ edit ] Four more UN Security Council resolutions concerning Iran's nuclear program followed: 1747 (March 2007), 1803 (March 2008), 1835 (September 2008), and 1929 (June 2010).[33] In Resolution 1803 and elsewhere the Security Council acknowledged Iran's rights under Article IV of the NPT, which provides for "the inalienable right ... to develop research, production and use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes".[33][b]
In a February 2007 interview with the Financial Times, IAEA director-general Mohamed ElBaradei said that military action against Iran "would be catastrophic, counterproductive" and called for negotiations between the international community and Iran over the Iranian nuclear program.[39] ElBaradei specifically proposed a "double, simultaneous suspension, a time out" as "a confidence-building measure", under which the international sanctions would be suspended and Iran would suspend enrichment.[39] ElBaradei also said, "if I look at it from a weapons perspective there are much more important issues to me than the suspension of [enrichment]," naming his top priorities as preventing Iran from "go[ing] to industrial capacity until the issues are settled"; building confidence, with "full inspection" involving Iranian adoption of the Additional Protocol; and "at all costs" preventing Iran from "moving out of the [treaty-based non-proliferation] system".[39]
A November 2007 U.S. National Intelligence Estimate assessed that Iran "halted its nuclear weapons program" in 2003; that estimate and subsequent U.S. Intelligence Community statements also assessed that the Iranian government at the time was "keeping open the 'option' to develop nuclear weapons" in the future.[40]
In September 2009 U.S. President Barack Obama revealed the existence of an underground enrichment facility in Fordow, near Qom, saying, "Iran's decision to build yet another nuclear facility without notifying the IAEA represents a direct challenge to the basic compact at the center of the non-proliferation regime."[41] Israel threatened to take military action against Iran.[30]
U.S. Secretary of State
John Kerry shakes hands with Iranian Foreign Minister
Javad Zarif after the P5+1 and Iran concluded negotiations about Iran's nuclear capabilities on November 24, 2013
In March 2013 the United States began a series of secret bilateral talks with Iranian officials in Oman, led by William Joseph Burns and Jake Sullivan on the American side and Ali Asghar Khaji on the Iranian side.[30][42] In June 2013 Hassan Rouhani was elected president of Iran.[30][43] Rouhani has been described as "more moderate, pragmatic and willing to negotiate than Ahmadinejad". But in a 2006 nuclear negotiation with European powers, Rouhani said that Iran had used the negotiations to dupe the Europeans, saying that during the negotiations, Iran managed to master the conversion of uranium yellowcake at Isfahan. The conversion of yellowcake is an important step in the nuclear fuel process.[44] In August 2013, three days after his inauguration, Rouhani called for a resumption of serious negotiations with the P5+1 on the Iranian nuclear program.[45] In September 2013 Obama and Rouhani spoke by telephone, the first high-level contact between U.S. and Iranian leaders since 1979, and U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry met with Iranian foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, signaling that the two countries were open to cooperation.[30][45] Former officials alleged that, in order to advance the deal, the Obama administration shielded Hezbollah from the Drug Enforcement Administration's Project Cassandra investigation regarding drug smuggling and from the Central Intelligence Agency.[46][47] As a result of the Politico report, Attorney General Jeff Sessions ordered an investigation to determine the veracity of the allegations.[48]
On 24 November 2013, after several rounds of negotiations, the Joint Plan of Action, an interim agreement on the Iranian nuclear program, was signed between Iran and the P5+1 countries in Geneva, Switzerland. It consisted of a short-term freeze of portions of Iran's nuclear program in exchange for decreased economic sanctions on Iran, as the countries work towards a long-term agreement.[49] The IAEA began "more intrusive and frequent inspections" under this interim agreement.[45] The agreement was formally activated on 20 January 2014.[50] That day, the IAEA issued a report stating that Iran was adhering to the terms of the interim agreement, including stopping enrichment of uranium to 20%, beginning the dilution process (to reduce half of the stockpile of 20% enriched uranium to 3.5%), and halting work on the Arak heavy-water reactor.[45][50]
A major focus on the negotiations was limitations on Iran's key nuclear facilities: the Arak IR-40 heavy water reactor and production plant (which was under construction, but never became operational, as Iran agreed as part of the November 2013 Joint Plan of Action (interim agreement) not to commission or fuel the reactor); the Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant; the Gachin uranium mine; the Fordow Fuel Enrichment Plant; the Isfahan uranium-conversion plant; the Natanz uranium enrichment plant; and the Parchin military research and development complex.[51]
A July 2015 Congressional Research Service report said, "statements from the U.S. intelligence community indicate that Iran has the technological and industrial capacity to produce nuclear weapons at some point, but the U.S. government assesses that Tehran has not mastered all of the necessary technologies for building a nuclear weapon."[40]
Negotiations (2013''2015) [ edit ] Foreign Ministers from the P5+1 nations, the European Union, and Iran in
Vienna, Austria, on November 24, 2014
The agreement between the P5+1+EU and Iran on the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) is the culmination of 20 months of "arduous" negotiations.[52][53]
The agreement followed the Joint Plan of Action (JPA), an interim agreement between the P5+1 powers and Iran that was agreed to on 24 November 2013 at Geneva. The Geneva agreement was an interim deal,[54] in which Iran agreed to roll back parts of its nuclear program in exchange for relief from some sanctions. This went into effect on 20 January 2014.[55] The parties agreed to extend their talks with a first extension deadline on 24 November 2014[56] and a second extension deadline set to 1 July 2015.[57]
An Iran nuclear deal framework was reached on 2 April 2015. Under this framework Iran agreed tentatively to accept restrictions on its nuclear program, all of which would last for at least a decade and some longer, and to submit to an increased intensity of international inspections under a framework deal. These details were to be negotiated by the end of June 2015. The negotiations toward a Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action were extended several times until the final agreement, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, was finally reached on 14 July 2015.[58][59] The JCPOA is based on the framework agreement from three months earlier.
Subsequently the negotiations between Iran and the P5+1 continued. In April 2015 a framework deal was reached at Lausanne. Intense marathon negotiations then continued, with the last session in Vienna at the Palais Coburg lasting for seventeen days.[60] At several points, negotiations appeared to be at risk of breaking down, but negotiators managed to come to agreement.[60] As the negotiators neared a deal, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry directly asked Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif to confirm that he was "authorized to actually make a deal, not just by the [Iranian] president, but by the supreme leader?"[60] Zarif gave assurances that he was.[60]
Ultimately, on 14 July 2015 all parties agreed to a landmark comprehensive nuclear agreement.[61] At the time of the announcement, shortly before 11:00 GMT, the agreement was released to the public.[62]
The final agreement's complexity shows the impact of a public letter written by a bipartisan group of 19 U.S. diplomats, experts, and others in June 2015, written when negotiations were still ongoing.[63][64] The letter outlined concerns about the several provisions in the then-unfinished agreement and called for a number of improvements to strengthen the prospective agreement and win their support for it.[63] After the final agreement was reached, one of the early negotiators, Robert J. Einhorn, a former U.S. Department of State official now at the Brookings Institution, said of the agreement: "Analysts will be pleasantly surprised. The more things are agreed to, the less opportunity there is for implementation difficulties later on."[63]
The final agreement is based upon (and buttresses) "the rules-based nonproliferation regime created by the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and including especially the IAEA safeguards system".[65]
Participants [ edit ] According to the U.S. State Department (Assistant Secretary for Legislative Affairs Julia Frifield), "The JCPOA is not a treaty or an executive agreement, and is not a signed document. The JCPOA reflects political commitments between Iran, the P5+1, and the EU."[66]
JCPOA timetable [ edit ] The JCPOA is part of UN Security Council Resolution 2231. The members of the UN Security Council voted on it on 20 July 2015, and adopted it on 18 October (Adoption Day). It came into effect on 16 January 2016 (Implementation Day). The JCPOA stays in effect for eight years from Adoption Day or upon receipt by the Security Council of an IAEA report stating that the IAEA has reached the Broader Conclusion that all nuclear material in Iran remains in peaceful activities (Transition Day), and terminates ten years from Adoption Day (Termination Day).
JCPOA provisions [ edit ] The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) runs to 109 pages, including five annexes.[53] The major provisions are:[53][68][69]
Nuclear [ edit ] JCPOA summary of enrichment-related provisions(sources: The Economist[70] Belfer Center[71]:'Š29'Š )CapabilityBefore JCPOAAfter JCPOA(for 10-year period)After 15 yearsFirst-generationcentrifuges installed19,138capped at 6,104Unconstrained[U 1]Advanced centrifuges installed1,0080Centrifuge R&DUnconstrainedConstrainedStockpile oflow-enriched uranium7,154 kg300 kgStockpile ofmedium-enriched uranium196 kg0 kgThe physical limits phase out over 10 to 15 years[71] ^ According to the JCPOA, "The sequence and milestones set forth above and in Annex V are without prejudice to the duration of JCPOA commitments stated in this JCPOA." Iran's stockpile of low-enriched uranium was reduced by 97%, from 10,000 kg to 300 kg.[72] This reduction will be maintained for 15 years.[53][73][74][75] For the same 15-year period, Iran will be limited to enriching uranium to 3.67%, a percentage sufficient for civilian nuclear power and research, but not for building a nuclear weapon.[73][74][76] However, the number of centrifuges is sufficient for a nuclear weapon, but not for nuclear power.[77] This is a "major decline" in Iran's previous nuclear activity; before watering down its stockpile pursuant to the Joint Plan of Action interim agreement, Iran had enriched uranium to near 20% (medium-enriched uranium).[73][74][75] These enriched uranium in excess of 300 kg of up to 3.67% will be down blended to natural uranium level or be sold in return for natural uranium, and the uranium enriched to between 5% and 20% will be fabricated into fuel plates for the Tehran Research Reactor or sold or diluted to an enrichment level of 3.67%. P5+1 will facilitate the implementation of the commercial contracts. After fifteen years, all physical limits on enrichment will be removed, including limits on the type and number of centrifuges, Iran's stockpile of enriched uranium, and where Iran may have enrichment facilities. According to Belfer, at this point Iran could "expand its nuclear program to create more practical overt and covert nuclear weapons options".[71][78]For ten years, Iran will place over two-thirds of its centrifuges in storage, from its current stockpile of 19,000 centrifuges (of which 10,000 were operational) to no more than 6,104 operational centrifuges, with only 5,060 allowed to enrich uranium,[53][73] with the enrichment capacity being limited to the Natanz plant. The centrifuges there must be IR-1 centrifuges, the first-generation centrifuge type which is Iran's oldest and least efficient; Iran will give up its advanced IR-2M centrifuges in this period.[51][74][75] The non-operating centrifuges will be stored in Natanz and monitored by IAEA, but may be used to replace failed centrifuges.[79][80] Iran will not build any new uranium-enrichment facilities for fifteen years.[73]Iran may continue research and development work on enrichment, but that work will take place only at the Natanz facility and include certain limitations for the first eight years.[51] This is intended to keep the country to a one-year breakout time.[73]With cooperation from the "Working Group" (the P5+1 and possibly other countries), Iran is to modernise and rebuild the Arak heavy water research reactor based on an agreed design to support its peaceful nuclear research and production needs and purposes, but in such a way to minimise the production of plutonium and not to produce weapons-grade plutonium. The thermal power of the redesigned reactor will not exceed 20 MW. The P5+1 parties will support and facilitate the timely and safe construction of the Arak complex.[81] All spent fuel will be sent out of the country.[51] All excess heavy water which is beyond Iran's needs for the redesigned reactor will be made available for export to the international market based on international prices. In exchange, Iran received 130 tonnes of uranium in 2015 and in late 2016 was approved to receive 130 tonnes in 2017.[82] For 15 years Iran will not engage in, or research, spent fuel reprocessing.[83] Iran will also not build any additional heavy-water reactors or accumulate heavy water for 15 years.[51]Iran's Fordow facility will stop enriching uranium and researching uranium enrichment for at least fifteen years; the facility will be converted into a nuclear physics and technology center. For 15 years Fordow will maintain no more than 1,044 IR-1 centrifuges in six cascades in one wing of Fordow. "Two of those six cascades will spin without uranium and will be transitioned, including through appropriate infrastructure modification," for stable radioisotope production for medical, agricultural, industrial, and scientific use. "The other four cascades with all associated infrastructure will remain idle." Iran will not be permitted to have any fissile material in Fordow.[51][73][75]Iran is implementing an Additional Protocol that will continue in perpetuity for as long as Iran remains a party to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). The signing of the Additional Protocol represents a continuation of the monitoring and verification provisions "long after the comprehensive agreement between the P5+1 and Iran is implemented".[84]A comprehensive inspections regime will be implemented in order to monitor and confirm that Iran is complying with its obligations and is not diverting any fissile material.[73][74][c]The IAEA will have multilayered[95] oversight "over Iran's entire nuclear supply chain, from uranium mills to its procurement of nuclear-related technologies".[96] For declared nuclear sites such as Fordow and Natanz, the IAEA will have "round-the-clock access" to nuclear facilities and will be entitled to maintain continuous monitoring (including via surveillance equipment) at such sites.[96][97] The agreement authorizes the IAEA to make use of sophisticated monitoring technology, such as fiber-optic seals on equipment that can electronically send information to the IAEA; infrared satellite imagery to detect covert sites, "environmental sensors that can detect minute signs of nuclear particles"; tamper-resistant, radiation-resistant cameras.[63][98] Other tools include computerized accounting programs to gather information and detect anomalies, and big data sets on Iranian imports, to monitor dual-use items.[95]The number of IAEA inspectors assigned to Iran will triple, from 50 to 150 inspectors.[63]If IAEA inspectors have concerns that Iran is developing nuclear capabilities at any non-declared sites, they may request access "to verify the absence of undeclared nuclear materials and activities or activities inconsistent with" the agreement, informing Iran of the basis for their concerns.[97] The inspectors would only come from countries with which Iran has diplomatic relations.[99] Iran may admit the inspectors to such site or propose alternatives to inspection that might satisfy the IAEA's concerns.[97] If such an agreement cannot be reached, a process running to a maximum of 24 days is triggered.[97] Under this process, Iran and the IAEA have 14 days to resolve disagreements among themselves.[97] If they fail to, the Joint Commission (including all eight parties) would have one week in which to consider the intelligence which initiated the IAEA request. A majority of the Commission (at least five of the eight members) could then inform Iran of the action that it would be required to take within three more days.[100][101] The majority rule provision "means the United States and its European allies'--Britain, France, Germany and the EU'--could insist on access or any other steps and that Iran, Russia or China could not veto them".[100][102] If Iran did not comply with the decision within three days, sanctions would be automatically reimposed under the snapback provision (see below).[101]As a result of the above, the "breakout time"'--the time in which it would be possible for Iran to make enough material for a single nuclear weapon'--will increase from two to three months to one year, according to U.S. officials and U.S. intelligence.[53][73][103][d] An August 2015 report published by a group of experts at Harvard University's Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs concurs in these estimates, writing that under the JCPOA, "over the next decade would be extended to roughly a year, from the current estimated breakout time of 2 to 3 months".[71] The Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation also accepts these estimates.[105][106] By contrast, Alan J. Kuperman, coordinator of the Nuclear Proliferation Prevention Project at the University of Texas at Austin, disputed the one-year assessment, arguing that under the agreement, Iran's breakout time "would be only about three months, not much longer than it is today".[107]
The longer breakout time would be in place for at least ten years; after that point, the breakout time would gradually decrease.[53][103] By the 15th year, U.S. officials say the breakout time would return to the pre-JCPOA status quo of a few months.[53][103] The Belfer Center report states: "Some contributors to this report believe that breakout time by year 15 could be comparable to what it is today'--a few months'--while others believe it could be reduced to a few weeks."[71]
Exemptions [ edit ] Reuters reported that exemptions were granted to Iran prior to 16 January 2016. The reported purpose of the exemptions was so that sanctions relief and other benefits could start by that date, instead of Iran being in violation. The exemptions included: (a) Iran able to exceed the 300 kg of 3.5% LEU limit in the agreement; (b) Iran able to exceed the zero kg of 20% LEU limit in the agreement; (c) Iran to keep operating 19 "hot cells" that exceed the size limit in the agreement; (d) Iran to maintain control of 50 tonnes of heavy water that exceed the 130 tonne limit in the agreement by storing the excess at an Iran-controlled facility in Oman.[108] In December 2016, the IAEA published decisions of the Joint Commission that spell out these clarifications of the JCPOA.[109]
Sanctions [ edit ] Following the issuance of a IAEA report verifying implementation by Iran of the nuclear-related measures, the UN sanctions against Iran and some EU sanctions will terminate and some will be suspended. Once sanctions are lifted, Iran will recover approximately $100 billion of its assets (U.S. Treasury Department estimate) frozen in overseas banks.[110]Eight years into the agreement, EU sanctions against a number of Iranian companies, individuals and institutions (such as the Revolutionary Guards) will be lifted.[111]The United States will "cease" application of its nuclear-related secondary sanctions[112] by presidential action or executive waiver.[113] Secondary sanctions are those that sanction other countries for doing business with Iran. Primary U.S. sanctions, which prohibit U.S. firms from conducting commercial transactions with few exceptions, are not altered by the JCPOA.[114]This step is not tied to any specific date, but is expected to occur "roughly in the first half of 2016".[112][115][116]Sanctions relating to ballistic missile technologies would remain for eight years; similar sanctions on conventional weapon sales to Iran would remain for five years.[53][117]However, all U.S. sanctions against Iran related to alleged human rights abuses, missiles, and support for terrorism are not affected by the agreement and will remain in place.[75][118] U.S. sanctions are viewed as more stringent, since many have extraterritorial effect (i.e., they apply worldwide). EU sanctions, by contrast, apply only in Europe.[111]No new UN or EU nuclear-related sanctions or restrictive measures will be imposed.[119]If Iran violates the agreement, any of the P5+1 can invoke a "snap back" provision, under which the sanctions "snap back" into place (i.e., are reimplemented).[73][74][119]Specifically, the JCPOA establishes the following dispute resolution process: if a party to the JCPOA has reason to believe that another party is not upholding its commitments under the agreement, then the complaining party may refer its complaint to the Joint Commission, a body created under the JCPOA to monitor implementation.[75][120] If a complaint made by a non-Iran party is not resolved to the satisfaction of the complaining party within 35 days of referral, then that party may treat the unresolved issue as grounds to cease performing its commitments under the JCPOA, notify the United Nations Security Council that it believes the issue constitutes significant nonperformance, or both.[120] The Security Council would then have 30 days to adopt a resolution to continue the lifting of sanctions. If such a resolution is not adopted within those 30 days, then the sanctions of all the pre-JCPOA nuclear-related UN Security Council resolutions would automatically be reimposed. Iran has stated that in such a case, it would cease performing its nuclear obligations under the deal.[62][120] The effect of this rule is that any permanent member of the Security Council (United States, United Kingdom, China, Russia or France) can veto any ongoing sanctions relief, but no member can veto the reimposition of sanctions.Snapback sanctions "would not apply with retroactive effect to contracts signed between any party and Iran or Iranian individuals and entities prior to the date of application, provided that the activities contemplated under and execution of such contracts are consistent with this JCPOA and the previous and current UN Security Council resolutions".[79]Ankit Panda of The Diplomat has said that this will make impossible any scenario where Iran is noncompliant with the JCPOA yet escapes reimposition of sanctions.[120] But Mark Dubowitz of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies (which opposes the agreement) has argued that because the JCPOA provides that Iran could treat reinstatement of sanctions (in part or entirely) as grounds for leaving the agreement, the U.S. would be reluctant to impose a "snapback" for smaller violations: "The only thing you'll take to the Security Council are massive Iranian violations, because you're certainly not going to risk the Iranians walking away from the deal and engaging in nuclear escalation over smaller violations."[121]
15-year term [ edit ] After the 15 years, many provisions of the JCPOA will expire, including most restrictions on Iran's enrichment program. At that time, in 2030, most people involved in the 1979 revolution will no longer be politically active. Some critics of the treaty consider it plausible that Iran could then make a nuclear bomb. But Iran should also have ratified the Additional Protocol and will thus be subject to enhanced inspection and oversight by the IAEA.[122]
[ edit ] The JCPOA received a mixed international reaction. Many countries expressed hope that it could achieve the denuclearization of Iran,[124][125][126] while some of Iran's neighbouring countries, including Israel,[127][128] and some U.S. lawmakers expressed distrust of the agreement, seeing it as seriously defective.[129][130][131] Zarif's "Never threaten an Iranian!" remark, during the heated nuclear negotiations, gained attention from numerous global news agencies, with mixed reviews.[132][133][134][135]
Records [ edit ] According to several commentators, JCPOA is the first of its kind in the annals of non-proliferation and is in many aspects unique.[136][137][138][139][140] The 159-page JCPOA document and its five appendices, is the most spacious text of a multinational treaty since World War II, according to BBC Persian.[141]
This is the first time that the United Nations Security Council has recognized the nuclear enrichment program of a developing country[141][142] and backs an agreement signed by several countries within the framework of a resolution (United Nations Security Council Resolution 2231).[141][143] For the first time in the history of the United Nations, a country'--Iran'--was able to abolish 6 UN resolutions against it'--1696, 1737, 1747, 1803, 1835, 1929'--without even one day of implementing them.[141] Sanctions against Iran were also lifted for the first time.[141]
Throughout the history of international law, this is the first and only time that a country subject to Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter has managed to end its case and stop being subject to this chapter through diplomacy.[141][144][145] All other cases have ended through either regime change, war or full implementation of the Security Council's decisions by the country.[146]
Gary Sick states that during the history of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), no country other than Iran has ever voluntarily agreed to put such extraordinary restrictions on its nuclear activities.[147]
During the final negotiations, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry stayed in Vienna for 17 days, making him the top American official devoting time to a single international negotiation in more than four decades.[148] Mohammad Javad Zarif broke the record of an Iranian Foreign Minister being far from home with 18-days stay in Vienna,[141] and set the record of 106 days of negotiations in 687 days, a number higher than any other chief nuclear negotiator in 12 years.[149] The negotiations became the longest continuous negotiations with the presence of all foreign ministers of the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council.[141]
The negotiations included 'rare events' in Iran''United States relations not only since the 1979 Iranian Revolution, but also in the history of the bilateral relations. The U.S. Secretary of State and Iranian Foreign Minister met on 18 different dates'--sometimes multiple occasions a day'--and in 11 different cities, unprecedented since the beginning of the relations.[150] On 27 April 2015 Kerry visited the official residence of the Permanent Representative of Iran to the United Nations to meet his counterpart. The encounter was the first of its kind since the Iran hostage crisis.[150][151] On the sidelines of the 70th session of the United Nations General Assembly, President Obama shook hands with Zarif, marking the first such event in history. The event was also noted in form of diplomatic ranks, as a head of state shook hands with a minister.[152] Obama is reported to have said in the meeting: "Too much effort has been put into the JCPOA and we all should be diligent to implement it."[153]
Process [ edit ] Incorporation into international law by the United Nations Security Council [ edit ] As provided for in the JCPOA, the agreement was formally endorsed by the UN Security Council.[154][155][156][157] There is disagreement about whether the deal is legally binding on the United States.[e]
On 15 July 2015, the American ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power, circulated a 14-page draft to Council members.[155] On 20 July 2015 the Security Council unanimously approved the resolution'--United Nations Security Council resolution 2231[164]'--in a 15''0 vote.[157] The resolution delayed its official implementation for 90 days to allow for U.S. Congressional consideration under the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015.[156][157] The resolution laid out the steps for terminating sanctions imposed by seven past Security Council resolutions, but retained an arms embargo and ballistic missile technology ban.[154][157] The resolution did not affect sanctions imposed separately by the United States and the European Union.[157] It also codified the "snapback" mechanism of the agreement, under which all Security Council sanctions will be automatically reimposed if Iran breaches the deal.[154]
Speaking immediately after the vote, Power told the Security Council that sanctions relief would start only when Iran "verifiably" met its obligations. Power also called upon Iran "to immediately release all unjustly detained Americans", specifically naming Amir Hekmati, Saeed Abedini, and Jason Rezaian, who were detained at the time, and Robert A. Levinson, who had been missing in the country.[157][165] Hekmati, Abedini, and Rezaian were subsequently released in a January 2016 prisoner exchange, which Secretary of State Kerry said had been accelerated by the nuclear agreement.[166]
Approval by European Union [ edit ] On the same day that the Security Council approved a resolution, the European Union formally approved the JCPOA via a vote of the EU Foreign Affairs Council (the group of EU foreign ministers) meeting in Brussels. This sets into motion the lifting of certain EU sanctions, including those prohibiting the purchase of Iranian oil.[157][167] The EU continues its sanctions relating to human rights and its sanctions prohibiting the export of ballistic missile technology.[157] The approval by the EU was seen as a signal to the U.S. Congress.[167]
Review period in the United States Congress [ edit ] Secretary of State John Kerry, Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz, and Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew defending the JCPOA at a hearing of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on 23 July 2015
Under U.S. law, the JCPOA is a non-binding political commitment.[168][169] According to the U.S. State Department, it specifically is not an executive agreement nor a treaty (as defined in U.S. law).[citation needed ] There are widespread incorrect reports that it is an executive agreement.[170][171] In contrast to treaties, which require two-thirds of the Senate to consent to ratification, political commitments require no congressional approval and are not legally binding as a matter of domestic law (although in some cases they may be "treaties" and be binding on the U.S. as a matter of international law).[170][f]
On 22 May 2015, President Obama signed the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015 into law;[g] this legislation passed the Senate by a 98''1 vote and the House by a 400''25 vote, and was approved by Obama on 22 May 2015.[179] Under the Act, once a nuclear agreement was negotiated with Iran, Congress had 60 days in which to pass a resolution of approval, a resolution of disapproval, or do nothing.[180] The Act also included additional time beyond the 60 days for the president to veto a resolution and for Congress to vote on whether to override or sustain the veto.[181] Congress could defeat the deal only if it mustered the two-thirds of both houses needed to override an expected veto by Obama of any resolution of disapproval.[180][182]
On 19 July 2015, the State Department officially transmitted to Congress the JCPOA, its annexes, and related materials.[183] These documents included the Unclassified Verification Assessment Report on the JCPOA and the Intelligence Community's Classified Annex to the Verification Assessment Report.[183] The 60-day review period began the next day, 20 July,[183][184][180] and ended on 17 September.[185] Senator Ted Cruz introduced a resolution seeking a delay in the review period, arguing that the 60-day congressional review under the Act should not begin until the Senate obtained a copy of all bilateral Iran''IAEA documents. This resolution did not pass.[186][187] Ultimately a resolution of disapproval was brought to the Senate floor but failed. A resolution of approval was brought to the House floor, but it too failed. As a result, the agreement went into effect following the congressional review period.[188]
Obama administration [ edit ] The JCPOA was the culmination of many years of international effort as well as a high-priority foreign policy goal of the Obama administration.[189][190][191]
In comments made in the East Room of the White House on 15 July 2015, Obama urged Congress to support the agreement, saying "If we don't choose wisely, I believe future generations will judge us harshly, for letting this moment slip away."[192] He said the inspections regime in the agreement was among the most vigorous ever negotiated and criticized opponents of the deal for failing to offer a viable alternative to it.[192] Obama said, "If 99 percent of the world's community and the majority of nuclear experts look at this thing and they say 'this will prevent Iran from getting a nuclear bomb,' and you are arguing either that it does not ... then you should have some alternative to present. And I haven't heard that."[193][194] The same day, he made a case for the deal on the agreement in an interview with New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman.[195] Obama stated:
With respect to Iran, it is a great civilization, but it also has an authoritarian theocracy in charge that is anti-American, anti-Israeli, anti-Semitic, sponsors terrorism, and there are a whole host of real profound differences that we [have with] them ... [T]heir argument was, 'We're entitled to have a peaceful nuclear program.' ... You know, I have a lot of differences with Ronald Reagan, but where I completely admire him was his recognition that [we] were able to verify an agreement that [was negotiated] with the evil empire [the Soviet Union] that was hellbent on our destruction and was a far greater existential threat to us than Iran will ever be ... I had a lot of disagreements with Richard Nixon, but he understood there was the prospect, the possibility, that China could take a different path. You test these things, and as long as we are preserving our security capacity'--as long as we are not giving away our ability to respond forcefully, militarily, where necessary to protect our friends and our allies'--that is a risk we have to take. It is a practical, common-sense position. It's not na¯ve; it's a recognition that if we can in fact resolve some of these differences, without resort to force, that will be a lot better for us and the people of that region.[195]
Also on 15 July 2015, Vice President Joe Biden met with Senate Democrats on the Foreign Relations Committee on Capitol Hill, where he made a presentation on the agreement.[196]
On 18 July Obama devoted his weekly radio address to the agreement, saying, "this deal will make America and the world safer and more secure" and rebutting "a lot of overheated and often dishonest arguments about it";[197] Obama said, "as commander-in-chief, I make no apology for keeping this country safe and secure through the hard work of diplomacy over the easy rush to war."[197] On 23 July Obama met in the White House Cabinet Room with about a dozen undecided House Democrats to speak about the agreement and seek their support.[198]
The debate over the agreement was marked by acrimony between the White House and Republicans inside and outside of Congress. Cruz said that under the agreement "the Obama administration will become the leading financier of terrorism against America in the world."[199] Former Governor Mike Huckabee of Arkansas, a candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, called the president "naive" and repeatedly invoked the Holocaust, saying that the president's policy would "take the Israelis and march them to the door of the oven". This comparison was denounced by the Anti-Defamation League, the National Jewish Democratic Council, and various Israeli government officials.[201][202] At a 27 July 2015 news conference Obama specifically criticized Huckabee, Cruz, and Cotton, saying that such remarks were "just part of a general pattern we've seen that would be considered ridiculous if it weren't so sad", especially from "leaders in the Republican Party".[199] Obama said, "fling[ing] out ad hominem attacks like that ... doesn't help inform the American people". "This is a deal that has been endorsed by people like Brent Scowcroft and Sam Nunn ... historic Democratic and Republican leaders on arms control and on keeping America safe. And so when you get rhetoric like this, maybe it gets attention and maybe this is just an effort to push Mr. Trump out of the headlines, but it's not the kind of leadership that is needed for America right now", he added.
On 5 August Obama gave a speech before an audience of around 200 at American University, marking a new phase in the administration's campaign for the agreement.[204][205] He said, "Let's not mince words: The choice we face is ultimately between diplomacy and some form of war'--maybe not tomorrow, maybe not three months from now, but soon. How can we in good conscience justify war before we've tested a diplomatic agreement that achieves our objectives?"[204] In his speech, Obama also invoked a speech made by John F. Kennedy at American University in 1963 in favor of the Partial Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.[204] Obama also said the opponents of the agreement were the same people who created the "drumbeat of war" that led to the Iraq War and criticized "knee-jerk partisanship that has become all too familiar, rhetoric that renders every decision made to be a disaster, a surrender".[204]
New York Senator Chuck Schumer, a senior Democrat, made a different assessment of prospects for war by distinguishing between nuclear and non-nuclear aspects of the agreement. In each case he asked whether we are better off with the agreement or without it, and his conclusion was: "when it comes to the nuclear aspects of the agreement within ten years, we might be slightly better off with it. However, when it comes to the nuclear aspects after ten years and the non-nuclear aspects, we would be better off without it." Then Schumer assessed the Iranian government, saying, "Who's to say this dictatorship will not prevail for another ten, twenty, or thirty years? To me, the very real risk that Iran will not moderate and will, instead, use the agreement to pursue its nefarious goals is too great." Finally, Schumer concluded: "I will vote to disapprove the agreement, not because I believe war is a viable or desirable option, nor to challenge the path of diplomacy. It is because I believe Iran will not change, and under this agreement it will be able to achieve its dual goals of eliminating sanctions while ultimately retaining its nuclear and non-nuclear power."[206]
In the same 5 August speech, Obama said, "Just because Iranian hard-liners chant 'Death to America' does not mean that that's what all Iranians believe. In fact, it's those hard-liners who are most comfortable with the status quo. It's those hard-liners chanting 'Death to America' who have been most opposed to the deal. They're making common cause with the Republican caucus."[205] Congressional Republican leaders criticized this statement. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell called it "crass political rhetoric" that was a strategy to "Demonize your opponents, gin up the base, get the Democrats all angry, and rally around the president." McConnell said, "This is an enormous national security debate that the president will leave behind, under the Constitution, a year and a half from now, and the rest of us will be dealing with the consequences of it. So I wish he would tone down the rhetoric and let's talk about the facts" and promised that Republicans would discuss the agreement respectfully in September.[208][209] Republican Senator Bob Corker, the chairman of Foreign Relations Committee, asserted that the president was "trying to shut down debate by saying that those who have legitimate questions, legitimate questions'--are somehow unpatriotic, are somehow compared to hardliners in Iran".[210] Obama subsequently stood by his statement, with White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest calling it a "statement of fact"[208] and Obama saying in an interview, "Remember, what I said was that it's the hard-liners in Iran who are most opposed to this deal. And I said, in that sense, they're making common cause with those who are opposed to this deal here. I didn't say that they were equivalent." In the same interview Obama said, "A sizable proportion of the Republicans were opposed before the ink was even dry on the deal."
In comments made at the Aspen Security Forum in Aspen, Colorado in July 2015, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said the JCPOA would improve the U.S.'s ability to monitor Iran: "[The agreement] puts us in a far better place in terms of insight and access" than no agreement.[211] Clapper remained "concerned about compliance and deceit" but "pointed out that during the negotiation period [Iran] complied with rules" negotiated under the interim agreement (the Joint Plan of Action).[211]
Public debate [ edit ] An intense public debate in the United States took place during the congressional review period.[212] "Some of the wealthiest and most powerful donors in American politics, those for and against the accord", became involved in the public debate,[213] although "mega-donors" opposing the agreement contributed substantially more money than those supporting it.[214] From 2010 to early August 2015, the foundations of Sheldon Adelson, Paul Singer, and Haim Saban contributed a total of $13 million (at least $7.5 million, at least $2.6 million, and at least $2.9 million, respectively) to advocacy groups opposing an agreement with Iran.[214] On the other side, three groups lobbying in support of the agreement received at least $803,000 from the Ploughshares Fund, at least $425,000 from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, and at least $68,500 from George Soros and his foundation.[214] Other philanthropists and donors supporting an agreement include S. Daniel Abraham, Tim Gill, Norman Lear, Margery Tabankin, and Arnold Hiatt.[213]
Others welcomed the JCPOA as a step forward.[215] The National Iranian American Council (NIAC), Iranian American Bar Association, and other organizations welcomed the JCPOA.[216] The NIAC released a statement saying: "Our negotiators have done their job to win a strong nuclear deal that prevents an Iranian nuclear weapon, all the while avoiding a catastrophic war. Now is the time for Congress to do theirs. Make no mistake: if Congress rejects this good deal with Iran, there will be no better deal forthcoming and Congress will be left owning an unnecessary war."[217] NIAC created a new group, NIAC Action, to run advertisements supporting the agreement.[214] NIAC also organized an open letter from 73 Middle East and foreign affairs scholars stating, "reactivating diplomatic channels between the United States and Iran is a necessary first step" to reduce conflict in the region, and that while "the nuclear deal will not automatically or immediately bring stability to the region ... Ultimately, a Middle East where diplomacy is the norm rather than the exception will enhance U.S. national security and interests."[218] Signatories to the letter include John Esposito, Ehsan Yarshater, Noam Chomsky, Peter Beinart, John Mearsheimer, and Stephen Walt.[218]
U.S. pro-Israel groups were divided on the JCPOA.[219] The American Israel Public Affairs Committee opposed the agreement and formed a new 501(c)(4) group, Citizens for a Nuclear Free Iran, to run a television advertising campaign against it.[204][219][220][221] In August 2015, it was reported that AIPAC and Citizens for a Nuclear Free Iran planned to spend between $20 million and $40 million on its campaign.[222] From mid-July to 4 August 2015 AIPAC's Citizens for a Nuclear Free Iran spent more than $11 million on network television political advertisements opposing the agreement in 23 states, including more than $1 million in California, Florida, New York, and Texas.[222][223] In the first week of August AIPAC said it had 400 meetings with congressional offices as part of its campaign to defeat the agreement.[222]
In contrast to AIPAC, another pro-Israel organization, J Street, supported the agreement, and planned a $5 million advertising effort to encourage Congress to support it.[222][224] In the first week of August J Street launched a $2 million, three-week ad campaign in support of the agreement, with TV ads in Colorado, Maryland, Michigan, Oregon, and Pennsylvania.[225][226] From mid-July through early August J Street reported having 125 meetings with congressional offices.[222] J Street also paid to fly prominent Israelis who support the agreement (including Amram Mitzna, a retired Israeli general, member of the Knesset, and mayor of Haifa) to the United States to help persuade members of Congress to support it.[222]
The group United Against Nuclear Iran (UANI) opposed the agreement and committed to spending more than $20 million on a national "TV, radio, print and digital campaign" against it.[214][227] After UANI announced its opposition, the group's president and co-founder, nonproliferation expert Gary Samore, announced that he had concluded "that the accord was in the United States' interest" and supported the agreement.[214][228] Samore thus stepped down as president and was replaced by ex-Senator Joseph I. Lieberman.[228] By 20 August UANI had released its third national television ad against the agreement.[227]
Various other groups also ran ad campaigns for or against the agreement. John R. Bolton's Foundation for American Security and Freedom ran ads against it, as did "Veterans Against the Deal", a group that does not disclose its donors.[230] Various pro-agreement ads were run by MoveOn.org (which ran an ad titled "Let Diplomacy Work"), Americans United for Change (which warned "They're back'--the Iraq war hawks are fighting the Iran deal, want more war" over photos of Bolton, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld), and Global Zero (which ran a humorous ad featuring actors Jack Black, Morgan Freeman, and Natasha Lyonne).[230]
The New York-based Iran Project, a nonprofit led by former high-level U.S. diplomats and funded by the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, along with the United Nations Association of the United States, supported the agreement.[231] The Rockefeller fund also supported the San Francisco-based Ploughshares Fund, which spent several years marshaling support for an agreement.[231]
On 17 July 2015 a bipartisan open letter endorsing the Iran agreement was signed by more than 100 former U.S. ambassadors and high-ranking State Department officials.[232][233] The ex-ambassadors wrote: "If properly implemented, this comprehensive and rigorously negotiated agreement can be an effective instrument in arresting Iran's nuclear program and preventing the spread of nuclear weapons in the volatile and vitally important region of the Middle East. In our judgment the [plan] deserves Congressional support and the opportunity to show it can work. We firmly believe that the most effective way to protect U.S. national security, and that of our allies and friends is to ensure that tough-minded diplomacy has a chance to succeed before considering other more costly and risky alternatives."[232][233] Among the signatories to the letter were Daniel C. Kurtzer, James R. Jones, Frank E. Loy, Princeton N. Lyman, Jack F. Matlock Jr., Donald F. McHenry, Thomas E. McNamara, and Thomas R. Pickering.[233]
A separate public letter to Congress in support of the agreement from five former U.S. ambassadors to Israel from administrations of both parties and three former Under Secretaries of State was released on 26 July 2015.[234] This letter was signed by R. Nicholas Burns, James B. Cunningham, William C. Harrop, Daniel Kurtzer, Thomas R. Pickering, Edward S. Walker Jr., and Frank G. Wisner.[235] The former officials wrote, "We are persuaded that this agreement will put in place a set of constraints and monitoring measures that will arrest Iran's nuclear program for at least fifteen years and assure that this agreement will leave Iran no legitimate avenue to produce a nuclear weapon during the next ten to fifteen years. This landmark agreement removes the threat that a nuclear-armed Iran would pose to the region and to Israel specifically."[235]
Another public letter to Congress urging approval of the agreement was signed by a bipartisan group of more than 60 "national-security leaders", including politicians, retired military officers, and diplomats.[234] This letter, dated 20 July 2015, stated: "We congratulate President Obama and all the negotiators for a landmark agreement unprecedented in its importance for preventing the acquisition of nuclear weapons by Iran. ... We have followed carefully the negotiations as they have progressed and conclude that the JCPOA represents the achievement of greater security for us and our partners in the region."[234][236] Among the Republicans who signed this letter were former Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill, former U.S. Trade Representative Carla Anderson Hills, and former Senator Nancy Landon Kassebaum.[234] Among the Democrats who signed the letter were former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, former Senate Majority Leaders George J. Mitchell and Tom Daschle, former Senator Carl Levin, and former Defense Secretary William Perry.[234][237] Also signing were former National Security Advisors Zbigniew Brzezinski and Brent Scowcroft; Under Secretaries of State R. Nicholas Burns and Thomas R. Pickering; U.S. Ambassadors Ryan Crocker and Stuart Eizenstat; Admiral Eric T. Olson; Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Michele Flournoy; and Assistant Secretary for Nonproliferation Robert Einhorn.[237]
On 8 August 2015, 29 prominent U.S. scientists, mostly physicists, published an open letter endorsing the agreement.[238][239] The letter, addressed to Obama, said: "We congratulate you and your team on negotiating a technically sound, stringent and innovative deal that will provide the necessary assurance in the coming decade and more than Iran is not developing nuclear weapons, and provides a basis for further initiatives to raise the barriers to nuclear proliferation in the Middle East and around the globe."[239] The letter also stated that the agreement "will advance the cause of peace and security in the Middle East and can serve as a guidepost for future nonproliferation agreements".[238][239] The 29 signatories included "some of the world's most knowledgeable experts in the fields of nuclear weapons and arms control", many of whom have held Q clearances and have been longtime advisers to Congress, the White House, and federal agencies.[238] The five primary authors were Richard L. Garwin (a nuclear physicist who played a key role in the development of the first hydrogen bomb and whom The New York Times described as "among the last living physicists who helped usher in the nuclear age"); Robert J. Goldston (Director of the Princeton Program on Science and Global Security and former director of the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory); R. Scott Kemp (an MIT professor of Nuclear Science and Engineering and a former science advisor for nonproliferation and arms control at the State Department); Rush D. Holt (a physicist and former U.S. Representative who later became president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science); and Frank N. von Hippel (Princeton Professor of Public Policy and former assistant director for national security in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy). Six Nobel Prize in Physics laureates co-signed the letter: Philip W. Anderson of Princeton University; Leon N. Cooper of Brown University; Sheldon L. Glashow of Boston University; David Gross of the University of California, Santa Barbara; Burton Richter of Stanford University; and Frank Wilczek of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.[238] Among the other scientists to sign are Siegfried S. Hecker (a Stanford physicist and the former director of Los Alamos National Laboratory), Freeman Dyson (of Princeton), and Sidney Drell (of Stanford).[238]
An open letter endorsing the agreement signed by 36 retired military generals and admirals and titled "The Iran Deal Benefits U.S. National Security: An Open Letter from Retired Generals and Admirals" was released on 11 August 2015.[240][241] The letter, signed by retired officers from all five branches of the U.S. armed services, said the agreement was "the most effective means currently available to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons" and "If at some point it becomes necessary to consider military action against Iran, gathering sufficient international support for such an effort would only be possible if we have first given the diplomatic path a chance. We must exhaust diplomatic options before moving to military ones."[241] The signers included General James E. "Hoss" Cartwright of the Marine Corps, former Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; General Joseph P. Hoar of the Marine Corps, the former commander of the U.S. Central Command; and Generals Merrill McPeak and Lloyd W. Newton of the Air Force.[240][241] Other signers included Lieutenant Generals Robert G. Gard Jr. and Claudia J. Kennedy; Vice Admiral Lee F. Gunn; Rear Admirals Garland Wright and Joseph Sestak; and Major General Paul D. Eaton.[241]
The above letter was answered on 25 August 2015 by a letter signed by more than 200 retired generals and admirals opposing the deal.[242][243][244] The letter asserted: "The agreement does not 'cut off every pathway' for Iran to acquire nuclear weapons. To the contrary, it provides Iran with a legitimate pathway for doing exactly that simply by abiding by the deal. ... The JCPOA would threaten the national security and vital interests of the United States and, therefore, should be disapproved by the Congress."[244][245] This letter was organized by Leon A. "Bud" Edney; other signers included Admiral James A. Lyons; Lieutenant General William G. Boykin, former Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence; and Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney, former vice commander of U.S. Air Forces in Europe.[243]
Retired Marine Corps General Anthony Zinni said he had refused requests from both sides to sign their letters, telling Time magazine, "I'm convinced that 90% of the guys who signed the letter one way or the other don't have any clue about whether it's a good or bad deal. They sign it because somebody's asked them to sign it." Of the JCPOA, Zinni said: "The agreement's fine, if you think it can work. But if this is a Neville Chamberlain then you're in a world of shit."[245]
On 13 August retired Senators Carl Levin of Michigan, a Democrat, and John Warner of Virginia, a Republican, published an op-ed in support of the agreement, "Why hawks should also back the Iran deal", in Politico.[246] Levin and Warner, both past chairmen of the Senate Armed Services Committee, argued, "If we reject the agreement, we risk isolating ourselves and damaging our ability to assemble the strongest possible coalition to stop Iran" in the event that military action was needed in the future.[246] Levin and Warner wrote, "The deal on the table is a strong agreement on many counts, and it leaves in place the robust deterrence and credibility of a military option. We urge our former colleagues not to take any action which would undermine the deterrent value of a coalition that participates in and could support the use of a military option. The failure of the United States to join the agreement would have that effect."[246] On 14 August retired senators Richard Lugar of Indiana, a Republican, and J. Bennett Johnston of Louisiana, a Democrat, also wrote in support of the agreement.[247] In a column for Reuters Lugar and Johnston argued, "Rejection of the agreement would severely undermine the U.S. role as a leader and reliable partner around the globe. If Washington walks away from this hard-fought multilateral agreement, its dependability would likely be doubted for decades."[247] They also wrote: "Tehran would be the winner of this U.S. rejection because it would achieve its major objective: the lifting of most sanctions without being required to accept constraints on its nuclear program. Iran could also claim to be a victim of American perfidy and try to convince other nations to break with U.S. leadership and with the entire international sanctions regime."[247]
On 17 August 2015, a group of 75 arms control and nuclear nonproliferation experts issued a joint statement endorsing the agreement.[248][249] The statement said, "the JCPOA is a strong, long-term, and verifiable agreement that will be a net-plus for international nuclear nonproliferation efforts" and that the JCPOA's "rigorous limits and transparency measures will make it very likely that any future effort by Iran to pursue nuclear weapons, even a clandestine program, would be detected promptly, providing the opportunity to intervene decisively to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon".[248][249] The letter was organized through the nonpartisan Arms Control Association.[249] Among the 75 signatories were the Valerie Plame and Joseph C. Wilson; former IAEA director-general Hans Blix; Morton H. Halperin; and experts from the Brookings Institution, Stimson Center, and other think tanks.[248][249] On 3 September an open letter to Obama signed by 56 people was issued criticizing the JCPOA as "unverifiable". The letter said: "Guided by our experience with U.S. and foreign nuclear weapons programs'--as well as with the history and practice of arms control, nonproliferation, and intelligence matters, we judge the current JCPOA to be a very bad deal indeed."[250] Signers included Boykin; Bolton; ex-CIA director James Woolsey, former national security advisor Robert McFarlane; Paula A. DeSutter, former Assistant Secretary of State for Verification, Compliance, and Implementation; various former ACDA officials; and former Sandia National Laboratories president/director C. Paul Robinson.[250]
Foreign diplomats were also involved in the congressional debate. The Israeli ambassador to the United States Ron Dermer appeared on cable television shows to attack the agreement, while ambassadors from European nations, including Sir Peter Westmacott, the British ambassador to the United States, "came on to say the precise opposite".[251] Dermer also lobbied members of Congress on Capitol Hill against the agreement,[252] while diplomats from France, Britain, and Germany made the rounds on Capitol Hill to advocate for the agreement.[253] On 4 August P5+1 diplomats held "a rare meeting of world powers' envoys on Capitol Hill" with about 30 Senate Democrats to urge support for the agreement, saying, "If Congress rejects this good deal, and the U.S. is forced to walk away, Iran will be left with an unconstrained nuclear program with far weaker monitoring arrangements, the current international consensus on sanctions would unravel, and international unity and pressure on Iran would be seriously undermined."[254]
On Meet the Press on 6 September 2015, former Secretary of State Colin Powell expressed support for the nuclear agreement with Iran, saying that it was "a pretty good deal".[255] Powell said that various provisions accepted by Iran'--such as the reduction in centrifuges and the uranium stockpile and the agreement to shut down its plutonium reactor'--were "remarkable changes" that stopped the Iranian pathway to a nuclear weapons program. Powell also defended the verification provisions of the agreement, saying: "I think a very vigorous verification regime has been put into place."[255]
Former Ambassador Dennis Ross, a longtime American negotiator in the Middle East, wrote that he was not yet convinced by either proponents or opponents of the agreement.[256] Ross wrote that the United States should be focused on "deterring the Iranians from cheating" (e.g., by producing highly enriched uranium) after year fifteen of the agreement.[256] Ross wrote, "President Obama emphasizes that the agreement is based on verification not trust. But our catching Iran cheating is less important than the price they know they will pay if we catch them. Deterrence needs to apply not just for the life of the deal."[256] As part of a deterrence strategy, Ross proposed transferring to Israel the U.S. Massive Ordnance Penetrator (MOP) "bunker buster" bomb at some point before year 15 of the agreement.[256] In a 25 August op-ed in The Washington Post, Ross and David H. Petraeus again argued for transferring the MOP to Israel.[257]
The Jewish American community was divided on the agreement. On 19 August 2015 leaders of the Reform Jewish movement, the largest Jewish denomination in the United States, issued a lengthy public statement expressing a neutral position.[258][259] The statement, signed by the leaders of the Union for Reform Judaism, Central Conference of American Rabbis, Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism and Association of Reform Zionists of America, reflected what Rabbi Rick Jacobs, president of the URJ, called "deep divisions within the movement".[258] On 20 August 2015 a group of 26 prominent current and foreign American Jewish communal leaders published a full-page ad in The New York Times with a statement backing the agreement; signers included three former chairs of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations as well as former AIPAC executive director Tom Dine.[260] Separately, on 17 August 2015 a group of 340 rabbis organized by Ameinu wrote an open letter to Congress in support of the agreement, saying: "We, along with many other Jewish leaders, fully support this historic nuclear accord."[261] The signers were mostly Reform rabbis but included at least 50 rabbis from the Conservative movement and at least one Orthodox rabbi.[262] Prominent rabbis who signed this letter included Sharon Brous, Burton Visotzky, Nina Beth Cardin, Lawrence Kushner, Sharon Kleinbaum, and Amy Eilberg.[261] In a separate letter released on 27 August, 11 Democratic Jewish former members of Congress urged support for the agreement; the letter noted the signatories' pro-Israel credentials and said the agreement "halts the immediate threat of a nuclear-armed Iran" while rejecting it would "put Iran back on the path to develop a nuclear weapon within two to three months".[263] Signatories included former Senator Carl Levin and former Representatives Barney Frank, Mel Levine, Steve Rothman, and Robert Wexler.[263]
Conversely, in late August a group of 900 rabbis signed an open letter by Kalman Topp and Yonah Bookstein calling upon Congress to reject the agreement.[264] The Orthodox Union and American Jewish Committee also announced opposition to the agreement.[265][266]
The Roman Catholic Church expressed support for the agreement. In a 14 July 2015 letter to Congress, Bishop Oscar Cantº, chairman of the Committee on International Justice and Peace of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, wrote that the JCPOA was "a momentous agreement" that "signals progress in global nuclear non-proliferation".[267][268] Cantº wrote that Catholic bishops in the United States "will continue to urge Congress to endorse the result of these intense negotiations because the alternative leads toward armed conflict, an outcome of profound concern to the Church".[267][268]
On 25 August 2015 a group of 53 Christian faith leaders from a variety of denominations sent a message to Congress urging them to support the agreement.[269] The Christian leaders wrote: "This is a moment to remember the wisdom of Jesus who proclaimed from the Sermon on the Mount, 'Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God' (Matthew 5:9). ... There is no question we are all better off with this deal than without it."[269] The letter was coordinated by a Quaker group, the Friends Committee on National Legislation.[269] Signatories to the letter included Jim Wallis of Sojourners; John C. Dorhauer, general minister and president of the United Church of Christ; Shane Claiborne; Adam Estle of Evangelicals for Middle East Understanding; Archbishop Vicken Aykazian of the Armenian Orthodox Church; A. Roy Medley, the head of American Baptist Churches USA; the Reverend Paula Clayton Dempsey of the Alliance of Baptists, senior pastor Joel C. Hunter of Northland, A Church Distributed; and Sister Simone Campbell, a leader of the Catholic "Nuns on the Bus" campaigns.[269][270]
Congressional committee hearings [ edit ] A hearing on the JCPOA before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee took place on 23 July 2015. Secretary of State Kerry, Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, and Energy Secretary Moniz testified.[198][271] Republican Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee, the committee chairman, said in his opening statement that when the talks began the goal was to dismantle the Iranian nuclear program, whereas the achieved agreement codified "the industrialization of their nuclear program".[272][273] Corker, addressing Kerry, said, "I believe you've been fleeced" and "what you've really done here is you have turned Iran from being a pariah to now Congress'--Congress being a pariah."[253] Corker said a new threshold in U.S. foreign policy had been crossed and the agreement would "enable a state sponsor of terror to obtain sophisticated, industrial nuclear development program that has, as we know, only one real practical need".[274] The committee's ranking Democratic member, Senator Benjamin Cardin of Maryland, said he had many questions and his hope was that the answers will cause a debate "in Congress and the American people".[274] Democrats, led by Senator Barbara Boxer of California, expressed support for the agreement, with Boxer saying that criticisms by Republicans were "ridiculous", "unfair", and "wrong".[198][253] Corker and Cardin sent Obama a letter saying the bilateral IAEA-Iran document should be available for Congress to review.[253]
At the hearing Kerry, Lew, and Moniz "were unequivocal in their statements that the accord was the best that could be achieved and that without it, the international sanctions regime would collapse".[198] Kerry warned that the United States would be "on our own" if it walked away from a multilateral agreement alongside the five global powers[253] and added that the belief that "some sort of unicorn arrangement involving Iran's complete capitulation" could be achieved was "a fantasy, plain and simple".[198] The Washington Post reported, "Moniz emerged as the calm center of the proceedings, beginning his interjections with recitations of what he described as 'facts,' and mildly observing that Republican characterizations were 'incorrect.'"[253] Kerry, Lew, and Moniz faced "uniform animus of Republicans" at the hearing,[198] with Republican senators giving "long and often scathing speeches denouncing what they described as a fatally flawed agreement and accusing the administration of dangerous naivete" and showing "little interest in responses" from the three cabinet secretaries.[253] The Washington Post reported on 12 issues related to the agreement over which the two sides disagreed at the hearing.[275]
On 28 July Kerry, Moniz, and Lew testified before the House Committee on Foreign Affairs.[276] Committee chairman Ed Royce, Republican of California, said in his opening statement, "we are being asked to consider an agreement that gives Iran permanent sanctions relief for temporary nuclear restrictions."[276][277] "Royce also said the inspection regime 'came up short' from 'anywhere, anytime' access to Iran's nuclear facilities and criticized the removal of restrictions on Iran's ballistic missile program and conventional arms."[278] The committee's ranking member, Representative Eliot Engel, Democrat of New York, said he has "serious questions and concerns" about the agreement.[278][279] Kerry, Lew, and Moniz spent four hours testifying before the committee.[280][281] At the hearing Kerry said that if Congress killed the deal, "You'll not only be giving Iran a free pass to double the pace of its uranium enrichment, to build a heavy-water reactor, to install new and more efficient centrifuges, but they will do it all without the unprecedented inspection and transparency measures that we have secured. Everything that we have tried to prevent will now happen."[282]
Senators John McCain (Republican of Arizona), the committee chair, and Jack Reed (Democrat of Rhode Island), the committee ranking member, at a hearing of the Senate Armed Services Committee on the JCPOA, 29 July 2015.
On 29 July Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter, General Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Kerry, Moniz, and Lew appeared before the Senate Armed Services Committee in a three-hour hearing.[283] Carter and Dempsey had been invited to testify by Republican Senator John McCain of Arizona, the chairman of the committee; Kerry, Moniz, and Lew attended the hearing at the invitation of the Pentagon.[284][285] In his opening statement McCain said that if the agreement failed and U.S. armed forces were called to take action against Iran, they "could be at greater risk because of this agreement". He also asserted that the agreement could lead American allies and partners to fateful decisions and result in "growing regional security competition, new arms races, nuclear proliferation, and possibly conflict".[286] The committee's ranking Democratic member, Senator Jack Reed of Rhode Island, said Congress had an obligation "to independently validate that the agreement will meet our common goal of stopping Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon" and that "the agreement, no matter your position on it, is historic and, if implemented scrupulously, could serve as a strategic inflection point in the world's relations with Iran, for international non-proliferation efforts, and for the political and security dynamics in the Middle East."[287][288]
Carter said the agreement prevented Iran from "getting a nuclear weapon in a comprehensive and verifiable way".[284] He assured the committee that the deal would not limit the U.S. ability to respond with military force if needed.[289] In response to a question from McCain, Carter said he had "no reason to foresee" that the agreement would cause Iran's threatening behavior to change more broadly, stating "That is why it's important that Iran not have a nuclear weapon."[285][290] Dempsey offered what he described as a "pragmatic" view.[283] He neither praised nor criticized the deal, but testified that the agreement reduced the chances of a near-term military conflict between the United States and Iran.[283] Dempsey said the agreement worked to keep Iran from developing nuclear weapons but did not address other concerns about Iran's malign activities in the region, ranging from "ballistic missile technology to weapons trafficking, to ... malicious activity in cyberspace".[291] He testified, "Ultimately, time and Iranian behavior will determine if the nuclear agreement is effective and sustainable" and stated that he would continue to provide military options to the president.[291] Senator Joni Ernst expressed disagreement with Obama's statement that the choice was the Iran nuclear deal or war. When Dempsey testified that the United States had "a range of options" he had presented to Obama, Ernst said: "it's imperative everybody on the panel understand that there are other options available."[292][293]
Under the JCPOA Iran must submit a full report on its nuclear history before it can receive any sanctions relief.[294] The IAEA has confidential technical arrangements with many countries as a matter of standard operating procedure.[294][295][296] "Republican lawmakers refer to these agreements as 'secret side deals' and claim that the JCPOA hinges on a set of agreements no one in the administration has actually seen."[295] Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas, a Republican opponent of the agreement, said that Kerry had "acted like Pontius Pilate" and "washed his hands, kicked it to the IAEA, knowing Congress would not get this information unless someone went out to find it."[297] On 30 July Republican Senator Ted Cruz of Texas introduced a resolution seeking a delay in the review period, arguing, "The 60-calendar day period for review of such agreement in the Senate cannot be considered to have begun until the Majority Leader certifies that all of the materials required to be transmitted under the definition of the term 'agreement' under such Act, including any side agreements with Iran and United States Government-issued guidance materials in relation to Iran, have been transmitted to the Majority Leader."[186][187] On 5 August, IAEA director general Yukiya Amano spoke with members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in a closed briefing about two IAEA documents: an agreement on inspection protocols with Iran and an agreement with Iran regarding Iranian disclosure of its previous nuclear activity (known as Possible Military Dimensions).[295][298] Following this briefing with Amano, Corker told reporters: "The majority of members here left with far more questions than they had before the meeting took place" and "We can not get him to even confirm that we will have physical access inside of Parchin." Cardin told reporters: "I thought today was helpful, but it was not a substitute for seeing the document."[299]
State Department spokesman John Kirby responded, "There's no secret deals between Iran and the IAEA that the P5+1 has not been briefed on in detail" and stated "These kinds of technical arrangements with the IAEA are a matter of standard practice, that they're not released publicly or to other states, but our experts are familiar and comfortable with the contents, which we would be happy to discuss with Congress in a classified setting."[296] The Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation wrote, "The arrangement specifies procedural information regarding how the IAEA will conduct its investigation into Iran's past nuclear history, including mentioning the names of informants who will be interviewed. Releasing this information would place those informants, and the information they hold, at risk."[294] Mark Hibbs of the Nuclear Policy Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and Thomas Shea, a former IAEA safeguards official and former head of Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation Programs at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, wrote that the charges of a "secret side deal" made by opponents of the agreement were a "manufactured controversy".[92] Hibbs and Shea wrote, "The IAEA has safeguards agreement with 180 countries. All have similar information protection provisions. Without these, governments would not open their nuclear programs for multilateral oversight. So IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano was acting by the book on August 5 when he told members of Congress that he couldn't share with them the details of [the] verification protocol the IAEA had negotiated with Iran as part of a bilateral 'roadmap.'"[92] David Albright, founder and president of the Institute for Science and International Security and a former IAEA nuclear inspector, stated that the demands for greater transparency regarding the agreement between Iran and IAEA "aren't unreasonable" and "Iran is a big screamer for more confidentiality. Nonetheless, if the IAEA wanted to make it more open, it could."[300] Albright also proposed that the United States "should clearly and publicly confirm, and Congress should support with legislation, that if Iran does not address the IAEA's concerns about the past military dimensions of its nuclear programs, U.S. sanctions will not be lifted".[301]
Congressional support and opposition [ edit ] Republican leaders vowed to attempt to kill the agreement as soon as it was released, even before classified sections were made available to Congress, and "Republican lawmakers raced to send out news releases criticizing it."[302] According to The Washington Post, "most congressional Republicans remained deeply skeptical, some openly scornful, of the prospect of relieving economic sanctions while leaving any Iranian uranium-enrichment capability intact."[303] Mitch McConnell said the deal "appears to fall well short of the goal we all thought was trying to be achieved, which was that Iran would not be a nuclear state".[303] A New York Times analysis stated that Republican opposition to the agreement "seems born of genuine distaste for the deal's details, inherent distrust of President Obama, intense loyalty to Israel and an expansive view of the role that sanctions have played beyond preventing Iran's nuclear abilities".[302] The Washington Post identified 12 issues related to the agreement on which the two sides disagreed, including the efficacy of inspections at undeclared sites; the effectiveness of the snapback sanctions; the significance of limits on enrichment; the significance of IAEA side agreements; the effectiveness of inspections of military sites; the consequences of walking away from an agreement; and the effects of lifting sanctions.[275][h]
One area of disagreement between supporters and opponents of the JCPOA is the consequences of walking away from an agreement, and whether renegotiation of the agreement is a realistic option.[275] Senator Chuck Schumer, Democrat of New York, an opponent of the agreement, called for the U.S. government to keep sanctions in place, strengthen them, and "pursue the hard-trodden path of diplomacy once more, difficult as it may be".[206] Senator Bob Corker, Republican of Tennessee, said that he believed that it was "hyperbole" to say that the agreement was the only alternative to war.[275] President Obama, by contrast, argued that renegotiation of the deal is unrealistic, stating in his American University speech, "the notion that there is a better deal to be had. ... relies on vague promises of toughness" and stated, "Those making this argument are either ignorant of Iranian society, or they are not being straight with the American people. ... Neither the Iranian government, or the Iranian opposition, or the Iranian people would agree to what they would view as a total surrender of their sovereignty."[205] Obama also argued, "those who say we can just walk away from this deal and maintain sanctions are selling a fantasy. Instead of strengthening our position, as some have suggested, Congress' rejection would almost certainly result in multi-lateral sanctions unraveling," because "our closest allies in Europe or in Asia, much less China or Russia, certainly are not going to enforce existing sanctions for another five, 10, 15 years according to the dictates of the U.S. Congress because their willingness to support sanctions in the first place was based on Iran ending its pursuit of nuclear weapons. It was not based on the belief that Iran cannot have peaceful nuclear power."[205] Secretary of State Kerry echoed these remarks, saying in July 2015 that the idea of a "'better deal,' some sort of unicorn arrangement involving Iran's complete capitulation . ... is a fantasy, plain and simple, and our intelligence community will tell you that".[275][311] Senator Al Franken, Democrat of Minnesota, a supporter of the agreement, wrote: "Some say that, should the Senate reject this agreement, we would be in position to negotiate a "better" one. But I've spoken to representatives of the five nations that helped broker the deal, and they agree that this simply wouldn't be the case."[312][i]
On 28 July 2015 Representative Sander M. Levin, Democrat of Michigan, the longest-serving Jewish member now in Congress, announced in a lengthy statement that he would support the JCPOA, saying, "the agreement is the best way" to stop Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon and that a rejection of the agreement would lead the international sanctions regime to "quickly fall apart", as "sanctions likely would not be continued even by our closest allies, and the United States would be isolated trying to enforce our unilateral sanctions as to Iran's banking and oil sectors."[280][316][317]
A key figure in the congressional review process is Senator Benjamin Cardin of Maryland, a Democrat who is the ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.[182] Cardin took a phone call from Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu opposing the agreement and participated in a private 90-minute session with Energy Secretary Moniz supporting the agreement.[182] On 21 July Cardin said that if the agreement is implemented, the United States should increase military aid to Israel and friendly Gulf states.[182]
On 4 August 2015 three key and closely watched Senate Democrats'--Tim Kaine of Virginia (a Foreign Relations Committee member), Barbara Boxer of California (also a Foreign Relations Committee member), and Bill Nelson of Florida'--announced their support for the agreement.[318] In a floor speech that day, Kaine said that the agreement is "far preferable to any other alternative, including war" and, "America has honored its best traditions and shown that patient diplomacy can achieve what isolation and hostility cannot."[318] In a similar floor speech the same day, Nelson said, "I am convinced [that the agreement] will stop Iran from developing a nuclear weapon for at least the next 10 to 15 years. No other available alternative accomplishes this vital objective"[319][320] and "If the U.S. walks away from this multinational agreement, I believe we would find ourselves alone in the world with little credibility."[321] Conversely, another closely watched senator, Chuck Schumer of New York, who was expected to make a bid to become Senate Democratic leader,[212] announced his opposition to the agreement on 6 August, writing, "there is a strong case that we are better off without an agreement than with one"[206][322]
According to an Associated Press report, the classified assessment of the United States Intelligence Community on the agreement concludes that because Iran will be required by the agreement to provide international inspectors with "unprecedented volume of information about nearly every aspect of its existing nuclear program", Iran's ability to conceal a covert weapons program will be diminished.[323][324] In a 13 August letter to colleagues, ten current and former Democratic members of the House Select Committee on Intelligence (including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Intelligence Committee ranking member Adam Schiff) referred to this assessment as a reason to support the agreement, writing, "We are confident that this monitoring and the highly intrusive inspections provided for in the agreement'--along with our own intelligence capabilities'--make it nearly impossible for Iran to develop a covert enrichment effort without detection."[324][325] The ten members also wrote "You need not take our word for it" and referred members to the classified assessment itself, which is located in an office in the Capitol basement and is available for members of Congress to read.[324][325]
Congressional votes [ edit ] A resolution of disapproval was initially expected to pass both the House and Senate, meaning, "The real challenge for the White House is whether they can marshal enough Democrats to sustain the veto."[326][327] Two-thirds of both houses (the House of Representatives and the Senate) are required to override a veto, meaning that one-third of either house (146 votes in the House, or 34 in the Senate) could sustain (uphold) President Obama's veto of a resolution of disapproval.[328][329]
By early September 2015, 34 senators had publicly confirmed support for the deal, a crucial threshold because it ensured that the Senate could sustain (i. e., uphold) any veto of a resolution of disapproval.[330] Senator Barbara Mikulski of Maryland announced support on 2 September, a day after Chris Coons of Delaware and Bob Casey, Jr., of Pennsylvania also announced support, reaching 34 votes and assuring that an eventual disapproval resolution passed in the Senate could not override an Obama veto.[331] By the following day, 38 Democratic senators supported the deal, 3 were opposed, and 5 were still undecided.[332]
By 8 September, all senators had made a commitment on the agreement, with 42 in support (40 Democrats and two independents) and 58 opposed (54 Republicans and four Democrats).[330] It was possible for senators in support of the agreement to kill the disapproval resolution outright in the Senate by effectively filibustering it, making it unnecessary for Obama to veto a disapproval resolution at all.[330] But this was possible only if at least 41 voted to do so, and several senators in support of the agreement, including Coons, "have suggested they'd prefer an up-or-down vote on the deal, instead of blocking it altogether".[330]
The apparent success of a strategy to marshal congressional support for the deal, linked to a carefully orchestrated rollout of endorsements (although Democratic Senate Whip Dick Durbin and other officials disputed the suggestion of coordination[333]) was attributed to lessons the White House and congressional Democrats learned during struggles in previous summers with Republicans, in particular over Obamacare.[334] An August 2015 meeting at which top diplomats from the UK, Russia, China, Germany, and France told 10 undecided Democratic senators they had no intention of returning to the negotiating table was reported to be particularly crucial.[334] Coons said: "They were clear and strong that we will not join you in re-imposing sanctions."[334]
On 20 August 2015, Pelosi said that House Democrats had the votes to uphold a veto of a resolution of disapproval.[335] To sustain a veto, she would need to hold only 146 of the 188 House Democrats;[336] by 20 August, about 60 House Democrats had publicly declared their support for the final agreement,[337] and about 12 had publicly declared their opposition.[335] In May 2015, before the final agreement was announced, 151 House Democrats signed in support for the broad outlines in the April framework agreement; none of those signatories have announced opposition to the final agreement.[329]
It was originally expected that the House would vote on a formal resolution of disapproval introduced by Representative Ed Royce, Republican of California, the chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.[338][j] As the Senate moved toward a vote on a resolution of disapproval, House leadership (under Republican control) planned to vote on a similar resolution of disapproval.[341] But conservative Republicans "revolted in protest" as "the chamber's right flank wanted tougher action from its leader" and the House Republican leadership (under Speaker John Boehner) planned to vote instead chose to bring a resolution of approval to the floor "as a way to effectively force Democrats who had voiced support for the president to formally register such endorsement".[341] On 11 September 2015 the resolution failed, as expected, on a 162''269 vote; 244 Republicans and 25 Democrats voted no, while 162 Democrats and no Republicans voted yes.[341][342] On the same day House Republicans held two additional votes, one on a resolution claiming that the Obama administration had failed to meet the requirements of a congressional review period on the deal and another resolution which would prevent the United States from lifting any sanctions.[341][343] The former resolution passed on a party-line vote, with all Republicans in favor and all Democrats opposed; the latter resolution passed on nearly a party-line vote, with all Republicans and two Democrats in favor, and every other Democrat opposed.[341][343][344] The House action against the resolution was a "symbolic vote that will have no consequence for the implementation of the deal", and the two anti-agreement measures passed by the House were seen as "unlikely to even reach Obama's desk".[343][344]
On 10 September, the day before the vote, Boehner threatened to "use every tool at our disposal to stop, slow, and delay this agreement from being fully implemented", and said that a lawsuit by House Republicans against the president (claiming that the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act was not followed) was "an option that is very possible".[343][345] Four months later House Republicans abandoned their plans for a lawsuit against the administration over the JCPOA.[346]
In July 2015, conservative legal activist Larry Klayman filed a lawsuit against Obama and members of Congress in federal court in West Palm Beach, Florida, asserting that the agreement should be considered a treaty requiring Senate ratification.[347][348] Klayman's suit was dismissed for lack of standing in September 2015.[349]
Review period in Iran [ edit ] Iranian Supreme Leader Khamenei issued a letter of guidelines to President Rouhani, ordering him on how to proceed with the deal.[350][351] On 21 June 2015, the Iranian Parliament (Majlis) decided to form a committee to study the JCPOA and to wait at least 80 days before voting on it.[352] Foreign minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and Atomic Energy Organization of Iran chief Ali Akbar Salehi, defended the deal in Parliament on the same day.[352] Although the Iranian constitution gives Parliament the right to cancel the deal, it was reported that this outcome is unlikely.[352] The New York Times reported, "the legislators have effectively opted to withhold their judgment until they know whether the American Congress approves of the deal."[352]
In televised remarks made on 23 July 2015, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani rejected domestic criticism of the JCPOA from Iranian hardliners, "such as the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and its allies", which "have criticized the accord as an invasive affront to the country's sovereignty and a capitulation to foreign adversaries, particularly the United States".[353] In remarks described by The New York Times as "blunt" and uncharacteristically frank, Rouhani claimed a popular mandate to make an agreement based on his election in 2013 and warned that the alternative was "an economic Stone Age" brought on by sanctions which (as the Times described) have "shriveled oil exports and denied the country access to the global banking system".[353] On 26 July, a two-page, top-secret directive sent to Iranian newspaper editors from Iran's Supreme National Security Council surfaced online.[354] In the document, newspapers are instructed to avoid criticism of the agreement and to avoid giving the impression of "a rift" at the highest levels of government.[354] The BBC reported that the document appears to be aimed at constraining criticism of the JCPOA by Iranian hardliners.[354]
On 3 September, Iranian supreme leader Khamenei said that the Majlis should make the final decision on the agreement.[355] On the same day, Ali Larijani, the speaker of the parliament, said that he supported the agreement and that: "The agreement needs to be discussed and needs to be approved by the Iranian parliament. There will be heated discussions and debates."[355]
Abbas Milani and Michael McFaul wrote: "those [in Iran] supporting the deal include moderates inside the government, many opposition leaders, a majority of Iranian citizens, and many in the Iranian American diaspora'--a disparate group that has rarely agreed on anything until now."[356] Within the government, Rouhani and Foreign Minister Javad Zarif, who negotiated the agreement, "are now the most vocal in defending it against Iranian hawks".[356] Also vocally supporting the agreement are former presidents Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani and Mohammad Khatami and moderates within parliament.[356] The agreement is also supported by most prominent opposition leaders, including Mir-Hossein Mousavi, a 2009 presidential candidate who is under house arrest for his role as a leader of the Green Movement.[356]
Conversely, "the most militantly authoritarian, conservative, and anti-Western leaders and groups within Iran oppose the deal."[356] The anti-agreement coalition in Iran includes former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, former head of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran Fereydoon Abbasi, ex-nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili; and various conservative clerics and Revolutionary Guard commanders.[356] This group has "issued blistering attacks on the incompetence of Iran's negotiating team, claiming that negotiators caved on many key issues and were outmaneuvered by more clever and sinister American diplomats".[356]
Anti-JCPOA representatives of Islamic Consultative Assembly protested Ali Akbar Saheli and made death threats toward him
[357]Iranian defense minister Hossein Dehqan said on 2 September that Iran would not allow the IAEA to visit every site or facility that it wishes.[358]
The Majlis special commission for examining the JCPOA, has invited Ali Shamkhani, as well as members of former nuclear negotiation team including Ali Bagheri and Fereydoon Abbasi to comment on the deal.[359] During the session, Saeed Jalili, ex-chief negotiator has slammed the deal, stating "approximately 100 absolute rights" of Iran were conceded to the opposing side. He believes the deal is "unacceptable" because Iran makes an "exceptional [nuclear case], replacing 'permission' with 'right' under the NPT, and accepting unconventional measures".[360] He also believes that the deal has crossed the red lines drawn by the Supreme leader of Iran. His testimony was criticized by commission members Masoud Pezeshkian and Abbas Ali Mansouri Arani.[361] In another session, current negotiatiors Abbas Araqchi and Majid Takht-Ravanchi defended the deal, led by Javad Zarif.[362]
In the Iranian media, the leading reformist newspapers, Etemad and Shargh, "continue to write approvingly of the negotiations and their outcome".[363] Conversely, the leading conservative paper Ettelaat has criticized the agreement.[363] The most "bombastic and hard-line criticism of the deal" has come from Kayhan, which is edited by Hossein Shariatmadari and closely associated with Khamenei, the supreme leader.[363]
The agreement is supported by many Iranian dissidents, including Nobel Peace Prize laureate, human rights activist, and Iranian exile Shirin Ebadi, who "labeled as 'extremists' those who opposed the agreement in Iran and America".[356] Likewise, dissident journalist and former political prisoner Akbar Ganji expressed hope, "step-by-step nuclear accords, the lifting of economic sanctions and the improvement of the relations between Iran and Western powers will gradually remove the warlike and securitized environment from Iran."[356] Citing Iran's human rights situation and the "lack of religious and political freedom in the country", some dissidents opposed the agreement, including Ahmad Batebi, Nazanin Afshin-Jam, and Roozbeh Farahanipour, who signed an open letter arguing, "more pressure should be applied to the regime, not less."[364]
On 13 October The New York Times and many other major U.S. news sources reported that the Iranian Parliament had approved the JPCOA with 161 votes in favor, 59 against and 13 abstentions. Major Iranian news sources including Fars News Agency and Press TV, called a semi-official government source by U.S. media, reported that what was actually approved was a document consisting of the text of the JPCOA supplemented by text unilaterally added by Iran and not agreed to by the P5+1.[365][366][367][368][369]
Adoption Day [ edit ] On 18 October 2015 EU High Representative Mogherini and Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif jointly announced "Adoption Day" for the JCPOA, noting actions taken and planned by the EU, Iran, the IAEA, and the United States, and stating, "All sides remain strongly committed to ensuring that implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action can start as soon as possible."[370]
On 20 September 2015, Director-General Yukiya Amano of the IAEA went to the Parchin missile production facility, along with Director of Safeguards Tero Varjoranta, to obtain clarifications on the nuclear activities of the site.[371][372][373] The next day, Amano professed satisfaction with the samples taken by the Iranians themselves and handed over to the IAEA under "established procedures". IAEA experts were not physically present during the sampling, but Amano said the procedure meets "strict agency criteria" that ensure "the integrity of the sampling process and the authenticity of the samples."[374] In June 2016, IAEA investigators reported to the Wall Street Journal that they had reported in December 2015 traces of uranium found at the Parchin facility.[375]
Implementation Day [ edit ] Last meeting between diplomatic teams of Iran and the United States, at the Palais Coburg Hotel in Vienna
After the IAEA confirmed that Iran met the relevant requirements under the JCPOA, all nuclear sanctions were lifted by the UN, the EU and the United States on 16 January 2016.[376]
Washington imposed new sanctions on 11 companies and individuals for supplying Iran's ballistic missile program on the first day of the implementation.[377][378][379] According to Kerry, $1.7 billion in debt with interest was to be paid to Tehran. But some Iranian financial institutions, including Ansar Bank, Bank Saderat, Bank Saderat PLC, and Mehr Bank, remained on the SDN List[380] and a number of U.S. sanctions with respect to Iran, including existing terrorism, human rights and ballistic missiles-related sanctions, remained in place.[381]
Status in U.S. law [ edit ] In a letter sent to then U.S. Representative Mike Pompeo, the U.S. State Department said that the JCPOA "is not a treaty or an executive agreement, and is not a signed document".[382]
According to the Congressional Research Service, different definitions of "treaty" are used in international law and in domestic U.S. law. According to the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties, "The term 'treaty' has a broader meaning under international law than under domestic law. Under international law, 'treaty' refers to any binding international agreement.[383] Under domestic U.S. law, 'treaty' signifies only those binding international agreements that have received the advice and consent of the Senate."[384]
[ edit ] Some argue that deterrence is the key to ensuring not just that Iran is in compliance with the agreement but also to preventing them from developing nuclear weapons.[385] Former Assistant Secretary for Nonproliferation Robert Einhorn, a supporter of the agreement, wrote it would be better to have permanent or longer-term restrictions on Iran's enrichment program, but preventing a nuclear-armed Iran is possible, "provided the United States and key partners maintain a strong and credible deterrent against a future Iranian decision to go for the bomb".[386] According to Michael Eisenstadt, Director of the Military and Security Studies Program at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, "deterring Iran from developing or acquiring nuclear weapons will remain the core imperative driving U.S. policy in the coming years".[387]
Four days after the JCPOA was adopted, Khamenei delivered a speech, highlighting his fatwa and rejecting the claim that the nuclear talks rather than Iran's religious abstinence prevented Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. He said:
The Americans say they stopped Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. They know it's not true. We had a fatwa (religious ruling), declaring nuclear weapons to be religiously forbidden under Islamic law. It had nothing to do with the nuclear talks.[388]
In a letter[389] addressed to Representative Jerrold Nadler, Democrat of New York, President Obama raised the issue about U.S. ability to deter Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons:
The JCPOA, moreover, does not remove any of our options when it comes to preventing Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. As I have repeatedly emphasized, my Administration will take whatever means are necessary to achieve that goal, including military means. Should Iran seek to dash toward a nuclear weapon, all of the options available to the United States'--including the military option'--will remain available through the life of the deal and beyond.[389]
Ambassador Dennis Ross, former top Mideast official, and General David Petraeus, former CIA director, wrote in a Washington Post op-ed, "Bolstering deterrence is essential in addressing key vulnerabilities" of the agreement. Petraeus and Ross asserted that if Iran decide to race toward a nuclear weapon "there is a need not to speak of our options but of our readiness to use force", since the threat of force is far more likely to deter the Iranians. They said the president could resolve their concerns by stating that he would use military force to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon, including producing highly enriched uranium, even after the deal ends in 15 years. It is "critically important for the president to state this clearly, particularly given his perceived hesitancy to use force", they said.[385][390]
In the same letter, Obama detailed the possible non-military unilateral and multilateral responses to be employed should Iran violate the agreement, however, the president made it clear: "Ultimately, it is essential that we retain the flexibility to decide what responsive measures we and our allies deem appropriate for any non-compliance."[389] Flexibility meant that Obama rejected specifying "the penalties for smaller violations of the accord" in advance.[391]
Open letter [ edit ] The open letter, which was signed by more than 100 former U.S. ambassadors and high-ranking State Department officials endorsing the agreement, begins with the words: "The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) with Iran stands as a landmark agreement in deterring the proliferation of nuclear weapons."[233][234] In contrast, Michael Mandelbaum, the Christian A. Herter Professor at the Johns Hopkins University, School of Advanced International Studies, wrote that nuclear nonproliferation in the Middle East ultimately depended "not on the details of the Vienna agreement but on the familiar Cold-War policy of deterrence". Mandelbaum added that if Obama left office without Iran building the bomb, "the responsibility for conducting a policy of effective deterrence will fall on his successor."[392] Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz said, "Nothing currently on the table will deter Iran. Sanctions are paper protests to an oil-rich nation. Diplomacy has already failed because Russia and China are playing both sides."[393]
U.S. denies recertification and then withdraws (2017''present) [ edit ] The United States certified in April 2017 and in July 2017 that Iran was complying with the deal.[394][395]
On 13 October 2017 President Trump announced that he would not make the certification required under the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act, accusing Iran of violating the "spirit" of the deal and calling on the U.S. Congress and international partners to "address the deal's many serious flaws so that the Iranian regime can never threaten the world with nuclear weapons".[396]
Declaring that he would not certify the deal, Trump left it up to Congress whether to reimpose sanctions on Iran and "blow up" the deal. But Trump's aides sought to enact rules indicating how the United States could "reimpose sanctions", and Trump listed three items that could provide such a "trigger" for leaving the deal: Iran's intercontinental ballistic missile, Iranian rejection of "an extension of the deal's existing constraint on its nuclear activities", and "evidence that Iran could manufacture a bomb in less than 12 months". Trump described the deal as "one of the worst and most one-sided transactions the United States has ever entered into".[397]
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that getting out from the Iran nuclear deal would "carry a high cost" for the United States,[398] and that no president was allowed to "single-handedly revoke" the deal signed by the UN.[399]
After Trump said that he "cannot and will not" recertify the nuclear deal with Iran, Theresa May, Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel supported the deal in a joint statement. Mogherini, the European Union's foreign policy chief, said that the agreement was working well and that no one country could break the deal made by Britain, France, Germany, Russia, China and the European Union. She suggested a "collective process" for keeping the deal. Russia's foreign minister confirmed that Iran was abiding by the deal.[399]
U.S. withdrawal (May 2018) [ edit ] Trump announces U.S. withdrawal on 8 May.
On 8 May 2018 the United States officially withdrew from the agreement after U.S. President Donald Trump signed a Presidential Memorandum ordering the reinstatement of harsher sanctions.[400] In his 8 May speech President Trump called the Iran deal "horrible" and said the United States would "work with our allies to find a real, comprehensive, and lasting solution" to prevent Iran from developing nuclear arms.[401] The IAEA has continued to assess that Iran has been in compliance with JCPOA and that it had "no credible indications of activities in Iran relevant to the development of a nuclear explosive device after 2009".[402] Other parties to the deal stated that they will work to preserve the deal even after the U.S. withdrawal.[403]
Consequences of U.S. withdrawal [ edit ] The Iranian currency dropped significantly right after Trump announced the U.S. withdrawal.[404] The U.S. dollar was worth 35,000 rial before U.S. withdrawal and 42,000 in 2021.[405] International banks that chose to trade with Iran during the sanctions paid large fines.[406] Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said, "I said from the first day: don't trust America".[407] The American flag was set on fire in Iran's Parliament.[408] According to IDF sources, Iranian Revolutionary Guard Quds Forces based in Syria launched rockets at Israeli military targets the next evening, 9 May. CNN reported that, "if confirmed", it was "the first time Iranian forces have fired rockets directly at Israeli forces."[409]
Ali Khamenei's conditions for Europe to preserve the JCPOA [ edit ] Following the U.S. withdrawal from JCPOA, Iran supreme leader Ali Khamenei presented seven conditions for Europe to meet its commitments. Among them was that European powers must take steps to preserve business relations with Iranian banks and purchase Iranian oil despite U.S. pressure. He also said there was no need to hold new discussions about Iran's ballistic missile program and regional activities.[410]
Defection of Iran (May 2019 '' November 2019) [ edit ] In May 2019, the IAEA certified that Iran was abiding by the deal's main terms, but questions were raised about how many advanced centrifuges Iran was allowed to have, as that was only loosely defined in the deal.[18]
On 8 May 2019, Iran announced it would suspend implementation of some parts of the JCPOA, threatening further action in 60 days unless it received protection from U.S. sanctions.[411]
On 7 July 2019, Iran announced that it had started to increase uranium enrichment beyond the agreed 3.67% limit.[412] The same day, the IAEA stated its inspectors would verify Iran's announcement.[412] Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif sent a letter to his European counterpart Federica Mogherini notifying her about Iran's noncompliance.[412]
On 4 November 2019, Iran doubled the number of advanced centrifuges it operates. Iran is also enriching uranium to 4.5%; the agreement limits enrichment to 3.67%.[citation needed ] On 5 November 2019, Iranian nuclear chief Ali Akbar Salehi announced that Iran will enrich uranium to 5% at the Fordow Fuel Enrichment Plant, adding that it had the capability to enrich uranium to 20% if needed.[413]
Diplomatic conflict (2019''present) [ edit ] One year after the United States withdrew from the JCPOA and reimposed several unilateral sanctions on Iran, Iran took countermeasures. As a first step, according to Rouhani, Iran halted sales of excess enriched uranium and heavy water to other countries. Rouhani also said that Iran would resume enrichment of uranium beyond 3.67% if other parties could not fulfill their duties to let Iran benefit from the economic advantages of the JCPOA. Iran made this decision after all major European companies abandoned doing business with Iran out of fear of U.S. punishment.[414]
On 14 May 2019, in a meeting with senior officials, Iran's Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, described negotiations with the United States on another nuclear deal as "poison" and said, "We don't seek a war, and they don't either. They know it's not in their interests".[415]
In 2020, Trump and Pompeo asserted that the U.S. remained a "participant" in the agreement, despite having formally withdrawn in 2018, in an effort to persuade the United Nations Security Council to reimpose pre-agreement sanctions on Iran for its breaches of the deal after the United States' withdrawal. The agreement provided for a resolution process among signatories in the event of a breach, but that process had not yet played out.[416]
Speaking about the U.S. desire to restore UN sanctions against Iran and extend an embargo to arms sales to it in 2020, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Kelly Craft said: "History is replete of tragedies of appeasing regimes such as this one, that for decades have kept its own people under its thumb. The Trump administration has no fear in standing in limited company on this matter, in light of the unmistakable truth guiding our actions. I only regret that other members of this [Security Council] have lost their way, and now find themselves standing in the company of terrorists."[417] She also wrote a letter to the UN Security Council president on September 20, 2020, pressing her point on sanctions.[418][419][420] Speaking at the U.S. State Department in September 2020, she said: "As we have in the past, we will stand alone to protect peace and security at all times. We don't need a cheering section to validate our moral compass."[419]
After the Iranian regime's arrest of human rights activist Farhad Meysami, the U.S. State Department supported him in a statement.[421] Meysami then wrote a letter sharply criticizing Pompeo and the Trump administration, writing[k], "I would much rather spend all my life imprisoned by a group of my oppressive and ignorant compatriots and try to correct their wrongdoing through reformist action, than to spend a second submitting to the shame and disgrace of support from those who did not follow through with their obligations and withdrew from the rational and peaceful Iran Nuclear Deal (JCPOA) against all principles of morality and international law, and re-imposed inhumane sanctions which have thrown millions of my fellow Iranians into poverty".[423]
After Biden was elected president in 2020, he stated his intention to rejoin the Iran deal.[424] Naftali Bennett, who replaced Netanyahu as Israeli Prime Minister, advised against it, saying, "These very days illustrate what the world would look like if a radical Islamic regime acquired a nuclear weapon. That marriage would be a nuclear nightmare for the entire world. The first goal is to stop Iran on its regional aggression and start rolling them back into the box. And the second is to permanently keep Iran away from ever being able to break out the nuclear weapon."[425]
Reentry Negotiations (2021''2022) [ edit ] In early 2021, talks between the parties to the original agreement took place in Vienna. But due to the election of a new president in Iran, the meetings have been on hold since June. Enrique Mora, EU coordinator for reviving negotiations with Iran, attended the inauguration of the new Iranian president, Ebrahim Raisi, in Tehran in August. Iran is seeking assurances from the EU that there will be no repetition of the unilateral U.S. withdrawal. On 14 October 2021, Iran and the EU agreed to hold further negotiations in Brussels. Iranian deputy foreign minister Ali Bagheri reiterated Mora's statement that "the EU was ready to collaborate with Iran and the other parties". U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken told reporters that he hoped new talks succeed but stressed that "the runway that we have left to do is getting shorter and shorter".[426]
On 24 October 2021, Russia's ambassador at the United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna, Mikhail Ulyanov, called Iran's demand that the U.S. not withdraw from the JCPOA again "logical and justifiable". President Joe Biden had previously refused to give Iran such assurances.[427] A joint statement by the leaders of France, Germany, the U.K., and the U.S. on October 30 welcomed "President Biden's clearly demonstrated commitment to return the U.S. to full compliance with the JCPOA and to stay in full compliance, so long as Iran does the same."[428] Talks resumed in Vienna on 29 November 2021, with representatives from Iran, China, France, Germany, Russia, and the U.K. present.[429]
At the start of the seventh round of negotiations, European, Russian, British, Chinese and Iranian negotiators expressed optimism about reviving the JCPOA. A European diplomat said that in June 2021, 70% to 80% of a draft deal had been agreed upon. Enrique Mora, the EU official chairing the talks, said he felt "extremely positive" about what he had seen.[430][431] Ali Bagheri, Iran's top nuclear negotiator, referred to everything discussed so far as merely a ''draft'' and presented Iran's own new draft.[432] After the seventh round, Western negotiators called Iran's new proposals "unacceptable" and saw little chance of a successful negotiation unless Iran changed its position. Iranian negotiators insisted that the U.S. first lift all sanctions before Iran would scale back its nuclear program, contradicting the previous understanding of "compliance for compliance."[433] On 9 December 2021, the negotiations to save the deal continued as Russia and China exerted diplomatic pressure on Iran to revise its stance. According to the Russian ambassador to the talks, Mikhail Ulyanov, "a number of misunderstandings that created some tension had been eliminated and everyone confirmed their commitment to productive work". The previous week's negotiations had stalled as Iran's draft proposal, demanding the removal of all sanctions, was unacceptable to European negotiators.[434]
On 20 February 2022, 250 members of the 290-member Iranian parliament, which has been controlled by conservatives and hardliners since 2020, issued a statement urging President Ebrahim Raisi to comply with their requirements in reviving the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).[435]
In early March 2022, a senior official and spokesperson for the State Department said "the parties are close to a possible deal but a number of very difficult issues remain unsolved". The U.S. is engaged in indirect talks with Iran in Vienna, mediated by China, Russia and European parties of the original agreement. Revival of the JCPOA became a priority for the Biden administration when the war in Ukraine further affected global energy prices. About a million barrels of Iranian oil each day could be added to the international market, which would have a significant impact on crude oil prices and reduce the threat of nuclear war in the region.[436]
On 5 March 2022, Iran claimed it had reached an agreement with the IAEA to resolve all outstanding doubts about undeclared materials from three nuclear sites by late June. IAEA chief Rafael Grossi, who visited Iran in March, would present those findings concerning the enforcement of the agreement to the governing body by July. New demands by Russia to explicitly protect its economic relations with Iran have been identified as a potential stumbling block for the U.S. administration.[437]
See also [ edit ] Iran nuclear deal frameworkBegin Doctrine (The common term for the Israeli government's preventive strike to the potential enemies' capability to possess WMD)Black Cube (a private intelligence company founded by former Israeli intelligence officers)Iran and Libya Sanctions ActUnited States national emergency with respect to Iran2016 U.S.''Iran naval incidentThe UNSC and the United States resolutions on the Iran ArmsNotes [ edit ] ^ The P5+1 are also sometimes referred to as the "E3+3", for the "EU three" countries (France, the UK, and Germany) plus the three non-EU countries (the U.S., Russia, and China). The terms are interchangeable; this article uses the "P5+1" phrase.[6][7] ^ The meaning of Article IV of the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty, and its application to Iran, is a matter of dispute.[34][35] Gary Samore writes, "Whether the NPT guarantees signatories a right to enrichment is a long-standing dispute among the parties to the treaty."[36] Iran and other countries (such as Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Japan, and South Africa) assert that signatories to the NPT have a right to enrich uranium under Article IV of the NPT.[37][38] Professor William O. Beeman of the University of Minnesota, as well as Henry D. Sokolski, executive director of the Nonproliferation Policy Education Center, agree with this interpretation of the NPT.[37] The U.S. position was unclear before 2006, but after that time the U.S. has taken the position that Iran does not have the right to uranium enrichment because this activity is not specifically cited in the NPT.[35][37] In testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in October 2013, Sherman stated, "the U.S. position that that article IV of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty does not speak about the right of enrichment at all [and] doesn't speak to enrichment, period. It simply says that you have the right to research and development. And many countries such as Japan and Germany have taken that [uranium enrichment] to be a right. But the United States does not take that position. ... We do not believe there is an inherent right by anyone to enrichment."[37] The U.S. officials has also made the additional argument that whatever Iran's rights under the NPT might be, they were superseded by a series of UN Security Council resolutions demanding "that Iran suspend enrichment and reprocessing activities until 'confidence is restored in the purely peaceful nature of Iran's nuclear program.'"[35][36][37] U.S. Secretary of State Kerry has said: "We do not recognize a right to enrich. It is clear ... in the nonproliferation treaty, it's very, very (clear) that there is no right to enrich. [The Iranians] have the ability to negotiate it, but they could only gain that capacity to have some enrichment as some countries do, if they live up to the whole set of terms necessary to prove its (sic) a peaceful program."[34] In March 2011 testimony before the House Foreign Affairs Committee, then-U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton expressed a similar position, indicating that Iran should be permitted to enrich uranium under IAEA supervision once the international concerns over its nuclear program are resolved.[38] ^ At the same time that the JCPOA was agreed to, Iran and the IAEA signed a separate document, the Roadmap for Clarification of Past and Present Outstanding Issues.[85] The roadmap includes "the provision by Iran of explanations regarding outstanding issues" and provides "for technical expert meetings, technical measures and discussions, as well as a separate arrangement regarding the issue of Parchin", an Iranian military research and development site.[85] "The specific measures that Iran is committed to take with respect to technical expert meetings and discussions and access to Parchin are contained in two separate documents between Iran and the IAEA that are not public."[85]On 19 August 2015, the Associated Press reported that an anonymous official had given the AP an unsigned, preliminary draft of one of the confidential bilateral IAEA-Iran agreements. This draft indicated that Iran would be allowed to use its own inspectors to investigate the Parchin site.[86] (The AP reported that two anonymous officials had told it that the draft does not differ from the final, confidential agreement between the IAEA and Iran).[87] The AP said that the draft "diverges from normal procedures".[86] Several hours after posting the article, the AP removed several details of the story (without issuing a formal retraction), and published another article that noted, "IAEA staff will monitor Iranian personnel as they inspect the Parchin nuclear site."[88] The AP restored the contentious details the next morning and said it was standing by its entire story. It further published the full document it had transcribed.[89]The following day, IAEA Director-General Yukiya Amano issued a statement stating: "I am disturbed by statements suggesting that the IAEA has given responsibility for nuclear inspections to Iran. Such statements misrepresent the way in which we will undertake this important verification work ... the arrangements are technically sound and consistent with our long-established practices. They do not compromise our safeguards standards in any way. The Road-map between Iran and the IAEA is a very robust agreement, with strict timelines, which will help us to clarify past and present outstanding issues regarding Iran's nuclear programme."[90] The IAEA did not elaborate on the provisions of the confidential agreement, but the Arms Control Association has noted, "under managed access procedures that may be employed the IAEA, the inspected party may take environmental swipe samples at a particular site in the presence of the IAEA inspectors using swabs and containment bags provided by the IAEA to prevent cross contamination. According to former IAEA officials, this is an established procedure. Such swipe samples collected at suspect sites under managed access would likely be divided into six packages: three are taken by the IAEA for analysis at its Seibersdorf Analytical Lab and two to be sent to the IAEA's Network of Analytical Labs (NWAL), which comprises some 16 labs in different countries, and another package to be kept under joint IAEA and Iran seal at the IAEA office in Iran a backup and control sample if re-analysis might be required at a later stage. The process ensures the integrity of the inspection operation and the samples for all parties."[91] Mark Hibbs of the Nuclear Policy Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and Thomas Shea, a former IAEA safeguards official and head of Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation Programs at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory described a similar protocol in an article titled "No, Iran is not allowed to inspect itself."[92] Hibbs and Shea wrote that the claims that Iran would be in charge of inspections at Parchin were "wholly specious" and "unfounded".[92]Arms control expert Jeffrey Lewis of the Monterey Institute of International Studies stated that the procedures referred to in the AP report were consistent with expert practice: "There are precedents for just providing photos and videos. When the South Africans disabled their nuclear test shaft, they video-recorded it and sent the IAEA their video. I don't care who takes a swipe sample or who takes a photograph, so long as I know where and when it was taken, with very high confidence, and I know that it hasn't been tampered with."[88] Lewis expressed the opinion that "the point of the leak was to make the IAEA agreement on Parchin sound as bad as possible, and to generate political attention in Washington."[88] On 21 September 2015, both the Associated Press and Reuters noted that under the arrangement between Iran and the IAEA, Iranian technicians, instead of the IAEA's experts, would take environmental samples. Reuters also reported that a spokesman for Iran's atomic energy agency said Iranian nuclear experts have "taken environmental samples from Parchin without U.N. inspectors present".[93][94] ^ Ali Vaez, the senior analyst on Iran at the International Crisis Group, notes that breakout time is not precisely measurable and is "estimated rather than calculated", depending on various assumptions and factors. Vaez notes, "Breakout estimates ... usually assume that an Iranian dash for the bomb would face none of the technical challenges that have plagued the program over the past decade."[104] ^ The extent to which the JCPOA is legally binding on the United States'--i.e., whether a future president could lawfully repudiate the JCPOA once it goes into effect'--is a matter of dispute. Legal scholars Bruce Ackerman of Yale Law School and David Golove of the New York University School of Law argue that the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015 had the effect of making the agreement (once implemented) into a congressional-executive agreement.[158] Golove states that the president cannot "ignore commitments [made by him or by a past president] in congressional-executive agreements without congressional authority to do so", and believes that the agreement is binding under international law, irrespective of any White House declaration, because it contains no provision saying otherwise.[158][159] Ackerman agrees, arguing, "Presidents do not have the power to repudiate congressional-executive agreements without strictly following the procedures laid out by Congress in its original authorizing legislation."[158] Others, such as Michael Ramsey of the University of San Diego School of Law, argue that unless Congress expressly approves of the agreement via a resolution of approval (which is unlikely), the agreement is nonbinding under domestic law, so that "this president can implement to the extent of his statutory and constitutional authority [and] future presidents can refuse to follow."[158] Ramsey points out, however, that even if the agreement is a nonbinding executive agreement under domestic law, it may still be binding under international law, since domestic invalidity is not a defense to failure to follow an international agreement.[158]The position of the U.S. government is different. Secretary of State Kerry stated in a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing, "with respect to the talks, we've been clear from the beginning. We're not negotiating a, quote, 'legally binding plan.' We're negotiating a plan that will have in it a capacity for enforcement."[160] (Kerry also said that a future president is, as a practical matter, unlikely to "turn around and just nullify it" given the international agreement from the other P5+1 powers.[161]) Several legal scholars support this argument. John B. Bellinger III argues: "The next president will have the legal right under both domestic and international law to scrap the JCPOA and reimpose U.S. nuclear sanctions on Iran."[162] Bellinger states that "such an action would be inconsistent with political commitments made by the Obama administration and would likely cause a major rift with U.S. allies and Iran to resume its nuclear activities," but that "would not constitute a violation of international law, because the JCPOA is not legally binding".[162] Orde Kittrie of Arizona State University similarly writes that the JCPOA is a kind of "nonbinding, unsigned political" agreement considered "more flexible than treaties or other legally binding international agreements".[163] ^ The "vast majority of international agreements" negotiated by the United States, especially in recent decades, have been executive agreements, rather than treaties.[170][172] In 2003, the U.S. Supreme Court held in American Insurance Association v. Garamendi, "our cases have recognized that the President has authority to make 'executive agreements' with other countries, requiring no ratification by the Senate or approval by Congress, this power having been exercised since the early years of the Republic."[171][173] Various opponents of the JCPOA, including David B. Rivkin Jr., Lee A. Casey, and Michael Ramsey have criticized the form of the agreement, arguing that it should be considered a treaty rather than an executive agreement.[174][175] Other commentators disagree; the constitutionality of the executive agreement form of the JCPOA has been defended by Jack Goldsmith, who called arguments for the illegality of the agreement "weak",[176] and by John Yoo, who wrote that the executive agreement form of the JCPOA is consistent with the Treaty Clause of the Constitution.[177] ^ The Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act of 2015, Pub.L. 114''17, was an amendment to the Atomic Energy Act of 1954.[178] ^ "Much of the criticism of the deal" from opponents in the U.S. Congress and from the Israeli government "derives from the fact that slowing and shrinking Iran's nuclear program this way falls well short of the original diplomatic goal, which was to end entirely Iran's ability to enrich uranium'--the 'zero enrichment' goal".[304] Before the JCPOA, there was "a preference on the part of the United States and many of its allies for zero enrichment in Iran (indeed, opposition to the spread of any uranium enrichment capability to any additional countries has been long-standing U.S. policy and an important nonproliferation principle)", although "the potential to discuss with Iran the conditions under which it could continue enrichment is not new" and was "built into the proposals that the P5+1 have offered Iran since 2006, spanning the George W. Bush and Barack Obama administrations".[305]Some commentators, such as Michael Singh of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (writing in 2013), argued for a "zero enrichment" approach: i.e., that no agreement contemplating any enrichment by Iran should be made.[306] This was also the position of Senator Bob Menendez of New Jersey, who introduced the Nuclear Weapons Free Iran Act, a proposed bill (not enacted) which would require that Iran reduce its uranium enrichment to zero before an agreement is made.[307]Other commentators have said that "zero enrichment" has long been an implausible goal, including R. Nicholas Burns of Harvard's Belfer Center, the Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs and leading figure on Iranian nuclear matters during the second Bush administration, said that this was implausible given that Iran has 19,000 centrifuges, stating: "If I could get an ideal solution, or you could, where the Iranians submitted to every demand we had, I would take that. In a real world, you have to make real-world decisions."[304] Similarly, Michael A. Levi of the Maurice R. Greenberg Center for Geoeconomic Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations argued in the August''September 2011 edition of the journal Survival, "it is far from clear that zero enrichment is a realistic goal" and stated, "the goal of current U.S. policy, even if it is not typically articulated this way", is "limited enrichment, in which Iran has some non-trivial enrichment capability, but is unable to produce a bomb (or small arsenal) without risking strong international retaliation, including military destruction of its enrichment infrastructure".[308] Similar arguments have been advanced by Mark Jansson, adjunct fellow at the Federation of American Scientists (who wrote in October 2013 in The National Interest, "there is nothing clear-eyed or realistic about the demand for zero enrichment" and "nor is it technically necessary" to prevent proliferation)[309] and George Perkovich, director of the Nonproliferation Program at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace (who argued in January 2014 in Foreign Affairs, "the complete elimination of Iran's nuclear fuel cycle program" is not "an achievable goal" and what is needed is "not the cessation of Iran's nuclear enrichment but its capacity to create a nuclear weapon quickly").[310] ^ Scholars differ on whether a "better deal" from the American point of view is realistic. Stephen M. Walt of Harvard, writing an article titled "The Myth of the Better Deal" in Foreign Policy magazine, argued that the idea of an achievable better deal is "magical thinking" that is at odds with the facts and "ignores Diplomacy 101".[313] Albert Carnesale of Harvard's Belfer Center wrote, "there is no real alternative that would serve the interests of the United States and our allies and friends as well as the deal that is now before Congress. A 'better deal' is unachievable; a military solution is unrealistic (and probably would be counterproductive); and an international agreement without U.S. participation is less attractive than an agreement in which the United States has a strong voice in resolving of issues that might arise."[314] Conversely, Robert Satloff of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy argues, "a better deal with Iran is possible," and that congressional rejection of the agreement would not immediately result in the collapse of the JCPOA or military action,[315] and law professor Orde Kittrie of Arizona State University argued that Congress could send the JCPOA back for renegotiation.[163] ^ A similar resolution of disapproval was introduced on 16 July by Representative Peter Roskam, Republican of Illinois, who announced on 3 August that he had obtained 218 cosponsors (a majority of the House).[326][339][340] But Roskam's resolution "is not the formal disapproval measure that the House is expected to take up in September";[326] and it was expected that it is the resolution by Royce, as the relevant committee chair, will be the one ultimately voted upon.[339] Ultimately, neither resolution was voted upon.[341] ^ Translation prepared by Parsa Albeheshti.[422] References [ edit ] ^ "EU officially announces October 18 adoption day of JCPOA". 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How One Ukrainian Billionaire Funded Hunter Biden, President Volodymyr Zelensky, And The Neo-Nazi Azov Battalion
Sun, 13 Mar 2022 15:09
Kolomoysky Owns Burisma HoldingsThe real person who was the benefactor to, and the boss of, Vice President Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden, at the Ukrainian gas company Burisma Holdings, was not the CEO of Burisma Holdings, Mykola Zlochevsky, but it was instead Ihor Kolomoysky, who was part of the newly installed Ukrainian Government, which the Obama Administration itself had actually just installed in Ukraine, in what the head of the ''private CIA'' firm Stratfor correctly called ''the most blatant coup in history.''
Shortly after the Obama Administration's Ukrainian coup, on March 2, 2014, Kolomoysky, who supported Yanukovych's overthrow, was appointed the governor of Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine. Hunter Biden, with no experience in the industry or region, would join Kolomoysky's Burisma Holdings two months later on May 12, 2014.
A 2012 study of Burisma Holdings done in Ukraine by the AntiCorruption Action Centre (ANTAC), an investigative nonprofit co-funded by American billionaire George Soros and the U.S. State Department, found that the true owner of Burisma Holdings was none other than Ukrainian billionaire-oligarch Ihor Kolomoysky.
The study, which was funded to dig up corruption on the Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych, instead found that Ihor Kolomoysky ''managed to seize the largest reserves of natural gas in Ukraine''.
Burisma Holdings changed owners in 2011 when it was taken over by an off-shore Cyprus enterprise called Brociti Investments Ltd, and subsequently, moved addresses under the same roof as Ukrnaftoburinnya and Esko-Pivnich, two Ukrainian gas companies which happened to be also owned by Kolomoysky through off-shore entities in the British Virgin Islands.
Oleh Kanivets, who worked as CEO of Ukrnaftoburinnya, confirmed Kolomoysky as the owner of Burisma Holding in the 2012 report saying, ''The Privat Group is the immediate owner. This company was founded by Mykola Zlochevsky some time ago, but he later sold his shares to the Privat Group.''
In other words, Hunter Biden's boss and benefactor at Burisma Holdings is the same Ukrainian billionaire-oligarch who also claimed the position of boss and benefactor over Volodymyr Zelensky before he became Ukraine's president.
Kolomoysky Owns 1+1 Media GroupKolmoysky, who currently holds a net worth of $1.8 billion making him the 1750th richest person in the world, owns holdings in metal, petroleum, and the media sector, where he has had a long history with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.
For years, Zelensky's company produced shows for Kolmoysky's TV network, 1+1 Media Group, one of the largest media conglomerates in Ukraine. Zelensky achieved national fame portraying a president on a hit television sitcom called, Servant of the People, which was broadcasted on a channel owned by Kolmoysky.
In 2019, Kolmoysky's media channels gave a big boost to Zelensky's presidential campaign, while Kolmoysky even provided security, lawyers, and vehicles for Zelensky during his campaign. Kolmoysky's bodyguard and lawyer accompanied Zelensky on the campaign trail as Zelensky was chauffeured around in a Range Rover owned by one of Kolmoysky's companies.
The Pandora Papers showed that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and his TV production partners were beneficiaries of a web of offshore firms created in 2012, the same year Zelensky's production company entered into a deal with Kolomoysky's media group, which allegedly received $41 million in funds from Kolomoysky's Privatbank.
Zelensky's political rival, President Petro Poroshenko commented on their connection during the campaign trail, ''Fate intended to put me together with Kolomoyskiy's puppet in the second round of the elections.''
After Zelensky's victory, Kolomoysky, who had spent the last few years living between Israel and Switzerland, returned to Ukraine to keep up his relationship with the new president, nominating over 30-lawmakers to Zelensky's newly established party and maintaining influence with many of them in parliament.
Kolomoysky Funds The Azov, Aidar, and Dnipro BattalionsIgor Kolomoysky has been a top funder of the Azov Battalion since it was formed in 2014. He has also bankrolled private militias like the Dnipro and Aidar Battalions and has personally deployed them to protect his financial interests.
Before becoming part of Ukraine's armed forces, who funded Azov? The unit received backing from Ukraine's interior minister in 2014, as the government had recognised its own military was too weak to fight off the pro-Russian separatists and relied on paramilitary volunteer forces.
These forces were privately funded by oligarchs''the most known being Igor Kolomoisky, an energy magnate billionaire and then-governor of the Dnipropetrovska region.
Groups of right-wing Ukrainian nationalists are committing war crimes in the rebel-held territories of Eastern Ukraine, according to a report from Amnesty International, as evidence emerged in local media of the volunteer militias beheading their victims.
Armed volunteers who refer to themselves as the Aidar battalion "have been involved in widespread abuses, including abductions, unlawful detention, ill-treatment, theft, extortion, and possible executions", Amnesty said'...
The Aidar battalion is publicly backed by Ukrainian oligarch Ihor Kolomoyskyi, who also allegedly funds the Azov, Donbas, Dnepr 1, Dnepr 2 volunteer battalions, operating under orders from Kiev.
Some of Ukraine's private battalions have blackened the country's international reputation with their extremist views. The Azov battalion, partially funded by Taruta and Kolomoisky, uses the Nazi Wolfsangel symbol as its logo, and many of its members openly espouse neo-Nazi, anti-Semitic views. The battalion members have spoken about ''bringing the war to Kiev,'' and said that Ukraine needs ''a strong dictator to come to power who could shed plenty of blood but unite the nation in the process.''
Kolomoysky's Battalions Shell Civilians In Donbas The Luhansk and Donetsk regions comprise a larger region known together as Donbas. In May 2014, shortly after the Obama administration's Maidan-coup, the two regions held a referendum on seceding from Ukraine, in which 96% of Lukansk and 89% of Donetsk voted for the creation of two new independent entities in eastern Ukraine.
Moscow said the vote reflected the "will of the people," but the European Union called the elections "illegal and illegitimate", which quickly turned violent and descended into an all-out conflict between Russian-backed separatist forces and the Ukrainian military and pro-government militias.
Donbas became the epicenter of a battle for global influence between NATO and Moscow in which the homes, schools, and offices of innocent civilians were simply collateral damage, and water, electricity, and gas were regularly shut off for the residents who paid the ultimate price.
The War in Donbas has continued to this day killing an estimated 14,000 while tearing eastern Ukraine's Donbas region into shreds.
Human Rights Watch reported on July 24, 2014, that Ukrainian government forces and pro-government militias had indiscriminately used unguided Grad rockets in populated areas, which violated international humanitarian law, the laws of war, and constituted war crimes.
While the Ukrainian government officials denied using Grad rockets in Donetsk, a Human Rights Watch investigation on the ground strongly indicated that Ukrainian government forces were responsible for the attacks and earlier in the month, Al Jazeera journalist had even filmed Ukrainian forces with Grad rocket launchers on the road to Donetsk.
While Kolomoysky's Azov battalion led the post-coup government's assault on the self-declared republics of Luhansk and Donetsk, a 2014 Amnesty International report accused Kolomoysky's Aidar Battalion of war crimes in Donbas specifically citing, ''widespread abuses, including abductions, unlawful detention, ill-treatment, theft, extortion, and possible executions".
In October 2014, Human Rights Watch reported that Ukrainian government forces and pro-government militias were responsible for the widespread use of cluster munitions in populated areas in Donetsk city.
''It is shocking to see a weapon that most countries have banned used so extensively in eastern Ukraine,'' said Mark Hiznay, senior arms researcher at Human Rights Watch. ''Ukrainian authorities should make an immediate commitment not to use cluster munitions and join the treaty to ban them.''
This is not to say that both sides were not guilty of war crimes as Russian-backed separatists were also accused of using unguided rockets, shooting down civilian planes, and both sides have been accused of numerous war crimes.
The Minsk II agreement in 2015 ended the worst fighting and set up a buffer zone around the breakaway republics, but the deadly civil war has continued to drag on in the region until this day. Heavy weapons were banned by the Minsk agreements but were still frequently used, and to devastating effect.
Children's schools in Donetsk have been hit so many times by indiscriminate shelling that basements are set up as make-shift bomb shelters and windows are piled high with sandbags. Donbas has also become one of the most landmine contaminated places on earth putting more than 220,000 children at risk.
''The shelling doesn't leave a child's psyche unscathed. Children are traumatized. They are terrified. There are children who become very emotional. They pour their feelings out,'' said Iryna Morhun, the Principal of Krasnohorivka School, which was hit by a direct strike.
''On the other side, there are children who keep this pain inside. It's very sad to see children who should be having a happy childhood suffer because of this war.''
Hunter Biden's Laptop Talks About ''Children Burned Alive'' In DonetskThe nonprofit research group, Marco Polo, which is doing a comprehensive report on Hunter Biden's Laptop, made the connection between Hunter Biden's text messages and Kolomoysky's massacres in eastern Ukraine.
Text messages found on Hunter Biden's laptop, show Hunter Biden asking Hallie Biden, his brother's widow and his mistress, if she believed that he had ''children burned alive in DONETSK'' or ''children killed in donetsk, Ukraine''.
Most likely, in reference to Kolomoysky, his reported Burisma Holdings boss, who was also funding the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion that was accused of war crimes and the shelling of civilians in eastern Ukraine.
In 2018, Congress banned U.S. arms from going to the Ukrainian Azov Battalion which used neo-Nazi insignia, openly accepted neo-Nazis into its ranks, and had been accused of 'ISIS-Style' War Crimes including beheadings.
''White supremacy and neo-Nazism are unacceptable and have no place in our world,'' Rep. Ro Khanna (D-Calif.), an outspoken critic of providing lethal aid to Ukraine, said in a statement to The Hill on Tuesday. ''I am very pleased that the recently passed omnibus prevents the U.S. from providing arms and training assistance to the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion fighting in Ukraine.''
Text messages between Hunter Biden and Hallie Biden.In 2016, Kolomoysky's Privatbank collapsed amid accusations of embezzlement and fraud. The bank failure cost the Ukrainian government '-- and by extension the American and European taxpayers who propped it up with aid funds '-- about $5.5 billion in a bailout.
In 2020, the Justice Department moved to seize Kolomoysky's U.S. properties after accusing the oligarch of embezzling and defrauding billions of dollars from PrivatBank and laundering it into American properties, including a steel plant in Kentucky, a commercial high rise in Cleveland, and a Motorola manufacturing plant in Illinois.
In March 2021, the Biden administration barred Kolomoisky and members of his family from traveling to the United States because of ''involvement in significant acts of corruption.''
It is highly unlikely Kolomoisky would have returned to the United States considering the Justice Department had already begun seizing his properties the year before and he had reportedly been traveling between Switzerland, Israel, and Ukraine in fear of being extradited to the United States.
As I am writing this, the U.S. Congress is approving another $14 billion in aid for Ukraine that will undoubtedly be funneled into the family members of corrupt U.S. and Ukrainian politician's bank accounts and oligarch's off-shore financial entities before making its way to the neo-Nazi battalions congress banned from receiving U.S. arms in 2018.
Do the people pushing so hard for war with Russia know about the ''children burned alive'' in Donetsk? Do they know that we are arming neo-Nazi battalions who have been shooting rockets and dropping cluster bombs on children in Donbas for the last 8-years?
THE DOWNLOAD:How Obama And Biden Installed Neo-Nazis In Ukraine: My previous article on the U.S. government's role in the Maidan Coup, the Maidan sniper massacre, the Odessa fire massacre, the Svoboda Party, the Azov Battalion, and the neo-Nazi factions role in the war in Ukraine. Read more.
Russians Call for UN Security Council Meeting Over Ukraine Biolabs: Russia has requested a meeting of the UN Security Council over purported U.S. military-biological activities in Ukraine. Igor Kirillov of the Russian Defense Ministry, and head of the Nuclear, Chemical and Biological Protection of Troops, presented alleged evidence regarding the Pentagon-funded ''Biological Threat Reduction'' program in Ukraine. Read more.
NATO Intervention In Ukraine Could Spark Nuclear War. Here's How: Over just three days, as I have done countless times over the last several years, a group of past and present senior U.S. government officials from both sides of the aisle gathered to wage a NATO-Russia war in a simulation at the end of 2019. In the course of what we called the NATO-Russia War of 2019, we estimated one billion people died. And if we aren't careful, what happened in a simulation could happen if a NATO-Russia war erupts over Ukraine. Read more.
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Norah O'Donnell's attitude under fire at CBS 'Evening News'
Sun, 13 Mar 2022 14:59
''CBS Evening News'' anchor Norah O'Donnell is in third place in the ratings, but sources at the network gripe that she's got a first-class attitude '-- even as she faces getting sidelined by her sharp-elbowed, bean-counting boss.
CBS News co-president Neeraj Khemlani '-- who has been slashing costs in a bid to make the network profitable '-- is eyeing O'Donnell, who reportedly makes between $6 million and $8 million a year, and whose contract is set to expire this spring, sources told The Post.
''The next big decision from him is revamping the 'Evening News,''' said a CBS insider, who explained that the network can find a cheaper alternative to be last in the ratings.
''It's not a money maker,'' a second source said, adding that O'Donnell's ''toxic behavior'' is weighing the show down.
Speculation that her days are numbered has surged since the onset of the Russia-Ukraine war. O'Donnell is the only evening TV news anchor who isn't in Eastern Europe, which has taken a toll on ratings.
Norah O'Donnell's newsroom antics are irking the rank and file at the ''CBS Evening News'' as the anchor's job is on the line. Michele CroweFor the week of Feb. 28, CBS' total viewers sank to less than 5.1 million, trailing NBC's 7.4 million and ABC's 8.8 million, Nielsen said. Prior to the war, O'Donnell was reaching around 5.6 million to 5.3 million viewers a night.
''David Muir, Lester Holt and Anderson Cooper are all in Ukraine. Where's Norah? We are in the middle of a war and she's reporting from Washington, DC,'' said a source. ''Either she didn't want to go or leadership didn't want her to go. It's bad either way.''
Meanwhile, ''CBS Mornings'' anchor Tony Dokoupil, rumored as a possible successor to O'Donnell, has been reporting from Poland and appearing on her show nightly. Sources said O'Donnell is finally being sent to Poland this weekend and will report from there on Monday, but some insiders say ''it's too late.''
O'Donnell's antics at ''CBS Evening News'' have angered staffers at the network, who are pushing for the anchor to be replaced. CBS Photo ArchiveThe 48-year-old anchor's ''The Devil Wears Prada'' routine includes a full ''dress rehearsal'' of the ''Evening News'' half an hour before the show airs '-- an often tense ritual that has seen O'Donnell chewing out dressing room stylists over her hair and makeup, sources said.
''There was an incident last year in the studio where she ranted about how her bronzer was wrong,'' one insider said, noting that her hair and makeup staff take the brunt of her tantrums and have been known to end up in tears.
''We are in the middle of a pandemic and people are dying.''
''CBS Mornings'' anchor Tony Dokoupil has been rumored as a potential replacement for O'Donnell. CBS News''She's a news actress,'' another insider said, noting that the dress rehearsals are ''very unusual'' for news broadcasts '-- especially for an anchor who's three years into a job. A third added that the show's producers use the quirky routine as a way to coach the ''robotic'' O'Donnell and ''make her look more human,'' by critiquing how she delivers the news and reads from the teleprompter.
Some of O'Donnell's staffers in DC won't miss her while she's gone. Insiders said O'Donnell has a $65,000-a-year wardrobe allowance and she is particular about which designers she wears.
''It's a clothing allowance, every news anchor has one. That figure is incorrect,'' O'Donnell's publicist Cindi Berger said, declining to provide a specific number.
''NBC Nightly News'' anchor Lester Holt was one of many journalists who have been reporting from Ukraine. O'Donnell's absence from Eastern Europe until this point has raised eyebrows at the network. Twitter/@LesterHoltNBCRecently, O'Donnell posted a photo of herself on Instagram sporting a black Oscar de la Renta bow-belt fitted wool jacket that retails for $2,700 at Nordstrom at a time when CBS News is going through major cuts, sources said.
O'Donnell's daily demands also include having her Gucci slides waiting in front of her dressing room door so she can put them on as soon as she is off the set.
''I am vehemently refuting these outrageous and sexist claims!'' Berger emailed in response to questions about her client's wardrobe and treatment of staff.
''It's offensive that female anchors and reporters get this type of sexist treatment,'' Khemlani said in an email statement late Friday. ''We support Norah and the Evening News team and the quality journalism they deliver each and every night.''
A photo from O'Donnell's Instagram of the anchor wearing a pricey Oscar de la Renta top.The dress rehearsals have likewise rankled the network's journalists, who claim that O'Donnell uses them to exert outsize control over broadcasts, scrapping segments at the last minute as she fusses over her appearance.
A news anchor typically might go over a few segments or scripts, but O'Donnell requires everyone from the producers, reporters and editors to run through the entire program. Not only does that mean the segments must be finished early and are thus not as polished, but it also gives O'Donnell the chance to tear up the segments.
''The rehearsals are an excuse to blow up packages 15 minutes before the show,'' one source griped. ''She changes the words to segments. Everyone has a stroke.''
CNN's Anderson Cooper interrupted his paternity leave recently to head to Ukraine to cover the war. CNN ABC's David Muir, who has been in Ukraine for weeks, is the top-rated evening news anchor on TV. Lorenzo BevilaquaNow, insiders say O'Donnell is facing heat from Khemlani, who was hired last year to revamp the organization. As previously reported by The Post, Khemlani's gruff, exacting management style has ruffled feathers at CBS, leading to the departure of a slew of well-respected execs and journalists, including London Bureau Chief Andy Clarke, who left amid a spat over the cost of extracting Afghan journalists and fixers who worked for CBS.
The exec and O'Donnell began bumping heads last year when The Post first reported that CBS has been quietly searching for O'Donnell's replacement ahead of her contract expiring this spring.
At the time, Khemlani denied a potential move or anchor shakeup, telling The Post: ''There are no plans to move the Evening News from Washington. Norah's presence in Washington has elevated the CBS Evening News' coverage on all fronts '-- politics, breaking news, to big interviews including Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen just last week. Her reporting on the military and domestic abuse has won awards and changed policies in Washington. And in addition to making headlines, the program is gaining audience share.''
CBS News co-president Neeraj Khemlani has been searching for O'Donnell's replacement, and was turned down by former MSNBC anchor Brian Williams.Tensions further escalated in January when CNN reported that Khemlani approached former MSNBC anchor Brian Williams at least twice about the gig. O'Donnell's camp was ''shaken'' and ''very angered'' by the reports, a person with knowledge said.
''They feel like Neeraj is devaluing Norah and the credibility of the network,'' the source said.
Some people inside CBS believe that reports about Khemlani shopping for a new anchor could be a clever tactic to get O'Donnell to take a massive pay cut. But the consequence of that is that CBS looks ''stupid'' if they re-sign the anchor after trying to replace her, one source noted.
O'Donnell's on-air designer wardrobe has ruffled feathers at CBS News, which is being reorganized by Khemlani. Kristina BumphreyWhen asked publicly about O'Donnell's job security, Khemlani told Deadline in January that CBS has ''no current plans to change'' what it is doing, but sources doubted the exec's words.
''I don't know if Neeraj can make the final decision but he's going to bring [ratings] data to George Cheeks and Bob Bakish,'' the source said, referring to the CEOs of CBS and its parent Paramount Global. ''Norah's contract is up in May. There's time.''
Russia to "temporarily" suspend fertilizer exports | Seeking Alpha
Sun, 13 Mar 2022 14:56
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EU abstains from UN vote on 'Nazism' '' POLITICO
Sun, 13 Mar 2022 14:56
The European Union's member states have abstained en masse from a United Nations resolution against the 'glorification of Nazism'.
In all, 155 countries backed the motion, which was presented by Russia on Friday (21 November) under the title ''Glorification of Nazism: inadmissibility of certain practices that contribute to fuelling contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance''.
Three countries voted on Friday against the Russian resolution: Ukraine, Canada and the United States.
Speaking to European Voice before the vote, Lithuania's foreign minister, Linas Linkevičius, said that ''no one should doubt that we are condemning fascism'', but, he continued, ''under cover of this condemnation, Russia is pursuing its own agenda''.
''De facto, Russia is trying to attack the Baltic states and to determine history in its own way,'' he said.
In 1940, the Soviet Union, whose legal successor is Russia, invaded the three Baltic states '' Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia '' and occupied them for more than four decades.
In early November, Russia's president, Vladimir Putin, defended the Soviet Union's partition of Poland with Nazi Germany in 1939 under the terms of the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact. ''Serious research has shown that such methods were part of foreign policy at that time,'' he said. ''The Soviet Union signed a non-aggression pact with Germany'... What is wrong here if the Soviet Union did not wish to fight? What is wrong with this?''
Linkevičius said that it was ''insulting'' that a country ''that is conducting aggression against neighbouring states, in a brutal way'' '' a reference to Russia's invasion of Georgia in 2008, its annexation of the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea in March and its continued support for separatists in eastern Ukraine '' could put forward this resolution.
Russia's foreign ministry said that the 'No' votes by the US, Canada and Ukraine were ''extremely regrettable'', adding that ''Ukraine's position is particularly dispiriting and alarming''.
''One can hardly understand how a country, the people of which suffered their full share of the horrors of Nazism and contributed significantly to our common victory against it, can vote against a resolution condemning its glorification,'' the Russian foreign ministry said.
The EU's decision to abstain from the vote was also maintained by Cyprus and Greece, EU states with traditionally close ties to Russia. Most would-be members of the EU also abstained, including Albania, Iceland, Montenegro and Macedonia.
Serbia and Turkey, both of which are seeking EU membership or have started accession talks, voted with Russia.
The UN vote was discussed by EU foreign ministers last Monday (17 November) at a meeting that saw a number of ministers push for efforts at the EU level to counter what is seen as a long-term campaign by Russia to use propaganda to retain influence over countries in the EU's and Russia's shared neighbourhoods.
''If we care about the littering of the oceans, let's also care about the littering of minds,'' Linkevičius said, noting that Russia's ''misleading messages, lies and tricks'' have been ''really very, very efficient''.
The Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act Goes Into Effect in the United States - Gibson Dunn
Sun, 13 Mar 2022 14:54
January 14, 2022
Click for PDF
On December 23, 2021, President Biden signed the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (the ''UFLPA'' or ''Act'') into law.[1] The UFLPA, which received widespread bipartisan support in Congress, is the latest in a line of U.S. efforts to address the plight of Uyghurs and other persecuted minority groups in China's Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region (the ''XUAR'').
A key feature of the Act is the creation of a rebuttable presumption that all goods manufactured even partially in the XUAR are the product of forced labor and therefore not entitled to entry at U.S. ports. The Act also builds on prior legislation, such as 2020's Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act,[2] by expanding that Act's authorization of sanctions to cover foreign individuals responsible for human rights abuses related to forced labor.
I. Background
In recent years, both the executive and legislative branches have demonstrated an increased interest in ''lead[ing] the international community in ending forced labor practices wherever such practices occur,''[3] with a particular focus on the XUAR.
2020 saw a boom in efforts across agencies and the houses of Congress, beginning with the Department of Homeland Security's January publication of a Department-wide strategy to combat forced labor in supply chains.[4] Later that year, DHS joined the U.S. Departments of State, Treasury and Commerce to issue a joint advisory warning of heightened risks of forced labor for businesses with supply chain exposure to the XUAR.[5]
The U.S. also emphasized eliminating forced labor in supply chains through its international obligations at this time. The 2020 United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (''USMCA'') required each party to this free trade agreement to ''prohibit the importation of goods into its territory from other sources produced in whole or in part by forced or compulsory labor.''[6] To carry out this obligation, President Trump issued an executive order in May 2020 establishing the Forced Labor Enforcement Task Force (''FLETF''), chaired by the Secretary of Homeland Security and including representatives from the Departments of State, Treasury, Justice, Labor, and the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative.[7] The implementing bill of the USMCA requires the FLETF to serve as the central hub for the U.S. government's enforcement of the prohibition on imports made through forced labor.[8]
In Congress, Rep. James McGovern (D) and Sen. Marco Rubio (R) '-- co-chairs of the Congressional-Executive Commission on China '-- introduced the first versions of the UFLPA in the House of Representatives[9] and the Senate[10] in March 2020. The bill received unusual, wide bipartisan support, with co-sponsors among Congress's most conservative and most liberal members.[11] Each bill passed in its respective house in early 2021, and a compromise bill '-- reconciling differences of timing and reporting processes between the two versions '-- was sent to the President in mid-December[12] before being signed into law.
II. Presumptive Ban on Imports from the XUAR
The UFLPA's trade provisions are notable both for their expansive scope and the heightened evidentiary standard required to rebut the Act's presumptive prohibition on all imports from the XUAR.
a. Scope of the Import BanThe UFLPA's scope is broad, instructing U.S. Customs and Border Protection (''CBP'') to presume that ''any goods, wares, articles, and merchandise mined, produced, or manufactured wholly or in part in'' the XUAR were made with forced labor and are therefore unfit for entry at any U.S. ports.[13]
This presumption extends also to goods, wares, articles, and merchandise produced by a variety of entities identified by the FLETF in its strategy to implement the Act. This includes entities that work with the XUAR government to recruit, transport, or receive forced labor from the XUAR,[14] as well as entities that participate in ''poverty alleviation'' and ''pairing-assistance'' programs[15] in the XUAR.[16]
CBP has traditionally had the authority to prevent the importation of ''[a]ll goods, wares, articles, and merchandise mined, produced, or manufactured wholly or in part in any foreign country by . . . forced labor'' through the issuance of Withhold Release Orders (''WROs'').[17] The UFLPA broadens this power by creating a rebuttable presumption that all articles produced in whole or in part in the XUAR or by entities that source material from persons involved in XUAR government forced labor schemes are automatically barred from entry into the United States, even absent a WRO or any specific showing of forced labor in the supply chain.
b. Exceptions to the Import Ban
Despite this broad prohibition, importers of goods covered by the UFLPA may still be able to rebut the presumption against importation. The Act specifies that the presumption will not be applied if the Commissioner of CBP determines that:
The importer of record has: Fully complied with all due diligence and evidentiary guidance established by the FLETF pursuant to the Act, along with any associated implementing regulations; andCompletely and substantively responded to all CBP inquiries seeking to ascertain whether the goods were produced with forced labor; and''Clear and convincing'' evidence shows that the goods were not produced wholly or in part with forced labor.[18]Each time the Commissioner determines that an exception to the import ban is warranted under the criteria above, the Commissioner must submit a report to Congress within 30 days, identifying the goods subject to the exception and the evidence upon which the determination is based.[19] The Commissioner must make all such reports available to the public.[20]
III. High-Priority Enforcement Sectors
As part of its enforcement strategy, the UFLPA instructs the Forced Labor Enforcement Task Force to prepare both a list of high-priority sectors subject to CBP enforcement, and a sector-specific enforcement plan for each of these high-priority sectors.[21] The Act mandates that cotton, tomatoes, and polysilicon must be among the high-priority sectors, building upon CBP's existing WRO against all cotton and tomato products produced in the XUAR.[22]
The addition of polysilicon on this list of high-priority sectors directly impacts the U.S. solar energy industry: nearly half of the world's polysilicon '-- a key material for the manufacture of solar panels '-- is produced in the XUAR.[23] Despite the dominance of Chinese polysilicon, however, solar industry groups have embraced the passage of the UFLPA and are encouraging solar companies to move their supply chains out of the XUAR.[24] Corporate responsibility concerns surrounding the sourcing of polysilicon from the XUAR have been circulating for at least a year, and the solar industry groups have acted proactively to create standards and procedures to trace and audit supply chains of this important resource. To further this industry-wide goal of eradicating forced labor from solar supply chains,[25] these industry groups recently published a ''Solar Supply Chain Traceability Protocol.''[26]
IV. Sanctions
The UFLPA also amends the Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act of 2020 to underscore that sanctions may be imposed due to ''[s]erious human rights abuses in connection with forced labor'' related to the XUAR. Within 180 days of enactment, the President is required to submit an initial report to Congress identifying non-U.S. persons subject to sanctions under this new provision.[27] The sanctioned individuals will be subject to asset blocking, as provided under the International Emergency Economic Powers Act,[28] as well as the revocation or denial of visas to enter the United States. The President must submit additional reports at least annually identifying non-U.S. persons responsible for human rights violations in the XUAR, including with respect to forced labor, as provided under the Uyghur Human Rights Policy Act.[29]
V. Compliance Takeaways
a. Establishing ''Clear and Convincing'' EvidenceThe Act does not specify what types of evidence might suffice to establish by clear and convincing evidence that goods are not the product of forced labor. Instead, the Act charges the FLETF with publishing an enforcement strategy containing, among other things, ''[g]uidance to importers with respect to . . . the type, nature, and extent of evidence that demonstrates that goods originating in the People's Republic of China . . . were not mined, produced, or manufactured wholly or in part with forced labor.''[30]
While the Act does not clarify what evidence would be necessary to meet the ''clear and convincing'' standard, CBP has issued guidance regarding the detailed evidence importers may need to provide to obtain the release of goods detained pursuant to certain WROs. A similar high bar of documentation '-- if not higher '-- will likely be required under the UFLPA. In addition to the required Certificate of Origin and importer's detailed statement,[31] CBP has highlighted the following forms of evidence as helpful to importers seeking the release of shipments detained pursuant to a WRO:
An affidavit from the provider of the product;Purchase orders, invoices, and proof of payment;A list of production steps and records for the imported merchandise;Transportation documents;Daily manufacturing process reports;Evidence regarding the importer's anti-forced labor compliance program; andAny other relevant information that the importer believes may show that the shipments are not subject to the import ban.[32]The exact contours of any guidance to be issued by the Forced Labor Enforcement Task Force remains uncertain. However, companies with supply chain exposure to the XUAR should expect compliance with the UFLPA to require significant supply chain diligence and documentation obligations. These obligations may exceed the already high benchmarks on diligence established by the FLETF and CBP through years of sustained engagement with non-governmental organizations and other standard-setting stakeholders who are focused on eradicating forced labor from supply chains globally.
b. Due DiligenceThe Act instructs the FLETF to issue guidance on ''due diligence, effective supply chain tracing, and supply chain management measures'' aimed at avoiding the importation of goods produced with forced labor in the XUAR within 180 days of the UFLPA's enactment.[33]
Until the FLETF issues this guidance, companies importing goods into the U.S. should look to recognized international standards to conduct due diligence of their supply chains to identify potential ties to the XUAR. For example, the ''Xinjiang Supply Chain Business Advisory'' identifies the following standards as providing useful guidance on best practices for this due diligence:[34] the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights,[35] the OECD Guidelines on Multinational Enterprises,[36] and the ILO Tripartite Declaration of Principles Concerning Multinational Enterprises and Social Policy.[37] The Advisory warns, however, that third-party audits alone cannot guarantee credible information for due diligence purposes, both because of official harassment of auditors and because of workers' fear of reprisals for speaking to these auditors.[38] To combat this information gap, the Advisory encourages businesses to collaborate within industry groups to share information and build relationships with Chinese suppliers.[39]
The unique circumstances of the forced labor crisis in the XUAR may render due diligence efforts insufficient, however. In 2020, the Congressional-Executive Commission on China warned that ''due diligence in Xinjiang is not possible'' because of official repression and harsh reprisals against whistle blowers, which is made possible by extensive state surveillance in the XUAR.[40] (Notably, this warning coincided with the introduction of the first versions of the bills that would later become the UFLPA.) Moreover, China enacted a series of ''blocking statutes'' in 2021 authorizing, inter alia, countersanctions and civil liability for Chinese nationals who comply with attempts to enforce foreign laws extraterritorially in China.[41] This threat of liability, coupled with the already-existing reprisals, limits the ability of companies to obtain reliable information about their supply chain activity in the XUAR.
VI. Timeline for Enforcement
The Act's rebuttable presumption against the importation of goods produced in the XUAR or by entities identified by the FLETF is set to take effect 180 days after the UFLPA's enactment, on June 21, 2022.
The Act provides that the process for developing the enforcement strategy will proceed as follows:
Within 30 days of enactment (by Jan. 22, 2022): The FLETF will publish a notice soliciting public comment on how best to ensure that goods mined or produced with forced labor in China '-- and particularly in the XUAR '-- are not imported into the United States.[42]No less than 45 days after notice is given (by Mar. 8, 2022): The public, including private sector businesses and non-governmental organizations, will submit comments in response to the FLETF's notice.[43]Within 45 days of the public comment period closing (by Apr. 22, 2022): The FLETF will hold a public hearing, inviting witnesses to testify regarding measures that can be taken to trace supply chains for goods mined or produced in whole or in part with forced labor in China and to ensure that goods made with forced labor do not enter the United States.[44]No later than 180 days after enactment (June 21, 2022): The FLETF, in consultation with the Secretary of Commerce and the Director of National Intelligence, must submit to Congress a strategy for supporting CBP's processes for enforcing the Act. This strategy must include guidance to importers regarding due diligence and supply chain tracing, as well as the nature and extent of evidence required to show that goods originating in China were not mined or produced with forced labor.The Forced Labor Enforcement Task Force must thereafter submit an updated strategy to Congress annually.[45]Notably, the FLETF's enforcement strategy need only be submitted by the day the Act's rebuttable presumption takes effect. Therefore, importers may have little or no advance notice as to what evidence they must submit to rebut the presumption against importation.
VII. Global Efforts to Address Forced Labor in the XUAR
The U.S. is far from the only country targeting forced labor through new executive and legislative actions. In the past year, jurisdictions around the globe have developed a variety of new strategies for eliminating the importation of goods produced with forced labor in the XUAR. These global efforts vary in scope, and many have not yet taken effect. Companies with supply chain exposure to the XUAR should, however, prepare for an increasingly complex international regulatory landscape in coming years.
a. The European Union (''EU'')On September 15, 2021, the European Commission (''EC'') President Ursula von der Leyen announced plans for a ban on products made by forced labor to be proposed in 2022.[46] While the XUAR was not named, the proposed measure has been viewed to directly target forced labor in this region.[47] Recent reports, however, have highlighted disagreements within the EC as to which department is to spearhead the proposal due to trade sensitivities.[48] Therefore, little progress has been made. Most recently, in December 2021, the EU Executive Vice-President for Trade, Valdis Dombrovskis, warned the EC of the risks of a ban targeting only forced labor in the XUAR being deemed as ''discriminatory''. He further noted that the UFLPA ''cannot be automatically replicated in the EU,''[49] and argued instead that including the ban within the EU's proposed Sustainable Corporate Governance Directive (''SCG Directive'') would be more effective.[50]
The EU has sought to address forced labor more generally via its proposal '-- in the form of the SCG Directive '-- for EU-based companies to undertake mandatory human rights due diligence to increase their accountability for human rights and environmental abuses in their supply chains. After lengthy delays, the EC's proposal for the SCG Directive is now due in early 2022.[51]
At the moment, it remains unclear whether the EU will follow the U.S. in imposing a stand-alone ban on imports from the XUAR, or whether the proposed measures will be weakened by incorporating them into the SCG Directive proposal.
b. United KingdomThe U.K. does not currently have legislation equivalent to the UFLPA. However, officials within the Foreign Office and the Department for International Trade have suggested that similar efforts to address imports made with forced labor in the XUAR may be imminent.[52] These efforts would build on the U.K.'s ongoing ''review of export controls as they apply to Xinjiang . . . to prevent the exports of goods that may contribute to human rights abuses in the region.''[53]
c. CanadaIn coordination with the United Kingdom and other international partners, the Canadian government released a statement in January 2021 addressing its concerns with the situation in the XUAR. The government announced that it would adopt a number of measures to combat the alleged human rights violations in the XUAR, including:[54]
Prohibition on Imports of Goods Produced by Forced Labor: On November 24, 2021, Sen. Housakos introduced Bill S-204, an act to amend the ''Customs Tariff (goods from Xinjiang).''[55] Currently at the second reading stage in the Canadian Senate, this bill is intended to prevent the importation of goods believed to be produced through forced labor.[56] Consistent with Canada's obligations under the USMCA, this prohibition would prevent the importation of goods believed to be produced using forced labor in the XUAR.Xinjiang Integrity Declaration for Canadian Companies: Following the amendments made to the Customs Tariff, the Canadian Government established an Integrity Declaration on Doing Business with Xinjiang Entities to guide Canadian companies' business practices in the region. The Integrity Declaration is mandatory for all Canadian companies that (i) source goods, directly or indirectly, from the XUAR or from entities that rely on Uyghur, (ii) are established in the XUAR, or (iii) seek to engage in the XUAR market. If any such company fails to sign the Integrity Declaration, they will be ineligible to receive support from the Trade Commissioner Service.[57]Export Controls: The Canadian government stated that it will deny export licenses for the exportation of goods or technologies if it determines that there is a substantial risk that the export would result in a serious violation of human rights under the Export and Import Permits Act 1985.[58]d. AustraliaIn June 2021, Sen. Patrick introduced the Customs Amendment (Banning Goods Produced by Forced Labour) Bill 2021 to the Australian Senate. The introduction of this bill follows the growing concerns in Australia that the Australian Modern Slavery Act 2018 does not adequately address the issue of state-sanctioned forced labor. Rather limited in its scope, the Modern Slavery Act 2018 requires certain companies to submit annual statements reporting on the risks of modern slavery in their operations and supply chains, as well as any steps they are taking to address such risks. Other entities based or operating in Australia may report this information voluntarily.[59]
Sen. Patrick's bill would go a step further in combatting state-sanctioned forced labor by amending the Customs Act 1901 to prohibit the importation into Australia of goods that are produced in whole or in part by forced labor.[60] Although the bill makes no specific reference to China, human rights abuses in the XUAR were repeatedly cited as the proposal's impetus during the Senate debate. Moreover, if passed, the bill would have the effect of banning the importation of goods made with Uyghur forced labor.[61] The bill was passed through the Australian Senate with cross-party support and the endorsement of the Australian Council of Trade Unions. The bill must now pass the House of Representatives to become law.[62]
e. New ZealandNew Zealand has taken a notably softer stance than the U.S. Although New Zealand's parliament unanimously declared in May 2021 that severe human rights abuses against the Uyghur ethnic minority group were taking place in the XUAR, the motion merely expressed the parliament's 'grave concern'[63] over these human rights abuses. The Uyghur community in New Zealand have requested for parliament to take stronger action, such as declaring the oppression of Uyghurs in China a 'genocide' and placing a ban on the importation of products made by forced labor in the XUAR.[64]
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Saudi Arabia mass executes 81 people | TheHill
Sun, 13 Mar 2022 14:53
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on Saturday carried out a mass execution of 81 people, the country's state-run Saudi Press Agency reported .
The 81 individuals were convicted of terrorism and capital crimes, including the murder of innocent men, women and children, according to Saudi's Ministry of Interior.
The executed individuals were ''guilty of committing multiple heinous crimes that left a large number of civilians and law enforcement officers dead," according to the Press Agency,
In addition to murder, the convictions also included kidnapping, torture, rape and smuggling weapons and bombs into the country.
Specific crimes of the individuals included: membership in terrorist organizations such as ISIS, Al Qaeda and the Houthi rebels of Yemen; targeting Saudi residents; traveling to regional conflict zones to join terrorist organizations; targeting members of the Saudi government; killing and maiming law enforcement officers; and targeting police vehicles with land mines.
The executed individuals were arrested and tried in Saudi courts, the Press Agency reported, saying that each individual was seen by 13 judges over three separate stages of trial.
The individuals maintained their full rights under Saudi law during the process of the trials and were allowed access to lawyers, the Press Agency noted.
''The Kingdom will continue to take a strict and unwavering stance against terrorism and extremist ideologies that threaten the stability of the entire world,'' the Agency added.
United Airlines to bring back workers idled over vaccination | WGN-TV
Sun, 13 Mar 2022 14:18
by: Associated Press
Mar 10, 2022 / 03:20 PM CST / Updated:
Mar 10, 2022 / 03:20 PM CSTA representative for United Airlines said the crew called ahead to inform the authorities as soon as they became aware of the allegations. (Frederic J. Brown/AFP via Getty Images)
CHICAGO (AP) '-- United Airlines will bring back employees who were placed on unpaid leave last year because they refused to get vaccinated against COVID-19.
The airline told employees in a memo Thursday that workers who avoided vaccination by claiming a medical or religious exemption will be allowed back starting March 28.
The company's vice president of human relations, Kirk Limacher, said in the memo that United was taking the step because it expects coronavirus cases, hospitalizations and deaths to continue to drop over the next few weeks.
SEE ALSO: United Airlines will start 'separating' with employees who did not get vaccinated
New reported cases of COVID-19 in the United States have dropped sharply since mid-January, when the highly contagious omicron variant began to wane.
''Of course, if another variant emerges or the COVID trends suddenly reverse course, we will reevaluate the appropriate safety protocols at that time,'' Limacher said.
Last year, CEO Scott Kirby pushed the mandate as a critical safety measure, and United became one of the most visible U.S. corporations to impose a vaccine requirement. The company said that about 97% of its 67,000 U.S. workers got the shots, and only about 200 were terminated.
More than 2,000 workers claimed a medical or religious exemption from vaccination. They were not fired but were placed on unpaid leave, and several sued the Chicago-based company.
YOU MAY ALSO LIKE: US to ease nationwide mask mandate on planes, buses, transit
A United spokeswoman said Thursday that the company still requires new employees to be vaccinated.
More than 950,000 Americans have died from COVID-19 since the pandemic started, but the rates of new cases, hospitalizations and deaths have fallen in the past two months. Through Monday, the seven-day rolling average for daily new cases in the U.S. fell 52% to about 42,000 over the previous two weeks, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. The average topped 800,000 daily cases in mid-January.
Brave Search and Presearch Say They Don't Censor Search Results '' Freedom First Network
Sun, 13 Mar 2022 14:15
After DuckDuckGo announced that it would be abandoning its years-long commitment to ''unbiased'' search results by down-ranking ''Russian disinformation,'' two alternative search engines, Brave Search and Presearch, have committed to not censoring their search results.
Brendan Eich, the CEO of Brave Software (the company behind the privacy-focused Brave browser, Brave Search, and other products), told journalist and producer Naomi Brockwell that Brave Search doesn't censor its results and detailed how Brave Search is expanding its own search index.
Currently, over 90% of Brave Search's queries are provided by its independent search index which was built from scratch. Eich noted that Brave Search currently relies on Bing for the less than 10% of queries where it doesn't have good results and acknowledged that this fallback ''could be censored.''
''We'll get to full independence,'' Eich added. ''Fallback necessary rn, but fades.''
We have our own index (cf. DDG) and we don't censor.
For <10% of queries where we don't have good results, we rely on Bing presently, so that fallback could be censored. You can tell when results come from them.
We'll get to full independence. Fallback necessary rn, but fades.
'-- BrendanEich (@BrendanEich) March 10, 2022
Eich continued by noting that Brave Search has an ''Info'' link above each search results page (which shows whether all the search results on the page came from the Brave Search index) and a ''Search results independence'' percentage in Brave Search's settings (which shows the percentage of all Brave Search results that currently come from its independent index).
Presearch, a private, decentralized, blockchain-powered search engine, also tweeted that it ''doesn't censor.''
Presearch added: ''That's the power of decentralized, unbiased search. The need for decentralized, unbiased search will only grow from here.''
As Presearch notes in its tweets, its search indexes are built and hosted by a decentralized network of node operators. It's also open-source which means users can contribute code that's shown its search results pages.
In addition to the commitment to not censoring their results, both search engines have several unique aspects and features that enhance your search experience.
Brave Search has search shortcuts (which let you quickly jump to search results on a specific site), visual autosuggest, search filters (that let you filter by format, date, country, and more), featured snippets, and shelves that highlight recent news and videos.
Presearch has an integrated PRE cryptocurrency that's used to reward node operators and users and can be staked by advertisers who want to display ads against specific keywords. It also has knowledge panels, a news shelf, a video shelf, quick links to related articles and related searches, search filters (that let you filter by image, video, or news), and quick links for conducting your searches via other sites.
You can start searching with Brave Search here.
You can start searching with Presearch here.
Article cross-posted from Reclaim The Net.
Out of the Doghouse, Into the Bed - The New York Times
Sun, 13 Mar 2022 14:07
Credit... iStock For most Americans, dogs are no longer relegated to the doghouse. According to the American Pet Products Association, an industry trade group, almost 60 percent of dog owners say they regard their pet as a child or member of the family. And many let their dogs snuggle up to sleep right in their human owners' beds, often alongside their owners.
But is sleeping in the same bed with your dog a good idea? Wouldn't they be disruptive to our sleep?
According to a recent study, not really. Researchers at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix studied 40 dogs (none were puppies) who slept in the bedroom with their owners. The humans were all generally good sleepers, with no known sleep disorders.
The dogs wore a device called a Fitbark, an activity tracker that attaches to the collar and records whether an animal is at rest and sleeping or active and at play. The people wore an Actiwatch 2, an activity monitor that records people's movements and whether they are sleeping soundly or not. Both monitors were set to sample movement every minute, while the humans also kept a sleep diary.
Over seven days of testing, the researchers found that with a dog in the bedroom, both the humans and the dogs slept reasonably well. Humans had a mean sleep efficiency, or the percentage of time spent asleep while in bed, of 81 percent, while dogs had a sleep efficiency of 85 percent. Levels over 80 percent are generally considered satisfactory. People slept slightly better when the dog was off the bed; dogs slept the same whether they were on the bed or in another location in the bedroom.
''This goes against the lore that you should have the dog sleep elsewhere,'' and not in the bedroom, said Dr. Lois E. Krahn, the study's senior author and a psychiatrist and sleep medicine specialist at the Center for Sleep Medicine at the Mayo Clinic. Her 6-year-old golden retriever, Phoebe, routinely sleeps on the floor in the bedroom '-- and in the colder months joins her and her husband on their bed. Both the dog and the people, she said, sleep fine.
In an earlier study from 2015, Dr. Krahn and her colleagues asked patients who had visited the Mayo Clinic's sleep clinic whether they owned dogs, cats or other pets. About half did, with many owning more than one. Forty-one percent said they perceived their pet as unobtrusive or beneficial to their sleep, compared to 20 percent who said their pet was disruptive. That study was self-reported, and ''we can't quite trust people to have an accurate report or even be able to accurately observe their feelings for their pets,'' Dr. Krahn said. ''It's sort of like a parent's feelings for their child. I wanted to have objective data.'' Hence the recent follow-up report that used activity monitors to get objective data.
Where the pet sleeps ''depends on the animal's temperament,'' said Dr. Carlo Siracusa, a veterinarian and the director of animal behavioral science at Penn Vet in Philadelphia. ''There are dogs that tend to be more reactive to stimuli. So, for example, if the dog is on the bed and the owner turns and inadvertently hits the dog with the leg, some dogs will get startled and react out of fear,'' growling or barking and waking the sleeper, he said. Other dogs aren't bothered at all. ''If there are no problems and the owner is happy with letting the pet in the bedroom, or on the bed, it's fine with me.''
He added that a dog sleeping in the same room or bed with humans won't make Sparky think he's top dog. ''Dogs can distinguish between the relationship with its human fellows and other dogs, and the way in which they regulate their interactions with humans in the house is not trying to establish a hierarchy,'' he said.
Some dogs may not belong in the bedroom, such as very young or old pets who may not sleep through the night, a sick pet or a reactive pet who might become aggressive when startled or woken up suddenly. Also, if a new baby is entering the family and will sleep in the same bedroom as the parents, Dr. Siracusa said, that might no longer be a good place for the pet to sleep '' not because of concerns of a pet smothering a baby, he said, but because space may be an issue with that many human and furry bodies in one room.
If a pet is already sleeping in your bed or in the bedroom and interfering with your sleep, you can take steps to transition a pet out of the bedroom. Dr. Siracusa said it is best to make the transition a gradual one rather than abruptly kicking the pet out of the bed or bedroom. That may mean first moving a dog from the human bed to a comfortable spot elsewhere in the bedroom, and then moving the pet just outside the door.
The key is to create a similar sleeping experience for the pet. Dogs may be attracted to humans' beds, especially if they're elevated, ''because they are comfortable and strategically in a good position,'' letting dogs keep watch over their surroundings, Dr. Siracusa said. Creating an equally strategic place might mean that it's also elevated, or that it has coverings that the dog can burrow under, or that it is near a heater that can simulate the warmth of the people in the humans' bed.
Some dogs will never want to sleep with their owners, especially if the owner snores or moves around a lot at night. ''When dogs sleep, they want a safe space and don't want to be bothered,'' just like people, he said.
Figuring out where a new dog should sleep can take some time. When Natalie Hastings and her husband adopted Mikey, a 70-pound boxer bulldog mix, they tried letting him sleep in the bed at first, but he shifted around so much they moved him onto a couch. But as Mikey became more settled in their home and he slept more soundly through the night, that changed. He started sleeping in the bed with Mrs. Hastings when her husband traveled for work. Now he's there all the time and, Mrs. Hastings says, helps her fall asleep faster.
''I have trouble settling down, and he's got very rhythmic breathing,'' she said of Mikey. ''It's almost like white noise. And he's really warm.''
Dr. Krahn said the next step in her research is to study a larger group of dogs and their owners, and also to see whether having one or two humans in the bed makes a difference.
She'd also like to do a similar study on cats, though they, of course, are entirely different animals. In addition to Phoebe, she has a 4-year-old cat, Oliver, who is allowed anywhere in the house except the bedroom because ''the cat wanders, scratches, meows,'' she said. While most dogs can be trained, ''I think cats do what they want. If that cat is hungry in the middle of the night, that cat does not care'' about waking you up, she said.
Oliver the cat declined to comment.
Global tech firms are lining up to hire Ukraine's world-renowned coders
Sun, 13 Mar 2022 14:06
Male and female software developers work at their desks in the Luxoft Holding Inc. offices in Kiev, Ukraine, on Tuesday, Oct. 31, 2017.
Bloomberg | Bloomberg | Getty Images
Companies are lining up to try to hire coders who have been caught up in Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
Some 2 million-plus Ukrainian citizens have been displaced in recent weeks, with some of them possessing in-demand technical skills.
Dozens of companies have posted over 500 job ads for tech roles on a website called Remote Ukraine that's been set up to help firms around the world hire Ukrainians. The companies are mostly from Europe but some are also from the likes of U.S. and Canada.
Firms such as Modular Automation and WarDucks in Ireland, Sportradar in Switzerland and Drive System Design in England, are among the tech companies that have shared job ads on the site, with roles on offer ranging from a Web3 developer to a senior 3D artist.
Martin Armstrong, founder of U.K.-based Somerton, a tech platform that aims to partner athletes with coaches, told CNBC that he's made five verbal offers to engineers, content writers and tech sales people. The issue is he can't get visas for them.
"There is no process if you do not have relations here," Armstrong said. "(U.K. Interior Minister) Priti Patel says she is changing it. Here's hoping."
He's made a formal offer to another Ukrainian who is moving to Warsaw to work remotely for him.
Elsewhere, London-based enterprise software firm Cutover has set up a separate "fast-track" engineering role specifically for displaced Ukrainian engineers.
Oscar White, CEO of Beyonk, a venture-backed travel tech platform, told CNBC that he's currently keeping an eye out for job applicants from Ukraine.
"They're meant to be some of the best developers in the world," he said.
A tech powerhouseA surprisingly large amount of tech that enables our every day lives is built by engineers and software developers in Ukraine.
WhatsApp, Grammarly, Gitlab and Solana were all founded or co-founded by Ukrainians, while Google and Samsung all have research and development centers in the country.
Christian Reber, CEO of presentation app Pitch, told CNBC that he has three engineers based remotely in Ukraine and that the company is doing as much as it can to support them.
"We've offered to cover transportation and accommodation costs for all affected Pitch employees and their families, and given them unlimited time off work, no questions asked," he said.
Like other companies, Pitch has also offered to pay salaries up to three months in advance and provided support in terms of helping to set up bank accounts outside Ukraine.
Denys Zhadanov, a Ukrainian entrepreneur, told CNBC that he has 230 employees in the country.
"The majority are in Odessa, which is safe for now," he said.
Elsewhere, CleverFiles, a U.S. company that aims to help people recover deleted computer files, has more than 20 people working full-time from cities including Kyiv, Kharkiv and Zaporizhzhia.
"At this point, every employee is trying to find a safe place for their family," Alina Mulova, a senior online marketing manager told CNBC on Monday. "Some people have been able to move to western Ukraine, while others cannot leave their cities and are hiding in shelters."
Mulova said CleverFiles' Ukrainian employees are being kept on payroll even though many of them aren't able to work.
Educated citizensMisha Karpenko, co-founder and senior software engineer at Pitch, told CNBC there are several factors that make Ukraine a great market for highly-qualified tech talent.
"Ukraine has several big technical universities, and a strong culture of encouraging young people to pursue higher education, as I was myself," he said. "Ukrainian society considers technical studies as generally more valuable than humanities."
He added: "More broadly speaking, when the Soviet Union fell apart, many Ukrainians enjoyed newfound freedom and connection with the West but still lived poorly, and couldn't afford to have a PC at home. This led to a surge in interest in computers and software among children and teenagers that grew up in the 90s-2000s, like me."
There are over 10 universities in Kyiv alone and there's a big emphasis on science, technology, engineering and mathematics in the country.
Josh Feldberg, a digital lead at a climate change non-profit in Barcelona, told CNBC that Ukrainians have got a "very good reputation" when it comes to coding.
Feldberg said that all the Ukrainian coders he's worked with have had a comprehensive education with formal training. "They haven't just home-taught themselves," he said.
"A lot of them studied computer science," Feldberg said, adding that many take the time to fully understand Java, one of the most important computing languages.
In terms of who he's worked with, Feldberg said that he's worked with designers, data scientists and front and back end developers from Ukraine.
Obstacles to overcomeLike other countries, the vast majority of tech workers in Ukraine are male. However, men aged 18-60 are not currently allowed to leave the country as the government wants them to stay and fight.
As a result, many Ukrainian software developers are still in the country and working under Russian bombing.
On Monday, Tatyana Perebiynis, who was an accountant for mobile app and game publisher Gismart, was reportedly killed in the city of Irpen near Kyiv with her two children and pet dogs. They were shot down by Russian mortar fire.
Other Ukrainian tech workers have been relocated to neighboring countries by their employers. Israeli social media app Tango has been helping its 90 research and development workers to relocate to Poland, where it has just opened a new office.
Meanwhile, U.K. start-up Localyze has been offering free relocation services to Ukrainian employees.
But Ukrainian coders can't go wherever they wish at the drop of a hat.
Britain, for example, is only letting people in if they have immediate or extended family in the country. The family member must have British nationality, indefinite leave to remain, settled status or proof of permanent residence.
Many Ukrainians who are trying to seek refuge in the U.K. are being held up by bureaucracy or being turned away altogether, according to reports.
About 760 visas have been granted via the Ukraine Family Scheme, one government minister said Wednesday, adding that 22,000 applications are "on their way through."
U.K. Interior Minister Priti Patel said Thursday that the entry process is still being streamlined, adding that the applications are being moved online and that Ukrainians will longer need to physically attend visa centers before entering the U.K. providing they have a passport.
'Risk worth taking': US rushes shoulder-fired missiles to Ukraine | Russia-Ukraine war News | Al Jazeera
Sun, 13 Mar 2022 12:27
Washington is sending highly sensitive items such as portable air defence systems to Kyiv, senior US defence official says.
Published On 12 Mar 2022 12 Mar 2022
The United States and NATO are shipping weapons into Ukraine at breakneck speed, including highly sensitive items such as shoulder-fired missiles called man-portable air defence systems (MANPADS) that can take down aircraft.
The Western arms deliveries, another of which is expected to arrive in the coming hours, have been vital to enabling Ukrainians to fight the invading Russian forces far more effectively and fiercely than US intelligence expected.
But moving those amounts of weaponry into the largest conflict in Europe since World War II carries with it risks that some could fall into the wrong hands '' a possibility the West has considered.
''Frankly, we believe that risk is worth taking right now because the Ukrainians are fighting so skillfully with the tools at their disposal and they're using them so creatively,'' a senior US defence official said on Friday when asked about that danger.
Highly portable missiles such as Stinger surface-to-air missiles, which are a type of MANPAD, can help win wars, but in the past, they have also been lost, sold, or wound up in the arsenals of armed groups.
For example, hundreds of Stingers supplied by the US were seen as key to helping mujahideen rebels drive Soviet forces out of Afghanistan in a conflict that spanned the 1980s and 1990s.
But the US subsequently spent years trying to recover unused MANPADS from that country and other conflict zones around the world.
In a Pentagon-financed study in 2019, the RAND Corporation think-tank estimated that upwards of 60 civilian aircraft have been hit by MANPADS since the 1970s, killing more than 1,000 civilians. As of 2019, 57 non-state armed groups were confirmed to possess or suspected to possess MANPADS.
Russia was ''far and away the single largest exporter of MANPADS'', RAND Corp said, with more than 10,000 systems sold between 2010 and 2018 to countries including Iraq, Venezuela, Kazakhstan, Qatar and Libya.
The US and NATO have not disclosed how many MANPADS have been transferred to Ukraine since the start of the invasion, which is now in its third week.
So far, Russia has not targeted Western weapons convoys headed into Ukraine and the senior US defence official said Washington had not seen any Western-supplied inventory falling into Russian hands. But that could change.
'A dangerous move'Russia said on Saturday its troops could target supplies of Western weapons in Ukraine.
''We warned the United States that the orchestrated pumping of weapons from a number of countries is not just a dangerous move, it is a move that turns these convoys into legitimate targets,'' Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov told state television.
He said Moscow had warned ''about the consequences of the thoughtless transfer to Ukraine of weapons like man-portable air defence systems, anti-tank missile systems and so on''.
Ryabkov said Washington had not taken Moscow's warnings seriously, adding Russia and the US were not holding any ''negotiation processes'' on Ukraine.
At a Friday meeting of Russia's Security Council, Defence Minister Sergey Shoigu talked about potential future seizures of Western-made Javelin anti-tank weapons and Stingers. They should be handed to Russian-backed forces in the breakaway Donbas region of eastern Ukraine, he said.
Russian President Vladimir Putin publicly backed the idea.
''As to the delivery of arms, especially Western-made ones which have fallen into the hands of the Russian army '' of course, I support the possibility of giving these to the military units of the Lugansk and Donetsk people's republics,'' Putin said.
''Please do this,'' Putin told Shoigu.
Moderna plots vaccines against 15 pathogens with future pandemic potential | Reuters
Sun, 13 Mar 2022 12:23
A vial and sryinge are seen in front of a displayed Moderna logo in this illustration taken January 11, 2021. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration/File Photo
Register now for FREE unlimited access to Reuters.comMarch 7 (Reuters) - Moderna Inc (MRNA.O) said on Monday it plans to develop and begin testing vaccines targeting 15 of the world's most worrisome pathogens by 2025 and will permanently wave its COVID-19 vaccine patents for shots intended for certain low- and middle-income countries.
The U.S. biotechnology company also said it will make its messenger RNA (mRNA) technology available to researchers working on new vaccines for emerging and neglected diseases through a program called mRNA Access.
Moderna announced its strategy ahead of the Global Pandemic Preparedness Summit sponsored by the UK government and the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI), an international coalition set up five years ago to prepare for future disease threats.
Register now for FREE unlimited access to Reuters.comModerna is already collaborating with partners on vaccines against some of the 15 pathogens, which include Chikungunya, Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever, Dengue, Ebola, Malaria, Marburg, Lassa fever, MERS and COVID-19.
Those collaborations include a Nipah virus vaccine with the U.S. National Institutes of Health and an HIV vaccine with the Gates Foundation and the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative, Moderna President Stephen Hoge said in an interview.
The company will either seek out new partners for the others or develop them internally, he said.
Moderna Chief Executive Stephane Bancel told a virtual press briefing on Monday that the 15 viruses are known threats that have not been addressed by many large drugmakers. The COVID-19 pandemic, which has killed six million people worldwide and sickened millions more, has made clear that needs to change, Bancel said.
"Too many lives were lost in the last few years,'' he said.
Early in the COVID pandemic, Moderna pledged not to enforce its vaccine patents during the emergency phase of the health crisis.
That has allowed for development of a vaccine manufacturing plant in Africa backed by the World Health Organization as part of a pilot project to give poor and middle-income countries the know-how to make COVID-19 vaccines.
Moderna said it will make that pledge permanent for the 92 low- and middle income countries that qualify for assistance under the COVAX Advance Market Commitment (AMC) led by the GAVI vaccine alliance.
A company spokesperson said Moderna will not enforce patents for COVID-19 vaccines developed in South Africa by WHO-backed Afrigen Biologics for AMC-92 low- and middle-income countries.
Although it will not enforce its patents in these countries, Hoge said Moderna does not intend to share its vaccine technology with the WHO-backed technology transfer hub in South Africa, in spite of lobbying efforts by the organization. read more
Earlier on Monday, the company said it will set up a manufacturing facility in Kenya, its first in Africa, to produce mRNA vaccines, including against COVID-19. read more
As part of its future pandemic plan, Moderna intends to make its technology available to academic research labs to test their own theories for vaccines to address emerging and neglected diseases. Hoge said some of these may eventually result in partnerships with Moderna to address the 15 priority pathogens.
"What we want to make sure happens is that scientists who have great ideas for how they could make vaccines will be able to access our standards and technology, almost as if they worked at Moderna," Hoge said.
Initially, the program will start with a few academic labs, but Hoge expects it to expand rapidly. He sees the program as a way to expand discovery of vaccines using mRNA technology.
"We want to make sure that we allow others to explore the space that frankly, we can't get to," he said. "And that's really what this is about."
Register now for FREE unlimited access to Reuters.com Reporting by Julie Steenhuysen in Chicago and Michael Erman in New Jersey; additional reporting by Jennifer Rigby in London; Editing by Bill Berkrot
Our Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.
Moderna Will Develop mRNA Vaccines for 15 of the World's Worst Diseases
Sun, 13 Mar 2022 12:23
To much of the world, it seemed like the Covid-19 vaccines were whipped up in less than a year'--an amazing feat of science and biotechnology if ever there was one. While the vaccines did get fast-tracked through clinical trial and regulatory approval phases, the truth is that the technology behind the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines'--mRNA'--had been in the works for decades. Now Moderna is leveraging that same technology to fight several other viruses.
This week Moderna announced plans to develop vaccines against 15 different pathogens that either have the potential to cause a pandemic or are an ongoing thorn in humanity's side. Among them are chikungunya, dengue, ebola, malaria, and Covid's predecessor, Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS).
Traditional vaccines use a weakened piece of a virus to expose our bodies to it so they can get some practice launching a counter-attack before being fully exposed. mRNA vaccines work by training our cells to create proteins to fight viruses. DNA makes mRNA, which acts as a ''messenger'' by instructing our cells to make proteins (and those proteins in turn control pretty much everything that happens in our cells).
The ''workshop'' where the proteins get made is the cell's ribosome. Scientists at the University of Pennsylvania were able to create mRNA that could get past cells' defenses without triggering an immune response, but still be recognized by the ribosome. In the case of the Covid vaccines, the modified RNA was programmed to get the ribosome to make the virus's telltale spike protein.
The immune system tags this protein as an invader and launches a response, producing antibodies to fight what seems like an infection. When a vaccinated person comes into contact with the real virus, his or her cells know how to fight it before it takes over the body.
The mRNA, then, is essentially a delivery vehicle, a Trojan horse that can be made to smuggle in instructions to make any protein of scientists' choosing. They identify a vaccine target by sequencing a virus's genome'--the low cost and fast turnaround of genome sequencing is another key part to this technology'--then encode mRNA for the relevant protein.
As Drew Weissman, one of the physician-scientists who helped develop mRNA vaccine technology put it, ''mRNA vaccines are essentially plug and play. We believe you can change the part of the mRNA that encodes a protein, plugging in new code specific to the virus we hope to protect against, and cause one's body to produce proteins that match that virus' proteins. We do not have to develop and manufacture an entirely new formula.''
On top of that, mRNA is easy to scale in production at a relatively low cost, making it easier and more cost-effective to screen multiple vaccine candidates quickly.
Creating 15 new vaccines, then, may not be as much work as it sounds like (though getting them through clinical trials and ultimately bringing them to market probably still will be). The company plans to prioritize work on viruses classified as ''persistent global health threats,'' including HIV, tuberculosis, and malaria, and aims to have vaccines for all 15 pathogens in clinical trials by 2025 (its HIV vaccine already started human trials last year).
Two other significant pieces of news were included in Moderna's release this week. First, the company said it would permanently wave its Covid-19 vaccine patents in low- and middle-income countries, sticking to a pledge made early in the pandemic. This means labs in these countries can use the company's technology to produce local versions of a Covid vaccine. 92 countries are included, all of them part of the Gavi COVAX Advance Market Commitment.
Moderna also said it plans to build a $500 million facility for manufacturing mRNA vaccines in Kenya, and will supply up to 500 million doses a year of mRNA vaccines to the African continent.
Image Credit: monofaction / Shutterstock.com
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USDA to invest $250 million to support American-made fertilizer | Successful Farming
Sun, 13 Mar 2022 12:17
The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is announcing it will support additional fertilizer production for American farmers to address rising costs, including the impact of Russia's price hike on farmers, and spur competition.
USDA will make available $250 million through a new grant program this summer to support independent, innovative, and sustainable American fertilizer production to supply American farmers.
READ MORE: What is going on with fertilizer prices?Additionally, to address growing competition concerns in the agricultural supply chain, USDA will launch a public inquiry seeking information regarding seeds and agricultural inputs, fertilizer, and retail markets.
''Recent supply chain disruptions from the global pandemic to Russia President Vladimir Putin's unprovoked war against Ukraine have shown just how important it is to invest in this crucial link in the agricultural supply chain here at home,'' said USDA Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack.
LISTEN: Practices to reduce fertilizer costs''The planned investment is one example of many Biden-Harris Administration initiatives to bring production and jobs back to the United States, promote competition, and support American goods and services,'' Vilsack says.
''As the president said [at the State of the Union], we are working to rebuild the economy toward resilience, security, and sustainability, and this support to provide domestic, sustainable and independent choices for fertilizer supplies is part of that effort. In addition to the jobs, lower costs, and more reliable supply, increased investment in the domestic fertilizer industry will help address climate change by reducing the greenhouse gas emissions associated with transportation, while also fostering more sustainable production methods and more precise application,'' he says.
Fertilizer prices have more than doubled since last year due to many factors including Putin's price hike, a limited supply of the relevant minerals and high energy costs, high global demand and agricultural commodity prices, reliance on fertilizer imports, and lack of competition in the fertilizer industry.
READ MORE: Managing P and K in an era of higher pricesThe United States is a major importer and dependent on foreign fertilizer and is the second or third top importer for each of the three major components of fertilizer. The top producers of the major components of fertilizer include China, Russia, Canada, and Morocco, with Belarus also providing a significant share of potash.
USDA will use funds from the Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) set aside in September for market disruptions to develop a grant program that provides 'gap' financing to bring new, independent domestic production capacity on-line '-- similar to the recently announced meat and poultry grants that are designed to promote competition and resilience in that sector.
The new program will support fertilizer production that is:Independent '' outside the dominant fertilizer suppliers, increasing competition in a concentrated market.Made in America '' produced in the United States by domestic companies, creating good-paying jobs at home and reducing the reliance on potentially unstable or inconsistent foreign supplies.Innovative ''improves fertilizer production methods to jump start the next generation of fertilizers.Sustainable '' reduces the greenhouse gas impact of transportation, production, and use through renewable energy sources, feedstocks, formulations, and incentivizing greater precision in fertilizer use.Farmer-focused '' like other Commodity Credit Corporation investments, a driving factor will be providing support and opportunities for U.S. agriculture commodity producers.Details on the application process will be announced in the summer of 2022, with the first awards expected before the end of 2022.
READ MORE: Manure provides farmers an alternative nutrient source amid volatile fertilizer marketUnder the Biden-Harris Administration, USDA is engaged in a whole-of-government effort to combat the climate crisis and conserve and protect our nation's lands, biodiversity, and natural resources including our soil, air, and water. Successfully meeting these challenges will require coordination and partnerships with stakeholders throughout the supply chain such as the planned investment in innovative domestic fertilizer production.
This effort is also part of the Biden-Harris Administration's whole-of-government effort to promote competition, including in agricultural markets.
As part of its efforts to enhance fair and competitive markets, USDA is requesting comments and information from the public about the impacts of concentration and market power in fertilizer, seeds, and other agricultural inputs, and retail.
With these RFIs, USDA is also seeking information on competition and market access for farmers and ranchers, new and growing market competitors, especially small and medium-size enterprises, and more about the context for these markets for farmers.
The inquiry stems from the July 9, 2021, Executive Order on ''Promoting Competition in the American Economy,'' which created a White House Competition Council and directed federal agency actions to enhance fairness and competition across America's economy.
''Concentrated market structures and potentially anticompetitive practices leave America's farmers, businesses, and consumers facing higher costs, fewer choices, and less control about where to buy and sell, and reduced innovation '-- ultimately making it harder for those who grow our food to survive,'' said Secretary Vilsack. ''As I talk to farmers, ranchers, and agriculture and food companies about the recent market challenges, I hear significant concerns about whether large companies along the supply chain are taking advantage of the situation by increasing profits '-- not just responding to supply and demand or passing along the costs.''
USDA will seek information specifically on:FertilizerSeed and agricultural inputs, in particular as they relate to the intellectual property systemRetail, including access to retail through wholesale and distribution markets.The comment period will be open for 60 days once the requests for information are published in the Federal Register, and upon which time comments can be submitted to regulations.gov.
USDA will use the comments received to develop reports mandated under the Competition E.O., and to develop policies relating to fair and competitive markets, supply chain resiliency, pandemic response, local and regional food systems, and other areas. Subsequent actions may range from new grant and loan programs to additional rules and regulations under the Packers and Stockyards Act of 1921 and other relevant laws to increase fairness and competition in American agricultural markets.
China To Expand Coal Use As It Prioritizes Energy Security | OilPrice.com
Sun, 13 Mar 2022 12:16
Despite pledges to contribute to global efforts of reducing emissions, China will continue to maximize the use of coal in coming years as it caters to its energy security, the top Chinese policymakers said this week.
Chinese President Xi Jinping has told representatives from its biggest coal-producing region, Inner Mongolia, that China "could not part from reality" and that it is "rich in coal, poor in oil and short of gas," Reuters reported on Friday.
The energy transition is a long process and China cannot just "slam the brakes" on coal, according to Xi.
China's energy mix continues to 'Žshift to a greener one, but coal still represented more than half of its energy mix, according to BP's Statistical Review of World Energy. In 2020, the latest available data, coal's 'Žshare fell to 57 percent, 'Žcompared to 58 percent in 2019. But Chinese coal exports rose to their highest level since 2014, and domestic coal output also rose, the BP review found.
Last month, China said it would help run its coal-fired power plants at full capacity in a bid to ensure energy security, despite the climate goals of the world's largest polluter.
China is concerned about its energy security after the autumn 2021 power crisis and, most recently, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which pushed energy commodity prices sky-high.
China, the world's largest coal consumer and largest greenhouse gas emitter, has said it targets to achieve net-zero emissions by 2060, but last autumn's power crisis and record-high global coal prices amid an overall energy shortage made energy security a top priority for the country.
A few months ago, China ordered a ramp-up of coal production, which hit record-highs for both December 2021 and the whole of 2021.
China plans to increase its crude oil, natural gas, and coal production, boost reserves of energy commodities, and keep stable imports to ensure its energy security amid skyrocketing commodities prices, the top Chinese economic planner said last week.
By Tsvetana Paraskova for Oilprice.com
More Top Reads From Oilprice.com:
U.S. Sanctions Can't Keep China From Buying Russian Oil Canada Says Its Oil Could Replace U.S. Imports Of Russian Crude Oil Rises As UAE Backtracks On OPEC Output Boost Statement
India Is Mulling Rupee-Ruble Payments System For Trade With Russia | ZeroHedge
Sun, 13 Mar 2022 12:15
Authored by Jerri-Lynn Scofield via NakedCapitalism.com,
India is discussing how to set up a rupee-ruble payment mechanism to enable it to trade with Russia, to circumvent the U.S. sanctions regime.
India abstained from voting on the March United Nations (UN) General Assembly Resolution demanding an end to Russian offensive in Ukraine (General Assembly resolution demands end to Russian offensive in Ukraine).
Since its Independence, India has tried to steer a neutral course between the U.S. and Russia (and previously, the USSR). During the 1950s, India's first prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, was a prime architect behind the Non-Aligned Movement, under which developing countries tried to pursue their national interests without binding themselves to either the U.S. or Soviet bloc. India, Indonesia, and Yugoslavia were mainstays of that movement, which today includes 120 member states, 18 observer states, and 10 international organisations.
Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, India developed closer relations with the United States. Most recently, under prime minister Narendra Modi, India's policy tilted even more decisively in a pro-U.S. direction. Modi and Trump shared a strong affinity, and Modi even travelled to the U.S, to host massive rallies intended to galvanize Indian Americans in support of Trump. See this BBC account for further details, What did the Trump-Modi 'bromance' achieve?
During the last several months, several considerations have prompted the Modi government to rethink the wisdom of putting all its eggs in the U.S. basket. Instead, India is returning to a more balanced approach, assessing its national interests vis-a-vis those of other countries and acting accordingly.
Two developments this summer caused India to question the reliability and integrity of the U.S. as an ally.
The first was the manner of the U.S. pullout from Afghanistan, which had External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar wondering about the value of U.S. security guarantees. Washington's Ukraine policy is only increasing those misgivings. The United States was willing to push Ukraine to take actions that many '' including Henry Kissinger, George Kennan, and Noam Chomsky '' warned Russia couldn't abide. But then when the shooting started, the United States wasn't willing to get in line of fire.
And in the second, in September, the U.S. stunned many when it announced a new Australia/United Kingdom/United States security grouping (AUKUS), as part of which Australia would receive American nuclear submarines. Prior to the new arrangement, the Quad ''comprised of the U.S., Australia, India, and Japan '' was the principal counterweight to China in the Indo-Pacific (see this Council on Foreign Relations summary, The Quad in the Indo-Pacific: What to Know).
This AUKUS announcement caused consternation both in France and India. Australia cancelled a $37 billion deal with a French company to supply diesel -powered submarines, prompting French foreign minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, according to the BBC, Aukus: French minister condemns US and Australia 'lies' over security pact to accuse the three countries of ''duplicity, a major breach of trust and contempt''..'' The United States has consistently told India that it couldn't share sensitive nuclear submarine technology, according to the South China Morning Post, Aukus fallout: for years, US told India it couldn't share nuclear submarine technology. 'And now this '...'). In the wake of the AUKUS development, France and India have strengthened their bilateral ties, with more of the same expected.
Another reason India must tread carefully arises from its past military procurement policy. Since the early 1970s, India has purchased much of its armaments from Russia. Although as part of its tilt towards Washington, India has in recent yearsdecreased its reliance on Russian arms, ''Today, 60% of India's military hardware inventory is from Russia or the former Soviet Union and the bulk of India's license-based defense manufacturing comes from Russia,'' according to Defense News, India braces for sanctions on Russia to delay weapons programs, deliveries. This makes India dependent on Russia for the supply of spare parts. Shunning Russia would mean India must find new sources of armaments.
The realization of the shakiness of U.S security guarantees means that India is rethinking the state of its relations with China. Although the two countries have gone to war since Independence, their bilateral relationship has not always been hostile. Now that the value of U.S. security guarantees is being more openly questioned, one option for India is to try and ensure that its bilateral relations with China don't deteriorate to the point of outright hostility again. That the two countries are becoming more closely bound is true, at least on the economic level, with the latest bilateral trade figures showing imports from China increasing by 30% over 2019 (to $97.5 billion) and exports climbing by 30% over 2019 (to 28.1billion). according to The Hindu, India-China trade crossed $125 bn in 2021.
China (1.4 billion) and India (1.38 billion) together account for more than a quarter of the world's 7.9 billion people, so anything that dials down bilateral tensions is to be encouraged.
To Be Non-Aligned on Russia Policy Implies India Finding Trade WorkaroundThe U.S. led economic sanctions regime against Russia is inevitably porous to some degree. Not all Russian banks have been excluded from SWIFT. Crimping Russia's ability to spend dollars doesn't shut off its ability to trade with willing partners. India appears to be one such partner. Despite loud squawking in the U.S. Congress about its failure to support the UN Russia resolution, India appears to be banking that the Biden administration won't impose sanctions on India (for more on that sound and fury, see this Times of India account, Biden officials bat for India amid criticism of New Delhi's stand on Russia-Ukraine spat).
The bilateral relationship between the United States and India the two countries has changed significantly since the 1960s, when then-prime minister Indira Gandhi was forced to muzzle her criticisms of U.S. bombing of Hanoi and Haiphong in order to secure necessary U.S. food grains after a savage drought. Per the Indian Express, Swallowing the humiliation:
Many of us still have hurtful memories of the mid-'60s when, after two successive years of savage drought, India desperately needed American wheat under the US Public Law 480 on rupee payment '-- and at relatively low prices because the country had no foreign exchange to buy food in the world market. Indira Gandhi had just become prime minister and chose to go to Washington on an official visit. Lyndon Johnson gave her a gushing welcome and responded to the food problem confronting her effusively, promising as many as 10 million tons of PL480 wheat. However, at an early stage the transaction turned sour.
Infuriated by India's criticism of American bombings of Hanoi and Haiphong in the course of the Vietnam War, the irascible Texan put food shipments on such a tight leash that India literally lived from ship to mouth. With every morsel we swallowed a little humiliation. When told that the Indians were saying exactly the same thing as the UN Secretary-General and the Pope were, Johnson had retorted: ''The Pope and the Secretary-General do not need our wheat.'' Many in India started demanding that we should say no to American wheat. Sensibly, Indira Gandhi said nothing. Privately, she told some confidants: ''If food imports stop, these ladies and gentlemen won't suffer. Only the poor would starve.''
Back to the present. Permit me to quote extensively from this Hindustan Times account, Panel to scrutinise impact of Russia sanctions on India's economy:
A top interministerial panel has been formed to scrutinise a barrage of economic sanctions imposed by the West on Russia following its invasion of Ukraine and their likely impacts on India's economy, an official familiar with the development said.
As the Ukraine conflict deepens, India has stepped up efforts to secure critical imports from Russia, particularly potassium chloride (popularly known as muriate of potash), a key fertiliser, and sunflower (edible) oil.
Led by economic affairs secretary Ajay Seth, the high-level panel also includes top bureaucrats of the ministries of food and consumer affairs, fertilisers, commerce, external affairs, agriculture and petroleum.
The panel is scouring for avenues to set up a rupee-ruble bilateral payment system to escape a wave of unprecedented sanctions on Russia, which have crippled the former Soviet state's financial system.
''Official talks with Russians will be needed to set up an alternative payment mechanism but the government will be given various options after a comprehensive review of the sanctions,'' the official cited above said, requesting anonymity.
India fears disruption to supplies of murate of potash ahead of its main summer-sown kharif season could hobble its farm sector, which is a major source of income for half of the country's population.
The war has caused oil prices to skyrocket and the rupee has hit a record low. Note that India still has a number of state-owned backs that could be used to implement any arrangements that might be devised. A private bank might be vulnerable to sanctions. Per the Hindustan Times:
The Russia-Ukraine conflict has already begun hurting Asia's third-largest economy, which had only started to revive after a pandemic-induced recession in 2020-21. On Monday, the rupee sunk to a record low to 76.9, falling 1% against the dollar as oil prices soared.
At least $400 million of payments and receivables by Indian exporters to Russia are now stranded because the sanctions have cut off Russia's ability to transact in dollars, the currency for international payments. Russian banks have been severed from a global payments highway known as SWIFT.
The panel has representatives from the Reserve Bank of India, which is looking to designate a smaller Indian bank with minimal exposure to dollar or euro transactions, where a Russian bank could open an account because the sanctions don't prohibit a rupee-ruble exchange system, the official said.
India had successfully used a similar payment system to pay for oil imports from Iran when that country faced sanctions from the West. At that time, the UCO Bank was set up as the main payment gateway.
An alternate mechanism for payments, however, is not easy to set up. While the idea is that a Russian bank will set up a so-called ''vostro account'' in an Indian bank and both countries will deposit a certain amount to guarantee for payments to importers and exporters, determining the rupee-ruble exchange rate will be a key challenge.
''One reason is that even if a rupee-ruble exchange rate is pegged to the dollar for determining a notional exchange rate, we must keep in mind that the value of ruble is continuously sliding vis-a-vis the dollar,'' said Amarendra Patil, a trade economist who formerly taught at the Indian Institute of Foreign Trade.
''This could make the payment system ineffective because of continuous erosion of one of the two currencies (ruble),'' he added.
There is urgency to agree viable arrangements, as planting season is '' or will soon be '' underway, and farmers need fertiliser. Per The Hindustan Times:
The government, which last week reviewed stocks of fertilisers, is scouting for alternative suppliers to fill the fertiliser gap at prices similar to those charged by Russians.
According to official data, 11-11.5% of total imports of edible oils and fertilisers are sourced from Russia-Ukraine region. The two countries also account for over 90% of sunflower oil imports. Within a basket of fertilisers India imports, Russia accounts for over 17% of MOP (muriate of potash) and 60% of NPK (nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium).
''In response, the government is identifying alternate supply sources for both edible oils and fertiliser, although these will be expensive,'' said Sonal Varma, an analyst with Nomura Holdings, a global financial advisory and securities firm, in a research note.
There are of course precedents for similar arrangements. In fact, India and the USSR set up one such arrangement during the 1950s, according toS Murlidharan writing in Northlines, Crisis as an opportunity: Rupee-Rouble trade should become template to break US hegemony:
The rupee-rouble exchange is not new. In 1953 Indo-Soviet trade agreement contemplated all payments in settlement of imports and exports between the two nations being made in INR. But this arrangement was dropped in 2005 when it resulted in Russia being saddled with enormous quantity of INR what with India being the net importer. However, the two nations once again embraced rupee payment for Russian export of S-400 Triumf air defence system in 2019 with the deal being for US 5.2 to 5,6 billion to escape sanctions by the US under its Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA). INR-Rial agreement with Iran similarly was to escape the American ire but had to be abandoned when the Trump administration extended the bar on its currency being used to a complete bar on import of oil itself from the Gulf nation.
The two governments are keen on INR-Rouble trade and the nuts and bolts of the arrangement would be announced soon hopefully. Indian exporters are in a quandary with Rouble testing new low every day. How to fix the price is the issue. Trade cannot come to a screeching halt. Russia's deputy chief of mission Roman Babushkin was quoted in news report three years ago saying that there had been a five-fold increase in payments in national currencies from about 6 percent to over 30 percent now. There should be no let up in this healthy trend except that war has queered the pitch with steep devaluation of the Rouble; thus calling for negotiations in a spirit of give and take to neutralise partially Russian currency's devaluation on the back of war and the Western boycott.
By institutionalizing INR-Rouble trade we would be sending a strong signal that the US dollar need not be invincible and unavoidable in international trade and payments. If more and more such agreements are signed between nation states, the world could well one day break free at least partially from the vice-like grip of the greenback on fortunes of other nations.
The Indo-Russian initiative should by no means be construed as acquiescence by India in the Russian expansionism and condonation of its warmongering. Rather it should be seen as pursuit of enlightened self-interest, both short-term and long-term.
Within India, there's broad political support for pulling away from Modi's previous policy of tightening ties with the U.S. The strongest criticisms '' actually, denunciations '' of U.S. policy I've seen in any mainstream English language television broadcasts are coming from India's Republic TV. I've found myself tuning in each evening to the nightly debates refereed by BJP mouthpiece Arnab Goswami. Refereed is the right word, as these debates generate lots of shouting. An appearance on Arnab Live is not for the faint-hearted '' nor, for that matter, is watching these slugfests. Goswami intervenes actively in the debate; he minces no words. And rest assured, he wouldn't say anything that's not consistent with the general contours of current Modi policy. If you'd told me a year ago that I would find myself tuning into a nightly Goswami broadcast, I would have told you you were mad.
But, here we are.
* * *
Jerri-Lynn Scofield, who has worked as a securities lawyer and a derivatives trader. She is currently writing a book about textile artisans.
Idiocracy: CDC Lowers Expectations For Child Development, Raising New Questions for Parents | ZeroHedge
Sun, 13 Mar 2022 12:14
The move has generally been portrayed in the media as a positive adjustment, with claims that it provides clearer benchmarks and can help identify developmental delays early.
However, the update essentially moves the milestones later and later '' following a similar trend in academic standards across the nation.
Is this something to be celebrated, or is it one more example of lowering standards?
The supposed reasoning behind the update is that the earlier milestones used only 50th percentile data, which means that only half of the children were expected to reach them at a specific age.
The updated checklist moves milestones back so that 75 percent of children should reach them at a given age. One news report claims it's necessary for ''eliminating unnecessary confusion and alarm while ensuring children who need additional evaluation and resources are properly identified.''
What the article doesn't highlight, however, is that the changes effectively move developmental milestones to older ages.
An article from the American Academy of Pediatrics details the changes. In short, one-third of the original milestones were moved to different ages, and of those moved, just over two-thirds were moved to an older age.
In other words, the CDC is shifting developmental goalposts later and later for infants and young children.
One reason for moving the developmental goalposts may be the learning loss resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.
Jaclyn Theek, a clinic director and speech-language pathologist at the Florida-based Speech and Learning Institute, has raised the alarm over the increase in babies and toddlers she is seeing with speech delays.
''We've seen a 364% patient increase in patient referrals of babies and toddlers from pediatricians and parents,'' she said.
Before the pandemic, only 5% of patients were babies and toddlers, she told reporters. Now it's 20% of her patients, with parents calling it ''COVID-delayed.''
Theek says the widespread use of face masks could be affecting children's speech development, as babies start learning how to read lips as young as 8 months old.
''There's no research out there yet saying that this could be causing speech and language delays. But, most definitely, I'm sure it's a factor,'' she said. ''It's very important that kids do see your face to learn, so they're watching your mouth.''
Other detrimental effects on children have included a decrease in academic performance after widespread remote and virtual learning options, which tend to hurt minority and low-income students hardest.
Even before the pandemic, however, the U.S. educational system was easing academic standards, often to the detriment of students: Just one example is Virginia, where the reading scores of fourth- and eighth-grade students dropped after the state loosened academic standards and accountability.
Even the Washington Post argued that easing these standards did not help children.
''Some critical (Standards of Learning) tests, such as fifth-grade writing, were eliminated; score standards were adopted that made it easier for students to pass; and changes in accreditation regulations let schools off the hook for their failures,'' the newspaper's editorial team wrote.
Instead of constantly adjusting developmental milestones and academic standards, parents and educators should question what's causing this downward shift in the first place.
Earlier critics of the U.S. educational system such as John Taylor Gatto predicted schools would never achieve the successful education of students without changing their current approach.
''No one believes anymore that scientists are trained in science classes or politicians in civics classes or poets in English classes,'' he said in a 1990 speech where he accepted the New York City Teacher of the Year award. ''The truth is that schools don't really teach anything except how to obey orders.''
Gatto said in his speech that U.S. students ranked ''at the bottom of nineteen industrial nations in reading, writing and arithmetic.''
Today's rankings aren't much better. The Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) released a lackluster report in 2018, with the U.S. ranking roughly the same '' in the middle of the pack '' for all countries tested.
''The trend lines of United States' mean performance in reading since 2000, mathematics since 2003 and science since 2006 are stable, with no significant improvement or decline,'' the report concluded.
When viewed against the broader sweep of human history, the academic standards now in use are substantially lower than what was required in 20th-century American schools (this 1912 eighth-grade exam serves as an interesting example).
For too long parents have counted on so-called ''expert institutions'' such as the CDC and public schools to help us raise our children. However, current events have started exposing important flaws and concerns within the educational system.
Thankfully for many children, alternatives exist to the current public educational situation '' including the choice to homeschool. If the pandemic has taught us anything, it's that parents are better equipped to handle their children's education than they may have previously thought.
One of these parents is Tera Thomas, who withdrew her children to homeschool in Virginia after schooling went virtual in response to the pandemic.
''You just are kind of at the mercy of whatever they're choosing to do '' 'one size fits all,''' she said of her experience in the public schools.
Thomas chose to continue homeschooling even after in-person learning resumed.
''We wanted there to be more value in their education, more individualized (attention), more freedom to explore and do things,'' she said.
Like Thomas, an increasing number of parents are opting out of public education with its continually changing developmental and academic goalposts.
Instead of closing our eyes to the problems facing our students, let's choose to address them and raise the next generation of mature, responsible citizens who not only thrive, but also excel in the real world '' long after their schooling has ended.
Biggest Commodity Trading Houses In The West Continue To Buy Russian Oil And Gas | ZeroHedge
Sun, 13 Mar 2022 12:13
Despite headline-grabbing maneuvers by the big western oil giants (Shell, BP, Exxon-Mobil etc.) to simply walk away from certain Russian projects, commodity traders like Trafigura, Vitol and Glencore have all loaded cargos of oil, gas and fuel onto tankers at Russian ports, which is just the latest evidence that the west can't simply go without Russia's commodity wealth (as Chinese analysts have explained, Russia is one of the richest countries in the world when it comes to natural commodity wealth). And it's not just industrial commodities: the Middle East and Africa depend on exports of Russian wheat.
This commodity might is why Credit Suisse's Zoltan Poszar proclaimed this week that the new international financial order, which he called "Bretton Woods III" will be based around commodities and the currencies of the countries that export them.
It's also why the big commodities trading houses that we mentioned above have no plans to stop buying Russian oil or gas, as the Times of London explains.
Trafigura, Vitol and Glencore have all loaded cargos of oil products on to tankers in Russian ports this week, even as Russia's attacks on Ukraine intensified, shipping data shows.
The commodities traders have come under less scrutiny over their ties with Russia than the oil majors and have not made any commitments to stop buying Russian oil.
And even Shell, BP and the majors will continue to buy commodities from Russia, as they have already promised.
Shell is contracted to buy liquefied natural gas from Russian projects until 2035 and has given no timescale for its planned ''phased withdrawal'' from this. BP has pledged to quit its stake in Rosneft, the Kremlin-backed oil company, but is contracted to buy fuel from Rosneft in Germany and has said only that it is ''reviewing'' its commitments.
This might seem like a contradiction after the Biden Administration announced on Tuesday that Americans would face an immediate ban on new contracts for Russian oil, with a 45-day grace period for buyers to see out existing deals. The UK has made similar assurances as Ukraine has called for a global embargo on buyers of Russian oil and gas.
But the big commodity trading houses likely have contracts to continue buying Russian oil and gas for years, or even decades, hence. There's plenty of data to show that their Russian business has continued uninterrupted.
Many western companies have stopped buying oil and oil products from Russia voluntarily, but analysis of shipping data by SourceMaterial, an investigative journalism organisation, shows that commodities trading houses are still doing business there.
On Wednesday, an Indian-registered tanker, the JAG Laxmi, was docked at Taman in Russia on the Black Sea to take on a cargo of vacuum gas oil, a petroleum by-product. The tanker is understood to have been chartered by Trafigura and the cargo supplied by Rosneft.
At another Russian Black Sea port, Tuapse, Glencore was due this week to load a charter vessel, the Gulf Coral, with 60,000 tonnes of naphtha, the raw material for solvents, also from Rosneft. A similar Glencore cargo left Tuapse earlier in the week.
To be sure, there's no evidence to suggest that the three commodity trading houses have violated any sanctions.
SourceMaterial's data also shows that since the February 24 invasion Vitol loaded or was due to load seven cargos of oil products including diesel, naphtha and liquid petroleum gas, some of them from Rosneft. Vitol's cargos alone are estimated to be worth nearly $100 million.
There is no suggestion that the three traders have broken sanctions, but the disclosures highlight the extent of continued energy trade with Russia even as many companies in other sectors make immediate moves to cut ties.
Spokespeople for all three firms told the Times that they weren't in violation of any sanctions, and that they were continuing to abide by contracts signed long before the invasion of Ukraine began.
Iran nuclear talks stumble over unresolved Russian demands | Reuters
Sun, 13 Mar 2022 12:01
Iran's chief nuclear negotiator Ali Bagheri Kani arrives at Palais Coburg where closed-door nuclear talks with Iran take place in Vienna, Austria, February 28, 2022. REUTERS/Leonhard Foeger/File Photo
Register now for FREE unlimited access to Reuters.comVIENNA, March 9 (Reuters) - Parties trying to revive the Iran nuclear deal scrambled on Wednesday to resolve last-minute Russian demands that threaten to scupper negotiations, diplomats said, with the United States appearing unwilling to engage with Russia on the matter.
Western powers on Tuesday warned Russia against wrecking an almost completed deal on bringing the United States and Iran back into compliance with the 2015 accord. Iran's top negotiator returned to Vienna on Wednesday from consultations in Tehran.
Russia's envoy to the talks, Mikhail Ulyanov, dismissed any suggestion Moscow was holding up an agreement and said a final text had in any case not been completed.
Register now for FREE unlimited access to Reuters.comEleven months of talks to restore the deal, which lifted sanctions on Iran in return for curbs on its nuclear programme, have reached their final stages with several diplomats saying there was broad agreement.
But just as the final issues were being resolved, Russia presented a new obstacle by demanding written guarantees from the United States that Western sanctions targeting Moscow over its invasion of Ukraine would not affect its trade with Iran.
Ulyanov said Moscow's demands had not received a positive reaction.
"In view of the new circumstances and wave of sanctions against Russia we have the right to protect our interests in the nuclear field and wider context," Ulyanov said.
He said the United States and the European Union had to make it clear that neither now or in the future sanctions could hit the implementation of nuclear projects in Iran as well as its trade and economic relations.
Ulyanov met the coordinator of the talks, Enrique Mora of the European Union, on Tuesday evening and again on Wednesday.
He said he would still have to report back to Moscow for a final decision after the text was finalised.
"There is no final text so how can our position delay anything if final negotiations are not finished," he said.
"A number of participants at this moment are not ready to confirm that the text is fully acceptable to them."
U.S. Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Victoria Nuland on Tuesday accused Russia of seeking to reap extra benefits from its participation in the effort to restore the nuclear agreement, but she said Washington would not be playing "Let's Make a Deal."
Two Western diplomats said it was still not clear what the exact nature of Moscow's demands were, while a European diplomat said Russia was demanding sweeping guarantees on trade between Moscow and Tehran, demands that were deemed unacceptable.
They said the talks were now not likely to end this week.
Mora broke off informal meetings on Monday saying the time had come for political decisions to be taken to end the negotiations.
European negotiators from France, Britain, and Germany had already temporarily left the talks as they believed they had gone as far as they could go and it was now up to the United States and Iran to agree on outstanding issues.
Iran's chief negotiator, Ali Bagheri Kani, returned to Tehran unexpectedly after Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov outlined Moscow's new demands. Iran's foreign minister said at the time that Tehran would not let its interests be harmed by "foreign elements".
Register now for FREE unlimited access to Reuters.com Reporting by John Irish and Francois Murphy; Editing by Nick Macfie and Grant McCool
Our Standards: The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles.
US: Missiles fired from Iran hit near US consulate in Iraq | AP News
Sun, 13 Mar 2022 11:29
BAGHDAD (AP) '-- As many as 12 missiles struck near a sprawling U.S. consulate complex in the northern Iraqi city of Irbil on Sunday, in what a U.S. defense official and an Iraqi official said was a strike launched from neighboring Iran.
No injuries were reported in the attack, which marked a significant escalation between the U.S. and Iran. Hostility between the longtime foes has often played out in Iraq, whose government is allied with both countries.
The Iraqi official in Baghdad initially said several missiles had hit the U.S. consulate in Irbil and that it was the target of the attack. Later, Lawk Ghafari, the head of Kurdistan's foreign media office, said none of the missiles had struck the U.S. facility but that areas around the compound had been hit.
The U.S. defense official said it was still uncertain exactly how many missiles were fired and exactly where they landed. A second U.S. official said there was no damage at any U.S. government facility and that there was no indication the target was the consulate building, which is new and currently unoccupied.
Neither the Iraqi official nor the U.S. officials were authorized to discuss the event with the media and spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity.
Satellite broadcast channel Kurdistan24, which is located near the U.S. consulate, went on air from their studio shortly after the attack, showing shattered glass and debris on their studio floor.
The attack came several days after Iran said it would retaliate for an Israeli strike near Damascus, Syria, that killed two members of its Revolutionary Guard. On Sunday, Iran's state-run IRNA news agency quoted Iraqi media acknowledging the attacks in Irbil, without saying where they originated.
An Iranian spokesperson rejected the accusation that Iran was behind the Irbil attack. Mahmoud Abbaszadeh, spokesman for Iran's parliamentary committee on national security and foreign policy, said the allegation could not be confirmed so far.
''If Iran decides to take revenge '... it will be very, very serious, strong, obvious,'' he said in an interview with a local news website.
The missile barrage coincided with regional tensions. Negotiations in Vienna over Tehran's tattered nuclear deal hit a ''pause'' over Russian demands about sanctions targeting Moscow for its war on Ukraine. Meanwhile, Iran suspended its secret Baghdad-brokered talks aimed at defusing yearslong tensions with regional rival Saudi Arabia, after Saudi Arabia carried out its largest known mass execution in its modern history with over three dozens Shiites killed.
The Iraqi security officials said there were no casualties from the Irbil attack, which they said occurred after midnight and caused material damage in the area. They spoke on condition of anonymity in line with regulations.
One of the Iraqi officials said the ballistic missiles were fired from Iran, without elaborating. He said the projectiles were the Iranian-made Fateh-110, likely fired in retaliation for the two Revolutionary Guards killed in Syria.
Another U.S. official said in a statement that the U.S. condemned what it called an ''outrageous attack against Iraqi sovereignty and display of violence.''
U.S. forces stationed at Irbil's airport compound have come under fire from rocket and drone attacks in the past, with U.S. officials blaming Iran-backed groups.
The top U.S. commander for the Middle East has repeatedly warned about the increasing threats of attacks from Iran and Iranian-backed militias on troops and allies in Iraq and Syria.
In an interview with The Associated Press in December, Marine Gen. Frank McKenzie said that while U.S. forces in Iraq have shifted to a non-combat role, Iran and its proxies still want all American troops to leave the country. As a result, he said, that may trigger more attacks.'
The Biden administration decided last July to end the U.S. combat mission in Iraq by Dec. 31, and U.S. forces gradually moved to an advisory role last year. The troops will still provide air support and other military aid for Iraq's fight against the Islamic State.
The U.S. presence in Iraq has long been a flash point for Tehran, but tensions spiked after a January 2020 U.S. drone strike near the Baghdad airport killed a top Iranian general. In retaliation, Iran launched a barrage of missiles at al-Asad airbase, where U.S. troops were stationed. More than 100 service members suffered traumatic brain injuries in the blasts.
More recently, Iranian proxies are believed responsible for an assassination attempt late last year on Iraq's Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi.
And officials have said they believe Iran was behind the October drone attack at the military outpost in southern Syria where American troops are based. No U.S. personnel were killed or injured in the attack.
Al-Kadhimi tweeted: ''The aggression which targeted the dear city of Irbil and spread fear amongst its inhabitants is an attack on the security of our people.''
Masrour Barzani, prime minister of the semi-autonomous Kurdish-controlled region, condemned the attack. In a Facebook post, he said Irbil ''will not bow to the cowards who carried out the terrorist attack.''
Associated Press writers Lolita C. Baldor and Matthew Lee in Washington, Zeina Karam in Beirut, Amir Vahdat in Tehran, Iran and Jon Gambrell in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, contributed to this report.
This story has been corrected to show U.S. officials did not say the U.S. consulate had been been damaged.
Farm to Fork Strategy
Sun, 13 Mar 2022 11:27
The Farm to Fork Strategy is at the heart of the European Green Deal aiming to make food systems fair, healthy and environmentally-friendly.
Food systems cannot be resilient to crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic if they are not sustainable. We need to redesign our food systems which today account for nearly one-third of global GHG emissions, consume large amounts of natural resources, result in biodiversity loss and negative health impacts (due to both under- and over-nutrition) and do not allow fair economic returns and livelihoods for all actors, in particular for primary producers.
Putting our food systems on a sustainable path also brings new opportunities for operators in the food value chain. New technologies and scientific discoveries, combined with increasing public awareness and demand for sustainable food, will benefit all stakeholders.
The Farm to Fork Strategy aims to accelerate our transition to a sustainable food system that should:
have a neutral or positive environmental impacthelp to mitigate climate change and adapt to its impactsreverse the loss of biodiversityensure food security, nutrition and public health, making sure that everyone has access to sufficient, safe, nutritious, sustainable foodpreserve affordability of food while generating fairer economic returns, fostering competitiveness of the EU supply sector and promoting fair tradeThe strategy sets out both regulatory and non-regulatory initiatives, with the common agricultural and fisheries policies as key tools to support a just transition.
A proposal for a legislative framework for sustainable food systemswill be put forward to support implementation of the strategy and development of sustainable food policy. Taking stock of learning from the COVID-19 pandemic, the Commission will also develop a contingency plan for ensuring food supply and food security. The EU will support the global transition to sustainable agri-food systems through its trade policies and international cooperation instruments.
To enable and accelerate the transition to a fair, healthy and environmentally-friendly food system, advisory services, financial instruments, but also research and innovation are instrumental as they can help resolve tensions, develop and test solutions, overcome barriers and uncover new market opportunities.
StrategyCommunication - A Farm to Fork strategy for a fair, healthy and environmentally-friendly food system (+Annex)The Farm to Fork Strategy - PublicationPress Release: Reinforcing Europe's resilience: halting biodiversity loss and building a healthy and sustainable food systemQuestions and answers on Farm to Fork StrategyFactsheet on Farm to Fork StrategyDocuments accompanying the Farm to Fork StrategyRoadmap for the Fitness check of the animal welfare legislationImplementation Report on the Sustainable Use of Pesticides DirectiveAnnexReport on the REFIT evaluation of the pesticide legislationStaff working documentReport on front-of-pack nutrition labellingCommission Staff Working Document of the Evaluation of the Nutrition and Health Claims RegulationList of Appendices to the Commission Staff Working DocumentExecutive Summary of the evaluation of the Nutrition and Health Claims RegulationStaff Working Document on the link between the CAP reform and the Green DealFarm2Fork: Do you have the appetite for change?Related linksEuropean Green DealSustainable Development GoalsCommunication on the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030SAM work on sustainable food systemsFactsheet on SAM work on sustainable foodEurobarometer October 2020: Making our food fit for the future '' new trends and challengesFactsheet on Farm to Fork StrategyFactsheet on The business case for biodiversityFactsheet on benefits for farmersFactsheet on the Common Agriculture Policy's contribution to the European Green DealLatest newsProgress on Farm to Fork pesticide targetsFurther information
EU Green Policies Back on the Table - The American Conservative
Sun, 13 Mar 2022 11:13
Europe's Green Deal is supposed to revolutionize energy and agriculture. Now, the continent can't afford it.
German Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action Robert Habeck talking to the media in EU Council headquarters on February 28, 2022 in Brussels, Belgium. (Photo by Thierry Monasse/Getty Images)
Russia's war in Ukraine has shaken every political consensus in Europe. Within weeks, Germany's Nord Stream 2 pipeline deal with Moscow was cancelled, and the principle of not sending weapons to war zones went out the window. Just three years ago, French President Emmanuel Macron called NATO ''braindead.'' Now, nobody in Europe is echoing this view. The same will happen with the European Green Deal, the mothership of Europe's environmental ambitions.
The Green Deal encompasses all the regulatory measures the E.U. envisages to reduce carbon-dioxide emissions. It has been spearheaded by France and Germany, the latter already having started its energy transition (Energiewende) in 2011. Since Berlin's radical decision to phase out nuclear power, Germany has experienced the highest electricity prices in the developed world, reduced competitiveness, and higher carbon-dioxide emissions as a result of increased reliance on coal and natural gas'--from Russia. Now that Moscow has plunged European diplomacy into chaos, its hand hovering over the gas lever, Germany is scrambling to find alternatives.
Germany's economy minister Robert Habeck'--incidentally a Green Party official'--did not rule out a delay to the phase-out of coal power and a halt to the phase-out of the three remaining nuclear power plants in Germany. Frans Timmermans, E.U. Commissioner in charge of the Green Deal, has also accepted that coal will remain an energy source for longer than Brussels initially anticipated. What is so striking about the European conversation is that practically nobody is talking about wind mills or solar panels, but instead countries are attempting to import more LNG (liquified natural gas) from Canada and the United States, max out the natural gas pipeline from Azerbaijan, or (in the case of the U.K.) argue to put a halt to bans on fracking.
Meanwhile, Italian foreign minister Luigi Di Maio has travelled to Algeria and Qatar to help ramp up alternative natural gas imports to the one Rome currently gets from Russia. Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi had said in a recent statement that he regretted the choices that were made in the past, as Italy is one of the countries most dependent on Russian gas imports. Algeria, which currently supplies 11 percent of Europe's gas needs (a third of which goes to Italy), has said that it's ready to increase output by 30 percent in the short term. Tunisia and Libya in Northern Africa are also strategic partners for Europe to ramp up natural gas imports, as are Nigeria, Egypt, Mozambique, Tanzania, and Ghana for LNG shipments. LNG terminals in Europe were running at 45 percent capacity last year, with most of the infrastructure in Europe located in Spain. Europe would need significant investment, which will take time, to even get close to what it needs to substitute Russian natural gas.
Europe also faces considerable challenges in agriculture. The European Commission's ''Farm to Fork'' strategy seeks to reduce pesticides by 50 percent, devote 25 percent of agricultural land use to organic farming, and reduce fertilizers by 20 percent. Farming representatives have heavily criticized these plans, as they would tighten food supplies and increase dependence on imports. With sanctions on Russia severely disrupting the international food trade in fertilizers, can Europe afford plans to reduce agricultural output? Banking on organic food, which is notoriously under-productive, is unlikely to guarantee European food security. On Tuesday, that recognition came from the European Parliament's leading parliamentary group, the center-right European People's Party, calling for a moratorium on green agriculture policies.
A USDA study on the ''Farm to Fork'' plans found that the targets will lead to a reduction in productivity for wheat and oilseeds, as well as a reduction in E.U. exports. The strategy would also lead to a decline in agricultural production in Europe between 7-12 percent. Meanwhile, the E.U.'s decline in GDP would represent 76 percent of the decline in the worldwide GDP. Adding to that, the situation of food security and food commodity prices deteriorates significantly under a worldwide adoption scenario, as USDA researchers have found. The outlook of agricultural prices soars between 20 and 53 percent due to the package. The legislation should entice none of the lawmakers in Brussels'--and it appears that now it could be killed altogether.
Europe's green ambitions have met the harsh realities of geopolitics and the feasibilities of their environmentalist ideologies. Had it listened to partners on the heavy reliance on Russian gas, Europe could have prepared by reading the IPCC report and banking on nuclear power as part of the energy mix by allowing for modern agricultural practices to take root. This should serve as a wake-up call for those in the United States, who for years have applauded the European decarbonization and agricultural policy model as an example to follow for Washington.
Bill Wirtz comments on European politics and policy in English, French, and German. His work has appeared in Newsweek, the Washington Examiner, CityAM, Le Monde, Le Figaro, and Die Welt.
Latest Articles
Germany Is Debating How Much to Suffer Next Winter for Ukraine Without Russian Gas and Coal
Sun, 13 Mar 2022 11:11
On its face, the current state of affairs is absurd: The Western world and beyond have bent over backward to apply unprecedented economic sanctions on Russia to pressure Russian President Vladimir Putin into stopping its invasion of Ukraine. But at the same time, the very same countries spend about $1.1 billion a day on Russian hydrocarbons'--oil, gas, and coal'--which are Russia's most lucrative exports and about 14 percent of its GDP. Russia depends on energy sales to finance its 60-billion-dollar-a-year military and could not have conceivably, without this business, constructed the fighting force presently leveling Ukraine.
The moral dilemma is obvious. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has called for halting imports, as have many public figures in Germany and elsewhere. But it has also led to a debate about the strategic merits of suddenly cutting off Russian energy supplies'--a debate that is concentrated on Germany. The EU countries depend on Russia for 40 percent of their natural gas, 35 percent of crude oil, and 47 percent of coal. An abrupt cutoff would constitute a gigantic lurch into the unknown'--one that would have enormous repercussions for European industries and lifestyles, particularly in Germany and Central Europe, which are particularly reliant on Putin's pumps. That degree of dependence has produced clashing analyses in Germany about the best path forward and the costs for Germany's economy, foreign policy, and climate change politics.
The German government has insisted it will not consider an embargo of Russian gas and oil because the economic costs would simply be too high. But for a growing number of public figures and analysts, the strategic case is as clear as the moral one. Germany's Christian Democrat foreign-policy expert, Norbert R¶ttgen, argued: ''The war is a business model for Putin, and we are financing it! So what are we waiting for? How many bombed cities are enough? '... I am convinced that the oil and gas embargo will come.'' So flip the switch right now, he argued, before more people die.
On its face, the current state of affairs is absurd: The Western world and beyond have bent over backward to apply unprecedented economic sanctions on Russia to pressure Russian President Vladimir Putin into stopping its invasion of Ukraine. But at the same time, the very same countries spend about $1.1 billion a day on Russian hydrocarbons'--oil, gas, and coal'--which are Russia's most lucrative exports and about 14 percent of its GDP. Russia depends on energy sales to finance its 60-billion-dollar-a-year military and could not have conceivably, without this business, constructed the fighting force presently leveling Ukraine.
The moral dilemma is obvious. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has called for halting imports, as have many public figures in Germany and elsewhere. But it has also led to a debate about the strategic merits of suddenly cutting off Russian energy supplies'--a debate that is concentrated on Germany. The EU countries depend on Russia for 40 percent of their natural gas, 35 percent of crude oil, and 47 percent of coal. An abrupt cutoff would constitute a gigantic lurch into the unknown'--one that would have enormous repercussions for European industries and lifestyles, particularly in Germany and Central Europe, which are particularly reliant on Putin's pumps. That degree of dependence has produced clashing analyses in Germany about the best path forward and the costs for Germany's economy, foreign policy, and climate change politics.
The German government has insisted it will not consider an embargo of Russian gas and oil because the economic costs would simply be too high. But for a growing number of public figures and analysts, the strategic case is as clear as the moral one. Germany's Christian Democrat foreign-policy expert, Norbert R¶ttgen, argued: ''The war is a business model for Putin, and we are financing it! So what are we waiting for? How many bombed cities are enough? '... I am convinced that the oil and gas embargo will come.'' So flip the switch right now, he argued, before more people die.
Ever more European policymakers and experts are now considering what just a week ago sounded unhinged: terminating all energy imports from Russia. (Putin has also threatened to cut the supply from his end should the West not acquiesce to Russia's demands. The result, of course, would be exactly the same.) U.S. President Joe Biden took the jump first, announcing on March 8 that the United States would no longer shell out another dime for Russian gas and oil, which it buys on a much smaller scale than Europeans do: about just 8 percent of oil and other petroleum imports. Nevertheless, he warned, ''defending freedom is going to cost,'' a reference to the likelihood of yet higher gasoline prices. Europe's dependence on Russia, however, means its gamble is of an entirely different order.
R¶ttgen is still an outlier in his party on this issue. But a growing list of other figures and German and European think tanks argue that going cold turkey is doable and that Western Europe is prepared to weather the fallout. The German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina, for example, argues that ''a stop of deliveries of Russian gas would be manageable for the German economy. '... Bottlenecks could arise in the coming winter. It would be possible to limit the negative effects and cushion the social impact by immediately implementing a package of measures.''
The first move'--whether the transition be cold turkey or long term'--is seeking alternative sources of natural gas and building up gas reserves for next winter. Gas, though, is far harder to come by than oil and coal and is particularly critical for Germany, which relies heavily on Russian gas to run its chemicals, plastics, fertilizer, concrete, and steel sectors. A third of German industries as well as half of all buildings rely on gas for heating and cooling. Experts say the obvious candidates for additional gas'--namely Norway, the United States, Algeria, Qatar, and Azerbaijan'--can probably chip in a little more, especially in terms of liquified natural gas (LNG), but not that much more, especially in the short term. They're basically selling everything they produce now. And Germany, for example, doesn't currently boast even a single LNG terminal.
Brand new EU guidelines will require that European gas storage facilities be at least at 90 percent capacity by the onset of next winter'--a viable but costly exercise. At current prices, this would run the bloc states at least $76.9 billion, compared to the price tag of $13.2 billion in past years. Michael Bradshaw, professor of global energy at Warwick Business School, said the all-out storage drive is highly speculative since ''this gas just doesn't exist right now. There's a good reason that our reserves were so low going into this winter. Natural gas is already in short supply and very expensive.''
But this stash, even if it were to materialize, which is anything but certain, would not last the entire winter. This means that even in the event of a successful scrambling for and distribution of extra gas supply in Europe, there'd be a 10 to 15 percent shortfall, according to a report by Bruegel, a Brussels-based think tank. Germany would experience the worst of it.
Analysts diverge on how this gap can be covered. Bruegel and other institutes and agencies modeling this scenario agree that the key for Europe would be to simply use less gas. This implies state intervention in the economy to manage demand, namely by prioritizing essential sectors, deprioritizing others, and regulating production times and goals. The International Energy Agency said ordinary citizens would have to turn down their thermostats by 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit; German experts think 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit would be more likely.
But Europe's energy supply consists of more than gas. Although renewable energy would be unable to take over immediately, aging coal-fired plants and nuclear stations could remain in service longer than currently planned. While R¶ttgen advocates exactly this and admits that Germany's emissions balance will become collateral damage, Leopoldina said a short-term hike in coal-fired generation for the purposes of power production could be counterbalanced by energy savings, shifting to electrical heating and pushing ever harder on clean energy expansion. Leopoldina, however, argues Germany's last nuclear plants lack the material, such as uranium fuel rods, to lumber on another year.
Bradshaw remains highly skeptical that Europe could respond so nimbly to a volte-face cutoff and warns that a worst-case scenario could land Europe where it found itself during the 1970s energy crisis: three-day production weeks, rolling blackouts, and energy rationing. Older people and those with low incomes would suffer disproportionately, he says. Germany is already feeling the pinch: automakers have periodically stopped production, gas prices have quadrupled, and industrial supply chains are being interrupted'--and that's with petroleum products flowing as freely as ever.
Such reservations are why some leaders, such as German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and German Economy and Climate Minister Robert Habeck, currently rule out the option of turning off the taps from one day to the next, preferring to keep the pipelines open and energy flowing as Germany weans itself off gradually over a period of years. A complete embargo, Habeck said, would cause ''a serious economic crisis,'' with mass unemployment and a recession even larger than during the pandemic. This, too, is the position of Germany's powerful industrial association, BDI, which warns in dire terms of skyrocketing prices, industrial stoppages, and commodity shortages.
Thus far, Habeck and EU climate chief Frans Timmermans see the shift away from gas not primarily as a rapid response means to eviscerate the Russian war effort but as a medium- and long-term way to fuse climate policy and energy security into one. In this vein, Germany just announced a whopping four-year, $219.8 billion budget top-up for the purpose of achieving energy independence from Russia, among other energy exporters, and finally putting Germany on a path to hit its own climate goals. The recipe is currently the same as the heart of Germany's decarbonization agenda (though minus Russian gas): namely the buildout of renewable energy; energy efficiency; and a high-tech, smart energy system based on electricity. Power will replace gas (faster than previously planned), and sun and wind will substitute gas, other fossil fuels, and nuclear power'--again, on a faster schedule. Biogas, a green waste-and-vegetation fuel, is back on the table again after falling out of favor for environmental reasons. There'll be much more cash for electric car charging stations, hydrogen technology, industrial modernization, clean energy subsidies, and support for low-income households facing high-energy costs.
Critically, and ever more controversially, Habeck underscored that his path to energy autonomy does not include prolonging the lifespans of either Germany's nuclear or coal plants. The former (there are only three left) will go offline at the end of this year, whereas coal generation should be phased out by 2030. These are Green Party, indeed German, principles that the centrist government pledges it will not tweak'--at least, not yet. In other words: Rescuing the climate will not be sacrificed by Putin's assault on Ukraine.
The EU is thinking along the same lines. On March 8, the European Commission published plans to cut the bloc's dependency on Russian gas by two-thirds this year and end its reliance on Russian supplies of the fuel ''well before 2030,'' Timmermans said.
In the end, it might just come down to how much more misery'--and how many more refugees'--Europeans, and Germans specifically, can stomach. After all, giving up new plastic products and wearing an extra pair of wool socks next winter wouldn't be too great a sacrifice for most Europeans, according to polls. But a dire economic crisis on top of two years of a pandemic would be another story.
A big bank is in trouble, and no one knows which one or why | American Banker
Sun, 13 Mar 2022 10:54
WASHINGTON '-- The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. likely made a large addition to its problem bank list, experts say, as the agency reported a spike in troubled assets managed by firms in the fourth quarter.
The volume of assets held by banks on the FDIC's problem bank list '-- a tally of banks that received poor ratings from regulators '-- jumped by about $120 billion in the fourth quarter, according to the agency's fourth- quarter banking profile released last week. That's more than triple the previous figure of assets under problem banks, and it's the highest that asset number has been since the third quarter of 2013.
At the same time, the number of banks on that list declined by two, to 44.
''That suggests that regulators have some serious supervisory concerns about one of our larger banks,'' said Jeremy Kress, an assistant professor of business law at the University of Michigan's Ross School of Business.
The quarterly banking profile is meant to give the public a regular update on the state of the banking industry without divulging confidential information about individual banks. The FDIC declined to provide details on why the amount of assets on the problem bank list rose, but it said there was no change in methodology.
Firms end up on the problem bank list if they're rated a 4 or 5 according to the Camels rating scale '-- an internationally recognized methodology that assesses a bank's capital adequacy, asset quality, management, earnings, liquidity and sensitivity to stress.
''It feeds into this broader conversation that's been going on for a while now: Does it make sense that this whole thing is anonymous?'' Kress said. ''On the one hand, if you identify the bank, that bank will get pummeled in the market, but if you don't then it leads to speculation that will hurt a broader swath of firms.''
That relative lack of clarity has led observers to speculate on why the total amount of troubled assets jumped while the total number of institutions went down.
Kress, along with other bank policy experts, said the most likely scenario is that the FDIC added a bank with assets of around $120 billion to the list.
While this marked Martin Gruenberg's first quarterly banking profile back as head of the agency, Kress said the change most likely is not a reflection of Gruenberg's supervisory priorities. The problem bank list and ratings would have already been in motion well before former Chair Jelena McWilliams's exit in early February, he said.
A number of banks fall into the $120 billion-asset range, but not just any bank in that range might be suspect. Any bank in the process of finalizing a merger, for example, would likely have resolved any supervisory issues well before submitting a merger application.
It's also possible that the jump is not attributable to a single bank but multiple smaller banks. But that scenario is less plausible considering that the total number of banks on the list declined. The FDIC would also typically note any methodology or tax accounting changes that would cause the assets under problem banks to increase.
The figure previously spiked at the beginning of 2018, according to FDIC data, to $56 billion from $14 billion. The Wall Street Journal later reported that the Federal Reserve designated the U.S. arm of Deutsche Bank as being in ''troubled condition.'' The assets under troubled banks remained in the upper-$40 billion to mid-$50 billion range until the most recent reported quarter.
More broadly, the spike in assets dredges up concerns about weaknesses within the banking industry. Assets under problem banks haven't increased this much since the financial crisis, experts noted.
''Best-case scenario, this was an idiosyncratic problem that's not indicative of a broader industrywide trend,'' Kress said. ''But it's possible this is the tip of the iceberg, and we're seeing material weaknesses in risk management.''
The increase in troubled assets comes as the banking sector overall reported a mostly positive fourth quarter as firms released money they'd set aside for losses that never materialized during the pandemic. Profit increased 7.4% from the same time last year.
Lee Reiners, executive directly of Duke Global Financial Markets Center, said that, given the other information in the QBP, he wouldn't ''look at this one institution as a harbinger of things to come.''
''If what landed this institution on the problem bank list is something that other banks were engaging in, like lending to specific customers or a business line, then that would be very concerning,'' he said. ''But there's nothing else in this report that would reveal a systemic issue in the banking sector.''
Thomas Vartanian, executive director of the Financial Technology & Cybersecurity Center, said that while the increase in assets under problem banks ''indicates something to watch,'' it's ''not a huge problem in the context of all the other favorable numbers.''
Of course, any discussion is by definition speculative, and arguably with good reason. Reiners said that names on the problem bank list are kept private to prevent a ''self-fulfilling prophecy and trigger a run.'' But that opacity also means that healthy firms can be called into question without cause, he said.
''I feel sorry for similarly sized banks, but investors could go look at their balance sheets,'' he said. ''There's enough information out there for investors to look and cross names off the list, so it's probably an inconvenience, but it won't bring those banks down.''
Reporter, American Banker
SEC Plans to Propose Climate-Change Disclosure Rules on March 21 - WSJ
Sat, 12 Mar 2022 15:31
Climate-change rules are among most ambitious and closely watched items on Chairman Gary Gensler's agenda
Updated March 10, 2022 10:25 am ETWASHINGTON'--The Securities and Exchange Commission plans to propose rules mandating disclosure from publicly traded companies about climate change and associated risks in a meeting on March 21, the agency said Thursday.
The climate-change rules are among the most ambitious and closely watched items on SEC Chairman Gary Gensler's agenda. They are likely to require companies to report more standardized information about their greenhouse-gas emissions as well as climate-related risks they face now and in the future, Mr. Gensler...
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WASHINGTON'--The Securities and Exchange Commission plans to propose rules mandating disclosure from publicly traded companies about climate change and associated risks in a meeting on March 21, the agency said Thursday.
The climate-change rules are among the most ambitious and closely watched items on SEC Chairman Gary Gensler's agenda. They are likely to require companies to report more standardized information about their greenhouse-gas emissions as well as climate-related risks they face now and in the future, Mr. Gensler has said.
Such vulnerabilities might include the potential for physical damage to companies' operations from floods, wildfires or extreme weather events and potential new regulations designed to curb global warming.
Companies are currently required to report risks they consider material, or likely to be important in the eyes of a reasonable investor, including those stemming from climate change. Mr. Gensler, who was nominated by President Biden, has said such disclosures vary from firm to firm and are of limited use to investors.
If a majority of the SEC's four commissioners vote to advance the proposal, the agency will take comments from the public, likely for at least 60 days, before moving to finalize a rule. The commission currently comprises three Democrats'--all of whom have advocated for a climate-change rule'--and one Republican, who has expressed skepticism.
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Republican lawmakers have sought to discourage the SEC from pursuing enhanced reporting around climate change, saying the agency is stretching its mandates to protect investors and facilitate access to capital for growing companies.
The business community, meanwhile, is divided. Energy and transportation companies have been preparing to fight the new rules. Tech firms like Apple Inc. and Microsoft Corp. have said they support the initiative.
Write to Paul Kiernan at paul.kiernan@wsj.com
VIDEO - (24) RNC Research on Twitter: "Biden: "I'm sick of this stuff ... the American people think the reason for inflation is government spending more money. Simply not true!" ðŸ¤-- https://t.co/Xak7CKTjFs" / Twitter
Sun, 13 Mar 2022 15:08
RNC Research : Biden: "I'm sick of this stuff ... the American people think the reason for inflation is government spending more m'... https://t.co/F1fcHRbpAw
Fri Mar 11 18:33:34 +0000 2022
VIDEO - Vice President Harris says US backs Kiev 'in defense of NATO alliance' '-- RT World News
Sun, 13 Mar 2022 14:43
Ukraine is not a NATO member and Kiev has recently indicated it is now 'less passionate' about joining
US Vice President Kamala Harris has said that, by fighting Russia, Ukraine is defending the US-led NATO alliance in an apparent gaffe.
In a speech to the Democratic National Committee's (DNC) winter meeting in Washington, DC on Saturday, Harris argued that Russia's offensive in Ukraine ''threatens not just Ukraine's democracy'' but ''democracy and security across Europe,'' as well as overseas.
''The ocean that separates us will not leave us untouched by this aggression,'' Harris claimed, before seemingly suggesting that Ukraine is doing NATO's bidding.
"So I will say what I know we all say, and I will say over and over again: The United States stands firmly with the Ukrainian people in defense of the NATO alliance," she said.
However, the transcript of the speech released by the White House suggested that Harris misspoke with ''and'' being added before ''in defense of the NATO alliance.''
''The United States stands firmly with the Ukrainian people and in defense of the NATO Alliance,'' the transcript reads.
That did not stop the VP's critics on social media from accusing her of a foreign policy blunder. Some Republicans questioned whether Harris mistakenly believed Ukraine was a member of the alliance.
While Kiev was initially passionate about joining NATO, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky indicated this week that he had become less interested in the idea, accusing the US-led military bloc of not doing enough to support Ukraine. NATO has previously rejected Zelensky's appeal for the establishment of a no-fly zone over the country, arguing it would drag the whole alliance into the conflict with Russia.
''I've become less passionate about this issue after we understood that NATO isn't ready to accept Ukraine,'' said Zelensky on Monday, accusing NATO of being ''afraid of controversial things and a confrontation with Russia.''
''I've never wanted Ukraine to be a country that is on its knees, begging for something. And we're not going to be that country,'' he added.
VIDEO - (1200) Real Time with Bill Maher 03/11/2022 | HBO with Bill Maher March 11th 2022 FULL SHOW - YouTube
Sun, 13 Mar 2022 14:39
VIDEO - Survey reports high stress levels for Americans
Sun, 13 Mar 2022 14:09
Scroll though social media and you are likely to come across the war unfolding in Ukraine.
Step outside and mask signs mark a stark reminder of a waning pandemic that's claimed nearly a million lives in the U.S. in two years and taken a devastating toll on mental health.
Nineteen-year-old Leandra Padilla of Colorado says the pandemic increased stress and anxiety.
"I just kind of felt like I was drowning," they said. "I remember for a long period of time I was really depressed."
The war overseas is piling on to the mental health crisis.
Lynn Bufka, who is associate chief of practice transformation with the American Psychological Association, described the latest report released by her organization as the most alarming stress report in its 15-year history.
"We are concerned that mental health is worsening right now," she said. "The responses to the stressors connected to the invasion are the highest that we've seen for stressors in the history of conducting the Stress in America report."
The top sources of stress include a jump in prices due to inflation, supply chain issues, and global uncertainty. The survey also found a spike in fear and anxiety following the Russian invasion. This is on top of a prolonged pandemic
Sixty-three percent of adults reported that COVID-19 changed their life forever. Americans also noted widespread grief, a sense of loss, and continued hardship.
"I'm at a point where I can't pay my bills again; back working but it seems like you can't catch up," Detroit resident Charese Wilson said.
Experts say some people are enduring hardships but not coping, citing unhealthy behaviors like eater disorders, an increase in drinking and drug use
Joshua Gordon, the director of the National Institute of Mental Health, says there is a greater demand for help to cope with mental health issues like depression and anxiety.
"For example, overdoses due to opiates and other drugs have increased throughout the pandemic and don't yet show signs of going down," he said.
Gordon also cites an increase in child emergency rooms visits.
"We had a crisis in mental health care services for children before the pandemic," he continued. "There are simply not enough child-trained psychologists, psychiatrists, and other therapists. We need to train more of them. We need to expand access."
A 2021 survey conducted by APA found that 41% of psychologists were unable to meet the demand for treatment, which is a 36% increase from 2020.
Leandra has been waiting five months to see a therapist, explaining Medicaid options are limited.
"I can notice now, like I bottle up a lot of my emotions way more now and kind of let it explode, but then kind of push it back again," they said. "It's just been like a heavy cycle, and I have been really sick of it. I just want to talk to someone about everything that I'm feeling."
To help tackle the nation's mental health crisis, the Department of Health and Human Services is allocating $35 million to expand community mental health services and suicide prevention.
The APA study found Latino Americans and Black Americans reported a higher level of stress when it comes to money, the economy, and housing.
If you need to talk to someone, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or text "HOME" to the Crisis Text Line at 741741.
Newsy is the nation's only free 24/7 national news network. You can find Newsy using your TV's digital antenna or stream for free. See all the ways you can watch Newsy here.
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VIDEO - What to know about Daylight Saving Time
Sun, 13 Mar 2022 14:03
Only a few more days left of early sunsets. Daylight Saving Time is this weekend.
You will have to spring your clocks forward an hour on Sunday.
That hour is important to people in Florida and a growing number of people across the country who want to make Daylight Saving Time permanent.
In 2019, Florida voted to make that change but the state can't change it on its own without Congress' approval.
Florida is one of 19 states that want the change and another 22 states are set to debate the Sunshine Protection Act this year.
Germany became the first country to enact Daylight Saving Time and now 70 countries use it.
But critics say it increases energy use by about 1%.
The only states that don't use it are Hawaii and Arizona.
Also, numerous studies show the extra hour of sleep we lose by springing ahead causes a 24% increased risk of heart attack as well as an increased risk of stroke and seasonal depression.
Copyright 2022 Fort Myers Broadcasting Company. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed without prior written consent.
VIDEO - (1200) White House TikTok Meeting Cold Open - SNL - YouTube
Sun, 13 Mar 2022 13:04
VIDEO - (20) Gritty is the Way on Twitter: "this is the video @MaddowBlog deleted https://t.co/uKexVhSMI7" / Twitter
Sun, 13 Mar 2022 12:09
Gritty is the Way : this is the video @MaddowBlog deleted https://t.co/uKexVhSMI7
Sat Mar 12 15:26:28 +0000 2022
Pandemic ðŸšf the ðŸ'‰gnrant👉🏾ðŸ‘🏾 : @Gritty20202 @MaddowBlog I don't think he's there to liberate anybody I think he's there to take over land
Sun Mar 13 11:47:59 +0000 2022
Craig Howard : @Gritty20202 @MaddowBlog Not sure if there is a pop-up version-but this may help. https://t.co/RtewDrksB8
Sun Mar 13 10:46:44 +0000 2022
VIDEO - (1200) Justin Trudeau senses a 'slippage' in democracies - YouTube
Sun, 13 Mar 2022 12:07
VIDEO - (20) Breaking911 on Twitter: "Pres. Biden on sending offensive equipment to Ukraine: "Just understand, don't kid yourself. No matter what you all say. That's called World War III. OK? Let's get it straight here guys'--that old expression, don't ki
Sun, 13 Mar 2022 12:04
Breaking911 : Pres. Biden on sending offensive equipment to Ukraine: "Just understand, don't kid yourself. No matter what you a'... https://t.co/98lHwtSNKd
Fri Mar 11 19:40:38 +0000 2022
VIDEO - (23) CensoredThinkerFitness on Twitter: "Albert Bourla CEO of Pfizer, on why mRNA vaccine was counterintuitive. "I was surprised when they suggested to me that this was the way to go, and I questioned it." https://t.co/xs786HPTwb" / Twitter
Sun, 13 Mar 2022 11:58
CensoredThinkerFitness : Albert Bourla CEO of Pfizer, on why mRNA vaccine was counterintuitive. "I was surprised when they suggested to me t'... https://t.co/yWCcx2nZfN
Fri Mar 11 21:50:38 +0000 2022
Tunnelrat : @CensoredThinker @zerohedge The clown show goes on. Who are the ones asking for MRNA? So you had other options at h'... https://t.co/kzV55pVtX0
Sun Mar 13 11:58:27 +0000 2022
🎶 Sweet Land of Liberty🎶 : @CensoredThinker https://t.co/6GWRHBivIU
Sun Mar 13 11:57:03 +0000 2022
Historiador Patriota 🇧🇷 '''¸ : @CensoredThinker https://t.co/uQomYYvK2F
Sun Mar 13 11:56:32 +0000 2022
YCell : @CensoredThinker You know id love to see confirmation if he and his kids took it...
Sun Mar 13 11:55:58 +0000 2022
Truth is like Poetry : @CensoredThinker Creating a 'plausible deniability' narrative. Those involved in creating the vaccine at Pfizer w'... https://t.co/NH0bDpAJFY
Sun Mar 13 11:49:14 +0000 2022
Jorquer : @CensoredThinker A crime its a crime and many crimes a genocide.
Sun Mar 13 11:44:23 +0000 2022
Sun, 13 Mar 2022 11:57
Del sits down for a one-on-one with the former W.H.O. consultant & research scientist, Tess Lawrie MD, PhD, who was a critical part of the Ivermectin trials over a year ago with overwhelmingly positive conclusions. See data and recorded personal zoom calls that reveal how a key review was attacked from within, keeping the safe, life-saving drug out of the hands of millions of dying Covid patients for more than a year.
#TessLawrie #Ivermectin #Unitaid #AndrewHill #15kaday
POSTED: March 4, 2022
ARE WE DOING MORE HARM THAN GOOD?Dr. Peter A. McCullough joins Del in studio for a dive into the science of vaccinating for Covid, vaccinating your children for Covid, and the risks and benefits. Is the risk worth the benefit? Are we doing more harm than good?
#DrPeterMcCullough #mRNASpikeProtein #EarlyCovidTreatment #Myocarditis
POSTED: March 10, 2022
DATE SET FOR NEXT 'Defeat The Mandates' Rally IN CALIOff the heels of an historic event in DC, 'Defeat The Mandates' is converging on Grand Park, Los Angeles, California, for a freedom event you are not gonna want to miss! It happens April 10th, 2022. Are you gonna be there?
For more information visit: defeatthemandatesus.com
#DefeatTheMandatesCA #DefeatTheMandatesUS #Freedom
POSTED: March 10, 2022
ICAN CEO TO SUE U.S. GOVERNMENT OVER MASKSThe HighWire Host, and ICAN CEO, Del Bigtree, is suing American Public Health Policy Makers over the Federal mask mandate in airports, airplanes, and federal facilities.
POSTED: March 10, 2022
ARE HIGH GAS PRICES JUST THE BEGINNING?As gas prices rise, all eyes are now on food prices as the conflict in Ukraine has the potential to shift the balance of global food security. Coming off the back of soaring food inflation after two years of failed COVID lockdowns, Are countries prepared to navigate these new geopolitical waters?
#Ukraine #GasPrices #FoodCrisis #EnergyCrisis #FoodProductionChain
POSTED: March 10, 2022
HHS PAYING NEWSROOMS TO PROMOTE COVID VAX PROPAGANDANew FOIA requests have revealed that the U.S. government gave $1B to nearly every major news network in America to run pieces favorable to COVID vaccines leaving networks like The HighWire one of the few still left to give a more balanced view.
#FOIA #TheBlaze #VaxPropaganda #HHS #WeCanDoThis
POSTED: March 10, 2022
DEFEAT THE MANDATES | LOS ANGELESJoin the movement, spread the truth, stand for medical freedom '' Sunday, April 10, 2022 at Grand Park in Downtown Los Angeles, CA.
#DefeatTheMandatesCA #DefeatTheMandatesUS #Freedom
EPISODE 258: THE HEART OF THE MATTERCensored by Twitter!; Walensky Confirms CDC is Inept; FOIA Exposes Media's Covid Bias; Getting to the Heart of the Matter About Covid, Vaccines, and Kids; New Date Set for Defeat The Mandates Rally
Guests: Dr. Peter A. McCullough
NEW STUDY: MRNA VACCINES MAY ALTER HUMAN DNAAfter nearly two years of fact-checkers promising mRNA Covid shots do not alter the human genome, new research is coming out to possibly contradict this point. Since no genotoxicity investigations were required or done prior to the Covid shot rollout, the public is left to wonder where the truth lies.
#MRNA #GeneTherapy
POSTED: March 4, 2022
PFIZER'S COVID VACCINE DATA DUMP BEGINSThanks to ICAN attorney Aaron Siri working on behalf of Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency, the public will now have the documents Pfizer provided to the FDA for approval as regular releases will now be coming available. The HighWire begins its first investigation into the files.
#Pfizer #AaronSiri #MedicalProfessionalsforTransparency
POSTED: March 4, 2022
BIDEN'S SOTU ADDRESS MISLEADS AMERICA ON COVIDBiden claimed victory over Covid-19, declaring it's time to 'return to normal' at his recent State of the Union address and the US Capitol. What was behind this abrupt change of direction on draconian lockdowns, mandatory vaccines, and masks? A secret democratic memo shines light on how political figureheads never used Covid-19 related government overreach in the name of health and safety, but as part of a political agenda.
POSTED: March 4, 2022
PORTLAND UNITES FOR FREEDOMTake a look at some of the most powerful moments from last weekend's ''Unite For Freedom Rally'' at which Del spoke in Portland, OR, a city which has remained one of the country's strongholds for draconian government mandates.
POSTED: March 4, 2022
EPISODE 257: WHO KILLED IVERMECTIN?The Truth About Vaccine Passports; mRNA Study Confirms Worst Fears; Pfizer Delivers 10k New Pages; Ex-WHO Consultant Exposes Ivermectin Scandal; Why Have Pro-Lockdown Politicians Changed Their Tune?
Guests: Nick Corbishley, Tess Lawrie, MD, PhD
ICAN CEO DELIVERS KEY STATE OF THE UNION RESPONSEInformed Consent Action Network (ICAN) Founder & CEO, Del Bigtree, delivers the ICAN State of the Union Response to President Biden's Address to the Nation on March 1st, 2022.
#ICANSOTU #SOTU #EradicateManMadeDisease
TRUDEAU LIFTS EMERGENCY ORDERSTrudeau has revoked the Canadian Emergencies Act just as both the public and political press hit a fever pitch. Yet he's not off the hook as several legal challenges are still active seeking the public disclosure of the evidence he used to justify this never-before-used authoritarian overreach.
#Trudeau #CanadianEmergenciesAct #OverReach
POSTED: February 28, 2022
WHAT IS BEHIND THE RUSSIAN INVASION OF UKRAINE?As Russia invaded Ukraine this week, Putin's ties with the World Economic Forum, and its founder, Klaus Schwab, are coming into focus. Del explores the connection between the W.E.F.'s goals and Russia's conflict with Ukraine.
#Putin #Russia #Ukraine #WEF
POSTED: February 28, 2022
REPORTER SHOT BY POLICE AT POINT BLANK RANGERebel News reporter, Alexandra Lavoie, has covered the peaceful Ottawa trucker protest from the beginning, but found herself a victim of the emergency orders put in place by Trudeau, which triggered aggressive police measures. Hear about her serious injury and how her organization has been targeted for not following the mainstream news narrative.
#AlexaLavoie #RebelNews #TruckerProtest
POSTED: February 28, 2022
FINANCIAL INSIDER EXPOSES COVID FRAUDFormer BlackRock Portfolio Manager, Edward Dowd, gives Del an explosive financial perspective about everything from why he believes Pfizer and Moderna committed fraud during their clinical trials, to the dam that is breaking on the concealment of covid vaccine injuries and deaths.
#EdwardDowd #BlackRock #CovidFraud
POSTED: February 25, 2022
US TRUCKERS HIT THE HIGHWAY IN PROTEST OF MANDATESFreedom Convoy USA 2022 Organizer, Kyle Sefcik, went viral this week with his video message to President Biden to end the mandates, and his plan for peaceful protest of the draconian measures.
#FreedomConvoyUSA #KyleSefcik #TruckerConvoy #FreedomConvoyUSA2022
POSTED: February 25, 2022
EPISODE 256: THE WORLD HEALTH ORDERTrudeau, Putin, Schwab, and The World Health Order; Surprise! CDC Hiding Data; Ex-BlackRock Manager Exposes Global Cover Up; Convoy Organizer's Message to Biden & The World
Guests: Alexandra Lavoie, Edward Dowd, Kyle Sefcik
MUSIC ICON AND 'KIMMEL LIVE' ANNOUNCER SPEAKS OUTMighty Mighty Bosstones front man, Dicky Barrett, joins Del in-studio in the wake of departing his nearly two decade gig as resident announcer for Jimmy Kimmel Live over his vaccination status. Hear his brave stance against the Hollywood propaganda machine and the direction his career is taking.
#JimmyKimmel #DickyBarrett #MightyMightyBosstones #MightyMightyBraveOnes
POSTED: February 22, 2022
THE RETURN OF HIV?A new, highly virulent variant of HIV has suddenly popped up as the media is reporting everyone should be tested. Could there be a connection to Covid?
#HIVvariant #AIDSVaccine #HIV
POSTED: February 22, 2022
END OF NATIONSHe predicted 9/11. Now economic forecaster, Martin Armstrong, warns Del the current path society is headed down could lead to the end of nations.
#MartinArmstrong #EconomicForecaster #EndOfNations
POSTED: February 22, 2022
EPISODE 255: THE MIGHTY MIGHTY BRAVE ONESNew Questions in Bob Saget's Death; Media Changing its Tune; HIV On The Rise; Trudeau Takes Unprecedented Action Against Truckers; Jimmy Kimmel's Friend and Announcer Speaks Out; Australia Rallies!
Guests: Meryl Dorey, Julian Gillespie, Dicky Barrett
MYOCARDITIS CONCERNS GROWCovid vaccine-induced myocarditis is now an international concern, one which may be a greater risk to kids than Covid infection. Jefferey Jaxen reports.
#Myocarditis #TheHighWire
POSTED: February 15, 2022
TRUDEAU INDIGNANT IN CANADAAn update on Canada's Freedom Convoy truck rally is seeing a clear division within Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's parliament as members are now openly voicing their displeasure with his incitements and attempts to divide his country. Meanwhile, several premiers have announced they are canceling vaccine mandates and passports altogether. How long can Trudeau hold out with his unpopular position?
POSTED: February 11, 2022
EPISODE 254: AMERICA RISINGAmerica is Rising!; What is Really Driving States to Reverse Lockdowns?; America is Rising, & SoCal Next Site for Huge 'Defeat The Mandates' Event; Top Expert Exposes The Hit on Ivermectin; The Coming Debut of 'God Over Government'
Guest: Pierre Kory, MD, MPA
BIGTREE CHALLENGES ROGAN: ''HOST THE DEBATE''@DelBigtree's message to @JoeRogan; 'There's no one better to host THE Covid Debate than you.' The @HighWireTalk host Challenges Rogan to hold the debate the world is desperate to see.
#TheGreatDebate #RoganDebate #JoeRogan #Spotify
POSTED: February 9, 2022
THE FIRST TO PREDICT COVID VAX FAILURESThe Highwire was anticipating the key fatal flaws of the Covid-19 vaccines well before the warp speed rollout, but even we couldn't have foreseen that just over a year in, these experimental shots would actually have negative efficacy.
#NegativeEfficacy #Omicron #EveryoneWillGetIt
POSTED: February 7, 2022
WHO WILL BE BLAMED FOR THE COVID CATASTROPHE?As the masses start to wake up and look for justice, a high-level game of hot potato appears to have been activated within top government agencies over who to blame.
POSTED: February 7, 2022
TRUCKERS MAKE HISTORY IN CANADAThe Canadian trucker convoy of 2022 may end up being the most successful protest in modern history. As leaders from both Alberta and Saskatchewan have indicated they would be dropping vaccine passport requirements. Meanwhile, Canada's triple vaxxed PM Trudeau has remained out of sight after allegedly testing positive for Covid.
#Trudeau #Convoy #TruckerConvoy
POSTED: February 7, 2022
Episode 253: CANCELING COVIDNew High for Vaccine Failure; Freedom Convoy Goes Global; Unrest at HHS; Countries Roll Back Restrictions; Cancel Culture Cancels Self over Joe Rogan; Economic Forecaster Predicts End of Nations
Guest: Martin Armstrong
''OVER 500,000 COVID DEATHS COULD HAVE BEEN PREVENTED''On the heels of the groundbreaking 'Covid-19: Second Opinion'' panel, Dr. Richard Urso joins Del in-studio to talk through some of the most eye-opening statements from the over 5 hour long hearing featuring the greatest minds in science and health.
#SecondOpinion #RonJohnson #DrRichardUrso
POSTED: January 31, 2022
MESSAGE TO A MANIC MAINSTREAM MEDIAThe HighWire host Del Bigtree made headlines in the press last week after calling for a 'New Nuremberg Trial', one which holds journalists accountable for the suppression of life saving information on effective early treatments during the pandemic, which experts say may have lead to 500k deaths attributed to Covid.
#NewNuremberg #CovidTrial #AFreePress #4thEstate #DelBigtree #TheHighWire
POSTED: January 31, 2022
PFIZER JOINS FDA IN COURT TO SLOW RELEASE OF VAX SAFETY DATAICAN's all-star lawyer Aaron Siri involved in one of the most anticipated court battles for transparency against the FDA as Pfizer has now legally joined the agency to defend against the public release of data crucial to scientific transparency.
POSTED: January 31, 2022
THOUSANDS OF TRUCKERS CONVOY IN PROTESTThe biggest protest in Canadian history, ''The Trucker's Convoy,'' is rolling into Ottawa with a simple list of demands. Meanwhile, Canada's PM Trudeau is reporting to the world it's a small fringe group. The world is watching as this epic showdown unfolds.
#Convoy #NoVaccinePassports #FreedomConvoyCanada
POSTED: January 31, 2022
AN AMERICAN HOMECOMINGArguably one of the most powerful days in medical freedom history took place at the ''Defeat the Mandates'' Rally in Washington, D.C., as 40,000 Americans peacefully stood together in front of the Lincoln Memorial in protest of vaccine mandates.
To watch the entire live broadcast go to: thehighwire.com/videos/defeat-the-mandates-in-d-c-an-american-homecoming
#DefeatTheMandate #DCRally
POSTED: January 28, 2022
HEALTH AUTHORITIES' COVID DATA 'ERRORS' EXPOSEDAlberta's Health Authority was caught removing published data from their site which reveal a shocking trend in recently vaccinated folks they are classifying as 'unvaccinated'. And, Germany is scrambling after it was brought to light the data they relied upon to justify some of the harshest restrictions implemented by any nation, was completely unreliable.
#CovidDataErrors #Covid19 #Alberta #Germany
POSTED: January 28, 2022
DATA REVEALS HIGHER COVID RATE IN THE VACCINATEDScotland's public health data has gone viral, revealing that the vaccinated are the primary drivers of the pandemic. Is this why Scotland is shifting on Covid restrictions?
#Scotland #Breakthroughs #CovidVaxFailure
EPISODE 252: MAKING HISTORYMedical Freedom Movement Makes History; Freedom Convoy Exploding in Canada; Catastrophic New Covid Vaccine Data; Del's Message to a Manic Mainstream Media; Experts Second Opinion on The Pandemic
Guest: Dr. Richard Urso
After a year of shaming vaccine hesitant Americans, media heavyweight Geraldo Rivera was forced to eat crow on live TV after the triple vaccinated pundit tested positive for Covid.
#Geraldo #GeraldoRivera #GeraldoEatsCrow
POSTED: January 25, 2022
5G & wireless expert and attorney, Dafna Tachover Esq., breaks down why 5G technology could have a catastrophic impact on important landing equipment for airplanes, and its proven side effects on the human body.
#5GRollout #DanfaTachover
POSTED: January 25, 2022
MUSICIAN SOUNDS OFF ON COVID RESTRICTIONSBrad Skistimas, singer/songwriter for Five Times August, talks to Del about how his decade long music career has shifted to more meaningful music with a message, including the Apple Music #1 song, ''Sad Little Man.''
#FiveTimesAugust #BradSkistimas #SadLittleMan
POSTED: January 25, 2022
FAUCI'S FOLLIESAs a day of legal reckoning approaches for Fauci, his international counterparts are coming into focus more than ever. Peter Daszak, Jeremy Farrar, Francis Collins and others are facing increased scrutiny for a potential lab-leak cover-up and suppression of a scientific debate early into the Covid outbreak.
#FireFauci #EcoHealthAlliance #ICANemails
POSTED: January 25, 2022
JOURNALIST CALLS FOR TRIAL OF ''THE PRESS THAT LIED TO THE WORLD''Emmy award-winning Producer Del Bigtree gave an impassioned speech at the 'Defeat The Mandates' Rally, in front of approx. 40k protesters Sunday. On the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in D.C. he called for an investigation into legacy media and public health officials like Anthony Fauci, for suppressing life-saving information during the Covid Pandemic.
#CovidTrial #DelBigtree #Savethe4thEstate #DefeatTheMandates #NewNuremberg
''COVID-19: A SECOND OPINION'' ROUNDTABLE IN D.C.Sen. Ron Johnson moderates a panel discussion with world-renowned doctors and medical experts, providing different perspectives on the global pandemic response, the current state of knowledge of early and hospital treatment, vaccine efficacy and safety, what went right, what went wrong, what should be done now, and what needs to be addressed long term.
DEFEAT THE MANDATES IN D.C.: AN AMERICAN HOMECOMINGThousands of Americans march from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial to join in a peaceful protest against vaccine mandates, vaccine passports, forcing children to get vaccinated, and the attack on natural immunity.
HEALTHY ATHLETES ARE STILL INEXPLICABLY COLLAPSINGHealthy athletes and youth are still facing mounting health issues, many cardiac related. The public is starting to notice this phenomenon, as more top athletes suffer sudden, catastrophic health issues.
#AthleteInjuries #NovakDjokovic
POSTED: January 21, 2022
AUSTRALIA'S MESSAGE TO ABORIGINALSWatch Mark McGowan, premier of Western Australia, give a message so important, he brought in a Kriol elder to translate for him. We hope you find this video as laughably offensive as we do.
#MarkMcGowan #WesternAustralia #AustralianAboriginals
POSTED: January 21, 2022
BOJO FINDS HIS MOJO, REVERSES COVID RESTRICTIONSOver the past week, the world's leaders, led by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson or 'BOJO' as the UK Media refer to him, have raced to lift many previous, unscientific Covid restrictions they enforced in draconian fashion. Masks, lockdowns and even Covid vaccines are all inexplicably on the chopping block.
#BorisJohnson #ScrappingMandates #CancelGreenPass
POSTED: January 21, 2022
EPISODE 251: FATAL FLAWSFive Times August performs In-Studio!; BOJO Ends UK Mandates; Against Omicron, Natural Immunity Wins; The Truth about 5G; New ICAN FOIA Deepens Fauci Fraud; Geraldo Eats Humble Pie
Guests: Brad Skistimas, Dafna Tachover, Esq.
ICAN LAWYER BREAKS DOWN SCOTUS VACCINE CASEJust moments after the Supreme Court ruled against Biden's vaccine mandate for large employers, ICAN Attorney, Aaron Siri, Esq., joins Del to critique important moments from this monumental hearing.
#AaronSiri #Sotomayor #SCOTUS #SDUSD
POSTED: January 19, 2022
THE ATTORNEY TAKING ON THE FDA AND UNCOVERING FAUCIS EMAILSICAN Attorney, Aaron Siri, Esq., joins Del in studio to talk about some of his landmark legal victories including his recent win against the San Diego Unified School District's vaccine mandate for students, and the much publicized success challenging Pfizer to hand over it's documents and data that led it the Covid vaccine approval.
#AaronSiri #SDUSD #PfizerDocs #PfizerDocumentDump #FauciEmails
POSTED: January 19, 2022
ICAN SUES CDC FOR COVID VAX SAFETY DATAICAN Attorney, Aaron Siri, Esq., gives insight into our current lawsuit against the CDC to release data on the over 119 MILLION medical events from vaccines reported to the database.
#VAERS #V-Safe #VacineInjuries
POSTED: January 19, 2022
BATTLE OF TRENTON: PART 3As victory hangs in the balance, New Jersey protesters continue to rally into the night outside the NJ State Capitol to oppose S2173, a bill aimed at removing religious exemptions for students in public school.
#S2173 #JerseyStrong #BeBrave #DelBigtree #Winning
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: January 13, 2020
BATTLE OF TRENTON: PART 2New Jersey protesters continue to rally outside the NJ State Capitol to oppose S2173, a bill aimed at removing religious exemptions for students in public school. Del Bigtree and The HighWire Team are there providing all day coverage.
#S2173 #JerseyStrong #BeBrave #DelBigtree
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: January 13, 2020
''NATURAL IMMUNITY IS OUR WAY OUT OF THE PANDEMIC''NBA superstar, Jonathan Isaac, has been on the frontlines of pro-athletes pushing back on Covid-19 vaccine mandates, and doctors are joining his team. Former UCI Director of Medical Ethics, Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, who has also been in the limelight for refusing to get vaccinated, joins Isaac on The HighWire for a deep dive into why they are defending their natural immunity to Covid.
#JonathanIsaac #AaronKheriaty #NaturalImmunity
POSTED: January 17, 2022
BATTLE OF TRENTON: PART 1New Jersey protesters rally in the morning outside the NJ State Capitol to oppose S2173, a bill aimed at removing religious exemptions for students in public school. Del Bigtree and The HighWire Team are there providing all day coverage.
#S2173 #JerseyStrong #BeBrave #DelBigtree
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: January 13, 2020
FAUCI'S NEW GOAL: CONTROLTwo years into the pandemic, the tired narrative of legacy media & public health authoritarians like Fauci, has almost completely reversed from driving fear of the Covid, to 'we must learn to live with this virus'. So why have Fauci & Co. made such an abrupt 'about face?'
#GreatBarringtonDeclaration #GBD #GB3
POSTED: January 17, 2022
WHO IS DYING FROM COVID?Are the overwhelming majority of deaths from Covid-19 afflicting patients already suffering from comorbidities? Hear what CDC Director, Rochelle Walensky had to say.
#RochelleWalensky #CDC #75Percent
POSTED: January 17, 2022
PFIZER ADMITS TRIPLE VAX DOESN'T STOP INFECTIONThree words '' Negative Vaccine Efficacy'...this is the reality now haunting those forcing ever-increasing vaccine mandates. Yet data from around the world is hinting at little to no protection against the new Omicron variant and perhaps even worse '' a greatly heightened risk of infection in the vaccinated.
#AlbertBourla #NegativeEfficacy
POSTED: January 17, 2022
MAINSTREAM'S COVID NARRATIVE COMES CRASHING DOWNThe Mainstream narrative on Covid, propped up by legacy media and captured public health agencies, has come crashing down around even the most passionate lockdown and mandate enthusiasts who have been forced to turn tail and embrace tenets of the once castigated Great Barrington Declaration.
#CovidNarrativeCollapse #MSM #OmicronVariant #GBD
POSTED: January 17, 2022
Episode 250: GAME, SET, MATCHThe War on Pro Athletes; Ethics Expert Fired Over Mandate; Vaccine's Flopping Against Omicron; New Docs Expose Fauci; ICAN Landmark Wins & Critique of SCOTUS Hearing.
Guests: Jonathan Isaac, Aaron Kheriaty M.D., Aaron Siri, Esq.
#OmicronVariant #Covid #WhyIStand #ExposeFauci #ProjectVeritas #NBA
ISAAC ON KAREEM: ''HE IS OUT OF TOUCH WITH REALITY''Orlando Magic Forward Jonathan Isaac responds to NBA Legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's call for unvaccinated players to be fired & segregated.
Jonathan Isaac is author of the book, 'Why I Stand,' available for pre-order now.
#WhyIStand #OmicronVariant #VaxUnVax #VaccinationSegregation #KAJCallout
POSTED: January 13, 2022
In a time when real figures and stats are often concealed from the public, we took notice when a recent insurance CEO spoke out about the unprecedented spike in non-Covid deaths for people aged 18- 64. Hear what Healthcare Policy Analyst Expert, A.J. DePriest uncovered when looking at the contingencies in the fine print placed on School Districts and medical systems payouts from Biden's 'American Rescue Plan'.
#AmericanRescuePlan #DollarsForDeaths #AJDePriest
POSTED: January 11, 2022
Previous cheerleaders of more restrictive lockdowns like Chicago Mayor Lightfoot and Joe Biden are changing their tune on school closures.
#JoeBiden #CTA #LoriLightfoot
POSTED: January 11, 2022
New data has just been released looking at myocarditis in young males after mRNA vaccination. Its findings should be alarming to anyone paying attention with specific focus on the shortcomings it has exposed in regards to the CDC's significant undercounting of cases.
#Myocarditis #JaxenReport
POSTED: January 11, 2022
The Highwire has meticulously covered the Covid-19 pandemic since it began as ''three weeks to flatten the curve,'' and the mega-library of brave interviews with scientists, doctors, and experts is aging incredibly well. Here's a look through some of the best of ''The Highwire's 100 Episodes of Covid Coverage.''
>>#100thEpisode>> >>#100WeeksOfCovid>>
POSTED: January 10, 2022
The phrase 'Mass Formation Psychosis' broke the internet when it was dropped on Joe Rogan's podcast featuring two Highwire favorites, Dr. Peter McCullough and Dr. Robert Malone. Del talks to Mark McDonald, MD, author of United States of Fear, about this psychological phenomenon and why the mainstream media is desperately trying to discredit it.
#JoeRoganExperience #UnitedStatesOfFear #MarkMcDonaldMD #MassFormationPsychosis
POSTED: January 10, 2022
As we enter our 5th year of broadcasting, The Highwire would like to renew our pledge of transparency and honest investigation to our loyal and devoted audience, and give just a little behind-the-scenes insight into how our team delivers you the truth every Thursday.
#TheHighwirePledge #TheHighwireTransparency
POSTED: January 10, 2022
The FDA has once again bypassed and marginalized its expert committee, and rushed ahead of the expert panel to authorize a Covid booster shot for kids as young as 12 years. With scant data and little concern for an alarming myocarditis signal in young boys, the agency's move has caused a public uproar among experts in the medical and scientific community.
POSTED: January 7, 2022
THE UK's HART group has published data showing increased infection rates among the Covid-vaccinated, within 2 weeks of dose 2. What are the implications given the push for 3rd, and even 4th boosters?
#Omicron #Covid19 #HART #Boosters
POSTED: January 7, 2022
While legacy media and Public Health Agencies continue to stoke fear over Omicron, new data is painting a different picture of the overwhelmingly mild variant. But there's a catch; it appears to be able to efficiently escape vaccine protection.
POSTED: January 7, 2022
ICAN has filed another lawsuit against the CDC, this time for withholding data from the 'V-Safe' Covid-19 vaccine safety tracking system.
#AaronSiri #VSafe #CDCLawsuits #ICANVSafeSuit
POSTED: January 7, 2022
A Look Back on HighWire's Coverage of Covid; Welcome to the Party, Joe Rogan; ICAN Sues for V-Safe Data; Are You Suffering From Mass Delusional Psychosis?; COVID Deaths Down, excess Deaths up? Are Government Payouts Manipulating US Covid Data?
Guests: Dr. Mark McDonald, AJ DePriest
Del breaks down how the Covid vaccine tricks your natural immune system and leaves you potentially exposed to other variants, in this simple football game analogy.
Episode 248: THE WARNING WE IGNOREDAn almost 40 year-old interview with an ex-KGB Defector, Yuri Bezmenov, has re-emerged and is going viral. Why is it going viral now? Del sits down with the journalist who conducted that interview, G. Edward Griffin, for a deep dive into the Russian spy's extraordinary warning to the American people in 1984, and why this warning must be heeded today.
Guest: G. Edward Griffin
Del sits down with visionary filmmaker Mikki Willis to discuss his new projects after The Plandemic's viral juggernaut and their shared fight to spread truth in these unprecedented times.
#MikkiWillis #Plandemic #Plandemic3
POSTED: December 29, 2021
Public health officials think they can continue to tell private citizens how to celebrate the Holidays.
#Unity #FauciChristmas
POSTED: December 29, 2021
Just opinions!! After all the censorship, shadowbanning and warnings about misinformation, court documents now reveal that Facebook (now Meta) admit that their third-party fact checkers are only giving opinions on content.
POSTED: December 27, 2021
Austrian doctor, Maria Hubmer-Mogg, reports on the story you won't hear on the news about Austria's government leading the world in draconian vaccine mandate measures, and the incredible surge of Austrians showing up to protest against them.
#MariaHubmerMogg #AustriaMandates
POSTED: December 27, 2021
EPISODE 247: THE RISING TIDEAustria is Rising Facebook Fact-Checkers Are Opinion Mikki Willis Exposes Media Lies and Reveals The Next Plandemic Is Fauci Trying to Steal Christmas Guests Dr med. univ Maria Hubmer-Mogg Mikki Willis
World-renowned virologist, Geert Vanden Bossche, explains how innate antibodies differ from naturally acquired antibodies, thereby protecting children and healthy adults from developing serious disease associated with Covid-19.
Get the Facts:
#GetFactsinated #GVB #InnateAntibodies #Covid19
21-year-veteran of the LAFD, John Knox, discusses his group, ''Firefighters 4 Freedom,'' and their lawsuits against the city of Los Angeles for laying off hundreds of unvaccinated firemen without pay for standing up to unconstitutional mandates.
#Firefighters4Freedom #JohnKnox #LAFD
POSTED: December 17, 2021
The Director of Protection of the Educational Rights for Kids (PERK), Amy Bohn, fills Del in on the huge win her organization along with Children's Health Defense have claimed on vaccine mandates.
#PERK #ChildrensHealthDefense #LAUSDMandate
POSTED: December 17, 2021
British Mathematician & Professor of Risk Management, Norman Fenton, walks Del through UK data on the incredible peak of excess deaths that occurred in the U.K. at the same time as the covid vaccine rollout.
#NormanFenton #CovidDeathAnomalies
POSTED: December 17, 2021
When Gina Doane's father died within 48 hours of receiving the Covid-19 vaccine, she began an arduous journey to expose the hospital's cover-up of his tragic death, and any connection it may have had to the vaccine.
#VaccineDeaths #GinaDoane #VAERSWhistleblower #DebConrad
Firemen Fight for Freedom; British Mathematician Uncovers Disturbing UK Death Data; What is Wrong with Omicron?; Hospital Won't Admit Tragic Vaccine Death?; Big Pharma's Faithful Jumping Ship
GUESTS: Fireman John Knox, Prof. Norman Fenton, Gina Doane, Deb Conrad, PA-C
Thanks to the legal action of Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency, the FDA has been forced to release Pfizer's Covid vaccine trial data. Despite just 12k of some 451,000 pages have been released, already these documents reveal previously undisclosed reported injuries and deaths.
To read the Pfizer documents: https://phmpt.org/
POSTED: December 10, 2021
Renewed lockdowns are being implemented, in lockstep, by unpopular governments as protests surge. With more than 400 studies showing scientific evidence of both the failures and harms lockdowns generate, populations are beginning to see something more sinister at play.
POSTED: December 10, 2021
With a global agenda clearly afoot, is it finally time to reflect on some of the most horrifically painful times in human history, and how they began?
POSTED: December 10, 2021
RFK, Jr. DISCUSSES The Real Anthony FauciRFK, Jr. DISCUSSES The Real Anthony Fauci
Activist and environmental lawyer, Robert Kennedy, Jr., highlights for Del just a few of Fauci's most nefarious actions in the name of medicine from his #1 best selling new book, The Real Anthony Fauci.
#TheRealAnthonyFauci #RFKJr #FireFauci
POSTED: December 10, 2021
Countries on the Slippery Slope to Tyranny & What You Can Do; Biden OSHA Vaccine Mandate Opposition Grows; Anti-Vaxxers Now The Majority in America!; RFK JR. Exposes Anthony Fauci in New Best Seller
Guest: Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
EXPERIMENTING ON THE HANDICAPPEDIn a disturbing sequence, Dr. Plotkin admits to conducting vaccine experiments on babies born to incarcerated mothers, people with mental illness, and the handcapped. What is more shocking, is his defense of such experimentation.
#TestingOnHandicapped #PlotkinDeposition #UnderOath #PlotkinOnVaccines
While cases surge in highly vaccinated regions, health officials seem to have just one answer: more shots! Boosters are being rolled out globally to the chagrin of a Covid-fatigued and highly frustrated public. How will this PR nightmare play out?
#JustSayNo #Covid19 #Boosters
POSTED: December 7, 2021
Noted Cardiologist, Peter McCullough, returns to The Highwire to discuss new data on the dangerous side effects from the Covid-19 vaccine on the heart.
#DrPeterMcCullough #DrAseemMalhotra
POSTED: December 6, 2021
A recent study concluded that the vaccinated are far more likely to carry Covid-19 variants than the unvaccinated. Del revisits his popular 'football analogy' to help illustrate why the Covid-19 vaccines are ineffective against new variants and why natural immunity is vital to ending this pandemic.
#PandemicOfTheVaccinated #VaccineRisk #VaccineVariants
POSTED: December 6, 2021
Just when you thought Thanksgiving was safe, mainstream media unleashes Omicron. Del gets to the bottom of what is actually known about the new 'variant of concern.'
#Omicron #SouthAfricaVariant #CovidVariants
POSTED: December 6, 2021
A little-known study has concentrated and analyzed much of the science around vitamin D3'S effect on mortality risk in COVID-19. Find out why knowing your vitamin D level could save your life.
#VitaminD #VitaminD3
POSTED: December 6, 2021
Coming as a surprise to some, states with the highest vaccination rates are also seeing the highest COVID case rates. A new study shines light on the phenomenon, showing that the vaccinated are just as infectious as the unvaccinated.
#VaccineBreakThrough #VaccineEfficacy
POSTED: December 6, 2021
In just one week, three separate courts have ordered halts to Biden's vaccine mandates. Enforcement of the mandates on health care workers by CMS has been stopped in its tracks nationwide as courts debate its Constitutionality.
#VaccineMandates #BidensVaccineMandates
POSTED: December 6, 2021
Baby formula or breastfeeding? New legal actions have uncovered hidden dangers of certain baby formulas. Meanwhile, the overall health and wellness benefits of breastfeeding for not only the baby, but the mother as well, continues to stack up.
#Babyfood #FormulaFed #Breastfeeding
POSTED: December 3, 2021
Over the pandemic, school board and health committee meetings became a hotbed for courageous parents and healthcare workers. Check out our picks for some of the best ''Super Spreaders of Truth.''
POSTED: December 3, 2021
Omicron Takes Center Stage; Latest Science Sheds New Light on Myocarditis Concerns; Doctor's Fight Exposes Oregon Medical Board Mafia; Del's 'Football Analogy' Revisited.
Guests: Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Paul Thomas
#Omicron #PHOI
Dr. Peter McCullough details the extreme difference between the deadly myocarditis young people have experienced from the Covid-19 vaccine and the mild inflammation reported as a symptom of the virus.
Get the Facts: ''A Report on Myocarditis Adverse Events in the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) in Association with COVID-19 Injectable Biological Products''
#Myocarditis #HeartInflammation #InjectionVSInfection
Multiple studies show Covid-19 vaccine protection wanes, while natural immunity remains robust for years.
Featuring: Cardiologist, Dr. Peter McCullough
Get the Facts:The Swedish Study https://papers.ssrn.com/sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=3949410
#WaningImmunity #NaturalImmunity
As inflation is roasting your Holiday food budget, mainstream media outlets are telling you this is good, while suggesting you do with less.
#TurkeyTax #InflationNation
From Tony Fauci to Boris Johnson, the definition of 'vaccinated' is now changing to include a 3rd and maybe even 4th booster.
POSTED: November 19, 2021
A new study out of India shows those who recovered from COVID-19 may have superior immunity to the virus and its variants than those vaccinated.
POSTED: November 19, 2021
IT'S OFFICIAL'...Covid vaccines have failed, and surging cases in vaccinated areas can no longer be blamed on regional politics or the unvaccinated. Is the answer boosters for life?
POSTED: November 19, 2021
ICAN Attorney, Aaron Siri, Esq. breaks down three big ICAN Legal Updates. In response to a recent ICAN petition CDC revealed it didn't have records of a single documented case of a person with natural immunity to Covid, transmitting the virus to another. Then, The Biden Vaccine Mandate is Stayed. Finally, the FDA requested a federal judge give it until the year 2076 to disclose all of Pfizer's Covid Vaccine Data. That's 55 years! Support ICAN's legal work at icandecide.org
POSTED: November 19, 2021
THE HIGHWIRE HOST ROASTS FAUCIAccurate assessment of the beleaguered Covid Task Force Head? You be the judge, and tune in to The HighWire, THURSDAYS at 11AM pst, at thehighwire.com.
#BigtreeRoastsFauci #DelBigtree #TheHighWire
FDA to Disclose Pfizer Data'...in 56 years?!; Biden's Mandate On Hold; CDC Whiffs On Natural Immunity; Vaccine Expert's Dire Mass Covid Vaccination Warning
Guests: Aaron Siri, Esq., Geert Vanden Bossche, PhD, DVM
In an historic interview for The HighWire, host Del Bigtree sits down with Vaccinologist, Geert Vanden Bossche, Ph.D., D.V.M., to hear Geert's dire warning about mass Covid vaccination of children, and the catastrophe which may follow.
#TheVandenBosscheInterview #GVBWarning #GeertVandenBossche #CovidCatastrophe #GVB #TheHighWire #ICAN
Recent state and local elections produced shocking results for those who oppose medical freedom. No result was more shocking than the unexpected ousting of one of the most influential career politicians, in one the most corrupt states in the Nation.
#SteveSweeney #MedicalFreedom #NJ
POSTED: November 16, 2021
New Zealand's government has imposed some of the strictest restrictions and mandates in the world, and Kiwi's are fighting back with an ancient Maori war dance, The Haka.
#TheHaka #Maori #JacindaArdern #BrianTamaki
POSTED: November 16, 2021
They are at the peak of health, and the top of their profession. So, why are dozens of amateur and professional athletes around the world inexplicably collapsing on the field, with heart-related issues, in just the past few months?
**This video has been edited from its original version, to remove four stories of players who are not believed to have been vaccinated with a Covid-19 vaccine prior to falling ill.
To be clear, a causal link has not been established between the covid vaccine and the conditions of the athletes in this video.
This video represents an ongoing investigation into the question ''When have we ever seen this many athletes collapse on the field of play?''
We will continue to update this video as we get more information on these athletes.
#CollapsingAthletes #TheHighWire #Why
Green Bay star quarterback Aaron Rogers is catching major heat for his statements defending his bodily autonomy and personal choice. We look at the headlines, studies and world events that back up Rogers' decisions.
POSTED: November 16, 2021
Big Bird Gets Covid Shot; Aaron Rodgers Throws Covid Touchdown; Homeschooling 101; Disruption of our DNA & Other Sins of Science
Guests: Brian Tamaki, Dana & Chelsea Broussard, Sam Sorbo
CNN's chief medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta teamed up with Sesame Street dolls to promote vaccines directly to kids. Check out this sad chapter in American news media.
#BigBird #CNN #SesameStreet
POSTED: November 16, 2021
Meet Dana Broussard, a victim of a horrific reaction from the Hepatitis B vaccine in 2016 that left her paralyzed and hear about the court case she won against her employer for strongly encouraging the shot.
Please visit her crowd funding page:
#DanaBroussard #HepBVaccine #TransverseMyelitis
''TOGETHER WE STAND'' RALLY IN OKLAHOMAOklahomans gather inside their state capitol, organized by Oklahomans for Health & Parental Rights, against all mandates that violate bodily autonomy. WWW. OKHPR.ORG
Speakers: Dr. Jim Meehan, Dr. Andrew Revelis, Dr. Indira Murr, and many more.
SCHOOL'S OUT WITH SAM SORBODel has one of the most important conversations for parents right now with Sam Sorbo, education freedom advocate and host of Schools Out, to dispel myths about homeschooling and elucidate the incredible benefits.
#SamSorbo #SchoolsOut #Homeschooling
Posted: November 15, 2021
IS SPIKE PROTEIN CAUSING CATASTROPHIC DAMAGE TO DNA?A new study from Sweden has the potential to upend what we know about COVID vaccine spike protein, including where they end up in human cells. As science plays catch up, shocking findings hint at major disruptions in the cell's DNA repair mechanisms.
Posted: November 15, 2021
DR IONA HEATH TESTIMONYU.S. Sen. Ron Johnson held a panel discussion in Washington, D.C., with doctors and medical researchers who treat COVID-19 vaccine injuries, along with patients who have experienced adverse events due to the COVID-19 vaccine.
KIM WITCZAK TESTIMONYU.S. Sen. Ron Johnson held a panel discussion in Washington, D.C., with doctors and medical researchers who treat COVID-19 vaccine injuries, along with patients who have experienced adverse events due to the COVID-19 vaccine.
ATTORNEY AARON SIRI TESTIMONYU.S. Sen. Ron Johnson held a panel discussion in Washington, D.C., with doctors and medical researchers who treat COVID-19 vaccine injuries, along with patients who have experienced adverse events due to the COVID-19 vaccine.
SHAWN BARCAVAGE TESTIMONYU.S. Sen. Ron Johnson held a panel discussion in Washington, D.C., with doctors and medical researchers who treat COVID-19 vaccine injuries, along with patients who have experienced adverse events due to the COVID-19 vaccine.
DR. JOEL WALLSKOG TESTIMONYDr. Joel Wallskog, orthopedic surgeon, was diagnosed with transverse myelitis following Moderna vaccination.
U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson held a panel discussion in Washington, D.C., with doctors and medical researchers who treat COVID-19 vaccine injuries, along with patients who have experienced adverse events due to the COVID-19 vaccine.
DR. DAVID HEALY TESTIMONY PART 2U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson held a panel discussion in Washington, D.C., with doctors and medical researchers who treat COVID-19 vaccine injuries, along with patients who have experienced adverse events due to the COVID-19 vaccine.
DR. DAVID HEALY TESTIMONYU.S. Sen. Ron Johnson held a panel discussion in Washington, D.C., with doctors and medical researchers who treat COVID-19 vaccine injuries, along with patients who have experienced adverse events due to the COVID-19 vaccine.
DR. RETSEF LEVI TESTIMONYU.S. Sen. Ron Johnson held a panel discussion in Washington, D.C., with doctors and medical researchers who treat COVID-19 vaccine injuries, along with patients who have experienced adverse events due to the COVID-19 vaccine.
DR. ADITI BHARGAVA TESTIMONYU.S. Sen. Ron Johnson held a panel discussion in Washington, D.C., with doctors and medical researchers who treat COVID-19 vaccine injuries, along with patients who have experienced adverse events due to the COVID-19 vaccine.
DR. PATRICK WHELAN TESTIMONYU.S. Sen. Ron Johnson held a panel discussion in Washington, D.C., with doctors and medical researchers who treat COVID-19 vaccine injuries, along with patients who have experienced adverse events due to the COVID-19 vaccine.
DR. PETER DOSHI TESTIMONY PART 2U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson held a panel discussion in Washington, D.C., with doctors and medical researchers who treat COVID-19 vaccine injuries, along with patients who have experienced adverse events due to the COVID-19 vaccine.
DR. PETER DOSHI TESTIMONYU.S. Sen. Ron Johnson held a panel discussion in Washington, D.C., with doctors and medical researchers who treat COVID-19 vaccine injuries, along with patients who have experienced adverse events due to the COVID-19 vaccine.
DR. ROBERT KAPLAN TESTIMONYU.S. Sen. Ron Johnson held a panel discussion in Washington, D.C., with doctors and medical researchers who treat COVID-19 vaccine injuries, along with patients who have experienced adverse events due to the COVID-19 vaccine.
LIEUTENANT COLONEL THERESA LONG TESTIMONYU.S. Sen. Ron Johnson held a panel discussion in Washington, D.C., with doctors and medical researchers who treat COVID-19 vaccine injuries, along with patients who have experienced adverse events due to the COVID-19 vaccine.
BRIANNE DRESSEN TESTIMONY PART 2Brianne Dressen was injured after participating in AstraZeneca Covid Vaccine clinical trial.
U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson held a panel discussion in Washington, D.C., with doctors and medical researchers who treat COVID-19 vaccine injuries, along with patients who have experienced adverse events due to the COVID-19 vaccine.
BRIANNE DRESSEN TESTIMONYBrianne Dressen was injured after participating in AstraZeneca Covid Vaccine clinical trial.
U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson held a panel discussion in Washington, D.C., with doctors and medical researchers who treat COVID-19 vaccine injuries, along with patients who have experienced adverse events due to the COVID-19 vaccine.
STEPHANIE AND MADDIE DE GARAY TESTIMONY12-year old Pfizer clinical trial participant confined to wheelchair & feeding tube post Covid vaccine.
U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson held a panel discussion in Washington, D.C., with doctors and medical researchers who treat COVID-19 vaccine injuries, along with patients who have experienced adverse events due to the COVID-19 vaccine.
KELLAI RODRIGUEZ TESTIMONYKellai Rodriguez, mother, reliant on walker following vaccination.
U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson held a panel discussion in Washington, D.C., with doctors and medical researchers who treat COVID-19 vaccine injuries, along with patients who have experienced adverse events due to the COVID-19 vaccine.
SUZANNA NEWELL TESTIMONYSuzanna Newell, triathlete, was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, reliant on a walker following vaccination.
U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson held a panel discussion in Washington, D.C., with doctors and medical researchers who treat COVID-19 vaccine injuries, along with patients who have experienced adverse events due to the COVID-19 vaccine.
KYLE WARNER TESTIMONYKyle Warner was diagnosed with pericarditis following vaccination.
U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson held a panel discussion in Washington, D.C., with doctors and medical researchers who treat COVID-19 vaccine injuries, along with patients who have experienced adverse events due to the COVID-19 vaccine.
DOUG CAMERON TESTIMONYDoug Cameron was permanently paralyzed following vaccination.
U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson held a panel discussion in Washington, D.C., with doctors and medical researchers who treat COVID-19 vaccine injuries, along with patients who have experienced adverse events due to the COVID-19 vaccine.
ERNEST RAMIREZ TESTIMONYErnest Ramirez, whose son died of myocarditis following Pfizer vaccination offers testimony.
U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson held a panel discussion in Washington, D.C., with doctors and medical researchers who treat COVID-19 vaccine injuries, along with patients who have experienced adverse events due to the COVID-19 vaccine.
CODY FLINT TESTIMONYCody Flint, an airline pilot, was diagnosed with perilymphatic fistula following Pfizer jab.
U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson held a panel discussion in Washington, D.C., with doctors and medical researchers who treat COVID-19 vaccine injuries, along with patients who have experienced adverse events due to the COVID-19 vaccine.
''WE THE PEOPLE'' RALLY IN NORTH DAKOTANorth Dakotans gather in front of the state capitol in Bismarck, ND, declaring non-compliance to government and private Covid-19 mandates in order to protect their civil and religious liberty.
The CDC has officially extended Pfizer's COVID shot EUA for 5-11 yr olds. Pop-up school clinics and vaccine passports are now being aimed at that age group as doctors and parents recoil. What about the risks? We break down the heart inflammation numbers the CDC ignored.
#CDC #Myocarditis #VaccinePassports
POSTED: November 9, 2021
Even a blizzard couldn't deter hundreds of freedom fighters this week from rallying against vaccine passports in Colorado. Watch Del and other notable speakers' rousing speeches.
#FtCollins #VaccinePassport
POSTED: November 8, 2021
Think the airline disruptions have been an inconvenience? Imagine if the whole supply chain was shut down. Human Rights attorney and freedom fighter, Leigh Dundas warns why we are on the verge of this becoming a reality.
#LeighDundas #SupplyChain
POSTED: November 8, 2021
World renowned Cardiologist, Dr. Peter McCullough, discusses the proven devastating harm from COVID-19 vaccine reactions particularly in young people.
#PeterMcCullough #Myocarditis
POSTED: November 8, 2021
Devastating testimonies from people severely injured by Covid-19 vaccines, along with heartfelt pleas from top level medical professionals, in Washington D.C, all pleading for their voices to be heard.
#ExpertPanel #VaccineInjuries #FederalMandate
Brianne Dressen thought she was doing the right thing when she signed up for the COVID-19 AstraZeneca vaccine trial in 2020. She now joins the growing number of severely vaccine-injured at a press conference in Washington D.C., and shares her heartfelt story in-studio on The HighWire.
#BrianneDressen #RonJohnson #RealNotRareRally
POSTED: November 5, 2021
A new FOIA production exposed a political motive behind the CDC shifting the goalposts on the definition of 'vaccine' and 'vaccination'.
#CDCVaccine #CDC #Covid19
POSTED: November 5, 2021
We were told it was a pandemic of the unvaccinated. Now, new science has revealed a shocking truth.
#DeltaDrivers #PandemicoftheVaccinated
POSTED: November 5, 2021
Episode 240: A STRIKE AT THE HEARTD.C. Panel Highlights Vaccine Injuries; CDC Approves Covid Shot for Kids; Conflicting Data on Myocarditis in Kids; America Stages Walkout
GUESTS: Brianne Dressen, Peter McCullough MD, Leigh Dundas, Esq.
EPISODE 239: SEEKING JUSTICENYC Firefighters Spreading the News!; NIH Admits to Gain of Function; FDA Authorizes Covid Shot in 5-11 yr. olds; ICAN Attorney Aaron Siri in Studio; Hospitals Deny Transplants to Unvaxxed
GUESTS; Leilani Lutali, Jaimee Fougner, Aaron Siri, Esq.
FLORIDA ''WORKERS RIGHTS'' RALLYAerospace workers, firefighters, and Cape Canaveral Space Force Station workers peacefully protested on Oct. 28th, against medical mandates.
''SAVE FORT COLLINS'' RALLYProtestors Gather Outside the Health Dept. In Fort Collins, CO, to Push Back Against Extreme Mask Mandates and Threats of Vaccine Passports.
Meet the brilliant mind behind one of the most successful and active Legal Teams in the world of Vaccine and Civil Rights. Aaron provides legal insight on Covid vaccine mandates, shocking childhood vaccines, the Plotkin Deposition, and more.
#AaronSiri #ICANLegal #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW239
POSTED: November 1, 2021
''We are never going to learn how safe a vaccine is until we start giving it. That's just the way it goes.'' Those were the words of an FDA advisor and voting member who greenlit the experimental shot for kids.
#FDA #VRBPAC #Covid19Vaccine
POSTED: November 1, 2021
The movement to fight vaccine mandates has grown exponentially across the country just this week alone leading up to the largest vaccine choice protest in US history. Get inspired by some of the most powerful moments.
#AARally #AmericanAirlines #BrooklynBridgeProtest #VaccineChoice #NYCRally #TheHighwire #HW239
POSTED: October 29, 2021
A very special guest TOMORROW on The HighWire | October 28th, 2021A very special guest TOMORROW on The HighWire | October 28th, 2021
Watch the show at TheHighWire.com/WATCH
Every Thursday, 11am PST (2pm EST)
#AaronSiri #ICANLawsuits #FDAapproval #5to11 #Children5to11 #Myocarditis #VaccineInjury #ICANlawsuits #GavinNewsom #Fauci #ChildMandate #NIH #GainOfFunction #Wuhan #KidneyDonor #Colorado #UCHealth #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW239
NYC WORKERS ANTI-MANDATE MARCH FOR CHOICENew York City sanitation workers, firefighters, police officers, EMS personnel and correctional officers gather in protest of New York City's COVID-19 vaccine mandate.
As the federal COVID-19 vaccine mandate looms, Southwest Airlines employees are pushing back. Hear what a Southwest Pilot Captain had to say about the airline.
#SWA #SouthwestAirlines #SouthwestWalkout #SouthwestPublicWorkersUnion #SouthwestStands #VaccineMandates #VaccinePushback #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW238
POSTED: October 26, 2021
From acclaimed doctors to popular podcasters, there's a groundswell of people pushing back on their right to early Covid treatment. FLCCC Dr. Pierre Kory announced he's an expert witness in a legal case against a pharmacy denying IVM while Joe Rogan roasted CNN's lead medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta'...and won.
#Covid #Hydroxychloroquine #Ivermectin #Remdesivir #HorsePaste #RonJohnson #Pandemic #DrPierreKory #ControlledTrials #NIH #AntiviralAgents #JoeRogan #JoeRoganPodcast #SanjayGupta #CNN #JeffereyJaxen #JaxenReport #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW238
POSTED: October 26, 2021
U.S. FREEDOM FLYERS' RALLY''US Freedom Flyers,'' comprised of transportation industry employees, stood together on Oct. 22, 2021, outside American Airlines Headquarters to fight federal & state mandates aimed at stripping citizens of their right to medical freedom.
#WeCallTheShotNotThem #AmericanAirlines
Amy Bohn, Co-founder of PERK (perk-group.com), exposes ties to China and the World Economic Forum, in California's 'Vaccine Passport infrastructure.
#VaccinePassport #Microsoft #WEF #WorldEconomyForum #Profusa #SOSCalifornia #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
POSTED: October 22, 2021
AMERICAN WORKERS DEFY VACCINE MANDATESAfter only the first week of protest, three major U.S. airlines have already softened their language regarding employee Covid vaccine mandates. Is this an early checkmate to Biden's federal vaccine mandate?
#SouthWestAirlines #DeltaAirlines #AmericanAirlines #UntiedAirlines #Pilots #VaccineMandate #EdBastian #MedicalFreedom #Chicago #Comply #JeffereyJaxen #JaxenReport #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW238
POSTED: October 22, 2021
After turning down an interview with Anderson Cooper, Leila Centner, owner of The Centner Academy, reveals only on The Highwire, the real story behind her controversial decision to ban vaccinated students for 30 days after receiving their jab.
#LeilaCentner #CentnerAcademy #TheBrainSchool #CovidVaccine #Shedding #VaccineSafety #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW238
POSTED: October 22, 2021
Del and Jefferey sit down for a deep dive into how they originally teamed up, and to break down some of the biggest stories, past and present.
#JeffereyJaxen #JaxenReport #SB277 #RichardPan #KathyHochul #RochelleWalensky #ColinPowell #WendyWilliams #RobertRedfield #NeilCavuto #BreakThroughCases #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW238
POSTED: October 22, 2021
Thousands of California Parents pulled their children from schools across the state Monday, as part of a massive protest against Covid vaccine mandates.
#StatewideSchoolWalkout #NoMandates #TJR #JaxenReport #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW238
POSTED: October 22, 2021
Washington State Representative Jim Walsh (19th District), was surprised to find himself and other members locked out of Capitol offices, including his own, over his vaccination status.
#RepJimWalsh #JimWalsh #LockOut #Olympia #Washington #VaccineMandate #VaccinePolicy #GovernmentAgenda #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW238
POSTED: October 22, 2021
Episode 238: AMERICAN EXODUSSouthwest Pilot Stands Firm; Jefferey Jaxen is IN STUDIO!; WA State Reps Locked Out!; Who is Powering Vaccine Passports?; Centner Academy Quarantines Vaccinated?
Guests: WA State Rep Jim Walsh, Amy Bohn, Leila Centner, Jefferey Jaxen
A very special episode TOMORROW on The HighWire | October 21st, 2021A very special episode TOMORROW on The HighWire | October 21st, 2021
Watch the show at TheHighWire.com/WATCH
Every Thursday, 11am PST (2pm EST)
#Southwest #SWAir #SouthwestHeadquarters #VaccineMandates #CentnerAcademy #TheBrainSchool #VaccineShedding #VaccinePassport #HealthPass #Covid19 #WEF #WorldEconomicForum #JeffereyJaxen #JaxenReport #RobertMalone #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW238
Police, Firefighters, Healthcare Workers and more are pushing back against Covid19 vaccine mandates, en masse.
#GregAbbott #ExecutiveOrder #Police #FireFighters #AlexVillanueva #NoVaccineMandates #FirstResponders #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW237
POSTED: October 19, 2021
Multiple data points and science from numerous countries have exposed the Covid shot's massive failure to stop infection.
#Singapore #BreakThroughCases #Israel #Myocarditis #Qatar #VaccineEfficacy #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW237
POSTED: October 19, 2021
Last week, The Highwire featured esteemed virologist Geert Vanden Bossche's prediction that senior members of our U.S. health regulatory agencies would be stepping down to avoid inevitable controversies surrounding the #Covid19 vaccine, and its boosters. Take a look as his intel is already proving to be true.
#GeertVandenBossche #FDA #CDC #WHO #HealthPolicy #MarionGruber #PhilKrause #FrancisCollins #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW236
POSTED: October 18, 2021
Scotland and Ireland reject vaccine passports, while New Zealand finally drops its 'anti-science' zero-Covid policy.
#Scotland #Ireland #BoycottVaccinePassports #PassportScheme #VaxPass #SPFL #NortherIreland #GordonLyons #ZeroCovid19Policy #NewZealand #SydneyLockdown #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW237
POSTED: October 18, 2021
Founder of Red Balloon, the nation's first free speech jobsite, joins Del to discuss his revolutionary new company connecting mandate-free, freedom loving employers with like minded employees.
#RedBalloon #AndrewCrapuchettes #VaccineMandates #LaborShortage #FreeSpeech #JobSite #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW237
POSTED: October 18, 2021
Last week Del joined ''The Mississippi Parents for Vaccine Rights and Medical Freedom'' along with several of the country's leading medical freedom fighters in Jackson, MS in the fight against government tyranny. Take a look.
#Mississippi #MPVRPAC #PAC #MedicalChoice #Rally4FreedomMS #HealthFreedom
#TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW237
POSTED: October 18, 2021
Sickout? Bad weather? Staffing issues? Why did Southwest Airlines meltdown causing their internal issues to spill out on the public stage causing mass flight cancellations?
#SouthwestAirlines #SouthwestPublicWorkersUnion #VaccineMandates #VaccinePushback #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW237
POSTED: October 18, 2021
OSHA experts, Tammy Clark and Kristen Meghan, spell out the number of reasons why Biden's vaccine mandates are illegal and what you can do to help fight back.
#OSHA #PPE #TammyClark #KristenMeghan #Biden #VaccineMandate #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW237
POSTED: October 15, 2021
Episode 237: THE TURNING POINTIt's Mandate Mayhem! Southwest Airlines in Disarray; Is Biden's Vaccine Order Legal?; The Pushback Against Tyranny Goes Viral!; Tech CEO's New Mandate-Free Job Site
Guests: Tammy Clark, Kristen Meghan, Andrew Crapuchettes
Mere weeks before #Covid19 became a household name, The Highwire aired an entire episode exposing leading public health authorities at the ''Global Vaccine Safety Summit'' held by the World Health Organization at the end of 2019. Listen to what Soumya Swaminathan, Marion Gruber, Heidi Larson and other leading experts were saying about vaccines before the pandemic hit.
#VaccineHesitancy #GlobalVaccineSafetySummit #VaccineSafety #SoumyaSwaminathan #WHO #RichardPan #HeidiLarson #MarionGruber #VaccineMandate #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW236
POSTED: October 13, 2021
Catch the revolution TOMORROW on The HighWire, October 14th, 2021Catch the revolution TOMORROW on The HighWire, October 14th, 2021
Every Thursday, 11am PST (2pm EST)
Watch the show at TheHighWire.com/WATCH
#Southwest #SWAir #VaccineMandates #Rally4FreedomMS #Texas #GovAbbott #TammyClark #OSHA #PPE #Biden #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW237
FAUCI GRILLED ON COVID RESPONSEIn an interview this week on his podcast, Hugh Hewitt asked Tony Fauci tough questions concerning his part in the many controversies surrounding the handling of the pandemic.
#HughHewitt #AnthonyFauci #Fauci #FireFauci #VaccineMandate #Covid19 #CovidVaccine #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW236
POSTED: October 8, 2021
RAND PAUL ROASTS HEAD OF HHSSenator Rand Paul, MD, laid into Xavier Becerra, the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, last week for publicly insulting the intelligence of anyone who has questioned natural immunity over immunity from the #Covid vaccine.
#RandPaul #XavierBecerra #FlatEarthers #HHS #NaturalImmunity #VaccineEfficacy #VaccineSafety #VaccineMandate #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW236
POSTED: October 8, 2021
Episode 236: W.H.O. IS TO BLAME?Fauci & Becerra Get Ripped A New One; Bombshell W.H.O. Expos(C) Through The Lens of A Pandemic; More U.S. Health Officials Jump Ship
#WhoIsLyingToYou #HindSight2020 #Fauci #HughHewitt #RandPaul #XavierBecerra #NIH #DHHS #NIAID #NaturalImmunity #NaturallyAcquiredImmunity #WHO #Timewarp #SoumyaSwaminathan #GlobalVaccineSafetySummit #VaccineSafety #VaccineSideEffects #Proof #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW236
Get your mind blown TOMORROW on The HighWire, October 7th, 2021Get your mind blown TOMORROW on The HighWire, October 7th, 2021
Every Thursday, 11am PST (2pm EST)
Watch the show at TheHighWire.com/WATCH
#WhoIsLyingToYou #HindSight2020 #Fauci #HughHewitt #RandPaul #XavierBecerra #NIH #DHHS #NIAID #NaturalImmunity #NaturallyAcquiredImmunity #WHO #Timewarp #SoumyaSwaminathan #GlobalVaccineSafetySummit #VaccineSafety #VaccineSideEffects #Proof #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW236
Over 10,000 physicians and medical scientists worldwide have signed the ''Rome Declaration'' to alert citizens about the deadly consequences of Covid-19 policy makers' and medical authorities' unprecedented behavior.
#RomeDeclaration #GreatBarringtonDeclaration #RobertMalone #StandUp #DoNoHarm #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW235
POSTED: October 5, 2021
A number of high profile NBA stars shocked reporters on the NBA's media day, when they expressed skepticism over Covid vaccine coercion.
#NBA #VaccineMandate #VaccineHesitancy #KyrieIrving #JonathanIsaac #TylerBertuzzi #BradleyBeal #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW235
POSTED: October 5, 2021
After YouTube's sweeping announcement to censor conversation and open discussion around ANY vaccine, the Ron Paul Institute's YouTube channel was removed. Though shortly after their channel was restored, countless other videos and channels have been removed without warning, or reason.
#YouTube #Censorship #VaccineCensorship #VaccineHesitancy #RonPaul #VaccineNarrative #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW235
POSTED: October 4, 2021
DID THE VAERS WHISTLEBLOWER LOSE HER JOB?VAERS whistleblower, Deborah Conrad, returns to The HighWire for an update you don't want to miss.
#WhistleBlower #HospitalWhistleBlower #DeborahConrad #VAERS #VaccineInjury #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW235
POSTED: October 1, 2021
VACCINE PASSPORTS DESTROYING NYC RESTAURANTSNew York City's vaccine passport mandate is impacting thousands of already struggling businesses. Brooklyn restaurant owner, Irene Siderakis, talks to Del about the extreme financial impact this mandate has had on her 100-year-old restaurant, and how she fears for her own safety.
#KelloggsBrooklyn #NYCVaccineMandate #VaccinePassport #VaxPass #IreneSiderakis #SmallBusiness #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW235
POSTED: October 1, 2021
Del checks in with Aussie freedom fighters, Taylor and Frank Winterstein, about the terrifying measures police and government are taking to uphold the oppressive lockdowns that Australia is imposing.
#TaylorWinterstein #FrankWinterstain #TaysWay #Vaxxhole #Australia #Melbourne #Lockdown #PoliceBrutality #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW235
POSTED: October 1, 2021
A yet unknown portion of healthcare workers in the State of New York have been forced from their jobs by the Biden-Cuomo-Hochul vaccine mandate. A scramble is now happening to fill the vacuum created by the mandate. National guard, internationally imported help from the Philippines and retirees are being used as bandages to fix the problem as hospitals are shutting services and care options.
#HealthcareWorkers #HealthcareWorkerShortage #NYS #KathyHochul #AndrewCuomo #VaccineMandate #NationalGuard #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW235
POSTED: October 1, 2021
Joe Biden was asked what percentage of Americans will need to be vaccinated for ''us to go back to normal.'' Listen to his answer.
#JoeBiden #Booster #ThirdShot #Vaccinated #BackToNormal #POTUS #PhotoOp #PercentageVaccinated #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW235
POSTED: October 1, 2021
Episode 235: AGAINST THE WALLTyranny Down Under; NBA Standoff; Thousands Fired Over Vaccines; 7,200 Sign New 'Rome Declaration'; NY Restaurant Under Threat; The Meeting of Two Covid Giants
Guests: Taylor & Frank Winterstein; Irene Siderakis; Deborah Conrad, PA-C
#CovidGiants #VaccineChoice #RomeDeclaration #BidensBooster #VAERSWhistleblower
We're getting serious on The HighWire TOMORROW, September 30th, 2021!We're getting serious on The HighWire TOMORROW, September 30th, 2021!
Every Thursday, 11am PST (2pm EST)
Watch the show at TheHighWire.com/WATCH
#VaccineMandates #FrontlineWorkers #InformedConsent #RightToChoose #NationalGuard #KathyHochul #EmergencyOrder #Biden #RogueGovernment #UnvaccinatedAthletes #JonathanIsaac #BradleyBeal #NBA #RobertMalone #GeertVanDenBossche #AccessVaccinatedDeaths #Affidavit #PhysiciansDeclaration
#TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW235
As the initial wave of two-dose mRNA vaccines are failing, boosters are now being rushed into the arms of millions around the world, absent any convincing scientific evidence and even less data on their safety. Many in Israel, the first country to green-light 'boosters for all' over 12 yrs old, are already having major issues.
#CovidBoosters #Boosters #FDA #Pfizer #Moderna #Israel #VaccineEfficacy #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW234
POSTED: September 27, 2021
Last week Del joined some of the country's most prolific Medical Freedom Advocates on stage in Kansas City at the ''Freedom Revival in the Heartland'' event. Take a look at just some of the most powerful moments.
#FreedomRevivalInTheHeartland #Kansas #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW234
POSTED: September 27, 2021
Tony Fauci, Peter Daszak, Ralph Baric, the Wuhan Lab, ''chimeric'' viruses, gain of function research, airborne nanoparticle release'...this story has it all as newly discovered documents lay out a shocking roadmap that even DARPA Refused to engage with. Is this the latest smoking gun in the Covid-19 lab origins story?
#Fauci #PeterDaszak #Wuhan #WuhanLab #CovidOrigins #GainOfFunction #DARPA #Bats #Pandemic #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW234
POSTED: September 27, 2021
Firefighters across the country are being faced with termination if they don't comply to Covid vaccine mandates. Newark Firefighters Union President, Chuck West, leads the charge as unions join together to rally against the mandate that violates union contracts, and freedom of choice for some of our bravest Americans.
#NewarkFireFightersUnion #ChuckWest #Newark #Firemen #VaccineMandates #FrontlineWorkers #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW234
POSTED: September 27, 2021
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has chosen a new Surgeon General, America's Frontline Doctor, signatory of the Great Barrington Declaration, a UCLA doctor and expert in health policy, Dr. Joseph Ladapo. Listen to his radical plan for the Sunshine State.
#RonDesantis #DrJosephLadapo #AmericasFrontlineDoctors #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW234
POSTED: September 24, 2021
Multiple sources in The HighWire's network of Frontline Physicians, have reported an alarming uptick in aggressive cancers post-Covid vaccination. Could there be a link? Pathologist Ryan Cole, MD, discusses the available science and his lab's findings.
#DrRyanCole #AmericasFrontLineDoctors #mRNAVaccine #VaccineInjury #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW234
POSTED: September 24, 2021
ICAN'S legal team has demanded Pfizer disclose a redacted ingredient on their Covid19 vaccine excipient, an ingredient that makes up 20% of their vaccine.
#Pfizer #Comirnaty #SecretIngredient #FDA #ICAN #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW234
POSTED: September 24, 2021
Firefighters Fight Mandates in NJ; New Peter Daszak Video Revelation; The Booster Blitz is On; ICAN's Demand to Pfizer; Dr. Cole & the Covid Vaccine-Cancer Connection; Unrest in Australia
#NoMandates #PeterDaszak #Wuhan #ICAN #Pfizer #Australia
Don't miss, The HighWire TOMORROW, September 23rd, 2021!Don't miss, The HighWire TOMORROW, September 23rd, 2021!
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#FDA #CovidBoosters #Firemen #NewarkFireFighters #FireFightersUnion #ChuckWest #VaccineMandates #ForcedVaccination #MelbourneProtest #AustraliaLockdown #TaylorWinterstein #FrankWinterstein #VaxHole #WhistleBlower #DeborahConrad #VAERS #CancerRise #DrRyanCole #PfizerSecretIngredient #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW234
Bureaucrats are stooping to new lows in the unscientific push to vaccinate all Americans. Recently, an internal video meeting exposed how one hospital system sought to manipulate numbers of hospitalized patients with Covid, in order to make it seem ''a little more scary''.
#NovantHealth #LeakedVideo #SkewingNumbers #CovidNumbers #CovidPatients #PandemicOfTheUnvaccinated #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW233
POSTED: September 22, 2021
Two top FDA health officials recently resigned their positions at the embattled regulatory agency, signaling conflict and dissent at the highest levels of public health over the White House's dictatorial public health declarations. Now, a newly published paper from the Lancet outlines how politics has infected science, and lack of clear evidence plagues Biden's booster push.
#COVID19 #BidensBosters #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW233
POSTED: September 22, 2021
PART 5: FREEDOM REVIVAL IN THE HEARTLAND 2021Communities in the midwest unite in Kansas to hold the line against all medical mandates, censorship, coercion, discrimination, and the erosion of our health freedoms.
Speakers: Dr. Richard Fleming; Dr. Stella Immanuel; Del Bigtree
PART 4: FREEDOM REVIVAL IN THE HEARTLAND 2021Communities in the midwest unite in Kansas to hold the line against all medical mandates, censorship, coercion, discrimination, and the erosion of our health freedoms.
Speakers: Dr. Richard Fleming; Dr. Stella Immanuel; Del Bigtree
PART 3: FREEDOM REVIVAL IN THE HEARTLAND 2021Communities in the midwest unite in Kansas to hold the line against all medical mandates, censorship, coercion, discrimination, and the erosion of our health freedoms.
Speakers: Doug Billings; Dr. Ben Tapper; Kris Kobach
President Biden recently announced historic and sweeping vaccine mandates that will affect over 100 million Americans in a public address to the nation. Watch as The HighWire's investigative team fact-checks the President's speech.
#Biden #VaccineMandate #VaccineInjury #12AndOlder #Karma #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #ICANFactCheck #HW233
POSTED: September 20, 2021
PART 2: FREEDOM REVIVAL IN THE HEARTLAND 2021Communities in the midwest unite in Kansas to hold the line against all medical mandates, censorship, coercion, discrimination, and the erosion of our health freedoms.
Speakers: Del Bigtree; Dr. Lee Merritt
The media and the Biden Administration are claiming hospitals are at their breaking point due to unvaccinated patients coming in with #COVID19, but is there another explanation?
#PandemicOfTheUnvaccinated #NurseRatios #NursingShortage #VaccineMandate #CovidPatients #TheHighWire #HW233
POSTED: September 20, 2021
PART 1: FREEDOM REVIVAL IN THE HEARTLAND 2021Communities in the midwest unite in Kansas to hold the line against all medical mandates, censorship, coercion, discrimination, and the erosion of our health freedoms.
Speakers: Jim Meehan, MD; Richard Fleming, PhD, MD, JD; Dr Karladine Graves, DO
Study after study proves the strength of immunity in those previously infected by #Covid is stronger to those who are vaccinated. Even CNN's resident medical talking head, Sanjay Gupta, recently questioned Fauci on growing evidence that natural infection trumps vaccine protection.
#NaturalImmunity #VaccineEfficacy #BreakThroughCases #Fauci #SanjayGupta #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW233
POSTED: September 20, 2021
In a Highwire exclusive, Deborah Conrad, a hospitalist physician's assistant on the frontlines of the pandemic, pulls back the curtain on the complete lack and disregard in her hospital for reporting Covid vaccine injury to VAERS, this country's only mechanism to track the safety of these rushed-to-market, mandated products. In riveting detail, including emails & recorded phone conversations, Conrad exposes the internal push to turn a blind eye to injuries and ''tow the company line'' that this vaccine is safe.
#VAEAR #VaccineInjury #HighWireExclusive #VaccineInjuryReporting #WhistleBlower #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW233
POSTED: September 17, 2021
Just days after the 20th anniversary of 9/11, teachers and union workers throughout the state came together in NYC in a ''walk out'' to demand freedom of choice against mandatory #Covid19 vaccines.
#TeachersForChoice #NYC #TeachersUnion #VaccineMandates #Walkout #DelBigtree #TheHighwire #HW233
POSTED: September 17, 2021
Episode 233: THE VAERS SCANDALPharma's 'Natural Immunity' Problem; Jeffery and Del Deconstruct Biden's Misinformed Address to the Nation; Exclusive Interview with Respected Hospitalist PA Exposes Potential Massive Fraud on the Frontlines; NY Protesters send message, ''It's Time to Make a Stand.''
Guest: Deborah Conrad, PA-C
#HWExclusive #NaturalImmunity #BidenBeatdown #VAERSWhistleblower #TeachersForChoice #NYC #Covid19
An Exclusive Whistleblower TOMORROW on The HighWire, September 16th, 2021!An Exclusive Whistleblower TOMORROW on The HighWire, September 16th, 2021!
Every Thursday, 11am PST (2pm EST)
Watch the show at TheHighWire.com/WATCH
#HighwireExclusive #HospitalWhistleBlower #WhistleBlower #TeachersForChoice #NYC #Biden #VaccineMandates #FederalMandates #FactCheck #VAERS #VAERSReporting #VaccineInjury #CovidVaccineInjury #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW233
MSNBC's Rachel Maddow, Rolling Stone, and a handful of other news organizations got caught plagiarizing fake news about Ivermectin, all citing a now ''corrected'' article that featured a doctor in Oklahoma who said he was seeing hospitals overrun with people overdosing on the ''horse dewormer.''
#FakeNews #RachelMaddow #JoeRogan #TheJoeRoganExperience #MSM #PandemicPropaganda #Ivermectin #HorseDewormer #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW232
POSTED: September 14, 2021
The ''Reawaken America'' Tour is a freedom movement sweeping across the U.S. Del talks to the mind behind these events, entrepreneur and event founder Clay Clark, about upcoming events and some of the inspirational speakers, including The Highwire's very own.
#ReawakenAmericaTour #ReawakenAmerica #ThriveTimeShow #ClayClark #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW232
POSTED: September 13, 2021
An unprecedented push is being made by governments around the world to implement draconian 'vaccine passports' & mandatory covid vaccines. But, citizens are coming out in the thousands to oppose the measures. Whether teachers, Doctors or Nurses, Firefighters, Law enforcement, or more, the message is being made loud and clear that vaccine passports or vaccines will not be accepted.
#VaccinePassports #PassportPushback #Covid19 #Choice #MedicalFreedom #TheHighWire #DelBigtree
POSTED: September 13, 2021
One of the first physicians to publicly recommend Hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for #Covid19, Vladimir Zelenko, MD, recently took part in a symposium with top Israeli rabbis, and did not mince words when warning of the dangers the citizens of the most vaccinated country in the world may be facing. He joins Del in-studio to discuss.
#VladimirZelenko #DrZelenko #ZelenkoProtocol #HCQ #Zinc #Israel #HW231
POSTED: September 7, 2021
Australian localities are erecting 'mandatory quarantine facilities' for Covid positive travelers. The cost for this dystopian, compulsory, prison-style retreat? $2,500 for individuals and $5K for families out-of-pocket. No parole unless you can provide a negative #Covid19 test.
#Australia #CovidCamps #QuarantineFacility #Wellcamp #1984 #HowardSprings #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW232
POSTED: September 10, 2021
After boasting about their successful vaccine uptake, the country is now facing another surge of cases. Now, countries are banning vaccinated Israeli nationals from entry into their country.
#Israel #Pfizer #BreakThroughCases #IsraelTravel #Covid19 #Vaccines #HW232
POSTED: September 10, 2021
Thursday evening, US President Joe Biden revealed an escalated national vaccine plan targeting nearly 100 million Covid-unvaccinated Americans. For historical purposes, The HighWire presents his full unedited address to the nation.
Original airdate: September 9, 2021
#Unvaccinated #Potus #Pandemic #Covid19 #WhiteHouse #TheHighWire #DelBigtree
Thousands of NY teachers are organizing and taking to the streets against their union's #Covid19 vaccine mandates. Del talks to the founder of ''Teachers For Choice,'' Michael Kane, about the success of their last rally, and the plans for their upcoming ''walk out'' on Sept 13th.
#NewYorkCity #VaccineMandates #DeBlasio #UFT #TeachersForChoice #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW232
POSTED: September 10, 2021
Episode 232: THE GREATER THREATMainstream Misinformation Goes Viral; Biggest Vaxhole on Earth Builds Camps; Evidence of Graphene Oxide in Vaccines; NY Teachers Pushing Back
#Ivermectin #NYTeachersUnite #GrapheneOxide #ZeroCovid #Israel #Sweden #QuarantineCamps #TheHighWire #DelBigtree
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Japan raised the alarm after finding contaminants in vials of Moderna's Covid-19 vaccines, pulling over 2 million doses from its market.
#Japan #Moderna #StainlessSteel #Vaccines #Covid19 #HW231 #TheHighWire #DelBigtree
POSTED: September 7, 2021
After 18 months of flip-flopping his public scientific prognostications, the public has had enough of ''America's Doctor.''
#Fauci #FlipFlop #FauciFatigue #Covid19 #DelBigtree #TheHighwire #HW231
POSTED: September 7, 2021
What do high rates of heart inflammation in the youth, legal confusion and unaligned public health messaging have in common? They were all topics from the CDC's latest vaccine advisory meeting discussing the approval of #Covid19 booster shots.
#Boosters #ACIP #Myocarditis #Covid-19 #Vaccines #DelBigtree #TheHighwire #HW231
POSTED: September 7, 2021
DO MASKS PROTECT AGAINST SARS-COV-2 & ARE THEY SAFE?Government-trained OSHA mask experts, Tammy Clark & Kristen Meghan, lay out concrete data on the safety and efficacy of masks.
Get the Science:
Get the Full Interview:
#OSHA #MaskEfficacy #MaskMandates #MaskSafety #TammyClark #KristenMeghan
ARE THE SPIKE PROTEINS IN COVID VACCINES SAFE?Board-certified pathologist, Ryan Cole, MD, explains how the spike proteins in the #Covid19 vaccines play a role in Antibody-Dependent Enhancement (ADE).
Get the Science:
Get the Full Interview:
#DrRyanCole #AFLDS #ADE #Boosters #VaccineInjury #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW230
Covid-19 treatments have been a hotbed of controversy since the onset of the pandemic, but monoclonal antibody treatment seems to be the only regiment for #Covid19 patients that health officials, doctors, and people on all sides can agree on. Texas doctor, Richard Bartlett, MD, who saved countless lives with his steroid Budesonide protocol, shares his experience with Regeneron and how it may be a viable lifeboat.
#BartlettProtocol #Regeneron #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW231
POSTED: September 3, 2021
As China tries to blame the United States for the SARS -CoV-2 lab leak, here in the U.S., the ICAN legal team continues to file FOIA requests and legal cases against government agencies, to help uncover whether American scientists were involved in gain-of-function viruses at the Wuhan lab.
#China #Wuhan #WuhanLab #LabLeak #SARSCoV2 #Fauci #EcoAlliance #RandPaul #RalphBaric #HWLegalUpdate #ICAN #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW231
POSTED: September 3, 2021
SHOULD YOUR TEEN BE WORRIED ABOUT HEART INFLAMMATION AFTER COVID VACCINE?As reports of myocarditis in the youth rise post-covid vaccine, board-certified pathologist, Ryan Cole, MD, breaks down the real risk of heart inflammation.
Get the Science:
Get the Full Interview:
#DrRyanCole #AFLDS #ADE #Myocarditis #VaccineInjury #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW230
Episode 231: FEAST OF CONSEQUENCESChina Fires Back on Covid Origin; ICAN Sues NIH; ACIP Rebuffs Biden & Plotkin; New Data Reveals Shocking Vaccine Risk; Dr. Bartlett on Monoclonal Antibodies; Dr. Zelenko Is On a Mission
Guests: Dr. Richard Bartlett & Dr. Vladimir Zelenko
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In the wake of another hit piece on Del, we're sharing a behind-the-scenes look at how Business Insider reporter, Tom Porter, gathered information for his article. How much due diligence did he do? The answer may be surprising.
#TomPorter #BusinessInsider #Interview #VaccineDeaths #CovidDeaths #ICAN #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW230
POSTED: August 31, 2021
The boosters have arrived despite a lack of data to support their use. With Delta surging among the vaccinated, the White House stepped out ahead of health officials, to announce the intent to add yet another shot to the Covid vaccine schedule.
#Vaccine #Covid #BoosterBonanza #CDC #FDA #FullyVaccinated #GreenPass >>#ThreeShot>> #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW230
POSTED: August 31, 2021
Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine, named Comirnaty, was granted full approval by the FDA this week. Watch to find out how this approval is different from past vaccines.
#Vaccine #Covid #Pfizer #FDA #VaccineHesitancy #Comirnaty #EUA #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW230
POSTED: August 31, 2021
DEL BIGTREE'S FULL INTERVIEW WITH INSIDER REPORTER, TOM PORTERWatch what really happened when Del overwhelmed a mainstream reporter bent on writing a slanted piece on Del and the Informed Consent Action Network.
To see Porter's published article: https://www.businessinsider.com/ican-billionaire-funded-antivax-group-trump-fans-ties-2021-8
IS COVID MORE DANGEROUS THAN THE FLU?Former Pfizer VP, Dr. Micheal Yeadon, discusses of the global infection fatality ratio of #Covid19.
Get the Science:
Get the Full Interview:
#DrMikeYeadon #Flu #IFR #GetFactsinated #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
Within 24 hours of her first #Covid19 vaccine, Marty's healthy, 86-year-old mother was found dead. After pushback from doctors and the coroner, he paid for an independent autopsy and the results were eye opening.
#VaccineDeaths #VaccineSafety #SpeakUp #DrRyanCole #Investigate #Autopsy #VAERS#TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW230
POSTED: August 30, 2021
ARE WE STARTING TO SEE A.D.E.?For over a year, The Highwire has been sounding the alarm on #Covid19 vaccines & their possible association with Antibody-Dependent Enhancement (ADE). Now thousands of emerging vaccine deaths and injuries may be pointing directly to this dangerous phenomenon. Board Certified Pathologist, Ryan Cole, talks to Del about what he is seeing in his practice as the booster bonanza begins.
#DrRyanCole #AFLDS #ADE #Boosters #VaccineInjury #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW230
POSTED: August 30, 2021
Post #Covid19 vaccination, NSW Customer Service Minister, Victor Dominello, received a diagnosis of Bell's palsy after worried viewers of a press conference noticed his drooping face and urged him to seek medical attention. He denies his diagnosis has anything to do with the vaccine, even though Bell's Palsy is a listed side effect, with over 3,000 reports on the VAERS database.
#VictorDominello #BellsPalsy #VaccineInjury #VAERS #VSafeDatabase #VaccineSideEffects #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW230
POSTED: August 30, 2021
''THE TRUCKIES ARE GOING TO SHUT DOWN THE COUNTRY''The French are refusing to eat in restaurants demanding vaccine passports, and now the truck drivers of Australia are organizing a strike in protest of mandatory vaccines and extreme lockdown measures.
#VaccinePassports #Protest #France #Australia #Truckies TruckDriverStrike #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW230
POSTED: August 27, 2021
INTRODUCING ''GET FACTSINATED''!Are you ready to be a super spreader of truth? The Highwire is launching a brand new campaign, to arm you with the facts, in short videos you can share anywhere, featuring the world's leading experts on #Covid19, vaccines, and everything in between.
We will be adding new videos every week for you to share, download, and post to your favorite social media platforms. Go to thehighwire.com/GetFactsinated for all of the latest videos!
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Freedom fighters from all over the Lone Star State joined Del and ''Texans For Vaccine Choice'' at the state capitol last week for their biggest event to date, the ''Freedom Fight.''
#FreedomFight #TFVC #FreedomFight2021 #VaccineChoice #InformedConsent #Austin #MedicalFreedom #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW230 #Texas
POSTED: August 27, 2021
Episode 230: THE WRITING ON THE WALLFDA Approves Pfizer Vaccine; The Booster Debate & Growing Concern Over ADE; Dr. Cole's Concern About Covid Vaccines; Son Proves Mother's Covid Shot Death
#GetFactsinated #Pfizer #Covid19 #Boosters #ADE #DrCole #InnateImmunity #VaccineInjury
IS NATURAL OR VACCINE IMMUNITY MORE EFFECTIVE?Dr. Peter McCullough highlights science supporting the strength and longevity of natural immunity in those previously infected with SARS-CoV-2 over people who have only been vaccinated.
Get the Science:
Get the Full Interview:
#PeterMcCullough #NaturalImmunity #Covid19 #VaccineEfficacy #GetFactsinated #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
IS COVID A PANDEMIC OF THE UNVACCINATED?Professor of medicine and Covid expert, Peter McCullough, MD, explains how the CDC stopped recording 'breakthrough' Covid cases in the vaccinated, and explains the impact this had on US data.
Get the Science:
Get the Full Interview:
#PeterMcCullough #AsymmetricReporting #CDC #BreakThroughCases #GetFactsinated #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
Can A Person with No Symptoms Spread Covid-19?Former Pfizer VP, Dr. Micheal Yeadon, explains why it is extremely rare for people with no symptoms to spread Covid-19.
Get the Science:
Get the Full Interview:
#DrMikeYeadon #AsymptomaticSpread #PCR #FireFauci #GetFactsinated #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
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Del and his family travel to Georgia to take part in a ''Back To School'' Healthy Immune Kids event, focusing on helping our youth navigate the overwhelming pressures when it comes to masks and vaccines at school.
#Healthy #MaskChildren #UnmaskChildren #Georgia #BackToSchool #Vaccinated #Family #ChildrensVoice #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW229
POSTED: August 24, 2021
School boards across the country are having to answer to outraged parents, pushing back on mask mandates for children in classrooms, largely because of the complete lack of data to support the use of masks during this pandemic. Take a look at this Texas school board meeting on the eve of the new school year.
#DSISD #SchoolBoard #MaskMandate #MaskedChildren #UnmaskChildren #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW229
POSTED: August 24, 2021
The passionate debate over students forced to mask up in school has made school board meetings across the country pressure cookers. Del gets a unique perspective from Psychiatrist, mom, and School Board Member, Stefani Reinhold about how to effectively create change within your schools.
#DrStefaniReinhold #SchoolBoard #MaskMandate #MasksInSchools #SchoolBoardMeeting #DISD #ChildrenSpeak #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW229
POSTED: August 24, 2021
Whether it's data on masks, case counts or even agency buzzwords like 'a pandemic of the unvaccinated,' the CDC's data collection and accuracy has taken a major blow in the public's eyes. Jefferey Jaxen deconstructs the inconsistencies from a public health agency rapidly losing integrity in America.
#Mask #Unvaccinated #CDC #CaseCounts #Covid19 #Pandemic #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW229
POSTED: August 24, 2021
Concerned parents recently organized a ''Back To School'' Healthy Immune Kids Event to bring like minded families together to help our brave youth navigate the pressures to wear masks and be vaccinated. Del and his family travel to Georgia to take part in this amazing event.
#ChildrensHealth #MaskedChildren #BackToSchool #HealthyKids #HealthyImmuneSystem #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW229
POSTED: August 24, 2021
Jackie Schlegel, warrior mom and Executive Director of Texans For Vaccine Choice, sits down with Del to discuss her grassroots organization's mission for medical freedom and their biggest event to date, the ''Freedom Fight'' Rally at the steps of the Texas Capitol.
#FreedomFight #TFVC #TheChoiceShouldBeYours #FreedomFight2021 #VaccineChoice #TexansForVaccineChoice #InformedConsent #TexasCapital #Austin #FreedomRally #MedicalFreedom #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW229
POSTED: August 23, 2021
TFVC FREEDOM FIGHT RALLYLive from the Texas state capitol, medical freedom activists gather to oppose the extreme public health measures as the debate rages in Texas over mandatory vaccines, masks in schools, and vaccine passports.
#FreedomFight2021 #TFVC #DelBigtree #Masks #Covid19 #GetFACTSinated
As schools begin in person instruction, many districts are mandating masks for all students. What science are they looking at to make these mandates? Jefferey Jaxen and Del take a look at all the science around kids and masks.
#MaskingChildren #UnmaskCHildren #MentalHealth #ParentalControl #ParentsRights #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW229
POSTED: August 23, 2021
As summer ends and kids head back to school, a renewed frenzy has been triggered by media and public health experts, claiming children are in grave danger from the delta variant. In the face of growing fear, we look to the data from the CDC, AAP, and state health departments to drill down to the truth.
#MaskMandates #CDC #AAP #StateHealthDept #DeltaVariant #Truth #Covid19 #Lockdown
POSTED: August 23, 2021
Children's Health Defense earned a huge legal win in the court of appeals this week against the 1996 FCC safety guidance stating that wireless technology is safe unless it raises the temperature of your internal organs. Another step closer to bringing attention to the serious safety and privacy concerns with the mass rollout of 5G.
#ChildrensHealthDefense #CHD #RobertFKennedy #RFKJr #5G #DataHarvesting #TeleCom #FCC #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW229
POSTED: August 23, 2021
Father of four and Daily Wire contributor, Matt Walsh, went viral this week for his ''drop the mic'' speech at a Nashville School Board meeting, chastising the board for the complete lack of evidence to back the tyrannical mask mandates schools are placing on their students. We couldn't have said it better ourselves, Matt!
#MattWalsh #DailyWire #MNPS #MaskMandates #MasksInSchools #CarrieUnderwood #TheMattWalshShow #SchoolBoard #ParentsChoice #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW229
POSTED: August 23, 2021
Episode 229: COVID: KIDS IN THE SPOTLIGHTLandmark 5G Lawsuit Win; Is Delta or the CDC more dangerous for kids?; School Board Wars Rage On, Dr. Reinold's take; Del educates on Covid in Georgia; Children's advocacy group rallies August 21st
Guests: Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Dr. Stefani Reinold, MD, MPH, and Jackie Schlegel
#TheHighWire #5G #Covid19 #Delta #SchoolBoardWars #DSISD #RaisingHeroes #TFVC #FreedomFight
Constitutional attorney, Robert Barnes, gave a shout out to The Informed Consent Action Network on the Viva Law Podcast last week, applauding the legal cases that The Highwire's parent company has taken against the government, demanding transparency in the safety and efficacy of the #Covid19 vaccines.
#RobertBarnes #VivaLawPodcast #ICAN #FIOA #VaccineEfficacy #VaccineSafety #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW228
POSTED: August 19, 2021
As ICAN scoured more than 3,000 pages of Fauci emails obtained through a FOIA request, it was discovered the emails had been heavily redacted. ICAN responded by filing suit to have the emails unredacted. As we wait for the full production to be unredacted, one previously redacted email was provided to ICAN attorneys, and the contents have implications that could change the course of the Pandemic investigation.
#LabOrigin #ICAN #FOIA #Fauci #FauciEmails #Bombshell #PeterDaszak #NIH #Wuhan #EcoHealthAlliance #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW228
POSTED: August 19, 2021
Financial Expert and former White House Official, Catherine Austin Fitts, reveals how the central banking system has utilized economic turmoil during the #Covid19 pandemic, to advance a plan to centralize wealth, reengineer the financial system, and what we can do to stop it.
#CatherineAustinFitts #CashFriday #CentralBank #CovidPassports #Bitcoin #CryptoCurrency #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW228
POSTED: August 19, 2021
The CDC recently announced #Covid19 vaccine immunity is superior to that of broader natural immunity, based on a short term case study conducted in Kentucky. Has man-made science conquered natural immunity, or is there more to this story?
#CDC #NaturalInfection #MSM #NewScience #CommunityImmunity #GoHerd
POSTED: August 18, 2021
The Highwire gives props to UFC President, Dana White, who was the latest public figure to make it clear he will not be mandating anything for his employees, or his fighters.
#UFC #DanaWhite #UltimateFighter #NoVaccineMandates #HighwireHeroOfTheWeek #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW228
POSTED: August 18, 2021
The latest science is continuing to reinforce the importance and value natural immunity offers to those recovered from Covid. ''Super immunity'' and ''ultrapotent'' are the latest buzz words to describe the type of protection offered from natural infection. But what about the variants? And what about escape mutations? You may be surprised by what's being discovered.
#NaturalImmunity #SuperImmunity #RochelleWalensky #Fauci #Variants #Delta #Mutations
POSTED: August 18, 2021
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With Cuomo's scandalous resignation and Newsom's impending recall, politicians are feeling the power of public pushback. Senator & medical doctor, Rand Paul, recently released a powerful message to keep the pressure on.
#Cuomo #CuomoResigns #RecallNewsome #GavinNewsom #RandPaul #VaccineMandates #StandUp #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW228
POSTED: August 17, 2021
In the wake of the new school year, headlines and news stories about the delta variant are striking fear and confusion in parents across the country. Del talks to Dr. Jeffrey Barke, Frontline Doctor and public education expert, to help address parental concerns and questions.
#DrBarke #JeffreyBarke #Delta #DeltaVariant #FearTactics #AmericasFrontlineDoctors #BackToSchool #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW228
POSTED: August 16, 2021
Entering the ridiculous, public health officials are now asking people not to talk to stop the Covid virus. Jefferey Jaxen dives into the science behind the latest Covid mitigation suggestion.
#Australia #NSW #KerryChant #DeltaVariant #MaskMandates #SocialDistancing #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW228
POSTED: August 16, 2021
As the 2021 school year approaches, school boards and local politicians across the country are starting the push for new mask and vaccine mandates. Unfortunately for them, the public are well-educated and emboldened with the truth, and aren't going to take it anymore.
#RochelleWalensky #DeltaVariant #VaccineEfficacy #MaskMandates #RobertRedfield #CDC #StandUp #FightBack #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW228
POSTED: August 16, 2021
Del breaks exclusive newly-unredacted bombshell Fauci email; Dr. Barke tells us why not to buy into Delta fears; CDC lying about natural immunity; Former Federal Official Catherine Austin Fitts' urgent warning for all Americans
Guests: Dr. Jeffrey Barke, Catherine Austin Fitts
#ICANFauciemails #Fauci #Wuhan #CDC #DeltaVariant #DrBarke #NaturalImmunity #ICAN
ICAN CEO and host of The HighWire, Del Bigtree was invited on CGTN's The Heat for a tense and, at times, explosive debate on Covid vaccination with two of America's Top specialists, American Public Health Association Exec. Director, Georges C. Benjamin, and Chair & President of ACCESS Health Intl, William Haseltine. Del was joined in the debate by Undercover Epidemic Nurse author Erin Marie Olszewski.
Source: https://www.cgtn.com/tv
Air date: Aug. 12, 2021
#CovidVaccineDebate #APHA #ACCESS #ErinMarie #UndercoverRN #DelBigtree #TheHighWire #ICAN
Anna Brees, former BBC journalist, has serious concerns regarding the U.K. media's involvement in pushing the global message to force #Covid19 vaccines on everyone, especially children.
#AnnaBrees #BBC #BreesMedia #VaccinePassports #GreenPass #UK #London #Freedom #VacineMandate #MedicalFreedom #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW227
POSTED: August 11, 2021
The music video for ''Just Say No'' by Canadian musician RC the Rapper, caught The HighWire's attention with its powerful message of resistance. Del talks to the young artist about the lack of information freedom and dangerous government overreach Canada is facing under the guise of the #Covid19 pandemic.
#Canada #Trudeau #RCTheRapper #JustSayNo #GovernmentOverreach #Lockdowns #Unvaccinated #VaccineMandates #VaccinePassports #CovidHotels #HW227
POSTED: August 11, 2021
Irish Doctor and Scientist, Delores Cahil, PhD, returns to The Highwire detailing her medical and political fight for freedom in Ireland, which has had the most stringent #Covid19 lockdown policy in the European Union.
#Ireland #Lockdown #DeloresCahill #MaskMandates #VaccinationStatus #VaccinePassport #MedicalFreedom #Discrimination #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW227
POSTED: August 11, 2021
The UK's Covid19 vaccine passport push has been an on again, off again circus, causing already waning public confidence to plummet. Now, citizens are being required to download and use the NHS app to enter pubs and conduct social life.
#NadhimZahawi #UK #NIH #VaccineDeployment #VaccinePassport #FlipFlop #VaccineMandate #NHSCovidPass #Segregation #KeirStarmer #BorisJohnson #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW227
POSTED: August 11, 2021
Take a deep dive on The HighWire TOMORROW, August 12th, 2021!Take a deep dive on The HighWire TOMORROW, August 12th, 2021!
Every Thursday, 11am PST (2pm EST)
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#SchoolBoardWars #AndrewCuomo #GavinNewsom #VaccineEfficacy #RochelleWalensky #Lockdown #MaskMandates #VaccinePassport #GlobalAgenda #CatherineAustinFitts #CentralReserveBanking #Bitcoin #GreatReset #WorldEconomicForum #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW228
In cities across the world, fed-up citizens have taken to the streets by the thousands, tired of lockdown measures, looming vaccine mandates, and corporate media propaganda.
#WorldWideFreedomRally #Global #France #Italy #UK #Lockdown #VaccineMandates #Globalist #GlobalTakeover #Communism #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW227
POSTED: August 11, 2021
As an island nation, the Australian government has implemented never ending strict lockdowns in an attempt to control the #CoronaVirus, which has had devastating effects on its working citizens. Del talks to freedom fighters, Taylor & Frank Winterstein, about why only 14% of the country is vaccinated, and what keeps them strong standing on the frontlines of medical freedom fight.
#Australia #Lockdowns #DeltaVariant #FrankWinterstein #TaylorWinterstein #VaccineSafety #AustraliaLockdowns #Sydney #Melbourne #Protests #WorldWideFreedomRally #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW227
POSTED: August 9, 2021
French President, Emmanuel Macron, provoked a huge uprising on Bastille Day after announcing his new #Covid19 vaccine passport mandate. Founder of Children's Health Defense Europe, Senta Duypudt, gives Del an insider's view on how the people of France are standing up to their tyrannical government.
#Macron #EmmanuelMacron #SentaDuypudt #VaccinePassports #GreenPass #Tyranny #WeAreAtWar #GovernmentOverReach #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW227
POSTED: August 6, 2021
Watch as a new Dutch civil servant & politician, Gideon Van Meijeren, skillfully outs his Prime Minister regarding his connection to WEF's Klaus Schwab, and his approval of the 'Great Reset.' Grab some popcorn and enjoy this gem!
#Netherland #TheHague #GideonVanMeijeren #Nether #TweedeKamer #GlobalAgenda #KlausSchwab #WEF #TheGreatReset #MarkRutte #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW227
POSTED: August 6, 2021
Several months after making a mockery of both the WHO's PCR tests and refusing the COVAX Facility's AstraZeneca shot, Tanzania president John Magufuli 'mysteriously' disappeared and is later found dead.
#JohnMagufuli #MagufuliDeath #Tanzania #Dodoma #VaccineSafety #Africa #Ivermectin #PCRTesting #Papaya #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW227
POSTED: August 6, 2021
Episode 227: HOLDING THE LINEThe HighWire hits the frontlines of the global fight against Covid tyranny; Del checks in with scientists, journalists, singers & celebrities around the world to find out what is really going on outside the USA.
Guests: Senta Depuydt, Taylor & Frank Winterstein, Dolores Cahill, PhD, Anna Brees, and RC The Rapper
#HoldTheLine #DelBigtree #UK #Ireland #Australia #Canada #RCTheRapper #AnnaBrees #TheWintersteins #DoloresCahill
The HighWire Goes Global '-- TOMORROW, Aug 5thThe HighWire Goes Global '-- TOMORROW, Aug 5th
Every Thursday, 11am PST (2pm EST)
Watch the show at TheHighWire.com/WATCH
#HighwireCommunity #Global #GreenPass #VaccinePassport #FranceRally #UKRally #WorldWideFreedomRally #Macron #AnnaBrees #BBC #TaylorWinterstein #FrankWinterstein #AustraliaLockdown #RCTheRapper #CanadaLockdown #DeloresCahill #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW227
All eyes are again on the immunity garnered from natural infection, now that the 'delta variant' is wreaking havoc on the vaccinated. How do you want your immunity? From neverending boosters, or natural infection?
#Covid19 #NaturalImmunity #DeltaVariant #CovidBooster #Pfizer #Moderna #Antibodies #TCells #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW226
POSTED: August 3, 2021
Former President Donald Trump faced corporate media backlash for suggesting that the U.S. may be ''testing too much,'' artificially inflating numbers. Now, that same argument has reappeared, this time it's being pushed to obfuscate breakthrough cases in the vaccinated. And what's really going on with the PCR test? Was it ever accurate in the first place?
#PCR #CovidTest #DeltaVariant #Covid19 #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW226
POSTED: August 3, 2021
As the #Covid19 vaccines' effectiveness and safety unravels, Del takes us through a host of bombshell facts and data The Highwire has been right about, for up to, and in some cases over a year.
#Moderna #Pfizer #PeterDoshi #GeertVandenBossche #RochelleWalensky #Antibodies #NaturalImmunity #Antigens #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW226
POSTED: August 3, 2021
The scientific and public health communities are now forced to accept the fact that neutralizing antibodies after vaccination are rapidly falling, which means the vaccine is failing. Their solution? Booster shots! Will this open admission of vaccine failure lead to more 'vaccine hesitancy' among the large percentage of Americans refusing the jab?
#Covid19 #NaturalImmunity #DeltaVariant #CovidBooster #Pfizer #Moderna #VaccineHesitancy #Antibodies #TCells #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW226
POSTED: August 2, 2021
Biden has announced a Covid vaccination requirement for all federal employees despite the shot still holding an Emergency Use Authorization from the FDA. Is this legal and lawful? Are there any unions pushing back against his questionable mandate? The HighWire breaks it down.
#WhiteHouse #Biden #VaccineMandates #FDA #EmergencyUseAuthorization #Union #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW226
POSTED: August 2, 2021
Healthcare workers severely injured by the #Covid19 vaccine, Shawn Skelton and Angelia Desselle, return to The Highwire for a surprising update.
#ShawnSkelton #AngeliaDesselle #VaccineInjury #Ivermectin #VAERS #VaxLonghaulers #C19Reactions #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW226
POSTED: August 2, 2021
Health officials, politicians, and the media has amped up their mission to blame the unvaccinated for the recent surge in #Covid19 cases, however the real data proves otherwise.
#MSM #Unvaccinated #Delta #DeltaSurge #BreakThroughCases #VaccineEfficacy #Evidence #KayIvey #GavinNewsom #FrancisCollins #SunnyHostin #Biden #JimJustice #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW226
POSTED: July 30, 2021
America's Frontline Doctor, Jeff Barke, MD, joins Del to discuss the science and studies behind the dangers of reinstating mask mandates, particularly in schools.
#AmericasFrontlineDoctors #JeffBarke #DrJeffBarke #MaskMandates #MaskEfficacy #Parents #Children #Unmask #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW226
POSTED: July 30, 2021
Episode 226: AHEAD OF THE CURVEThe Covid Narrative is Unraveling; The HighWire Highlight's Shocking COVID Accuracy; Dr. Barke Opposes Masking Kids Again; Hope for the Covid Vaccine Injured; Where is this all going?
Guests: Jeffrey Barke, MD; Angelia Deselle; Shawn Skelton
#Masks #Unvaxxed #Vaxxed #Covid19 #DrBarke
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TIME TO HAND OVER THE KEYS?President Biden was asked in this week's CNN Presidential Town Hall with Joe Biden an important question regarding when children under 12 will be able to get the Covid vaccine. The president's incoherent answer leaves America in an uncomfortable situation.
#Biden #CNN #DonLemon #CNNPresidentialTownHall #Senile #Dementia #EmergencyApproval #FDA #BidenTownHall #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW225
POSTED: July 26, 2021
UK OFFICIAL ADMITS LOCKDOWNS FOR ''SOCIAL CONTROL''A U.K. member of Parliament has come forward writing a blistering op-ed for the Daily Mail. Part whistleblower, part human rights activist, Graham Brady is calling out his own government's ill-advised Covid mitigation policies, originating from fear, rather than sound public health science.
#GrahamBrady #UKParliament #SocialControl #Tory1922Committee #MaskMandates #SocialDistance #StateOfAnxiety #Comply #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW225
POSTED: July 26, 2021
Dr. Peter McCullough, joins the Highwire again, this time to discuss the serious problem with the efficacy of the #Covid19 vaccines and how mass vaccination is creating this runaway train of a pandemic.
#PeterMcCullough #VaccineEfficacy #DeltaVariant #PCRTesting #NaturalImmunity #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW225
POSTED: July 23, 2021
The tension was palpable as KY Sen. Rand Paul, MD, questioned NIAID head Tony Fauci, MD, on his gain-of-function research out of the Wuhan lab, reminding him of the legal ramifications for lying to Congress under oath.
#RandPaul #Fauci #GainOfFunction #Wuhan #WuhanLab #FireFauci
#TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW225
POSTED: July 23, 2021
Free donuts, marijuana, and money still hasn't persuaded 50% of Americans to take the experimental Covid vaccine, so the White House officially pivoted in their propaganda campaign by making half of the country the new enemy.
#GoodLuckWithThat #JenPsaki #Biden #HeidiLarson #VaccineMisinformation #Unvaccinated #PandemicOfUnvaccinated #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW225
POSTED: July 23, 2021
Early on, health experts sold the public on an efficacy rate of 90% or higher for all of the #Covid19 vaccines, but unfortunately for them, real world stats are out. Del crunches the numbers from the most vaccinated country in the world to uncover the real effectiveness of these experimental jabs.
#VaccineEfficacy #Israel #BreakThroughCases #DeltaVariant #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW225
POSTED: July 23, 2021
Episode 225: THE COVID BLAME GAMEBiden's Epic Blame Game Begins; Rand Paul Roasts Tony Fauci; Del Dives into the Data; Dr. McCullough on the Vaccine, Delta Variant, and much more; An all-new HighWire Hero!
Guest: Dr. Peter McCullough, MD, MPH
#TheBlameGame #TheHighWire #DisinformationDozen #RandRoastsFauci #DeltaVariant #HighlyInformed
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ISRAELI DATA REVEALS COVID VACCINE FAILUREOnce praised as a 'vaccine success' story, Israel is seeing increasing rates of #Covid19. With an estimated 40% new infections in the vaccinated, the country has become the first to authorize a third booster shot in an effort to contain runaway infections.
#Israel #DeltaVariant #BreakThroughCases #BoosterShot #InfectionRate #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW224
POSTED: July 21, 2021
U.S. government officials announced new efforts to push experimental vaccines and censor speech. Door-to-door visits to determine vaccine status, calls for local mandates, and even real time surveillance and censorship of personal text messages are now on the table.
#XavierBecerra #Biden #FauciFlipFlop #DoorToDoor #VaccineMandates #BrianKemp #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW224
POSTED: July 21, 2021
Vaccine-makers and key public health experts promised their experimental vaccines were over 90% effective. Now vaccine failure is pushing several countries to give boosters in an effort to chase Covid variants against a backdrop of waning vaccine protection.
#Pfizer #BooserShot #CovidBooster #DeltaVariant #VaccineProtection #VaccineEfficacy #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW224
POSTED: July 21, 2021
CASE CLOSEDAs a dozen U.S. states are poised to continue mandatory mask mandates in schools, a new clinical trial in Germany on the effects of masks on children once again concluded the carbon dioxide levels children endure while wearing masks is off the charts.
#MaskMandates #CarbonDioxideLevels #MaskEfficacy #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW224
POSTED: July 21, 2021
W.H.O. WHISTLEBLOWER CONNECTS THE DOTSFormer ethics researcher at the W.H.O., Astrid Stuckelburger, PhD, sheds light on the behind-the-scenes at our top world health agency, their conflicts of interests, and who's really been pulling the strings in the #Covid19 pandemic response.
#AstridStuckelberger #WHOWhistleblower #Tedros #BillGates #Gavi #Technocrats #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW224
POSTED: July 20, 2021
COVID VACCINE MANDATES BEGINFlying in the face of rational science, responsible public health policy and ethical principles, European governments are requiring vaccine passports to function in society and for healthcare workers. Like an echo, populations have responded almost immediately with sustained protests in the streets.
#BastilleDay #VaccinePassports #FranceProtests #Greece #VaccineMandates #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW224
POSTED: July 16, 2021
SENATOR HELPS COVID VACCINE VICTIMS SPEAK OUTSenator Ron Johnson brought attention to victims injured by COVID-19 vaccines last week, shining a light on the lack of treatment and transparency in a powerful press conference where victims told their stories.
#RonJohnson #SenRonJohnson #Wisconsin #VaccineInjury #SeverelyVaccineInjured #SherylRuettgers #KristiDobbs #BrianneDressen #CandaceHayden #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW224
POSTED: July 16, 2021
ARE YOU THE BILLION DOLLAR WHISTLEBLOWER?Are you a big pharma insider who has first hand information about false claims used in order to gain FDA emergency approval of the #Covid19 vaccine? Hear how brave whistleblowers can cash out big time.
#BillionDollarWhistleblower #WhistleBlower #BillionDollars #PayOut #FalseClaimsAct #BigPharma #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW224
POSTED: July 16, 2021
Episode 224: THE COVID CARTELThe $1 Billion Whistleblower Search; International Vaccine Mandates Start; W.H.O. Insider Exposes Pandemic Response; The Ultimate Proof Masks Don't Work!
Guest: Astrid Stuckelberger, PhD
#TheCovidCartel #WHO #Tedros #UnMaskUs #CovidVaccineWhistleblower
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: July 15, 2021
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#VaccineMandates #Fauci #FauciFlipFlop #DeltaVariant #PfizerBooster #FDA #CDC #WHO #WHOWhistleblower #AstridStuckelberger #CovidAgenda #Tedros #MainstreamMedia #BillionDollarChallenge #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW224
COMPARING VACCINATED VS UNVACCINATEDDr. Stanley Plotkin is questioned under oath, about conducting a study comparing health outcomes between children receiving vaccines, and children receiving no vaccines.
#PlotkinOnVaccines #VaxVsUnvax #DoTheStudy #Plotkin #TheHighWire #PlotkinDeposition #UnderOath
EXPERIMENTING ON THE HANDICAPPEDIn a disturbing sequence, Dr. Plotkin admits to conducting vaccine experiments on babies born to incarcerated mothers, people with mental illness, and the handcapped. What is more shocking, is his defense of such experimentation.
#TestingOnHandicapped #PlotkinDeposition #UnderOath #PlotkinOnVaccines
ABORTED FETAL TISSUE IN VACCINESWatch Dr. Plotkin, under oath and in haunting fashion, detail his use of numerous aborted fetuses in vaccine development over the course of his career.
#AbortedFetalTissue #Vaccines #PlotkinOnVaccines #PlotkinDeposition #UnderOath
DO VACCINES CAUSE AUTISM?In a shocking admission under oath, Dr. Plotkin agrees with attorney Aaron Siri that the data is insufficient to make the claim 'vaccines do not cause autism.' Despite his admission, Dr. Plotkin asserts he would lie to his patients about this, in order to convince them to vaccinate.
#PlotkinDeposition #UnderOath #PlotkinOnVaccines #VaccinesAndAutism #Autism
WHO IS STANLEY PLOTKIN?Stanley Plotkin has developed or worked on vaccines going all the way back to the Polio vaccine in the 1950's. Coined 'The Godfather of Vaccines', Bill Gates has referred to him as 'one of the last remaining giants of Vaccinology'.
#PlotkinDeposition #UnderOath #StanleyPlotkin #Plotkin #PlotkinOnVaccines
EX-NIH WHISTLEBLOWER EXPOSES FAUCIFormer NIH research scientist, Judy Mikovits, PhD, details shocking acts of corruption by key figures at NIH, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, dating all the way back to his mishandling of the AIDS epidemic.
#JudyMikovits #Fauci #PlagueofCorruption #Plandemic #HW222 #DelBigtree #TheHighwire
In light of the recent release of ICAN's Fauci Email FOIA, Jefferey Jaxen takes us on a journey through Fauci's early involvement with gain-of-function experiments, through his on and off camera persona during the #Covid19 pandemic.
#Fauci #ICANFauciEmails #Wuhan #WIV #HW222 #DelBigtree #TheHighwire
Episode 223: THE FAUCI FILESTracing NIAID's Anthony Fauci Through Private Emails & Public Interviews; Former NIH Scientist, Judy Mikovitz, PhD, Exposes Fauci's Lies and NIH Corruption, Going Back to the AIDS Epidemic.
Guest: Dr. Judy Mikovits
#FauciFiles #Fauci #JudyMikovits
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#FauciExpose #FauciTimeline #FauciEmails #FauciDocumentDump #CoverUp #ICAN #FOIA
#ICANFauciEmails #FauciFlipFlop #DrJudyMikovitz #AIDSEpidemic #CovidOrigin #JonStewart #LateShow #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW223
THE MONSANTO PAPERSCarey Gillam, former correspondent for Reuters, joins Del to discuss her new book, The Monsanto Papers, which chronicles the story of Dewanye Lee Johnson. Dewayne was awarded $289 million by a jury that found Glyphosate, the active ingredient in the herbicide Round-Up, caused his aggressive cancer.
#TheMonsantoPapers #CareyGillam #USRTK #RoundUp #Glyphosate #BrentWisner #Hottie #DidYouSeeTheMagazineCover #HW222 #DelBigtree #TheHighwire
POSTED: July 1, 2021
BAYER STRIKES OUT ON APPEALWith thousands of similar court cases looming, Bayer recently lost its second appeal to three verdicts that found glyphosate, the active ingredient in RoundUp, causes cancer. Now, the pharma giant is considering pulling the product from store shelves.
#Bayer #Monsanto #RoundUp #Glyphosate #Cancer #HW222 #DelBigtree #TheHighwire
POSTED: July 1, 2021
DDT DUMPING GROUND DISCOVERED OFF CA COASTThousands of sea lions living off the coast of Los Angeles have developed rare cancers at alarming rates. Scientists looking for the cause have discovered 25,000 leaking barrels containing DDT, a toxic insecticide banned in 1972.
#DDT #SilentSpring #Cancer #SeaLions #MarineScience #HW222 #DelBigtree #TheHighwire
JAPAN TO DUMP RADIOACTIVE FUKUSHIMA WATER INTO THE PACIFICAsian Countries and Pacific Fishermen are up in arms over Japan's decision to dump more than a million tons of radioactive waste water left over from the 2011 Fukushima disaster into the Pacific Ocean.
#Fukushima #WasteWater #PacificOcean #Carbon14 #Japan #HW222 #DelBigtree #TheHighwire
POSTED: July 1, 2021
Episode 222: ERADICATING MAN-MADE DISEASEFukushima, The Radioactive Spill That Keeps On Giving; DDT Dump Discovered Off SoCal Coast; Bayer Held to the Fire Over Glyphosate Deaths; Investigative Journalist, Carey Gillam, Unleashes ''The Monsanto Papers.''
GUEST: Carey Gillam
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#CDC #FDA #EPA #Cancer #PandemicOfCancer #Paraquat #Parkinsons #CancerRise #CareyGillam #TheMonsantoPapers #RoundUp #Glyphosate #Fukushima #NuclearWaste #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
IS ''ANTI-VAX'' THE HOT NEW THING?Today, more people are identifying as 'Anti-Vax' than ever before. Has Big Pharma accidentally triggered the hottest trend in the world?
#AntiVaxxer #Vaxxed #Discrimination #VaccineSafety #GasLighting #BigPharma #VaccineHesitancy #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW221
POSTED: June 25, 2021
Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA vaccine, sits down with Del to give his honest concerns about why this is the wrong technology to use against #Covid19 and, in particular, the danger it could pose to young people.
#RobertMaloneyMD #mRNA #BloodBrainBarrier #Myocarditis #SpikeProtein #VaccineMandates #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW221
POSTED: June 25, 2021
AZ JOINS STATES STRIKING DOWN MANDATESIn the spirit of Governors DeSantis and Abbott, Arizona governor, Doug Ducey, has stepped up to shield returning college students from experiencing discrimination based up their personal medical decisions. His new executive order now removes several barriers targeting Arizona college students.
#RonDeSantis #GovAbbott #DougDucey #Arizona #ASU #SunDevils #HW221
POSTED: June 25, 2021
FLORIDA SAILS, CDC FAILSIn April, the State of Florida took the CDC to court over its cruise ship industry-suffocating 'No Sail Order.' Now, a judge has ruled against the CDC, in favor of opening up America's largest ports to,once again, set sail without segregation or overarching restrictions.
#Win #Florida #Cruise #CDC #RonDeSantis #NoSailOrder #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW221
POSTED: June 25, 2021
COLE BEASLEY NAMED THE HIGHWIRE HEROBuffalo Bills Wide Receiver Cole Beasley laid the gauntlet this week, when challenged the NFL's discrimation of players choosing not to get the experimental Covid vaccine.
#HighwireHero #ColeBeasley #BuffaloBills #NFL #Football #VaccineCoercion #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW221
POSTED: June 25, 2021
THE DELTA VARIANT: A FALSE FLAG?We are being told the 'Delta Variant' is dangerously sweeping across the world. Everyone from Joe Biden to medical officials are seizing the opportunity to push the experimental #Covid19 shot on young adults. But from Israel to the U.K., trends have emerged causing many to question this narrative.
#DeltaVariant #Biden #Israel #PublicHealthEngland #VaccineMandates #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW221
POSTED: June 24, 2021
CDC'S TITANIC MISTAKEThe Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) at the CDC had a long-delayed meeting concerning the explosive numbers of young people experiencing myocarditis from the COVID-19 vaccine, and unfortunately their recommendations won't surprise you.
#ACIP #Myocarditis #VaccineInjury #VaccineSafety #Nuremberg #Titanic #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW221
POSTED: June 24, 2021
ARE COVID VACCINES TRIGGERING MISCARRIAGES?A bombshell discovery has revealed highly questionable data manipulation, exposing an alarming and potentially life-threatening effect in Covid vaccines and pregnant women.
#Pregnancy #EUATrials #VaccineTrials #NEJM #Covid19 #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW221
Posted June 24, 2021
Episode 221: THE mRNA INSIDERCDC betrays the Nuremberg Code; mRNA Pioneer, Dr. Robert Malone, Shocks; Have We Already Won?; Del reveals the ALL NEW TheHighWire.com. It's your new home, coming JULY 2021
Guest: Dr. Robert Malone
#TheHighWire #BraveBoldNews #mRNA #RobertMalone #HWCommunity
ORIGINAL AIR DATE: June 24, 2021
You can't afford to miss The HighWire TOMORROW, June 23rd, 2021!You can't afford to miss The HighWire TOMORROW, June 23rd, 2021!
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#DeltaVariant #Biden #VaccinatedChildren #WHO #mRNA #DrRobertMalone #ToxicVaccines #SpikeProtein #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
An alarming number of young people are experiencing Myocarditis (heart inflammation) after Covid-19 vaccination, prompting the call for an emergency investigation into this very worrisome signal.
#Myocarditis #HeartInflammation #VaccineInjury #SpikeProtein #RiskVsReward #Vaccines #Covid19 #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW220
POSTED: June 22, 2021
While in training to become a NY State Court Officer, Ahmed Hamideh, felt strong-armed to get the #Covid19 vaccine. Just days after his second dose, the 28-year-old suffered a crippling heart attack.
#AhmedHamideh #VaccineInjury #Myocarditis #Coercion #VaccineCoercion #PoliceAcademy #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW220
POSTED: June 22, 2021
One of The Highwire's most decorated guests, world renowned pathologist Dr. Roger Hodkinson, sits down with Del to give his unique viewpoint of the handling of #Covid19 from tyrannical lockdowns to his fears of the long term catastrophic damage from the vaccine, especially in young people.
#DrRogerHodkinson #Fauci #SpikeProtein #VaccineInjury #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
POSTED: June 22, 2021
Episode 220: DIRTY DEEDSEpisode 220: DIRTY DEEDS
New Mask Study's Dirty Secret; Rock Stars Rebel!; Rise in Chronic Illness; Covid Vaccine Injury Puts Ahmed's Life on Hold; Dr. Roger Hodkinson's Biggest Concerns about Covid Vaccines
Guests: Megan Mansell, Ahmed Hamideh, and Dr. Roger Hodkinson
#Masks #Covid19 #Myocarditis #DrHodkinson #DelBigtree
Some of Rock's greatest legends are publicly rejecting lockdowns and experimental vaccines. Others, like the Foo Fighters, are endorsing vaccine segregation.
#RocknRollWars #VanMorrison #RodgerWaters #PinkFloyd #FooFighters #FoolFighters #EricClapton #VaccineSegregation #Segregation #ForUS #VisforVaccine #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW220
POSTED: June 18, 2021
As the last remaining states lift mask mandates, alarming spikes in infections, illness, and mental health issues are being observed among children.
#unmaskourchildren #MentalHealth #Masks #Israel #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HW220
POSTED: June 18, 2021
Del speaks with mask Subject Matter Expert, Megan Mansell, about the shocking findings from a new study that looked at clean masks after a single day of use.
#Newsom #California #Masks #MaskMandate #DirtyMasks #unmask #Compliance #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #MeganMansell #HW220
POSTED: June 18, 2021
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#Myocarditis #VaccineInjury #EricClapton #VanMorrison #FooFighters #Zuckerburg #Facebook #RogerWaters #PinkFloyd #FDA #CDC #VaccineSafety #Children #DrRodgerHodkison #HeartAttack #Pfizer #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
Former Pfizer VP and Virologist, Dr. Michael Yeadon, is one of the most credentialed medical professionals speaking out about the dangers of the #Covid19 vaccines, yet it has fallen on deaf ears. With great honor, The HighWire gives Dr. Yeadon the floor to break down his ''list of lies'' that keeps him up at night, when it comes to lockdowns, masks, PCR testing, natural immunity, and why he thinks our health leaders have abandoned science and reason.
#MichaelYeadon #MikeYeadon #Pfizer #BucketListInterview #PCR #Lockdowns #Masks #SpikeProtein #Lies #VaccineSafety #IncandescentFury #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
POSTED: June 14, 2021
When her 17-year-old son and husband were both hospitalized with life-threatening blood clots days after receiving the #Covid19 vaccine, Cherie Romney made it her mission to speak out.
#EverestRomney #PrestonRomney #Utah #VaccineInjury #BloodClots #NaturalImmunity #Pfizer #Moderna #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
POSTED: June 14, 2021
The COVID-19 lab origin theory, long deemed a conspiracy, is now seriously being considered, thanks to thousands of Anthony Fauci's emails obtained through FOIA requests. Now published scientists that dismissed this theory are changing their tune.
#FauciEmail #FauciEmailDump #FOIA #FireFauci #CovidOrigins #LabOrigin #ConspiracyTheory #TheLancet #ICAN #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
POSTED: June 14, 2021
India's Health Ministry, along with the WHO, has pulled its support and recommendation for the promising #Covid19 therapeutic Ivermectin. However, that's not stopping several Indian states from ignoring their central health authorities and using it anyway.
#India #Ivermectin #Therapeutics #WHO #Goa #IndiaHealthMinistry #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
POSTED: June 11, 2021
Following the lead of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed into law a new bill prohibiting businesses to require patrons to show a vaccine passport for entry or services. Now, the next battle is with the cruise ship industry gearing up for business this summer.
#GovAbbott #GregAbbott #GovDeSantis #RonDeSantis #VaccinePassports #Galveston #CruiseShips #Cruises #UnVaccinated #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
POSTED: June 11, 2021
The Informed Consent Action Network went from reporting the news, to being the news last week after releasing 3,000 pages of Toni Fauci emails to the public. Here's a breakdown of some of the most incriminating correspondence we've uncovered so far.
#FauciEmail #FauciEmailDump #FOIA #FireFauci #CovidOrigins #ICANEmailDump #TuckerCarlson #Newsweek #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
POSTED: June 11, 2021
Episode 219: IN HARM'S WAY#ICANFauciEmails Hit Mainstream; TX & FL Rock Cruise Lines; Dr. Mike Yeadon Exposes Possible Covid Fraud; Utah Family Devastated By Covid Vaccine
Guests: Cherie Romney & Dr. Mike Yeadon
#FauciEmails #FauciLeaks #Fauci #TuckerCarlson #Texas #Covid19 #EverestRomney #MikeYeadon
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: June 10, 2021
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#FauciEmails #ICANFauciEmails #EmailDump #TuckerCarlson #Newsweek #EverestRomney #PrestonRomney #VaccineInjury #BloodClots #HWExclusive #DrMichaelYeadon #MikeYeadon #Pfizer #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
As hundreds of thousands march on the streets of London, a nun from the sisters of Tyburn Convent reveals that since January, she has been asked to pray for 50 people who have died from the Covid vaccine.
#VaccinePassports #LondonProtest #Hundreds #Coercion #Lockdowns #MSM #RiseUp #Nuns #SisterOfTyburn #TyburnConvent #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
POSTED: June 7, 2021
LIVE FROM 'EVENT 2021' IN DALLAS, TXDr. Richard Fleming presents 'Event 2021', A science-based presentation on the Covid Pandemic, from the Virus, to vaccines, treatments, and the Public Health response.
ICAN's FAUCI FOIA ON FOXFox News' Tucker Carlson uses a FOIA, obtained by Informed Consent Action Network (icandecide.org) containing 3000 new pages of Anthony Fauci's emails, to expose the 'lies' of the beleaguered director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID).
#ICANFauciemails #Tucker #RoundTwo #FauciEmails #Fauci #TheHighWire #FOIA
Multiple mainstream news outlets reported only ''hundreds'' turned up in London protesting vaccine passports, lockdowns & experimental vaccines, but videos of the historic rally on May 29th tell a much different story.
#VaccinePassports #LondonProtest #Hundreds #Coercion #Lockdowns #MSM #RiseUp #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
POSTED: June 4, 2021
The father of Libertarianism, Dr. Ron Paul, sits down with Del to break down the fundamentals of the political organization's platform, and talk about his remarkable career as a medical doctor and a political outsider.
#RonPaul #Libertarian #Libertarianism #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
POSTED: June 14, 2021
Last week it was Dr. Peter McCullough who raised the alarm about the #Covid vaccine spike proteins. Now, another respected professor, viral immunologist from Canada, Byron Bridle PhD, brings forth more corroborating evidence, suggesting the toxic protein in the shot distributes all over the body within as little as 15 minutes.
#PeterMcCulloughMD #ByramBridlePhD #VaccineSafety #SpikeProtein #AlexPierson #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
POSTED: June 4, 2021
Houston Methodist Hospital became the first medical center to mandate employees get the experimental #Covid19 vaccine, which didn't go over well with the staff. Jennifer Bridges, R.N., is leading the charge, along with 116 hospital employees, filing a lawsuit against the vaccine requirement as a condition of employment.
#HoustonMethodist #VaccineMandates #JenniferBridges #VaccineSafety #InformedConsent #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
POSTED: June 4, 2021
The world is buzzing about the discoveries found in the Fauci email dump that hit mainstream this week. FOIA requests from Buzzfeed and The Washington Post have shed more light on several discussions by Fauci, from his real opinions on masks, to the true origins of SARS-CoV2.
#Fauci #FireFauci #FauciLeaks #FauciEmails #FOIA #WaPo #BuzzFeed #CovidOrgins #FauciLies #GainOfFunction #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
POSTED: June 14, 2021
COVID SCANDALS HIT THE MAINSTREAMDel is Back!; Hospital Sued for Mandating Covid Shot; World Rocked by the Fauci Email Dump; ICAN to Public Own Fauci FOIA; Dr. Ron Paul on Censorship & Liberty
>>#FauciEmails>> >>#FireFauci>> >>#ICANFauciEmails>> >>#HoustonMethodist>> >>#ICAN>> >>#DelReturns>>
Del is back! TOMORROW on The HighWire, June 3rd, 2021!Del is back! TOMORROW on The HighWire, June 3rd, 2021!
Every Thursday, 11am PST (2pm EST)
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#FauciEmails #RonPaul #Liberterian #VaccineRollout #Coercion #LondonRally #MainStreamMedia #FakeNews #ICAN #WashingtonPost #JenniferBridges #VaccineMandate #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
Serious cases of myocarditis in young people after receiving the #Covid19 vaccines are piling up across the US. Although the CDC is downplaying these cases, some hospitals are now having to change monitoring protocols for any child that comes in after receiving the shot and is experiencing unexpected symptoms.
#Myocarditis #YoungAdults #RiskVsReward #CDC #VaccineInjury #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
POSTED: May 28, 2021
It only took one month for OSHA to reverse its reporting requirements for employers mandating Covid shots, in hopes they wouldn't be blamed for ''vaccine hesitancy.'' The agency, whose very existence is to protect the health of U.S. workers, is allowing employers to ignore any adverse reactions their employees may have to required Covid jabs.
#OSHA #Coercion #VaccineInjury #Liability #VaccineHesitancy #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
POSTED: May 28, 2021
Two top officials at the CDC have, without warning, rapidly exited the agency. Both Anne Schuchat and Nancy Messonnier have announced their departure from the troubled agency taking heat from a new Senate investigation, a teacher's union scandal and continued botched, unscientific public health guidance throughout their Covid response.
#CDC #SenateInvestigation #TeachersUnion #PublicHeath #TheHighWire #DelBigtree
POSTED: May 28, 2021
As liberal media rabidly attacked, discouraged and stifled any mention Covid-19 might have come from the lab in Wuhan, Politifact deemed it a conspiracy theory. But now as a cascade of evidence suggests, everyone, including Fauci is having to reverse their stance on the origins of the virus.
#Politifact #WuhanLab #CovidOrigin #AnthonyFauci #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
POSTED: May 28, 2021
As Oral Roberts University in Oklahoma was deciding on new #Covid19 guidelines for their fall 2021 school year, Dr. Jim Meehan sat down with the decision makers for a critical discussion that changed the course of ORU's stance on the vaccine mandates, masks and more.
#OralRobertsUniversity #DrJimMeehan #Covid19 #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
POSTED: May 28, 2021
Jim Meehan, MD, has a candid ''doctor to doctor'' discussion with Professor of Medicine, Peter McCullough, MD, about why he changed his mind on recommending the Covid vaccine to his patients, especially if they have already recovered from #Covid19.
#DrJimMeehan #PeterMcCulloughMD #NaturalImmunity #TCells #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
POSTED: May 28, 2021
When it comes to Covid vaccines, what does ''95% effective'' really mean? Dr. Jim Meehan breaks down Relative Risk vs. Absolute Risk, and how Big Pharma manipulates the data on the absolute effectiveness of these failed vaccines, which leads the media and public into a false sense of security.
#BigPharma #VaccineSafety #DrJimMeehan #VaccineEfficacy #RiskAnalysis #AbsoluteRisk #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
POSTED: May 28, 2021
This week Project Veritas revealed evidence of Facebook deliberately filtering and censoring any discussion or debate that questions the safety of vaccines, even if it's true.
#Facebook #Censorship #ProjectVeritas #JamesOkeefe #WhistleBlower #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
POSTED: May 28, 2021
RISKY BUSINESSDr. Jim Meehan Guest Hosts!; Facebook Censorship Exposed; Lab Origin Now Mainstream; OSHA Turns a Blind Eye; The Importance of Absolute Risk; Dr. McCullough on Natural Immunity
#RiskyBusiness #RRvAR #Meehan #Facebook #Covid19
The Doctor Is In! TOMORROW on The HighWire, May 27th, 2021!The Doctor Is In! TOMORROW on The HighWire, May 27th, 2021!
Every Thursday, 11am PST (2pm EST)
Watch the show at TheHighWire.com/WATCH
#DrJimMeehan #GuestHost #MedicalFreedom #Project Veritas #Facebook #FacebookWhistleBlower #JamesOkeefe #VaccineNarrative #CovidVaccineEfficacy #BigPharma #NaturalImmunity #DrPeterMcCullough #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #DoctorsOrders
WHAT'S REALLY GOING ON IN INDIAAs mainstream media proclaims a second huge surge of #Covid19 in India over a year into the pandemic, many are questioning these stories. Charity United president, William Tucker, spent the last year in the slums of Delhi and has the inside story you aren't hearing about the devastating effects the initial lockdowns had on tens of millions in India and insight into what is really happening there right now.
#India #CovidDeaths #WilliamTucker #CharityUnited #Lockdowns #Starvation #Delhi #Ganges #Variants #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
POSTED: May 24, 2021
Almost every person on the planet right now is facing unprecedented coercion to receive an experimental and unproven vaccine. Take a look at some of the most disturbing threats and bribes promoted by government leaders from free french fries to full college scholarships.
#Coercion #Bribes #Biden #Utah #GovDewine #DeBlasio #ShakeShake #SixFlags #Delta #VaxAndVisit #JeffereyJaxen #TheHighwire #VaxxedOrMasked #GetTheVaccine ?
POSTED: May 24, 2021
Last week, Texas Governor Abbot, signed an executive order prohibiting government entities from mandating masks, which in turn banned mask mandates by public schools and local governments. Government officials are finally beginning to dismantle these tyrannical mandates, but it has really been the pressure put on them by brave citizens like yourselves. Take a look at just a handful of the men and women who have fought for our freedoms.
#GovAbbot #MaskMandates #ExecutiveOrder #SenateHearing #ChildrensRights #PowerToThePeople #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
POSTED: May 24, 2021
The Covid Origin Theory Dam Breaks; An India Insider Tells All; Is Covid Vax Triggering Deaths? Texas Bans Mandates; The #MagnetChallenge: Truth, or Hoax?
#MagnetChallenge #India #WuhanLab #Covid19 #TheHighWire #DelBigtree
Fauci Denies NIH Funding; Defining a Bioweapon; CDC Stops Looking for Vaccine Failure; The Growing Toll of Vaccine Injury; Eric Clapton's Powerful Message
#TheHighWire #EricClapton #StandAndDeliver #NIH #GainOfFunction
School Bans the Covid Vaccinated; What's the Story with Covid Vaccine Shedding?; Florida is Winning!; Parents Calling New Program an ''Autism Miracle''
#NoVaccinated #CentnerAcademy #StopTheShed #DeSantis #Underestimated #AutismMiracle
CONCEALING CASUALTIESNew Revelations About VAERS; CDC New Mask Guidelines; North Dakota Bans Masks Mandates; 3 Covid Vaccine-Injured Medical Professionals Left Behind
#VAERS #TheOnePercent #Masks #MaskBan #CovidVaccineInjury #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: April 29, 2021
PLANTING A SEEDReligious Freedom Under Attack In Connecticut; Del Sits Down with Zach Bush, MD, in The Aloha State; Grab your shovel, we're planting a Food Forest, with specialist Jim Gale!
#EarthDay #TheHighWire #ZachBush #FoodForestAbundance #JimGale #Freedom
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: April 22, 2021
UNDER PRESSURERachel Maddow is Turning On the Pressure; J&J Vaccine Suspended over Blood Clot Concerns; The China/US Covid Connection; A New Truth About Cancer Series; And a Special Surprise
#Maddow #UnderPressure #BloodClots #Covid19 #Daszak
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: April 15, 2021
DANGLING THE CARROTFauci Strikes Out Again; 'Lockdowners' Dangle Useless Carrot; Covid Vaccine Blood Clot Fears; Del Debates Dr. Hooman Norchashm; Why It's Time To Just Say No
#JustSayNo #DrNoorchashm #Fauci #TXRangers #Astrazeneca #Clotting #EMA #LeanaWen
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: April 8, 2021
POINT OF NO RETURNEx-CDC Boss: Covid Came From Lab!; Vaccine Passports & the Last Step to Tyranny?; Science Shows Vaccines Can Make Pathogens Deadlier; ''Covid Crazy'' Judge Targets FL Mom
#EndofAmerica #PathogenEvolution #CovidOrigin #Covid19
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: April 1, 2021
IN THE HOT SEAT''Social Distancing'' Disaster; Del Takes on the Vanden Bossche 'Fallout'; The Warrior Spirit is Alive in Hawaii; Special Guests: RFK, Jr. & Andy Wakefield
#SocialDistancing #Covid19 #AlohaState #Health #RFKJR
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: March 25, 2021
TECHNOCRATIC TAILSPINDr. Mercola Exposes The Great Reset; Vaccine Passports Coming?; Newborns Separated from Covid Moms; Sen. Pan's Plan to Crush Our First Amendment.
#DrMercola #TheGreatReset #CovidPassport #LAUSD #RichardPan #SB611 #VisForVaccine
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: March 18, 2021
VACCINE DISASTER AHEADCDC Spin on New Mask Data; Celebrity Catches Fauci Lying!; Expert Warns of Coming Covid Vaccine Disaster; Hell in the Holy Land
#Masks #CDC #FireFauci #EugenioDerbez #Israel #Pfizer #Covid19 #ImmuneEscape
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: March 11, 2021
THE Rx TO REOPENTexas is Open for Business!; A 'Morally Compromised' Vaccine is Authorized; NYU Professor Under Attack Over Masks; Dr. Bartlett's Covid Silver Bullet is Catching On
#Texas #Open #Masks #Covid19 #EP205 #CancelCulture #SilverBullet #Budesonide
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: March 4, 2021
FED UPThe World is FED UP with #Covid19; Testing on Children Begins; Israel's New Covid Pass; Owner of the Busiest No-Mask Store in FL; Cattle Rancher Exposes Our Fragile Food Supply
#FedUp #FireFauci #IsraelLockdown #HWHero #Gates #Beef #DelBigtree
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: February 25, 2021
THE VACCINE STORMDespite Record Breaking Weather Shutting Down Texas, The HighWire is LIVE, by the skin of our teeth.
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: February 18, 2021
THE COVID-19 GLOBAL ORDERHighWire's #1 Fan!; Major Changes in the US Spark Concern; ICAN Fact Checks NY State; Washington Times Editor on Vaccine Passports; The Instagram Ban
#InstaBan #WEF #VaccinePassports #FarmerGates
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: February 11, 2021
THE GREAT PANDEMIC FLIP-FLOPPublic Policy Leaders Change Their Tune, Again; COVID Lab Origin Question Reemerges; Pediatrician Paul Thomas In-Studio; COVID Vaccine Safety Questions Continue
#OpenSchools #COVID19 #Vaccines #DrPaulApproved #TheHighWire
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: February 4, 2021
UNMASKING COMMON SENSEHow Many Masks Are Enough?; Remember the .4%; Dr. Merritt Highlights Decades-Long Fraud; ICAN is making major waves; A Milestone Reached at The HighWire
#TheHighWire #HW200 #Masks #Antimicrobials #ICANLegal
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: January 28, 2021
MISINFORMATION MATTERSHighWire Catches MSM Misinformation; Decoding COVID Death Data; ICAN's Biggest Win Against the CDC Ever
#TheHighWire #COVID19 #MisinformationMatters
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: January 21, 2021
APPROACHING ''HERD STUPIDITY''Big tech censorship hits new high; The lowdown on long-term Covid immunity; UK's Sir Desmond Swayne on Arrests; Are mRNA vaccines dangerous?
#TheHighWire #HerdStupidity #PublicHealth #Health #Covid19
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: January 14, 2021
2021: THE BRIGHT SIDEThe story they missed in DC; Covid injuries and deaths have begun; New Strain, New Pain; Doctor exposes testing and asymptomatic transmission; A glimmer of hope
#2021 #NewStrain #Covid19 #VAERS #CovidVaccineInjury #TheHighWire #DelBigtree
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: January 7, 2021
The Most Censored Videos of 2020Enduring unprecedented censorship, landmark legal wins, and record growth, Del highlights our top censored videos of 2020, and reminds us why, as we launch into 2021, we are winning.
#TheHighWire #NYE #MostCensored
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: December 31, 2020
THE MOST WATCHED INTERVIEW OF 2020Revisit the most watched interview of 2020. With millions of views, Zach Bush MD predicted the #Covid19 pandemic, and gave us a message of hope and healing for all. Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays.
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: December 24, 2020
THE VACCINE EXPERIMENT BEGINSFacts about Covid Vaccine rollout: What happened in Australia?; New HCQ study with Dr. Zelenko; Dr. Bhakdi on the Covid shot; Dr. Gold's 5-point plan
#CovidFacts #HCQ #ZelenkoProtocol #5WokeQuestions
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: December 17, 2020
FACES OF COVIDBattle of the NY Covid Bills; Mass Vaccination Stumbles Out of the Gate; Doctors, Nurses, Sheriff's, Firemen, Share their Covid Truths; Honoring our own
#FacesOfCovid #Covid19 #Health #Mandates #TheHighWire
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: December 10, 2020
A VACCINE ON THE HORIZONFacebook Pulls The HighWire; The Vaccine approval push is in full swing; Dr. Wolfang Wodarg demands Covid Vaccine stay of action; Vaccine demonstration goes global.
#Covid19 #PCR #TheHighWire #V4VGlobalDemo #Ep192
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: December 3, 2020
Del presents the facts about Vaccine Safety and Policy in America- giving you the facts you need to make the right choice for you or your child. This is the Vaccine Safety Project.
#VaccineSafetyProject #TheHighWire #Censored #Covid19 #ICAN
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: November 26, 2020
THE GREAT COVID RESETTop 5 Excuses if You're Caught on Thanksgiving; Was Covid Here Last Sept?; The Great Reset: Separating Fact from Fiction
#TheGreatReset #ExcusesExcuses #Covid19 #YouGetWhatYouAccept
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: November 19, 2020
THE DEADLY IMPACT OF LOCKDOWNThe True Impact of Covid Lockdown; Pfizer Declares Victory?; Return of #Vaxhole of the Week!; ICAN introduces The High Road Project
#VOW #Vaxhole #Pfizer #TheHighRoad #Lockdown #DeathsofDespair #Covid19
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: November 12, 2020
Judge strikes down Newsom's 'one-man rule'; Another spike, or is it fake? New bombshell Info; Former Pharma Exec Declares Pandemic Over
#Election #Covid19 #Trump #Biden #Health #Newsom #Casedemic #FakeNews #Lockdown #CancelTheLockdown
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: November 5, 2020
COVID 2020: WHO WINS?Atlas vs Gates; The decision that may decide the election; Quarantine camps in America?; Mothers masked during birth; New bill lets kids consent; Restaurant Rebels Against Newsom
#USA #Election #Vote #Gates #Atlas #BasilicosHB
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: October 29, 2020
THE WAR ON HERD IMMUNITYTrump and Biden Clash on Mandates; Details on Death During Covid Trials; America's Frontline Doctors Founder, Dr. Simone Gold Joins Del
#FrontlineDoctors #Trump #Biden #GoHerd #Health #Dr.Gold
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: October 22, 2020
THE COVID NARRATIVE UNRAVELSW.H.O. Flips on Lockdown; 'MASK'ERADE Exposed by CDC?; Dr. Bartlett's COVID-19 'Silver Bullet'; Piece of the Covid Mortality Puzzle Found?
#TwitterCensorship #Masks #FluShot #CovidSilverBullet #OpenYourEyes
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: October 15, 2020
THE COVID DEFECTION BEGINSKamala Harris an Anti-Vaxxer?; Doctors Defecting Catches Azar's Eye; More #Covid19 Vaccine Injuries; Texas Rises; OSHA Safety Experts Drop New Mask Bombshell
#GreatBarringtonDeclaration #QueenKamala #CVIRS #MaskMandate
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: October 8, 2020
A DEBATE WORTH WATCHINGFDA Acts On Mercury Fillings; Florida Open!; Moms On Masks; Doctor Arrested In UK Speaks Out; ICAN Sues Again! #AtlasSmackdown #Fauci #MaskMandates #UnmaskOurKids #MomsOnMasks #UKProtests #FreeHeiko #ICAN #VarivaxLawsuit
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: October 1, 2020
Twindemic 2020?The Highwire Episode 182
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: September 24, 2020
Sounding the Alarm on COVIDThe Highwire
#AtlasSmackdown #Fauci #MaskMandates #UnmaskOurKids #MomsOnMasks #UKProtests #FreeHeiko #ICAN #VarivaxLawsuit
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: September 17, 2020
THE PANDEMIC: HINDSIGHT IS 2020From the Imperial Model that triggered global panic, to the doctors, scientists, and journalists reporting unbiased #Covid19 data, we look at moments that made The HighWire a go-to source for reliable facts on COVID.
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: September 10, 2020
The Age of Bit BurningAldous Huxleys Prophecy from 1958; College Kids Asked To Snitch; The Google Whistleblower Is Back With A Sobering Prediction; PR Mastermind Behind Worlds Biggest Whistleblowers Tells All.#Censorship #BitBurning #Health
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: September 3, 2020
COVID 19: FACT-CHECKING & FLIP-FLOPPINGChina Cashes in on COVID; Star of Pland3mic, David E. Martin; New Investigation into HCQ; The World is Waking This Weekend. #FactCheck #TheForbiddenDocumentary #Pland3mic #FollowThePatents #Covid19 #Health
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: August 27, 2020
The Most Controversial Film in the World Today; Fatal Flaw in the #Covid19 shot?; The Latest Covid Fashion Trend!
#TheForbiddenDocumentary #ConnectTheDots #Covid19 #Health #ADE #AntibodyEnhancement
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: August 20, 2020
THE COVID-19 BACK TO SCHOOL SPECIALAmerica Goes Herd; Frontline Doctor Jeff Barke on Going Back to School; Toxic Sanitizers with Deirdre Imus; Homeschool Expert David Rodriguez; A Very Important Call to Action
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: August 13, 2020
CORONAVIRUS THE FRONTLINE PUSHBACKCORONAVIRUS THE FRONTLINE PUSHBACKRallies Erupt Across Europe Dr. Scott Jensen Exonerated Frontline Doc Speaks Out Emergency Use Scaring ProVaxxers Sweden Keeps Proving Theyre RightPUSHBACK SWEDEN VACCINEUNICORN COVID19 HEALTH
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: August 6, 2020
THE CYBER ATTACK ON TRUTHTHE CYBER ATTACK ON TRUTHDeleted by YouTube Frontline Doctors Go Viral, Get Censored Do the HCQDance! Vexing Vaccine Trial Results.
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: July 30, 2020
THE COVID19 EXIT STRATEGYTHE COVID19 EXIT STRATEGYMN State Senator Under Fire Covid Collapse in the U.S. Have you Herd A Messy Message from Del Biostatistician, Knut Wittkowski Has an Exit Strategy
#COVEXIT #COVID19 #HerdImmunity #ExitStrategy #DelGetsMessy
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: July 23, 2020
COVID-19: WHAT WE DON'T KNOW '-- HighWire Episode 172COVID-19: WHAT WE DON'T KNOW '-- HighWire Episode 172
Dr. Kaufman's Inconvenient Truth About SARS-CoV-2; Disney Channel Star Risks Everything; Big Pharma's New Toy; Andy Wakefield's New Film
#Covid19 #TheAct #1986 #ProjectVCTR #Winning #LeighAllynBaker #AndrewKaufman
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: July 16, 2020
FORGERY & FRAUD AT THE CDC '-- HighWire Episode 171FORGERY & FRAUD AT THE CDC '-- HighWire Episode 171
#Covid19 Antibody Test Sham; New Whistleblower: ''CDC's Biggest Autism Fear''; Celebrity Chef, Pete Evans, Shines Light in the Deepest Darkest #Vaxhole on the Earth!
#CDCWhistleblower #ForgeryandFraud #Health #PeteEvans
John Ziegler Goes Viral Over Lockdown; CA Mayor Defies Newsom Mask Order; Dr. Zelenko's HCQ Protocol Saving Lives; Kids & Masks: Are They Safe?; ICAN Sues NIH'...Again!
#CovidCrimes #Heatlh #Ziegler #ZelenkoProtocol
WHEN SCIENCE CRIES WOLF '-- HighWire Episode 169WHEN SCIENCE CRIES WOLF '-- HighWire Episode 169
Fauci's Big Fib; Bayer Fined $10B; Was the US Spike in Deaths Fueled by Panic?; We're Not Masking Around; Racial Health Equality; Big Pharma's Shiny New Toy
#Panicdemic #DeathByPanic #COVID19 #MasksWork ? #TheoWilson
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: June 25, 2020
DEADLY DOSES '-- HighWire Episode 168DEADLY DOSES '-- HighWire Episode 168
Deadly Attempts to Discredit HCQ?; Fluoride on Trial; Why Most of Us May Not Get #Covid19; Offit an Anti-Vaxxer?; Parents Win in New York.
#DeadlyDoses #NYWin #NYSBA #Covid19 #FDAHCQ #HCQTrialScandal #TexasCovid #OperationWarpSpeed
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: June 18, 2020
WHO flip flops'...AGAIN?!; Thousands Protest in Colorado; Covid-19 Nurse Whistleblower Bombshell; Vax Vs. UnVaxxed Study; Vaxxed Bus Down Under
#Vaxxed #Vaxxed2 #NurseWhistleblower #WHO #SB163 #Health
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: June 11, 2020
CROSSING THE DIVIDE '-- HighWire Episode 166CROSSING THE DIVIDE '-- HighWire Episode 166
A discussion too honest for MSM with Dr. Rachael Ross, NJ Asm. Jamel Holley & Rizza Islam; Jaxen Report on alarming #HCQ discovery; Dr. Rashid Buttar combats censorship; Celebrity Chef Pete Evans' media attack down under.
New CDC Data Reveals #America Should Be Open; Del Bursts #Covid 's Bubble; Doctors Breggin, Nue, and Tenpenny call in; Facebook Retreats!
#TheHighWire #DelsBubble #OpenAmerica #Coronavirus
DEBATING CORONA-PHOBIA '-- HighWire Episode 164DEBATING CORONA-PHOBIA '-- HighWire Episode 164
HighWire's Gone Viral; #Top10 Reasons Del's not on Team Corona-Phobia; Del Debates Alan Dershowitz on a 'Mandatory #Covid Vaccination'.
#TheHighWire #Top10 #CoronaPhobia #DelvsDersh #DershowitzDebate #Covid19 #Coronavirus
CORONAVIRUS UNMASKED '-- HighWire Episode 163CORONAVIRUS UNMASKED '-- HighWire Episode 163
CA is Backpedaling; #ContactTracing concerns, NJ Asm. Jamel Holley weighs in; A tale of Two Senate Hearings; Real Science on Masks, with Immunologist Dolores Cahill, PhD.
#DocsVsOfficials #Covid19 #MaskShaming #Covid19
The ''Covid Vaccine Magnet Challenge'' is the new viral sensation on social media where vaccinated individuals place a magnet on their arm near the shot site to see if it will stick. Our Mom-on-the-Street, Carmen Estel, tested this out in the field with some pretty shocking results. Check it out!
#VaccineMagnetChallenge #MagnetChallenge #CarmenEstel #MomOnTheStreet #VaccineAdjuvants #VaccineSafety #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
POSTED: May 21, 2021
Get ready for The HighWire TOMORROW, May 20th, 2021!Get ready for The HighWire TOMORROW, May 20th, 2021!
Every Thursday, 11am PST (2pm EST)
Watch the show at TheHighWire.com/WATCH
#MagnetChallenge #ExplainThis #NewDirection #ManMadeVirus #CovidOrigin #RandPaul #DevinNunes #NIH #NIAID #WuhanLaboratory #Fauci #India #IndiaCovid #VAXXED #VaxxedOrMasked #Biden #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
Doctors, nurses, scientists, police, and a celeb democrat, speak out; Dr. Zach Bush reveals why #Covid-19 is here, and how we come out of this a better people.
#Coronavirus #Health #Immunity #ZachBushMD
A Virus with a Political Bias?; New York's Tragic Missteps; Chloroquine vs. Remdesivir; W.H.O-Tube; Pharma Owns TV Docs?
#Coronavirus #Lockdown #ReOpenAmerica #Covid19 #SocialDistancing #HerdImmunity
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: April 30, 2020
COVID-19: THE LOCKDOWN CALAMITY '-- HighWire Episode 160COVID-19: THE LOCKDOWN CALAMITY '-- HighWire Episode 160
Hot mic at the White House!; Sweden's gamble pays off; Scientists, Doctors, Journalists, and Politicians agree on the Lockdown Calamity.
#Coronavirus #Covid19 #LockdownCalamity #HerdImmunity #ReOpenAmerica
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: April 23, 2020
LOCKDOWN SHOWDOWN '-- HighWire Episode 159LOCKDOWN SHOWDOWN '-- HighWire Episode 159
Protests Erupt Across the World Protesting Lockdown; Fauci In Hot Water; HW Special Report from Sweden; Doctors Successfully Treating Covid-19.
#Coronavirus #Covid19 #Quarantine
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: April 16, 2020
BLOWING THE WHISTLE ON COVID-19 '-- HighWire Episode 158BLOWING THE WHISTLE ON COVID-19 '-- HighWire Episode 158
NY Doctor Treating #Covid19 Patients Drops Bombshell; Top Bio Statistician Has a Message for Donald Trump; Fake Coronavirus News Exposed.
#Covid19 #VaccineUnicorn #Ventilators #SocialDistancing #Pandemic
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: April 9, 2020
DATA OR DECEIT? : THE COVID-19 PEAK '-- HighWire Episode 157DATA OR DECEIT? : THE COVID-19 PEAK '-- HighWire Episode 157
As the U.S. shutdown continues, Americans are divided. Is the panic surrounding death rates justified, or is it blown out of proportion? The only way to answer this question is to dig into the real numbers.
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: April 2, 2020
While fear and uncertainty spread across the globe, The HighWire exposes a battle of agendas raging at our highest levels of government. What will the cost be for #America?
#Coronavirus #Covid19 #Trump
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: March 26, 2020
Does the data dictate putting America in Quarantine? What's the real death rate of Coronavirus? What will end this unprecedented lockdown? Del has two very important questions for the U.S. government, and for you.
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: March 19, 2020
Has Big Pharma Primed us for a COVID Disaster?; ICAN's CDC Lawsuit Under Attack; FOIAs Reveal Shocking behavior; ICAN's Next Big Move
#Coronavirus #Covid19 #TheAutismStudies #FOIAFun #ICANvsCDC #TheHighWire
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: March 12, 2020
ICAN VS CDC '-- HighWire Episode 153ICAN VS CDC '-- HighWire Episode 153
ICAN's Biggest Legal Win to Date; Is There a Cure for Coronavirus?; Alzeimher's & Diabetes Skyrocketing; Dr. Neuenschwander Weighs In.
#DoctorsSpeakUp #CoronaVirus #DelBigtree #ALZ #Diabetes #ICAN #CDC #Autism #TheAutismStudies
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: March 5, 2020
Del lays out a path to defeating the 2020 push for vaccine mandates, and unearths a potentially catastrophic problem with the world's strategy against #Coronavirus.
#2019nCov #WHO #Vaccines #DelBigtree
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: February 27, 2020
Merck Exec Cashes In Millions; ''Measles Amnesia'' with Dr. David Brownstein, MD; The Google Whistleblower, Zach Vorhies, Tells All
#MeaslesAmnesia #DrBrownstein #Google #Whistleblower #ZachVorhies #Censorship
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: February 6, 2020
Expert Scientist and M.D. Weigh in on Coronavirus Chaos; An Injured Adult on the Next 'Ex-Vax Files'; NJ State Assemblyman Jamel Holley Joins Del In-Studio
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: January 30, 2020
HPV Shocker with Dr. Tenpenny; W.H.O. On Gardasil Side Effects; CBC Marketplaces' 'Nothingburger'; Dr. Bob Sears Joins Del In Studio; Melissa Floyd on ''The Vaccine Conversation''
SOURCE: World Health Organization
Watch the original video here https://www.who.int/news-room/events/detail/2019/12/02/default-calendar/global-vaccine-safety-summit
(Tuesday Afternoon, Second Part: Starting at Timecode 1:36:50)
#CBCMarketplace #WHO
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: January 23, 2020
THE TRUE COST OF AUTISM '-- HighWire Episode 146THE TRUE COST OF AUTISM '-- HighWire Episode 146
Recap of an Historic Win in New Jersey; New CDC Study Shows Autism Underdiagnosed?!; True Cost of Autism with Political Economist Toby Rogers, PhD
#Health #MissedInformation #JerseyStrong #Autism #TheHighWire #DelBigtree
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: January 16, 2020
WHO IS LYING TO YOU? '-- HighWire Episode 145WHO IS LYING TO YOU? '-- HighWire Episode 145
Highlights from ''The HighWire''; Jefferey Jaxen reports from #OccupyTrenton in New Jersey; Top World Health Officials' Shocking Admissions About Vaccine Safety.
#MissedInformation #VaccineSafety #WHO #StandWithNJ #TheHighWire
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: January 9, 2020
NEW YEAR, NEW EARTH '-- HighWire Episode 144NEW YEAR, NEW EARTH '-- HighWire Episode 144
Del unleashes the Vaccine Safety Project at The New Earth Festival in Ubud, Bali, joining a lineup of pioneering international speakers & experts addressing the most critical issues facing the human race and our planet.
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: January 2, 2019
As we approach 2020, it seems there's no end in sight for mainstream's ''measles mania'' propaganda. Get armed with the facts during our favorite episode all about this benign childhood disease.
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: December 26, 2019
DEL DEBATES ''THE DOCTORS'' '-- HighWire Episode 142DEL DEBATES ''THE DOCTORS'' '-- HighWire Episode 142
Screen Time Causing Brain Damage?!; AAP Doctor's Epiphany About Fluoride; Del Breaks Down Misinformation on 'The Doctors.'
#TheDoctors #Emmy #TravisStork #Vaccines #Health #AAP #Fluoride #ScreenTime
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: December 19, 2019
LIVE FROM 'THE UNCENSORED TRUTH TOUR'America's Frontline Doctors presents, 'The Uncensored Truth Tour', live from New Orleans. Doctor Simone Gold and guests present vital information about Covid19.
#UncensoredTruth #SimoneGold #FrontlineDoctors
CRISIS IN SAMOA '-- HighWire Episode 141CRISIS IN SAMOA '-- HighWire Episode 141
Deep Dive Into Samoa's Measles Crisis; Homeopathy Under Fire; Achieving Health with Dr. Jerod; A Victory for Ameer Hamideh; Harlem Hosts Vaccine Debate
#SamoaMeasles #Measles #AmeerHamideh #Health #FDA #TheHighWire #DelBigtree
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: December 12, 2019
THE UNSTOPPABLES '-- HighWire Episode 140THE UNSTOPPABLES '-- HighWire Episode 140
Glyphosate's Deadly Effects Impact Generations?!; A 12-year-old who's saving our planet & the parents that raised her; New Food Labeling System That's Better Than ''Organic''?
#Monsanto #Glyphosate #DNA #UnstoppableFamily #DelBigtree
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: December 5, 2019
It was a benchmark episode for #TheHighWire. It took all night for the team to prep what would be this show's first 'viral' episode. Del dismantles comedian John Oliver's 'Last Week Tonight' episode on #Vaccines. Enjoy this #ThanksgivingThrowback!
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: November 28, 2019
THE HIGHWIRE IN THE HOLY LAND '-- HighWire Episode 138THE HIGHWIRE IN THE HOLY LAND '-- HighWire Episode 138
World's Leading Scholars and Scientists Convene for First Congress on Informed Consent in Israel; A Very Special HighWire LIVE From Tel-Aviv, Israel
#TelAviv #Israel #VaccineDebate #BeBrave #DelBigtree
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: November 21, 2019
LIVE FROM THE V.I.E. EVENT! '-- HighWire Episode 137LIVE FROM THE V.I.E. EVENT! '-- HighWire Episode 137
The HighWire brings you LIVE coverage of the V.I.E. Event in front of our nation's capitol in Washington D.C. Powerful speakers stand together to bring awareness to vaccine injury,
#TheVieEvent #WashingtonDC #BeBrave
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: November 14, 2019
Breakthrough on ''Real Time'' with Bill Maher; Canadians Fight For Health Freedom; Israeli Conference Under Attack; American Students Slip in Test Scores
#CommonCore #BillMaher #Vaccines #Israel #DelBigtree
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: November 7, 2019
Mutating Ear Bacteria; Mumps Outbreaks In Fully Vaccinated'...Again; Fetal DNA in Vaccines; Teen Suicide #1 Cause of Death, Harvard-trained Psychiatrist Weighs In.
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: October 31, 2019
ENEMY OF THE STATE? '-- HighWire Episode 134ENEMY OF THE STATE? '-- HighWire Episode 134
Heavy Metals in Baby Foods!; Study Reveals Autism is Autoimmune?; Lack of Safety 'Reassuring' at ACIP; NY Family in the Fight of Their Lives; Producers of Vaxxed 2 in Studio
#Autism #S2994A #School4Ameer #Vaxxed2 #Vaccines
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: October 24, 2019
THE GLOBAL PUSH '-- HighWire Episode 133THE GLOBAL PUSH '-- HighWire Episode 133
Pro-Vax Refuse to Debate in Harlem; Jefferey Jaxen In-Studio!; Ex-Vax Files: Brandon's Legacy; Taylor and Frank Winterstein on a Mission in Australia
#GlobalPush #JaxenReport #ExVaxFiles #ThisIsAutism #MissedInformation #DoTheStudy
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: October 17, 2019
VAX-SHAMING '-- HighWire Episode 132VAX-SHAMING '-- HighWire Episode 132
Flu Shot-In-The-Dark; Del Agrees with Richard Pan?!; From Homeschool to Harvard; Tamron Hall's Vaccine Show Fiasco
#TamronHallShow #VaxShaming #FluShot #Homeschooling #Vaccines #MissedInformation #DelBigtree #SelfishlyRational
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: October 10, 2019
TRUTH WARS '-- HighWire Episode 131TRUTH WARS '-- HighWire Episode 131
Zantac Pulled Over Cancer Fears; BBC's Flimsy Vaccine Debate; The Tragic Saga of the Stephan Family
#BBC #VaccineWars #DelBigtree #MissedInformation #Zantac #Cancer #AHS #FakeNews #HighWire
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: October 3, 2019
WHAT YOUR VET ISN'T TELLING YOU '-- HighWire Episode 130WHAT YOUR VET ISN'T TELLING YOU '-- HighWire Episode 130
You can't touch this #HWHero; Shocking new info about #Polio in the Philippines; Deconstructing the Dogma on #PetHealth, with Dr. Dym
#RocklandCounty #Health #Pets #Rabies #Vaccines #AskOntarioDocs #Measles
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: September 26, 2019
Mutant Mosquitoes; US Court Covering-up for Merck?; HPV Uptake Slows; Vaccine-Free Mother of 8 Making a Difference
#VaccineFree #Purdue #Opioid #Health #Merck #Propecia #Depression #HPV
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: September 19, 2019
CALIPHARMA '-- HighWire Episode 128CALIPHARMA '-- HighWire Episode 128
California Evokes a Great Awakening; Opioid Kingpins Lose in Court; The Ex-Vax Files Returns with 'A Mother in Mourning.'
#SIDS #SUDS #SB276 #SB714 #CaliforniaForAll #Calipharma #Opioid #PurduePharma #JohnsonAndJohnson #News #Health
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: September 12, 2019
AMERICA'S MOST HATED '-- HighWire Episode 127AMERICA'S MOST HATED '-- HighWire Episode 127
This Mom Broke Monsanto; An In-Depth look at SB276; Science Makes a Comeback
#SB276 #Monsanto #Glyphosate #MomsAcrossAmerica #DTP #UNICEF #Health
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: September 5, 2019
MAN VS. NATURE '-- HighWire Episode 126MAN VS. NATURE '-- HighWire Episode 126
Cal Jam founder and rockstar chiropractor, Dr. Billy DeMoss joins Del on the sand and on the stage for a powerful, one-of-a-kind episode of The HighWire. Reporting live from California where the founder of California Jam and Chiropractor Dr. Billy DeMoss joins Del on the beach for a one of a kind episode.
In this episode you will be treated to Del's talk from the last Cal Jam in Feb, where he discussed vaccines, the measles and the scientific research around the vaccines we are being injected with yearly!
#CalJam2020 #Chiropractic #BeachVibes #Vaccines #MissedInformation #Health
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: August 19, 2019
Problems with Facebook isn't allowing us to communicate via the social platform, please sign up on our website, so you never miss an episode.
Our interview today on the show with Andy Wakefield is one you DO NOT want to miss. But before that, we discuss the product Roundup (a chemical that kills every plant it is sprayed on), but it is used to dry wheat. We have an interview with Carey Gillam who is a Reuters reporter who exposes Monsanto and glyphosate, creators of Roundup. Gillam talks about the dangers of this product and how Monsanto has responded to her investigations. We also talk about how our drinking water could be harming us. Jeffery Jaxen joins to talk about the study on fluoridated water and how it is having an impact on our health.
Finally, we again interview Dr Andrew Wakefield and his thoughts on the future of measles. Measles is mutating, and we will hear what Dr Andy Wakefield has to say all about this happening event.
Monsanto Targets Journalist Carey Gillam; New Study Reignites the Fluoride Debate; Andrew Wakefield Warns: ''Measles is Mutating''
#Measles #PublicHealth #MMR #Vaccines #Monsanto #RoundUp #AndrewWakefield
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: August 22, 2019
Back-to-School Tips from Deirdre Imus; ACIP Caught Red-Handed; Outbreaks Key to Merck's Record Profits; Documentary Follows PBS Journalist Driven into Madness by the Yellow Fever Vaccine.
On today's episode of The HighWire, we look at the profits Merck is making from the measles 'outbreak'.
Deirdre Imus joins us to deliver healthy living back-to-school tips. Some of these include eliminating plastics in school supplies and food storage tips.
We also discuss how the ACIP was caught red-handed. A video showing the voting of vaccines was taken down from youtube, we have the video to show you!
Finally, we interview Trine Villemann, journalist, who directed the documentary 'Malcolm is a Little Unwell', which follows the story of her husband, who was driven to madness from the yellow fever vaccine.
#YellowFever #MMR #Vaccines #TheSickestGeneration #MissedInformation
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: August 15, 2019
THE SMOKING GUN: ALUMINUM '-- HighWire Episode 123THE SMOKING GUN: ALUMINUM '-- HighWire Episode 123
How a Shocking Aluminum Study Was Censored; Research Scientist Injured During Merck's Gardasil Trial; Prof. Chris Exley ''Aluminum is a Greater Threat Than Global Warming.''
At the center of the safety of vaccines is aluminium. Join the HighWire as we look at aluminium from the 13th Keele Meeting on Aluminium held in Mexico.
Scientists come together to look at the dangers of aluminium. Everything we use contains aluminium, so we need to make sure it isn't creating long term issues.
We interview Dr Lluis Lujan on the study he did around aluminium and pigs concerning vaccines and the causes vaccines containing aluminium had on these animals.
Dr Lujan's study was withdrawn before published. Today he is here to speak about his research.
In this episode, we speak to Sesilje Peterson, MSc, PhD about her experience of the Merck's Gardasil Trial. Prof Chris Exley joins to discuss aluminium and how it is ''a Greater Threat Than Global Warming''.
Here is some more information on aluminium:
Symbol: Al
Atomic mass: 26.981539 u
Atomic number: 13
Density: 2.7 g/cm"
Melting point: 1,221°F (660.3°C)
Discoverer: Hans Christian rsted
Did you know: Aluminum is used to make aluminium soda cans, which are easily recycled to make new things as well as used in vaccines.
ORINGAL AIR-DATE: August 8, 2019
Del rocks an explosive talk on vaccine safety to a packed house of anarchists at Anarchapulco, an event so controversial it takes place in Acapulco, Mexico.
Exploring the ideas of vaccine safety from Anarchapulco. We look at what Anarchy is and what it means to those who are Archaists.
Del Bigtree talks at Anarchapulco about the measles outbreak and vaccines. The talk explores the 3-year study around vaccines to question ''are vaccines safe?''. The results from the study are examined when Del addresses Archaists at Anarchapulco.
''This is the sickest generation of kids we have seen in the United States of America''.
Del explores the types of diseases and illnesses kids are being diagnosed with today since the boost in vaccines. He also debates the issues '' Pharmaceutical companies are NOT being made liable!
Watch more to discover more from the study undertaken by Del Bigtree and HighWire!
#Anarchist #Anarchapulco #Vaccines #Health
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: August 1, 2019
THE MERCK INSIDER '-- HighWire Episode 121THE MERCK INSIDER '-- HighWire Episode 121
Topics covered: the definition of ''health'', Johnson and Johnson's new lawsuit and a Merck insider joins us to talk about vaccines.
On this edition of The HighWire, we are joined by Jorge Araujo, a former employee of Merck who discusses his experience within the company. Jorge explains to us the decision process he made NOT to vaccinate his children.
Working with vaccines, Jorge did some investigating after his wife fell pregnancy around 18 years ago and found not enough research behind the vaccines to vaccinate his children. So he never did. He also explains how others from Merck also didn't vaccinate their children. So why are we?
We also touch on the question ''what is the definition of healthy?'' According to pharmaceutical companies, managing diseases with multiple drugs is considered ''healthy''. We think it needs to be reassessed. The real definition of health is ''free from disease''.
Government officials are also willing to hold pharmaceutical companies accountable for the level of drugs on the market, however, as they say, ''vaccines'' are critical. What is the difference?
Johnson and Johnson have also recently been held responsible for their products after the word ''heroin'' has been related to the brand's products.
Watch for more information on these topics!
#NICOLAHOOD #MerckInsider #MMR #Merck #ProTruth #Opioid #JohnsonAndJohnson #Health #Vaccine #MeaslesOutbreak #MeaslesVaccine #MMRVaccine
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: July 25, 2019
After mounting scrutiny from multiple mainstream outlets about their open, statistical manipulation, the CDC's credibility is in a tailspin. After being caught being disingenuous with their data to keep masks on people's faces, the agency recently made a sudden change to throw 'carrots' at the people in what appeared to be an effort to gain favor.
#CDC #MaskMandates #MaskEficacy #FlipFlop #Fauci #DangleTheCarrot #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
POSTED: May 14, 2021
Despite a lack of science showing Covid vaccines can stop transmission or infection, many are still surprised infections are happening in the vaccinated. Coined 'breakthrough' cases, the CDC's official stance is to now obscure reporting of any case that happens in the fully vaccinated.
#BreakthroughCases #BreakthroughInfection #CDC #HerdImmunity #Covid19Vaccine #VaccineEfficacy #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
POSTED: May 14, 2021
HEROES AMONG US '-- HighWire Episode 120HEROES AMONG US '-- HighWire Episode 120
Latinos for Medical Freedom rise up in CA; Canada fails to silence vaccine-educated DC; Former DA, Nico LaHood, gets personal and reveals the Merck insider that tried to warn him.
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: July 18, 2019
Emmy-award winning journalists go head-to-head on the #vaccine debate in a never-before-seen interview. Behind-the-scenes cameras reveal how an Al Jazeera reporter really feels about the vaccine issue, and how one-sided journalism is the new norm. Josh Rushing Fault Lines
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: July 11, 2019
Del's heartfelt presentation at Autism One to an emotional audience living on the front lines of vaccine injury.
Key points discussed in this speech:
'' His career in the health industry
'' The decrease in vaccinations and the ''anti-vax'' movement
'' Does vaccines cause Autism?
'' The studies that have NOT been done on certain vaccines in relation to Autism
TRUTH UNDER SIEGE '-- HighWire Episode 117TRUTH UNDER SIEGE '-- HighWire Episode 117
Today we discuss censorship! Censorship doesn't sound like the Constitution, like the 1st Amendment! JFK warned us about today! We should be allowed freedom '' the freedom of speech!
We breakdown the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices meeting (ACIP), what was discussed and what was motioned '' these people are very PRO vaccine. ACIP is a committee in the US Centers, which provide guidance and advice on the control of vaccine-preventable diseases.
In this episode, replay interviews with people with real life examples and opinions! We also have a very important message for President Trump.
''The future of the pharmaceutical industry is vaccines''!
#CDC #ACIP #HPVvaccine #InformedConsent #JFK
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: June 27, 2019
GENETIC ROULETTE '-- HighWire Episode 116GENETIC ROULETTE '-- HighWire Episode 116
We interview Stem Cell Pioneer Theresa Deisher PhD who has a PhD on Fetal DNA Fragments contaminants and retroviruses in vaccines.The research Theresa focuses on is the health risks residual human fetal DNA found in pharmaceutical products. These include vaccines and how the contaminants could have affects on autism, autoimmune disease and cancer.
Is the Pertussis Vaccine causing outbreaks? We are told vaccines are meant to protect us from disease so why are the stats showing that ''research looked at nearly half a million children born between 1999 and 2016, and found that most whopping cough cases (82%) occurred in children who were fully vaccinated or over-vaccinated'' '' CNN. Watch for more facts!
#Measles #Mumps #VaccineFailure #BigBadWolf #DNAinVaccines #Health #MissedInformation #Newsworthy
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: June 20, 2019
A mixed episode to talk about censorship, the reversing of Autism and stem cells.
First up, censorship spreads like wildfire! Mike Adams of NaturalNews.com joins as to talk about censorship after his Facebook Page gets shutdown.
ASU Professor, James Adam PhD also joins the episode to explain the reversing of Autism, which has been discovered by testing the gut health of those with Autism. Since working on these health issues within the stomach, Autism symptoms had decreased.
Stem Cell Pioneer, Dr Theresa Deisher PhD also breaks down FDA ruling against a stem cell clinic. Along with Founder and Executive Director of MomsAcrossAmerica.com, Zen Honeycutt to talk about the ban on Glyphosate, which is contaminating our food and vaccines.
A big episode with a LOT of interesting topics covered, these will leave you shocked!
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: June 13, 2019
WE THE PEOPLE '-- HighWire Episode 114WE THE PEOPLE '-- HighWire Episode 114
Vaccine Protests Around the World; LA County Sues Bayer/Monsanto; Moratorium on Fetal Tissue in Science; Vaccine Symposium in Brooklyn Gets Tense.
#InternationalDayOfProtest #Italy #Poland #Bayer #Monsanto #Brooklyn #MissedInformation
WHO In Bed with Big Pharma; Al Jazeera Anti-Vaccine Hit Piece Exposed; Healthiest Country the Least Vaccinated?! Big Wins from Allegheny to Oregon @AJFaultLines @joshrushing
#AJFaultLines #Aljazeera #Misinformation #Measles #Vaccines #VaccinesWork ??
SCIENCE STRIKES BACK '-- HighWire Episode 112SCIENCE STRIKES BACK '-- HighWire Episode 112
Washington Post's Propaganda Piece; Sunscreen Never Safety Tested? Institute for Scientific Freedom is Underway; Controversial Autism & Cancer Doctor Rashid Buttar Drops Bombshells.
Heavy weights in the medical community urged caution on approving Pfizer's Covid shot for 12-15 year olds, but both the FDA and CDC rapidly and unanimously approved it, despite a questionable risk-benefit profile. The Jaxen Report digs into the 'missed' information.
#Pfizer #FDA #CDC #TeenApproval #Covid19Vaccine #VaccineInjury #VaccineSafety #VaccineReactions #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
POSTED: May 14, 2021
Kentucky Senator and physician, Rand Paul, continues to stand out as one of the only politicians to question head of the NIH, Tony Fauci, in Senate Hearings. Watch Paul hold Fauci's feet to the fire on his ties to gain-of-function research linked to the Wuhan lab, likely responsible for the creation of the SARS-CoV2 virus.
#RandPaul #FireFauci #AnthonyFauci #CDC #NIAID #Wuhan #Covid19 #LabCreated #WuhanLab #CovidOrigins #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
May 14, 2021
DAVID VS. GOLIATH '-- HighWire Episode 111DAVID VS. GOLIATH '-- HighWire Episode 111
Brent Wisner In Studio with his $2B Monsanto Verdict; Del Bigtree Rocks Rockland County and Albany New York; Shocking MMR Trial Data; Dr. Toni Bark Breaks Down Vaccine Scandal That Devastated Israel.
#Monsanto #Rockland #MissedInformation #MMR #SciBVaccine #BeBrave
WEIRD SCIENCE '-- HighWire Episode 110WEIRD SCIENCE '-- HighWire Episode 110
Monsanto Manipulates the Press; FDA approves FrankenFish; The Man-Made Outbreak No One is Talking About; Leading Aluminum Scientist Speaks Up
#Health #Science #Glyphosate #RoundUp #EPA #FDA #FrankenFish #Aluminum #VaccinesWork ?
MEASLES FOR DUMBIES '-- HighWire Episode 109MEASLES FOR DUMBIES '-- HighWire Episode 109
The Highwire brings to you the ultimate step-by-step guide on how to identify, understand and refute mainstream misinformation on the measles. Is the media trying to create fear about the measles?
PROTESTS IN THE WEST '-- HighWire Episode 108PROTESTS IN THE WEST '-- HighWire Episode 108
This week thousands rally at state capitols up & down the west coast, coming together into one resounding voice; phone lines are open to Ask Del Anything.
#SB276 #HB1638 #HB3063 #Measles #MissedInformation #VaccinesWork ???
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: April 25, 2019
''Pro-vaxxer'' research scientist goes head to head with Del. Then Facebook makes it disappear.
#VaccineDebate #Censorship #Grimerica #ConspiracyFarm #DoTheStudy #BeBrave #VaccinesWork
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: April 18, 2019
AMERICA IS F'ING SICK '-- HighWire Episode 106AMERICA IS F'ING SICK '-- HighWire Episode 106
Doctors Failing Americans; Rockland Overturns Ban; NYC's Measles Mandate; Mumps Madness; Mysterious Diseases; Huge Crowds Show Up in CA to Oppose SB 276
#BeBrave #StandWithRocklandJews #Winning #NewYorkCity Fail #measles #SB276
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: April 11, 2019
From POTUS, to Fauci, to Gates, leaders of our country are telling us EVERY American needs to get the #Covid19 vaccine. But what about the ones that did and didn't live another day, or the ones fighting for their lives after having a severe reaction? Here is a painful journey through the ones left behind during this attempt at vaccinating the world.
#VaccineInjury #VaccineSafety #Fauci #VaccineReactions #VaccineDeaths #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
POSTED: May 13, 2021
The origins of #Covid19 are becoming increasingly clear, and Dr. Richard Fleming, cardiologist and researcher walks Del through a shocking paper trail surrounding the SARS-CoV2 virus and its link to Tony Fauci and US funded gain-of-function research.
#FireFauci #GainOfFunction #GOF #FlemingProtocol #Covid19 #LabCreated #WuhanLab #CovidOrigins #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
POSTED: May 13, 2021
Del Addresses Religious War; Jews Under House Arrest In NY; CA to Destroy Doctor/Patient Relationship; How To Search VAERS; HighWire Hero
#AutismAwareness #HWHero #MMR #SB276 #TheHighWire #StandWithRocklandJews
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: April 4, 2019
Making national headlines, and even comments from the White House, Leila Centner, founder of the Centner Academy in Miami, has come under fire for requiring her teachers to either hold off on receiving the Covid vaccine within the last two months of this school year, or they aren't' allowed to work at her school. She joins Del in the studio to discuss why she made this controversial decision.
#CentnerAcademy #MaskMandates #MaskEfficecy #LeilaCentner #VaccineShedding #Covid19Vaccine #OSHA #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
POSTED: May 12, 2021
Don't miss this important episode of The HighWire TOMORROW, May 13th, 2021Don't miss this important episode of The HighWire TOMORROW, May 13th, 2021
Every Thursday, 11am PST (2pm EST)
Watch the show at TheHighWire.com/WATCH
#FireFauci #RandPaul #BreakThroughCases #DrRichardFlemming #CDC #Pfizer #RiskReward #CovidVaccineInjury #Covid19 #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #NoVaccinated #LabOrigin #Wuhan #WIV #NIH
Del fact checks Joe Rogan's Interview with Dr. Peter Hotez, vaccine scientist, pediatrician and professor at Baylor University.
#JoeRoganExperience #JRE #vaccineswork ? #believescience #BeBrave
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: March 28, 2019
Floodgates open on RoundUp; Boeing's Fatal Safety Blunder; AAP Prioritizes Bigotry; First Freedoms; New Data Shows We're Still Winning
#Boeing #FAA #RFK #AAP #FreedomOfSpeech #TheHighWire
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: March 21, 2019
THE UNITED STATES OF PHARMA '-- HighWire Episode 101THE UNITED STATES OF PHARMA '-- HighWire Episode 101
Modern Day Book Burning Begins; New Autism Study Reveals Nothing New; Scientists Silenced on Vaccine Safety; Plotkin on Vaccines; Vote For #Vaxhole of The Week
#Amazon #BookBurning #FreedomOfSpeech #Vaccines #TheHighWire
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: March 7, 2019
THE LIE HEARD ROUND THE WORLD '-- HighWire Episode 100THE LIE HEARD ROUND THE WORLD '-- HighWire Episode 100
The Lie Heard Round the World; Whooping Cough Catastrophe; A plea from one mother to another about ''Vaccine Misinformation''; HighWire's 100th Episode LIVE from Atlanta, GA
#BelieveMothers #VaccineMisinformation #DearMoms #BigBadWolf #Measles #MMR
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: February 28, 2019
BIG PHARMA'S ALL-OUT BLITZ '-- HighWire Episode 99BIG PHARMA'S ALL-OUT BLITZ '-- HighWire Episode 99
Govt Urges 'Book Burning'; #FakeNews Fumbling over Darla Shine; #MSM Shifting the Goalposts; #HHSResponse Safety Scandal; #Winning in WA; #HWHero of the Week
#FDA #ICANvsHHS #Vaccines #CNN #SacBee #MaskedSinger #KenJeong
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: February 21, 2019
After promising to ''follow the science,'' most of corporate media has stood by silently as emails surfaced exposing how the CDC and Biden administration leaned on a powerful teacher's union to write the 'science' guidelines to restart in-person learning.
#CDC #Biden #POTUS #FollowTheScience #TeachersUnion #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
POSTED: May 7, 2021
After passing a bill to ensure individual rights and cast aside vaccine passports, FL state Gov. Ron DeSantis issued an executive order to further ensure an end to all emergency measures related to Covid-19.
#RonDesantis #GovDesantis #Florida #ExecutiveOrder #EmergencyMeasures #VaccinePassports #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
POSTED: May 7, 2021
Facebook Fact-checkers walk back their 'fact check' of a HighWire post highlighting contradictory statements made by WHO Chief Scientist, Dr. Soumya Swaminathan.
#TheHighWire #FactCheckFacebook #ICANFactCheck #WHO
POSTED: May 7, 2021
For 17 years, Jamison was unable to communicate with the world around him. Now, a new program has unlocked his voice, and in doing so, challenged everything we thought we knew about Autism.
#JamisonHandley #JBHandley #S2C #Autism #NonSpeaker #Underestimated #DelBigtree #TheHighwire #AutismMiracle #ReadTheBook
POSTED: May 6, 2021
SacBee Fake News Scandal; Globe and Mail Targets Free Speech; FDA Betrays Expecting Mothers; Updates from the States
#FakeNews #LookIt #SacBee #GlobeandMail #TotalHealthShow #DelEatsCrow #ICANvsFDA
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: February 14, 2019
BIG PHARMA UNHINGED '-- HighWire Episode 97BIG PHARMA UNHINGED '-- HighWire Episode 97
Big Pharma Unhinged; Indignant HHS Refuses Safety; Experiments on the Handicapped?!; Exiled Doc Healing Cancers
#TheHighWire #Vaccines #HHSReply #PlotkinOnVaccines #BigPharma #Measles #DrFarrah #Dengvaxia #HHSResponse #Cancer
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: February 7, 2021
Don't miss an important episode of The HighWire TOMORROW, May 6th, 2021Don't miss an important episode of The HighWire TOMORROW, May 6th, 2021
Every Thursday, 11am PST (2pm EST)
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#VaccineShedding #VaccinatedTeachers #CentnerAcademy #S2C #UnderestimatedAnAutismMiracle #Autism #CovidVaccineInjury #Covid19Vaccine #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #StopTheShed #NoVaccinated
STATE OF EMERGENCY '-- HighWire Episode 96STATE OF EMERGENCY '-- HighWire Episode 96
Measles Mania; ICAN Vs HHS Continued; Moms Banned From Support Group; Authors of 'The Unvaccinated Child'
#Measles #MeaslesOutbreak #Vaccines #HHSResponse #FlyHighNicholas #SUDC #SIDS #TheUnvaccinatedChild #TheHighWire
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: January 31, 2019
North Dakota Representative, Jeff Hoverson, authored a bill to outlaw state mask mandates which made it through the Senate only to be vetoed by the Governor. Del speaks to this brave government official about the good news that is bringing this bill back to life and why freedom and liberty are the real way out of this pandemic.
#JeffHoverson #NorthDakota #TakeYourMaskOff #MaskMandates #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
POSTED: May 4, 2021
President Biden recently stood on the White House lawn to lay out the 'clear' new CDC mask guidelines. Deemed confusing by many, the guidelines come late, as 25 states already didn't have mask mandates at the time of Biden's announcement.
#Biden #CDC #MaskGuidelines #TakeYourMaskOff #MaskMandates #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
POSTED: May 4, 2021
J&J's Janssen Covid vaccine is back on the market, yet the understanding of the rare disorder that halted the experimental shot, called TTS, is still evolving.
#JohnsonAndJohnson #ACIP #BloodClots #VaccineSafety #InformedConsent #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
POSTED: May 4, 2021
Breaking: France, Costco Reject Round-Up; Cancer Expert's Shocking Death; Vaccine Risk Awareness Tops Charts; Plotkin on Vaccines; Ethical Uprising at BMJ
#HPV #BMJ #Monsanto #RoundUp #Vaccines #TheHighWire #WHOTop10 #WHO #Cancer #FOIA #PlotkinOnVaccines #WINNING
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: January 17, 2019
BIG PHARMA'S BIG FLOP '-- HighWire Episode 93BIG PHARMA'S BIG FLOP '-- HighWire Episode 93
#TheHighWire #BabyPowder #GoldenGlobes #Cancer #RealID #SharylAttkisson #VAERS #FluShot #Vaccines
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: January 10, 2019
2019: THE YEAR OF THE BRAVE '-- HighWire Episode 922019: THE YEAR OF THE BRAVE '-- HighWire Episode 92
JB Handley, Jenny McCarthy, RFK Jr and Rolf Hazlehurst | HighWireTalk Highwire re-airs ''The Brave Ones'' featuring author JB Handley, Jenny McCarthy, RFK Jr & Rolf Hazlehurst, & new info government hid vaccine/autism link.
#TheBraveOnes #TheHighWire #ReadTheBook #JennyMcCarthy #AutismFraud
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: January 3, 2021
HighWire re-airs it's most important interview to date. Shocking new information, & candid admissions, reveal the real fraud in the case of Andrew Wakefield. Andrew Jeremy Wakefield is a former British doctor who is now an anti-vaccine activist. Hear what Andrew has to say about vaccines and his journey.
#AndrewWakefield #BrianDeer ' #TheRealFraud #BMJ #public health #measles vaccine #measles outbreak
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: December 27, 2018
CVS FLU SHOT PARALYZES MAN '-- HighWire Episode 88CVS FLU SHOT PARALYZES MAN '-- HighWire Episode 88
Science Goes Mad in China; A Pro-Vaxxer's Warning About The Flu Shot; Exclusive Interview: Shocking New Vaxxed vs Unvaxxed Study.
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: December 6, 2018
DYING FOR IMMUNITY '-- HighWire Episode 87DYING FOR IMMUNITY '-- HighWire Episode 87
NY Senator Dies After Flu Shot; The New Spin on Chickenpox; The Future of Health Freedom; The Return of #Vaxhole of the Week!
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: November 29, 2018
Thousands descended on the Connecticut State Capitol for the ''Rise Up Rally'' to stand together for health freedom, and oppose a bill to remove the religious exemption to vaccination. Here's just a small look at what turned out to be an inspiring and hope-filled day for a fast growing movement.
#RiseUpRally #HB6423 #ReligiousFreedom #VaccineExemptions #HealthFreedom #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
POSTED: April 30, 2021
''THEY DON'T WANT TO SEE PEOPLE LIKE US''''They Don't Want to See People Like Us''
In a Highwire exclusive, Del sits down with three healthcare workers who were on the frontline of Covid vaccine rollouts in America. In a candid and emotional interview, the three women go back to the day they received their vaccine, the severe reactions they endured starting just days after, and the complete denial the medical community has towards the groundswell of injured people looking for help.
#VaccineReactions #ShawnSkelton #AngeliaDesselle #KristiSimmonds #Moderna #Pfizer #FrontlineWorkers #VAERS #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
POSTED: April 30, 2021
An exclusive interview TOMORROW, April 29th, 2021, on The HighWire!An exclusive interview TOMORROW, April 29th, 2021, on The HighWire!
Every Thursday, 11am PST (2pm EST)
Watch the show at www.TheHighWire.com/WATCH
#CovidVaccineInjury #FrontlineWorkers #Pfizer #Moderna #JohnsonAndJohnson #CTRally #RiseUpRally #HB6423 #Connecticut #ReligiousExemptions #KillTheBill #VAERS #OnePercent #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
Thousands of parents gather at the Connecticut state capitol in opposition of HB6423, which would strip away the religious exemption from vaccination.
#RiseUp #RiseUpRally #HB6423
PROTESTERS GATHER IN CT TO OPPOSE VACCINE BILL | PART 1Hundreds of parents gather at the Connecticut state capitol in opposition of HB6423, which would strip away the religious exemption from vaccination. Speakers include: Pastor Aaron Lewis, Kevin Barry, Esq., Drs. Teri & Stu Warner, & Kevin Jenkins
#RiseUp #RiseUpRally #HB6423
Does climate change exist? Is it man-made or a natural cycle of this Earth? In a very special interview on Earth Day, Del sits down with a Highwire favorite, Zach Bush, MD, in his home state of Hawaii, to discuss the incredible mistake environmentalists are making when it comes to trying to fix rapid climate change.
#ZachBushMD #EarthDay #Carbon #Microbiome #Beauty #DelBigtree #TheHighwire
POSTED: May 3, 2021
The mainstream media spin is in full effect now with headlines declaring unvaccinated people are the cause of #Covid19 outbreaks among the fully vaccinated. It has to make you wonder, do they realize their attempts to scare people into getting the shot is only helping to prove it does not even prevent the infection?
#Spin #MainStreamMedia #VaccineSafety #DoesNotPreventInfection #DelBigtree #TheHighwire
POSTED: May 3, 2021
In April, Del spoke at VAX-CON '21 in the Wisconsin Dells alongside names like Dr. Judy Mikovitz. Hear about his experience at the widely attended event and how powerful the movement for medical freedom is in Wisconsin.
#VAXCON #WisconsinDells #ChiropracticSocietyOfWisconsin #JudyMikovitz #DelBigtree #TheHighwire
POSTED: April 27, 2021
Jim Gale is the founder of Food Forest Abundance, a landscape design service that specializes in personal sustainable agriculture gardens. Watch as he helps Del design and plant a ''food forest'' on the ICAN campus for The Highwire team to have their own low-maintenance, self-sufficient fruit and vegetable garden while helping the planet, and learn how you can build your own 'food forest'.
#FoodForestAbundance #JimGale #Permaculture #Sustainable #Organic #DelBigtree #ICAN #TheHighwire
POSTED: April 24, 2021
Despite the complete safety failure worldwide of the #Covid19 vaccines, shockingly the state of Connecticut is trying to take away what little legal religious exemptions from vaccines its citizens still have with a new bill. LeeAnn Ducat, founder of Informed Choice CT, shares how you can help by joining the ''Rise Up Rally'' on Tuesday, April 27th and hear Del's surprise announcement on how he's helping the movement.
#LeeAnnDucat #RiseUpRally #HB6423 #Connecticut #ReligiousExemptions #VaccineSafety #DelBigtree #TheHighwire
POSTED: April 24, 2021
Del's Thanksgiving Takeaways; Behind the Scenes at The HighWire; The Crew's Most Memorable Moments; A Special Wish for You
#Thanksgiving #TurkeyDay #GiveThanks #BehindtheScenes #MeetTheTeam #TheHighWire
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: November 22, 2018
FIRE, FOLLY, AND OUR FUTURE? '-- HighWire Episode 85FIRE, FOLLY, AND OUR FUTURE? '-- HighWire Episode 85
CDC Paralyzed by ''polio like virus''?!; Genetically modified children in Argentina; An exclusive look at the Woolsey Fire devastation.
#WoolseyFire #Malibu #MalibuFire #CDC #AcuteFlaccidMyelitis #Argentina #Monsanto #GMO
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: November 15, 2018
Don't miss a very special Earth Day episode on The HighWire TOMORROW, April 22nd, 2021Don't miss a very special Earth Day episode on The HighWire TOMORROW, April 22nd, 2021
Every Thursday! 11am PST (2pm EST)
Watch the show at www.TheHighWire.com/WATCH
#BloodClots #Miscarriages #JohnsonAndJohnson #Covid19Vaccine #MenstrualCycle #EarthDay #FreshAir #DrZachBush #Hawaii #Oahu #Balance #Earth #FutureOfHumanity #FoodForest #JimGale #FoodForestAbundance #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #GetYourShot #GetVaccinated ??
DEL DEBATES DERSHOWITZAlan Dershowitz, leading U.S. constitutional lawyer, goes head-to-head with Del Bigtree, after Dershowitz strongly stated earlier this week ''if you refuse to be vaccinated, the state has the power to literally take you to a doctor's office and plunge a needle into your arm.''
Discriminating Against Vaccine-free in NJ; Del's Reflections on the Election; Mental Health Issues Exploding; The lines are open, Ask Del Anything!
#TheHighWire #OffitsImmunity #CDC #AskDelAnything #Vaccines #Vaxxed
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: November 8, 2018
If you or a loved one has been injured after receiving a Covid-19 vaccine, go to injuredbycovidvaccine.com. Submissions are confidential.
News has gone from bad to worse for U.K-based vaccine maker, AstraZeneca. After a prolonged pause across the European Union, the shot has been officially withdrawn due to its strong association with serious blood clots. A final blow came recently as the EU Commission decided to terminate both AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson's contracts at their expiry.
#AstraZeneca #JohnsonJohnson #VaccinePause #EUCommission #VaccineContracts #DelBigtree #TheHighwire
POSTED: April 19, 2021
Three months ago the Isreali government signed a confidential deal to enroll its entire population in a medical experiment using Pfizer's experimental #Covid19 shot. Now, new data from that experiment has been published showing the unvaccinated are better protected against certain variants than the vaccinated, prompting talks of a THIRD booster shot.
#Pfizer #Israel #AlbertBourla #VaccineBooster #Variant #DeadlyVariants #DelBigtree #TheHighwire
The research team at The Highwire has discovered 2 compelling new data points which support the claim the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System or, VAERS, is catching as little as 1% of actual vaccine injuries, or less. Is the CDC actively concealing casualties of the vaccine program?
#VAERS #Underreporting #ConcealingCasualties #VaccineSafetyProject #ICAN #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
POSTED: April 30, 2021
On April 14th, Del spoke at the emergency meeting of the Advisory Committee for Immunization Practices (ACIP), specifically about his concerns over the J&J #Covid19 vaccine. Listen to his plea to keep the unapproved vaccine out of circulation, and then question why we would even trust a drug company with one of the worst safety track records in history.
#ACIP #CDC #JohnsonJohnson #VaccinePause #VaccineSafety #Talc #OxyContin
POSTED: April 19, 2021
Rise of The Vaccine-Free; Billboards Go Viral Across America; CDC targets the Homeless.
#TheHighWire #WokeAF #VaccineRiskDeniers #ACIP #DTaP #CDC #Homeless #VOTE
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: November 1, 2018
Pro-Vaccine Scientist Finds Link Between Auto-Immune Diseases & Vaccine; IOM Calls Out CDC on Lack of Safety Studies; The Multi-Billion Dollar Vaccine Industry Lining Pockets of Government Health Officials.
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: October 18, 2018
POLIO IS BACK?! '-- HighWire Episode 80POLIO IS BACK?! '-- HighWire Episode 80
Polio-like Disease Reemerges; Inappropriate Doctor Makes Fun of Autistic People; Toxic Aluminum Deep Dive; and the ''One Conversation'' the CDC doesn't want us to have.
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: October 11, 2018
EXPOSED: THE HPV VACCINE '-- HighWire Episode 79America Dying Young?; HHS Under Fire Over Fetal Tissue; The HPV Vaccine on Trial; And the ''One Conversation'' the CDC is trying to silence.
#Gardasil #HPVvaccine #HHS #Merck #CDC #HPV #Be1Less #DidYouKnow #OneConversation #Japan #Ireland #BeBrave #The HighWire #TheHighWireEpisode79
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: October 4, 2018
ALZHEIMER'S: A MAN-MADE DISEASE? '-- HighWire Episode 78ALZHEIMER'S: A MAN-MADE DISEASE? '-- HighWire Episode 78
Nurses in Florida illegally force vaccinating children?; Canada's dirty little secret; the cause of Alzheimers the CDC refuses to acknowledge; and an emotional update with Marjorie and Nick Catone on their fight for truth.
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: September 27, 2018
THE BRAVE ONES '-- HighWire Episode 77THE BRAVE ONES '-- HighWire Episode 77
The book by JB Handley they don't want you to read; Jenny McCarthy's fight for truth; RFK Jr., along with Rolf Hazlehurst, reveal unprecedented fraud in the Department of Justice that could save future generations.
#JennyMcCarthy #JBHandley #RobertKennedyJr #DelBigtree #TheAvengers #Autism #Vaccines #TheAutismBook #ReadTheBook #Science #EndAutismNow #VaccinesCause #PutKids1st #HighWire #ICAN #TheHighWireinNYC #BeBrave #TheHighWireEpisode77
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: September 20, 2018
Just one month into the Pfizer #Covid19 vaccine study in adolescents, results have been released. Jefferey Jaxen breaks down the results of this ''transparent'' data published via press release.
#Pfizer #VaccineSafety #Transparency #CovidHighRisk #VaccineTrials #ChildrenTrials #DelBigtree #TheHighwire
POSTED: April 26, 2021
This week's HighWire Hero hails from Santa Cruz, however, their identity remains a mystery. Could you be the next hero?
#HWHeroOfTheWeek #SantaCruz #Anonymous #BeAHero #DelBigtree #TheHighwire
POSTED: April 19, 2021
Several Israeli women have reported irregular periods and abnormal bleeding after receiving Pfizer's #Covid19 vaccine. Thousands of other women have also reported irregularities in their monthly cycle after receiving the coronavirus vaccine, according to a survey from the University of Illinois. Watch as Del and Jefferey explore this topic further.
#Pfizer #Periods #MenstrualCycle #AbnormalBleeding #IrregularCycle #DelBigtree #TheHighwire
POSTED: April 19, 2021
Cancer numbers are skyrocketing around the world due to #Covid19 lockdowns. Del sat down with Ty and Charlene Bollinger, founders of The Truth About Cancer, to discuss their new series and insight into their alternative approach to treating what is now the leading cause of death worldwide.
#TheTruthAboutCancer #TyBollinger #CharleneBollinger #CancerRates #AlternativeMedicine #DelBigtree #TheHighwire
POSTED: April 19, 2021
MSNBC personality Rachel Maddow has joined politicians and celebrities in a pervasive and desperate vaccine propaganda campaign, unleashing an eleven minute diatribe about the importance of getting vaccinated. Are you feeling the pressure?
#MSNBC #RachelMaddow #VaccinePropaganda #VaccineCampaign #VaccineInjury #ScareTactics #Fear #DelBigtree #TheHighwire
POSTED: April 23, 2021
To commemorate another trip around the sun, The HighWire's greatest allies and biggest freedom fighters sent greetings in honor of Del's birthday this week. Check out their inspiring messages to our fearless leader!
#HappyBirthday #HappyBday #DelBigtree #TheHighwire
POSTED: April 16, 2021
Medical reporter Sanja Gupta, broke with his network, CNN, this week to side with former CDC head, Robert Redfield, on his belief that SARS-CoV-2 was, in fact, a man-made virus that escaped from a lab in Wuhan, China. Del breaks down the troubling conflict of interest involved in the WHO's original #Covid19 investigation in Wuhan and how the US government was actually funding the development of this potential bioweapon in China.
#Wuhan #RobertRedfield #SanjayGuptaMD #ManMadeVirus #CovidOrigin #CDC #PeterDaszak #EcoHealthAlliance #BioWeapon #EndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt #DelBigtree #TheHighwire
POSTED: April 15, 2021
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#BillionDollarCampaign #VaccinePSA #MLB #Covid19InjuredList #MidwinCharles #KarenHudsonSamuels #DMX #JohnsonJohnson #BloodClots #DrSanjayGupta
#Covid19Origin #Wuhan #ManmadeVirus #CDC #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #GetYourShot #GetVaccinated ??
VACCINE-FREE AMERICA '-- HighWire Episode 76VACCINE-FREE AMERICA '-- HighWire Episode 76
ADHD exploding in America; Police overwhelmed by the autism epidemic; The Wild Doc nearly arrested; Fitness model reveals her
vaccine-free lifestyle; Del's mom dishes the dirt'....Today on The HighWire!
#VaccineFree #DelsMom #ADHD #Autism #Police #BeBrave #TheHighWire #Vaxxed #FitnessCoach #HealthyLifestyle
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: September 13, 2018
Business owners are joining millions around the world as they draw their line in the sand when it comes to medical tyranny & industrial takeovers by saying NO to masks, NO to vaccine passports, & NO lockdown mandates taking place under the guise of #Covid19 safety.
#StandUp #MedicalTyranny #GovernmentMandates #DelBigtree #TheHighwire
POSTED: April 13, 2021
Del speaks before the Senate Committee On Health & Human Services in Austin, TX in support of SB 1310, which calls for informed consent to immunizations in Texas. For more info on why informed consent is important to you and your family, visit Del's non-profit at ICANdecide.org.
#TexasSenate #SB1310 #SB1311 #CDC #VaccineSafety #InformedConsent #DelBigtree #TheHighwire
POSTED: April 13, 2021
IS IT SAFE TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL? '-- HighWire Episode 75IS IT SAFE TO GO BACK TO SCHOOL? '-- HighWire Episode 75
Del drives a wedge between CDC and AAP; Parents Arrested For Kids Missing School?!; Behind The Toxic Curtain of ''BIG AG''; Top Vaccine Lawyer talks Medical Exemptions'... Today on The HighWire!
#FluMistFail #CDC #AAP #Monsanto #GeneralMills #Glyphosate #MedicalExemptions #BackToSchool #Homework #School #TheHighWire #BeBrave
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: September 6, 2018
ALL NEW: ASK DEL ANYTHING '-- HighWire Episode 74ALL NEW: ASK DEL ANYTHING '-- HighWire Episode 74
Russian Bots or Pharma Scapegoat?; Manslaughter Charges Filed in Flint Water Crisis; The Principal from Hell; Ask Del Anything; New Study Proves The World Is Waking Up!
#AskDelAnything #Transparency #RussianBots #FakeNews #VaccinateUs #HHS #Manslaughter
#FERPA #TheHighwire #HighWire #BeBrave
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: August 30, 2018
HAS DEL GONE PRO-VAX? '-- HighWire Episode 73HAS DEL GONE PRO-VAX?! '-- HighWire Episode 73
FDA oversight cost thousands of lives; Del's mouth of mercury; A vaccine we can get behind? This and more, today on the #HighWire.
#TheHighWire #OpioidEpidemic #Fentanyl #MercuryFillings #Diabetes #Vaccines #Health
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: August 23, 2018
Is America the Most Dangerous Place to Give Birth?; Does New York want to tax kids with cancer? West Virginia does a u-turn on it's vaccine mandates; Asbestos is back; The lawyers who took on Big Ag and won! Dels Dental Adventure
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: August 16, 2018
Hate speech or free speech?; Italians take back their freedom; 'Anti-vaxxers' celebrate the week that will live in infamy;
and who will carry on our fight for future generations?
#RallyForJustice #SayItNow #InfoWars #FirstAmendment #BeBrave #NewYorkTimes
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: August 9, 2018
WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON?! '-- HighWire Episode 69WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON?! '-- HighWire Episode 69
Cults, religion, and the ever growing push for mandatory vaccines. Del goes deeper than he's ever gone before'...Today on The HighWire!
#sayitnow #bebrave #highwire #vaccines #autismone #billgates
(A special thanks to Autism One ðŸðŸ>> www.autismone.org)
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: July 26, 2018
MOTHER NATURE VS. BIG PHARMA '-- HighWire Episode 68MOTHER NATURE VS. BIG PHARMA '-- HighWire Episode 68
The Battle Between Homeopathy and Big Pharma Heats Up; The Deepest, Darkest #Vaxhole on Earth Strikes Again;
A Witch-Hunt in North Carolina; Is it Un-American to Breastfeed?
#HighWire #TheHighWire #TheHighWireEpisode68
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: July 19, 2018
After a year of telling the world to obsessively spray disinfectant over every surface to avoid catching Covid, the CDC has now walked back yet another mitigation, citing lack of risk of surface transmissibility and the fact the disinfectants are likely causing more harm to our health.
#CDC #Disinfectant #HygieneTheater #Lysol #Sanitizer #FlipFlop #DelBigtree #TheHighwire
POSTED: April 9, 2021
As more European countries are restricting the use of Astrazeneca's experimental #Covid19 vaccine, new concerns over potentially deadly blood clots post-vaccination have been sparked by the European Medicines Agency (EMA).
#AstraZeneca #BloodClots #EMA #RiskReward #VaccineSafety #VAERS #DelBigtree #TheHighwire
POSTED: April 9, 2021
With more states writing executive orders and bills banning vaccine passports, and others already lifting mandates and fully open, is the vaccine passport dead on arrival?
#DanglingTheCarrot #DOA #Fauci #VaccinePassports #LipstickOnAPig
POSTED: April 9, 2021
As the country starts opening up, Tony Fauci tries to explain away why states like Florida and Texas, without mask mandates and open to full capacity, have plummeting case rates. Watch the master of putting ''lipstick on a pig'' join a new talking head in the $1.5 billion propaganda campaign to try to force millions of vaccine hesitant Americans to get injected.
#PropagandaCampaign #$1BILLION #Biden #WillieNelson #CovidPSA #LeanaWen #Fauci #TXRangers #DelBigtree #TheHighwire
POSTED: April 9, 2021
Surgeon, immunologist, and staunch believer in vaccines, Dr. Hooman Noordchashm has a dire warning for a large portion of the population when it comes to getting the covid vaccine. He joins Del for a healthy debate about controversial issues surrounding the world's first mass vaccination program.
#DrNoorchashm #HoomanNoorchashm #VaccineSafety #DelBigtree #TheHighwire #Part1
POSTED: April 8, 2021
Three sister in an isolated Kentucky monastery passed away from #Covid19 in February after receiving their #Covid19 shot. Hear how similar patterns in remote parts of the world are experiencing covid outbreaks and subsequent deaths only after the population has been vaccinated.
#VillaHillsMonastery #VaccineSafety #Gibraltar #DelBigtree #TheHighwire
POSTED: April 8, 2021
Multiple Ivy League doctors discuss the lack of hard data collected over the past year that prove masks reduce the spread of coronavirus. Listen to the discussion during a public health roundtable led by Gov. Ron Desantis.
#Biden #MaskMandates #DropMaskMandates #RonDeSantis #GreatBarringtonDeclaration #ScottAtlas
POSTED: April 8, 2021
Don't miss The HighWire TOMORROW, April 8th, 2021Don't miss The HighWire TOMORROW, April 8th, 2021
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#CovidVaccines #VaccineSafety #VaccineInjury #NaturalImmunity #VillaHillsMonestary #Nuns #DrHoomanNoorchashm #VaccinePassport #Texas #OpenUp #Abbot #DeBlasio #TheHighwire #GetYourShot #GetVaccinated
Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Dr. Brian Hooker, JB Handley & Mark Blaxill close the curtains on vaccine mythology. You will never be the same again.
#HHSLawsuit #TheHighWire #HighWire #TheHighWireEpisode67
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: July 12, 2018
WHO OWNS YOUR STEM CELLS?? '-- HighWire Episode 66WHO OWNS YOUR STEM CELLS?? '-- HighWire Episode 66
Pro-choice pediatrician wins landmark case, the riskiest vaccine skeptic video ever, who owns your stem cells?
#TheHighWire #HighWire #TheHighWireEpisode66
The film they didn't want you to see and how Big Pharma failed to take it down; Del demonstrates why vaccines are the death of herd immunity; and the incredible response to our million-view video from last week!
#SayItNow #TheHighWireEpisode64
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: June 21, 2018
THE 'DEAD DOCTOR' DEBATE '-- HighWire Episode 61THE 'DEAD DOCTOR' DEBATE '-- HighWire Episode 61
The 'Dead Doctor' Debate with Erin Elizabeth, Jack Wolfson and Sherri Tenpenny; Thom Bradstreet's revelations about his late brother Jeff, and are regulatory agencies stacked against you? This and much more today on The #HighWire!
#CDC #EPA #FDA #Vaccines #Autism #Trump
HUMAN SPECIES DYING OUT? '-- HighWire Episode 60HUMAN SPECIES DYING OUT? '-- HighWire Episode 60
Human species dying out, is this the 6th extinction!?!; Flynt Michigan 2.0; Autism Moms Speaking Out. This is The #HighWire
SUPERSTARS OF SCIENCE '-- HighWire Episode 59SUPERSTARS OF SCIENCE '-- HighWire Episode 59
An exclusive sit-down interview with Dr. Yehuda Shoenfeld & Christopher Exley, PhD joins us in-studio, LIVE from Lisbon, Portugal! LIVE from Lisbon with the Super Heroes of Science '' we've traveled this far for a reason! This is The #HighWire
Chelsea Clintons Obsession; CDC Fleeing From Epidemic?; FBI's Most Wanted Scientist with Guest James Grundvig; The Fishiest News Story of the Week. All this and much more on The #HighWire
UC Davis Proves Wakefield Was Right; Celebration of True Scientists Including Stem Cell Pioneer, Dr. Theresa Deisher today on The HighWire!
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: April 26, 2018
WEED: IS IT TIME FOR YOU TO INHALE? '-- HighWire Episode 54Weed: Is It Time For YOU to INHALE? HighWire Episode 54
The New Cold War?; Top Health Writer J.B. Handley Censored!; Weed: is it Time for YOU to Inhale? Find out today on The #HighWire with special guests JB Handley, Dr. Bogner & Dr. Jeffrey Raber of The Werc Shop
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: April 12, 2018
The HighWire Turns One! '-- HighWire Episode 53The HighWire Turns One! '-- HighWire Episode 53
HighWire Turns One, a Look Back; Richard Pan's 'Thought Police'; The Carcinogen in your Cup O' Joe; The Latest on Jersey's Fight for Religious Rights. This, and much more on The #HighWire
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: April 5, 2018
SENDING DEL INTO ORBIT '-- HighWire Episode 52Sending Del Into Orbit '-- HighWire Episode 52
Discovery of New Human Organ Sends Del Into Orbit, Autism Study Admits It's Rigged, CDC Addicted to Whack-A-Mole, Autism One Ventures Into New Territory, California Aims Another Missile at the 4th Amendment.
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: March 29, 2018
LET'S GET READY TO RALLY!! '-- HighWire Episode 50Let's Get Ready to Rally! HighWire Episode 50
Geo-Engineering Redux with Dane Wigington; World's Most Terrifying Vaccine Adjuvant with Dr. Tenpenny; Is Italy Smarter Than Us? Let's Get Ready to Rally! This is #HighWire
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: March 15, 2018
AT WAR WITH NATURAL HEALTH '-- HighWire Episode 49AT WAR WITH NATURAL HEALTH '-- HighWire Episode 49
YouTube at war with Natural Health?; Fed Responsible for Opioids? Del Questions Geo-Engineering. This is #HighWire
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: March 8, 2018
AAP FLAILS IN FAMILY COURT '-- HighWire Episode 48AAP FLAILS IN FAMILY COURT '-- HighWire Episode 48
Proof Hospitals Have Been Killing Patients; World's Worst Vaccine Makes a Comeback; Monsanto takes 'Diabolical' to a Whole New Level; AAP Specialist Flails in Family Court. This is #HighWire
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: March 1, 2018
As POTUS calls out leaders for dropping mask mandates, the science continues to be clear that masks are ineffective at stopping the spread of #Covid19. Jefferey Jaxen reports on the numbers out of Texas since Gov. Abbott lifted the statewide order, and highlights the experts that continue to speak out on this truly unscientific mitigation effort.
#Biden #MaskMandates #Texas #DropMaskMandates #NeanderthalThinking #RonDeSantis #GreatBarringtonDeclaration #ScottAtlas
POSTED: April 5, 2021
LIVE FROM THE HOME OF THE CDC '-- HighWire Episode 47LIVE FROM THE HOME OF THE CDC '-- HighWire Episode 47
Zombies and School Shootings; California Home School Shakedown; Anti-Vaxxers Hate Their Families? Live from the Home of the CDC, This is #HighWire
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: February 22, 2018
WE'VE GOT AN INSIDER! '-- HighWire Episode 46WE'VE GOT AN INSIDER! '-- HighWire Episode 46
HighWire Under Attack? The New Pro Vax Argument; Crooked with Forrest Maready; We've got an insider! This is #HighWire
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: February 16, 2018
Fraud at the CDC Resigns!! Dirty Genes with Dr. Lynch and On The Run with Brandi Vaughn. This is HIGHWIRE.
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: February 1, 2018
FLU FALSE FLAG EXPOSED '-- HighWire Episode 43FLU FALSE FLAG EXPOSED '-- HighWire Episode 43
New False Flag, Flu-pocalypse debunked, James O'Keefe exposes Twitter, Del Agrees with Paul Offit, Humphries on Fever, and West Virginia's fight for Freedom. This is HIGHWIRE.
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: January 18, 2018
GOD VS. SCIENCE '-- HighWire Episode 40GOD VS. SCIENCE '-- HighWire Episode 40
God vs. Science: Live from the Mississippi State Capitol, where the fight begins. This is HIGHWIRE.
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: January 11, 2018
FLU SHOT AND THE ELDERLY '-- HighWire Episode 39FLU SHOT AND THE ELDERLY '-- HighWire Episode 39
Del comes clean about 2018, thinning the elderly population with flu shots, grassroots on the verge of real change'....THIS. IS. HIGHWIRE
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: January 4, 2018
BEST OF 2017 '-- HighWire Episode 38BEST OF 2017 '-- HighWire Episode 38
A journey into Highwire's Best of 2017; An honest look into the future; And the REVEAL you don't want to miss. This is #HIGHWIRE. @HighWireTalk
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: December 29, 2017
Prepare for Flu-pocalypse, Austism explosion blame game. Star-studded lineup Dr. Joe Mercola, Jefferey Jaxen, Mark Blaxill and Katie Wright'...this is #HighWire
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: December 7, 2017
WOLRD HEALTH ORGANIZATION STERILIZATION PROGRAM? '-- HighWire Episode 32World Health Organization Sterilization Program? '-- HighWire Episode 32
World Health Organization caught in sterilization program, Senator Richard Pan's witch hunt, a vegan Thanksgiving and a letter to John Stewart. This is #HighWire @HighWireTalk @DelBigtree Vaxx Hole Of The Week!!
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: November 16, 2017
MILLIONS JOIN CULT THAT SACRIFICES CHILDREN! '-- HighWire Episode 31Millions Join Cult That Sacrifices Children! '-- HighWire Episode 31
Millions join cult that sacrifices children! Church shootings the new normal and JB Handley pieces together the puzzle of autism. And an all new #MomOnTheStreet. This is #HighWire @HighWireTalk @DelBigtree Vaxx Hole Of The Week!! @UBNRadioTV
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: November 9, 2017
PREGNANT MOTHERS DYING IN AMERICA '-- HighWire Episode 30Pregnant Mothers Dying In America, '-- HighWire Episode 30
Pregnant mothers dying in America, elderly sicker than ever. Interview with Director of ground breaking doc ''What The Health'' This is #HighWire @HighWireTalk @DelBigtree Vaxx Hole Of The Week!! @UBNRadioTV
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: November 2, 2017
US HEALTH AGENCY'S CHILD DEATH PANEL! '-- HighWire Episode 29US Health Agency's Child Death Panel! '-- HighWire Episode 29
US Health Agency's Child Death Panel; Allison Folmar Esq. Advice for Vaccine Custody Battles; Suzanne Humphries
Beats Whooping Cough. This is #HighWire @HighWireTalk @DelBigtree @UBNRadioTV
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: October 26, 2017
MMA FIGHTER AND WIFE LOSE SON TO DTAP '-- HighWire Episode 28MMA Fighter and Wife lose son to DTaP '-- HighWire Episode 28
Government sponsored PILL MILLS?!. Nurses fighting flu shots. Exclusive interview with MMA Fighter Nick Catone and wife Majorie over ''sudden'' death of their baby. This is #HighWire. @HighWireTalk @DelBigtree @ubnradiotv
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: October 19, 2017
MI MOM'S EX CAUGHT DITCHING SON '-- HighWire Episode 27MI Mom's Ex Caught Ditching Son '-- HighWire Episode 27
Mother thrown in jail for not vaccinating. Exclusive video of father that put her there. This is #HighWire. @HighWireTalk @DelBigtree @ubnradiotv
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: October 12, 2017
As Biden begs Americans to keep wearing masks, multiple Ivy League doctors discuss the lack of hard data collected over the past year that prove masks reduce the spread of coronavirus. Listen to the discussion during a public health roundtable led by Gov. Ron Desantis.
#Biden #MaskMandates #DropMaskMandates #RonDeSantis #GreatBarringtonDeclaration #ScottAtlas
POSTED: April 2, 2021
HIGHWIRE'S FINAL EPISODE?! '-- HighWire Episode 26HighWire's Final Episode?! '-- HighWire Episode 26
HighWire's Final Episode?! MMR and Human Experimentation; Have we not learned from History? Special guest,
NYU Law Professor Mary Holland, JD. This is #HighWire. @HighWireTalk @DelBigtree @ubnradiotv
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: October 5, 2017
JIMMY KIMMEL THE HYPOCRITE '-- HighWire Episode 24Jimmy Kimmel the Hypocrite '-- HighWire Episode 24
Jimmy Kimmel the Hypocrite. Vaccine Risk Now Mainstream! All-Star Panel Discusses the Vaccine Risk Movement, and
more. This is #HighWire. @HighWireTalk @DelBigtree
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: September 21, 2017
IS PLANET EARTH REALLY UNDER ATTACH?! '-- HighWire Episode 23Is Planet Earth Really Under Attack?! '-- HighWire Episode 23
Is Planet Earth Really Under Attack?! Interview with an 'Emotional Terrorist' from Ireland, and the HPV Wars. This and more, on #HighWire. @HighWireTalk @DelBigtree
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: September 14, 2017
NO ONE IS SAFE FROM #HURRICANEDEL '-- HighWire Episode 21No One is Safe From #HurricaneDel '-- HighWire Episode 21
No One is Safe From #HurricaneDel. New 'Disney Outbreak' in the Making. Exclusive Vaccine-Glyphosate Update. #Vaxhole of the Week. This is #HighWire @HighWireTalk @DelBigtree
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: September 7, 2017
Covid safety has been abused as a tool for legal overreach since the pandemic started, even inside custody battles. Mother of five, Melanie Joseph, gave Del the shocking details of how a Florida judge suspended shared custody of her son, under the guise of protecting the child's safety during the pandemic.
#MelanieJoseph #CovidSafety #CovidParenting #JudgeDaleCohen #DelBigtree #TheHighwire
POSTED: April 1, 2021
Former Clinton advisor, Dr. Naomi Wolf, peels the layers back on the newest hot button issue, vaccine passports, with a dire warning they are a ''point of no return.''
#NaomiWolf #VaccinePassports #BigTech #DelBigtree #TheHighwire
POSTED: April 1, 2021
After extreme censorship of those questioning the origins of SARS-CoV2, one of the world's highest ranked virologists goes public with his personal opinion on whether the virus came from a seafood market or escaped the Wuhan lab in China.
#RobertRedfield #WHO #Wuhan #China #ManMadeDisease #60Minutes #JamieMetzl #CovidOrigins #DelBigtree #TheHighwire
POSTED: April 1, 2021
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#BillionDollarCampaign #VaccinePSA #CovidPassport #HealthPassport #DrNaomiWolf #Covid19Origin #Wuhan #ManmadeVirus #CDC #RobertRedfield #Fauci #DeadlyVariant #AndrewRead #CovidVaccine #TheHighwire #GetYourShot #GetVaccinated
HARVEY THE UNTOLD STORY '-- HighWire Episode 20Harvey The Untold Story '-- HighWire Episode 20
Harvey The Untold Story, Should we fire all Pediatricians? The #Vaxhole of the week. This is #HighWire @DelBigtree @HighWireTalk.
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: August 31, 2017
Killing our handicapped children; LA Times attacks private schools; 'Denial' author Mark Blaxill. Mom on the Street, and the #Vaxhole of the week. Today at 11 am pst. This is #HighWire @DelBigtree @HighWireTalk.
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: August 24, 2017
From mask mandates, to travel restrictions, to keeping schools open, Florida Governor (R) Ron DeSantis has been one of the most outspoken politicians when it comes to #Covid19 restrictions, and once again, he's leading the pack on his vehement opposition to future vaccine passports.
#GovRonDeSantis #MaskMandates #TravelRestrictions #OpenSchools #Florida #DelBigtree #TheHighwire
POSTED: March 30, 2021
Allegations of 'astroturfing' emerged over The HighWire's coverage of virologist Geert Vanden Bossche and his public plea to halt all #Covid19 vaccination. Del addresses the allegations with a response including important dialogues with RFK Jr. and Dr. Andrew Wakefield.
#DelBigtree #TheHighwire #TheDefender #RFKJr #AndyWakefield #GeertVandenBossche
POSTED: March 29, 2021
After things got heated last week at the World Wide Freedom Rally in Oahu, Del talks with Hawaii (D) Representative, Dale Kobayoshi, about their experience speaking at the peaceful protest that ended in two arrests. Dale also recounts his own experience with an almost deadly vaccine injury as a child, which has inspired him to be an advocate for medical freedom at a time he feels has never been more important.
#WorldWideFreedomRally #Oahu #Honolulu #DaleKobayohi #VaccineInjury #VaccineSafety #Masks #SocialDistancing #HonoluluPD #DelBigtree #TheHighwire
POSTED: March 29, 2021
For the past year, everyone in the world has been forced to stand 6 feet apart in public, based off of CDC recommendations. But now, the health agency is admitting there was no science backing that decision, and have now changed their ''social distancing'' guidelines.
#3Feet #CDC #SocialDistancing #3FeetApart #ScottGottleib #Unscientific #DelBigtree #TheHighwire
It's been a tough month for the AstraZeneca #Covid19 vaccine. Jefferey Jaxen breaks down the serious side effect that paused the vaccine rollout in 24 countries, and why NIAID called the company out for using outdated and misleading trial data when disclosing the efficacy of the vaccine.
#AstraZenca #BloodClots #EuropeVaccinePause #VaccineSideEffects #VaccineSafety #DelBigtree #TheHighwire
POSTED: March 26, 2021
Twitter has promised to #censor and #ban those who contradict information from the CDC or the WHO, even if it's true. We have a plan. Here's what you need to do. Don't wait.
#Censorship #Freedom #SignUp #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #HighwireInsiders
''V is For Vaccine'' co-founder Joshua Coleman and anti-vax obsessed Sen. Richard Pan, from California, battle over Pan's new bill that attacks our First Amendment right to a peaceful protest.
#VIsForVaccine #SenatorPan #DrPan #SB661 #DelBigtree #TheHighwire
Natural health heavy-weight, Dr Joseph Mercola, pulls the curtain back on what he thinks is truly going on with ''The Great Reset.'' Plus, his top tips on getting healthier, starting RIGHT NOW.
#WEF #TheGreatReset #DrMercola #HealthFreedom #Technocrats #DelBigtree #TheHighwire
POSTED: March 23, 2021
WORLDWIDE RALLY FOR FREEDOMProtesters gather in Hawaii, joining millions around the world today, protesting #Covid19 measures restricting their freedoms.
In an unfathomable turn of events, Roy and Loretta Zimmerman's first child was taken from them by the hospital for ten days, after mom tested positive for Covid. Listen to their heart-felt interview with Del, as they retell a story that is happening much too often around the country.
#CovidMoms #HomeBirth #Mennonites #Childbirth #MotherChildBond #FalsePositives #DelBigtree #TheHighwire
POSTED: March 22, 2021
Connecticut may be known as the ''Constitution State,'' but the government is on the verge of passing a bill to end religious exemptions for vaccine mandates. Freedom lawyer, Kevin Barry, is at the forefront of this fight and has vital information about how you can help keep religious freedom alive in one of the first states to honor it.
#Connecticut #SB568 #HB6423 GovLamont #VaccineSafety #ReligiousFreedom #DelBigtree #TheHighwire
POSTED: March 19, 2021
Elon Musk may have high hopes to launch humans to Mars, but as one rocket explodes after another from SpaceX, would the public be willing to risk their lives to be part of his never-done-before experiment?
#ElonMusk #MissionToMars #SpaceX #Explosions #VaccineSafety #Pfizer #Moderna #DelBigtree #TheHighwire
POSTED: March 19, 2021
With multiple forms of digital health surveillance already in the works from the likes of school districts, airlines, sporting venues, and even the European Union, it's clear a ''vaccine passport'' could soon be a reality. Jefferey Jaxen reveals more details on these authoritarian health certificates, and how, for maybe the first time ever, The HighWire and W.H.O. agree.
#LAUSD #Microsoft #Airlines #DeBlasio #EU #WHO #VaccinePassport #VaccineCertificate #DelBigtree #TheHighwire #WhenPigsFly
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#DrMercola #JosephMercola #TheGreatReset #WEF #CovidPassport #HealthPassport #LAUSD #SenatorPan #RichardPan #CovidVaccine #TheHighwire #SB611 #GetYourShot #GetVaccinated #VisForVaccine
If you were paying attention to mainstream media this week, you were likely lead to believe, according to a recent CDC study, that mask mandates were critical in stopping the spread of #Covid19. This could not be further from the truth. Del explains.
#CDC #MSM #Masks #CovidSpread #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #MaskSpin
POSTED: March 12, 2021
Mexican actor and director, Eugenio Derbez, took part in an Instagram Live Q&A with Anthony Fauci this week and asked many hard hitting questions about the #Covid19 vaccine. Jefferey and Del pick apart the tidal wave of misinformation Fauci unleashed, from the experimental shot's FDA approval and injury liability, to herd immunity and new variants.
#EugenioDerbez #Fauci #IGLive #Covid19 #VaccineSafety #HerdImmunity #VaccineInjury #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #FireFauci
POSTED: March 11, 2021
World renown vaccine specialist, Geert Vanden Bossche, gave a groundbreaking interview this week risking his reputation and his career by bravely speaking out against administration of #Covid19 vaccines. In what may be one of the most important stories ever covered by The Highwire, the vaccine developer shared his extreme concerns about these vaccines in particular and why we may be on track to creating a global immunity catastrophe.
#GeertVandenBoosche #VaccineDisaster #ImmunityCatastrophe #GAVI #GatesFoundation #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
POSTED: March 11, 2021
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#MainstreamMedia #Lies #CDC #MaskBurning #MaskWars #MaskMania #CovidVaccine #MostImportantInterviewInHistory #GetYourShot #GetVaccinated
Put aside the obvious concerns mask wearers face: reduced oxygen levels, anxiety disorders, and scientific lack of efficacy. Since 2012, research has shown that inhaling nanofibers can pose a serious risk to inflammation in the lungs, even mesothelioma (cancer) due to its similar shape to asbestos. Jefferey Jaxen highlights a recent study showing the potential threat to inhaling nano plastics shed from masks.
#NoMasksNoProblem #DangersOfMasks #Mesothelioma #Nanofibers #DelBigtree #TheHighWire
POSTED: March 9, 2021
Fears that the #Covid19 vaccine could leave people more vulnerable to the AIDS virus is just the latest of many possible complications from the experimental shot. Jefferey Jaxen explains why this type of immune response should also be a concern for everyone when it comes to future vaccines to combat SARS-CoV-2.
#HIVRisk #ImmuneResponse #JohnsonJohnson #SARSCoV2 #SpikeProtein #AD5 #DelBigtree #TheHighWire
POSTED: March 9, 2021
The Archdiocese of New Orleans released a statement asking Catholics to avoid the Johnson & Johnson #Covid19 vaccine in light of guidance from the Vatican that the shot is ''morally compromised'' due to it's tie to abortion.
#NOLA #ArchioceseOfNO #Vatican #JohnsonJohnson #AbortionDerivedCellLine #DelBigtree #TheHighWire
March 9, 2021
The Johnson & Johnson vaccine will mark the third #Covid19 vaccine approved by the FDA for emergency use, and the mainstream media is already praising it. Jefferey Jaxen breaks down the fine print on the experimental drug's efficacy, as well as the unknown risks and data gaps published by the FDA themselves.
#JohnsonJohnson #VaccineRollout #VaccineSafety #VaccineEfficacy #FDA #DataGaps #EmergencyApproval #RiskVsReward #DelBigtree #TheHighWire
POSTED: March 9, 2021
NYU Professor, Mark Crispin Miller, is the latest victim in the era of cancel culture. During his popular ''Propaganda'' class, Miller offered his students information from both sides of the mask discussion, citing scientific evidence and promoting critical thinking on the divisive topic. What happened next might shock you'...
#CancelCulture #CancelCult #MarkCrispinMiller #NYU #Propaganda #DominantNarrative #MaskEfficacy #HigherLearning #DelBigtree #TheHighWire
POSTED: March 9, 2021
Could disposable masks be causing an ecological disaster? Studies show that up to 1.56 billion masks could end up in the ocean creating an unmeasurable effect on ocean wildlife and the environment.
#MaskPollution #EcologicalDisaster #SaveOurOceans #DelBigtree #TheHighWire
POSTED: March 9, 2021
ER doc, Richard Bartlett, made waves last year with a viral video about his incredible success treating #Covid19 patients with a common asthma inhalant. After being vilified by the media and Fauci himself, recent studies, including one out of Oxford University, have validated his claim, stating that 90% of hospitalizations could have been avoided with this simple, early treatment.
#DrRichardBartlett #BartlettProtocal #Budesonide #Zinc #EarlyTreatment #Fauci #DelBigtree #TheHighWire
POSTED: March 5, 2021
The Governor of TX announced he's opening up The Lone Star State 100%, enraging the mainstream media. The motivation may be political, but numbers don't lie. Del breaks down the data on three key states, California, New York, and Florida, to reveal what possibly led Gov. Abbott to make such a controversial decision.
#TexasIndependence #ReopenTexas #GregAbbott #RonDesantis #Lockdowns #MaskMandate #DelBigtree #TheHighWire
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#JohnsonAndJohnson #JJCovid19Vaccine #LessEffective #SafetyTrials #ArchdiocesOfNO #Masks #DrRichardBartlett #Budesonide #BartlettProtocol #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
'The HighWire' host Del Bigtree and son, Ever, conducted a test, using an OSHA-approved Carbon-Dioxide meter, which revealed something about masks which YouTube, Facebook, and other video platforms are trying very hard to censor. What do you think?
#MaskTest #Masks #TheHighWire #DelBigtree
REPOST: March 3, 2021
Covid-19 vaccine testing is now expanding to children as young as six in AstraZeneca trials in the UK, and Moderna will soon follow suit in the US. With #Covid19 related death rates in children almost nonexistent, and injuries and deaths from the vaccine stacking up, why would we risk our children's health for this experimental vaccine?
#AstraZenca #Moderna #VaccineSafety #GuineaPigs #Children #RiskVsReward #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
POSTED: March 1, 2021
As one of the first almost fully vaccinated countries, Israel is implementing a ''Green Badge'' system which gives only vaccinated people the right to go to restaurants and other public places by carrying a certificate with a QR code.
#Israel #GreenBadge #GreenPassport #Covid19Vaccine #VaccinePassport #VaccineSafety #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
POSTED: March 1, 2021
While #Covid19 cases in the richest, most locked down nations of the world continue, many of the poorest nations in the world, where these restrictions are not in place, are seeing numbers drastically plummet. Why are countries with such poorly funded healthcare systems faring so much better than the US. (hint: herd immunity)
#NaturalHerdImmunity #GB3 #India #Nepal #NoLockdowns #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
POSTED: February 26, 2021
Mass shortages of food and goods across the country, seemingly triggered by Covid histeria, have exposed critical vulnerabilities in the US food supply chain. Fifth generation cattle rancher Shad Sullivan explains the government's obligation in the oligarchy that is the meat processing industry, and has a dire warning that could leave every person in the US hungry.
#FoodSupplyChain #MeatPacking #CattleRancher #ShadSullivan #FoodCrisis #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
POSTED: February 26, 2021
Mask-Free Store Goes ViralMask-Free Store Goes Viral
Florida grocery store owner, Alfie Oakes, made national headlines recently when a video of maskless employees and customers at his store went viral. Del talks to our ''HighWire Hero of the Week'' about what inspired him to stand up against Covid mandates, and how his opposition has put his thriving business in the spotlight.
#AlfieOaks #SeedToTable #Naples #MasklessGroceryStore #HeroOfTheWeek #ViralVideo #UnMask #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
POSTED: February 25, 2021
The one-time hero of the pandemic, Tony Fauci, is losing the trust of mainstream America after flip flopping on critical #Covid19 information one too many times. His latest admission is the final straw for many public figures, including avid pro-vaxxers.
#TonyFauci #FireFauci #FlipFlop #NIH #Biden #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
POSTED: February 25, 2021
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#BackInAction #TexasFreeze #FoodSupplyChain #ShadSullivan #MeatPacking #SeedToTable #AlfieOakes #MasklessStores #DrOz #VaccineAwareness #NoJab
#TheHighwire #DelBigtree
Experts worry a South African variant of #Covid19 could be resistant to the new Covid vaccines, highlighting the principal concern of studies from 2018 over a vaccine's ability to trigger pathogens to evolve. While some experts believe this is another reason natural herd immunity is superior to temporary vaccine protection, self-proclaimed ''vaccine expert'' and tech billionaire, Bill Gates, says the solution is yet another vaccine dose.
#CovidVariants #Mutations #SouthAfricanVariant #NaturalHerdImmunity #BillGates #BoosterShot #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
More than two months into the vaccine rollout and the Covid vaccine still has not proven to stop infection or transmission of SARS-CoV2, which could explain what mainstream media is calling ''breakthrough cases,'' a phenomenon where people are testing positive for #Covid19 within a few days or weeks after getting the Covid vaccine.
#BreakthroughCases #VaccineEfficacy #MSM #Pfizer #Moderna #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
Health officials are coming forward to criticize a lackluster effort by health agencies to implement adequate Covid vaccine safety monitoring and reporting systems ahead of the largest vaccine rollout in history. Del brings to light a shocking 2010 study revealing the current primary system, VAERS, may only capture less than 1% of actual injuries from vaccines, which begs the question: Are we seeing only the tip of a massive Covid vaccine injury iceberg?
#VAERS #Covid19 #VaccineSafety #Pfizer #Moderna #PostMarketingSurveillance #SafetyMonitoring #FDA #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
A historic snow storm brought Texas to its knees this week, and the Highwire team has not been spared. But the rolling blackouts, unsafe roads, water damage, gas and food shortages that affected the entire state couldn't keep us from our mission. It does make us wonder though, was this disaster even natural?
#TexasSnowStorm #PowerGrid #FrozenTurbines #WindTurbines #BrownOut #BlackOut #DarkWinter #RollingBlackouts #FoodShortages #NaturalDisaster #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has become the new king of censorship, yet this week Project Veritas released a video from 2020 of Zuckerberg questioning the long term effects of the vaccine, in direct opposition to his company's policy. Why aren't the billions of users on his own platform also allowed to question the safety of the experimental vaccine?
#KingOfCensorship #MarkZuckerberg #ProjectVeritas #VaccineSafety #Hypocrite #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
Political leaders and billionaires around the globe have doubled down on the ''build back better'' strategy and it's beginning to sound a little too similar to the World Economic Forum's world socialization mission. It's hard not to wonder how #covid19 has played into the plan.
#GreatReset #BuildBackBetter #WEF #WorldEconomicForum #BillGates #KlausSchwab #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
Consumer Reports just published a shocking report which found baby foods from at least four major brands tainted with a dangerous amount of heavy metals. Will the FDA finally set a federal standard for labeling or will we continue to let multibillion dollar companies self-regulate?
#HeavyMetals #BabyFood #Gerber #BeechNut #FDA #SelfRegulation #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
Headlines in the US and UK continue to report dozens of nursing home deaths after receiving their first round of the #Covid19 vaccine. Data out of England shows that elderly care home deaths as much as tripled when the vaccine rolled out in January. Talk about a coincidence.
#VaccineSafety #NursingHomeDeaths #UKCareHomes #ElderlyDeaths #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
After Fauci admitted last week there's no science to support ''double masking,'' the CDC has now officially ruled that wearing two masks can decrease exposure to infectious aerosols by up to 95%'...after lab testing on dummies.
#JaxenReport #CDC #DoubleMasking #MaskUp #MaskMandate #Dummies #Breath #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #WearAMask #MaskUp
Despite the WHO's attempt to redefine 'natural herd immunity,' the term has suddenly reappeared in the news cycle to explain the 55% drop in #Coronavirus cases this last month. A study in India revealed over half of the residents in its capital city already have antibodies, the majority of whom were never infected. Hasn't The HighWire been saying this all along?
#WHO #COVID19 #NaturalHerdImmunity #GreatBarringtonThree #India #Antibodies #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
The New York State Health Department's website recently posted a meme about the #Covid19 vaccines licensure, safety and efficacy for others to share on their social media channels. The only problem-the statements promoted by the Health Department are a flat out lie. Hear about how this became another #win for the ICAN legal team.
#NYHealthDept #VaccinateNY #ICANFactCheck #Misinformation #VaccineSafety #AndrewCuomo #HowardZucker #FDA #EmergencyUseAuthorization #ICANLegalTeam #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
The New York State Health Department's website recently posted a meme about the #Covid19 vaccines licensure, safety and efficacy for others to share on their social media channels. The only problem-the statements promoted by the Health Department are a flat out lie. Hear about how this became another #win for the ICAN legal team.
#NYHealthDept #VaccinateNY #ICANFactCheck #Misinformation #VaccineSafety #AndrewCuomo #HowardZucker #FDA #EmergencyUseAuthorization #ICANLegalTeam #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
As Big Tech continues an unprecedented purge on what they believe to be ''misinformation'' concerning coronavirus and vaccinations, Del questions why 51% of Americans are still vaccine hesitant.
#Facebook #Censorship #Misinformation #COVID19 #Fauci #Swaminathan #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
It may sound like a science fiction movie, but vaccine passports are being discussed and developed for citizens across the free world, aimed at tracking #Covid19 vaccination status, and possibly barring people in the future from travel, concerts, even being allowed in private businesses. Washington Times Opinion Editor, Cheryl Chumley, takes a deep dive into the likelihood of this happening and the constitutional freedoms this technology would infringe upon.
#VaccinePassports #ConstitutionalFreedom #Privacy #VaccineSafety #CherylChumley #TheWashingtonPost #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
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#Censored #Facebook #Instagram #StillOnTop #BillGates #PopulationControl #Farmland #HerdImmunity #NaturalHerdImmunity #VaccinePassport #CherylChumley #DeepDive #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
OWN YOUR IMMUNITY! ''HighWire Episode 15OWN YOUR IMMUNITY! ''HighWire Episode 15
Owning your Immunity, with Dr. Toni Bark. Study Drugs: A Bombshell Military Vaccine study. This is #HighWire. @HighWireTalk @DelBigtree
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: July 20, 2017
Ouch, #TeenVogue!'' HighWire Episode 14Ouch, #TeenVogue!'' HighWire Episode 14
Dr. Fran skypes in to tackle teen issues. Italy up in arms over #vaccine mandates. Brave Dr. Phan is in studio. Finally, #HighWire and Jeffery Jaxen break a massive story being censored. @HighWireTalk @DelBigtree
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: July 13, 2017
A discount European airline pulled a recent commercial that suggested flying would become safe again for travelers after receiving the #COVID19 vaccine. The Ryan Air advertisement titled 'jab and go' was described as misleading and irresponsible by watchdog groups.
#RyanAir #JabAndGo #FalseAdvertising #VaccineSafety #DelBigtree #TheHighwire
From Michigan to Germany, courts are beginning to rule in favor of constitutional freedoms infringed by worldwide lockdowns. But will we ever see the Draconian leaders responsible for these infringements face the music?
#MegWhitmer #Germany #Lockdowns #Freedom #Constitution #DelBigtree #TheHighwire
Europe's leading rights organization, The Council of Europe, released a statement to ensure European citizens that the #COVID19 vaccine is not compulsory and calls for those who wish to not receive the vaccine not be discriminated against. While not legally binding, this is quite a shockwave since courts predominantly take the side of human rights organizations in trials.
#CouncilOfEurope #VaccineMandates #VaccineSafety #HumanRights #DelBigtree #TheHighwire
Moms of elementary school kids have a round table discussion on the psychological effects of their children wearing masks all day at school. Is an epidemic of childhood PTSD, or social anxiety disorders, on the horizon? Then, Catharine Layton, the parent of a special needs child, and Psychiatrist Dr. Stefani Reinold, MPH, join Del for this important discussion.
From Episode 183
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: October 6, 2020
Mainstream media is starting to report on questions about the origins of SARS-CoV2 and their connection to Anthony Fauci exactly one year after The HighWire was heavily censored by video and social media platforms for bringing the same facts to light about where this virus may have originated from.
#CovidOrigins #TheHighWire #aheadofthecurve #Covid19
European health authorities are expressing concerns over a lack of safety data on AstraZeneca's #COVID19 in older patients, forcing agencies to rethink their recommendations for patients over 55 years of age.
#Europe #VaccineSafety #AstraZeneca #CovidVaccine #DelBigtree #TheHighwire
Despite attempts to conceal information by the Governor and his allies, Andrew Cuomo's nursing home death scandal from last Spring, which could be responsible for 6,500 deaths, is finally coming to a head. Is a cover-up about to be exposed?
#AndrewCuomo #NursingHomes #HowardZucker #NursingHomeDeaths #NewYork #DelBigtree #TheHighwire
TABOO TOPIC OF RECOVERY '-- HighWire Episode 12TABOO TOPIC OF RECOVERY '-- HighWire Episode 12
Fidget spinners everywhere! Then, tackling the taboo topic of recovery from #autism. Parents speak candidly. Barry Smeltzer MPAS, PA-C,
and Dr. Marco Ruggiero talk clinical treatment and offer the latest on the science of autism. This is #HighWire. @HighWireTalk
ORIGINAL AIR-DATE: June 29, 2017
Immune System Psychosis! ''HighWire Episode 11Immune System Psychosis! ''HighWire Episode 11
Immune System Psychosis! Then, special guest host Dr. Suzanne Humphries discusses fever in pregnancy and autism,
polio outbreaks in Syria and Congo, and an Aluminum adjuvant bombshell. This is #HighWire. @HighWireTalk
Original Air-date: June 22, 2017
Reports of adverse reactions from the #Covid19 vaccines have piled up and recent polls have shown that 51% of Americans will delay or refuse the shot altogether. Why are people refusing? Take a look.
#QuestionTheMedia #SecondThoughts #VaccineSafety #Transparency #DelBigtree #TheHighwire
Flip-Floppers Caught FlailingFlip-Floppers Caught Flailing
The biggest medical and political leaders in the country have flip-flopped on every #Covid19 policy decision.
#FlipFlop #Fauci #DoubleMasking #BillGates #LoriLightfoot #AndrewCuomo #TheBigOne #Pandemic #CDC #Vaccines #DelBigtree #TheHighwire
Back-To-School Fears with Dr. PaulBack-To-School Fears with Dr. Paul
After ignoring overwhelming data demonstrating Schools, and children, are not a primary source of transmission of Covid19, health authorities are finally pushing for opening schools. But, after stoking 'unrealistic fear' in the public, about SARS CoV2, parents and teachers are hesitant to return. Our favorite pediatrician, Dr. Paul Thomas shares what he's found in his own personal studies on transmission of Covid.
#ReopenSchools #DrPaulThomas #Transmission #SuperSpreaders #DelBigtree #TheHighwire
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#AndrewCuomo #NursingHomes #Switcheroo #FlipFlopping #BillGates #DiseaseOutbreaks #SchoolsReopening #LoriLightfoot #DrPaulThomas #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #China
Episode10''The Toll of VitriolEpisode10''The Toll of Vitriol
''The toll of vitriol in America. Then, author Kent Heckenlively discusses 'Inoculated, with rare audio of William Thompson.
This is #HighWire. @HighWireTalk''
Original Air-Date: Jun 15, 2017
HighWire Episode 9''HIV-like Viruses in Vaccines?HighWire Episode 9''HIV-like Viruses in Vaccines?
''HIV-like viruses in childhood #vaccines? Molecular Biologist and this week's guest, Dr. Judy Mikovits, explains.
Then, billions spent on the 'Zika scare'. This and so much more on the next #HighWire.
Vaccines and the right side of History'--Episode 8Vaccines and the right side of History'--Episode 8
#Vaccines and the right side of history. Then, real journalism with warrior journalist, Jeffrey Jaxen, this week on #HighWire.
Thursdays at 11am @HighWireTalk. #HighWire
Original Air-Date: Jun 1, 2017
HighWire Episode 7- Glyphosate!!HighWire Episode 7- Glyphosate!!
Glyphosate!! Zen Honeycutt of MomsAcrossAmerica.com and Britney Valas of ChildrensMarchForHumanity.org. This is HighWire. #HighWire
Original Air-Date: May 25, 2017
The Herd Immunity Myth '' The HighWire Episode 5The Herd Immunity Myth '' The HighWire Episode 5
Should anti-vaxxers be hung? Then, is measles a hoax? And one of the world's most controversial doctors. This is #TheHighWire.
Original Air-date: May 11, 2017
Vaccines and Seatbelts '' The HighWire Episode 4Vaccines and Seatbelts '' The HighWire Episode 4
Vaccines are like Seatbelts, Bill Nye? Then, How 'exhaustively' have vaccines been researched? Plus, CA legislative battles with Stefanie. Finally, FDR didn't have Polio? This and more on The HighWire
Original Air-date: May 4, 2017
Science Settled, Bill Nye?Science Settled, Bill Nye?
This week on Highwire, The science is settled, Bill Nye? Then, Del lights up the studio with guest and rockstar Chiropractor Dr. Billy DeMoss.
Original Air-date: April 28, 2017
Emerging variants of the #Coronavirus have scientists panicking about the efficacy of the newly rolled out #COVID19 vaccines. With #Pfizer and #Moderna already working on a 3rd vaccine booster dose for these variants, it begs the question how long can science outrun the mutations?
#CoronaVariants #UKVarinant #SAfricaVariant #Moderna #VaccineEfficacy #TheHighWire #DelBigtree
Deborah Birx spoke out recently on ''Face the Nation,'' insinuating former White House advisor, Scott Atlas MD, created sets of false parallel #COVID19 data for President Trump, an accusation he vehemently denies.
#Covid19 #Biden #DrScottAtlas #DeborahBirx #TheHighWire #DelBigtree
The HighWire Episode 2The HighWire Episode 2
Sesame Street's new autistic muppet, Julia. Good idea, yes or no? Our panel of parents discuss.Then, Is Jason Chaffetz calling it quits?
Original Air-date: April 23, 2017
The HighWire Episode 1The HighWire Episode 1
Is breastfeeding a gateway drug? Then In studio, special guest Minister Tony Muhammad of the Nation of Islam.
Original Air-Date: April 23, 2017
The HighWire Pre-PremiereThe HighWire Pre-Premiere
Del Bigtree and his wife Lee Nestor-Bigtree talk about their journey together a year after Vaxxed was released. Special Guest: Ty Bollinger of Truth About Cancer talking about his premiere of Truth About Vaccines Series
Original Air-Date: April 23, 2017
Days into the #VaccineRollout, the UK opened up the door to mixing and matching #Covid19 vaccines depending on availability, despite serious skepticism from scientists, including the FDA and the WHO. Then weeks later, Fauci and the CDC eased their #Vaccine rules when it comes to mixing the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. Is this a new era of ''science''?
#VaccineSafety #Pfizer #Moderna #MixAndMatch #CDC #TheHighWire #DelBigtree
The Highwire team celebrates a milestone 200th episode this week and are thrilled to be able to share this accomplishment with our amazing and loyal viewers. Take a look back at some of our most memorable moments!
#200thEpisode #MileStone #ICAN #TheHighWire #DelBigtree
Hear the latest updates from ICAN's legal team, including a big win against Forbes Magazine retracting a false statement about ICAN and a successful case we brought against a large company that attempted to force #Covid19 vaccine on hundreds of employees. Sign up to our mailing list to get our latest legal updates by going to thehighwire.com and subscribe.
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Tony Fauci endorsed the wearing of multiple masks to combat the spread of Covid19, citing 'common sense' as support for this new public health position. In light of this new utilization of common sense by our public health leaders, what other policies could we recommend based on, 'common sense'?
#2Masks #CommonSense #Fauci #3masks #Science #TheHighWire #DelBigtree
EX-VAX FILES | THE ALL-AMERICANThe Highwire's 'Ex-Vax Files' Series continues with the story of former firefighter, Nick Gauthier, a 34-year-old father of three, severely injured by a tetanus shot a few months ago. Nick, a PhD trained audiologist has been diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis, ADEM and hearing loss, and is unsure if he will be able to work in the career he loves ever again. Here, he shares how his life has been turned upside down.
Originally Aired: January 30, 2020
EX-VAX FILES | BRANDON'S LEGACYThe HighWire's 'Ex-Vax Files' Series continues with the story of Michelle & Todd Guppys' son, Brandon, a vaccine-injured, autistic adult. As a baby, Brandon was showing signs of vaccine reaction after every round of #CDC-recommended shots. It wasn't until his language ceased and severe digestive issues following an MMR booster that the Guppys went from ''pro-vaxxers,'' to ''ex-vaxxers.''
The HighWire highlights the life of an autistic child that grows up, the impact on his parents, his caregivers, and the future of a society filled with autistic adults.
#ExVaxFiles #Autism #Hopeism #NDCQ #MissedInformation #Vaccines #TheHighWire #Health
Originally Aired: October 17, 2019
EX-VAX FILES | A MOTHER IN MOURNINGThe Highwire's 'Ex-Vax Files' Series Continues. Mother of three, Catie Clobes, followed the #CDC's recommendations, listened to her pediatrician, and less than 48 hours after her 6-month-old daughter Evee's vaccinations, lost her baby. Refusing to accept a SIDS diagnosis, Catie shares her heart wrenching journey from ''pro-vaxxer'' to ''ex-vaxxer.''
#ExVaxFiles #Health #JusticeForEvee #SIDS #SUDS #MissedInformation #Vaccines #TheHighWire
Originally Aired: September 12, 2019
EX-VAX FILES | THE DISTRICT ATTORNEY'Ex-Vax Files' Series Premiere. This former Bexar County, TX, District Attorney and his wife followed the #CDC's recommendations, listened to their pediatrician and, when tragedy struck, went from ''pro-vaxxers'' to ''ex-vaxxers.''
#ExVaxFiles #Health #NicoLahood #MissedInformation #Vaccines #TheHighWire
Originally Aired: July 18, 2019
#Covid19 cases are at record highs, reaching levels we've never seen before. Draconian public health measures, including mask mandates, remote learning, and the ordering of America's businesses closed ravaged the middle class, Governors and State Leaders have made the decision to open at the peak of the biggest spike in active cases we've seen yet. Why now? What is driving this decision that appears to defy logic? Could the stage be set for a scripted 'ramping down' of the pandemic?
#Lockdown #Opening #Newsome #Lightfoot #Insley #AndrewCuomo #TheScript #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
American's Frontline Doctor, Orthopedic & Spinal Surgeon Lee Merritt, MD has stumbled upon a story so shocking that it's impact is felt going back decades. Did Doctor Merritt just expose one of modern medicine's long held assumptions?
#DrLeeMerritt #CDC #Covid19 #GroupThink #TheCure #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
The World Health Organization recently changed the definition of 'herd immunity' on their website by stating 'a population can be protected from a certain virus if a threshold of vaccination is reached,' and also went so far as to say that herd immunity is achieved by protecting people from a virus, not by exposing them to it. What prompted them to make this change? Take a look.
#GoHerd #HerdImmunity #WHO
Less than 2 months into the #Covid19 vaccine rollout, #Pfizer and #Moderna have already begun unblinding the placebo group from their trials and encouraging them to hop in line for the vaccine. But there are serious concerns this would risk any long term evidence of the vaccine's safety, or efficacy.
#VaccineSafety #Unblinded #Covid19Vaccine #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #IamInformed
As mass vaccinations roll out across the globe, reports of deaths and dangerous reactions continue. Hear the details on the allergic reaction cluster that shut down a vaccination super center in California and the new guidelines for vaccinating the elderly in Norway after 33 deaths following COVID vaccination.
#PetcoPark #VaccinationSuperCenter #VaccineInjury #AllergicReations #Norway #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
Elizabeth Brehm, part of ICAN's legal team, joins Del for an update on yet another win, a statewide influenza vaccine mandate that was withdrawn after being served with a lawsuit from our lawyers. Winning!
#ICAN #MedicalFreedom #FluShot #InfluenzaVaccine #Massachusetts #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
As the mainstream media focuses on ICAN receiving PPP funds, Del has been speaking to reporters non-stop. One local news reporter in Austin, Texas found herself in a sticky situation when we busted her spreading misinformation.
#PPP #CCDH #Misinformation #Fox7Austin
Family doctor and former Minnesota State Senator Scott Jensen made waves last year when he was one of the first in his field to speak out about the number of #Covid19 deaths thought to be inflated by the CDC's irregular, and loose, guidelines on diagnosing death from Covid. Now, as the number of deaths has surpassed 400,000 in the US, Dr. Jensen and lawmakers are calling for an audit of these deaths.
#CovidDeaths #DrJensen #DeathAudit #DeptOfHealth #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
ICAN'S legal team celebrates yet another historic win, this time against the Center for Disease Control, after releasing an official demand to remove dangerously false information from their website concerning vaccine safety.
#ICAN #Winning #CDC #VaccineInjury #Autism #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
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More than fifty thousand restaurants and bars in Italy have opened their doors to keep from losing their businesses and livelihoods, in direct opposition to draconian public health measures.
#Italy #Lockdown #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #Liberta
Jefferey Jaxen reports on new mask studies that support the available data on children. In short, they don't spread Covid19, and we are putting them at risk by forcing masks on them.
#MaskMandates #MaskStudy #MaskImpairments #WearAMask #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, flip-flopped his stance on the state's extreme #Covid19 measures this week, saying the state cannot stay closed until the vaccine reaches critical mass.
#AndrewCuomo #CureWorseThanTheDisease #FlipFlop #Lockdowns #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
New studies are showing that natural immunity to the #Coronavirus could last years, confirming that natural infection from the disease offers long-term protection.
#ImmuneMemory #NaturalImmunity #Reinfection #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
America's First Amendment rights were under siege this week as social media kingpins like Twitter and Facebook suspended more than 70,000 accounts in an attempt to control information while tech giants like Apple and Amazon deplatformed social networking services for not censoring content.
#Censorship #Twitter #Facebook #SocialMediaCensorship #Parler #FirstAmendment #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
Reports of serious injuries from #Covid19 vaccines are flooding social media. Immune Dysfunction Expert, Dr. James Neuenschwander, describes to Del what might be happening with reactions from this experimental vaccine.
#DrNeu #DoctorsSpeakUp #AutoImmunity #VaccineInjury #VaccineSafety #Moderna #Pfizer #mRNA #TheHighwire #DelBigtree #Covid19
Neuroscientist Chris Shaw PhD shares his concerns about the mRNA #Covid19 vaccines and explains Moderna's own data demonstrating mRNA can cross the blood-brain barrier.
#ChrisShaw #DoctorsSpeakUp #Neuroscience #VaccineInjury #VaccineSafety #Moderna #Pfizer #mRNA #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
As the UK continues to tighten #Covid19 lockdown restrictions once agains, Member of Parliament (MP) Sir Desmond Swayne has been the outspoken voice against the tyrannical government mandates. Hear his views on social control, mass hysteria, police state, and the government's inability to question science.
#SirDesmond #UKLockdown #Parliament #MassHysteria #HerdImmunity #HerdStupidity #TheHighwire #DelBigtree
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''WE ARE THE 99%''''WE ARE THE 99%''
Around the world fed up people are taking to the streets, standing up to draconian #COVID19 mandates. One group in Australia really caught our eye, take a look.
#WeAreThe99Percent #Australia #GovernmentMandates #TheHighWire #DelBigtree
COVID VACCINE INJURIES BEGINWhile the media continues to promote the safety of #Covid19 vaccines, dozens of serious side effects from the experimental product are being reported in the news and on social media.
#VaccineInjury #VaccineSafety #VaccineSideEffects #Pfizer #Moderna #TheHighWire #DelBigtree
SCIENCE JUNKED AS COVID VACCINE ROLLOUT FALTERSDiscrepancies and wildly vague information from health departments and the drug makers themselves about new #Covid19 vaccines continue to run rampant. From mixing and matching different shots to delaying the second dose, some mainstream medical journalists are demanding to see the raw data.
#TheHighWire #DelBigtree
Medical workers have first access to new #COVID19 vaccines. However, many of them are not receiving the shot. Find out why.
#HeathCareWorkers #VaccineSafety #VaccineRefusal #MedialWorkers #TheHighWire #DelBigtree
A new strain of the #Covid19 virus has emerged in the globe, prompting a series of unscientific, and contradictory 'best guesses' from govt public health agencies.
#NewStrain #Lockdowns #UKLockdown #VaccineEfficacy #TheHighWire #DelBigtree
To ensure the safety of #Covid19 vaccines for all, a simple and free resource to properly report any #COVID vaccine reaction to the CDC has been created.
#VaccineInjury #VaccineReation #SenselessDeath #ReportInjury #VAERS #TheHighWire #DelBigtree
Dr. Clare Craig, a Diagnostic Pathologist from the UK,
breaks down the evidence surrounding asymptomatic speeders of COVID-19.
#AsymptomaticSpread #DrClare #TheHighWire #DelBigtree #SuperSpreaders
Last year, the State of Massachusetts passed a mandate that all students under age 30 receive the flu shot to attend school in person. ICAN's attorney, Elizabeth Brehm of Siri & Glimstad LLP, explains their legal challenge to this broad-sweeping mandate, and the State of Massachusetts' surprising reaction.
#VaccineMandate #Massachusetts #ICAN #ICANLegalUpdate #ICAN #FluShot #Health #TheHighWire #DelBigtree
We look back on our successes, reflect on our losses, and forge ahead with hope, determination, and a dedication to the rise of truth in 2021.
#Winning #TruthWillOut #2021 #2020 #NYE
Australia is scrapping their $750 million #Covid19 vaccine program after several trial participants falsely tested positive for HIV. While authorities said the costly move was nothing more than 'a precautionary measure', a HighWire investigation has made a toxic discovery about the recently scrapped vaccine.
#FalsePositives #Australia #VaccineSafety #AIDS #HIV #GP41
Explosive testimony last week in front of the US Senate from Dr Pierre Kory is just one more example of healthcare professionals pleading with our government to encourage the use of cheap and effective antiviral drugs, this time Ivermectin, to prevent serious illness related to #Covid19.
#DrPierreKory #USSenate #Ivermectin #AntiviralDrugs #HighWire #DelBigtree
As the FDA looks into the known data from #Covid19 trials, we take a look at the ten biggest unknowns, including the duration of protection, effectiveness against mortality, and the vaccine's effectiveness against transmission of the virus.
#Vaccines #VaccineSafety #HighWire #DelBigtree
The Pfizer #Covid19 vaccine has officially rolled out and is being administered to our frontline healthcare workers, despite a plethora of red flags including severe allergic reactions, supply chain concerns, and a significant lack of data.
#Pfizer #Health #Rollout #WarpSpeed #TheHighWire #DelBigtree
Founding member of America's Frontline Doctors, Dr. Simone Gold tackles two widely ignored issues regarding the #Covid19 Vaccine, the legitimate fear and distrust in the African American community, and the prospect of vaccine mandates, not coming from the government, but from the private sector.
For more info: stopmedicaldiscrimination.org
#AmericasFrontlineDoctors #DrSimoneGold #MedicalDiscriminationPetition
Would you obey an authority, if they told you it was the safe and effective thing to do, to zap your child, and that you wouldn't be held responsible for the fallout? With leading virologist and vaccine experts suddenly dismissing previously voiced safety concerns of the newly rolled out #Covid19 vaccine, we are reminded of an historic study conducted in the 60's which gave us a haunting insight into our true human nature. What would you do?
#VaccineSafety #MilgramExperiment #Pfizer #PeterHotez #PaulOffit #TheHighWire #DelBigtree
5 Covid Questions to Wake Your World5 Covid Questions to Wake Your World
Do you need a little help navigating those awkward discussions with loved ones you may not agree with this holiday season? We've got 5 simple questions for you to ask those loved ones who may need a little help waking up to the world around them.
#WakeUp #WakeYourWorld #Inception #5Questions #Covid19 #Health
'THE BIGGEST EXPERIMENT EVER DONE'Award-winning virologist, Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi elucidates why the rushed #Covid19 vaccine trials represent the world's largest medical experiment perpetrated on the globe in human history. Dr. Bhakdi details why the public should not only doubt it's efficacy, but also be wary of unstudied dangers.
#DrBhakdi #VaccineDangers #GuineaPigs #Moderna #Pfizer #CovidVaccine
EXCLUSIVE: DID PRESIDENT TRUMP USE HCQ TO BEAT COVID?Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, MD, celebrated by Rudy Guiliani for his life-saving HCQ treatment for #Covid19, explains new data from his recent published paper which showed an 84% reduction in Covid hospitalizations and deaths when using the #ZelenkoProtocol. Plus, did Donald Trump use HCQ to beat Covid? Del asks the burning question.
#DrZelenko #HCQ #HighRisk #TrumpProtocol
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The #Covid19 vaccine rollout is underway in the US, yet legitimate claims and fears of serious adverse reactions persist. From the alarming number of test subjects developing facial paralysis, to the NHS in England warning of serious allergic reactions, the Covid vaccine injury 'elephant in the room' is looming ever larger.
#VaccineWarnings #BellsPalsy #VaccineReactions #PeterHotez #NHSEngland
The FDA has revealed Pfizer, and other Covid vaccine makers, plan to unblind their Phase 2/3 placebo groups and vaccinate them after just six months. With the #Covid19 vaccines already rushed to market faster than any vaccine before it, this potentially dangerous move makes it all but impossible to evaluate the long-term effects of this brand new vaccine platform.
#VaccinePlacebo #Pfizer #Covid19 #NoPlaceboGroup #NoSafety #NoLiability #TheHighWire
When polled, more than half of FDNY said they would refuse the #Covid19 vaccine when it became available. Additionally, when asked, EMT workers were not only skeptical of the vaccine, but went so far as saying they don't want to be test subjects. Now our Nation's Military is following suit. Will our frontline heroes be the next group to be vilified as anti-vaxxers?
#FrontlineWorkers #FDNY #EMT #VaccineSafety
With the UK being the first western country to greenlight the #Covid19 vaccine to healthcare workers and the elderly, the media lauded the first recipient this week, a 90 year old woman, with their usual fanfare and excitement despite extensive safety concerns.
#UKVaccineApproval #UKVaccineRollout
With the emergency approval of several #Covid19 vaccines looming, there is a heated debate taking place inside the walls of the CDC and FDA, over how they will identify the recently Covid-vaccinated. The HighWire has the inside scoop on the leading forms of Vaccine ID, including a few prototypes.
#CovidButton #CovidBadge #VaccineID #FDA #Pfizer
Last week, NY State Legislators introduced a bill that would make #Covid19 Vaccination mandatory