1439: COVID Retrospective

Adam Curry & John C. Dvorak

2h 20m
April 3rd, 2022
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Cover Artist: Mike Riley


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  • 0:00
    Adam curry Jhansi Devorah and Sunday April 3 2022. This is
  • 0:04
    your award winning give on nation media assassination
  • 0:07
    episode 1439. This is no agenda,
  • 0:12
    rewinding the
  • 0:13
    COVID clock and broadcasting almost live from the heart of
  • 0:16
    the Texas hill country here in FEMA Region number six in the
  • 0:18
    morning, everybody. I'm Adam curry,
  • 0:21
    and from Northern Silicon Valley where it's my birthday week. I'm
  • 0:25
    Jhansi Dvorak.
  • 0:31
    My my voice is still cracking. Long, long, long. COVID
  • 0:35
    continues long. COVID long COVID
  • 0:39
    It's hardly noticeable. Yeah,
  • 0:40
    it was better on Thursday. And I just cracked. So here we are.
  • 0:46
    We're almost live. It's kind of like we're really here. You of
  • 0:50
    course are in the Seychelles wish. Have you ever been to
  • 0:56
  • 0:57
    No, but I've been told by a couple of guys who do a lot of
  • 1:00
    traveling. They've been all over the world. They say the
  • 1:02
    Seychelles is the best. Yeah, I've never been unfortunate. I
  • 1:05
    don't know if it's true anymore. This was like 20 years 20 plus
  • 1:08
    years ago wasn't the
  • 1:09
    Seychelles the one that was going to tip over from climate
  • 1:12
  • 1:14
    It was one of the islands but I don't think it was that that was
  • 1:17
    gonna say show I was gonna drown national idiot. Yeah.
  • 1:21
    So we're taking now. I am hoping that I got the timing of this
  • 1:25
    right. The reason for this break is because we you and I haven't
  • 1:28
    had a break in a year.
  • 1:30
    Year and a half to almost two years. I think it was two years
  • 1:33
    not away with Tina and I went away. We had a break in 2020. Do
  • 1:38
    we have one in 2012? I can't remember if we had one. No,
  • 1:41
    Bolden must have been I know we didn't have one is 2020 You
  • 1:44
    can't remember when you last one on vacation then it was a while
  • 1:47
    ago? Yeah. So I hoped I timed this before the the the food
  • 1:55
    shortages and the financial collapse. And I think we did
  • 2:00
    pretty well by timing it after the Ukrainian war and COVID.
  • 2:03
    We've done pretty well.
  • 2:06
    We'll see if you can't get back. We'll know the reason why.
  • 2:09
    But they're definitely gonna kick that into high gear.
  • 2:11
    They're definitely COVID is coming back. We have all the
  • 2:14
    evidence. They're going to do something it's gonna be testing
  • 2:17
    gold dragon to get much traction, they got to find
  • 2:19
    something else to do dig their work. They can't bring it.
  • 2:22
    Democrats can't bring it back because they're gonna they
  • 2:24
    already know they got troubles for the midterms. Yeah, they
  • 2:27
    can't take a chance on pissing off everybody. They would bring
  • 2:30
    it back maybe to get to a mail in ballots so they can scam that
  • 2:34
    again. Right
  • 2:35
    now. They can't they can't drag it out. We'll see. In the
  • 2:38
    meanwhile, the art for the last episode 1438 Taunton, Neil, I
  • 2:42
    believe was clearly perfect because you called the end of
  • 2:47
    the COVID pandemic, April 2022. And here we are,
  • 2:51
    seems to be over perfect timing, and the war should be over by
  • 2:55
    the time we get back.
  • 2:58
    Until then, what have you put together for us for this
  • 3:01
    is a show of COVID clips only. And I've got a couple hours
  • 3:06
    worth in it's like all the stuff from the beginning with the
  • 3:09
    first clip when we first met COVID first appeared on the
  • 3:11
    scene right through the goal two or three weeks, so it has
  • 3:15
    flattened the curve. And I got the boat coming out to bring in
  • 3:20
    the Mercy Ships. Oh,
  • 3:22
    I forgot about those. Yeah, the hospital ships,
  • 3:25
    ships, they didn't send one person to and they have
  • 3:27
    ventilators we need more ventilator so we can kill more
  • 3:30
    people. And they there's just a lot of good stuff and a lot of
  • 3:35
    has been forgotten but I think this will bring back a few
  • 3:38
  • 3:39
    now as I was listening to the next week. Next episode. So next
  • 3:44
    next ship next
  • 3:46
    I'm losing it the next episodes clips, which will be the best of
  • 3:52
    end of show mixes it's really incredible what the human brain
  • 3:57
    has had I'm sure you'd notice this what the human brain has
  • 4:00
    had to endure in the past two and a half years of bullshit
  • 4:06
    being injected directly through our retinas into our brains.
  • 4:10
    Yeah, to good thing we're doing this show I don't know where
  • 4:12
    we'd be I mean it's not
  • 4:13
    it's not just okay we had a virus and then there was
  • 4:16
    problems. I mean, all the stuff it's amazing to think and I
  • 4:20
    think people will realize this when they listen to it how much
  • 4:23
    bull crap was thrown at your brain and your amygdala non stop
  • 4:29
    Yeah, it's pretty nonstop that was the problem I think either
  • 4:33
    way Ross remember the one good thing was that out here because
  • 4:36
    of the way they structured the shutdown stay at home laws. They
  • 4:40
    had this media exemption thing which included podcasters so I'm
  • 4:45
    out and about but their traffic down to nothing there's nobody
  • 4:48
    on the roads and driving around
  • 4:50
    beauty rate and this so these clips are just the clips not us.
  • 4:54
    I'm sorry, the clips the this specialist just the clips not
  • 4:58
  • 4:59
    Yeah, you The clips love it. And please note there are no vaccine
  • 5:03
    clips in this batch because this is from January 2020 to May
  • 5:09
    1 2020 It's just unbelievable.
  • 5:12
    Let's kick it off COVID Best of ever go.
  • 5:17
    We will show you inside Georges lugar laboratory which detects
  • 5:22
    and prevents the spread of dangerous diseases. But pro
  • 5:26
    Kremlin media claim it spreads disease experimenting on humans
  • 5:31
    with cancer, the Zika virus killer mosquitoes and plagues of
  • 5:35
    stinkbugs. I asked the laboratories director whether
  • 5:39
    there was any truth to these narratives,
  • 5:42
    but we are not making Zika virus in this operator, the killer
  • 5:45
    mosquito about the laboratory is the the level of the laboratory
  • 5:52
    is so high that we can diagnose here the Zika Ebola creamier
  • 5:56
    Congo and many many infectious diseases. No killer blocky
  • 6:01
    making this virus is here.
  • 6:03
    No Marmorated Stink Bug coming from the lluvia laboratory but
  • 6:08
    the Marmorated Stink Bug. I'm not a scientist. But what I have
  • 6:14
    been seeing here suggests that this laboratory is exactly what
  • 6:18
    the Georgian government says it is. The Russian claims that
  • 6:22
    what's going on at the lugar lab is far more sinister, haven't
  • 6:26
    been supported by any hard evidence in taxes.
  • 6:30
    Authorities are warning that a traveler with measles may have
  • 6:33
    unknowingly exposed others across the country that come
  • 6:36
    that new alert comes amid an increase in measles cases
  • 6:39
    nationwide. Sam Brock is in Austin with the latest.
  • 6:43
    Tonight an urgent health alert from Texas after a passenger
  • 6:46
    infected with measles passed through the Austin Airport last
  • 6:49
    week after traveling in Europe. It's Travis county's first
  • 6:52
    detected case in 20 years.
  • 6:54
    We're trying to get on top of this share as much information
  • 6:57
    as we can to try to really contain this
  • 7:00
    the passenger left from Austin International Airport on
  • 7:02
    December 17, but then proceeded to go to airports in Chicago and
  • 7:05
    Virginia, meaning that other passengers and not one, not two,
  • 7:09
    but three different airports were potentially exposed this
  • 7:12
    after separate cases in LA X and Denver international airports
  • 7:15
    earlier this month. But health experts say Austin is at greater
  • 7:19
    risk because of low vaccination rates of children.
  • 7:21
    Austin unfortunately, is one of the epicenters of the anti
  • 7:25
    vaccine movement in America. A startling
  • 7:28
    study earlier this year estimates one infected person
  • 7:31
    could lead to an outbreak of more than 400 cases in Austin,
  • 7:35
    with nearly 1300 confirmed cases of the measles nationwide this
  • 7:38
    year more than three times the number last year the highly
  • 7:41
    contagious virus can linger in the air for hours. Symptoms
  • 7:45
    include cough, rash, fever and sore eyes. Tonight doctors say
  • 7:49
    it's another stark reminder to get vaccinated. Sam Brock, NBC
  • 7:54
    News Austin,
  • 7:55
    two year old Jude McGee, 26 year old newlywed Katie mutt
  • 7:59
    question. Gianna cabas sagg, a four year old little girl they
  • 8:07
    all died of the flu, and they all had flu shots. There's no
  • 8:11
    question you should get a flu shot. Last flu season the flu
  • 8:15
    killed at least 36,000 people so this shot could literally save
  • 8:20
    your life. But it's far from perfect.
  • 8:23
    Even on a good year, influenza. The effectiveness of the vaccine
  • 8:28
    is about 60% On a bad year. It's as
  • 8:31
    low as 10%.
  • 8:32
    Do we need to make a better flu vaccine?
  • 8:34
    You know, we really absolutely do.
  • 8:36
    In September, President Trump signed an executive order noting
  • 8:40
    that the current system for making flu shots has critical
  • 8:42
    shortcomings. The order pledges to modernize the process. The
  • 8:46
    first step, stop using eggs to make flu vaccine. They grow the
  • 8:50
    virus in the eggs like the eggs you eat for breakfast, and then
  • 8:54
    they kill the virus and put it in a vaccine. But sometimes the
  • 8:57
    virus changes inside the egg so it doesn't end up matching the
  • 9:01
    flu that's out there spreading among people. That's why some
  • 9:04
    companies like this one have figured out ways to grow the flu
  • 9:07
    virus without using eggs. Trump's executive order is
  • 9:11
    designed to encourage more of this technology and something
  • 9:14
    even bigger, something researchers have been working on
  • 9:17
    for years of flu vaccine you would get only once in your life
  • 9:21
    instead of every year. A new
  • 9:23
    viral outbreak from China is spreading around the world.
  • 9:27
    Countries like the US Japan and Thailand have confirmed cases.
  • 9:32
    And on Wednesday, a Chinese health official has said the
  • 9:35
    virus is adapting and mutating. So what exactly do we know about
  • 9:40
    this flu like virus? Your health officials now say it can be
  • 9:45
    passed from person to person. So far hundreds of cases have been
  • 9:49
    confirmed and several people have died. Symptoms include
  • 9:53
    fever, coughing and difficulty breathing and can lead to
  • 9:57
    pneumonia. The exact origins is unknown though Chinese officials
  • 10:02
    have linked the outbreak to a seafood market in the city of
  • 10:05
    Wuhan. All of the deaths so far have been in that central
  • 10:09
    Chinese city. It's also home to a Foxconn plant, which is a key
  • 10:13
    supplier to Apple. And it's hosting Olympic qualifiers for
  • 10:17
    women's soccer next month. thing to look out for next will be
  • 10:21
    what happens over Chinese New Year, and whether Fear takes its
  • 10:25
    toll on the global economy. Millions of people are preparing
  • 10:29
    to travel around China and abroad for the New Year
  • 10:32
    celebrations, raising the risk of a wider contagion. Fear of a
  • 10:37
    pandemic has also sent chills through the markets, investors
  • 10:41
    are comparing it to China's 2003 SARS outbreak that killed nearly
  • 10:46
    800 people, and by some estimates caused $40 billion in
  • 10:51
    global economic losses. Aviation and luxury goods stocks have
  • 10:55
    already been hit particularly hard with concerns it could
  • 10:59
    deter Chinese consumers from traveling or shopping.
  • 11:02
    What we know and I think this is one of the big points out and I
  • 11:04
    remember this covering the SARS outbreak and the MERS outbreak
  • 11:07
    at some point. The question is, is this something that is just
  • 11:10
    spreading from animals to humans as it seemed to be in central
  • 11:13
    China, people visiting the seafood and an exotic pet
  • 11:16
    markets? Or is this something that is spreading from human to
  • 11:20
    human? And we now have evidence that it is spreading from human
  • 11:23
    to human? Seems that 14 healthcare workers that were
  • 11:26
    taking care of this patient in Wuhan, were infected and we also
  • 11:30
    know people who never visited Wuhan are now carrying the
  • 11:33
    virus. So that human to human transmission is what this
  • 11:36
    meeting tomorrow this public health meeting is going to be
  • 11:38
    all about. Really scary.
  • 11:40
    I mean, or at least it sounds scary to the lay person.
  • 11:43
    And so what's keeping public health officials up at night
  • 11:46
  • 11:47
    Well, you know, I think immediately what you think of
  • 11:49
    when you hear this Coronavirus, and we have an image of what
  • 11:52
    this looks like. You think a SARS you remember this I mean I
  • 11:55
    covered this 2003 You think of MERS by the way quick
  • 11:58
    microbiology Coronavirus, that's the crown on the outside, you'll
  • 12:02
    always be able to identify this type of virus. They're mostly an
  • 12:06
    animal's Allison seven times have we ever documented they
  • 12:10
    jumped from animals to humans and only two of those times what
  • 12:14
    didn't end up being a really significant infection, SARS and
  • 12:17
    MERS so what's keeping public health officials up at night is
  • 12:21
    is this going to go the way of SARS and MERS was SARS was a
  • 12:24
    nearly two dozen countries 8000 People infected 800 people died.
  • 12:29
    Is it going to go that way? Or is it going to be more of a more
  • 12:32
    innocuous gets people sick but people don't really die? We
  • 12:35
    don't know yet. And that's what they're going to try and
  • 12:38
    determine look at all this data and figure that out.
  • 12:40
    Found a new virus that has killed nine people and infected
  • 12:43
    hundreds more in China has now spread to the US. A man in his
  • 12:47
    30s from Washington State is the first person in America to be
  • 12:51
    diagnosed with Coronavirus. It's called the man returned to the
  • 12:54
    Seattle area last week from a trip to Wuhan. That's a city in
  • 12:58
    central China where the outbreak began. Right now that patient is
  • 13:01
    in isolation in a hospital north of Seattle.
  • 13:05
    Our number one priority is to complete the identification of
  • 13:09
    all the patients contacts, reach out to the contacts and monitor
  • 13:13
    their health. We also want to
  • 13:15
    enhance screening is already in place at three US airports with
  • 13:18
    two more being added this week. Are Dr. Tara Narula is you're at
  • 13:21
    the table with more on this story. You hear about it. You
  • 13:24
    see the mask. It's very disturbing. How worried should
  • 13:26
    we be? Yeah, and
  • 13:27
    what is it? Exactly?
  • 13:28
    So this is a form of Coronavirus. We've known about
  • 13:32
    Coronavirus before this is a new strain. This is a virus that's
  • 13:35
    found worldwide. It causes typically a mild or moderate
  • 13:39
    respiratory illness but it can be more severe. We saw that with
  • 13:42
    SARS and MERS which are also forms of Coronavirus. So
  • 13:46
    certainly the CDC is recommending that we be cautious
  • 13:49
    about this that we'd be proactive because it is a new
  • 13:52
    strain. It is contagious. So interestingly, they think it
  • 13:55
    does circulate in animals, and occasionally can make the jump
  • 13:58
    from animals to humans, which is what they think happened in this
  • 14:01
    case, because the initial cases were surrounding an area of
  • 14:04
    market a seafood animal market in the Wuhan area. And so they
  • 14:08
    think that it started in animals, it was transmitted to
  • 14:11
    humans. And now they're saying that, in fact that is spread
  • 14:13
    between human to humans. Bottom line,
  • 14:15
    we don't have to worry about this one, right. Well, I
  • 14:18
    you know, obviously you need to take it seriously and do the
  • 14:22
    kinds of things that the CDC and the Department of Homeland
  • 14:26
    Security are doing. But this is not a major threat for the
  • 14:30
    people in the United States. And this is not something that the
  • 14:33
    citizens of the United States right now should be worried
  • 14:35
  • 14:36
    It's great to see. Thank you for joining us again in Davos. We've
  • 14:39
    done this before, right think was a couple of years ago.
  • 14:42
    Before we get started with with we're going to talk about the
  • 14:45
    economy a lot of other things. A The CDC has identified a case of
  • 14:50
    Coronavirus in Washington state the Wu Han strain of this if you
  • 14:56
    remember SARS that affected GDP travel related effects. Do you?
  • 15:02
    Have you been briefed by the CDC? The words about a pandemic
  • 15:06
    at this point? Oh,
  • 15:07
    not at all. And we're, we have a totally under control. It's one
  • 15:11
    person coming in from China. And we have it under control. It's
  • 15:16
    going to be just fine.
  • 15:17
    Okay. President Xi. There's just some some talk in China that
  • 15:21
    that maybe the transparency isn't everything that it's going
  • 15:24
    to be you trust that we're going to know everything we need to
  • 15:26
    know from China?
  • 15:27
    I do I do. I have a great relationship with President Xi.
  • 15:30
    We just signed probably the biggest deal ever made that
  • 15:33
    terms. It certainly has the potential to be the biggest deal
  • 15:36
    ever made. And it was very interesting for the time, let's
  • 15:41
    get without it done. And no, I do. I think the relationship is
  • 15:45
    very, very good.
  • 15:46
    It may take quite some time before we know the full economic
  • 15:49
    impact of the one virus but the disruption is likely to dent
  • 15:52
    China's economy. And that's because Wuhan is a major
  • 15:56
    transport hub in recent years has become a symbol of
  • 15:59
    capitalism in central China with international automakers, such
  • 16:03
    as Honda and General Motors Building cars there. In fact,
  • 16:06
    reports say that more than 300 of the world's top 500 companies
  • 16:12
    have a presence in Wuhan. Local government data showed that
  • 16:16
    one's GDP growth was 7.8% last year and that that is 1.7
  • 16:23
    percentage points higher than the national average. Who hands
  • 16:26
    economic strength last year came as its total value of imports
  • 16:30
    and exports hit a record high it was 13.7% higher than in 2018.
  • 16:35
    And it accounted for almost 62% of Hubei provinces
  • 16:39
    overall foreign trade value
  • 16:41
    tonight concern growing in the United States officials saying
  • 16:44
    they expect more people will contract the dangerous new
  • 16:47
    disease. Passengers on flights to Boston wearing face masks.
  • 16:51
    Everybody's wearing the mask because they're afraid of
  • 16:54
    getting infected by other people
  • 16:56
    in Seattle, Chicago and Los Angeles reports that stores are
  • 17:00
    running out of supplies of masks. Two cases currently
  • 17:03
    confirmed in Chicago a woman in her 60s She had cold like
  • 17:07
    symptoms shortness of breath, fever, and many times it would
  • 17:13
    present just like a cold just to pay for cold or flu and outside
  • 17:17
    Seattle, a man in his 30s At least 63 people are now being
  • 17:22
    tested for the respiratory illness in 22 states including
  • 17:25
    three possible cases in New York. Symptoms include fever,
  • 17:29
    dry cough and shortness of breath. Tonight hospitals on
  • 17:33
    high alert Dr. Jennifer Ashton visited New York City's Health
  • 17:36
    and Hospitals Bellevue
  • 17:37
    so this is a negative pressure Room here at the hospital where
  • 17:40
    a patient with Coronavirus would be cared for by specially
  • 17:44
  • 17:44
    medical personnel. They showed her precautions they would need
  • 17:47
    to take how prepared
  • 17:49
    are you and your staff to receive a patient who may have
  • 17:52
    Coronavirus. We're prepared to take that patient now our radar
  • 17:55
    is always set high so we can screen these patients so we can
  • 17:59
    stop it from infecting other people in the public.
  • 18:02
    Tonight at the epicenter of the Coronavirus outbreak. The crisis
  • 18:07
    is escalating dozens of workers in Wuhan with heavy machinery
  • 18:11
    racing against time to build a brand new 1000 bed hospital in
  • 18:15
    just 10 days, and now a second 1300 bed facility in the next
  • 18:20
    15. The space desperately needed hospitals teeming with patients
  • 18:26
    and staff stretched then. In China alone. There are now more
  • 18:29
    than 1400 cases and at least 42 deaths as more than 400 medics
  • 18:35
    who've worked on SARS and Ebola deploy to help with a rapidly
  • 18:39
    growing emergency. Wuhan and 16 other cities in a travel
  • 18:43
    lockdown. That's a total of 15 million people ordered to stay
  • 18:48
    in place. That's the population of the state of New York and
  • 18:52
    Texas combined. The US government's evacuating the
  • 18:55
    majority of consulate employees and families from Wuhan and is
  • 18:59
    reportedly working on a charter flight to get all remaining
  • 19:02
    Americans out.
  • 19:04
    The term Cabin Fever is probably coming into play here.
  • 19:08
    Here it's the Chinese Lunar New Year the country's biggest
  • 19:11
    holiday. New Year worshipers have gathered here to pray for
  • 19:15
    good luck in the year of the wrath. But people also be warned
  • 19:18
    about gathering in large places like this. And so most people
  • 19:22
    here are wearing these kind of protective masks. The list of
  • 19:26
    cases outside Mainland China also growing with more than 35
  • 19:30
    cases in 13 countries or territories, including France.
  • 19:34
    In Japan. The health ministry says three evacuees have tested
  • 19:38
    positive for the virus. A day after returning to Tokyo. 206
  • 19:44
    passengers were on their government chartered flight on
  • 19:47
    Wednesday all were sent to medical institutions to undergo
  • 19:51
    tests. The ministry says two of the infected patients had no
  • 19:55
    symptoms. It's the first time in Japan the virus has been
  • 19:58
    detected in patients with without symptoms. The prime
  • 20:01
    minister also says two of the evacuees didn't give their
  • 20:06
    consent for the health check.
  • 20:08
    The procedure was not legally binding. Unfortunately, they did
  • 20:10
    not agree to be tested. We could not force them as it was also a
  • 20:14
    human rights issue.
  • 20:16
    They said he's confident all evacuees on subsequent flights
  • 20:19
    will give their consent. Now a second plane carrying 210
  • 20:24
    Japanese nationals from the virus hit city touchdown at
  • 20:27
    Haneda Airport on Thursday morning. 13 passengers on that
  • 20:32
    flight are exhibiting symptoms and have been sent to a special
  • 20:35
    hospital for infectious diseases.
  • 20:37
    Good morning. Dr. Jango Chou has been recognized by the Governor
  • 20:41
    General's Innovation Awards.
  • 20:43
    This work can't be done without teamwork. She and the team
  • 20:47
    at the National microbiology lab have been praised for developing
  • 20:50
    any bola vaccine, but just over a week ago to her husband and
  • 20:55
    her students from China were evicted from Canada's only level
  • 20:59
    for lab. Their security access revoked. Staff at the lab was
  • 21:03
    told last Monday the couple is on leave and not to communicate
  • 21:07
    with them. We're getting those resources who work at the lab
  • 21:11
    but who don't want to be identified for Fears they'll be
  • 21:13
    punished. They say this is coming just months after it
  • 21:17
    specialists entered choose office after hours and replaced
  • 21:21
    your computer and her superiors stopped authorizing work trips
  • 21:25
    to China. Manitoba RCMP confirmed it was called in by
  • 21:29
    the Public Health Agency of Canada on May 24. A spokesperson
  • 21:34
    says the agency is investigating a policy breach calling it an
  • 21:38
    administrative matter and it's taking steps to resolve it
  • 21:41
    expeditiously. We can assure Canadians that there is no risk
  • 21:45
    to the public and that the work of the NML continues in support
  • 21:49
    of the health and safety of all Canadians.
  • 21:52
    I want to stress. The risk of infection for Americans remains
  • 21:58
    low. And with these and our previous actions, we are working
  • 22:02
    to keep the risk low. All agencies are working
  • 22:07
    aggressively to monitor this continually evolving situation.
  • 22:11
    And to keep the public informed and it constantly transparent
  • 22:14
    way. The United States appreciates China's efforts and
  • 22:18
    coordination with public health officials across the globe and
  • 22:22
    continues to encourage the highest levels of transparency.
  • 22:26
    It is likely that we will continue to see more cases in
  • 22:29
    the United States in the coming days and weeks, including some
  • 22:32
    limited person to person transmission. The American
  • 22:35
    public can be assured the full weight of the US government is
  • 22:39
    working to safeguard the health and safety of the American
  • 22:43
  • 22:44
    You need not look far to see the economic consequences of this
  • 22:47
    virus airline after airline suspending flights to China.
  • 22:51
    This afternoon. One of air Canada's last direct flights
  • 22:55
    from Beijing landed in Vancouver. In China, entire
  • 22:58
    swaths of the country have been shut down. Starbucks has closed
  • 23:02
    more than half its outlets Toyota announced it will close
  • 23:05
    its plants. And Google says it will temporarily close all of
  • 23:09
    its Chinese offices. Remember though back in 2003, China was
  • 23:13
    basically the world's factory today China's much more
  • 23:17
    intertwined in the buying and selling of the global economy.
  • 23:21
    The fact that the
  • 23:21
    Chinese authorities have clamped down and they put many cities in
  • 23:26
    lockdown already. That means those consumers aren't out there
  • 23:29
    purchasing and that will really dampen Chinese growth.
  • 23:33
    And that dampening will be felt in places you may not expect.
  • 23:38
    Cameron seafood sells about half its lobsters to China. And
  • 23:43
    Chinese New Year is one of the busiest times of year they were
  • 23:46
    set to ship about 20,000 pounds this week.
  • 23:49
    Those are all canceled. So actually the sales to China
  • 23:53
    completely disappeared from Monday.
  • 23:58
    There are other markets for those lobsters but there's no
  • 24:01
    way to make up the loss of the Chinese market and no way of
  • 24:05
    knowing how or when the world's second biggest economy will
  • 24:09
    reopen for business.
  • 24:10
    A new case of the deadly Coronavirus has been confirmed
  • 24:13
    in the US the latest case in Massachusetts. It's the eighth
  • 24:17
    in the US and the first on the East Coast. Health officials
  • 24:21
    have declared a public health emergency. nearly 14,000 people
  • 24:25
    worldwide have been infected and more than 300 have died. And
  • 24:29
    nearly 60 million people in China are under travel
  • 24:32
    restrictions. Ramy no Sensio leading us off from Beijing.
  • 24:36
    The CDC says the new case of Coronavirus is a Boston resident
  • 24:41
    in his 20s who recently traveled to the center of the outbreak
  • 24:44
    Wuhan China, he's been placed in isolation. Also today tech giant
  • 24:49
    Apple announced it would close all its stores and offices in
  • 24:52
    China until February 9, joining a growing list of companies
  • 24:56
    restricting operations here this all comes as the worst The World
  • 25:00
    Health Organization declared a global health emergency and the
  • 25:03
    US State Department raised its travel advisory for China to the
  • 25:07
    highest level, meaning do not travel to China. A new study out
  • 25:11
    by the British medical journal The Lancet estimates that more
  • 25:14
    than 75,000 people have been infected by the virus as of last
  • 25:18
    week. If that turns out to be true, it will confirm what many
  • 25:22
    already fear that Beijing is massively under reporting these
  • 25:25
    numbers. The CDC reported that even if patients initial tests
  • 25:29
    for Coronavirus are negative, they could still develop the
  • 25:32
    illness because the test only works when patients have
  • 25:35
    symptoms. A study also showed the virus can be transmitted by
  • 25:39
    patients with no symptoms. A woman who travelled from
  • 25:42
    Shanghai to Germany infected seven other people while she
  • 25:47
    remained asymptomatic. Those findings contributed to the
  • 25:50
    decision to place 195 Americans housed at a California airbase
  • 25:55
    in the first federal quarantine in 50 years, they will spend 14
  • 25:59
    days there
  • 26:00
    that's way to control a virus like this is to keep people away
  • 26:04
    from everyone else. While you run out the clock on that
  • 26:07
    incubation period,
  • 26:08
    I routinely monitor outbreaks of disease around the world, both
  • 26:14
    for humans and animals to see if there might be a biological
  • 26:20
    warfare agent at work. So I follow what was going on there
  • 26:27
    at Wuhan. And eventually reached the conclusion that what we are
  • 26:33
    dealing here is an offensive biological warfare agent that
  • 26:41
    leapt out of the Wuhan biosafety level for a laboratory there
  • 26:49
    that has been DNA genetically engineered with gain of function
  • 26:56
    properties that simply accelerates the DNA genetically
  • 27:01
    engineering for a bio warfare agent in the first place. And as
  • 27:08
    far as I can tell, right now, Steve, just having read the
  • 27:13
    public record, it does appear as if it's a combination of what's
  • 27:18
    called a camera that basically you have the SARS. And we know
  • 27:24
    that that facility has previously worked with SARS and
  • 27:28
    stars leaked out of there at least twice before combined with
  • 27:32
    the flu virus. And it appears also combined with HIV that, you
  • 27:39
    know, leads to AIDS. At a minimum. It's my opinion that
  • 27:43
    you know, it's extremely dangerous. The Chinese
  • 27:47
    government the first case was December 1, it had nothing at
  • 27:50
    all to do with the you know, the food central there that's just
  • 27:55
    baloney and propaganda. Clearly the Chinese government knew
  • 27:59
    about it probably right around December one, the first human to
  • 28:04
    human transmission transmission was December 15. So the Chinese
  • 28:09
    government has been lying about it since then. This is a
  • 28:13
    specially designated who research lab. Now imagine that
  • 28:19
    the who are specially designating a bio warfare lab.
  • 28:25
    So the by the who is in on this? These BSL four facilities are
  • 28:31
    only good for research, developing, testing and
  • 28:34
    stockpiling biological warfare weapons.