Cover for No Agenda Show 1559: COBALT
May 28th • 3h 2m

1559: COBALT



Adam Curry & John C. Dvorak

Executive Producers

Mark Pugner, Dame Stephanie Francis, Ashley Karalis, Jerrod H, Shane Rugg, Uncle Theodore, Rich wb4ehg, Elizabeth Risold, David Keckta, Amy Zipkin, Sir Tooth Fairy, Christopher Brown, Sir Fodfather

Associate Executive Producers

Julian Erickson, Baron Anonymous Cop, Dame Lisa of Ahmic, Lydia Terry, Lubertus Dries Klaassen, Nathan Parker, Sir Dixbert, Sir Timothy, SirVant, Sarah Jardin

Cover Artist

Parker Paulie


Episode "1559: COBALT" was recorded on May 28th.

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