Cover for No Agenda Show 1558: Mediatized
May 25th • 3h 7m

1558: Mediatized



Adam Curry & John C. Dvorak

Executive Producers

Sir Lady Boy Brindlehorse, Sir Kevin G. of the Lake Lanier Boaters, Andrew Lopez, Baron of Shatziland's loving family, Jake, Mr Planner Perfect, Noah Watenmaker, Sir Kevin McLaughlin Archduke of Luna, Lover of AMERICA and BOOBS, Martin Moskowitz, William Levenberg, Joseph Finley, Sir Dr Jeff, of the Vales of Manhattan and Silica, Marc Oliveri, Baron Dude Named Jeff

Associate Executive Producers

Sir Dixbert, Sir Corey of The Fourth Watch, Danielle Williams, Emerson Trimble, Zadoc Brown III, Lior Shliechkorn, Scott the Welder, Daniel Nugent, Heady from Trukee

Cover Artist

Korrekt Da Rekard


Episode "1558: Mediatized" was recorded on May 25th.

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