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The website of The No Agenda Show was created by one of our dudes named Ben under the value for value model. Originally designed as an archive of the show, the website is now a full custom-built podcast app for our show, complete with Podcasting 2.0 integration.

Maintaining a website that's pushing the boundaries of podcasting isn't easy, so I've created the Dude Named Ben Blog to tell your more about it. If you like this website and would like it to keep improving in the future, consider helping Ben out with a donation.

Experiencing a Glitch?

Thanks everybody for the positive responses to the new website! While the experience has been an improvement for most, some producers have been experiencing glitches. While we're working on getting everything back in order, here are some helpful tips.

Unable to Play Episodes/Livestream

The new website player is based on standard web technologies, but apperantly not supported by all browsers. To listen to an episode without using the website player, click the Direct Link to Audio button on the episode page. To listen to the livestream, visit

Not Receiving Push Notifications

In case you've subscribed to push notifications but haven't received any, your browser might not support push notifications. Try enabling push notifications in a different browser, like Firefox. If you have an iPhone or iPad, push notifications can't be enabled until Apple adds support to Safari (this is also the case for Safari users on Mac).

New Features

The No Agenda website has recently been rebuilt from the ground up to create a more inclusive listening experience. We've listed a few of the features you might enjoy!


The Best Podcast In The Universe deserves the best website in the universe, so we've redesigned it with the future in mind. It's faster, smarter, more accessible and ready for the web 2.0 revolution.

In addition to the existing light design there's now a dark variant available, making it easier to use the website in dark places. By default, the website will use the preferred color scheme of your device, but this can be changed from the controls in the top menu.

The website player has been redesigned to be more accessible on small devices. Aside from the existing integration of Podcasting 2.0 chapters, it's now also possible to view the live transcript while listening to the show.

Save Playback Position

Nobody has the time to listen to an entire show at once, so we've finally added the ability to continue listening to the episode from where you left off last time. This can be disabled from the controls in the top menu.

Push Notifications

Being notified about new shows used to be perk exclusive to podcast app users. This is no longer the case. You can now subscribe to the show to get notified when a new show is available, or if you want to know when the show is being recorded, subscribe to the bat signal.

Push notifications are not supported on all platforms, like iPhones, iPads, or the Safari browser on Mac. How do you feel about your $1,000+ phone now?

More To Come

And we're not done yet! There are many features still to come but headless Drupal development doesn't happen overnight. Let us know on No Agenda Social which features you want to see next.

Help Us Improve

The code of this website is available for free under an open-source license. That means anybody is free to make improvements, or to use the code for their own projects. Did you find something that's not working as expected, or do you have any feedback or questions on how the website works, create an issue on GitHub or contact us on No Agenda Social.

Executive Producers

The following people are executive producers of the website by providing their time and talent or treasure.

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