Cover for No Agenda Show 1117: Composting People
March 3rd, 2019 • 3h 2m

1117: Composting People



Adam Curry & John C. Dvorak

Executive Producers

Christopher O Cowan, Sir James, Baron of Class G Airspace and Dame Elise, Sir Jon Helmer, Lawrence Abele, Kyle Parker, Dame Pill Pusher of South Texas Billie Villareal, Sir Jason McKinney of the Null-Pointer-Exception, Dominick Vitale, Steven C. Rink, Brian Doerr, Sir Moser the Moserian Knight of the 33rd Parallel, Gretchen Wittig; Dame G$ the hysteria skeptic, Nicco Renna, Lilly & Larry, James, Dame Firecracker, Sir Paul Wilson the Trusted Advisor

Associate Executive Producers

Kyle Casey, Sir Rutherford the Brave, Erik, John D. Croft, Baron Gordon Walton, Sir Ryan J Brady, Knight of the Three Rivers, Darren Grimes, Sir Patrick Comer of So Cal Hills

Cover Artist

Darren O'Neill


Episode "1117: Composting People" was recorded on March 3rd, 2019.

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