1362: Shot to Win

Adam Curry & John C. Dvorak

3h 36m
July 8th, 2021
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Executive Producers: Sir Andy of the Hickory Flat Protector of Small Horses, Sir Spro Sir Bean Brewer of the South, Dame Vox of the Gateway, Tony Cabrera - No Agenda Shop, Sir Sander Hoksbergen, Earl Mittens of A World Distant, Dame Mariella of the Anterior Communicating Artery, Sander Liemberg, Baron Stephen of the Fox River Valley, Matthew Rosen, Mike Salmon, Casey Van Heel, Shamanic Ape, Princess JJ Lu

Associate Executive Producers: Anonymous, Baronette Sir Rogue of the Taverns, Joachim Englund, Sir Peet, Sir Donald of the Firebottles, Count of Eastern Washington State, Sir Niels den Oliesjeik of the Great Burgundic State of Brabant, Ba van Kerkoerle, Sir Jeff of PA Route 33, Sebastian Kooijman, Sir Kunkleberry of Brookhaven, Georgia, Dame Orchid Thief

Cover Artist: Korrekt Da Rekard


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Tesla lightning strike was bogative
Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla has received COVID-19 vaccine
Portugal covid death correction
From the original court document "obito pelos medicos que trabalham para a tutela Ministerio da Justica" - i.e. "physicians working for the MoJ", which is only a small fraction of MDs in Portugal.**
The "court verified" 152 COVID deaths are only those certified by doctors of the Ministry of Justice, who perform autopsies in cases of death with a violent or uncertain cause.
Therefore this is a small fraction of any number of disease deaths.
Vaccine Incentives
I'm from the government, here to help
How does the admin know whose door to knock on?
Pfizer Marketing
Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Moderna registering new names for Covid-19 jabs
Over the coming months, millions of Australians will roll up a sleeve to get the Pfizer-BioNTech jab, just as millions have done for the AstraZeneca shot already.
But if you take a look at the vial before the syringe goes in, you may notice something curious – the lack of the actual Pfizer name on the label.
The most prominent name on the pack is one few Aussies will have seen before. That name is “Comirnaty”.
Similarly, when the US-produced Moderna vaccine heads our way, the vials will likely say “Spikevax”.
UK Change of Script
RN and Dr Ivermectin dilemma
I just got off the phone with a patient being admitted for COVID+. She is a very intelligent Nurse Practitioner and more than capable of making her own well informed treatment decisions. However, most of our phone call was spent with regard to the fact that her physician would probably not be favorable to ivermectin, and if not what would happen next. The 2 of us agree, based on our education and experience, that it *might* work but aren’t sure because of all the censorship. We both get the basic logic that a possible solution to a deadly disease, even if unlikely to work, is warranted when it carries an extremely low risk.
So, what we have is someone who completely understands her situation, scared and stuck in an isolation room worrying about whether or not she will be able to get a safe drug that I have sitting on the shelf… because of money and politics. Enough is enough. I thought I’d share this with you because it’s the only chance it’ll get any attention.
Cyber Pandemic
Kaseya BOTG BLM registry
I believe you guys have some confusion on the product and what an RMM tool like Kaseya offers and why the premise of "Why would a grocer in Sweden need a cloud connected cash register?" is a bit off base.
Kaseya's VSA software is a RMM tool similar with other competitors such as ConnectWise.... Remote Monitoring and Management. It is used by Managed Service Providers or Enterprises to support and manage remote endpoints. In the case of the pandemic, this is an even more widely used type tool with remote laptops being deployed. This is OS patching, software patching, remote control (support/troubleshooting), automation/scripting, reporting, antivirus, etc.
MSPs are generally used for businesses that don't have the personnel, budget, or expertise to properly manage their endpoints to ensure they meet regulatory requirements. Cash registers\ card processing in this case would probably have to meet PCI regulations or something similar. They would have to be able to show proof of this as well. Banks in the US typically follow FFIEC (Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council) guidelines and abide by FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) regulations.
The hack involved a Supply Chain attack that only appeared to affect Kaseya's customers that were running their VSA software on-prem, not their hosted or cloud offering of the same product. Because it was a supply chain attack, it was similar to the Solarwinds hack in the update mechanism. It was then able to attack some vulnerabilities via SQL injection and ASP. Even if the product on-prem is locked down and restricted properly with security and network controls, the update mechanism from Kaseya to the MSP/Enterprise VSA servers caused the infection. Once those were infected, an MSP that has access to potentially hundreds of customers and thousands of endpoints has many new targets to spread the ransomware to. This makes MSP's and software vendors that make RMM type tools a prime target for ransomware. Infect one to reach the potential of many.
Background that I would like to be kept from being read if possible:
I am a dude named Ben that works for a company (MSP) that uses Kaseya in the financial field.(that requires all of this regulation and reporting for customers). This is def. a product that no one really loves and most dislke for some of the decisions software/application coders make. But you pick a RMM tool vendor and make it do what it wasn't supposed to do. There just isn't that much to choose from.More now than when we started. I am the network/firewall/security guy and do a lot of the other internal infrastructure when I can. We were very lucky not to be one effected. We luckily have a guy who knows this Kaseya product probably better than they do. He actually found additional vulnerabilities during this attack in SQL./ASP that he submitted while our servers were sandboxed. Our deployment on-prem is highly customized and do not auto update and manually update on a delay. Some of our layered security measures and policies that were in place helped us avoid this but there was no guarantee. We could have easily been one of the ones affected.
the following can be used:
Interestingly enough, analysis of the attack... some of the Indicators of Compromise showed that there were Windows registry modifications that say "Black Lives Matter". of course no one mentions this in the media.
It is scary cause they push heavily for automated updates and for p2p updates just increasing the spread of something like this. However, automated updates with a supply chain hack like this will cause havoc for anything including Linux. Just imagine an Ubuntu repo being compromised.
There's a need to stay current on updates but never be the the guinea pig and disable automatic updates.
Cyber Polygon | World Economic Forum
Cyber Polygon is a unique cybersecurity event that combines the world's largest technical training exercise for corporate teams and an online conference featuring senior officials from international organisations and leading corporations.
The 2021 conference discusses the key risks of digitalisation and best practice for the secure development of digital ecosystems.
The 2021 technical exercise builds and tests the skills needed to protect our industries, centring on a targeted supply-chain attack.
Digitalisation is accelerating everywhere. New digital ecosystems are forming all around us, creating unnoticed linkages across services and supply chains.
As the world grows more interconnected, the speed of development makes it difficult to assess the impact of change.
EU e-Privacy Directive approved
Commission proposal on the temporary derogation from the e-Privacy Directive for the purpose of fighting online child sexual abuse
Bill Gates
Big Tech
Supply Chains
Chinese-owned Nexperia confirms acquisition of UK’s largest chip plant
Nexperia, a Dutch chip firm owned by China’s Wingtech, confirmed on Monday that it plans to acquire the U.K.’s largest chip producer, Newport Wafer Fab.
Climate Change
The Purge
Bill Cosby Shreds Mainstream Media, Blames Them For January 6
“This (sic) mainstream media are the Insurrectionists, who stormed the Capitol. Those same Media Insurrectionists are trying to demolish the Constitution of these United State of America on this Independence Day,” the statement by spokesman Andrew Wyatt said. “No technicality — it’s a violation of ones rights & we the people stand in support of Ms. Phylicia Rashad.”
“Mainstream media has irresponsibly, egregiously and inexcusably misled the public with out of context coverage regarding Bill Cosby’s deposition testimony. This shall serve as a grave reminder of the consequences that come with lying to the American people to satisfy an agenda,” he said on Twitter.
ITM Gents!
I just remember being introduced to ESG 2 years ago. I'm in a zoom meeting with all senior management and the board, listening to the jamokes who are trying to convince us how important the measures and the first thing that came to my mind were the mud flats.
I'm part of my organization's ESG comitee and you won't believe how I can game the system and thrill our consultants with my no agenda inspired measures and ESG initiatives. I'm now maintaining one of the highest ranks in the region in the field of privacy and cyber security.
But there's one very important global agenda that started the ESG phenomenon. And it's the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). I suggest that you look into that as well to connect the dots.
BLM / Noodle Gun
Black TikTokers go on STRIKE and refuse to create viral dances because white creators are 'stealing their moves and failing to credit them'
Black TikTokers have gone on strike and are refusing to create viral dances because they say white creators don't credit them and become overnight stars with the stolen moves.
The no-dance strike erupted when Megan Thee Stallion released her new song 'Thot S**t' on June 11 - something that would typically lead to the creation of a viral dance circulating on the social media app as happened with her song 'WAP' with Cardi B.
By Tuesday morning - almost one month on from the song's release - there were around 487,000 videos on TikTok set to the song but no dance trend has yet emerged.
Canada’s National Archive Cancels Country’s First Prime Minister
Canada’s national archive has effectively canceled the country’s first Prime Minister Sir John Alexander Macdonald by deleting a page about him because it was “offensive” and didn’t represent Canada as “diverse and multicultural.”
“Sir John Alexander Macdonald, born in Scotland, was Canada’s first prime minister. He is famous for his role in the establishment of Canada as a country on July 1 1867. Some of his other notable achievements include building the Canadian Pacific Railway and forming a strong Conservative Party,” writes Dan Frieth.
However, it is Macdonald’s role in passing the Indian Act, which mandated that children from indigenous tribes assimilate into Christian boarding schools, that has drawn the ire of far-left activists.
The government’s establishment of the Chinese Immigration Act in 1885, which limited the entrance of Chinese immigrants into Canada by charging them a head tax of $50 each, is also apparently grounds for Macdonald’s cancellation.
After an unknown number of complaints (it may have been just one), Canada’s national archive website apologized and vowed to remove all offending material about Macdonald and any other historical figure who upsets 21st century woke imbeciles.
Cyberbullying Insurance
Insurance tech startup Waffle in May began offering stand-alone cyberprotection policies underwritten by Chubb that include cyberbullying and other cyber risks such as identity theft or extortion. The policies are intended to help victims recover costs associated with cyberbullying, such as legal fees, mental health services, tutoring to cover missed school or relocation costs if bullying was so bad that a student had to move to a new school.


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  • 0:00
    John: Put him through the poop.
  • 0:01
    Adam: Adam Curry, John Dvorak 2021 This is your award winning gitmo-nation Media assassination Episode 1362. This is no agenda incentivize and broadcasting live from the heart of Texas Hill Country, FEMA Region number six in the morning, everybody, everybody. I'm Adam Curry
  • 0:21
    John: and from Northern Silicon Valley, where I await this effort because I've got nothing else to say. I'm John Dvorak, buzzkill.
  • 0:29
    Unknown: Oh,
  • 0:31
    Adam: you sound congested. I
  • 0:33
    John: woke up congested, I'm congested. I gotta be kidding. congested for a while. Have
  • 0:38
    Adam: you lost? Have you lost any sense of taste or smell? No. Okay. No rohner, then I was realizing, I don't know about you, but I'm not even asking you. I always look forward to talking with you. Like, oh, I want to tell john that I have so much to say. And at first for today, I was I'm pissed a little bit pissed about the rain stick. Because as you know, when we do a rain stick session, Austin, Texas or really Wherever I am, it seems just gets the back end of the stick. And oh my god, we had to wrench Oh, flooding out here. Now we're in hill country. We had three inches in three hours. And this is July.
  • 1:28
    John: Yeah, but you've never lived there before. It could be like this all the time.
  • 1:31
    Adam: Well, no, it's not because our septic tank blew up overflowed basically. So
  • 1:38
    John: you have a septic tank. Hey,
  • 1:40
    Adam: I so here's what happened.
  • 1:42
    John: By the way, can I say something? Yeah, I know. This is people gonna go What? What's this guy talking about? I think he's kind of cool. Cool. Because you can be out in the middle of nowhere and you put the septic tank out. And you use it's just like regular plumbing. And then a septic tank truck comes by and picks it all up and you're good to go.
  • 2:00
    Adam: It's even better because you got to put chemicals in it, don't think Let me tell you about because I learned a lot about septic tanks. And this is a brand new septic tank. So there's an alarm going off outside there's a red light flashing. Because in essence, if something's wrong with the septic tank, you do have a chance that shit is going to fly everywhere.
  • 2:21
    John: Oh, no. But if if you have nearby farmland, maybe Okay,
  • 2:25
    Adam: well so I called Paul the septic guy. And this was and now I'm really happy about the rain stick because Paul the septic guy, he rose up in his truck and and he's saying well, I can't believe this rain.
  • 2:41
    John: But wait, stop just before Emily asking this before I forget the thought. Do you also have a propane guy?
  • 2:48
    Adam: Yep, sure do. haven't met him yet. haven't met him yet. And, and this is limited dream. He's probably a little bit older than I am. And we're and within four minutes. We got this rain is crazy. And I look I say it's probably China. Boom, boom. He opened up man. He opened up Hell yeah. Hill Country is full of patriots. And and it just went on and on and on. He says you're in a good place here. Fantastic. We got everything protected. I said I got 2000 rounds for the AR he goes. What kind of moustaches that. And he goes on to tell me about what everybody has is fantastic. The difference? Just 15 miles outside of Austin is so phenomenal. We have our own radio station, patriot Hill Country FM, I had no idea. I mean, I'm in heaven here I'm in heaven. And then I learned about the septic tank. This is magic. It's three tanks. So the poop goes into tank number one and then everything is greases is filtered back then it goes into tank number two. And this is where the only thing that is in there is chlorine and then it goes through that into septic tank number three and then when that starts to fill up, it starts to spray fresh water with chlorine Of course all over the front yard and it's no poop It's just water. I mean that's amazing. But the poop now it disintegrates you don't have to have the the septic tank what happens to the poop ISO of the year
  • 4:36
    it's complete it's completely filtered out. So once every two depends on how often you use it or what you pour down and if you're throwing a lot of greasy stuff down the drain is not a good idea. Because it's a whole chemical process. It just degrades on the way out don't
  • 4:50
    John: it doesn't attract come out and pump out there. This stuff that you can degrade
  • 4:54
    Adam: only he says probably once every two maybe sometimes for some people for years. What is new septic this is this is technology I was unaware of. I mean I think
  • 5:08
    John: a dumb fuck city boy even discussing this to where we're doing it I
  • 5:13
    Adam: know he's probably listened to it right now going guys of course oh my god no agenda gotta listen to that podcast he's probably listening to me shaking his head
  • 5:23
    John: for poor bastard
  • 5:25
    Adam: poor city boys yeah it was a wonderful experience really. We're in we're in
  • 5:34
    John: here here's my impression was a septic tank well this is just my impression because I work with guys who lived out in Sonoma County's places where there are but they have a septic tank because they're, you know they're not connected to anything
  • 5:48
    Adam: right sewer right?
  • 5:51
    John: is it's big tank that chemicals go in and you do all the poop and everything goes into this tank and accumulates and then a guy comes out and pumps it out in a big tanker truck. Maybe once a month again. This is like driving around in an RV which we did that has a poop tank in it.
  • 6:10
    Adam: It's not to say you got to dump the poop tag now it is not the same as an RV poop tank at all. Also known as the grey water tank no
  • 6:22
    John: no I'm fascinated by this each you should it's gonna cost a lot of money for one of those systems
  • 6:28
    Adam: you know I think the the guy who built the house he left the whole book I'll bet you I can find out how much it cost
  • 6:36
    John: of a book you're selling a record keeper guy?
  • 6:39
    Adam: Totally he has every electricity because we have to join we had to join Oh
  • 6:43
    John: yeah, no, you have to definitely
  • 6:45
    Adam: electric Yeah, we had to join electricity Co Op to get electricity out here. So except for electricity, we're completely self supporting.
  • 6:54
    John: Did he pave where you could also put generators and it'd be good to go.
  • 6:57
    Adam: That's, that's coming I'm saving.
  • 7:00
    John: But I had another question about this guy. But go ahead go ahead and I got confused by this electricity cop that he had or this this question. Did he have to run the wires? Who for the the guy who built the house? If you're going to join electricity Co Op there's going to be wires coming to the house? Did he have to do the wires himself? Did
  • 7:24
    Adam: he have to run the wires? No. This is technically a subdivision so it is an HOA that no one acknowledges so somehow that got built and it got put underground so the wires are underground into the house. There's only 16 at 16 plate houses here I think or something so but I was just blown away by the by the turd tank system like this is really cool. You know and and I always wondered how do you turn those sprinklers off? He says No, you don't. That's when the pump is going and it's pumping out fresh water. It is chlorinated. But that's really more for your protection. Just spews it out over the grass. And the grass is going yummy. Clean otter Yeah, that's cool.
  • 8:09
    John: We'll go lay take that. Will they say go next take
  • 8:14
    Adam: that Elon Musk. Man and I don't know if it had to do with me. But the New York Post ran an article the day after my Rogan appearance. Spotify staff reportedly outraged by Joe Rogan show. We had a pretty good pretty good time, but I got a lot of a lot of interesting comments
  • 8:39
    John: Why? I didn't hear it because I don't have Spotify, but I expected to hear about it. But what would you say that was so that would even remotely be outrageous that more outrageous. And you say on this show?
  • 8:52
    Adam: Well, it's in fact it's things I say on this show. And I By the way, I thought I had a great appearance.
  • 8:58
    John: Everybody says you had a great appearance.
  • 9:00
    Adam: Yeah, it was fun. I have
  • 9:02
    John: I have moles and they also told me Hey, do okay,
  • 9:05
    Adam: I was pretty relaxed. You know, the Tourette's wasn't too bad. It was there continuously, but I just kind of let it go. And it was okay. And I had almost no no comments about that, which that's strangely enough. You know, that's like the thing that bothers me the most. So here, here are a couple things that I got. Responses to first, the number one thing that people corrected me on I said at one point, money is the root of all evil. Oh my god. Do you know what it actually should be that quote? Yeah, the love of money? Yes, I screwed it up. And everybody knows this. Well, not Mr. Curry apparently. Then hit a major artery in the GameStop community. I did my whole thing on ESG environmental, social corporate governance, and then kind of rolled right into how Wall Street is corrupt in there. The dtcc Yeah,
  • 10:03
    John: you have to back up. What game stop coming up talking about the jerk offs that are running the game stock stock up. That's a community.
  • 10:12
    Adam: That's a real community and they're not jerk offs. That's your opinion at all, no, it they are the same of the same ilk as the bitcoiners they see the scam and they're they're busting the scam. It's not GameStop didn't end you know that it's still it's still ongoing.
  • 10:32
    John: Well, they do the GameStop have to give credit and games
  • 10:36
    Adam: all the good all the good credits I had created by saying that you just wiped off the board in one fell swoop. There was they're gonna come they're gonna come
  • 10:48
    John: to your place.
  • 10:51
    Adam: They're gonna come tear you down?
  • 10:53
    John: I don't think so. I i've been shorting the game stock under th and Pletcher just consistently.
  • 11:01
    Adam: Oh, yeah. A game stoppers go over and comment on d h unplugged.com.
  • 11:08
    John: Yeah, go there. Please do stoppers?
  • 11:12
    Adam: Yeah, it's the apes actually. So you have the GameStop. Then you have the AMC. They call themselves the apes, I guess because they're hanging in there. And I was even elevated. I was so quiet. I was elevated to silverback status, because of my comments on Rogen.
  • 11:29
    John: I don't even know what that means. I probably don't care.
  • 11:32
    Adam: You should probably somehow, you know, maybe I think it's free to sign up for Spotify. And you just want to see that bit. Actually, it's on YouTube. It's everywhere. I mean, the video of it has a million views already.
  • 11:46
    John: A huge saying the GameStop. Guys are you're a silverback?
  • 11:50
    Adam: No, no of me talking about the dtcc about all the fake synthetic shares in the system.
  • 11:59
    John: Okay,
  • 12:00
    Adam: that's what I was talking about. And then I also laden with ESG. And people love the ESG stuff, because people understand this, that it's really driving wokeness. However, the wokeness Yes, it is.
  • 12:16
    John: Yeah, I'm not saying it's not just go keep going.
  • 12:19
    Adam: Here's the one that I found most in and a lot of people well, there's two actually two interesting ones. One is I told Joe about rank choice voting and how that you know, while at that point, they still hadn't determined the winner in the New York mayoral
  • 12:35
    John: election like maybe.
  • 12:38
    Adam: And Joe said, I never heard of this.
  • 12:40
    John: Oh, by the way before you go on with that. I just a quick comment. This is computer driven. Why does it take so long you just have your except for the IP, the absentee ballots may have an effect. Nevermind.
  • 12:52
    Adam: Well, Joe had never heard of
  • 12:54
    John: it. He, you know, he lives in California. He lived in California where we've had it for years.
  • 13:01
    Adam: Well, he'd never heard of it. And, and so for me saying Well, I think I don't have Joe or I said Joe's like this is retarded. Well, boy, oh boy. There's a lot of people on Twitter trying to show me that I'm wrong. Rank choice voting is the future. Here's how we fix politics. Okay, I'd really like a mathematician to explain to me how this is a good thing.
  • 13:30
    John: Because I just don't need runoff.
  • 13:33
    Adam: That's I mean, that's all it's a it's a runoff built into the system. But isn't the what the mode the comment I got most was this way people don't have to vote for the lesser of two evils. And I say, but that's what I want. I want I want everyone to be landlocked I don't want government really doing anything. That's perfect. Land lock everything and then the lesser of two, this is who we are one person one vote not one person five votes. Where am I completely off base? Am I off base on this
  • 14:07
    John: funny line? I'm gonna have
  • 14:08
    Adam: to use what is true and for during the past five years, one person one vote. And one person 567 votes. I don't know maybe maybe I'm just really not understanding it. But it doesn't seem like a cool system to me. And you know that that's what they eventually want the presidential the general elections to be.
  • 14:28
    John: Yeah, well. And then my favorite general election is one person no votes is done by the Electoral College.
  • 14:36
    Adam: This is true. This is true. My favorite criticism is about Credit Karma. So somehow that came up in the conversation.
  • 14:47
    John: You guys are doing a whole no agenda rap better than the last 14 years and pretty much you can get some more listeners if anybody gets a Spotify feed
  • 14:57
    Adam: compressed into compressed into Three hours. Yeah. So I'm talking about Credit Karma. And yeah, and I, my stance is clear Credit Karma is Joseph. Well, what do you think of social? Social? What is it the the Chinese social score
  • 15:14
    John: as a social,
  • 15:15
    Adam: I say we have it, whatever we have it is Credit Karma. And they tell you to do things. And based upon that, you know, you get more credit, and they offer you the credit right there and you can then buy more stuff with more credit. I mean, that's the system and it's not FICO scores. You
  • 15:31
    John: mentioned vaccines involved in that, too. No,
  • 15:34
    Adam: no, no. I forgot that. No. Yeah. So here's the comment. I get. This is the funniest. You're an idiot curry. You, you moron. Credit Karma is helping minorities manage credit. I'm like, Whoa, wow. It's helping minorities manage credit. Yeah. Also known as digital slavery. Are you kidding me? Holy crap.
  • 15:59
    John: When did that cut wood? That's just random random.
  • 16:03
    Adam: Mitch NAS from this morning. I saw a couple tweets about. So anyway, promoted the heck out of the show. Which I was very proud of I promoted the heck out of podcasting. 2.0, which was, you know,
  • 16:20
    John: I thought it'd be what you got to do. You'd be doing that for the next two or three years, at least. Actually, maybe not. I mean, I think in another year, it should be established.
  • 16:30
    Adam: And then it's just that we just go back to calling it podcasting.
  • 16:36
    John: Maybe we'll see maybe, maybe your die ease you created a it's admirable. I have to say,
  • 16:45
    Adam: Wow, thank you, john, coming from you. That's huge.
  • 16:49
    John: It is. And I admit, and but it it's creating the it's like the subways building a freeway, and somebody's got to stop the fruit from going through the mid to Midtown and wrecking the place. Yes, I mean, we have all these. I mean, Boston was a good example of the Big Dig, they had to dig. They had to dig that thing. Because of the the, it was a mess. I mean, it was a mess. It was a costly mess. Before the Big Dig, they had to spend more money to fix it. And this is what was happening with podcasting. The way I see it, and you stopped it from ever happening and to begin with, so there was no need for a Big Dig. There was no need for anything else you'd use. If it wasn't because you kind of feel very obliged to the medium. You felt that it was necessary, and you just took immediate action. And it was like wow, this is good.
  • 17:42
    Adam: And double compliment. Oh, Martha,
  • 17:45
    John: you'll be beaming in.
  • 17:48
    Adam: three by three. Each day run by JC D. Comparing story from ABC. Once again, for the three by three john has viewed all of the crappy news this morning on the big three networks and
  • 18:06
    John: has a report. I did I actually had to go What's it called? What's the gen psyches had to wrap around it was it called What you say?
  • 18:15
    Adam: Oh, circle back, circle
  • 18:16
    John: back circle back. I just circle back on NBC because I go to NBC and they get the American Century celebrity golf tournament rundown, which they're going on and on about this tournaments been going on for 14 years is the biggest thing and celebrity dominant blah, blah, blah. I've never heard of this golf tournament. But okay, I guess everyone which one was?
  • 18:36
    Adam: Which one was it? What was the name
  • 18:37
    John: of American celebrity golf term? That was the name of it.
  • 18:41
    Adam: Hmm. Okay,
  • 18:42
    John: but I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Let me take it back. The American Century celebrity tournament.
  • 18:47
    Adam: Nice. You ever heard of it? No, of course not.
  • 18:52
    John: A golf. So they're going on and on viac yak yak, so I sent a screw to start with ABC. So ABC was doing it had it never said fitty cent. It was 50 cent. And Pam Miller were on being interviewed by one of the black hosts was like all black today.
  • 19:13
    Adam: Wait, what was the kyron? 55 zero or F phi f t y?
  • 19:18
    John: If five zero okay, well,
  • 19:20
    Adam: that's permissible than 50. Because it's 50. Of course we know what it
  • 19:23
    John: is. You don't know what it is. It's pretty sad. But you know what it is? Okay. So let me but they never even mentioned his name. So I don't know how to pronounce it. So it was a big plug for power. Book Three, the movie.
  • 19:38
    Adam: Power Book Three.
  • 19:40
    John: Yeah. What happened to power book one and two.
  • 19:43
    Adam: Was that is that an Apple product?
  • 19:45
    John: No, it's a movie. And it's debuting on stars. And they're going on and on congratulating the 50 cent and Pam Miller, the actress on and on about how it's Successful this movie franchises and congratulations on the third edition of it. I think what Okay, so I just figured I know what the hell's going on. So then I get go jump over to CBS and they're talking about five finding love after the lockdown finding love after the lockdown
  • 20:24
    Adam: wait a minute did they promote a black dating app by any chance?
  • 20:29
    John: They promoted hinge. Okay. I don't know what date is a dating app Ned some woman who is the the relationship science experts. Dr. Wish you doctor by probably. But they had they had a skeleton crew on they didn't have the regular CBS people they had on some bald black guy. Ooh, they're really thin, bald, black. I've seen him a million times on CBS. I can't know if they'd ever give you names anybody. And then they had to hit the ball black guy and then they then they had a guy, some guy who looked Hispanic from a distance. But he was white but he looked to spank I don't know if he is Hispanic or not ever saw him before. And then they had this pretty really pretty platinum blonde woman you couldn't keep her eyes offer. Who was kind of a nice smile. But she was had a weird standoffish Pixie kiss. She had a pixie cut, standoffish type and the nice smile. And she was doing this this piece on the dating and I couldn't get her name either. And I looked at I said I gotta find her name. And I couldn't find it on the CBS. They didn't show it. But she was kind of what she was kind of an interesting character because the bald black guy asked her because it's all about dating to see you. You view any points to her? you when you met your current boyfriend? You had a big argument over what was the best band The Rolling Stones or the Beatles. And before I said Beatles, she says Rolling Stones be interesting. And then she says and I also asked him 62 questions on our first
  • 22:05
    phone date.
  • 22:09
    Adam: This by the way, this sounds like an ad like a counter ad and I'll tell you why. You might have seen this video juvenile read it as video instead of the rap lyric back it up is now Vax it up and it's a bunch of you know, the it's the band and a bunch of girls and they're all twerk in and pop in and oh, it's gonna you know, I won't date you unless you have the Vax. And that is brought to you by blk which is a black dating app owned by match calm. So it's just interesting that you would have a competitor show up on CBS,
  • 22:42
    John: or whatever it was. And so then I gave up on that. And when I did my wrap around, or what do you call it to turn it back around? What did she call that Jen psyche, she's gonna circle back, circle back. So I did my circle back to go to NBC. And so now they're going back to NBC and they're doing a review of sunscreens. By some suppose a doctor who's really more that looks more like a UCLA cheerleader. And she's going on and she makes the comment at the end before I turned off the whole thing and came up here. That blue screens from the teeth, you know, we got a lot of blue light. And here's a blue light thing with all the LCDs you should be wearing sunscreen for the blue light from the TV blue light coming off your LCD
  • 23:31
    Adam: screens, the sunscreen that is now reported here and there to actually cause skin cancer.
  • 23:36
    John: And I'm thinking to myself, as I hear this, I think this is nuts. And so then I just saw that. And just before I got out of there, completely done with the report, I cut a local news story about coal trains have some you know, they're running coal out of Richmond, California. And now they're going to start doing it out of Oakland and there's all these protesters these idiot protos calls going to kill us all we can't have gold in Oakland. It's just a train going through I mean what is wrong with people?
  • 24:11
    Adam: A lot a lot is wrong with
  • 24:13
    John: people love doing these reports is like depressing to
  • 24:17
    Adam: watch. It's cool though, because it shows that the mainstream all three networks has nothing to communicate except products they have interest in selling to you. Especially the the blue blocker glasses. Hello 1980 What the hell? Oh yeah, baby. You'll never forget now.
  • 24:33
    Unknown: I can circle back if there's more I can share with you. I'll circle back with you. If there's more to come. I'll have to just circle back with you. We can circle back. Now you'll always remember,
  • 24:43
    John: I hope. Yeah. Should not you mentioned everything was a product. Yeah, the movie The dating app. The blockers The first one was the golf tournament is going to be televised. Speaking of golf,
  • 25:01
    Adam: I have a rare golf clip. This may be the first golf clip in no agendas history,
  • 25:06
    Unknown: the PGA a reminder this weekend that the fight is not over golfer john ROM a folding over with disappointment as
  • 25:13
    Adam: he was told that he attended. That's not the one I meant. I'm sorry. To hell.
  • 25:18
    John: By the way, that guy who was kicked out of that tournament, won the tournament the next week.
  • 25:22
    Adam: I know. Isn't that great? Now there was a there was a killing. On the there were a bunch of people were shot on the on a golf course on the golf course. Yeah. Wow. Why can't I find this
  • 25:40
    John: dude looking up? I'm kind of
  • 25:44
    Adam: what did you say?
  • 25:45
    John: Nothing?
  • 25:48
    Adam: Well, this is very odd. Maybe it's maybe my system? Maybe you dreamed it? No, no, I know, I know, the clip custodian gave it to me, so maybe I'll find it later. Uh, well, there is some COVID stuff because this guy has.
  • 26:03
    John: Unfortunately, I have a ton of COVID clips today.
  • 26:05
    Adam: Well, I have I have a ton of incentive clips. In San Diego, a lot of incentive clips. So why don't I play first? Two? Yeah, two ones that deal with the main new narrative of the day. And that remains the variants. How
  • 26:25
    John: do the variants of COVID-19 differ from each other? Which variant is the worst one?
  • 26:30
    Unknown: Okay, first part of that question, think of genetic fingerprints. So they do the genetic sequencing on these variants. Because remember, as we've said, viruses mutate for a living. So they're always evolving, usually to what's called a survival advantage for the virus. Remember, it needs us to keep living so they can evolve. And these variants can be different in terms of their transmissibility, their severity of clinical disease, a lot of the attention is on the spike protein, since that's how this virus attaches to our cells and then gains entry into our cells. And the second part of that question is, which is the worst one? I don't think we've seen it yet. TJ, the worst variant will be one that escapes the protection offered by either previous past natural infection and or the vaccines. And of course, there's only one thing we're all interested in, what do
  • 27:21
    Adam: we name the new variant and we talked about delta and now we need to talk about lambda we
  • 27:26
    John: have another very
  • 27:29
    Unknown: easy to get attention. I want to encourage people not to be concerned or afraid or surprised when they hear about this because we mutate for a living. So lambda Varian, now considered
  • 27:41
    John: a mutate for a living. Yes, I'm
  • 27:43
    Adam: glad you caught that I was about to stop. But it's just my favorite part of the clip. Listen, again, is mutate for a living. So let me go back a little further
  • 27:50
    Unknown: or afraid or surprised when they hear about this? Because as we've said, these viruses mutate for a living, living, who's paying them to lambda Varian, now considered by the World Health Organization,
  • 28:04
    Adam: why would you even say that? And let me just say, this is not her ad lib, this isn't everything is scripted, this is copy. Someone wrote that.
  • 28:14
    John: Yeah, someone wrote mutate for a living
  • 28:17
    Unknown: now considered by the World Health Organization, a variant of interest, not yet a variant of concern, it is thought to have originated through circulating already a study that is just out showing that the vaccines still offering protection variant and this is important, there is no evidence at this time that this one is more transmissible or produces more severe illness. But again, research is ongoing. We are going to follow this as any other variant very closely. That variant of interest is an official
  • 28:51
    designation by the World Health Organization. If it starts to create more disease, more serious, more transmissible, it gets bumped up to a variant of concern.
  • 28:59
    Adam: Oh, we have we have a level of scale variant of interest, and soon variant of concern, and then
  • 29:10
    John: you're all gonna die.
  • 29:15
    Adam: All right, what clips you got, then we'll do my my incentives after
  • 29:19
    John: Well, I have a bunch of clips about the vaccine mostly. Oh, good. I do have some of this stuff that came out in the it's a lot of different things. But there's this woman that did a she's MIT research and all she does is look at papers and papers.
  • 29:33
    Adam: Oh, how boring She sounds like
  • 29:35
    John: their name is Steph sentifi Stephanie. And so I'm gonna go with a series of these clips that bring up every topic that we've talked about, oh boy, except this one which is kind of new and that is that is possible to spike protein is the form of a prion. We have talked about that. Oh, have we Okay, then we've talked about that too. So she discusses that and let's play this clip first, as these are all fairly short. So it's not going to bore people too stiff until we get to the exosomes. Okay, exosomes, exosomes, so
  • 30:06
    Adam: which trial was this prime
  • 30:08
    John: SS one prion? Ah,
  • 30:10
    Adam: I see what you're saying.
  • 30:13
    Unknown: Yeah. And we had heard about this idea that spike protein might be a prion. We've been seeing some stuff, you know, on the web about this possibility. And we talked about whether we would should put that in to the paper and we thought, well, maybe it's too speculative. Maybe we'll leave that out. And so but then what third round of review one of the reviewers a new reviewer said, you know, Spike protein prior on, you know, why don't you talk about that. And so that inspired us to go ahead and deep dive into that and I'm so glad we did because Wow, I mean, it really connected dots in it. We learned a lot about I mean, I already knew quite a bit about prion disease but I learned more because of this.
  • 30:50
    Adam: No Wait, where did this air this didn't air on any actual news? Go to rumble There you go. I just wanted to make sure that the news wasn't doing this because that would be horrible. Wow.
  • 31:02
    John: And it's really a bad it's like some sort of podcast and the guy's got a hum in his line. So when he flips his mic on it's the worst you'll hear in a couple of these clips. So let's go on is that talking about this another little thing this is says that this thing can actually aren't the mRNA thing goes into the make these spike proteins but it may create permanent DNA changes. Oh, that's
  • 31:26
    Adam: that's hoax. That's a conspiracy theory.
  • 31:29
    John: s s changes in DNA. This was this clip
  • 31:32
    Unknown: is I can show you the study that shows that sperm take out foreign messenger RNA, converted into DNA, put it into plasmid, shipped those plastic to release those plasmids around the fertilized egg. The fertilized egg actually takes those plasmids up and can carry them throughout the lifespan of that person and passing it down to the
  • 31:49
    Adam: I'm shooting prions is that what she's saying?
  • 31:52
    John: is you get the shot, the mRNA shot, how
  • 31:55
    Adam: she said sperm? She said sperm has prions.
  • 31:58
    John: Yeah, if you had the this is she's saying the result of this mRNA shot Oh,
  • 32:04
    Adam: that oh my goodness,
  • 32:05
    John: it accumulates in various sexual organs. This must be some
  • 32:09
    Adam: kind of this must be a crack. This can't be a real doctor.
  • 32:13
    John: She's a researcher.
  • 32:14
    Adam: Oh, there you go. What MIT? Please write
  • 32:18
    Unknown: those plasmids up and can carry them throughout the lifespan of that person and passing it down to the next generation. There's a paper that talks about all of that not mentioning spike protein, not mentioning these, these vaccines. They didn't even exist at the time. But the whole floor was there already in that paper. I mean, it's really, really amazing what is possible with these with these things. And people think, Oh, you know, how bad could it be? Right? I think a lot of people say, Well, I really don't want to get this vaccine, but Geez, I can't fly or I can't work and my my job requires it. So I guess I better just, you know, grin and bear it right? Go ahead, get the vaccine. Well, how bad could it be? I mean, it could be very, very bad. In my opinion, it could kill you. In fact, people are dying, right? Even children are dying. You know, there's a lot of teams, there's several cases now of teams that are dying from heart failure,
  • 33:02
    or consequences, or experiencing such heart damage from my account is that their lives are are permanently altered and their potential is permanently reduced.
  • 33:12
    Adam: Okay, that's not a hum. That is a disaster. Yeah, it
  • 33:19
    John: is. I kept I kept him to a minimum,
  • 33:24
    Adam: by the by the way. Can I just say something about that particular clip? The 2013. uk tv show or series utopia now also done in the US? I think it's on Netflix is exactly this, an evil vaccine created to sterilize people so that they can have children. And then we bring the world back to the 500 million that we always intended, according to the Georgia guidestones. Just saying just some predictive programming for you.
  • 33:56
    John: Now, let's hear a little SS brain damage clip. Okay,
  • 34:01
    Unknown: Greg Knight just uncovered this study, which we did not reference in our paper. Maybe it's actually too new. But it's a fascinating paper that I've read pretty carefully Now, last couple of days. And it is on I think it's by people in India, actually. And it's in vitro study where they showed that if you expose these human cells and culture to this, the spike protein to the RNA for the spike protein, they make spike protein, they ship it out in exosomes, and then if you expose other immune immune cells in the brain, in another in vitro study to those exosomes, they become neurodegenerative, they basically cut those exosomes that are made by the immune cells, exactly the model of the vaccine, the cells make the spike proteins put them into these exosomes, and then when those exosomes make their way to the brain, the immune cells in the brain called microglia. Take them up and cause brain info Brain Damage neurodegenerative diseases. I mean, basically, they hurt the brain very badly. So I feel like the vaccines are inviting a direct hit on the brain.
  • 35:11
    Adam: Oh my god.
  • 35:14
    John: Say these relate
  • 35:15
    Adam: No. Good because we get all this and then we'll show how the government is incentivizing you to get this
  • 35:21
    John: was actually funnier.
  • 35:23
    Adam: That's a good sequence.
  • 35:23
    John: Now before I go to the to exosome, part one exosome, part two, which is the most fascinating stuff that she's got. And by the way, she's making the assertion that was in between two and 10 years, people who get this, the mRNA vaccine will have Parkinson's, if you're interested, but before we go to that, let's listen to she does, she also covers she goes all the base. So this is the little thing on magnetism. Okay, now this one, I have to Sorry, I put this aside for you specifically, knowing that, you know, you're come all into it. I'm all
  • 35:57
    Adam: into the mag Magneto faction.
  • 36:00
    John: She says, she doesn't. In this case, there's no documentation or there's no research to prove any of this. And it's she's skeptical, but let's play it think I
  • 36:09
    Adam: just have to dip into this magnet thing just for a minute. Because any guy with a hum like down on his mic can't ask questions. It's just not allowed.
  • 36:17
    Unknown: You know, I it's it bothers me i i don't i have trouble believing that it's trauma, the injection site, because there's just not enough iron in the blood to to hold a magnet to somebody's arm who's standing upright, like there has to be. And you know, I've seen an awful lot of papers that indicate there's been research that go back a long time. Yeah,
  • 36:38
    I've seen that. Right. And this is from PubMed. This is even from Pfizer, I think is own its own work. Yes. So it does appear that they're using like magnetic nanoparticles to
  • 36:49
    try our lives that ferritin is some kind of special form of ferritin I've been sort of scanning through that literature is quite shocking is sort of like, you know, you it's just been many, many, the last year has been amazing, because there's so many things that come your way, you know, you hear about something Oh, that's so crazy, that can't possibly be true. And then, well, here's some more evidence you watch these videos, oh, my God, you know, they just started well, could it be true? And then how could it be true? You know, you go through all these thought thought processes, where you're, you're challenged, and then and then when you start seeing this actually literature about doing that in order to enhance you know, the effect of these things. You just can't believe they would have done it without saying so though this is what really, really surprises me. I mean, would they have thought that they could get by with it without saying so? Yeah.
  • 37:35
    John: I'm on this. I'm undecided. No. All right. So So now we're going to talk about exosomes. And this is the most interesting part of her hours of yakking
  • 37:46
    Adam: in which she watched all of it. It's highly appreciated. That's a lot especially this kind of makes me appreciate our show. You know, we don't have home Why no air conditioner. Why? Because we said it hot. We see it in hot rooms. It's
  • 38:01
    John: like to get distracted by this guy in his horrible hums
  • 38:04
    Adam: not distracting at all.
  • 38:07
    John: Okay, so now I want people that when they after they listen to this show, go to Wikipedia and look up exosome EXOS o m e in the wiki and read about it. It's fascinating. It's a fairly new discovery. And I think in the 80s, late 80s they these things were discovered. And this is what accounts for a lot of these screwball effects. She mentioned we've talked about these under show kind of in in jest but not completely because there's too many stories you had one from from the keeper she talked about one of her friends were hanging out with somebody got it in the vaccine and then she had
  • 38:47
    Adam: the shedding is that what the shedding
  • 38:48
    John: Yeah, there's kind of the shedding bits not shedding as these exosomes is not shedding at all. It's something different. Listen, yes,
  • 38:57
    Adam: that was gonna play it.
  • 38:58
    John: Yeah. Oh, yeah. Just play it. And we'll we'll talk afterwards.
  • 39:01
    Unknown: There's two other reasons I'd like to go into you mentioned shedding a number of times. I think that that's a very important topic. And I think it deserves a little bit of scrutiny. So I was speaking with Dr. Roger hodkinson, a few days ago. And he was saying that a certain percentage, you could bell curve it out. But from the middle of the bell curve to the right side, would be people who would produce more of the spike proteins, then their own systems, I forget which system He said it was, would actually be able to mop up. So those people would likely shut it out in their breath and sweat. And that that could present a risk to people who's in close proximity for a long period of time. How would you How would you express that? Would you say that's accurate or
  • 39:44
    completely accurate? And in fact, it seems to me extremely plausible. And we actually we wrote something about that again, after that third round review in that last reviewer who suggested that to talk about prions and that was when we realized these exosomes are really crucial exosomes are really something that's been big topic recently, it wasn't something people without aware of, you know, researchers in biology weren't that aware of exosomes in the past. But right now they're very excited about them, or even actually, designing now vaccines that are COVID-19 vaccines based on exosomes, they're actually proposing to use exosomes as a form of vaccination, which is pretty amazing. So that's the last stage of what's happening with these immune cells when they're in that spleen. And they're furiously making the spike protein is very toxic to that cell, and it's trying to survive. So just as I got to get rid of this stuff, you know, so it just pushes all these little pellets out into the circulation. And they go throughout the body, they go along the biggest nerve up to the brain and cause all kinds of trouble there. But then they just exit right straight through the I think they're ending up in breast milk. And there was actually an infant who died of thrombosis but from from breastfeeding, or from his mother who had been vaccinated. I was really surprised to see that, that it makes sense, because those exosomes editor thing probably pushed out into
  • 40:58
    the into the breast milk, it makes sense to me, they would go there. Oh, my God,
  • 41:04
    Adam: I forgot to tell you something really important about breast milk. So Rogan had me tested again.
  • 41:11
    John: This What? for college tested? Yes. For COVID.
  • 41:15
    Adam: And I actually said, Is this an insurance policies is no, I just don't want any bullshit. I don't want anyone to say anything. Oh, I said an insurance policy. Yeah. So I'm talking to the nurse. And I am they also had the antibodies test. I said, Do you mind? Can I have the antibody test? So I've negative for COVID and negative for antibodies? And she told me, she said there's actually evidence and she's she's a nurse in hospitals as well, that babies that drank breast milk from mothers who had antibodies, pad antibodies. And I'm thinking exit strategy product. Seriously, I mean, it's made by nature.
  • 42:01
    John: It's well, what you just heard, cuz that was now again, what you just heard was somebody got the vaccination, right. And it was the spike protein that got into the milk. And there's no
  • 42:13
    Adam: I know, I'm just saying that was interesting side note, but this is this. So what she's taught what she discussed earlier was the so called self spreading vaccines, we've we've talked about that, at least we've seen it, I think we talked about it briefly. And that would be through the use of these exosomes nice,
  • 42:29
    John: this is the part two,
  • 42:31
    Unknown: they would go out into the lungs, they would go out into the skin through the sweat, I mean, they're going to just cry, their body's trying to get rid of this toxic thing that it's coping with. And the way to get rid of it is to shed it. And so you know, if somebody is nearby, they're going to pick it up, they can breathe it in and they can get skin contact, I think that they could easily get it. So I was you know, I was surprised when I started hearing people say that, oh my god, I hung out with my grandmother who got vaccinated, I got sick, my periods got screwed up my all of a sudden, I got a really heavy period, I've always been very regular. I was getting stories like that. And at first, of course, it's like, you know, that's just crazy, really crazy, but perfectly fine explanation based on these exosomes.
  • 43:10
    So you're saying this is not a subtle or small effect. But that if you were to spend, I mean, what kind of contact? Let's let's just let's cut to the chase here. What kind of contact and amount of contact would you say is safe or not safe with vaccinated people?
  • 43:27
    I mean, how do you know? I can't really say I just was really quite surprised. And it's not just one or two people I'm seeing, of course, I'm watching for it. But I'm seeing a lot of stories on the web. I have, Greg Nye has actually talked to two or three people, women who experienced menstrual irregularities by hanging out with people who had been vaccinated. So he said it first, you know, his people, he knows I have experienced it. I think it's real. And it makes sense. I mean, it's a completely plausible mechanism. And it's based on these exosomes, which is the thing I'm most scared of at this point. Wow.
  • 44:01
    Adam: So just being around vaccinated people is in fact dangerous.
  • 44:07
    John: That's what the implications are. Yes. From
  • 44:10
    Adam: this MIT research. I don't like that at all.
  • 44:16
    John: No, in fact, but this is again, she says nothing new that we haven't discussed on the show in one way or another. Yeah.
  • 44:24
    Adam: But despite that, we call it viral shedding. But it's not as exosomes. did was there any indication you watch the whole thing? Is that any indication that these are like right after the vaccination, and then they go away
  • 44:37
    John: or didn't have a time element in blaster? No. Wow. That makes you wonder like if you're dating someone who got the mRNA shot and you know, you didn't you know, what's the effect on you? That kind of thing? Yeah, pretty
  • 44:54
    Adam: well. We had we had a note from producers and one of our producers he said he was dating a woman and he he couldn't make obtain an erection and she was vaccinated he wasn't and then when they broke up no problem. Now it could be other things but he says it was pretty sure it could be
  • 45:08
    John: Yes.
  • 45:08
    Adam: Could have been a couple of things, but Wow, man.
  • 45:13
    John: Yeah, I got it. Before I wrap this let me go in with a couple other things here but before just as a quick aside, she did mention something about round up. cuz she's a round up expert. Oh, you
  • 45:23
    Adam: read the the weed killer roundup? Yeah, yeah, she's what glycerine, glycerine fate.
  • 45:28
    John: Is that what it's called a, you got it? you're nailing it.
  • 45:31
    Adam: Isn't there? I
  • 45:32
    John: did just got a little got a little gotcha in here. I want to play this just as and we'll get back to this COVID stuff right after this this f Senate on Roundup,
  • 45:40
    Unknown: just for the record glyphosate, or that Cal affectionately known as Roundup. Is that right? That's
  • 45:46
    right. That's right. Yes, it's all over the food supply. It's all over the air. It's in the air, the water supply. It's considered perfectly safe by the government's and they don't even US government doesn't even manage thought bother to test actually Canada had a big initiative. And they tested for lots of different foods, both Canadian and imports. And they and a friend of mine, Tony vitro produced a book out of that he was the one who got them to do it. they've tested over 1000 different foods, I was really impressed the Canadian government. And Tony meter wrote a book called poison foods of north of North America. And he has it's a dry book, it has a lot of data in there about all these different foods, but they found very high levels Canada did in garbanzo beans and chickpeas like hummus, you know, these sort of legumes. And also, of course, in wheat and oats, cookies, you know, goldfish crackers, and very high levels in foods from Canada and the United States. Compared to even Mexico, Mexico came out much more like Europe, Europe had generally much lower levels than America did. And Mexico, but was much better than Mexico is actually decided to ban glyphosate, they're going to wipe it up at 2020 for the US government and Monsanto have been harassing them to get back down so far, they have not. I'm very proud of Mexico. If Mexico bans glyphosate, it's going to be a real problem for the United States to be next door to Mexico, I think and madly producing
  • 47:10
    glyphosate and poisoning its populations.
  • 47:13
    Adam: Wow, she's not polarizing at all. Is she? Just the best? You know, I see. Commercials all the time at night. You know, it's the it's the local inserts on cable. Yeah, if you got cancer and you were using Roundup, then we have a lawsuit for you.
  • 47:31
    John: Yeah, you make 50 bucks.
  • 47:33
    Adam: that much. Seriously, I got to join your class action.
  • 47:36
    John: Yeah, you're right. It's more like five bucks. Yeah, that's really disturbing. Before we get to the clips on the incentives, I've got three more clips that have to do with the lab leak. Just go for it.
  • 47:49
    Adam: Let's do it. And
  • 47:51
    John: one of them starts off with this woman who is in Ghana Sky News. This is Shari MAGA. I can't remember her last name. But she just goes by Shari. And she was right. She just wrote a book on on the lab leak theory. And I took this from her and then I have a hearing that judge Jim Jordan was part of in Congress and all the democrats said, No, we're not going to do this. And so the republicans did the hearing without the democrats in this kind of fascination.
  • 48:21
    Adam: That's my favorite kind.
  • 48:23
    John: Yeah, there's a little gotcha in there. So let's start with Shari on the lab leak,
  • 48:27
    Unknown: China and its cronies have repeatedly insisted over the past year and a half, that the possibility of a laboratory leak and Wu Han is a conspiracy theory. This is a lie. As part of investigating this topic for my book, what really happened in were Han, we found official documents that show the Chinese government took concerns about a potential nap like extremely seriously. So seriously, they said a lab leak involving virus research could place the whole of mankind in great danger, mankind. This was the warning they included in their formal submission to the United Nations biological weapons convention in 2011. There has only been one convention since then there every five years, and China's submission in 2016 had virtually no details at all. This document from 2011 states, accidental mistakes in biotech laboratories can place mankind in great danger. Synthetic biology in some civilian biotechnology, research and applications may unintentionally give rise to new highly hazardous manmade pathogens with unforeseeable consequences. This is so far from a conspiracy theory that China then suggests that laboratory controls should be improved. Right across the world. This is what they say. State parties should constantly tighten by biosafety management, especially virulent pathogens in their laboratories, and eliminate bio safety risks. China's declaration to this United Nation convention begins by noting that modern biological sciences
  • 50:13
    play an important role in helping mankind combat disease and improve health. But they then say, at the same time, the use of new kinds of biotechnology for hostile purposes poses a latent threat to human society. And they say this is growing.
  • 50:32
    Adam: Clearly this woman is q anon. So how do they let her on the air?
  • 50:39
    John: Well, Australia, they have a little more leeway than around here.
  • 50:42
    Adam: Well, only on Sky News the rest of Australia is pretty locked down. Yeah, Sky News. Xander.
  • 50:48
    John: What they get some on some Well,
  • 50:50
    Adam: it's it's a Murdoch thing. We're Tucker Carlson gets to do whatever he wants to do. And Sky News in Australia, guests do whatever they want to do, as far as it goes, because they don't care about the advertising loss for somebody. So
  • 51:01
    John: yeah. So she goes on is part two coming up. So she, I and I had to cut this was long. And so I had to wrap up some stuff that happened in the middle, which is that this paper that where she's just quoted all those headlines from which was submitted in 2011, by the Chinese, who was part of a bigger document, which was turned out to be kind of disappeared, and she dug it up. And then the second part, she dug it up and found the paper, and then he read now she's gonna go on to what the rest of the thing said, Now, in 2011, the Chinese Communist Party of China with Tadic slightly different attitude about everything it does now. And so that's why in 2016, they didn't submit anything. And now there's their mom about everything, and I think a lot of it has to do is she is because after 2011, that he decided is going to be the permanent Emperor. So this is the part two of this,
  • 51:58
    Unknown: we were able to locate. Finally, this quite extraordinary document. And what it discusses, is more terrifying than anything I have ever read. It discusses weaponizing specific viruses to target races. It is a shocking and grotesque area of bio research. This is Chinese official Chinese government's submission to the United Nations. It states that the Human Genome Project has helped to reveal population specific genetic variations across the genome. It then says it can also create the potential for biological weapons based on genetic differences between races. It says once hostile elements grasp that different ethnic groups have an intrinsically different genetic susceptibilities to particular pathogens, they can put that knowledge into practice, and create genetic weapons targeted at a racial group with a particular susceptibility.
  • 53:03
    Adam: You know, there was a story, I'm looking for it now it being
  • 53:11
    John: I know, what you're looking for that I will mention that in the beginning of this whole thing, if you recall, back in March of 2020, over a year ago, it was this aspect of it was discussed, we thought that it was targeting the Han Chinese if you remember, and
  • 53:29
    Adam: I learned I can't find the article quick enough. But I think it's ancestry.com. They send that you know, they also do DNA tests now. And they, they send their their DNA tests, and eventually it's processed by a lab in China who copy make a copy of your DNA. And hold on to that to I don't know, target you maybe later on down the road,
  • 53:52
    John: we'll let's go to the hearings that the republicans did, because the democrats would have none of it. And this is how it kind of wraps up. This is the hearing on the origins of the of the of the virus. And and this is a retired biological chemical guy who was involved was in the government for a long time and telling us the real horror of it all,
  • 54:14
    Unknown: Dr. Asher talked about export controls for biotechnology, and and I know he knows this as well or better than I do. But it's not just technology, but it's information and our genetic information is actually critical. And I do assess that the Chinese have set up circumstances that they're doing a lot of our gene sequencing of Americans that are through normal labs or even through studies at the NIH, and they're doing that for a reason and that genetic sequences are are powerful. They know our vulnerabilities. It is the first step in devising a potentially ethnic weapon, as was discussed by Dr. Asher. And similarly, I don't know if it's still the case, but I believe it is. You're not going to see any genetic sequences of Chinese export it out of the country. That was a law, there's a reason for that. And when we talk about export of technology, export of our genetic information may be the most important key that we need to stop.
  • 55:11
    John: Well, I want to make sure I understand this. So So American genetic information is going to China, the same China that Dr. Asher talked about is doing bio weapon research with this stuff. And you're saying that combination is a particular concern?
  • 55:26
    Unknown: Oh, it is a it is a huge, it is an absolutely huge concern from where I sit. And again,
  • 55:32
    I've been out of the formal bioweapons defense, you know, part of the government for a period of time, but genetic information is very powerful, right? it decides who we are and tells about our vulnerabilities. Not only disease states, but potential for genetic weapons. And what I mean by that is their variations and receptors and other things that vary by populations. And those can potentially be exploited so that a new pathogen would differentially target, a race, a European ancestry versus someone else. And we are just giving all that information to China in the context of what I do believe is unprecedented. And what are now for giving that to China.
  • 56:21
    John: I mean, the fundamental question, we get asked all this, why are we given all this information?
  • 56:25
    Unknown: Because most people in the community are either naive to the threat, they deny the threat, they're oblivious to the threat or just don't want to think about it.
  • 56:35
    Adam: Chinese genetics company BG AI.
  • 56:38
    John: Yep. In fact, the next guy who came up on this on this panel was bitching about the fact that all these companies are using big AI to do all the, you know, 23andme, all these things. We're all going through big AI and big eyes. A Chinese company is just collecting all this stuff. Yeah, they're giving you results and they're keeping a copy.
  • 56:58
    Adam: A new story from this morning. bg is accused of misusing fetal DNA harvested from prenatal testing around the world. First part Vgi claims its its collaborations improve population health outcomes around the world now, but to do so. There's also a possibility now that I think about it, that the USG that would be the US government knows this is going on. They've rushed to to get a some kind of countermeasure in a DNA mRNA vaccine treatment, and they're really trying to save us. That's possible. And we're sitting here laughing, like ha ha ha, I don't want that stupid vaccine.
  • 57:42
    John: Let's see if you think it's possible. Anything I mean, looking at the looking looking at the players, Fauci Pfizer now your possible examine the players? What am I thinking? Biden?
  • 58:00
    Adam: Alright, let's look at some incentives, shall we? But first, well, this is actually the best incentive that's got a lot of play. I think it needs just a tad bit of discussion. Jen Psaki, she is the spokes hole for the White House
  • 58:13
    Unknown: President outlined five areas his team is focused on to get more Americans vaccinated. One targeted community by community door to door outreach to get remaining Americans vaccinated by ensuring they have the information they need on how both safe and accessible the vaccine is.
  • 58:30
    Adam: Now this, this caused a lot of ruckus people saying they come into force vaccine, which is not being said. But as we know, the scariest words in the English language are supposed to be. I'm from the government. I'm here to help. And I have two questions. One, how do they know what door to knock on? Do they already have a list? Are they just going to knock on every door and see if they get lucky? And if you don't want a vaccine or send them away? Do you get put on a list? We don't like lists in America. So I'm not sure I'm not sure which which is yes. Well, I
  • 59:16
    John: don't know that they're even doing this. I mean, they keep hearing about it. So if they come to your door and they go, you know. Yes. Did you were here to promote the vaccine. Here's some stuff I said give me some literature. I say I already got the shot though. Okay, I mean, you're not gonna do it. Definitely don't have a computer with them. They're not gonna be checking.
  • 59:39
    Adam: How do you know you
  • 59:40
    John: don't know any of this? No, I told but I know how the government works.
  • 59:45
    Unknown: Now.
  • 59:47
    John: Well, the government works
  • 59:49
    Adam: well.
  • 59:50
    John: For one thing the guys who go door to door the like the lowest end of every one and they're just trying to get through the day. Well, listen to this
  • 59:57
    Unknown: tonight federal officials are deploying a COVID sir Team dealt Missouri medical workers deal with a growing COVID crisis surge to last month the hospitalizations are up more than 50%. And cases have tripled at Mercy Hospital in Springfield.
  • 1:00:12
    Adam: The disease process is faster than before, and they are getting sicker sooner than before.
  • 1:00:18
    Unknown: Dr. Mayo Flores is a pulmonary critical care physician at Mercy where the ventilator supply at one point last week was critically low. It feels like a lot of people have let their guards down. It's very
  • 1:00:29
    Adam: saddening to talk to a patient and all of them in barely said I wish I would have taken the vaccine so they're sending out search teams to go and talk to people about getting the vaccine I think they're doing that absolutely. They can just go hire the same people did the census they got a tablet. They come by your house they knock on your door I'm just asking how do they know which doors to knock on? Or is it just knock on
  • 1:00:51
    John: everyone's door? That's the way the census guy well No, you're right the census guys only not gonna start indoors. Now the census guy came by here he came by our place to and here's it was just a classic did where it always goes. The Census guy comes by right? I was just looking at the mail this is Eric's dizzy and get the checks you did not know. I know. Well, J sent them.