1363: Attribution Science

Adam Curry & John C. Dvorak

3h 37m
July 11th, 2021
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Executive Producers: Viscount Bob of the Piedmont Triad, Sir RJ of Grand Point, Sir Ten Cryptids, Keeper of Lore, Dame Simone, Austin Paris, Claire Hayes, Black Knight Big loaf of the BLAZ

Associate Executive Producers: Mason Strong, Ellen Murray, Jacob Cogar, Sir Don Filipchuk

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Vaccine Hestiancy
Why most people who now die with Covid in England have had a vaccination
Don’t think of this as a bad sign, it’s exactly what’s expected from an effective but imperfect jab
Heineken - -The night belongs to the vaccinated NOT
Vaccine questions: just moved already answered - don't want to be counted twice!
President of Suriname - shoppen - foorball - taxi - fly - covid passport Otherwise you will be Isolated
WHO Lawsuit
In the PDF I translated this article about the Indian Bar Association calling for Legal Action for Vaccination Deaths.
It looks like the Gates foundation got included and Tedros Ghebreyesus too!
Rewards haven’t provided big boost for Nevada COVID-19 vaccinations
Gov. Steve Sisolak’s offer of a chance to win a million-dollar prize hasn’t resulted in a noticeable uptick in COVID-19 vaccinations in Nevada, at least not so far.
Sisolak announced a state raffle on June 17 in which vaccinated residents could win a total of $5 million in prizes, including college tuition and a $1 million grand prize. The rewards were intended to boost the state’s declining numbers of new vaccinations.
Brian Labus, an assistant professor of epidemiology and biostasticis at UNLV’s School of Public Health, said the offer didn’t immediately result in big gains.
“There wasn’t a giant spike in people vaccinated the next day,” he said when asked to review vaccination data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Through Friday, the seven-day daily average of first doses administered also appeared to continue its downward trend.
Delta Variant
Cyber Pandemic
Cyber insurance
Please don't mention me by name, I am "an anonymous industry professional with standing" for the purposes of this email.
Sorry for the massive delay in delivering this, as you can imagine, things have been a bit busy lately in the world of brokering Cyber insurance. I am going to break this email into three parts, hopefully something can be useful for the show (I have underlined and Highlighted the one part I know you may find most interesting for the show tomorrow).
I can provide more standing credentials, if needed, but I would categorize myself as being in the top tier of talent in my industry. Feel free to shoot me any questions that any of the below may stir up. Sorry this is VERY long.
Cyber Coverage Overview
Cyber cover is really three different types of coverage wrapped into one, but all center around some form of unauthorized access to computer systems to trigger coverage. There is the liability component, the first party coverage, and cyber crime extensions.
Liability covers the costs and expenses associated with notifying individuals of compromised data, providing credit monitoring services, and a few other items like paying Payment Card Industry fines and penalties or even media liability.
First party coverage is the breach response. If an insured's system is breached, you can gain access to computer forensics, PR teams, legal services, etc, etc. Also, this is where you get coverage for business interruption (loss of income) for a period in which your system may be shut down, or if a third party on whom you rely is shut down for a Cyber event.
Most notably, this is the part of the policy where Ransomware/Extortion is covered. This has been the problem child in the industry and you can see below for ways they are trying to deal with it.
Lastly, a good broker adds in some Cyber crime extensions. This is for stuff like social engineering attacks, funds transfer fraud, and the one I like best is invoice manipulation fraud (also called "reverse social engineering"). This is if a bad actor gains access to my system and manipulates an invoice to get my customer to send funds to the wrong place.
So, these policies are traditionally very broad in coverage they can provide and the coverage trigger is broad as well, typically some form of "actual or suspected unauthorized access".
Cyber Market Overview
When this product originally came out, it was written dirt cheap and no one understood the potential scope of the losses carriers would sustain. At that point, ransomware payments were a cute $50k average and not the now >$300k industry average. Also, the cost of a compromised record has continued to swell in terms of notification and monitoring costs, we are up near $300 per record. If a company has records compromised it isn't just a few at a time, as you know. A record breach is going to be on the order of a 7 figure loss, easily.
Carrier loss ratios have been getting destroyed and they are losing money like crazy. Beazley was a major player on those initial policies and they have had to massively rewrite their book. Policies that used to cost $2,500 are now coming out at $30,000 on renewal quotes depending on industry segment and controls. "Tough classes" are now manufacturing, medical, education, municipalities/cities, or anything deemed to be in the supply chain. I've had to pull so many all-nighters trying to find homes for policies at prices that aren't going to get me fired off the account.
The market, as recently as two months ago, had pockets of new entrants who would still underwrite accounts with bad controls at competitive pricing, but that has dried up near immediately. A good account can now expect a premium increase of anywhere from 50% to 100% on premium over expiring. That is a good renewal.
Currently, there is a lot of chatter in the market about carriers severely limiting or even altogether stopping the payments for ransomware/extortion. Insureds do not have enough skin in the game (typical retention can be as low as $25k on an account with $100M revenue). Some carriers are now sub-limiting the ransomware limit and others are implementing a co-insurance so the insured has to pay a portion of every dollar lost.
In France, AXA (large insurance carrier) has announced they will no longer offer any ransomware cover on new policies and we are waiting to see how the market follows and if that moves to the US. The theory is that the presence of insurance for these events incentivizes higher demands since bad actors know there is potentially a deep pocket to cover the event.
What I find sketchy is the attacks against our industry in the past few months. CNA (another large insurer) had a massive breach that shut them down for multiple days back in March. More recently, several prominent brokerages have announced breaches they have discovered.
If insurance is truly incentivizing the higher ransom demands, I think it likely that people are now attacking insurance carriers and brokerages with no intention of demanding ransom, but trying to mine policy data. If hackers can figure out what entities carry what policy limits, they know exactly who to attack and what figures they can extract.
Additionally, a lot of carriers run non-invasive port scans for open ports on policy holders and save and distribute these reports. My hunch is that we, as an industry, may be providing hackers with the perfect playbook should they access the right portion of our systems.
Carrier Controls Sought
Multi-Factor Authentication is God to carriers right now. Almost all carriers have some form of a questionnaire related to this and it will be four or five questions asking if MFA is implemented at log on, for accessing email from mobile device, if there is MFA for admin accounts, etc, etc. Other items that are big are air-gap and encrypted back ups, EDR, and having a response plan in place.
This is already too long so I am attaching a sample application for your review. This is not fully inclusive of all supplemental apps typically requested, but just a "base application".
Thank you for your courage and, again, no names, please!
Covid Down Under
Cridland BOTG NWO in Sydney
Yes, that's happening in Sydney: the government is trying to stop the virus from spreading. Same happened in Melbourne last year. (
@ScottMorrisonMP fucked up the vaccination program here).
I wouldn't consider a dumb journo's phrase as anything sinister, though.
Exosomes ED
Would like this to be anonymous if you do read it on the show.
I have went back and forth with this in my mind just because of the incident was very confusing. I have thought a lot about it and finally figured I’d just share it and let’s hope it’s not too awkward.
Over a month ago a friend purchased a built up mustang. 500hp, fast as hell, and a head turner of a car for others with sports cars at least. The friend had been calling me to come look at it and after a few weeks of working on a day to meet up we finally did at his house.
Excited to show me what the car “has” we headed out to do about a 25 mile ride around the area and on to the freeway to see what the car ran like in the 120+ mph range.
So this is the weird twist here. My friend had been feeling under the weather because he had his 2nd jab of the Pfizer vax the day before. He said he had been feeling sick for about 2 weeks, which was when he had got the first jab. He said he had the typical “massive headache, feeling like he had no energy, and slightly plugged up nasally”.
We went for the ride, saw some other hot rods on the freeway, which we raced a little, laughing when we pulled away from them with ease. We looped around at a freeway interchange, and headed back to his house, so total time in the car was 45 minutes to an hour or so. After we sat in his garage having a beer for about another hour or so just BS’ing. I headed home after and pretty much crawled in to bed pretty much the moment I walked in the door of my house.
That night I had some strange dreams that I would akin to when I quit smoking. I quit with the patch and fell asleep with the patch on twice which led to psychotic like very vivid dreams, but these were a tad different. These dreams were much more sexual in nature and is apparently aroused me in my sleep to the point of a nocturnal emission (wet dream). This might not seem weird but I have not had one of these for close to 30 year. I am approaching 50 and I do not have any issues like E.D. but I am certainly not as active in the bed as I used to be. I thought maybe it was medication that I am on, but it only happened one time and has not happened since while I continue to take all the medication I was taking when this happened. Thinking through it the only conclusion that I can come to is that this was a result of sitting close to someone that had gotten the vaccine for an extended period of time.
I understand this might seem hard to believe but the length of time since I had this happen to me while sleeping till this did happen to me makes me lean toward it being caused by the close contact.
Keep up the great work, ITM and TYFYC.
Southwest airlines pilots vaccination intel
So, I have two friends who work as stewardesses for Southwest, and I spent a rather long night last
night drinking with them. They both dropped a weird piece of intel I wanted to pass on. Remember
about a month ago, when Southwest suddenly cancelled a ton of flights? I had thought it was a
hacking thing... it turns out they had no pilots. All their pilots had been vaccinated... and quite
a few of them started showing blood clots, believed to be a combination of the vaccine and altitude
thrombosis. Other airlines must be having similar issues.
Magnetic Vaccines
OK, John, this has bugged me enough (ie. brass keys aren't magnetic) that I forced my wife to get
vaxxed so I could test this again (my sister from the last video went away on vacation). In this
video that I just shot today, my wife is freshly vaxxed 48 hours ago and of course, the brass key
sticks to her arm. So I grabbed a magnet and a paper clip to show that it also sticks. The part you
can't see is you can feel a pull and a push from the area where she was vaxxed.
Clearly this isn't magnetism, but some form of devil black magic... I am taking my kids and moving
to Plfueger ASAP.
Hope you enjoy the video (
BTW, I noticed in the video that you can see our PCR test results. We heard that Canada might be
allowing people to fly if they can prove they had COVID. Well our whole fam damily got the VID in
April and so me and my two kids got PCR'd, but I guess too much time had passed and we all came
back negative. There's a lot more to this story, but I'll spare you the details unless you want to
hear them...
BUT, my son had to get a blood test and I discovered that at this lab ANYBODY from BC or Ontario
can go get a "FlyClear" anti-body test for $75 and according to the website, we can fly "clear"
internationally! This is NOT ADVERTISED ANYWHERE in Canada! I'm hoping to test this out later in
the year and will report back (possibly from a COVID hotel jail).
Mandatory Vaccination
Nuremberg Code from WWII has nothing to do with coronavirus despite bogus Facebook claims
Based on expert opinion, Full Fact concluded that the Nuremberg Code would "only be relevant at the research trial stage of a vaccine's development, not its rollout to the general public".
"But even then, experts told us they felt it would not be an appropriate link to draw," the fact checkers continued.
So you have questions about the COVID vaccines? We have answers
Confused about Australia's vaccine rollout? We've tracked down the answers to the questions you've been asking.Read more
"It's right that medical ethics should be highly scrutinised, especially in cases like the COVID-19 vaccine roll-out where the process has been accelerated. However, it's important not to mix up the atrocities of the past with current debates about medicine and policy."
Professor JJ on Jacobson vs Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Dear AC,
I am still editing the analysis, but to answer the BIG questions:
(1) Yes, Jacobson never had to get ANOTHER injection (recall, he had one many years earlier), and he only paid the fine (5 USD, then the equivalent to a weeks wages for a common labourer)
(2) at that time, all the case law allowed the unvaccinated people to walk around freely, and interact with whomever they choose, even during an epidemic, of what purportedly had a case fatality rate of at least 10%
Hence, the Courts would only impose a fine, and LOCKDOWNS of healthy people were rare (at most 7-14 days), and upon a writ of habeas corpus, the local health authorities had to prove that the person in forced quarantine was either sick OR spreading the disease.
Of course, such was the sad fate of Mary Mallon, but I must voice my opposition to the idea that she spread salmonella - and NO one else in New York City did, AND that others died, solely due to contact with salmonella (typhoid). Millions of Americans have salmonella every year - and no one is blamed for transferring it to others. Such level of contact tracing would be impossible to prove, and just like COVID deaths (with the 2.6 comorbidities), NO ONE who is healthy, dies of salmonella.
Supply Chain
Pepsi shortage
Container costs
Shut Up Slave
Noodle Gun
Andy Ngo takedown PCI
I’m writing to report Things You Should Ngo, linked here: https://podcastindex.org/podcast/13380. Andy and the people he supports open Black people, especially even more marginalised Black people like fat, intersex, TMA, poor, disabled, lesbian, and/or sex working Black people, up to their antiBlack following harassing them to no end by posting screenshots of their tweets. They instigate targeted harassment campaigns against, attack, spout slurs for them including the N-slur, C-slur, T-slur, D-slur, F-slur, A-slur, and H-slur, mock, and spam them. They use death threats, caricatures, symbols, false information, and other hate speech such as endorsing lynchings.
Andy and his collaborators appropriate Black culture, including BEV and hashtags, events, and movements by and for Black people, delete much of this, are pedophiles, do incest, and are complicit when other nonBlack people do all this and more, such as the other users in the linked posts and videos below. Please act now.
Ranked Choice Voting
RCV is unfair - proof
Adam /John:
Mathematicians have proven ranked choice voting with 3+ candidates can never be fair. Its called "Arrow's Impossibilty Theorem".
The theorem says that 1 of 3 of the following "fairness criteria" MUST BE VIOLATED in such an election:
Unanimity. If every voter prefers alternative X over alternative Y, then the group prefers X over Y.
Independence of Irrelevant Alternatives. If every voter's preference between X and Y remains unchanged, then the group's preference between X and Y will also remain unchanged (even if voters' preferences between other pairs like X and Z, Y and Z, or Z and W change).
Non-Dictatorship. There is no "dictator": no single voter possesses the power to always determine the group's preference.
If the first 2 are upheld, you will have a dictatorship: It will take only 1 vote to determine the outcome.
Which makes me think... In terms of fraudulent elections, its much easier to fake the results of 1 voter to get your outcome rather than millions. Ranked choice voting seems to open this door.
10 min video if interested:
TYFYC - looking forward to 1363!
RCV Australia?
Hey Adam, as usual love the show.
I expect these are all views you've heard before and I don't expect this to change anything.
I grew up in Australia and we have preferential voting where you list your preferences. In other words it sounds exactly like your description of rank choice voting.
I now live in the UK where they have first past the post and my annecdotal evidence as to the results of preferential voting over first past the post is that it seems to result in more independent candidates gaining office and this results in removing power from the traditionally 2 power parties. Which usually tempers the party in power as they have to negotiate with more people and there's more open criticism of the major parties by the independents or smaller parties.
The UK is still this notion of if you vote for anyone other than the major parties then you're throwing your vote away. Which I hear echoed in the u.s. and parodied in the Simpsons in that treehouse of horrors VII episode where Bill Clinton and Bob Dole are replaced by aliens Kang and Kodos and people vote for them anyway because it's a two party system.
So as someone who has lived under both, I prefer preferential voting to first past the post. And I think if you try it.. may may just like it..
Maybe not.. but maybe..
Damn I should set up a mastadon instance and federate with NASocial because this is no doubt being discussed on there but I'm lame and haven't even been in the troll Room
Elise: RCV is just like academy awards
RCV Wrecked Minneapolis
An opinion piece in today’s WSJ details the disastrous results of Ranked Choice Voting in Minneapolis.
The 2017 mayoral election which seated current mayor Jacob Frey (who caved to BLM protestors last summer) was a complicated affair.
The mayoral race was a 16 candidate affair that took 6 rounds of counting to resolve. With only a 43% voter turnout, Frey was the first choice of only 25% of voters.
I am thankful that we have runoffs in Georgia to prevent the election of someone by a plurality (less than 50% + 1 of the votes). One person, one vote.
Carwin Chambliss
Atlanta, GA
Out There
Hearing Aids
Breaking: Biden to Sign Order on OTC Hearing Aids
The marketplace for direct-to-consumer (DTC) hearing aids is alive and well. One can go to Google, search for “buy online FDA registered hearing aid”, and see a myriad of options, with and without remote support from a licensed practitioner. In other words, the market is highly unregulated, and access to alternative products without the “red tape” is already possible. In fact, the pandemic ushered in an era of growth for companies like Eargo, a publicly-traded company that sells DTC hearing aids online.
At the same time, the wildly successful Apple AirPods Pro already provide hearing-aid-like features like personalized amplification, background noise reduction, and (coming soon) hyper-directional beamforming microphones. While limited in their amplification capabilities, the AirPods Pro cost $249 or less (when on sale), and the market is predicted to be in the hundreds of millions (units sold).
And Bose recently launched an FDA-approved DTC hearing aid—the Bose SoundControl™—that was approved under a special new product classification for self-fitting hearing aids. Many industry pundits predict that the FDA’s OTC hearing aid rules will be modeled closely after those rules.
Regulating OTC hearing aids
Surprisingly, many DTC hearing aids are registered with the FDA under product classifications that are intended for medical-model hearing aids. If the FDA forces DTC sellers to reclassify their products as OTC (once the new class exists) and requires product clearance (510k), this would mean that many of the FDA-registered hearing aids being sold DTC today may be pulled from the market temporarily.
This would ultimately be a good thing for consumers. It would mean that consumers would receive an enhanced level of protection from the FDA, as manufacturers would be required to prove the effectiveness and safety of any devices being sold directly to consumers. Without audiologists vetting the products by fitting them on their patients, the FDA has a higher level of responsibility to vet the products before allowing them to be sold on the open market. (My personal opinion)
Knight Ape note
Hey Adam, I wanted to start by saying that your Rogan Interview was fantastic, seeing the videos posted in the "Ape" communities I'm part of made my day! On that topic, I just wanted to inform John that some of those GameSTOP (John constantly said gamestock) "jackoffs" could very well be knights and donors. As an AMC ape, I am planning on sending you guys some of the profits I make as soon as I realize them and I'm already up quite a bit, pretty close to 6 figures. I've been holding since mid January and I have a pretty good feeling the rest of the apes are going to continue to hold. I believe that all of the "100k per share" price predictions has the psychological effect of making $1000 or $10,000 per share seem more reasonable or attainable which is why so many people have held for so long. As a producer I am making a programming request for your full analysis of the situation as it sounds like you have a really good understanding of it and explaining the DTCC and how hedge funds can operate in dark pools to manipulate the price would be great info for the rest of the NA producers. If this is read on air I hope that other Apes and GME invrstors join me in sending you guys a ton of cash when this all plays out. Thank you for producing the BPITU!
Sir Ulfgarr, Knight of Orange County
Lay Down Movement Millennials
Just wanted to give my two cents on things regarding the lack of motivation following the note from last Sunday’s show. I’m a thirty five year old man who works in a warehouse and the majority of my younger or similarly aged coworkers are VERY lazy. Most spend the day on their phones. My supervisor is only a few years older than me and doesn’t do any sort of delegation and spends more time trying to make sure he’s friends with everyone than actually making sure anyone gets anything done.
Now all that being said. I think there are HUGE issues with people my age being able to take charge and delegate tasks in a working environment because they’re afraid of coming off “bossy” (I actually believe men my age are far worse at this).
I believe there is also a lack of “true” upward mobility in companies nowadays and this has played a role in the lack of motivation. Especially when applying or getting a job there’s a promise of a path to success and so on.
The companies I’ve worked for also have had an insane amount of cronyism and nepotism. The contemporary blue collar work environment is not a meritocracy. Pulling yourself up by your boot straps and going out and doing hard work will not get you the promotion. And I think having that lie drilled into me when I was younger made me very disappointed when I came to find out the truth about “work.”
Battery Cars


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  • 0:00
    Adam: I'm a podcaster dammit not a tick talker. Adam Curry Jhansi devora Sunday July 11 2021 this is your award winning gitmo-nation Media assassination Episode 1363. This is no agenda pod and my Legos and broadcasting live from the heart of Texas Hill Country. Sema region number six in the morning, everybody.
  • 0:21
    John: I'm Adam Curry in from Northern Silicon Valley. Hey, we're fogged in again. I bought that I'm Jesse devorah.
  • 0:29
    Unknown: buzzkill.
  • 0:33
    Adam: Oh man, show day exciting day so much going on. We're all watching Richard. Oh, he didn't died. Dammit. Richard Branson just got back from space.
  • 0:45
    John: Oh, yeah.
  • 0:47
    Adam: He was doing like a FaceTime from the plane.
  • 0:51
    John: Yeah,
  • 0:52
    Adam: it looked very much like an ad like a kind of a really dumb Disney ride. Really?
  • 1:01
    John: What do you accomplish Richard? billionaires wasted a lot of money. They could have gone to feeding the poor.
  • 1:13
    Adam: Actually, I have happened to have two clips about this today. Check this out.
  • 1:18
    Unknown: down to the wire as Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic showcases the final prep sports spaceship on Sunday, flying to 50,000 feet before release by
  • 1:29
    then rocketing to the Karman line that marks the edge of space. NASA and the Air Force say that line is 50 miles high. Virgin test pilots have already climbed to 56 miles. But now the Bezos team is tweeting that only their rocket will climb 62 miles high, the internationally recognized Karman line and their passenger astronauts won't have an asterisk by their names. And by the way, they have bigger windows to gaze at the earth. Blue Origin uses a rocket Virgin Galactic uses a space plane with 17 windows.
  • 2:04
    Adam: They are they're literally complaining about or comparing the features of this this ride. Oh, he got more windows on this one. Oh, you only get an Asterix. If you fly with Branson means that you're not a real Astro not you're a plain tro not. Or something like that.
  • 2:22
    John: You know, the rich have done this super rich, we're talking about people that could just throw away a quarter of a million dollars and enjoy right? Yeah, they've got an they've got enough trouble with Warren going after them, you know, for billionaires tax and all the rest, right? You're gonna end up with their heads on a stick if they keep this crap up. There's homeless in San Francisco that are just crawling all over the place and pooping in the streets. These are the same angels they're going to go up in these rockets. I'm telling you this is this is bad publicity for anyone who tastes one of these rides. This is stupid.
  • 2:56
    Adam: Do you think there's any climate change issue with these rockets? Do they and there's
  • 3:00
    John: that I didn't even consider it
  • 3:02
    Adam: just thinking about it for a moment. has to personally that I'd like all billionaires to go in space.
  • 3:09
    John: And stay there. Yes.
  • 3:11
    Adam: This was a funny report. Those are short one from CNBC. And, and I didn't At first I was like, Whoa, and it took me it's just a really bad prompt to read. But see if you can catch what I caught.
  • 3:21
    Unknown: Blue Origin uses a rocket Virgin Galactic uses a space plane with 17 windows. If he was here, he would argue that his experience was better than us. And I can give you lots of reasons why we think our experience is better than his. But they're both valid basis launches on the 20th bringing along one time female NASA astronaut candidate Wally funk. I will say hi, that was the best thing that ever happened. Did you hear that?
  • 3:50
    John: One time female.
  • 3:51
    Adam: Yeah, that's what I heard. Like, what was there wasn't a transfer or not.
  • 3:56
    John: She is only one time female. She's a female one time again. Time URL. You know what?
  • 4:03
    Adam: It was Mexico. It was the donkey show. What can I say? bringing along one time female NASA astronaut candidate Wally is one time female NASA candidate astronaut but he's the me punched female. I like what you're bringing one time females. Anyway. But it's Yeah, I think your thesis is right. They're idiots. This is not a good look.
  • 4:28
    John: Now really not now with homeless in the streets, they get to this situation this is just let me just take a quarter of a million of my dollars that I could just give to a food bank. And I'm just going to go up to space for five minutes and come back down and check off something off my box or I'm gonna brag about it at the country club. This is not gonna work out for these guys, is it's just not gonna work out. It's just It has nothing but bad news written all over it. And the idea that this is going to become an industry which both brands And basil seemed to think
  • 5:02
    Adam: nuts, there's got to be a lot of cash in the system. People just don't know what to do with their money anymore, do they?
  • 5:10
    John: Well, there is a lot of cash in the system. And if the government's not helping by pumping in an extra trillion or two Yeah, well, it doesn't seem to be doing any good. Still potholes and at the other day, I was broke the car. While they're pooping in the streets in San Francisco, where's all this money going?
  • 5:28
    Adam: Shoot, man. Do we have pooping in the streets? We have a poop in the streets, jingle or something.
  • 5:33
    John: pooping in the streets spoofing in the streets. Everybody's pooping on the streets in San Francisco,
  • 5:42
    Adam: and then there's nothing better when you're pooping on the streets in San Francisco. called 2018. JOHN Campbell away you put your feet bam, bam, bam.
  • 6:01
    here in San Francisco. Okay, that's going in the Indus Shubin think we have to add that to today's mix, don't you?
  • 6:10
    John: But, okay.
  • 6:13
    Adam: Yeah, so while all that's happening, the technocratic government or administration, I say the technical technocratic Biden administration is just not being bashful. And I appreciate that. I appreciate them just saying what they feel and letting you know right in your face. This is how it's going to go down. And this clip, I think it's surfaced around Fridays. I've here but but shatta Massara Becerra. He's the Health and Human Services Secretary. Now you'd think Health and Human Services Secretary might have a medical background or some kind of some kind of study. It's not a requisite, I guess, but isn't that kind of normal? Or is this just an administrator?
  • 7:04
    John: I don't know what's normal.
  • 7:06
    Adam: Okay. Well, he was. He's a lawyer. And he worked. He was elected to the California State Assembly. And then I think he was Attorney General. for California. Yeah. Yeah. Vice Chairman of the House Democratic Caucus. You know, this is a career politician. And he's from California. So that equals douchebag. And he's now the he's now in charge of all of the health and human services within the government. And he went on and talked about the knocking on doors door to door that President Biden announced to make sure everybody knows where they can get their vaccine. This is trouble is polarizing for American citizens who don't like lists, don't want to be on list don't want to be put on lists. The census is polarizing enough. And here's what he said he's he was just coming out and saying this is how it's going down
  • 8:02
    Unknown: and growing concerns over the fast spreading Delta variant. The Biden administration's new efforts to knock on doors to encourage more Americans to get vaccinated is not without criticism from some on the right, Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw tweeting, how about don't knock on my door? You're not my parents, you are the government, make the vaccine available and let people be free to choose? Why is that concept so hard for the left? Arizona congressman Andy Biggs tweeting, it's none of the government's business knowing who has or hasn't been vaccinated. Joining me now is Health and Human Services Secretary Javier Bishara who is helping in this effort to get Americans vaccinated. Sir, thank you so much for being with us. I wonder if you can answer that criticism. It's none of the government's business knowing who has or hasn't been vaccinated. What
  • 8:50
    Adam: do you say? Briana,
  • 8:52
    Unknown: perhaps we should point out that the federal government is had spent trillions of dollars to try to keep Americans alive during this pandemic. So it is absolutely the government government's business. It is taxpayers business, if you have to continue to spend money to try to keep people from contracting COVID and helping reopen the economy. And so it is our business to try to make sure Americans can prosper Americans can freely associate and knocking on a door has never been against the law. You don't have to answer but we hope you do. Because if you haven't been vaccinated, we can help this help dispel some of those rumors that you've heard, and hopefully get you vaccinated.
  • 9:29
    Adam: I like that, hey, yeah, we spent that money on you slaves Shut up. We have every right to know.
  • 9:37
    John: It's a pretty funny roundabout way. Well, he went about it was creative answer
  • 9:43
    Adam: well, but he went a little bit further. The first he launched something new, which is a variation, a variant of stay safe. And I don't know if if this is you know, these guys, they'll hear a slogan. They'll read a slogan during the meeting. So maybe he's internalize that and there's a twist It
  • 10:00
    Unknown: by needs to get behind proof of vaccination starting with his own White House events, a gathering touting the United States progress towards independence from the virus should have been the ideal opportunity to make the case for vaccine requirements. It matters for everyone, including the vaccinated, what's your response to that? Having people say, Yes, I am vaccinated and proving it or at least having them attest to it?
  • 10:25
    Well, there are any number of ways to try to continue to make progress. And the President has demonstrated that he is open to moving in any direction we can to help Americans get safe, be safe, feel safe.
  • 10:38
    Adam: Get safe, be safe, feel safe. What do you think, gonna be a new one
  • 10:42
    John: they're working on kids say, be safe, feel safe, gets a piece? Maybe?
  • 10:47
    Adam: What could it could go like this has
  • 10:49
    John: a ring to it has a nice, cute, cute ring to it.
  • 10:51
    Adam: It could be it could be an answer thing that people do on the street. So you know, I'll say Hey, get safe, be safe, feel safe? And then you reply with stay safe.
  • 11:02
    John: That Yeah, works. Try, oh, Heil Hitler.
  • 11:05
    Unknown: It's safe, be safe, feel safe. And to continue. Americans access, we're gonna go where you are so that you can get vaccinated. And we'll do everything we can. And what we've done is allowed the state through our governors or mayors and county supervisors to determine how best to approach people in their neighborhoods.
  • 11:25
    Adam: All right, so here comes the kicker for me. And this is I think this is Breanna Taylor from CNN. And she keeps talking about Shouldn't you model that? And I'm not quite sure what she means by that in this context, but his answer is what the clip is really about.
  • 11:41
    Unknown: So why not model? Why not model that I hear you saying leave it to local leaders leave it to Governor's? Why not at least model how you let people into an event?
  • 11:52
    Well, Briana, you heard you read off some of the comments of some representatives in Congress. And the the that particular type of thinking is not, it's out there. And we want to give people a sense that they have the freedom to choose, but we hope hope they choose to live. And we're going to make it possible for them to have a good life. And by the way, protect your family and loved ones at the same time. We hope people make the right choices. We want them to have the right information. But we are America we try to give people as much freedom and choice as possible. Clearly when over 600,000 Americans have died. The best choice is to get vaccinated. We are trying to give
  • 12:32
    Adam: you as much freedom as possible. We're America as much as we can get. I think he is God. I mean,
  • 12:44
    John: they're granting the American public radio he is ranting as right? Yes.
  • 12:50
    Adam: Yes. With his little fairy godmother one just be okay oui oui
  • 12:54
    John: oui. Oui. Oui, oui, oui. Yeah.
  • 12:56
    Unknown: Cool. People make the right choices. We want them to have the right information. But we are America we try to give people as much we listen, listen, listen.
  • 13:05
    John: But we are America we try to give people as much freedom and choice as possible.
  • 13:13
    Adam: The Constitution is literally made to restrict the government in restricting our rights. It's not the other way around. But that's the thinking. That's the thinking. We're in charge of these people shall grant them their rights when they can go if you need some rights. Get the vaccine to the door to door thing is it's very exciting. In Woonsocket, Rhode Island, the governor went out and helped knocking on doors from state and
  • 13:44
    Unknown: local leaders to promote vaccine accessibility to communities across Rhode Island with low vaccination rates. The target on Wednesday, two housing complexes in one socket families living multi generational, you know, tight quarters, where if someone is COVID positive, it's more likely than not they're gonna pass it on to their other family members at
  • 14:04
    the to pop up clinics on Wednesday. Residents could choose between Pfizer or a Johnson and Johnson vaccine even get a free COVID test or box groceries.
  • 14:15
    leaders say they'll continue to do these outreach vaccine programs across the state all summer will is to make certain that people get vaccinated but also to let people know that we're all important and
  • 14:29
    says nearly 57% of people in the ocean state have been fully vaccinated. We have all the information on our website of where to get your vaccine, just head to ABC six.com.
  • 14:42
    Adam: So it's being pushed real hard done at the local level Governor's getting in the game. Maybe that'll motivate some people. I know.
  • 14:49
    John: Never heard anything like that out here. Anything like this governor is going to implement anything what we got to high vaccination rates. We've got the lockdown. We started the whole You think California
  • 15:01
    Adam: is going to be exempt from the door to door knocking?
  • 15:04
    John: Now there won't be a knock knock around here. Okay.
  • 15:09
    Adam: I mean, it actually see they seem kind of serious to me.
  • 15:13
    John: I think this is just a test. I think it's a test for like, this seems like a test for community policing. The cops aren't going to be coming around knocking on doors. This is to say, Well, you know, we're going to defund the police we're going to put a bunch of social workers are going to be out there doing this and that, let's see if they can just do this. Well, the thing that's getting punched in the face
  • 15:37
    Adam: thing that's bothersome is, you know, the scripts floating around and here's how you do it and make sure you mark the person down if they're vaccinated and unvaccinated that's not just giving people information that's that's a census of a medical census. And what
  • 15:53
    John: he's come by the door all that you know, but what do you say?
  • 15:56
    Adam: Okay, so when they when they come by the door, what do you
  • 15:58
    John: tend to get lost?
  • 16:00
    Adam: Why wouldn't you just say, stay safe comrade?
  • 16:05
    John: Ronnie or Yes, comrade. You got the vaccination?
  • 16:11
    Adam: Or I thought, thought Are you vaccinated? Oh, man, we just moved here from Ohio. They already counted me so I would hate to be counted again. I'm already on the record there. I don't know. I
  • 16:25
    John: don't really record there, too. They're not coming around your neighborhood either. Okay. This is bull crap. This is not happening. Okay. All right. I mean, yes, in some places like Woonsocket, where they make a big stink and the governor goes out for five minutes for a photo op. And I How you doing? I'm your governor, you get vaccinated though. We have a Pfizer shot here for you if you don't get my rock. And that's No.
  • 16:50
    Adam: Well, the M five M is also ratcheting up their propaganda. And of course, we need to target the black and brown communities. They're the ones that need the most hesitant Well, just before you continue.
  • 17:04
    John: If somebody does come around, I've got the h4 ready, I'm going to interview them. Okay, deal. Deal deal can do the same. Okay, ask them how long they've had the job what they're getting paid. Here's the thing. We know how long they had the job. What they
  • 17:22
    Adam: did was write this down. Everybody can do this. It's not just you and me. We've got 1000s of producers who will be
  • 17:28
    John: where they have an h4 or an h2 or an h1
  • 17:31
    Adam: or iPhone who gives a crap just use an iPhone. That's fine. Or your seifa your doesn't matter.
  • 17:36
    John: Yeah, no one pros use the iPhone four. What
  • 17:39
    Adam: are you talking about Boomer?
  • 17:42
    John: think in terms of phones. But I'm off the grid man. So yeah, yes, the gay here's what Okay, let's go with the questions right now. All right.
  • 17:53
    Unknown: One.
  • 17:53
    Adam: Have you have you had the vaccination? First question. First of all,
  • 17:57
    John: you make note of how many people there are visit one, two or three? Yeah. I doubt. Yes, one. There you go. I didn't think of that one. Have you had the vaccine? Yes.
  • 18:07
    Adam: Why aren't you wearing a mask?
  • 18:10
    John: Okay, why aren't you wearing a man if they're wearing a whole lot of stopstopstop? This is wrong. You can't start off with these sorts of questions because it sounds like just combat if you have to start off with easy questions that don't Well, how about
  • 18:22
    Adam: this? Could you please show me your papers?
  • 18:26
    John: Oh, that's a great one. Yes. Can you show me your document?
  • 18:30
    Adam: No. Show me your papers.
  • 18:34
    John: Again, I don't think it's good to be combative at the beginning. Okay. Okay. Ask them to see the documents and then ask them how long they've been working there. You're just wondering, and you're just wondering, because you have a podcast, just all the producers have a podcast ours. I have a podcast. So we want to know a couple of things. How old are you? How long have you been working for this age? What agency is this you're working for? And how much are they paying yet? This is really and then get the payment thing? Tell them it's important because you're probably being underpaid. You want it? Yes. No?
  • 19:06
    Adam: Yes. Yes. Yes. underpaid. Oh, good. One good one.
  • 19:09
    John: I like you're definitely being underpaid. Heavy, then you can go into the other questions. How many people Oh, no way. Before we do that. Ask around how many people have had the vaccine? Do you think maybe half or more? What kind of response Have you been getting from the door? People If you answer the door, they tell you to get lost or what gives them some little insight? And then from there, you can ask him some more. Have you had the vaccine? Where's your mask? Where's your blue gloves? Blue gloves?
  • 19:44
    Adam: I love that. Huh? Well, I just want to put in the show notes. I just want to reiterate, since mandatory vaccinations and are cropping up again. And there's this meme, which To my knowledge, even constitutional lawyer does which holds on to that the is that the jurisprudence of mandatory vaccinations was settled in the Jacobson versus Commonwealth of Massachusetts lawsuit which went all the way to the Supreme Supreme Court, where this guy said, Look, I was sick from this vaccine. Six months ago, his son had already had it, and he had had bad reactions, and they didn't want to take it. And Massachusetts took them to court and the Supreme Court upheld that he had no right to deny the vaccination. And that's where the that's where the analysis of that particular case ends. But that's not the final story. Because Jacobs had never had to get another injection. He only had to pay a fine of $5, which was a lot then it was like a week's worth of wages. But that's all he had to do. And at that time, case, law, like not allowed the unvaccinated people to walk around freely and interact with whomever they chose. So if if you want to make
  • 21:06
    John: this was during when,
  • 21:08
    Adam: oh, this was 18 this was I'm sorry, night. This is after the after this, the Spanish Flu I think,
  • 21:17
    John: couldn't have been no Spanish Flu had no vaccine. No, no, I'm
  • 21:20
    Adam: sorry. Hold on. What was this vaccination? It was maybe smallpox, they had
  • 21:24
    John: to be maybe smallpox was smallpox. But that would go into the 1800s. Okay,
  • 21:29
    Adam: yeah. And of 1800s. But if you're going to mandate vaccines, then you have to also I think that was that was the point of it. You also have to then start picking people up. You got to get him off the street. If you're going to mandate vaccines, and you can't have anyone unvaccinated walking around, which is where the stars come back into play. The yellow stars. So we'll see. We'll see. But it's very sad that people believe that. That's the law or that's the jurisprudence. Anyway, anyway, vaccine propaganda Robin from she's today's show. Right. And VC, Robin?
  • 22:10
    John: I believe so.
  • 22:10
    Adam: Yeah. So she's continuing with her Pfizer sponsored podcast.
  • 22:16
    John: I'm host Robin Roberts. And in COVID-19, immunity in our community, a new podcast series, she ABC, I think she might be
  • 22:24
    Unknown: from I Heart Radio, and the US Department of Health and Human Services. We're going to hear from Americans on the front lines, many of whom were uncertain about the vaccines and the facts that convinced them to roll up their sleeves and get vaccinated. We sat down with Heather Simpson, a mother who used to be part of the anti vaccine community,
  • 22:43
    you are going to talk to a vaccine hesitant person or an anti vaxxer. Just keep in mind that they are terrified. They truly believe what they believe. And when I got a ton of hate as an anti vaxxer, that just strengthened my platform. And I believed Oh, I got Haley. I mean, somebody
  • 23:03
    listened to COVID-19 immunity in our community on the iHeartRadio app, Apple podcast, or wherever you get your podcasts, we can do this.
  • 23:15
    John: I love the community. I like it. The anti Vax community
  • 23:19
    Adam: is a community of people in the community. It's a great time in our little community. Over on MSNBC, they just take it to the next logical, confused conclusion that anti vaxxers are in fact, inherent racist.
  • 23:32
    Unknown: I've asked you I mean, there's still so many conspiracy theorists out there. And I'm like, increasingly disconcerted by some of the people who are sharing these big boy from OutKast just shared a video from an older black woman saying, you know, don't get the vaccine. The second gentleman dug him off was at a barber shop in Chicago, and someone said to him, ain't nothing but make me take that unless my life is on the line, and you want to scream, your life is on the line, how can we penetrate some of these communities because you've got the anti vaxxer communities and then you have, you know, some pockets of African Americans because of long distressful history with the medical community. What do we have to do at this point, we have to understand the various factors that implicate or influence human behavior. I'm going to make this very plain, I don't have any tolerance for the anti vaxxer movement. And I don't have any colorants, for politicians who befriend who cozy up to or become allies of that movement. I actually see that as another example of the proliferation of bias,
  • 24:34
    Adam: creep. Oh, she's the msnbc doctor. She's the dentist and I'm sorry, the msnbc black segment, Dr.
  • 24:41
    Unknown: movement. I actually see that as another example of the proliferation of white supremacy, because
  • 24:48
    they are targeting communities of color, and they are targeting the historical injustices, the atrocities that communities of color have experienced as a way to play on vulnerabilities.
  • 25:02
    Adam: Just love it.
  • 25:03
    John: It's the black community doing that more than the white guess.
  • 25:07
    Unknown: Exactly.
  • 25:08
    John: Are you kidding? She's full of shit. That woman,
  • 25:11
    Adam: the biggest anti? I mean, how do you think black Americans feel about this crap when they hear that? I mean, that's just what are you talking about?
  • 25:21
    John: Now they can't be happy. I only have two COVID clips. I have one schools and the Pfizer this a PBS report. That's kind of interesting because they slip in promotional material for Pfizer, it seems to me,
  • 25:37
    Unknown: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention today encourage schools to reopen fully now that students as young as 12 are getting vaccinated and that deaths are declining. It also said that fully vaccinated teachers and students do not need to wear masks while in school. Meanwhile, the CDC and the Food and Drug Administration said fully immunized Americans do not currently need a booster shot. That comes after Pfizer announced plans to seek approval for one in the next month.
  • 26:08
    John: Yeah, this was a slap down.
  • 26:10
    Adam: Oh, yeah. And it happened everywhere. Hear cnn baiser also really being criticized for kind of not reading the room here.
  • 26:18
    Unknown: The main problem really the only problem with the US vaccine rollout is that 1/3 of Americans who are eligible to get the vaccine don't want it. They're not getting it. So for Pfizer to come out and say, Oh, we think are two shots that there's waning immunity, that just gives those people the opportunity to see to say, Hi, I told you this shot wasn't so good. I told you this didn't really work. That's exactly the opposite of what we want to be doing right now.
  • 26:44
    Adam: Now, it's one thing for news our to do that it's another for CNN for CNN to do this.
  • 26:52
    John: Well, here. Here's remember, Pfizer's screwed up once before marriage, it just goes back to March, April of last year. And we talked about to some extreme extreme where they had I think they had started bad mouthing the mRNA vaccine from Madonna to a point that it made their vaccine look bad. Oh, yeah, it was some screw up. And it was a marketing error. And this is the same thing. This is the second time that Pfizer has made a marketing blunder. Well,
  • 27:26
    Adam: the way I read it, the marketing blunder is very simple. They only paid the mainstream media for two shots, and now they just want to slip in a third with FDA approval. You got to up that budget, son.
  • 27:41
    John: But if that's that element is in play. I'm not going to argue that
  • 27:46
    Adam: wolf blitzer drilled and drilled St. Anthony Fauci about it,
  • 27:52
    Unknown: the former Surgeon General of the United States, Dr. Jerome Adams, man you worked with, you know him well, he tells CNN today that the lack of coordination between the federal government and vaccine companies, he says it's troubling. The bottom line question is, why are all of you on the same page? Yeah, you know, same page,
  • 28:14
    it was one of those facts of life is that they came out with the announcement without giving us a heads up.
  • 28:21
    And quite frankly, that
  • 28:22
    John: being on the same page,
  • 28:23
    Adam: it's not it's exactly not it was just one of those facts of life broth, the same page. It was one of those facts of life, is that they came out with the announcement without sleeping. What do you think he means? It's just a fact of life.
  • 28:41
    John: It's a fact of life that Pfizer sent out an announcement
  • 28:44
    Adam: what that means Shut the fuck up broth.
  • 28:50
    John: Oh, is this in any way, a fact of life? What an idiot. It was one of those
  • 29:00
    Unknown: is that they came out with the announcement without giving us a heads up. And quite frankly, the CEO who's a really good guy got on the phone with me last night. And
  • 29:09
    Adam: I said, holy crap, bro. I fucked it up for that they came out with that recommendation. So there is no, no. So it's all good because the CEO who's a good guy called Anthony said, Dude, I'm so sorry. I'm embro. I mean,
  • 29:25
    John: it's alright man happens factor number four. No, he said, Okay, I'll cover for you. Exactly. That. Okay, go take a bullet with that recommendation. So
  • 29:35
    Unknown: there is no not that apologize about the recommendation. apologize for not letting us know that ahead of time. He's really, you know, a good person. And he meant that sincerely. Wow.
  • 29:48
    Adam: I mean, seriously, that's the level you're gonna go seeing me gets better. Because this is about the boosters and remember,
  • 29:57
    Unknown: with very determination to go ahead with this recommendation, seeking emergency use authorization. I know you had this conversation with the CEO. Was it simply based on that study that the Israeli Ministry of Health put out?
  • 30:11
    Yeah, it was based on a couple of things, one of them and the main thing was the data that we heard about last week, from the demit, what appeared to be a diminution in efficacy of preventing initial infection, the important bottom line,
  • 30:26
    Adam: I love how it's like, Okay, I'm gonna use some words that the typical cnn viewer won't understand. In other words, it started the data showed that it sucked
  • 30:35
    Unknown: in efficacy of preventing initial infection. The important bottom line in all of this will, is that the efficacy against severe disease, particularly hospitalization, that might lead to death in some individuals, was still really very good within the 90%. That's the important aspect of this.
  • 30:57
    Adam: Okay, nice, nice little trick. So no longer is it. It keeps you safe, you won't get the virus maybe maybe not even that just like hey, if you get the virus because this thing doesn't seem to work so well. At least you won't die, we kind of think and 90%
  • 31:15
    John: is less than what you'd get from just getting the virus without the vaccine By the way, there you go. 99.97 chance chances point oh, 3% of dying
  • 31:24
    Adam: now NBC i think i think they did anticipate this was coming and they did get the you know, they had sales go out and say okay, third thing, so let's take care of it. And you know, package deal. I'm sorry, look, you blew your chance. You could have done for four to two shots and a booster, but you were cheapskates. You just took the option for two and now you want three so Okay, good sign here tonight.
  • 31:49
    Unknown: Pfizer says a booster shot a third dose of its current vaccine could offer Americans five to 10 times more protection against COVID. Given six months after the second dose, Pfizer believes those inoculated would be highly protected against the Delta variant, which is now exploding across the EU. The company expects to deliver new data to the FDA
  • 32:13
    Adam: within weeks and is also working to develop a Delta specific version of its vaccine. Wow. exploding. It's exploding over the US epic
  • 32:25
    John: version. Yep. Yep. So guys are shameless but you're right, NBC got bought or they finally got the buy they're looking for
  • 32:33
    Adam: now it's looking like CNN has shitty sales people because ABC also
  • 32:38
    Unknown: got the buy drugmaker Pfizer, we're hearing that they're also now saying that they've got a third dose, that booster shot we've been talking about how ever the CDC and the FDA are saying, hey, not so fast. It Thema the day in terms of COVID coming out of our government agencies and Big Pharma confusion. And this is the first example so late yesterday Pfizer released some encouraging data they've been testing as we know what third dose a booster dose, they have found that it provides strong and sustained immune protection when given six to 12 months after the second dose. Basically, their philosophy their data saying two doses is good. three doses even
  • 33:19
    Adam: their philosophy bullcrap. And then she follows up with their data, I mean their data,
  • 33:24
    Unknown: basically their philosophy, their data saying two doses is good three doses even better, but as you said, me and TJ are even better than that
  • 33:33
    John: you know what a six dose doses da and CD
  • 33:39
    Unknown: in the brakes at this point saying we're not there yet. We don't even know if a booster will be necessary it may be and if it is we don't know when at this time it's premature to say a booster is gonna be great
  • 33:55
    Adam: he made your joke he made your joke
  • 33:58
    John: What was it that was it?
  • 33:59
    Adam: Oh my god you stepped on on the
  • 34:02
    Unknown: necessary it may be an if it is we don't know when at this time it's premature to say everyone will need a booster is better before it's going to be great. Bye
  • 34:11
    Adam: bye
  • 34:13
    John: guys material made the joke it's funny now I think they I think they've I think the top dogs over there at Pfizer quit I think they've they've made their bonuses and they've walked in so we're starting to see these scripts because I think the one they can go with and they and we only heard about in a couple of shows to go I had one example and I think I've heard a couple others but it's it's fallen by the wayside. Is the top off. sales pitch.
  • 34:42
    Adam: Oh the top top, top, top up top up.
  • 34:47
    John: Top up or top off?
  • 34:48
    Adam: Well in the UK they say top up in the Europe I think in general here we would say top off but yeah,
  • 34:54
    John: they've been talking about it should I top or at least the guy from from chatter news or if you You're one of
  • 35:00
    Adam: these one of these great channels, yes. Great channels.
  • 35:04
    John: He says, should I top off my j&j vaccine with a Pfizer shot? And of course, as we know, if we go back and I did, the clip show I'm going to end up doing for all the early days is going to indicate No, don't mix these vaccines. The mix and match is my favorite. Bad mix and match is one thing. But the the I still think the top off idea was something they could have gone with. But as you recall, back in March and April, yeah, as I've said many times on the show, especially today, they made they went on and on about how you can't mix and match.
  • 35:43
    Adam: Yes, it was it was.
  • 35:46
    John: I thought they could go because it was being accepted by these douchebags at these lesser news channels. And they were even bringing it up as though it was on a script. Gee, I wonder. They used to be a big deal. Don't Don't mix and match domains in match. Oh, yeah.
  • 36:05
    Adam: And now they're even saying it's a good idea if you had the Madonna Pfizer to get a j&j and vice versa. I haven't heard that one. Oh, in the UK, or in the in Europe. If you can get one, if you can get all three is great.
  • 36:19
    John: Three means that none of them work.
  • 36:25
    Adam: Well, gotta get all three. Well, they're doing something. You know, I was beating myself up. The one thing I forgot to bring up to Joe Rogan when I was on the show recently is Auster, osterholm. The guy that I met the first time I went on a show in March of 2020, because that guy, I mean, he really kicked out to me, he kicked off a lot of fear mongering, and I mentioned it to Joe, after we were done. He said, you know, holy crap out him. Like that really rattled a lot of people. And it just sent so many people into a tailspin. And it wasn't appropriate for me to ask, Well, how the hell did he get on the show? How did he get booked? Why Who does that? why did why was this guy coming in to just fearmonger and, of course, never called to account. And even though he doesn't appear on television that much anymore, he must be freelancing or some kind of side hustle. He's got this podcast, the Oesterle home update.
  • 37:26
    John: To go listen to that.
  • 37:27
    Adam: Sit down and get ready. Here's a few clips. What we're seeing really is an urban suburban community split. And what I mean by that is racism. If you look at the rate of new daily cases, they fallen below three per 100,000 residents and large cities like Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Houston, Minneapolis, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Washington DC. You say if you're in those locations, the pandemics over however, but in less populated areas, but nonetheless very diverse throughout the country. Areas that tend to be more politically conservative and skeptical of vaccines. The virus is larger from the Delta variant to states with the worst outbreaks that I just mentioned, Arkansas and Missouri, each with more than 16 new daily cases per 100,000, followed by Florida 10, Nevada 10, Wyoming nine and Utah eight per 100,000 cases. And it just kept going. I just want to add what I think is really a remarkable number. This should hopefully give all of us reason to believe that the vaccines are answered. If you look at what we're seeing in terms of number of deaths in this country. If you look for the month of May, the latest data we have from the CDC. And well before the Delta variant took off, only about 150 of the more than 18,000 COVID deaths in May. We're in fully vaccinated people are less than 1%. That translates to about five deaths per day attributed to fully vaccinated Americans experience from breakthrough infections, particularly in the
  • 39:05
    older population. But that compares to 300 deaths per day in the unvaccinated population
  • 39:12
    John: a second. My listening to these guys go on and on and on. If nothing else, the vaccine keeps you from getting killed. How does he getting five deaths a day from people who are fully vaccinated? Well, I was under the impression listening to Fauci that did there's no chance of getting killed by this disease. If you are vaccinated. It was that's what the vaccine does. You can still get the disease but you're not going to end up in a hospital.
  • 39:41
    Adam: Well, it's interesting you bring that up because there is something very strange is going on. In Okay, so in different countries, polar opposite things are taking place in the Netherlands. they've they've now just the governor And the Prime Minister the big speech like oh, well cases arising amongst young people recall that two weeks ago, it was Go go go go to your bars the UK did this is ready to do the same thing, go to your bars, go hang out, go have a good time. You know, pieces here, we're good to go. And everybody started rocking and rolling, I was really happy. I was sure they were, you know, many bars, you had to show either net, you know, QR code negative test, which of course was gained immediately. There's no real check, no one cares it just like partying and then the Delta variant, the hammer comes down. and I were talking about the crime, the criminal ridden country of the Netherlands, you can do a lot to the Dutch, but you do not touch their dance festivals and you do not touch their drugs. That's when you make a mistake. And so all these huge festivals like low lands and the the big one the big white party in the in the arena, which is 50,000 people, these are events the Dutch look forward to for the entire year. And they're being told it's impossible new restrictions, everything closes at midnight, you have to have one and a half meter distance between people, which means any facility that's open before that pretty much can only do a third of their
  • 41:23
    occupancy. So that is now ruined completely bankrupted clubs, events, and now people are getting angry. But in over in the UK. It's like no, no, no, no, no, no, it's okay. We're just gonna go completely all in and here's it this is actually the transport minister, Grant Shapps. This is indirect sound. So you got to focus for a second but odd things are being said
  • 41:53
    Unknown: about this. Good morning. God chaps. Morning. Morning. Would you please explain the evidence that you've looked at the pic to make this decision?
  • 42:01
    Yeah, we know that double vaccinated fully vaccinated people are much more likely to get and also carry the Coronavirus. So there comes a point where, you know, there's a balance to be made by allowing people to see that friends and family or even go on holidays to countries which are in the amber category, which are the vast majority of countries in the world. And that's where we've got to based on the advice of the chief medical officer and others.
  • 42:30
    Adam: So they're saying, Yeah, we know people who are vaccinated get Coronavirus, more often. I mean, what is going on? This is like up is down left is right into the eye which is good. And I don't think that was a gap. I think he absolutely means this.
  • 42:49
    John: I couldn't hear what he said.
  • 42:51
    Adam: Unless you but he said that we know that vaccinated people
  • 42:54
    John: get I said double vaccinate double vaccinated people. Yeah. What does double vaccinated mean? That mean you get to two Pfizer shots. I mean, you got Pfizer and Madonna and you get it, then you got j&j and you got AstraZeneca that'd be quadruple vaccinated.
  • 43:08
    Adam: It's so nuts right now that it could be any of what you just said all of all of the above. It's completely insane.
  • 43:17
    John: Well, the insanity continues with the new usages. I have one last clip. And I want you to tell me if you can spot the while I'm going to give it away by telling you this. This saved or created.
  • 43:34
    Adam: He didn't have to give that away. I would have caught that from anywhere.
  • 43:38
    John: That it's not it's some they got a new one. It's a new one. It's not saving. But listen to this was COVID new use new use
  • 43:44
    Unknown: the CDC is guidance for schools to fully reopen this fall and to allow fully vaccinated students to go without masks is yet another sign of how the US is shifting its approach to the COVID pandemic. But even as the push for regular routines grow. The Delta variant presents its own risks, especially to those who aren't vaccinated. Some states in the south and the Midwest have low vaccination rates. Stephanie sigh looks at one dealing with a spike in cases Missouri.
  • 44:16
    Duty Missouri is one of those states where the Delta strain is leading to a rise in cases it's among the top five states when it comes to new cases and hospitalizations. Missouri has reported nearly 7600 newly confirmed or probable cases on the past week.
  • 44:36
    Adam: Shut up then lady don't bury the lead like that. That's horrible. Listen to this. This is the guardian. And the Guardian has this headline. why most people who now die with COVID in England are ones who had a vaccination. Wouldn't you like to know what Yes, I'm telling you. There's something weird going on again. why most people who now die with COVID in England have had a vaccination. And they summarize the article right at the top. Don't think of this as a bad sign. It's exactly what's expected from an effective but in perfect jab.
  • 45:18
    John: It's what's expected.
  • 45:19
    Adam: That's exactly what is read it again, don't think of this as a bad sign. It's exactly what's expected from an effective but in perfect jab.
  • 45:30
    John: This is weird and tell me Oh, by the way, I might add the clip I played. Just somebody may have missed it. But they're using our probable as a, you get the probable it means they had the flu. So what do I see it
  • 45:45
    Adam: there or maybe just a false positive? It could be a million fish could be any of them but fine on don't know, maybe they do maybe the amount of, of grift going on with this advertising money that's coming from Pfizer and the other drug makers did this as it starts to Peter out, they're starting to the media has decided to put the screws to him, maybe. But then here's the but here's. But here's the next thing. That's weird. Now, over the weekend, a screenshot appeared from the times. So the UK the times, which is a serious newspaper. And it said COVID passports will be mandatory in pubs, clubs and restaurants. And it was a screenshot and I'm looking at BBC I'm looking at, I'm trying to find any evidence This is real, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing. I can't even find it on their website. So I'm like this is fake. But then the Evening Standard comes out, not the same level of publication. But they they're reporting on it by saying COVID certificates will be needed to enter pubs, bars, restaurants and clubs, under plans to stave off a fourth wave of the virus in the autumn. It has been reported. So they're reporting on that report.
  • 47:02
    John: They're probably reporting on the fake screen. Yeah,
  • 47:05
    Adam: that's what I think is happening.
  • 47:07
    John: That does happen. These guys get suckered. I mean, this is the classic example, where a newspaper falls for an internet hoax. Yes. And then they Bri Oh, sorry, internet hoax. They put a little clarification on page 40.
  • 47:24
    Adam: But let's now talk about Australia, in particular Sydney. So they have a couple 100 cases I think one or two people died. This they are locking them down tighter than dogs in a cage. It is tighter than Trump locks up kids in cages, say whatever you want. This is it's it's crazy. Now this is a report where the voiceover says something interesting,
  • 47:55
    John: the most minimal of symptoms get tested. Today is the first full day the New World Order. Outdoor gatherings are limited to two people exercise is allowed but no further than a 10 kilometer radius from your home browsing and sharps is not permitted. Only one person per household may leave to do a central shopping. And from tomorrow, funerals are limited to 10 people and the length of this lockdown is up to each and every one of us. Steve has had 10 years first.
  • 48:25
    Adam: So you notice a little new war world order he throws
  • 48:27
    John: in there at the beginning. I could barely hear that clip that was very somebody recording with a radio shack mic off of a TV set.
  • 48:36
    Adam: He well what happens? I mean, these are not producer clips, what happens is people catch something on their phone. You can't always find everything on YouTube or bit shoot, you know, so it's
  • 48:46
    John: no but it's it doesn't help me if I can't understand a word of it.
  • 48:50
    Adam: Well, I'll just play that one relevant bit again. You'll hear it today is the first full day of the New World Order. Today's the first day of the New World Order.
  • 48:59
    John: Yeah, then we have a new I think we had a new world order clip last show too.
  • 49:02
    Adam: Yeah. So I asked. I asked a buddy who's in Australia. He's left leaning, I would say I'm sure he's had been vaccinated and and loves it all. But he asked, Is this really happening? Are you being locked down like this? And he says, Yes. That's happening in Sydney. The government is trying to stop the virus from spreading same happened in Melbourne last year. Yeah, I know. We followed that. But then here's here's how it runs. Scott Morrison fucked up the vaccination program here. So they're
  • 49:34
    John: blaming you must be a conservative, the prime
  • 49:36
    Adam: the Prime Minister,
  • 49:38
    John: or the Prime Minister? Yes. Yeah.
  • 49:40
    Adam: Which is the same thing they did in Melbourne. Oh, would they blame it? There's like, they will not accept that. It is impossible to stop any kind of spread of this. It's always someone's fault. Then it was the it was the people at the COVID Hotel who were having sex with the people who are supposed to be quarantining. That was their fault.
  • 50:00
    John: Yes a lot of weird finger pointing but it's usually aimed at is usually targeting a certain element is like the targeting of the south and Missouri now Yes, like, you know, a bunch of Republicans are not getting the vaccine is their fault that's why we're still having trouble because of these bastards that's why and the biggest example is balsa narrow being blamed for everything we know they're trying to get rid of that guy.
  • 50:26
    Adam: So we need to go and see what the marketing is. Let's go to tick tock This is interesting. This tick talker
  • 50:34
    Unknown: has shingles warning Tick tock, just a quick update still got a lot of blisters
  • 50:41
    Adam: showing it which is quite disgusting, but back.
  • 50:44
    Unknown: But I had an interesting phone call. I called HS which is Alberta Health and Safety. I'm from Alberta. So I called HS on their 811 number. to file a report My doctor told me to file a report that it could be an adverse effect to the COVID vaccine. I filed our I call the 811. And I file the report and the lady on there. The nurse or whoever's on the end of it tells me Yeah, we've heard a few of these cases. It shouldn't be life threatening or whatever. Use cortisone cream, take your prescription, which is what I have been doing. I have Corazon green home I use every day, twice a day. And I have a prescription that my doctor gave me. But it was interesting to hear her say that I'm not the only ones that I asked her why we're not being told about it. And she said to create less vaccine hesitancy
  • 51:33
    Adam: so obviously that got taken down, or at least haven't seen it return.
  • 51:39
    John: got taken down Heaven forbid but but another words did he ever say which vaccine it was that causes shingles outbreak? No,
  • 51:47
    Adam: but I think it's Astra, well, what is in isn't AstraZeneca in Canada, I think it's AstraZeneca but but team Halo the real team Halo on Tick tock, they now have a new message the same the same. Now these are tick talkers who have been promoting vaccination now and they're singing it. So before you say I can't hear it.
  • 52:09
    John: I'm gonna say it again. Yeah,
  • 52:10
    Adam: you will. This one is actually Whitney is actually kind of hard to hear, but it's worse. Well, it's not the sound quality so the singing but the the crux of it is, Well listen, don't
  • 52:20
    John: go running. Don't go cycling. Please don't go swimming, lifting after you're seen by the trail walking. Awesome searching goes if you don't want a cardiac arrest, you better be listening.
  • 52:34
    Adam: So don't go swimming, don't go running. Don't go lifting weights. No extraneous axis exercise for up to a week after your shots. Otherwise you might get a heart attack which is now official documentation that people are handed when they not everywhere but are being handed after receiving the vaccines. And that brings
  • 53:01
    John: me they've gotten it silenced by that point.
  • 53:03
    Adam: Well and this brings me to one of a trusted producer. She sent us many good things in the past. I've been around the show for a long time in the morning so I have two friends who work as stewardesses that would be flight attendants for southwest and I spent a rather long night last night drinking with them. They broke dropped a weird piece of information I want to pass on do you remember about a month a month ago when Southwest suddenly canceled a ton of flights. Now we got analysis that it was their computer system and it was antiquated and there was lots of stuff wrong with it. She says I thought it was a hacking thing. It turns out they had no pilots all their pilots had been vaccinated and quite a few of them started showing blood clots believed to be a combination of the vaccine and altitude thrombosis boo altitude problems. Yes. So I said I will pay for another night of drinking. If you can see if they have any friends at American Airlines you remember American said up July we got to cancel hundreds of flights. You know we were a little too enthusiastic. This
  • 54:10
    John: is this is the best thing you've This is good. And British
  • 54:14
    Adam: Airways really good british airways. There were four pilots who were three at least we talked about who died is very close to each other and there was a lot of talk which went away about the same situation that a lot of British Airways pilots they all got vaccinated around the same time and people were having a probably just unexpected taking longer to recover. But yeah, the thrombosis at altitude that's a real thing. You can get that without having a vaccine. You don't need any of that. You can you can run into trouble. So
  • 54:49
    John: Wow. Yeah, well, that's frightening.
  • 54:52
    Adam: The last thing that would
  • 54:53
    John: account for some of these unexplained you know, all of a sudden these flights have been canceled. There's a there are people there. I just was on the news recently somebody bitching about their flight being canceled. They couldn't go anywhere.
  • 55:07
    Adam: Yeah. So the word is out the window
  • 55:11
    John: is going to be somebody is going to write is not going to be me. But somebody is going to write a tremendously fabulous book about this. Oh, not just one v. ASCO is a fiasco,
  • 55:22
    Adam: not just Well, I think we can do the audio version, what you're working on is doing
  • 55:26
    John: the audio version. They give us our material.
  • 55:29
    Adam: No. Aren't you putting that together? Aren't you putting together a whole retrospective of this this? Or did I misunderstand? No, I'm doing a clip show of the of the beginnings. Oh, just not a retrospective would be the whole story. Yeah. The beginnings are more interesting because you go to the beginnings you start to see these things that are being violated this crazy yeah, it's like crazy stuff. And I mean, the it's just different. It's so different in what you because we've forgotten it. We've been eased out of the beginnings into this new bull crap. But a retrospective of the whole thing might be might be hard. The UK fact check network truth is Information Network. What are the fact checkers have done a fact check on something we discussed, which is the Nuremberg Code regarding medical experimentation, and they have a fact check. I checked false. Nuremberg Code from World War Two has nothing to do with Coronavirus despite bogus claims.
  • 56:36
    John: Yes, I saw this to this very funny,
  • 56:39
    Adam: I still read the partner piece, based on expert opinion, for fact concluded that the Nuremberg Code would only be relevant at the research trial stage of a vaccines development, not its rollout to the general public. But even then, experts told us they felt it would not be an appropriate link to draw. It's right that medical ethics should be highly scrutinized, especially in cases like the COVID-19 vaccine rollout where the process has been accelerated. However, it's important not to mix up the atrocities of the past with current debates about medicine and policy. In other words, don't Heil Hitler me.
  • 57:21
    John: Don't mix up the atrocities of the past with the atrocities of the Caribbean.
  • 57:26
    Adam: They go That's the truth. I
  • 57:29
    John: boil it down.
  • 57:30
    Adam: That's the truth right there. I love how they say it's really only for the trial period. Well, isn't emergency use authorization still the trial period?
  • 57:40
    John: Because emergency that's the kicker? To make it mandatory or force people to get in an experimental? technically an experimental product like this is violation of the code. I mean, come on. Why are they trying to cover this up? Because they don't want to be hung?
  • 58:00
    Adam: Is that is that still on a job? Then I have? No Have you received this note or not? since you brought up exosomes? A lot of people respond. Have you gotten any good responses to exosomes? No, really? No. Huh? Well, one of our producers had an interesting experience. his buddy had had a had that full, fully vaccinated, although he didn't feel well. They were supposed to go out and, and and, you know, drag around and his 500 horsepower Mustang and
  • 58:36
    John: oh, yeah, I got this note, right. It's very Yeah, there's a pertinent part in the middle of it, they're gonna read. So
  • 58:43
    Adam: this is the weird twist. He says my friend had been feeling under the weather because he had a second job of Pfizer Vax, just the day before he said that he'd been feeling sick for about two weeks, which is when he had got the first job. He said he had the typical massive headache, feeling like he had no energy and slightly plugged up nicely, which was none of these side effects that Bill Gates talked about. We went for a ride saw some other hot rods on the freeway race, little life little etc, etc, etc. He said he was in the car for about 45 minutes total after it and he sat in the garage having a beer for about another hour, so just be yessing and he headed home and crawled into bed. Now here's where it gets interesting. That night, I had some strange dreams that I would like an akin to when I quit smoking. I once I quit with the patch and once fell asleep with a patch on or twice fell asleep with the patch on which led to psychotic like very vivid, vivid dreams. But these were a tad different. These dreams were much more sexual in nature, and apparently arouse me in my sleep, and apparently arouse me in my sleep to the point of nocturnal emission. This might not seem weird, but I have not had one of these for close to 30 years. I'm approaching 50 and I do not have any issues like Ed but I'm certainly not as active in the bed as I used to be. I thought maybe it was medication that I'm on but it only happened one time, and it's not happened since well, like
  • 1:00:00
    Continue to take all the muck and medication I was taking when this happened thinking through it the only conclusion that I can come to is that this was a result of sitting close to someone that had gotten the vaccine for an extended period of time
  • 1:00:13
    John: Yeah, exosomes
  • 1:00:15
    Adam: bless them six ohms is what that is.
  • 1:00:18
    John: Well I love it What the hell happened dad guy? But yeah, I was thinking about this because you're grilling me which I think and now when I go to the into the public, especially around here where it was got the Vax I'm wearing my mask.
  • 1:00:37
    Adam: This is where it gets to is like, I'm not so sure. Well,
  • 1:00:40
    John: the mask of course I'm worried about flying because I'm worried about sitting next to somebody who's had the vaccine and they get they're exuding exosomes and I you know get a bunch of these spike proteins all over me in my system and I got to like deal with it with bad dreams is just I don't know.
  • 1:00:58
    Adam: I don't think worse I don't think the mask is going to protect you from the exosome I hope it does. Now did you see our other producers who sent us the magnetic brass key video
  • 1:01:10
    John: you know you said you sent me a note on this I didn't know what I I looked at I go through all your email. I saw this one I said I'm not even opening it.
  • 1:01:21
    Adam: Dude you know you missed something good.
  • 1:01:25
    John: I'll go back and look at it but
  • 1:01:27
    Adam: it's even address Okay, john, this has bugged me enough IE brass keys aren't magnetic that I forced my wife to get Vax This is now here's a producer. This is someone who cares about the show. Just take someone you love and stick him with the jabs for a test for science for the show for the show. In this video that I just shot today My wife is freshly vacs 48 hours ago and of course the brass key sticks to her arm so I grabbed the magnet and a paperclip to show that it also sticks the part you can't see is you can actually feel a pull and a push from the area where she was Vax
  • 1:02:03
    John: This is what all t