Cover for No Agenda Show 1427: Seat Warmer
February 20th, 2022 • 3h 25m

1427: Seat Warmer



Adam Curry & John C. Dvorak

Executive Producers

Rodric Lenhart, Sir Quoia Baron of the Sierra Batholith, Baldwin, Sir Jonathan of the South Mecklenburg Metaverse, Sir Veilled Baron of FEMA Region IV, Sir Ghee, Dame Kim Keeper of the nutty fluffers, Konstantinos Pilidis

Associate Executive Producers

Paul Noe, Cindy Connolly, Jermie Noel, Nestor Molina, Andy Edwards, John Alberini, John Cooper, Jeffrey Holland, Roland Thatcher, Jenna D'Amico, Craig Knowsley, Max

Cover Artist

The Mastermind


Episode "1427: Seat Warmer" was recorded on February 20th, 2022.

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