Cover for No Agenda Show 1576: Disease X
July 27th • 3h 27m

1576: Disease X



Adam Curry & John C. Dvorak

Executive Producers

Sir Onymous of Dogpatch and Lower Slobbovia, Baronetess of the Rustling Forests, Jennifer Wilson, Wirt Fuller, Troy Peterson, nathan traywick, Sir Wolfpack Ultra, Danielle Dougherty, Jeff Greene

Associate Executive Producers

Kelly Allison, Sir Ever of the What, Dame Ammes of Lake Country, Sir Ramsey Cain, Baron Sir Lee Furious, James Lee, Sir Scott, Best step mom in the universe!, Sir Matt, Linda Lupatkin, Dana Brunetti - Govenor of Eldorado

Cover Artist

Dirty Jersey Whore -


Episode "1576: Disease X" was recorded on July 27th.

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